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Vol. 15 

August 27, 1981 


May 13, 1982 


• # 




A Four Page Specwi Section For ^'mir Reference 


William Rainey Harper College Palatine Illinois 


mi&No t 

August 27 198! 

WHCM faces its "high noon" 

"Am far sa fm cwownwd^ tim 
m a /mimtkm' .riur 'Ttieft am 
pmptif m tha campus ihsl 
wmU tiit iMHmg mitrt timn h> 
mt ' •Mt'*' Hiriw(:lBl»»<i«iil 


Ai.« Wit ('«« (X'H ■ • r 3 1 ■ I 
i;liitii:|ff lail * com|il«lr 
iwerliaiil at. tts ttuOm. tlic cam- 

|Mw fmtttt •tMiwi. WHCM.. win 
Hnbarl <iii It* niMl cniK-til 
M'mtstn' III lirotilraitms 
■"I |M» wte'n m 'lefHuii l»u ■ 

Me «itli ttM' idiamutraikm." 
'Mid ititMNi miMftr Mike IMf 
CBrtBy "Iwi I don't Umm fw 
•un hnw acrimii' itic trmiMt 

AeMnttng. m fantty wIvtMir 
'Tmi SeliiMCilt' Ito iiitHtHn la 
»tfr wmwf. '■'Thty'tl torn ut 
ttttn ■ ctMtt." Mf Hitd. "My a^t 

Incumbents decide: 
Dasher will run — 
Ulussman will not 


Via (•« iM>«if HI* tm tti* 

.NWHillwr Bowd III Tru«t««*. 
Olatlliii. Mtlj' on* wl Om m 
MUnlMin iMidwti tl*o** ixwi" 
ttons wtll t)« MMkng r«' 

'• 1 C « it I V V 1 'it c n t u 4 Jt il' 

I l«l<iM«i<ut 4 laiir yeM* 
r •! tlw trnnni' and ■ p»i 
lldMt ml Itm bmti. wtii cut 
•Mk r« ftetiiHi lor iMfMiiiil 

Mr* ■"(uaimaii' in ■» 
wifoiMn* iMcrvw* willt tlic 
MMittnicr, nicd two |)niM:i|»a) 
nsa^MM* lor iMr dcciaiM iM iti 
rvn^ "11 IS nail)' a comtimatlM 
(It tO'O reatont.'* ttatvd 

KlMtmn The Ctrst » that 1 

fwl I 'havr areompltalicd the 
KmIs I Ml I'tir myttU wlwfi t 
ftnt joined i:Im» Hoard,, ' 

Jkt tiiher reatitii (or 
ElUMnan's dtrisum and im«t 
ptiitatily tlie mam oMi ii lllc 
tart tHat KI)iumaii'>tlMm«fs 
,«rc iwrMNi'kly ill 

PiMr It Mar cilftiion to llM' 
Mwnt. Mrs, Ktuacinan, •■• ,| 
U% tmr nwmbcr of ,%rniglMi, 
llvigHls itftiinl l>titrlrt tl, 'Hm 
\«.n ;il)M,i ■ Buinrter ot Tli# 
tl, ai Harper artnniu 

rvitUiMTiJ,,!! <:ii«'tl, her iuecci*. 
In l»ta*inc i,he iilaii* riir ,■ »• 
rimi)' ILirprr ,', « lllm 

thill ^:: ''-It iBcfeM in 

•.(tit .ety ttrmnly 

iitHiut rri'vi'iiKitTinii i>|Miiiilfti a 

iFtuni,! ,:'a),iB(i<i, <• ' lai'd 


l!-i concern* Men (inatly 
,11..! ni b> i„ti,iFn»i t>< ttiif Iwart 
•Imn liwy W.irrim! llial inuiMf> 
from tliir M,>r ot IIW' pnifMiurd 
Mvimd campu* mu ■( t"*lati,MF 
jiid ,S«"J»«ii*ick Kd» Mtr Prill 
'<im:i H»i||it,i> mud lie iHMd lor 
#i;|:Ui"aliOB,»,l pi,i,rp«»e» 'The 
ihomrddid iT'iiwh **■ (ilan jtmd 
dtd dKiito 'iwi I* Mi(M a taMfood 
•Mt. " Maud KtlHMMiR, 

ClClMr MKil'll*' M'MfMdMllll.* 
of KlWMiiun RHiiiilc tier clu,ir 
naiialu|i oi tlie coHiniltoe ihai 
M>«rt-li*d fw 4 collcfin pmi 
drnii til ittt and tor itrMtiiiii o( 
tlif frteinl*, oi Har|»«r 

Kldimnan tald Ikal twr work 
'f III* i>'r«MdM(,tal ihiMtit 

Cmmniw **» Iter nnwd en 
joj'iMe tiiienei'ice wlult l»lii,i|, 
wn tlw l)«a:nl ' Wiirkmfl vitn 
ttie n-any Miner imiiile on tM« 

Wiinrti cwiimiitrc wa» «tri» 
t>,i' ■ 

i» no(l!t«,ti4U<f lilt III- Mi u,),' 1 l> 
prKtittih' rematn aciiv* wiili 

thr I---.-:-' •! rriier ' »lje 

W" "i^'eowuin 

111) . , ■; ii!(-fnt.«T '■ 

ii-r>..ii<! DaUirr ,M,itl ;' 

(.(.■;i««t| Klin •fcl! 

lias ,acmM,|>lllll|inl " lw\ mmi tw 
lell 'IM wwtfd tiihv (0 remain on, 
HM 'IMMnI Id m,ak* rar* Itie co) 
leg*' Dandle* all llnanc« 
Duiinesi, edlcianlly, "I'm not 
yet »al,l>livil tliitl' our I'lnaMtial 
re«ordi are in tlw i»«i control 
ituei eotild lie m." itlalid 

ttadiM M,id 'to ■•tildl alw 
llkii to inlllatt scMral mw 
Idea* to (he tiMrd in futurr 
mMthi -lifidOf i,:tow ,(1 a 
ffileiB ot rtfitnuliinit niuif 
iMnt in all areas on campiis, 
"We ilioold liave a proKrani for 
reptucinK «.|Mipm«nl on a 
Mgiilar iwf>t* '" iMid Daitier 

,ifaNiliHr area t)ait:tor n kxiti, 
ing, at a. proiiram,* tliat will 
keep Harper"* eftrellm«n! ■ 
dirottmg rate '""I wan! l» • 

MlliTng p,r<:igrai>» ili,ai *>n 
■MP our enrtillment up ' be 
ia,id. 'i •wiWIilci" ,H.ini>'r !,, i> 

o,p Ctl 0^4 Mllll, 

liijnnn«»i«» tn the **■< 

Dailwf citrd t),i,» Bia)ar iir 
rompttihmwii »ii'i»- i',*i»i,.,' :. 
iwarit BK'tn!- 
HariM'ii i«i m,i> 

'wa* tmt *i,l I, mg I tilt' i,n '• ,>i,r ,it>u s 
H«f|iett,i4iik atcuiifll* 

IJa»ter (lirfenilml t:, 
• inler thai '•#* -ii-:' ■ 
(i,|(i,er» "hi- '■ , ■ ■■■■'■ 

H,arp<"r"»Iinti.:>-, i '■• 

ti;iv>« 'tn r,.r. ni,.i,i.- ,!„i,.i ijii,ii,i,a 

rOiii., i •■■■' ■,..:! uij'Da,»tor -i aw 

iUv > ii'- ; rir iMHird • to ij»e I ■' 1 
at i-ol leered tint ton Kif 
upiradWK educational itro" 
graiH." Daator nante it dear 
tiMl to Ml Ittiil lite laition rate 
■•■ *UU 'vrr>" rejMiiatile and 
Ikat lie »*» "■'w-rll awart Ot the 
prh« oi iiuiimii, Kidt tlmuDli 

mm o( Ik* radki italMn la»t 
yewr » thai it wasn't a radio 

tiation It was a bunch at kids 
pl,a)(ln« record* 

Ijiit year Ihe students 

didn't have a plan UnlnK tree 
lorm radio, ,U»eris was no ton 
■ttloicy at all We had equip 
loieml that was totally 

daitroycd Tto itiidio was a 
ilt(rat'« I fe«l I wa,i> hl,red to 

take a rwiin ihal wm mniptele 
,ly deal royert and retiulld it ' ' 

Schnecke a toriner Marp«r 
«iijd«iit. IS an eiiginettr al 
WWAl) 4M, He wai a diK 
pelmg, Mw> dlret-lor and sla 
t.M maaiier for WHCM trom 
im-m More' Ininlng, WIH.\g 
full Unie in I'ln 

'"I was approached in Jean 
f'snkantn. .Dtrei:tor of Sdideni 
,Actl»it,iei t and she asked me if 
•lore I'd tiuiH- i-»'i-i-uhliig else 
at WHCM :..d lo l» 

tacMlty ad '. 

Schne«:k:e » ritrin,i( caused a 
little n«re than a furor "I 
Ihmk ttic utaft !mem!)i»rN wh.i 

,..i,^(,,.4'..=,i'„e mnnai ?,.. ,'.: 
itsmier ttaiiM naiiaiier Mine 

■Ttoy goi deCensive and let 
i,heir anger ii,t:>out the lormat 
lurn into aiiger towanls Tcim ' ' 

Schnecke has ae<|i>ir#d much 
mtire responsiftdity normally 
tivnn a faculty advisor Htit i<>t> 
«fl,l he to turn ,Bround a radi" 
lUtiM that wai, by geMral 
eMWniiiis,, adwgir'Me 

"We m^ade It very elear u> 
TiM» that we were mil pleased 

with programming or the 

volume." said Donn Slatistiury 

Vice Praldeiil or .\cademic ,\i 


tlattnn hack to wtore it ap()«als 

to everyone in the College 

Center " 

tS,aMt I'ankanin "0\'er the 
last Mveral years, frequency of 
negative comments about 
m,ii»lc wiectiori has increased, 
Tto changes will ,appeal to a 
large market ' 

fhe station's biggest change 
will he undergone in its lormat 
As a progressive 'expertmen 
tal' ,slal>iin latl year WHCM'* 
appeal was very limiled 

"We did get away with 
anyUling we wianted.'" lald 
Dave ■Som.merfeld, who was tJie 
station'* music director last 
yesr "Bui after awhile, we 
dicln'i care atioiil the public I 
will agree ihul loti year was a 

The formal, thai Sichnecke 
has tmplemenlrd a ,» hrwid- 
f'ii>eit ifiaw ,!ipp«>al type tor- 

Mmi kltmi m nt m m m mmtm^mf^""^'^^ 
■i T'Hf Hf-f>(le» Ui 

r.ifi, ii.i;r,n>'W 

SiJvneciie also plan,s lo 
designate hrhourly formats ac 
cording tii demographics of 
Harper students For examplt? 
the It a m ■! p m skw will em 
phasiie ma*i appeal songs, 
because the IM shot is wton 
the majority of full 'time 
Harper students > most of 
w»M»m are teenagers are in Ito 
A iiuilding 

From the I pm fipm *lot 
Ih* era'phasts will nhin to down 

tempo music becauiie of tto 
majority of comparably ulder 
part timers in A building dur 
ing those time slots 

■ We wan'l be programmed 
.long for-song the jock htmsell 
will have the final say but it 
has lo fit into the formal." said 

"We are gomg to hold a more 
conservative format consider 
Ing the position we're in " 

"This IS what real radio is 
like " Schnecke said 

But not all staff memliers are 
enchanted with the change 

I'm lernbly disappointed 
atiout ail this and I think all our 
creativity has been taken 
away " said Program directw 
Karen Langer 

"To come to our litlle station 
and say we're gomg to tie a pro- 
tessmnal station is totally 
unrealistic Thai's where to's 
making the big mistake He's 
comparing apples to oranges. I 
Ihiiik ihe students will be disap 
liotnlwl " 

j,.!c -(.eitffd th' 

a Job which pi' . ■ .■: 

ed to the station manager and 
an eiample of the responsibili- 
IV he has garnered 

The primary reason that 
Schnecke has as much leverage 
as he does was the staff's 
tendency for inconsistency 
over the last year 

"tine of the mam problems 
we h«d " said Pryor "waslhat 
management changed six 
limes totweeo Octot>er and 


Harper not alone in tuition rise 

In tto ncake ol ,an crradic 
•cMwmy, Harper students and 

ttoir cimmterpiirts at four 
neighlKirwg tummumly col 

leges, have paid increased tui 
Mm costs as rising (iperatrng 
costs forced coHege tward* N» 

"in! i'»n !" i!<#'^ 

,'. ,i..'";- ,.', 'II." H.irperBiiiard 
i,!i ir!j»l*^r* ^«ii'tj 1 * f«'i tn 
tTea»«f tult,»n Irotn !^l'^ ^'.' ' i"-i 
.'rntit * f tor 1!! >l;'.!i 'I'l 

•, ,,• t.Hlll ff 

:\\ain ilie 

The imrTease wb» intended to 

aenrrjlr .i ^urplll* Of fut»d* to 

,,i!>ce the itiidget 

>i (trk on i,m 

(ir',,.i!'fm«Tii" <m the caihptis 

p<irl iA| Mf and walkways , 

Ottor amounts of fynd* wew 
targelitit ,li»r ttte leplacemtfii ns 
t?i*mp«itiw» ">■ **»* ttu»iite« .11 
fice ,utd I'nr ,ne« «i|iiipm,ent in 
the eomptiler edm-aiion pro 

Mmnt)- iPwraM from tto in 
eriait will iwt to teceived *i 
Harper until tMJ wton the 
ilaie will release imalched 
rcvtniie luiidit nased on the 
moiuty ctitlected Inim the t«i 

Tto'tmnrrt't .«■! i.m *mml an 
tsMpCMii iiiitited In the com 
Minlly college level hut ar 

tually ■ refiertion o( a nation 

wide trend which could con 
(inue thniMghoui tto decade 

Accordl,n| lo the \mertcan 

Council on Education in a study 
puhllstod m its spring ijuarteT' 
ly ediliOii ol Educational 
Record, a dfM'ade nl tuition 
hikes 01 eight ' 12 percent a 
year can t»r eitpecled 

tnflalnn and Its elfects on 
meeting day lo day operaitng 
fosts liuilding maintcrutu-c 
and nitiflern teaching eciuip 
ment is the nia,in reason tohind 
tuition i:o»t,» at Harper and live 
oiher romwiunitj colleges 
where tuition increa,iie were 
,r«(cently applied within the l,«,st 
two years 

The four other community 
colleges surveyed are College 
ol Oitfage in filen Ellyn Elgin 
1,'firoinunily College in Elgin 
I i.ilitfin Community College m 
Morion iirove and Triion Col. 
lege m River iirove 

While each o,ne' ol the* col 
leges increased its tuition 
tiecau'iie of inllatM in the list 
Iwii years ihe siiteol increases 
dlllered considerably 

The College ol DtlPage. 
which Iterates on a .:)uarler 
system received a modest "lO 
iwiti tuition increase tn 1*79, 
placing tuition at tl2 tor iO' 
district students However in 

iM rising ofMfrating cocls 
(arced a two dollar increase tor 
tto College's S'UtlU sludents 
currently enrolled a I the 

Elgin Community College 
received a lour dollar increase 
in IM) which kicked tuition up 
lo |i|fi lor the college's ifMWO 
full and pari tlmestu<lcnt^ 

Triton College, with an 
i-nrollmeiit eslimaled hy a 
schiwl spokesman tn iw aboul 
aooti. has re<'eiveH m 
creases ol O'ne dulldr i-.ii(i over 
Ihe liisl three years The last in 
rri-.,n.c placed tuition cosls al 
ill, lor ihis tall semester 

tiaklon Communit) College 
had Its last increase in the spr 
ingot ivm. which lell the school 
wilh a 11'. per credit hour tut 
lion altera four dollar increase 
was passird m the face of rising 

■\rci)ritmg to the American 
Council oi Educalion as tto 
economy struggles in awkward 
stability and as federal loan 
and grant money rapidly 
rvaporales. college students 
must adjust lo the tact that > 
quality education oKenng a 
coinpetdive edge will re<|uire 
additional linancial bell 
lightening as they advance m 
10 a decade o( increasing costs 

I X, Tlw Hwwngw . AuftH* ». Ml 


The **Binffer" 
is your paper 

Wim till* urn wUtton iX tlM ■•Blnfer," comec the 

■MMMIM «liilOinary y«t '«■■«% •dltorlal encouraging 

MViMt pHUdlMitlon tn cluit ■ni'aetlvttles ottered year 
tmna, threugli Uic varMmt dfpaitiiMnta ami orgaalw- 

_ --„.-, _„ 1 enjoy a vur1»- 

UM Gcatogy dub. to an aeUM volM tn ttpnWiig a rack 
enoGcrt wtUi the world fMiMii .i*nigrmi 9mi4. 

Along wiui orsanizattons such m WIKII umI Hw Mwb- 
lapr, tbt aKtiool alio has ipMrtlng tawm nnii m. 
tramuraia. Ibt atutfent fpvamiMtt aai Iptimic teamt, 
plus a mnttftMle' Ql' oHmt ctafat .aai gnup.. Milch would 
) Hum tlila humble editorial could ac- 

__ f requirements prohibit you from active- 
ly organttlBg in event or partlclpalUig tn a club. thcK 
Mwjl—ya llie amata of oOm orgamiatlons you could at- 

ot iiicoltent con- 

wllli llotien 

(Um laallval l» 

^ppilfc iWnw'^Pw 

. on eampua ai 

■H. imi can eitlwf partlctpate tn tlie 

HaiMr to OM wajr or anollwr, or you 
I (MM of UM nany facta to a crowd o( 
dom to tlw M clklw. what you 
! tiniactly wiiat you put Into it 

On bugging the radio station 

I nl vatch and 'Wiiretalon are two rights Uiat 
.•---^ ^••••BxlltMBBtlwwiKitheCmiatltMltonoftlia 

B*f*nlMM far atudeBta wtM are inamiMra Of the studflni 

?^ * "*• **CI« by the InataUatlon of Ilatmilnf 

"v^TiW" ••» ■""t' l ui to mala ■«■« hmw ■!« com- 
piytng to aUMoB atawtoda. Tliaat ItaSTX^^ 

ui! !l!^i2SJ 2?* ^"'^ «»«• had torn* past problems 

I ? " l i w iiliZan iiiS y^-'-^ - *'*'* ** enforce new 

Gel invohed for your sake 

J^ I^H^H^ ■*'**^'' *" ™'"™ »*> "«»' ci«»« 

Md b<«ii anottar yaar of rewarding educational and 

are returning to school. The Hart>- 
Harper College $ huge population 

iJB isui anniversary aa HatiMr'a o(- 
K.^ .^..^ .T-.-"- ™*" '« ■ lot 0' proud history to look 
MGS upon, aad yw a tew things were sure a lot ol folka 

•im. MH- il pmiteatlon year wUI hopefully marli the 

^!ll*"'....'**''"°i' '*' •■• " Th* iward winning 

"^ tooklag much different from last 

i^ . _^ ^-T-- '*•'•* tolainai ctiangN. Many of 

JSvrf^ISyJ!? ***^f** ht«i don* in tte 

»wory or tiapaptv aHiii m tpteM wctloiia (tte tint of 

'•^ii^dimtmammiKfmSm. "°" ^« "• « 

* ... ^* •• ^J5* ***•»*»■ will go out of our way tO' 

2r2!!!!!!^T!.r*" ••■" •**• *■' y""- <» rowiw- 

■m'wii.iiwlllailarttlngtrtaanywayyoucan Whether 

!L -i^Jfii?.?!!*^- ■ "'■"»"' *•»• »^ "'" column. 

'^. PN ^ciMaifiad ad iectimi.. wc .aiv mm tlun la 

Our Frt*sid<*nl*s welcome to a fine institution 

W e I c « m • 

'.' llariitrt 
> H.irper.' That 

new studtT' 
;is well lis 

nil (i( you »lw are wlurniuu to 
Ihccampti'sfnr .mtitln'r vear 

W*'*' ' '!*" (iij(iiiM.'r III' 

timltr .mil il.ill 41 

Mlirfw;i .. .,> uniivull In iplMk 

(0 e*cli o( you individually I 
mu.U likv. Itwretore. lo itiunk 
Ptte Wkklund. edllnr in i:hirl 
Hi Umj Hjirtiingvr liir this i>p 
;'■"" n gmM .»» til yiMi col 

. •'■'.ier 11 fading tjisr 
lie .J;j.vs art frfflwm« shirrter 
*na s«M>n the Icjvw will tKf 
fJimigmit cotoni Fall a a 
twaulKui wasfin. si. -Mason ui 
iinit» and mallow jruil 
(uliM*! '" To ra* however the 
.real neauly al lall is m t.h* 
retufn oi the lafuliv and 
itmJenli w ih* cjimpui Thi» 
mum givM renewed iKe to the 
CWtege The wasoro ml a e»i 
l««e are dJilerent than the 
jeamnsot nature, but (here are 

M Harper our seasons are 
temeater* and we come here 
to learn and grow We rame lo 
leirn witli and lr<>m each other 
and 1,0 grow m* mdlviduils in a 
comraunitj dedicated to m 

lellerttial iwrsuttt t ask yo.u to 

consider .(hew intellectual pur 

- >r a moment iii we lM»;;m 

■ * •uademii,' ycir .ii 

1 1 .,1 i J,'r r 

The only thing thai Harper 

has lo otter iludents is. 
academic excellence .Ml oilier 
aclivtiies »t Harfwr are design 
ed 10 lupport Ihal mission and 
entiMce the educational ex. 

From the 
desk of. . . 

James McGrath 

Hipoiti Prtiwdltftf 

"From the (leak or 

A Column By You 

fierience ulfered lo each of us I 
Iwllevethal in the I Hi een years 
the College has existed we 
l>ave achieved academic ex 

Thi» Is iwm out t:iv the (act 
that during the past' year the 
MortA Central .\crredtlaiion 
4iso<'iation »ent a tram ol 
educators from across Ihe 
cHuntry to conduct a reac 
creditation study at Harper A 
review of the report nubmitled 
tiy that team verifies that there 
Ii reason lo be proud iil the 
academic program a: Harper 

.., — J!!.!r "™!.5««'I«M Weekly." and that 
I «t an hare for you. Please read and enjoy 

Letters ti* thr Editor 

nm Hlanitfiger »ccepi,> ici 
H«. fci Bit' ediiftr irom »ii 
«.«!»«•, ,tKiilty and siali 
member*, ,,«! Ivueri hum lie 
cigned, any uiutgHd' Mien 
tiio,m«,«l wtitDe .iliMantat , 


,snoul('i ' 
oinger ..ii«,:. 

'"(• word* air 
..• .■UI le«e.r 
«ld,(! .\:t.. 

litfT itafl noon tiie ,\iurMlav 

Wt are inviting «nv m 
teretied Harper siiKient or 

faculty 'Stall memtter to use 
our CDlutnn lor commentary 

From The Desk 01 

,From The Desk 0(" can t>e 
used by individuals who use or 
work at Marjier lo express any 
concerns or i^inions on anv 
iubiecl mailer that comes to 
tlieir mtnd Or the column can 
be used lo share some tvoe of 
personal experience adven 
lure or knowledge with other 
rtidtnol the Harbinger 

•'From The Desk Of" does 
not replace our system lor let 
ters to the editor Any direct 
complaints or praise' on ar 
tlfta, columns or editorials 
should l»e taken care ot through 
the teller section 

The column is lo »je used tor 

»ny general commentarv and 

we eneoiur-aee it* tise hy any tn 

''"'"■'." . "Hally 


...■ . ■■■ > Miiir lo 

I'ine y»c would Itke tn see 
(Msipote who do JiBve a dellnite 
kn«:;k lor 'wrllinii to.t>e the stan 

aaro oeirers ol thc.iolumn 

Still all contributions, will be 
considered on an equal tiasis 

01 courie we reserve editing 
rights and we do reserve the 
right not toaprint an article il 
we feel it may cause us pru 
blems or in case's when v.,- 
simply run i.ul of space 

REyi I... ■■ Ml .,„„ 
lril:.ullO[i ,p,.,, ,)„„ 

l»te spaiT-u II 1.1 rained and 
labeled with a signature ad 
dress and ph<ine numtier \ 
social security number must 
atei tw included All conlrihu 
imnt that are printed will he 
bylmed wllh the writers name 
and title nhfiiwr ,r <%f. 3 larnl 
'.>''*'al'l . "iK.ini/., 

Imnal till. ,,(,iv with 

'studenl " 
Mt) .^SO.N'VMnl ,\ cov 

ruNTKIBl'TKJN^ i \\ OF 
PaoPfED OFf IN 01 K OF 
FICE \%7 

•l\ FMU»\.^ (1\ KfiOM 
nil- l>t:^h iir I \N HI- 
'..N^VVKHhti in IIIAI.IN,,' 

EXT *:l 

Harper's current academic 
slandmg has tieen earned (»> 
the hard work ol i.-iruiiv 
students and stall Tlic seven 
vear renewal oi accredilulion 
granted to the College is m 
(Ileal tve ol Harper's abllitv lo 
maintain the same high sian 
dards over the years lo come I 
urge you to l>e keenly aware ol 
this lad as you tiegin the I9III 
RZ academic year 

New and retuniing students 
whether in transler career or 
contlnumg education couniss 
have Ihfupportunily totakead 
vantage of all that Harper hap 
lo oiler Vou will and that vour' 
professors will go an extra step 
lo help you iioth in and out o( 
the classroom Take advantage 
o( their kni»wledge and ex 
perience I se tlie support »er 
Vices availal)le lo you: the 
counseling lacult v the learning 
resources faculty and stall, 
tulormg and all the other 
special services provided Then 
too lake advantage ol the 
cultural and social activities 
that are availat>le lo you Con 
certs, plays seminars and !• 
tures jrc scheduled so that -. , 
may learn and grow Campus 
organuations offer you the op- 
portunity to pursue new or 
established inlcrfsl> ,\lso. I'd 
like lo ask \<m lo visit the 
physical education center 
There may lie an Intramural or 
intercollegiate acllvily lor you 
there and there are hours 
when many ol the laciliiies are 
available for individual recrca 
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William Ka.nev Harper College 

Algonquin & Koselle Road* 

Calattne. IL fi(ia«7 


.f*tM9i:<) e^diior 

PritTj wic-klund 
Kc«m BoMrrnian 
Onrwhii' Piravano 

KMISlMIl KoKdll, 

Tl» HARBINaEH it Uw ttmttM 
piMKtim tm llw Harper QMIetr 

nmpus cominiinMy. (lutilliiwd mckly 
eanpi duruia iiolidiyi tnd nnal n 

•nM All <ifannm mpnata art Ukw 
81 iiw writer and ml Mccstartiy iiuw 
111 u>» ci>ll«i|r. it> aiiniinutraUofi, 
liculiy or (luOenl ixmy .'tdnniiuit 
una atpy otttUlm l< * a m Monday 
ami «iti> u »ut>j«t U) cdiiiiiK All 
l-»ll«;n-to,it»Killlor muii l>e .ign«t, 
\Mmm Mill iw puljlislMxl Km turUier 

'.l-'r'i;jill(Hi ,-ili »-,-.:k|«» till MO 0, 

II ili li l l lij l a 

nm MarWntar, Auflnar «. mi. 

Summer Board action in review 

Monty, mtltutMMMl 
■nd a new acadcmk- prograin 

tm* •iWMf mt|or biitlncs* 
■altari actail ufiafi dy the 
mm4 m ivmims. dumt its 

MMllngt dvcr tiic nnBiMr 

TIM BwhH 'iMiiwnl Ukt CM- 
icRt'i lit,! sAh nparaUnt 

tMMit^ M Mlf M. file iMlliM 
«li eofcr am fiscal yaar (rom 
Jolyl.l)ltlirirwJuii««» C! 

tegri Ml|it. wlueli ciMiUliif' 
mioiwf la cwMr aiiy "iMl)>ri««n. 
pratilflma" •Melt thr opvrjiiiiig 
iHJdgel lUKl not made ap- 
|iraart«lWHii lor 

"Tlw legal tiudact rMiuirai ■ 
pubtke hearing and miwt tat* 
mart moory in ii th«n Hm pro 
grwa tNKigci. TiMt't 6mm in 
SMM Manmnnil ttnfwaMHi fuch' 
■• • nt'ttw ni«tli«itieal 

bNaMtown an^ri' later in tli« 
year alter the operating 
Budiet was wi." sakd Elmne 
Sloermer director of coUeRe 

Ttie Boarid at ils June t'- 
meetinti. accepted the ad 
mtnlMratloni insiituluinal 
fwals lor UM' iW-Ki year.. 

TlNiM goal* are 

• At tlie lormulatUHi ol a 
liuman resource development 

• Evaluation of the current 
eompuler lystems »lll» a plan 
In foofdinale administrative 
mi nittriictional use of rnm 
piiltrs. actiieve the most 
lavorabli uie ol Uw computer 
Mt¥i««a. and the coat eftcc' 
llmnNM o( acad»ni.ic pro- 

• Continue to operate tlie col 
lege with a balanced budget 



Watck for oir 

ski tMing special 

iR Octolier! 

m mmcimm leW air Mawlaeliirtri 
of Oiwm f(i<«p«nt»t Owter* ^mtm 
"mfnsimgi Snm Omng imrmitmm 

Hdtiii , thru fti 5 f H, to 9 P.I* 
Sat. W * «i to * •*■ »■ • OoMd. SundBfi 

1790 Algonquin fleatJ 
Plna de) Grato 

ifMtiiaf'tl imtt 


Two olhtf locations 

315 W Ogden Ane Westmont 9711010 

6»32 W I6th St., Berwyn 484 1018 

Maintain the (juallly of the 
Mtninic programs through an 
process ol revHfwing 

• Develop ii spccillc pro 
cedure lor the replacement of 
capital ewuipmeni 

• CoMlnate a record relen 
tW procedure consistent with 
slate reRiilations 

The tMiard approved an ap 
plication (or a new one year 
Pharmacy Technician Cer 
(illcate proiirain The txiard's 
approval pav«l the way tor the 
apphralion to move l>e(ore the 
Illmoit Community College 
Board and await its decision 
dunng the ICXB't Sepientier 

II approved tiy the ICCB the 
program a|iplkation will ihen 

go before the Illinois Board ol 
Higher Education, lor approval 
during that board's Novemtier 

Approval by these boards, 
could result <n lite program be- 
mg Dtlered in the lall semester, 

The application went before 
the tioard after the rollrge was 
contacted by memtiers ol the II 
llnois Council ol Hospital t'har 
marlsts. regarding the need lor 
such a program 

A feasibility study was con 
ducted and confirmed the need 
(or such a program The results 
of the study were presented to 
the board along with the pro 
grams appliialion 

CHher matters ol business 
which the board acted on were 

Students line up to 
lake suds challenge 

Normally the last thing any 
college student on a lireak 
wants lo do ii lake a test t>ut 
many of them at a recent Col 
lege Eipo m Oajrtona Beach. 
^"torida, lined up for one 

II was a iicec' uate fest, 
featuring .ScMlci. Budweiser 
Miller High Lite and Michelob 
As in the live television com 
merdals run dunng the I Ml 
."NiFL playotis and the Super 
Bowl, It was !ichlitx vs the 

other brands 

Schlili Chlel Executive 01 
licer Frank J Sellinger 
himaetf k lamiliar ligure after 
appearing m national TV com 
mercials for his beer was on 
hand lo kick off the five day 
event Ke also met and talked 
with hundreds o( students 

"I enjoyed meeting these 

people and hearing llieir com 
inenLs about our taste test 
Even alter I.) years in the beer 

• A contrati awarded to the 
Lyng Canteen Service Com 
pany. for the service and opera 
Hon ol campus vending 
machines Lyng received the 
three I year contract, which 
began July I because it offered 
the collefje the highest percen- 
tage ol commission revenue 
The college solicited eleven 
bids and received sU 

• The board accepted the 
resignation ol The Director ol 
Nursing Jean Lyite. a six-year 
employee ol the School 

• The lioard also accepted the 
resignation ol John Neuhouse 
(rom his position as Director o( 
personnel Neuhouse left In ac 
cepi a position at Morton Col 
lege in Cicero. 

business I can learn by listen- 
ing lo beer drinkers " he said 

Students were seated al one 
of five testing stations where 
two beers one of tttem SchliU 
was poured into identical cups 
lor sampling 

After tasting, the students us- 
ed an electronic switch lo in 
dicale their preference The 
results were (lashed on a 
scoreboard A lot of the tasters 
were surprised lo learn they 
preferred Schliti which pro- 
mpted a happy response tram 

"I'm not surprised," he Mid. 
"Through these types of testa, 
people are learning more about 
beer " 

Harper Board of Trustees returns to ICCTA 

The Board nt Truslees has 
recently voted lo renew 

membership m th«- Illinois 



years lime ol "•''• '■" ' •-' 


■The b«i,rd leit the ,Vis<>cia 
tion which serves m » liason 
Miwmi tomrounily colleges in 
ihe Slate and the slate 
Icgitlature. alter the assmia 
tion took an opposing stand 
point on the issue ol state tui 
tion reimhursment last spnng 

The slate government mat 
che» a port,>oo ol each schools 
enrollment with a reinburs 
menl or rent to help schools oil 
sei high costs ol educational 

In the past communiij col 
leges received their reim 
bursements not Nmg after the 
llnlsh ol each school year 
However, Uecauie of leglsla- 
IM1 pasted last year colleget 

will not receive this reim,burse 
nient until two years past the 
i.'loseola'M-hiKiI year 

una t^* aiirt — ~ — .-- r-- 
(>U lor the bill on the basis thai 
many of their colleges were 
liuderlng Irom declining enroll 

However, several state com 
munitv colleges includtng 
Harper were wl sullering 
Irom ihts declinement pro- 
blem In lact, Harpers enroll 
ment is on the rise Therefore 
Harper wtll not receive reim 
MTMHienl lor each school 
ytafi enrollment until two 
years afler the close ol the 
year Thus it Harper « enroll 
ment continues lo increase they 
will be behind In getting those 
upgrading lunds 

The board voted early this 
year lo drop out ol the associa 
iwa as a pwlest measure The 
board hoped this action would 

Elgin company replaces AR A 
as new Vending operator 


The Harper Board of 
Triiiiees. In its June 2S 
fOMtlitg. approved a contract 
hM to Lyng Canteen Service 
Cmnmm for the three year 
lervfce and operation ol ihe 
eampuii vending machines 

The contract began July i 
and will expire June M. ISM, 
however the contract stipuialei 
that Harper ha* the right loex- 
lew) Ihe conlraci lor one year 
past Ihe date of expirattoti. 
should H appear lliat such a 
decision would he in the best In- 
terest of the college 

Lyng was one of six vending 
companies thai submitted hid 
ipeclllcatlons to the college All 
lold, II bmt were solicited 
beginiiltigHay M and oi the six 
biii lUliUtlttwJ by the deadline 
oil June I. Lyng ollered the 
highcft percentage at commltp 
tion revenues to the college. 
Becauae this bid it baicd on 

Ilht connnlsaton the bidders of- 
_ tcrOie college, and not on whM 

machines gTMtad itudthU 
ntunilng to KkMl ttilf taU. 
Photo by KattiyKewtllL 

be significant to the association 
due to the lact that Harper is 
one nl the ihree largest com 

the association came after a re- 
quest from the administration 
that stated that the administra 
Hon was able to use the ICCTA 
ireijuently as " valuable 
statistical reference source 

In the vote on ttie measure, 
trustees that were present 
'Shirley Munson David Ton- 
chek Brian Barch. and Ray 
Mills' approved the considera 
lion Trustee (Jeorge Dasher 
was the only dissenter 

Dasher's complaint against 
the ICCTA was that they were 
concenlratmg on lobbying ac- 
tivities loo much and neglec 
ling their representation 
responsibilities rm against 
using educational dollars to 
join a lobbying orgamzation." 
staled Dasher 

the college will have to pay. 
Lyng was recommended, by 
the administration, to receive 
the contract from the board. 

According to the Director of 
College Relations. Elaine 
Stoermer. the college must 
usually consider what expen- 
ditures It will have to pay (or a 
service and then award a con- 
tract to the lowest bidder 

William Norvell director ol 
food ser\lces. explained the 
bidding policy 

•Every four years a s» Itch Is 
made with ihe vending com- 
panies The bidding procedures 
go through the stale board of 
accounts and formal bids are 
taken every three years, with a 
one year, tqitional extension lor 
the incumbent company." said 
Norvell The five other com 
panics that submitted bids in- 
clude Ace CoHee Bar. Ser- 
vomatlon. Trl R Vending. In- 
terstate Vending and ARA Cor- 
poration, which held the ven- 
ding contract untu it expired. 


Spring baseball Free diving 
meeting today seminar 

Any Mudcnt plannini an try 
MV^tUl tor Um Marper Otfkm 
Dfliill team In llw iprtnc 

Timrwfajr. Aiifwt XT. m 
wncM tn 
la mil. mt 

Health services 
at your disposal 

Vm MsffOT Cotlcgt Health 
Iwlct pravMtet nutny *» 
vtcM lor ttiMlMU. incli 
nnt aid iraatncBi (or 

'«!(• mr tfet diaatilad. CPR 
and ■ place to ratt un 
Fret ictttni (or 


, MniB tmti.. tMi 

««Mi«al 4la*at« ta alaa 

A (rot tntrotliKtory teuba 
divMg Mminar it Mint oHarad 
on Friday, Sapitmutr 1 1 at. T 
pm. at tiM Harp«r CoUagt 
■wlamtng pool lociicd m 
>utMl ngil._ ^^ 

iMMiMv HHIat. and a MaMnH: to 
tlw wattr with MUba aqutp 
mom K suit tawal maak. iMt 
(Ina iImmM bt brwitfti to t»t 
••mlnar. Bitra •qulpneni will 

Harpo' College oKert ■ 
nationally tanclioned icuba 
dtvm( courte every eight 
•flfki. with certirication 
available Uirough the Mirtweai 

Tn Mgialtr (or Uic iroo 
■Milaar and In obtain inf omia- 
tlMi on aenlMi claaai 
kBii.ifr-iii«a:.'t«i Kw. 

AU. Mrvicaa are eomfMly 
coMNtaitial. Tbc Health Ser 
f<«« !• itaned by qualKM 
ragltttred nurtt* Monday 
tknuagh Friday from « i. ■ m 
In i« p m and SaturiMy (ram » 
am to I p m Alao. • part lime 
doctor it available I'l boura 
p« aioebday All Malt will pro 
" * , toiif idintial 



The Harper Colltfe 

cliMrlnadtnt mtoM. wteb tia* 
•tgHt menitMrt, it bolding 
cllnlea for tryouta on Sept ( 
and 10 Irom 4 to « p m in room 
Al«a The tryoui date It Sept 
n. iiw (mm * to <> in A142 

Tha »qmA beipt wttti (all 
taitlval. activ'Uiea. and par- 
IMMMt to cnMMIliona. aa 
IMP at dMm^ af nil (aatball 
mi Maiiibnil paaa. 

Tbi Harpar CoUtfa pompon 
■quad, arbkll porformt at all 

iapi II and M. in room Alti 
Tryoula Hill ttt Md' Stpleinbar 


A rcpretentativt from the 
Retlonal Tranaporiation 

Miiftty win be on camwia m 
"*>* MMHig. Sapt 1 and: U. 
UtdMi It am ' 4 pm T)M 
ropreaentitive will lupply 
■Mtraj inlonnation about RTA 
Mtmca io Harper and Uie aur- 





A free naaitn aw] 

^ tn lMi|i panoni' 
tand tbe nWMmMp I 
UmA md Ntnaw will i 
TMHlaf. imniB:Dar 1. at 7:10 
|.m. 'at' fit NttMt Htaitu 
CMMar. irm iaiard Road, 
Park Ridfc, TiM I 

Tlie Handyman Workihop a 
cootinutog education courtt 

baa bntn raaehedulod trom 
Htpt-ttlnOct S. 

A reproaaniatlv* from the 
HTA will ba a«alltb)e In [he 
lobby or •utMlm A on Sept J 
and It trom It am to 4 p m to 
amwnr iiiMHtiana. 

Elizabeth A. 



Harper Coileae student 
lltiabeth A. Doyle hi« been 
ehwao. m a Scholar Award 
taciplant by Rooicvelt Univer 
flly Mt Doyle entered Harper 
m the tail ot itn and ii work 
ing on her A A degree in 



I flif it ilMi llifiiingit' of • 
llBA. AnllV« llNMMiHini Iv 'liiBiii 
ptioff 'Io OMultolhi 
■I mil 'iHHf' 




Help Wanted 

#««t Tiaal HiL» -mtm •-«•«• laftf 
f*iTTii«i imnormiiif" ¥»«>, 

m ¥tr<' lm tvtnymri ■«• bmtt^ W"« 

iiililwi'jTyoi'tlT'i »• «n" ■ilob<>«""w 

♦«iW M«i'«* Jii'«l» *«(» Homw««*»r^ Wdw 
mwtfi Mw» tmj* ow" Tr^map^rtiliMn imB 

m ta 1 

iilii|£'aciiti>av 'tict'oTtoN'tt 

••«ll ■•«•«*( »*•<»• •ntWPWIWvptf 

■n ■ wrt iwt Mai* n «y' >«>«* *••■* 
cm miimft « *'i*t'w »•■«»•• fc'iit 

For Sale 

•'01 ill ( 




St 1 a 


Academy Ward wtnn 
Mif "Ordinary Pw 
ple'ltaipm .JU3 





■Kk Valley 

I Wpm 

Rec. planning 
needs help 

The Harper College In 
tramural and Recreation I "Ian 
ntng Committee it looking lor 
ttudcnti who would like to 
•laiat tbe director m planning 
organlitng. lupervitlng and 
publiciimg cimput recrea 
tional actlvltiea Thoae in 
Itrtattd ihould contact Wally 
■-| in Man ext »IS or 


Great films 
to be shown 

Tht fint two (Umi ol the lall 
itritt lieira been announced 
Orilnary People, jtamng 
TtmoOiv Hulton Mary Tyler 
Moore and Donald Sutherland 
•ill be ihown Friday Sept 4 m 
J 143 at both noon and 8pm 
na Blapbant Han. itarrmg 
John Hurt and Anne Bancroft 
will be ihown Friday Sept it 
inJl43at ilnoonandtpm Ad 
miaalon lor both movies is S i 


Biptrienced itudents who 
aft Interetted in otliciaiing 
tiMCh (ootball t>asketball 
eaitytiall. track, floor hockey 
■wlaimtDi. etc should cimiact 

'liM' ■iiiiti wMinw Mi uiiu:« in 

orcaUntt M.>or4h7 

Organization of 



The Organization o( Com- 
munitv College Students 
lOCCSi ti one of five official 
advisory bodies to tbe Illlnoli 
Community College Board The 
OCCS also elects the student 
member to the ICCB and 
raconmandk students to serve 
on tarttdt committees of the 
ICCB and other state agencies 

Every community college 
student it automalically a 
memtier of the organiiation 
and 1* invited to attend OCCS 
meetings Each community 
college IS aiked to designate 
two 01 final delegates to the 
OCCS who will be allowed to 
vote on OCCS matters 

The n»t lieneral AsMmiily 
meeting will tie held on Sept I2 
and IJ. at the College o( Lake 
County l»r.! West Washington 
Street. Urayslake. 11. The 
Saturday meeting will start at W 
a.m.. and tbe Sunday meetUig 
win begin at Id am 

For more information on 
memberahip contact Ami 
Barlle at 74«-33.W. or Michael 
Blackburn at 7'>f;-3ll0. ext 731 

Bike trek 

Two special autumn adven 
lure Bike Treks for Chtcago 
area cyclists are being spon- 
sored by Chicago Lung 
Association as a part of its fund 
raising efforts lor lung disease 
research A two day trek will 
be held September I!) and 10 
and a three day trek October l« 
through It The September trek 
will go 200 kilometers or 120 
miles The October event will 
be J.W kilometers/ 1 <4 miles 

Two grand prlie "Fantasy 
Weekend" vacation packages 
for two will be provided by the 
Holiday Inn Chicago City Cen- 
tre 100 E Ohio, lor the rider in 
each trek with the largest 
amount of pledged money col 
lected Each prize package In 
eludes lodging (or two paratnt 
for two nights a compltmen- 
lary bottle o( champagne a t3:> 
resiaurant coupon and full use 
ol the Holiday Inn's sports 

Cyclists interested in joining 
either of the Bike Treki must 
t>e tn good physical condition. 
Those under la must be ac- 
companied by an adult 
Cyclisu will be selected on the 
basis of their enthusiasm and 
general condition of health 
Participants are expected to 
supply a bike and camping 
• Contmuetf on pa0* > 

Ovtr 60 GantM of Skill! 

PIN *V«H ALLEY, tor the time Ot your «!•' 
Looiis liite me 50 1, but has liie laigMt SOs 
version panorama ot alacironic gammas aver 
ottered in (his araa Evary detail ot PIN PAN 
ALLE V has been OesigneO tor tun and enjoy- 
ment yours' Come soon, wtn youf family 
Inenas ot with your Oale' 

bt Specials... 


Sickens for $1.00 
600-7 00 ptn 

I Plaza Oe ia» fkxm 

> 1632 Algonquin Road a Schaumburg. IL 

TlMHamififH', Atigufi IT. 1WT. Wiigt I A 



" Harper College, what 
it can mean for you 



Keep this for reference 

HMTftr College II 's a l>lf 
plaw with a tot o( different 
things going on Here 
thousanils of itudenls attend 

classes In many different areas 
of study S«me i-ome hnause 
they are limited tlnanclally 

nih<Ts becatae tliey an not 

-lii'i' js to wiiat |»al:h to take in 
*MaM' - ■mmiir »■•>— ■■•••)» — " — 

Ttii» special wclinn was 
lacclalty dcMgneil (nr ttie new 
Hirper tttudent. iilthough 

.iliMleitts who lMv« atieiMM 
lla.r^r in tliC' past are en- 
cmiraged in Inok Ihraugti tht* 
guide tor ihe* are sitre to find 
ftomethisgot iniervsi 
Inside, IS' wrll as m this 

Eage. Is informaiMm m many 
ey areai i>J interest thai are 
here fur sl'Udcnti" use amt »r- 


During ilMM> rintt lew iimmi- 
tl»s of school this guide mai 

tnine in handy ai Btiy> (time 
tC«*p (« wiiti your Khwl hook* 
for quitli retcrence 
We Nipe you enjoy this *ec- 

tion and »e would lie"pte«»«l' to 
»>ear your comnMiit», Readers 
can mail us letters, visit our of" 
flee m Km or call us at ext 

Mtre Is conletitit for Ih* 

BttUdlfiH A. Page I 
BuUdtng F Student Develop- 
ment, Puiiltc Safety, Page Al 
Student Activity IWIars-where 
they go. Diaalited services, 
Page A3 

Building M. Student ttubs and 
orgamtations. College Map, 
Page A4 


course, come to Harper 

tufcause they lino* that this 
eduvanonal center has 
nomething designed perfectly 
lor their goal altaining titua 

Nevertheless, Harper Col 
lege i» wmetWng lo be proud 
of, to appreciate, and a place to 
get to know very well 

Harper foilege received Its 
humble beginnings back in IMS 
when area voters approved a 
referendum establishing a 

A-building-the heart 
of Harper 


Bttlldtng A is the heart of ilu- 
deni life on (he Harper College 

campus Housed here « iJie stu- 
dent tievek>pm.rnt and testing 
center, healih neTvices, the 
cafclerta and student lounge, 

offices of student activities, 

and various business and ad- 
ministrative of Ikes , 

Student Development iml 

Testing Center "A", looted, on 
the third door, provides 

students majoring in com-^ 
munlcaltons. the Humanities, 
or Fine Arts with counteling 
and information about their 
m«)or The center also keeps 
up'to-date information on 
transferring to four-year in- 
ftitutlom hotn in- and out-of- 
state Ms Ann Kodgeri. dlrec- 
lur of Student r>evelopm«ni, e«- 
plalM that the couM«l«ni an 
avaltaMe to all tiudentt., Md 
ikai itudMtt Should takt ail- 
iiMlagt' of UW' giiidHm IM9' 
can wcetve 

"We offer tbric basic forms 
of guidance educaiiimal, voca- 
tional, antl ptraniial or wcial 
guidanca." says MiMlfm. 

SIM aim «ilipliMtiM, "It's 

very imptirtant lor tramiw 
students to make contact with 
the counselor a« smn as pu«»l- 
tile There 's usually no trou- 
ble in transferring our credits, 
but some schools such as the 
Inlversily of Utinois or out-of- 
state ictMols) bave different 

"Wt alio bave counselors 
tliat work as a liason between 
tkt (state I scbools and 
Harfw." Rodgers adds "Th« 
eouMMtors are bitre to help 
students tn adjusting to 
Harptr. those transferring 
to amitlier school in career 
(twlalon making and In 
■any other «ays." Rogers 
says She advises ibat beginn- 
ing students should make con- 
tact With a counselor as soon as 
possible Counselors are 
available lor "(]uick questions" 
on a walk-m basis, but appolM- 
menis are generally better. 

Health Services, also located 
on the third floor of Ihe 
building, offers all students 
free, confidential health care 
A nurse is available dunng alt 
hours III am to W p m Man- 
t»3f tlnwgh Friday and » a m 
to I p m litunta)' t and i doc- 

tor la avallaliie lor I'l hours 

each wiwk day. 

Health Services offers over 
thecounter treatments such as 
aspirins, cold lableli. and 

Pcpto-Blsmol, as well as free 
testing for strep throat. Tuber- 
culosis, mono. VD. and 
pregnancy Beds are also 
available to students who 
would like to rest during the 
day between classes Someone 
working In (he center will wake 
the student up m lime for class. 

The Health Services offers an 
insurance program, lilerature 
on health-related subjects, and 
bolb health and personal 
counseling. Appointments are 
not necessary to receive irtat- 
ment and or information 

The calelena. located on the 
lirsi floor, offers sludents a 
variety of Io«Mts throughout the 
day. Breakfast, lunch and dm 
ner are all available 

The student lounge on the se- 
cond floor IS an area tor 
tludenis In unwind and 
soclaliie. watch television, eat 
at the "Front Porch" la snack 
bar u listen to WHCM. the stu- 
dent radio station, play pool 1 on 
llie third floor >. or study quiet- 

The itiidenl activities office 
is on the third floor Tickets for 
various concerts, plays, and 
otiwr ipKcWI 'Wwu nay M 

purchased in the office 

Several student activity 
gratis are headcjuartered in 
Building A The offices of The 
Harbinger, Student Senate. 
radio station. Program Board 
are boused on the third floor 
Peer counseling hits a walk in 
office on Ihe siH-ond floor to 
help irilow sludems wtlh pro- 
blems and questions 

The Veterans' Affairs and 
Financial Aid office on the 
third floor offers students 
assistance in meeting their col- 
lege expenses through the 
various financial aid programs 
offered on the local, stale, and 
national levels 

The bookstore, which is on 
(he second floor, offers 
students the materials 
necessary lor their clasaet- 
such as tiooks, paper, and pens 
- as well as stationery, art sup- 
plies. T shirts, and many other 
items Ihe sludents may want or 

Finally, an important office 
to lino» the location of Is the 
Admissiiins and Business olflce 
m Alio lust across the hall 
from (he iMwkslore Here 
students can do Important 
tasks like paying tuition, drop 
and add Murset, request their 
transcripts or nequesi informa- 
tion about tbelr academic 

community college for the Nor- 
thwest suburbs The first office 
of the college was In a tiny cove 
in a building In downtown 

Two years later Hie fWit 
classes were held in several 
mobile olfices in a grove of 
.trees in Elk Grove Village The 

ed Its doors in 196!« with only a 
few of the existing buildings 
that occupy the campus today 

Construction has gone on 
Ihroughoul the years enabling 
Harper to offer many fine 
educational and recreational 
structures Three of the newest 
buildings are buildings J. 1 and 

Buildings J and I provide a 
home lor Ihe biggest academie 
division on campus, the 
Business and social science 
division The most unique fac- 
tor out of Ihese two attached 
buildings is J 1 43. the lecture- 
theatre center ,Ji« is where all 
of Harper's dramatic produc- 
tions are held, as well as other 
special events such as films, 
s)ieakers and conventions Its 
main purpose however, is to 
serve the Harper students a 
lecture hall 

Buildmg M has been called 
by many as "the pride" of 
Harper * This mulli-mllUon 
dollar physical education, 
athletics arid recreation center 
was llnished last year Its 
Icatures Include a huge gym- 
nasium, beautiful swimming 
pool, six racquet ball courts, 
and a mat room among many 
things Here in building M 
Harper studenis and stall, as 
well as the public are invited to 
use the facilities during regular 
posted hours of availability 

Today Harper offers students 
the chance io work towards 
many dlflerenl career goals. 
Many sludents are beginning 
Ihelr work on B.A and A A. 
degrees and are fulfilling 
general class requirements 
while they are here Others are 
enrolled m one ol the sixty 
career Iwo year and three year 
programs that the college 
specializes In.* Still others use 
Harper as a way to expand 
Ibetr knowledge 

Whatever the status may be, 

the important thing to 

remember Is to make Harper a 

rewarding experience for you 

I CiwiUnued on page HI 

.miiiiEdlliiin; .i:M.;f»*r"i«;;. I 

P»m» IK TiM NcrMM«*r. Au#im* 17* iftl 

F-building-bounty of student services 


Many limes li (i«'W s4«lcnl or 
»v«ra « »tu(lent frcrni a ptvvtMi 
»#nie»l«r may ,nol bt »»•» i>( 
the variwn ili|M.nmmt* twl 
wrritm ))x-»tc4l' lit ttiat mmy 
Oiilldindi on tlMT campus 
SiweHW:** this talormalitw in 
not im,p«rttti« immediately 
uiwwi cominu » Harper As 
it'iKMits tm-tmn* m«n> mvulvrt 
tn tlieir e4ui-»tiiiMl itwls 
tow ever, this inform si mo 
Becomes ■ hawtj' t<»t lo helt« 
meel tli««> goals For llJis 
rMam. ow may want la 
Utemuie faraiUar with F 

lilt Bfil mm at ¥ Bulldma 

cmtlMH • wM aiMiiitl o) 

*ervttf« and departments 

The Illinois .M> Servictt o- 
(Ice w available tn both 
studefils and the piit^lit. *Mi 
ity<tel>t» I'""".! "i"''!-, 

into tlK' ' 

These joDs .«■• Itt^T, {unU-ii mi .» 
bulletin botnl which anjoiw 
pasamg throMgh tan l«* at If 
a stiidenl (Hid* he'« interest eiJ 
111 a lot) he (ills o'ul a re(tl»tra 
twn Inrm which will help deter 
mtne ti he'i properly qi«il<(«etl 
U 'he IS, an rntervieM is arrana 
e«l f'orgradualioij students the 
mdtee can help sliidrnli lind a 
jot) sutlei] to thei.r career and on 
a more permanent ba»», Alsw, 
there is a micro* llm file 


.iv.ii|,iit>le with a Intuit; ' 
.Milled into all other Joii *m- 
iii'irf* i,n the Chiraj(i,.Uiul 

.iTfi Their hours sre Monday 
tSid'Hiih l'"nday irom tt si to 

4 HI 

\fv. IS 111.- Mftliii Cirfulatiiin 

lie** Here, itmlr--' :■■ ' ' 

li can otttatri 
tapes ilidr*. 

records •,■' ■; tap*** 

The Cireul,L 'ilso pro 

vides all nert'i^s.i,r\ fi,[uipment 
needed lO' iiMt these items 
S«i'i.e Items can l>e reserved liv 
leathers for ,ftudenls, sutti as 
slides and (eclure ti.ill tape? m 
tait ■ student mi&ses a class 
The Media Circulation Desk 
also proyides typewriters (or 

-iM" !•> iirnime Tt»ere iire no 
line-, tut i,;ii(" return iii t,hes<» 
tteiii* ln>»ever i( materials 
are not returned I'y tde end of 
the semester jtrades W'lll lie 
litld and retJLstration m,ay tie 
ContinumK on I lie lirst (Imir 
■ F Btiikiinii there is the l„.RC 
Media Services i,iri:,jni/atii:pii 
directed iiy -Vl Dsr, ■ 
consists of llvr 
ifcpartments whose firmiiirv 
puq«i»e ■•!* lo supitort the in 
structional proxrams of the col 
leite ■■ For Ihis reason, these 

servH-es are almost enli,rely us 
ed t»y faculty and .idmitustra 
tion only 

TlH- Print Shop is part of this 
orstniialion Here lests dit 
tos pamplilfiN .imi forms are 
printed Tlii:-,!. aisu do hindlnd. 
stapling diui pacitaginii amonn 
other thintjs They handle the 
tiultt of the print iiiti work tor the 


.raphit Servitfn prepares 

marts, (jraphs riirlmins pro 

Jecluals. and "tlier instruc 

tional material These are 

I rontimeri <mi page t) 

Public Safety 

Counselors - 
developing students 

by TKRltV MAHbOtm 
The Stutlent Dewlrapmemt 
Services' at Harper otter a wide 
viriely of counseliiiii 3nd 
guidance programs 'or 
■IMlenls attending Harper ,?ttu, 
ilMt Development i,m-lude,>ihe 
cO'Unceling lervtces, known 
trmn everyone's higlt ictail 
days, in addition to many other 
lefvices. Harper, however has 
idMiKied the service as StU' 
dcitl Development ti«ca,use «»( 
the hnuMler area that the ser^ 
vice coven sjiys Anne Rodger* 
Dtrectar o« Stmleitt Develop' 
nnwil SIM aMt Uiat the l acuity 
pramoles asiKtance m itiuienl 
development in order to llinl, in- 

Student developmettt 
en,playea liiwrteen lull time 
euniiMhn who all qwltiy to 
HML,.'«(lfl)^ ffi Uflf^r j^^Zll 

(ticti. TUt cwioMbr* are 
■waMile tO' omM ittidenis in 
cMine MiectiM. future educa 
thM and career, and personal 
•mi Mftjtt prohlemt In addi- 
INMI,, niM' •iMiiiaeior tt Mfigiw4, 
•• a tiMMii «tt flMk iiuMfiMy 
that NMhnila tnoat (rwiiiently 
trawlitr to. According to Ms 
■Mgtr*. the counselor lianon* 
■ini, iffUl tnitiler guideltnt 
ahMta and trunaier intorma- 
tttwi gniups hive ,»ucei»Je4 
well m inf»rm,ing transfer 
itiident* However, lis 
Rfflllteri says that students 
mtft lafce the initiative a,'nd 
make time to lec a ciMntelor 
mum enough m> prolilenis don I 
oecttf. parttnilsrty (or the 
tranalar tiudteiiti.. 

ltd at to' milw Hie Stiidcni 
Developni'enl centen more ac 
cesi'iiile lo th«' students, the ler 
vi'ce has tieeo separated mto 
lliree divisions In each center 
there are (our or hvc 
cmMNton «ith at least one. tf 
mi* 'More, always avatlible tm 
Man t:;W' a m and' '4:^ |t' m 
Ttolhfeeeen'ters. Ms Rodiei's 
Mjr* m pMi'tiMned on the First 
rhMin 0l hul'tdtngs h, D, and t 
witlitn the "traffic patterns" of 
UMt ■l,iMl«nts for easier m 
iwaMtllti' Center \ < ^KMI 
tmmtt CMAMttors md career 
tittm'M'ln tw imm ot Cum 
intnhealMiia. RiMtanH'iM,,, fine 
■M'M S'peei'al Services 
'I'll Edticatiiiii'. Hecrvii 
.iiM) aMMantTe for (he 
uiidc-cidad student The same 
services S're '»vmit*i)ie m 
CaiMr lO'-t-,- .'"--' .'-,. j|,|ftj,j, 
at fm:liiiiil<'i^ ''tviitcal 

SiMiKft. 1.1-'' l"^, and 

HiHiiafi fervtcn, i'v tlMW' 
NMllMis la lUt R'Ui'iiwia and 
«!»ri:il - ■- - -'rv-.,-",:, 


college reference twoks 
transterpildalliiea'. and eolilege 
i 'avalMit (IMT student 

In adilili'On lo the centers, th*? 
Student Development iarulty 
otter two courses for stude'nls 
to take Career C'lploraUon of' 
I'ers the undecided student a 
c:lHiM!e ta fii|tlt>re one's M' 
tamtt Md atiititlet ilir«M||ti 
inaU initi|> dticuiitMn m> m- 
dtvidual altenH'On ii availtli'le 

The O'lher tours**. Human 
,Pi»tenlul .Seminar, gives 
sttidcnis a chance to look hi 
lhem,«el've» »nd recO'gnae thetr 
individual potential through 
p«littvely oriented small group 
discussion* lit addition to titese 
eourses, the Student ,Deve,l«,ip 
meM la<:'ilh,y lla* organised a 
peer coummI'Iiii wrvice 

Harper College >erves Us 
students with their own campus 

s»>curilv service. Public salety 
patrols' the campus « ,ho«r* a 
day and is ready lo serve 
ftudenis in any W''ay i;hey 
p<»ssit>lv can 

Whether it he quest ions on 
parking or 'il you need 
emergency a'ssisi irnce Put)l'i't 
Safety is ready to help 

Officers can tie reached Ijy 
dialmgeit. 111 iVr :i» Olficers 
also conslantlypiitrol the 
ci'inpus ontoot' an can t>e sptU 
led m then tilue unitirms In 
the parking lots. Fulillc Safety 
can t>e aeen driving green 
patrol cart 

sliMlenti are expected to 
(oUow all traffic <ind parking 
regulations Violators will be 
issued tickets \ny nuest ions on 
these irattic renuialions can tie 
answered at the Putilic Safely 
nil ICC in "B' Building, 

Students should report any 
thefts immediately lo the 

Among iither d.itly respon 
Sllillltles I'lifiln- Nalety also 
oversees all parking sticker 
operations Stickers should he 
displayed in all student driven 
vehicle* on I he rear wind 

Putili'- - •'"" '- just one »( 
Harjier .■<■ servtcea 

availahi'' I'-iits 



OMtCTf o av 
* " ~ lOf ~ 

i LOMHoai* 
Fancy Roping 
Pats of Death 
Roman Riding 


•■1^ Aui. Ml Tits pja. 
Sua Aug. 30, 3:30' pjm. 

>lirCtM;ago«amf TicM»tfon Outlitts 
8mm i Watfs Siotm» 


Where your activity fee goes 

T1wH*r«lng»r. August 17. INI. PagtlA 

l>ef*i|»» m» i»l ll» most in 
trtf uisg iiuestMit* twed t>v ' •■ 
.llBi9«r tl'iMknl. ulii »r iMfu 
whal Kwr Stinlwl 4rtivitj' iw,' 

Pullume sliniMls p'ny ■ 
Mandatory fl2 tev wtstic [iwri 
tl:ni«:r»' puy « milntlJtnrv t<t Bui 

A lutsakdown o( thi* Sluitenl 
Arti¥U,l« t>ii4get slinw* Hut "f 
ll»if 1". i»rf »B.(jililiWM , (twf ran . - 
•ltd wnHTW iiiMiionHl by > \ 
Pmgnm Bn»r4 which »(wn 
Mrs ■ variety i>f movw* mikI 
c<»iie««t«, r«»r»'t» itoe inu<»»i 
ulict of tnj (iMier program ■ n. 

''ml-hiKHBlilicr ' t > t> 

||i:MI:ft |i<> ilMwtio 

jirimaciij tor iRtriimtiraH > 
OnJv twoothtfr prugnims l,iiT 
tu« S«rte» j'tut I Imp BarWager - 

wcetw mort than at [xrcent 
mm well di'illar (tl. student Ac 
U«tly tr»». 

Tli« l-nctiirt 8«rt»*,, wfcieh 
'Uxmi prof nms tnia ynr «ill 
■paMMtr i <W:>iit<e tieiwwM 
lmi«r MBiidtittat caiuJidAlc 
Bti(l»i<» Mrt'artkv (iwrt f R«d 
llurfc«> oil Mt»t 1*4!) <"«'<>n'K 

• I (Kfrceni. nt (He SA biuli*!. 
Ttir Harbingif. in«M«:UI«. 
v« 7«i ■pfTrwI trttiii ifii- 


itw St«l*lil j\i:ti!*lt> («■ ,ii,»o 

prmMde*. lof He-ilth Swvice* 

parli;ill\' ■ CKiIJ Cjit Vr 

SCitiJffit MSOiUKW" l-;rniT|irnry 

Slwiili-TBriii tAmm 'iip in'iwi' 
■*MCM Radto. ■ immtwr ij» 
Li' > ■ip«'nlintudwit» dtwouni 
u, ki-is to iiwoy (liderent 
events in ttw Cliicaigoljand area 
4iwl (lifter *dn*lti« a(»i>riiv«l 

■ •'■ -'•■■»»iit S«'(i«e *h.ic(i 

•■ tiudgetwl mofite* 

••itiKHi^, rrt({,riini ll»aril, 
spiitiiiiteil jeliyiitet tm 
.Seijlemlirr include liirer 
m«vM>s ■ "Ordtiiary r<»|)'k "" 

TIM' M«rrtj,|{t-- '>( Mariii 
Bratii* *■«! "Thi* El^pBaw 
Man" ' on (he ttrst thrw Friday 
wghtinnthf monifc 

t)ii thr Inl FndiBy iilgtil in. 
Stpifnuvt ■ttelitft' itiif jirn' 
(ram BtmttS will nwmsnr the 
iint Ktha Bdiid >ii amcen wttli 
Thir Kinil Tte will alM 
i(K:>n»r an Ire Crtan Sanai oit 

WedneMila> al tmm and jiiulOT 

,SI*w Kiiist'll Jit inKin WmI.. 
NfjH t'lrd m ttie .\ BhiIiIihk 


Hariwrt t».i.t(fn»(l Siudent 
\i:tlvttv itt itnitt immwe, niir »» 
It the higllMt 4<n(>n.' ii...r<:. 
jiiiiior CKillitgn to I ' 
ample, ilie (MIegc ■ 
ch«r|»sd studrw* >, .ii prr 
utmeisiltr hour Illinois Vallev 

fhar|«l fi lor "v— - --.i|«l m 

•>-l «eiiti»tei 'I lor 

thoiw enrolled ■ ■ :■ :: • and 
til tor thniw t'nrelted m II or 
more lietnester 'ttmm 

C«inparat>le if» rigure* (nr 
tmu yeu srliwil» illtisiriilc that 
Illinois Slate t'tiiversity clwirK 
f'd »» [MtT semester while Knox 
College charged its jliideiits P3 
fmr tfuailrr 

Because ';>l inequilies tnvolv 
«d in a i*o-tier (« .system 
there have r»en suggwllOM 
made la narrow the ii.a|) tiet 
WMn what full timer»and pari 

i:)ne »uKge«(itin i» that 

everyone pay ». reganUes* nt 

whether > ttudent l» lull tune 

' II or more hour*' or part time 

1 1 hour* and less 

L«ctttr« S«ri«!i 
ftotlnitf M»t9«« 
studitat' S«iifti« 

StMdlo TIiBatr-i* 
F Tin tin,.; 

3ifcec::j I :l :w i. •,.'...•:.. 
3t«<l«nt 5P!in,Sa 

Poi.nt '•• •■ 
iiCK Kwilo 


THB BREAKDOWN ilMiwt gratililciily ciMnjr 
Mlkt Bambach > 

MiM pm itiiitBit MtlviUF vtv lor. tO'niili by 


PBlOl" Learn about business communications, 
public reiatmns. promotions, negotiating contracts and 
participating in group decisions as you tielp budget, plan 
and promote student activities on campus. Exciting 
actiwities like films, concerts and special events. 
Interested! Program Board committees are being formed 
NOW • ■ REGISTER and get more information at our first 
meetmg in the Student Activities Office A-336. TODAY, 
Thursday, August 27 at 2 p.m. 




■■I——— I 

Tl*' prntilem' Uiere (,» tttal 

the )jit> tailing !"• hours will end 

riK Itie nuy takinjt i.n 

• : livi- hours ' s.jid 

mifiii ,Man»lwry Vice t'resi' 
dent ol At'jidemic .Attaint 

.Uottier suggettion would 
nave ft'udents. pay on ■ volun 

lary Cmuis. but that would un- 
doulrtedly cost iheSA money 

I iiuesi. I lie only way to 
make it i'.:(Uiil would t>e to have 

everyone pay at the door " 

Stansbury said ■■l>ul then we 
wouldn't have the diversified 

prottrams thai we do " 

for handicap 


Many time* we all take lor 
grinliHl the e»ie we have in 
fetling iietween loitldings. on 
caropuit and m general ,just 
plain (leitmg around However, 
many Harpt<r students are .not 
as lortun;ile Handiraps inlllft 
ufMm their tile Mvie iind m.ake 
the.timple*t o( actjvitie"; a ma 
jor chore To .help 'liese 
sludenlj l.» » unlijue on 
campw. the otilce ot I>liat»led 
student Services 

\..lviall> tlie Disatiled .Stu 
dent Neriires wai lormed in 
Novemtier ol IWil Before its 
creation, alt accommodations 
were handled l>y Harper's 
Health Depart.menl Kacililies 
lor the hearing unpaired tiegan 
If ih<- fall 111' lOT under Ui 
MfK.n the DirtNTlnr ol En 
virorimenial Healtti Ttty'sical 
rcconstructional. such i& 
'■..iJhnnons .»nd acfessinle d«ir 
■ ■ . (.'day ear later 
..■lude* .prolev 
sionai people j-uch a* two part 

tl.uie lr,»ioiO|A«lllti 

ifMKlalttts and then to eleven 
interpreter* and tutors tor the 
hearing unpaired Among thiis 
anorttneni i« a lull-time 
secretary and part lime 
utodents helping in otlice wo.rk 
and ilie student* themnelves 

AccestlWe lacilitie* are scat 
itred ihroughou! the liuildings 
At lea»t one re.itroom on every 
llaMir in every liullding i» ac 
ef!is.Wjle to handicapped jieople 
Telephone* .are available in A. 
F J 1 and M Buildings 
Water lountains are kicaled in 
A Building Ind ».nd :m floor 
Eait D BudiJing ist and Ind 
floors East and West Wings ¥ 
Building '. 2nd flmr Uhrary 
and .Urd floor oi l. J •■. H. and 
.lU Buildings Elevators arc 
strategically placed In every 
'■iinldmg » ith I or more Iloors 

<>ut»tde improveraenl* in 
vliidr stairless pathways mark 
ad nth a hlw and White han. 

First AAeeting 


(Brothers and Sisters 

in Christ) 

Friday, August 28 
7 p.m. 

For more information 

contact. Pat 


dieapcd sign .level entryways 
and medical parking The 
pathways are lound throughout 
the campus Off ol each level 
pathway is a level entrance lor 
disadvantaged pesons Medical 
parking you obtain ■ lorm 
through the Health Service Of 
lice using a physician's stale 
ment are located all around 
the campus near the parking 
lots The areas are tlie south 
ea»l and mirlheasl end ot 
Building M north and Muth 
end ol fjulldirvK A, north end ol 
Building D MHiIh west end of 
Building K the iiorih east end 
of Building 1 and the south end 
of Building. I 

Conveniences provided by 
this program are aimed par 
ttcularly toward the deal. I>lltid 
and permanently 'temporarily 
wheelchair or crutch bound 
individual Temporary help is 
lor athletes or other un- 
lortunate people who, lor ex 
ample break (he arm that 
takes notes A note taker is 
then aiwtned until 

Accommodations lor theitat 
student are more advanced 
than other services based on 
the tact thai the hearing im 
paired program has been in ex 
istenre longer than lU hroOier 
programs Another arrange- 
ment IS the hearing impaired 
counselor who encourages all 
dcat students to com art him lor 
aid others should contact the 
coordinator ot the Oisaltled Stu 
dent Services. Mr Tom 

Visually impaired students 
should visit a counselor depen 
ding on their major cluster 
I" A" ljtie.ral Arts "l" - 
business onenle<l. or "11" 
math lechttolog) and .Mr 
Thompson Also provided are 
students who on their tree 
time, take notes ol Idling in Die 
answers supplied by the stu- 

Disabled Services are not 
pushed upon l{ar[>er students 
II Is their responsibility to 
come to them i! help is re- 
()Uired Some students do not 
want people to know of their 
handicap so they work out their 
own problems Other ip 
predate and use fully the 
(flcilillesolferrt to ihetn 

Disabled Sfrvitry are good 
lor every siuilt'oi attending 
Harper It helps disabled 
students and provides ex 
penence for other who like to 
help people Mr TiJompsim, 
foordinatnr of HisaWed .Stu- 
dent ^' ..-■!< to hire 
peop. ..ienis in 
their 11.:-.: i..n. :,. in- rated pet) 
pie should i-.ill Ml Thompson 
at »7;tUU»l evt 2i.h or 2<i7 to set 
up an appololmeiit. 



«««My Harbtngar 

Can eit. 461 For 


•"•■•M. "Hw K*rl>liittf. AiigiiM'ir. Wtl 

Harper offers many 
chances to get involved 

byKOttVE KrTl.EB 
THE CH*'1«1'; !-• 'H'l, H-. 

"I Ml CWlId MU it itltlV «■^l !'• 

ymit liie, ortll«nyi)U mi»;m jint 
lipl jourmeW ('«8 lolo id* Ko tiuiti 
ctlitge lynilniinf o< nttmti 
wmk ■ itwlj! • »l«!p Wliy Ml 
CMne iitwan) una |om a eiut) »r 
two l(» perk up .Vduf lile 
Whrtter it.'« to de*«U>p am im 
lircM IX nodtiv or lo wwnlmt 
yum iWMifw at (rwndi Har)Mfr's 
ictivitws M you lUHW Uint 
Umk is more to tctiiml than 
reaiiii»g wruing and 

Mwwiveiiiciil ar« •udi larRe 
WgMiiialliMit' ■• the Hart) 
Iniir, UM' attideM newspapM^ 
WNCM ttlM: caaipuK radio sta 
tton I and tlit Pnfrmi INiard 

\ i:'i ' HI j I tie either Hue (' 1 1 . ■ 
.iii,i|Mi» Ate Astriiiionn > 
I -■ ■■■ ■ ■.■!-•. ivr 

I : . ' tJeaf , 

En^iftfrring Ciut). Gmlngy 
Cltit), IiKrrBational Stud*ntit. 
Pill Th«-ta Kappu i a Kholaitic 
honor jocietj i . Polillcal 
ikicncvClub. the Spread Eagle 
SW Cluto. ami the V Idtii Prwdm:- 
t Ion CM) 

tians im'iuNk BASIC r BrotlMrrt 
and Sislen In thnit i. Catliulic 
Campus Ministry radSevlcen 
Career oriented flubs in 
elude the folliming Ataucia 
tmn or Ijifal student* Data 
Proeeiaing Mananement Food 
Service Exeeutives. ('Mure 
Secretaries Attacialton. 

' iital 

n - ..'HI 

Opi'i ,i lii,,, I J US, 

fh] T!!. ', r I.JW en 

f'ori;*rneiii • xiptainore .\ urw» 
Club Siud«?iils Organwed lor 
Child Car?, .and the Student 
Nurte* AiitMX'tatKinul IlUnoij. 

The Harblnfer. Harper'i 
•cekly newspaper putilicalton. 
niters sltidents the opportunity 
lo work in a professional like 
irttmg Although no formal 
training In writing is required 
fnr non editorial positions, it is 
most helpful to possesc eflec 
live writing skills Those 
tludents with ■writers cramp" 
art encouraged to participate 
In Um itveral other phases of 

tng i 

'lllhmgh while a i'tasvriKim 
niiftht !» a p<«>r choke for 
nionopuliimg an hour lonij 
discussttin. 'tlmie pen|ile at 
WHCM welfome those studeni* 
who enjoy talking and playing 
Mime ii(N>d music Whether its 
creatmg ideas lor shows ai- 
ting as D J or newsuriK-r 
WHCM has proven that while it 
may tie housed in a college 
that glow ol prnlesEionalIsm 
which pours through the 
speakers is on the same par as 
that which comes out o( your 
car speakers. 

Another nrganliatton which 
continually attracts a very en 

Ihusiasllc hunch o* students is 




«nlin({ iir.-s> 

\S 111 

*ill k-vtui* Dili 
■'■r •■' "What kind 

..; -..;!■.» vljuuld N' shown"" 
are ail i|iiesliims which are ad 
dressed t>> the rro^fram Board 
Mtbouuh Ihe final decision 
rests with the Student Activity 
Advisor Mike Nejman, enough 
authority is delegatnl to its 
memtiers. lo chose acts and 
events which will lie lioth 
popular and lucrative lor tiie 
school By circulating surveys 
and polls amongst the student 
body the Program Board 
should l>e able to adequately 
reflect the voice o( the 
students Information on any of 
these clubs and organizations 
can t)e obtained in the Student 
Activities Office. A336 

M-Building center for PE, recreation 


Harpw atUieiiis and cMehet 
have longed for the day when 
Ihcy could have a permanent 
place to play their games and 
hold practices 

Well last year thetr day 
finally arrived 

After years ol planning and 
cnmlructian. Harper College 
now has a new modern athlet ic 
imkhiiIcx located in Building M 

Vm new sports center which 
cmlalns everything irom a 
gymnasium lo a ract)u«lball 
emirt is a lar cry Irtim 
previous Indoor sports 

tiilidlnes at Warner 


new athiene mnktag 


was part: o( the original Harper 
campus design. However until 
Ihe comptei was completed 
athletes Mad to pracLice otl 
campu* at variMs sites, some 

From iwi to itn. a large 
liani thai was localed on the 
campw was uiied (Mr imiaor 
sports activilws During l»73. 
though the turn tiurned down 
and for six years Harper sports 
teams existed as nomads with 
no one particular place to call 

In ttie course o( Ummc itx 
years however several gtanl 
step* vi-rrt- Inken lo envillv inri 
prove Kaiptr athletics 

\ rflereiidum pa.^sed in lit", 
set the fiRindalion lor the %\ i. 
million multi purpose liuilding 
The State ol lllimiis offered to 
pay 7>% 0! the cost ol the 
bulldinK while local tax dollars 
•oilld pay the remaining cost 

While the building was being 

conttrueled many Harper 
learns conlinuetl practicing at 
area high schools at all but 
convenient hours 

Men's Athletic Director and 
basketball coach Roger 
Dechtoid said "The tiadcetball 
team was forced to practice at 
Sacred Heart and other schools 
UiuiMK Um cvemun oei.ju.x- 
Harper didn't have the 
laciilties " 

"The only indmir sports 
(aciUty we had on campus « as 
Bulldfng r and thai v. us vt'r^ 
small" said John tirlcti 
AsstKiatc Dean ol P E and 

Building t con»isii-d oi a 
small wresfling .ircii ,) lew 
wcighi iii.iibiiics .lilt) a locker 

So when Kuiliiint; M was com 
pleleil the .(inifiic .idifiiih.'.i.ia 
tlon (inallv had what thcv 
wjinird The lOO.UtK) square ftKil 

twiidmg hud everything the 
Harper sports program need 
ed and could now tie put to use 

included m the complex's 
many assets is a lour module 
gymnasium complete with 
basketball courts a track and 
tennis, volleytiall. and bad 
mintoo courts. 

In addition to the gym there 
IS a gymnastics room, a tnal 
room for wrestling and martial 
arts and a weight room lor 

Next, a swimming pool and 
diving well are available to ac 

cfimmodafe atl water sports as 
w:elia«.in9tricUi»aJ classe*. 

The complex also offers some 
unique features A dance studio 
IS im-luded to suit the lui-ds oi 
all dancers, from ballt'rm.Ms in 

square dancers, as weli as mr 
use tiy aeroiiics classes 

Kacquettiall and handball 
courts are available to people 
who crijov tfiese fast growing 

rrotiablj the iriosi unh(iif 
aspect though is ihc 
r'ertormance l.ab *bic|-i con 
fjiiis Physiiilogy and Firsl Aid 
areas iii addition In a large 
traminii slat ion where athlelic 

Iramers can have the lacililies 
they need lo treat injuries 

The new complex has 
already played an important 
part in Harper athletics "The 
camplcv 1.4 a huge asset to 
sports at Harper ' said 
Bechtoiri "We are able to at 
trad iielter athletes because 
we have more to oiler Since we 
now have a new permanent 
home, practices can be held at 
our convenience " 

"The lacllit> helps every 
aspect ot our program Many 
people are very interested anil 
I am very positive this complex 
will help tremendously "' said 

As well as catering lo 
athletes needs. Building M is 
also open to students and the 


Ncfifdules will lie posted each 
semester telling the limes the 
iiuilrting will iw open lor public 
ust- Approximately 1 > hours a 
week will be allocated lor the 
public, with additional hours 

Aside from ihc raiiiuclfiall 

which costs !».> an hour lor 

students' the facllil.v is com- 

pleleU free to Harper 

students ' s.iidiiflch 


all shapings are 

present HARPER student ID 

unfii Sept 15. 1981 

707 W GOLF Rd a'Higgins 
HoOman Estates 

No Appoiniments! 

Foreign exchange on the rise 

Thiriccii vears ago, "a 
Spanish professor at th* 
University ul Michigan ttmk a 
tiour of Europe . ■ recalls I ,ouise 

Twiay. the prolessor's trip 
and last? tor fioreign study 
have tiecome an annual flow of 
American students enrolling at 
accredited colleges and univer 
sdies 01 S*ii/.erland. Mexico 



Animal House... 

Let Vs Tame Your Home 

this semester: a 

* Four-mimiti Lease 

• Purchase Optkm Flan 

• ImmediattDeUveri' 
Btase Come By and Visit Our Beaullfui Showroom 

General Furnilurr Leasing 

SISI Krytlonrdl. 
Railing Meadow*. III. 

France. Spam ,\usind llaly, 
andthel S S K lor lall spring 
summer or year round pro 

The programs moreover. 
are diverse, according to 
Wright whose Center for 
Foreign Study helps sludents 
graduates and teachers ar 
range for overseas counes. 
housing and travels Most of 
the programs require some 
sort of language experience, 
she says, but there are some 
fine arts courses thai have no 
language retiuiremcnls 

Wright advi.s«'s ihai many 
American schools offer loans 
and scholarships for foreign 

Her Center helps make the 
rest ol the arrangements 
Sludents can get applications 
for foreign study programs 
from the Center for Foreign 
Study I'O Box IWI. Merrill 
Island Florida 32S"'2 i MS i 4i» 

Wnghl contends that 
sludents get a lot more than 
college credit We believe that 
each student we send abroad Is 
an important investment in 
creating mutual understanding 
and world peace ' 

HM^^ ..' XtmM 

T9w H a rM wiT, AugutH 27. 1M1. !*■■• I 

New appointments at Harper for 

New Year 

Peter Bakkus, long record of experience 

Mir MlU' Meant Uw ntw 
vies prttidtRt 01 «il 
mlalMrttl** larvtcet rtcontly 
M nplace Jtm Perry who 
Mctmc vice preildent af 
biMtntu and personnel at 
Kankakee Community Coilege 

tmt mi campotar' aamlcaa, 
caaaut groundt and 
"1 think you need i»o thinft 

for Ihli Job.' he tayi 
"technical expertite rmance 
purchaung. law and conitruc 
ttoa> and expertence with 
aduciton " 

Bakas. who anioyt tport* m 
nti apare time wat always m 
tereitcd in business While at 
laadtng Western Illinois where 
ha racelved an under graduate 
mffm in business he worked 
III purcliaaing and stayed on 
there after he graduated He 
later attended Northern and 
a masters In educa 

Eventually Bakus received a 
Job m the busiiMta de|>artment 
tor Diitrict S> In Arlington 
Heighti and worked there for H 
years Later he became Uie 
rtrsi vice president ol ad 
miniMrative services »l the 
College o( Lake County a posi 
lion he held (or 12'; yeirs As 
the lirst vice president he had 
to organtie a system from 
KTStch and develop in entire 
stiff ai CLC He helped to 
create fi of the colleges 


"When I lelt, the financial 
condltiofi I at CLC> was ex 

Bakas ha* »«tn here at 
Harper only a short time and 
has nol had the opportunity to 
exam me each department in 
detail but he says his first goal 
IS "to get to know the staff " 
Next he wilt become familiar 
Willi the functions of each 
department and then decide ofl 
specific plans tor each one 

Another item he will 

evaluable is tuition "Chancrn 
are it won't go up next year." 
he says "but we review it 
every year and trj to keep It to 
a minimum" 

Bakus alio mentioned that 
parking fees are not uncommon 
for college* to charge since the 
fee is only one source ol money 
necessary for the maintenance 
ol parking facilities 

As far as costs in other 
departments are concerned. 
Bakas savs his goal 1* limply 
"to make each as efficient and 
a* effective as possible " 




Ceitbutis its mi fictlitj for MEN and WOMEN 

with I 


(Tkko can |Oin for the pttce of one) 

Personalized Fitness Programs 


50% Discount 

Hours Mon. 9-6 with this ad 

Sat. 9-5, » 

133 1 N|fii«iii« 

<2rwltSMftl)t:lttt JI) 


Former Harper 
student Mike 
>ejman returns 
to work as new 
Student Activit- 
ies advisor 


A new name has been added 
to the Hirper stall Ttiis is i 
name which need nol tie 
memonied because Mike Ne 
iman is sure to ne found quickly 
sSy rocketing through the col 
lege circuit Nelman certainly 
no newcomer to the Held has 
taken on the position ol Student 
\clivitie» Advisor A Jour 
nalism graduate of Northern II 
Imoii I'niversity Nejman 
began hi* undergraduate work 
here at Hsrper where he at 
lively participated in Student 
Activities A deep interest at 
Harper worked out to be very 
prolilable at Northern where 
nejman hooked concert acts on 
campus to pui himself through 

With his loumaintic pro 
west he hat emerged into a 
notable interviewer of mcb 
manes as Jose l-'eltciano Rush 
and the Police while writing for 
several music orientated 
puWicJiuoni Any reader grac 
mg the pages ol the Illinois 
EntertaUwr and Tlit Pratrlt 
Sun was Iwund to stumble 
upon several ol his reviews and 
tntervtewi With ones entrance 
10 the Show B» lield. a per 
loriner is immediately 
stamped ai possessing a 
barbaric like temper That 
theory is instantly shattered ■* 
Xejroan comment* on bis own 
esjierleiicfi with perlormer* 
"Most m the people whom I've 
intervitwed were real good 
Jme FtliciaM was especially 
giMMi The Police was probably 
one Id the more r Kcitmg troupi 
I've interviewed Bui general 
ly there really hasn't t»een 
iiiviKidy who I haven't liked " 
Apiirl iwm the extenitvc e* 
perwnte that Nejman has 
fir-iught to the .Student Ac 
!■'. ,tiei tJepartment a special 
<Tiiliu»(»»m comes thrmigh m 
fci* speectt wbi-''' ■ ' ' '' "» 
this Hneol work. 

Through bi> rcuv.-, >,.inni 
Seiman ilressed (tie im 
pitmtnvv ol esliifilisbint .i cm: 

student AettvltlM Advlaor 

Program Board The Program 
Board a campus organisation 
plays a very signiglcant role m 
the decision miking process of 
those scheduled events at 
Hirper Belore i member can 
enpecl 10 become 
knowledgeable in such areas at 
busineii deals, contracts. 
writing press releases adver 
Using ind promotion there has 
lo uc a sincere desire to leani 
and a willingness to devote the 
lour hour per week require 

Thuriday. Aiigint IW» •■• 
the Program Boards first 
meeting and will be used tty 
Nejmin to lamlliJirKe the 
poienltal member with the 
viined respontibililies a» well 
u those ad-vanlages m tiecom 
mg a member So thai the Pro 
gram Board can better ac 
comodite the desires ui the stu^ 
dent body, surveys will iw cir 
culated iraongetl the campus 
to assist the Progr»m Board in 
teromi in on the student s 
irmsical preferences 

To the average an,l<»krr >ie 
jman * Job nngti\ apptw very 
gla,mourout, but behind the 
wall ol glitter is the behind the 
M-enei work which goes Into 
staging each pr«liirtmn Sr 
jman («»i»n to out line 
th»' cltittr". and ri-snn'i- 

t tni* ;it,'vi*ifip 
.ipport between 
.•< \Hvmtr and 

Board I v 


lend out Harper s van. »ch«lule 
rooms for meetings and *«»i*t 
Jeanne Pankanin the Student 
.Utivities Director ' This may 
uc the new way in which he 
earns a living, but to Nejman. 
It s exactly that a new way 
and not a Job because unlike 
several people who make up 
the work lorce Nejman 
remarks. 1 love what I dol 

Embarking on quite a tew 
new projects, he has already 
broughl several innovative 
Ideas to the lorelront One such 
Idea ti the development of 
special task forces With a 
breakdown of a separate public 
relations staff, special 
hospitality stall and paid posi 
lions ol spotlight crew and 
stage crew Nejman views this 
as a very !.i)lid approach to 
generating a higher level ol 
entertainment Another way in 
which he proposes to achieve 
thiii 1* the method by which the 
performer gets paid 

Instead ol a once flat lee the 
performer s renumeration will 
now reflect the sue of his au 
diencc The guest will receive a 
Base pay m addition to a 
percenlage ot the box office, 
Sfjmiin s inlention is to 
illevirfie the ({real monies lost 

• ■ 1 thoiw arts mc apible of draw 

"Blarm" audiences 

', Mian filmsell he Is 
pruccis o! domij 

.,,,■,,,, ingol his own Hr 

w the 


WHCM faces its high noon Fbuilding bounty 

MlfCll " 

lnlWMirH Has alM mitalM ■ 
IiiiIIIUMII HMt. * dtt«<?tl> iMMl 
MM: iH itMiM » ft^- 'M> 

^'"'ThM iMMl' HMM' liMI MIC 

turf mciaMlr 'lliteaiMi tlwi 
"Btt bfoilMr' k iMmmc. " 

•■fliit Ufwtt me/' ntd 
S^tmuUm' "t( out «a* « ***> 
mm mmnm. aU I wouUl liave 
to «i im nad out imv gmm « 

Oldy »■'■• 'OttW' Harptr 
tamHi RMMiriMrB "' t'mkmm.. 
mSSmrf, wmA H«rp«r P»*U' 
^iWl temi ;Met:ratii will Have 
tlW;iRi«iMr^tii"«kt -mm tim' 
FMtCartiiy to f i» 
"l don't think 
t Hit Mutitws nnd 
fd til !>• Wl aliwrtive station 
iiMiftr.'' aaM fv»m. *>» m 
ttfiMMfly 'MggMw! Uie turwr 
by ^Miif to apfralal t wc 

-n mm •)» imiltnitaodtiig 
Oat J*»n ami Tom were gfting 
It) inlvrvi«« initiJtilatM and 

a recMnmciHlatMMi tn 

WW." latil Pryor T1»ey lt«l« 
IHtlltiif an Urn intanicw and 
word ■MMcnljr 'toalMd down 
that JcHi' Had. 'naaad Mike ita 


or lilt 
Itr tHe Italian 
naoaftr's )0l> immvdlaldy 
lifQMaUd the deciaion The 
thiw ilined a memo saytnK 
that li«ea«ji!« th«y had not 
cn«m»en a new tiattoa 
maiia«tr a* li allowed them tn 
Ibt WHCM constitution 
Pankaittn't dwisKm mm void 
and null 

Accordtni to 4»«nlianin 
iMMver Pfyor stalled on a 
timal appolntmaBt As a dlrec 
m »l tludwl activities I'm 
obltgaled to have ■ station 
mana|»r. ■■ Mid Pankanin "It 
was my responsibility to assure 
(he slatmn had a slalion 
Bianauer " 

Neither ITyor ur Som 

(nerteld carry any grudge* 

He might make a great ««a 

turn manager twt-ause he won't 

have to worry about makinii 

tormat or making policy " said 

"I'm |]Ml." taid sommefeld 
"At tiitt 1 waan't t>ecau«e I 
atii IBtiig tor the job He'ibet 
Mriulled Idf the format * 

Said Unger. 'I hope we can 
ail gel along and work together 
but It remains to he seen " 

On the less visible side the 
major change is the physical 
overhaul and improvements in 
the iludio itsell With equip 
ment donated by WMAQ and 
lime pot in by Schnecke and 
some of the WHCM staff the 
station will t»e highly upgraded 
from last year 

■[ ihink we will have one ol 
the fioeM studios of any com 
munity college in the 
MidwesL" McCarthy said 

\t to the dire straits the sta 
tioii IS in with the admmlslra 
tion Schnecke acknowledges 
that this IS the crucial semester 
(or WHCM tn find a level of 
management programming 
and statnlity 

"We want the station to get 
liack to being everybody's sta 
tion," hesairi 'U'snut just for 
the Jocks ■■ 

New mirsing director 

Tha role of a nurse has 
alvajf* »>een, severely down 
played, and' ft is only until 
mcMily that tt is iwg inmng tn 
nt^M Mcepled espdaure 
And' to as the new Director of 
iaiftr'a rtimutg Vngt^i*- 
Mtt IMiiclicf c*iM* ready tn 
iKMi tiMW mind* ft' iht pnten 
tut wnw Willi' eonf idtfiM ami a 
slronger academic iDt' 
Whit- be new to 

.(.., » •■■■ •••• i>"^^ 

Mr. me ceruiimj isn't new Iti 
Haapr DMcharr a member <>• 
tlafper'a Numnig lac A)', is 
lemp<ir»rily lining thr vataney 
of Huriinf Director created fiy 
former Otreclor Jean c.ytell's 
diKiMon to accept the identical 
iMMllMt at Elmliurst Coltege 
WMI two tnnnlhs until tiM rail 
awMitier. the Ijfe Science and 
Humaft Services Division 
wjian't left with adequate time 
to ennduci a formal search for 
aptinaneal reptacement 

MrviRg aa acting Director 
tor the currant yaar. Oinclier 
hasn't yet decMMl If she herself 
will anpljr lor thB Job on. a .p*r- 
mMM Mwla. B«itif an wl' 
ittMatratlvt paattion. all poten- 
tial appllCMila nUMt have earn 
«d a MaMart tiagnae m Nurs 
im. At a Mndant «l Naniwrn II ' 
tlnWarsily. Dincher 
I Madlcal Sur||ical Nurs 
nd «aa awarded her 
lit Education 

which she ti now holding "li 
cording to Dincher, it was pass 
ed in 1980 that a Masters degree 
in different areas would b« 

denied the same recognition 

given to the Masters degree In 
Nunttng provided that this ea 

eluded tacumtwnl faculty It i» 
now eipe<-i«l il».ii those people 
iMking at i JO*) like tlificht'r's 
have a MiHer* tkgrw m X'ur*' 
Ml aloitg with the comp'lelMin 
m( Bducatitm I'uurws 
In mm ins Harper * "tteW'" 

\'tr, ■,„ ''> i-i- •"• ' ■•■» »*t 

ble 111 tiverkMk the dtsltnet 
signs of amlii'lMi. 'RMlliMgtlie' 
irauble whteh eom:iiioni]' arisct 
when nmng itudcfila. »t» 
repeatedly refused transfer 
credit when working towards 
thetr baccalaureate ik'gree 
DtnclMr's major goal is to 
create a belter line of com 
municalioa with thnae aursuig 
pngrans at univenittns and ia 
put more emphasis on UMWt 
sehodla *hrh attract most of 
Harper's nursitig students 
When asked atiout what other 
changes she has m the works a 
smile gives way to a laugh aa 
she answers. "Well, I've 
tatabhshed a no smoking 
poJ'lcy at faculty meetings " 

While (Ut ne*» t»ay inform 
Mimeone ol tilt ireal shortage 
ol nuriet. Harper's large 

enrollment oi nursing sludents 
puts a Hash right through that 

ttieorj It IS fact that there has 
haen a :ilia,rp drop m nurses 
O'Vir Hie ,yeari It l» also 'act 
tliat the enrollment at Harper i 

Nursing lYogram continues to 

,gr»w Harper has created I'ju lie 
a name 'or llteir in the area of 
nurs,l'n,g. *ijiil, year Harper's 
Nursing (*rogram was ar 
credited by the National 
,League ol Nurses It (s the in 
dl'V'idiiai alten'lion whM-h makes 
,|lat'|ii>i 'iiMi mwcft iwMv aiirac 

live aver' oilMir wiMMla. " nol« 

From hMlttng ,al Harper's 
nurilng classrooms ihe 
numwrs which are pursuing 
carte'rs m nursing look en 
couraging but the numtiers 
which no* make up the 
hospital nursing staffs continue 
to be a gnm sign oi the time* 
Thaie are Ihe times of unfair 
cMApenaatiM a time when 
"not enough recognition is 
given to Ihe nunc*. " says Dm 
eher So what is this incentive 
which makes the student want 
to chose a career tn nursing'' 
Judy Dincher looks up. "lf» 
Ihe enormous satisfaction they 
gel from patient care and the 
revarda you get from the 

Onfmued from P*«» *A 
mainly lor use in the 
classroom Some of this work is 
done by students ot the art pro 

In Photographic Services 
stided photos iransparences 
and copy work are done This 
department also is designed to 
provide teachers wllh Instruc 
tional material lor the 

Of the five departments. 
Television Production is the 
most involved with students 
Here students learn how to use 
equipment while learning to 
make video tapes or slide tape 
presentations There is also a 
TV Club which does both 
private and faculty work 
Patricia Pinlanaki is the 
manager ol this departments 

In Media Equipment 
Distribution students are hired 
to deliver equipment to 
classrooms and to set up lee 
lure demo classes They 
distribute films and video tapes 
through closed circuit T V and 
maintain the equipment 

l.astiv on the first floor is Uie 
Special' Services Division Part 
6l this Division IS the Tutoring 
Center where students can gel 
help from fellow students and 
semi prolessKmal tutorers in 
different areas This is open 
during most school hours and 
there is no charge They offer 
\dult Basic Education classes 
in different areas ol com 
municalion Grammar, word 
usage, punctuation, organiia 
lion' vocabulary development 
and language skills are dealt 
with on an individual basis 
Alio troursea in how to study 
better in college are offered 
They also aid the hearing im- 
patred and other disabled per 

On Ihe second Ihtor of 
il,uiUiiig ,r' IB Uie iitwary, Th* 
lihrary occupies the entrnt floor 
and It directed by Ambrose 
Easterly The library's 
primary objective is to provide 
for the student This is true 

Health awareness 

t U IIM'. Oin- 
cllir nwM' ' M longer be 
qiiaSl'ted to lacure 'the ]o>> 

Wliat it ineaHt 

<'te4iiiunr trmm tM0» M 

,1,1 time permi'ls, uw tliC' tint 
atlilftic area Help others ami 
ynnell aa w'tll by |ett,ing tn- 
volfiid' with an organtiation 
Oiack nut the ItUrari' tn r 
MlMIng and' nw it regularly 

4i Hanwr' ItaMiM tti Uth, 
vear, pripjeciloos shn* that 
enroll men! is on the rise '■ a 
good' *tg,n tor the iiistttution 

Harper sImmiM not be looked 
dmwti upan^ Tltti school is ac' 
cfMHted ,as 'One o( the l op s co'm ■ 
moitty cnlltRca in the state. 
The (acuity la congenial, in- 
tcrcsled. and tlway* witling to 

Tlili la Harper, and its yours 
UK thU campus and take ad- 
eaataft o( any activities and 
MMOMtiial m your need C«t 
la kiMt» tuts place aad «nJoy 

(Ctwtaiued turn fmgt t ' 

Is part ol the Parksidc Human 

Service* Coriiorailnn. atttliated 

with Lutheran General 

Tha first program ol the 
teriet will ' feature Kancy 
Blaiar. a registered dietitian at 
Ihe Center and Tom Htggins 
physical Illness coordinator (ur 
Lutheran General They will 
(tlicuss ways pertims can im- 
porve their eating and exercise 
,lutms m order lo promote thC'ir 
own good' health, 

Hlitar Dtlltvet that good 
eating and physical tUMis not 
aniv help periWM Iwik and feel 

Bike tr«k 

I' CmUimmt Mm jiage 4 1 
gear and raise a mwimum ot 
11 <0 in per mile pledges to help 
right lung disease 

The Chicago Lung Asaocta 
tioa wiU provide breaklast and 
dnucr each day a van to carry 
camping gear and spare bike 
pans and will als» make cam 

even though the library is open 
to the public living in Harper's 

There are many special 
leatures about Harper's library 
that should be noted Harper 
has a complete file ol the N Y 
'Times on microfiche .M&o on 
mtcroliche. is a fairly complete 
file of Ihe Chicago Tribune and 
of all college catalogs Harper 
alio provides the complete file 
of Congressional Records of 
each session of Congress, it 
also has 800 subscriptions to 

Harper tnes to buy most of 
Ihe source books listed m 
various indexes found In the 
library They spend thousands 
ol dollars to update their legal 
library which is used in part by 
many attorneys in the area 
Most of the money alloled to the 
library is spent by requests 
from instructors ol different 
areas of education 

The library also has 
reference librarians who can 
assist in finding information 
help students working on term 

fiapers and work with other 
Ibranes to obtain books They 
give guidance and also give 
class orientations to help 
students become more familiar 
with how to find information in 
a library 

These are only a few of the 
services the library offers The 
library is open during school 
hours so stop in and see what it 
has for you 

On Ihe third floor classes are 
mainly held These are courses 
in English, loreign languages, 
philosophy literature, and 
speech Also on the third floor 
are teachers offices for the 
Communirations Humanities 
and Fine .Arts Division There 
are iwo main offices which 
house the teachers secreUries 
and their mailboices which are 
accessible lo the student (.me ts 
for part time stall the other lor 
full lime Almost every student 
at one time or another will have 
a dais mi'' Building 

Nejman returns 

better, they can also help pre- 
vent aerlotia lllneat 

The goal of this health 

awarc'iiess series Is to ed'ucate 

and assist members ol the com 
,munity about the import anceol 
adapting health lifestyles In 
order to enjoy longer, more 
siitislying lives," she says 

Future prngrams of the 
series will be held on the first 
Tuesday of each monili 
'W'nme'ii's Health Concerns, " 
will Be the topic at the October 
'• meeting For more Inlorma- 
tlon about ttils health series, 
phone 'I'll- \t-5«.« H'-nith t'enter 
H«'..; V '■. 

p,i,ng armngements priies will 
tie awarded lo those with the 
largest amount ol pledg«t col 

¥m more miormaiion about 
the IMl Bike Treks call John 
Binder at the Chicago Lung 
Asaociaium 243 Xaw or pick up 
an entry icwm at your nearest 

) CaaMnaatf (raoi patfa 1 1 
is promoting the concept ol 
teamwork And It is that 
crucial element which, ac 
cording lo Nejman makes 
Harper s Student Actlvilies one 
of the linest 

Being in this industry mean* 
a steady diet of seeing con- 
certs, films and other events Ki 
help determine what's hot and 
what's not What then does Ne 
jroan do tor a little relaxation'' 
This IS someone who apparent 
ly brings the oflice home with 
him or perhaps, the movie 
Uleatre" is a more appropriate 
iword. to where he and his wile 
can be found two or three times 
a week When at Ihe theatre he 
probably won t be found at the 
popcorn counter as Nejman is 
one ol those physical fitness 
bulls who does everything from 
jogging to mountain climbing 
Besides giving his leet a good 
'W'Ork out, his mmd is also ,get 
ting a thorough work out , Hav 
tng once only iimiied, himself to 
enlertainineni oriented ar 
ttflcs hc:(i... , i. hcdi'nn 

-A«€ you 3,usT 
AN«nHe<e «W6 ,n 

TMt {jHKtiown STui«»rr 

considerably and is now in the 
iDldst ot writing a llcUonal 

It wasn't too long ago when 
Nejman himself attended 
Harper and was then com 
pleting a fictional piece for an 
assignment Now returning as 
an employee, does he see 
Harper College as having 
undergone a complete 
metamorphasis^ There Is a 
definite change in the attitude 
here at Harper I'm finding 
that everyone is willing to help 
each other out. for a change 
When I went to school here, it 
seemed like everyone was at 
each other s throats Rumor 
has It that we are going to have 
2.'>.aoo students this Fall The 

J Building looks very nice 
Everything looks great 1 have 
no complaints 1 m real ex- 
cited ' says Nejman 


continued from page t> 


In summary lei us all begin 
this academic year realizing 
that we are privileged lo be at a 
(iiie college As memliers ol the 
Harper College community, we 
must do all in our power lo 
maintain academic excellence- 
•and one of the best ways to 
assure institutional excellence 
IS to pursue personal ex 
cHlence through all the op 
portunities available to us here 

Welcome back and have a 
fine year 



Reagan, Patco, cafe — not ready for 'em 

I'm ■(III riNrwi Miii'Cdila'it 
IM. wiBitn* vtry tftttrMiHiic 
ta me R»n fleag.t»i «4M* • 
*»r Tli»r«*)H.v Rriillyitw 

I ncM )ii.*i Hraiw ■ $m 
HMli. iniluarj' aiilvison l<> A 
Sah*im: sirils F it iiislMvr 
pliow. to {ri:|]{«r'hii|)p!>' twiivt 

•Ml icUs llJS iM-n F 14"* tl|.|lt It 

(Ik LAytn* tttf tm tar o(t 
IMr iMRio >urt to s) atoad shIi 
.ilMoi ttifrn. (kMiii'f tmm IW' 

111 K«ii » tqt'tt'iptii iiQ IS 

'..mer tl»»«:imoiB)' R.--- -■' 

imafl Iwlwd ol iti-.: 
* ttj'f ami tltratiiinit "■ ' 
lllllto Mot |H-*(1 njti'iiin* tl.i(> i> 
tliwatnjmg .1 war H# » «;.«■ 
imit tH«n«' rutirtltiius tiBNf pain 
km Hi* mtks. .Sft (►.♦ itwmwii- 
inn war Riiti >$ auiunMtii-ally 


tlaltlltTll'i, -IMHll.) 

•H«"*l||»*!!. ' iS««iiii|t 

M'arrt, |iii"i» 1.1IM will siiKH nay 
Mf war Mil, Mil Clir|:-*ler 
aac:k in tHiiU 4tl:«i>ltnF tanks 
'H>lr "*<;"( ^''tii'rr 

*"ii.|rri:ri,n why fi..i . ■ 
'If >i i.ietore 

■flwriiiiUy Award. ■ i.m'ht^ 
ttim. wontaifi, m4 ttiM wtii* itiii 

to liwiw irach oltiw j lltile twl 
ter iliis lumuiCT itaiih* i«i the 
il •itay liawtwll sirllcr I «■«■ 
tamJy (MW't inti* the Xationiil 
fiitimi' ,mO as CBS sport 
'■■■■' Muntwrp'r m'^' 
•iN"k«»«J Hi '.h 

'■ ■ -miMUi 

■■■• iir*t 

tuirh titA«r"»(!oii)iMB>' thity 

lite than tin*)' <k» t<j thrrr <»»'ti ' 



M.V (uvunlr 
■*«!« Il 

ulam WHS" JHTOi went <m 

itrilif ti» tM,'Km wiih" ( j-sienms 


• Vf 


I' * nH-kin'. 
isriMil 'lor itn:" 
E I m It r "• - ' 


■ilMMii tltr kCiasmi < " 

i.Iil> t.;ir«". 


n rl ^th uj] 

»er* firei! 
' 'iJt 1 (houghE 
Vnd *tlJ suniMite jtleaM- rx 

111 file summeriime, or Hie with Roger Mudd 

I h-ail mm ilrram the ttlher uvonlc* alims wilh n,rw dra*-* m- ■ 

I h-ail tnn ilrram the ttlUer 
.itligm. likiT m;I)«>I «'« aCMwl to 
•uri '*ti4l'" Vim mean it's 
laifonr (iincli m%- 
*1irf« ihi- A.iii»tir 
i u..i:i tc c 11 i' ra 11 k l(t Aval on 
h t a c h B I a n k <• < B 1 1» it « 
inml'M-nu ttki tM»ks. iwriJena 
■iMt tiarkwlMM. \'m mmtrior 

St til the »Mmmer m iwi » ;i* 
,.!i lUtfPeittllf Utm (Misaitr to 
ihc world <il in:iitic. II >m wm 
lilt' tiw timiHii' at Mlwr 
gmuBia. yam m iIdiiM cfMcftnl 
mil tnc fin* •i'rtii' '«*> («1**>1 <»>l 
tntnA Chica,g<i's wmmer con 
ecn mmm. <M tlit itw iiiMrs 
ikil youn'tMly Ml • iHjmim t« 
•M ««rt ritlwr iptcdMaM* but 
•iint'Mii mmc tm' irarprtsei 

Daftd LmtJelj, >Mif'ttin« 
laillarlst tn Jacluon Browne 
•p«Mil lor Jim Walsh rarlicT 
llit« y*ar. timtky whii Mm 
'iiruck (wi on hii owfl Mito wn 
turr f>tttyv4 a* ttW' crowd told 
«aeh Mhct hw* hifih lh«y w«r«' 
Thii grmjii's tatenis art ttry 
dt»wi» aiul th« altwm El Ri>«»- 
X ••■ fverj'Ui«f IntiD mat/m 
rhylkmn* tn Wu« [lower 

J>>.- M'alsh killnwvd in 
militnr)' |arti to prnnote his 
latait ratoine. "TiMr*' dm* 

tilt MgiiiMnuNid' " Wrtin 1* 1 

■nMvaii to the niiMlc: imUMit' 


Curt Ackman 

on music 

.:>twiinii iKii with iiii« Jamn 
Caiiig he mwvwtl' I» wd* ■•«*, 

tinnitiM' larres wiiti Dttn 
knlcy'f Ra|l*s and ttMtti 
reverting t,o morw i»to ventures, 
at' wtttolled »i» '"Lile"* Been' 
'Coad " Hi* perlot-inance w«s 
hlase' tnit two at hts slaiKlJirds 
"'Rocky Mffl'iiatain .Ml|h*' and 
"f'VNK «" sKhkS (kii a» rrowd 
(•fUrltiBi. J<»e Walih is no 
htwcnmer awl attended Kent 
State Cnivers'ity wh«sn the mn 
pratatt nl imi lmk« . 2 cil hi» 
(rIeiMl* lay m'Otiunless tn a ixitil 


'Tkii fetty, tiM! recent re 1*1 
in Uw evils i>l inllatMn pUy«l 
lit a lull home at the ((osemont 
HimiM. Pelty. along with tile 
H*ant>r«aken played all the 

Livcirile* aloiiR. with new 
tnaltTial Irom "Hiird i'rn 
• •"!■'*- ■ ftinwui ltt»> r.r..-...^M,,. 

iirludwl "'Tti' 
.1 •■'• *omim in 1... 
anfipeii arnund the iiai;t' .i.-> itir 
■tan Iwlte^J i>ul «>me efcrntnt' 

The Um4.)l Blues played 
t'oplar C'ree'lt in mid'.liil'- '•> 
ne* and old laiu alike. A* j in- 
q'urnt fijofert goer. I *«§.» 
deiightlitlly iurpriMtil wuh ttie 
typ* <i( crmwd that tiirne<1 out to 
'let the tta'iid trotn Kurope I'1 have Ki dr;il *tin 'M *i">. 
iMiii iDiMittd over tny Head 
'irealat >•• .auitl aikluuc titc >i 1 
wtiiMtt any •.latHi.inent at cm 
trcilM wdatant-e*.. or mtm. 
idiM Mlitnit .lite lildwtng. a whti-' 
tie (w my hatt on fire 
<lunn.( tlie TOcitre The music 
wi* very r»iMHi.g with the ex 
ceplion #1 Tiieiday .%fiemMn 
iMing played like there wait 1 
tire I'lackilaKe 

Recently I hail the np' 

IMrluMly to wilnest Bi|i Twin 
aitd lite Mellow .Fellowit per 
(orm at a local piilj They stem 
ttifir iniMical rwrt.s Hack In the 
rhyiltin and tilues ap- wliile tii 
corporalinK M'lne hard drivtng 
J Ml nMm.i>e:r». to eictte a vtx>w4 
Btt T»tf(. I* llM ifMLtKilt act 
witkiii ilM flnMMibkf. A* 'He 

dfa«''* or ■ . ' -Tio 

and mul -xm 

' ■' "■- ' i<-i it" 11 V il>..ii i> pro 

' Mcy are not. Mine tiase 

"Up that 4.'i.>lljijorated 
dl lf»t'' rn!:i ' ' ' ■rro 

Tl»f ni'ini'ti IS a •■ -lied 

iinddelinilelj tigrii aci 

:mi rni.l» ■>'!.ir 4-i..)i..'(>rl n'lnde lor 
lliesiimtm'r'il :'«'. 

The suiiiinei' jilsn held Minn 
ne* lares to the music tn 
dustrv »(iirie ceturiiuig 
tavonles and *omc clever nim 

(tuv 0«.t>mir»i.«» or "TH* lilt.. 

Hard iJl 'OZZ " tiruke fnun the Satitialh chain nl com 
inanil to enuineer the '-'Craiv 


Maaiwhile Van Halen cut 
Ui«'lr ltd tn a tieriei with "Kair 
Warnmis " I connder this disc 
(ivat lor a tauKli David l.^ee 
Roth has a wrcing converM- 
tion with Eddie Van Ha)«n in 
"t'nchained ■" "Hey. that null 
IS yO'U You'll Iw lure to get 
«.n»e leg tonight. lor sure. Tell 
us how ywi do'*" "C'mon Dave 
(tminie a tireak " "fine itrttak 
cumin" up'" 

Speaking o 1 comic 
relief Craiy Jm and the 
Vjnali'le Sp««il Band s|!Oke ol 

iTV, 1 



.' ■ • I" mil) '. ..<I'l t l.:H' 

I-..' .'■ ^i.'-.'ii 1 tncin lh*y 
■^ ": -ti il'i»-.)i I hi' run 



Mil I.HII' » ,.1 iKHi .1 J,.-.,!' n.irjung 
t»o hour* on two hours nil 
ihiits. Sii I ktio'* Ihr strike isn't 

1 ..j*e ol money 

I ihink fhf^' w'cfil on 

• •" -■ ' ■ • .'. ' It 

-^.-..^ ..*.';.■ ' i ,., ,..; ».,,, ,1,*. rtiMl 
Joe Hlow when we lly It's Ju.»t 
iiol sale lo fly a.nd l*.\TCO went 
out tm si rike to prove It 

the nnl so non chalani 
"Eugene " Baby Man Raum 
also pulled mi i.i.' . . : . <,i 
Kim Carnes nLi. iiit 

"Bette Davis ;..,i . ,Mih 
'Mary Frldman Eyes ' 
i.reg Kiiiii iMitsold hi.', whitle 
catalog of alliums with the 
release ol RiKKihnKoll and the 
hit single The Break lip 
Song •• 

One of the standouts 01 this 
summer wa» 'the Tut'«'s "The 
Completion Backwards Trinci 
pie ■• Moreoever Ihis allium is 
enjuyalile lo listen lo and 
Ivricallv tun 

Pat Benatar cut another one 
111 her sleaze rock platters I 
uiiih I had a voodo doU 

every! line I heard "Fire and 
Ice ' She would lie greal 
tjackgrmind music (or the strip 
per Joints down on Rush .si reel 

The summer of IMII is gone. 
There is no way we can re live 
11 .\nd m some cases I don't 
know II I wmiirt really want lo 
We nwd John Travolta lo star 
m another movie so we'll know 
what to do with our lashions 
and the music lor the ne»t lew 

Peace and Twmkies 'ill next 

"lFee-clo€"lie s the coolest 

«t» mm* U 61*10 Jiiiia 

He prcltn iM'tRd calM 
Cwdo i "|t«" ttim iMiie'. "do" 
•• in duel,, tat ti'it col.lcagHei 
ckll him Jtia., pMaMiy ttcciimc 
llM|. aw not lart .Itaw to ptm- 
his. f'lr«t iiante.. ne- 

Alt ttaMatit pnltMiir Wi 
■efrtieriiion tnd Air Otndl- 
llonmg, \orini originally' plM- 
ned lo l>e an .engineer 

" I f taned out aa an engl'Mwr. 
hul the war tntemipted my 
'MiiMtlci 4ller the war I wtenl li> 
nifwl* Tecla ami' got mf dcfrai 
'h dwU cnguwerliiK, " Ut Mid.. 

"TlMn I gni a jiob' with the 
Pwllinil Cemcni ABMClatbii 
in .Sirall'lw. .Al ttot litte .it wa* a 
'MO 'limn 'ikriatiitatiMi.. the 
•alarlt* weren't good. My 
limlly was growtn'g and I miM- 
«!' more money . ' 

Ntirtmi MttclM jnlit.. Me 
warlnl lor W'HliirB Kloctric... 
It moiit. wUiMi :IM' 'tan* pM 'woll. 
lit- morkiht «0Mlli:.lMM mm 




"'.Mtertltai i couldn't hack in- 
dtistr^. or In todays Inngtiage 
KouMdit wasn<>t ■ . ■ 

Me }omed the - "cr 

'Technical taslltu'.t. _ , jie 

KiiMl. wh«re he taugtil 'm.a(h 
and science 

"One' day their relngeniMOi 
InitnjiCiO'r irii The 'dean .lakcd 
n»f t( 1 'Would take over t 'tei'"' 
him 1 koew 'aolfclng aiw'ut .• 
conditJODMg 'Or refrlgmti'"' 

.III* reiiMiM! was ''Good. Voii'l'l 

wort ItardM- .ai 'it Itueti nomimie 


•'"The 'dean was right The 

next year 1 was O'he page ahead 
o( llie daw I got IwCter and 

hn •'■tnuiitst.rative shuffle 
resu.lted m another )ot) change 
(or Norini He relumed to in- 
iluiciry. but lound he prelerred 

'1 went back to school lo get 
'my dogTM .II) fd'iicatldfi In IMS. 
t got a J'OO with the public 
school syfleni 'leaching at a 

'"This opening lat Harixfi 
came up tn IST2 and I tumped al 
It This la till lottgeti I haw 

't have never been this hap- 
'Py Wheo I was an engineer I 
hated' to .go to work in the morn- 
'tng. I. got paid lor the thing I 
BketodOiinofl. Mik." 

TeM^hmii xiiKUn:il'^ not ■u'^t 

■ .' ;'. '!:<' ;li" 

cd'. ilame sec'm to 
create a mystery about learn- 
ing. h«' said 

"1 want lo be remembered ■■ 
someone who made learning as 
eaay and as pleasant as poisal- 

Ill order to do that. Norlnl 
uses a system he calls a 
competency based pi-ogram" 
"This program is very ap- 
pmpnate lor a course like Air 
Cocidlltoning and Refrigera- 

"The idea is Ihai all the 
things that you have lo be able 

lo do are clearlyexplained at 
the tW'glmilng of the course 
The first year your goal is to 
gel ijinilUi wiih the i-ijiiip 
ment Learn cvfrvltiiiiii vou 
can aho'Ui 11 

"T1»e 'lecond year you utlltte 
'H'bai you leariied in the first 
year, pulling 'together equip" 
fueiil from iloct parts and 

':...' .. ...•11 Ihe 

student knows what is expected 

of him, he can accomplish it 

"It IS working." he satd. 
"People are coming lo Inter- 
view our graduates I have 
more offers for positions than 
people to fill them " 

In addition to teaching, 
Norlnl !s working on his doc- 
torate which he hopes lo com- 
plete tn atioul a year or so 

He was involved also in work- 
ing on a vacuum refrigeration 
chamber lor the Chicago 
Academy of Sciet>ce It Is pat- 
terned aflera ISyearoid model 
al the Smilhsonian Institute 
The chamber (ree«es 
specimens and dries them otit . 

I can make the relngerator. 
but I don't know much about 

tissue or the preservation pro- 
cess When they make the 
specimen il Is more life like 
than the laxtdermisl method 
The class did the work while 1 
-tupervised and they had a 
practical jut), "he salt! 


Gackowski named Soccer Coach 

L.i. -kl ttIM WIS 

c'lim* vmt lit »niimi«rr im't • 
Ikkte man. Itr'* luitt umImikI 

""I'll IlkF l» g» NXIIIl " Iw 

MMl. ntmmg ia tiis iteiire' li» 
(|j.v til roiirhinit "But t nilftM 
.«*j fwrttl It jtt*' '<«•■■»-"■'- tin 
iiMell '<*'«>' tlw .• ( 

itaii't knomr wh.ii 'nU 

lor me " 

lllM:lcil.W'itl(i wNii ll«i> ptaytil 
■t t'lilalt'H High MIUMil. flijpon 
Cnllfgt. whI Ill'inMS Stjilr 
Univml'i)'. rapltctt SaiMliir 
Sittm, 'Vtw tofniMIM ■! H'M 
fmml iliirtng liti iwi-ytv 

•.•acbivikt alwp)uy«l m tltc 
fcllii'alwii Jr. Te»m tmivn It* 
Ming a ('■iWimr tMm M tte 
Kuiua) SMocr League tm (li» 
HHiAg'af ifH 

RtpM. Me mm alMltilWMl 

" Tf pliyimc »t intMis S'tite 

from nn It. In M* iMl year m 

tSV. mr team's (irfi 'ytar at a 
I'aritt)' »|Mirt.. G ■ e k nw sk i 
l»n«rti| Mttne iiD'Anwrica 
VMM. (Ml an eye in]ar> niifi#(l 
kit cliMfcc mi 'iMntiiti pn 

Hir (rM' nut wltk Itlif now 
ii«lu»cl 'ioil^oiiT ft) lea go 

New voUevball coach named 

KMMy all' Elk 
t,i:rM'e ttlgli ScliMl! alunmm iit 
ilienta ■ JM> 'IkJit 'ti«M"t tad a 
foarfc leir nr» Ikan unr >«»r al a 
tm..- --t;.' .' illliwome 1(1* new 
\y.tii ■'■■.<! .. u,M-ti at H.*r(MT So 
II a Mitn.eM"hal ptoflng to «* 
'Itot BrwkiMit wrm* tci iia%i> 
■|:bt (tuswe anij cwdmtiiit* ii> 
wirrwil a mjcmwI'iiI »jil|:f>ti,i» 

Hrinkmai] anfiiifMi iHt i«l> 

(roiB, Lyim Hl^'■^■ * v*hr.... 

■iinii(efi»M.U» ■ . • 
(Mr mtmm 

TJie iww ctiath ,ju»t <li«in;i 
Mwntila into an uiiwafltMJ mr 
cuiMtMII. llMiiitsri snr wa* in 
■|«r¥»wt«l aktng with otfiw prO' 

:»;.M ..ll'lll 4|'l 

1>.U"'-"". •■ 

crrii.T,'. 1,1- ■> 
Jl'mru-th.- rr--' 

\l Elk C,c%nt Hrinkmaii li'l, 
■|mil in WW sp<»rt,*, volleyball, 
tMSkel'Oall Mtlball ami' lia<l 
mintcin T»»« ttw went tn 
l,.jl.brr fuileKt' i" srnati univrr 
»il) to lo«4. ami I'omjjeti'd in 
vailrytMU vtiilf ste worked 
lAwardt Utr *gr»*' in Phytura! 
Kliicatioo and lieiiHk Tli*' «t 

I'd t" E mstnirior wu ca|)- 
I fi tit the voHeyUail Imiii m 
tmt lasi »fa««„ and ted the 
learn Itj a i*»eiilh place in slate 
rompetitiDii iiyt ol a (Md ol M 

La«i year Snnknian was an 

.<«>istiiiu W'lmep's lM.fkell»ll 
I' li .uiil when the voth-yliall 
<j'>i>nrit up !ihe jLim|>ed al tt 
il;iry«>r iift-tlml n I'oach and 

;.f'i lallv sn I 
■.■'.1 111 lifctim 
i:(] Hi'iukman 

program i» 

vol 1 1". 

was. ■■ 

tryiiifc .. 
wlUi the - 
wimim's ■•■■-.' 

Three >"«'ar» ago, Ihe 
n'nmcrr'i iiu"4k«litall team wa* 
u'l. ' .,:! and a new coach was 
t.irt-!'! i ■ irv and resurrect tHe 
team Irom ihr liowelsot its cm- 

Tom Te»t:lier ten* over ihal 
wiMd and in thne years (imr 
transtfirm'fd it to a til •> learn 

1: llir l<-aiii won tite 

ri'K'i'ii'Uii^ and wimt on (o par 
tifipate in the suile tourna 
men! The vollfvtiall program 
*ith only Ihrt-e irmmphs in Ihe 
l<i»l two sraMins will lollow 
Teschners philiiMipliy Dl R unti 
R KelHiitdingand KnTUlting 

^'"•e Ihe learn consists of a 
■■iijin|>er III wp'lwmores. 

■ ■ should l>e an improve' 
nifui over lasi >>Mr H(i*pver 
to tiecorne a pi-rfiiinal con 
lender the voli<;vl.ali program 
must coiic-entrate more on 
reljuilding. and mutt recruit 
|»llty«n wilti high calilwr Irom 
ama tiigb &chiWl.s The moKt im 
iwrlant (actor ttic prugram 
needs, 'tilough. i!> >t.ii<iliu m 


HnriMns M IMNl liut did not 
iMiKt Ihc tean 

tjjicko'wstii cMchrrt .It SI 
Vialor |.a*l year »hrrr lll^ 
'leant went I'l :} H« Hiiirted 
C'tjaclllng a» a »0|>ht»mtire at 
Paialme ant! 'hi'tarii>d hu< >Rvn ll:i!,; ■ !•!!:' -r ■ 

|-4rk 1 1 s!;i. I .!! ,■■;. 

rMMfed m waclilKtj, licmw 

mm thi' 


' ' ' V% iMICC'BI'r' 


(> till 
nurh ill lidlptT « hi' - 

rioWim iheiirit ta^i mmts ^.t tm- 
itiKTer program ihf n..i«k' 
h.iv.i iii.idf Ihr rf,ilf plicyoll* 
I'if Jlawks reached the 
lis lidl were eliminaled 
".1 i.f".M> k Clark l.a»i >far 

the Hawks were eliminated tiy 
Uwti k Clark in (he lirsl roimd 
,.. n,<'-i .iffilayotts 

-K! »ill I* *i'>rl(ing 
a lilt .1 tit'n'r'lly new s<|ua(i 
during his I'lrsl seamori i,:inl>" 

.ini- nl.ii.-f ulll hf rrlurnmn 

llllg. ' In* SJlll 

. -ippoin 

one returner Kach season I go 
Into 1 set a gnal that I want iu 
reachby theendol Ihe year "" 

i.ackiiwskrs iirsl ^nal will lit? 
loitc his tram mloplj'. irii^fon 
(Itium ln> Wednesday when tt>e 
Hawks open the iSBl season 
against Kishwaukee 

'We're a little thin im tiuanii 
t>." he said "The guys we 
h'avei:nittM?redohavedesire " 

From the desk of Wall) Reynolds Wanted. • • • 

-.(■pef't R< 
^"atilUHPS '■> "■ 
llfftli la It"' ■ 
(•eult%' St J 

■.. ;r:.' hm. , ■ .,■- :.';■ 
si't^n aclii 

l»«j.ketbali .'Sii 

l!fatoW'.g. r.'i. ' : . 

Pftn-ed'ure* ruii '' .i 

tlim'S for using »"" 'il 

ll» sc'hettale l«>r mt- iir*i H 
ki "I Ihe 'Semetler arf mm' 

I- r If .. 1 1 1. 11 a I ■'« atlaitlc lit I'he l*'E AH' 'ttivwion 'tie oHerrt' Ketp' in lout-h «ll'h 

■ itain M atiflee m the tmn tkmr iii tpn -' '- and Inlrainiiral 

<:':«IM» BuiMM'CM' m' .■ad'HiHlieHarb 

'"ils We \l*.i Mir 'ILirnor l'<iJlf,,..' In iii.' -v Ihx ."i.. .-., 


Harpfi "'''iii.-'t,4 
R»n-rf:>'"N' ! 'I ' 

iiiJ (■"loiir Hmkey Swimming, etC' 
''•' ijlt-asf riiiil.ii! lh>? Intramural 

' ''- 17 mm. 

'M-iTirinT Ml,™ ai'itviiif'* -i'-. inr 
'Uiniial HarMttkiM', one mi 
three n^lle run Rim* .lunn,- 
^".:^l! ^'e%lu at **''■ > 
tmifn.imrn! ii.,i, 
iii.-ii! ■.:'■'{•' !f'niii,» tcxuui. ai'iil » 
"'i' ' ■''•'•' til tiiuriiameni will 





-r Ifi'J 1 knoM 

slay al H..r: . 

rwcrtialkinal acLiviiiei 1'! m 
I e rested, coil'lai-l Uallv 
KaynoMi ti> llutlding M 122 or 
ciir:n7'<:l(HHi fill 2i'>':<fir«>7 

* • * 
Interested m • part itme jot,. 
Some posiliOM are available m 
Ihe Physical Education, 
athletic and R«"reatii'in area. 
,nn nut th»i (urm m the PE,,HR 
OlYislon nl'lici' on tti« 2nd floor 
al Building M 

■ • « 

.iVnyone who has expcrient-e 
In nllwiatmg Touch roott>aII 

Basketball Volleyball Track 

Building M schedule 



B«gMi Monday, Augiut 31 and conttmies Ihru Frtday. Oclnlier ts, 


mm: A new Mbeilule will be available after October lit. (or tbe le- 
cond eight wceki o( the lemeiter which beglot October l«, IMI 

All lacully. staff and sludenls must present a valid and current 
H*rp«'T College 1 1) card and be hand-s(amp«l during all open u«e 

iiiik'* after j I'Wp m on weekdays and on all weekends, 


"!'■ ii'.ii"-' i'i,'llege 
luM'Ifall team runtarl Coach 
Reynolds in U-m ur call exi 


• * w 
.Xl'hlt^t'^ intfrf^itui tfi par 

'i I'--' ■ KODi 

,Mii I '".ccer, 

please cuiaaci the apprupnate 
C'(iat*m'"M'" Building 

• • • 
Any interested atblele who 

plans lo iry oul Inr lall winter 
or spring sports should im 
mediately contact the ap 
propnale coach lor eligibility 


"A , ' : 

I burs 


12 ' 1 p 'm 

12- Ip-m 
12 ' 1 p ffi 
'12' ipm 


12 ' I p in 

n- cwpm, 
i - « p m 
'11" Ipm 

5 6pm 
! 1' ' 1 p m 
I ■ t p-m 














2 Ml ' -) ;» p m 


2 .Jfi 4 .10 pm 

7 :«i "1 :w p m 


' III 1 tup m 


' 1(1 p m 

■ ai p ni 


12 'ipm 





12 -Ipm 


12 Ipm 

T »-R:iapn 


12- 1 p.m 


12 ip.m 

7 M-St»pm 


12- Ipm 

Faculty, stiirf, aiid student Ice iivith a cufiwi and valid Harper 
College ID card for RacituelbatI 19 15 Ml per court hour and (1.00 
(or racquet i-enlal Each one hour court time begins on the hall hour 
on Tuesdays and Thursdays and on the hour on Saturday 

■«iit»jf«mi» i ii in iiini 

TMctitf Fetture- 


Page 3 

Mike Bamtocti 


Page 6 





Wiiham Ramey Harper College Palatine Illinois 


Vol !5f*o, 2 

15th Year 

September 3. 1981 

Friday rampage stuns campus 

Twi MTM men wtr» .iirni*i«l 
mtKT aiUitmm «(»er ttej 
■Hi two mm mm. «in> *»r« 
M( th»tp!4. went <« » ram 
p«K« or Umt HariwT ctwpw ihui 
Hiiac<l awmmairt)- tJSi »> 

*""*** ., , u,. 

4rr«st«I *«r» Harrv I, Mil 

Mjtupoulm, 0. <>l iU i: Ivv 1 ('{ 

In ArUntliiin MeigJiis .awJ Kr\ i" 

M'. THumpw*'! alsu W •>! m* 

Cwic«»n« m ArlirimtHi Hnuhii 

miller Iwal ariliBJti" ..-•• ■•■'■■ 
MMMMtUin O'f akollllt III -• ;!■'■•'■ ■!''• 
dK«. lie wjta KlWMO altcT Ms 
mM s:b tend awl'wttl aHWW' 
M tlie Patatifw BrtuK-H (»< vt» 
«« «urt ■:» Sfpl t4 al** am 
!i'ltM.|u»(M:mlu» aim -grtt-tl I" 
aak* rwtrlulton nn j l«'xt, Iwi* 
•ttk* Wc (ie»iroy«> fwtongnf 
til ■: •liinttw »«er tw JO««MJ sto- 

dMIt KMKIIiIIH! IIWolVt-<l t« l" 

iltMr<terly cmkIuci miI witt 
cniiwiiu a»m»«» so *»•'• '^"^ 
t4 pnn*«v iltrr »»<■ ap 

ItartMge c»ni on tampus ami 
threw ' aooltor gJirtiage c»n 
mnutn • ■tiiido* 111 D 
bMiMtitg.. Mie *« ai*" wiMW* 
iM »:(:> twn* ami *'«'• •'OP**' '■» 
cirotil cwrt im Stfi H « > 

Twii 'fflllier inw .»'■■ "■■■; — 
(fij T'twiiipso'i ' 
M^lnpiMlw were n<>: 
»tu> i-ny crrniB *lw '•» >•"■*■ "* 
wMtence Ml l«r were ap 
fWwUy iittoiicMrt « *•» '"'»• 


the occurwince tliw» »» 
ttMMi} <|iii*i FruJ*)' liftermwi' 
eanpii mli» » Keme ol <'«••* 

liglit display 

T*o proRTjmiUMH* iae»i..i(t«- 
. II flR I'MB L»K 

■ ■i.t lenatt, fcaw 
,.-,...:. «t to !(••' Mlldt* 
. 1 CiB'ltaiim, atrwtor ot 

(It liiriUi liinl* f*uw 10 JilxKil 

um *nd' nmcerii Tta l«»i' •»«' 
,i|ifnr«(iH> t»ipii llietr mm 
fUtH in a parking W t'" •'»' 
l-:uili'.! Mrn.jf whtTp litr tc:»t 
ii<«.K :,m '.ll-r.l ' i . nrrcit r»W> 
t(»n iTosmKl I he Ltke 4»4 (4,0 

ihrougH' **'»€« I i:«iiWiii,|» 
hrlorr' ci»n¥ff |{lni, on tin; inid 
wil,^ !■»!!■* M-ii U ;it«l f" r>iiil*ng» 
■»hri"r T'hii(iip>'-'ii ''•') ^>* 

St'««nt IKIOflto WHIWIMll' 

pcrtMiii* Of »«• raispiP mt 
tf.,- I >,,'.! If ■-..r.-iN topjrlmcnl 
;,,-t"jt''-! M ^ ■■.>■>* itwW fills 
<:n irir di»turiMiK< t>n« ill 
dlWlllMl wtM Mk«l "Ul W tMF 
IlkMllfMMt. i>lii.M thMl bar calM 
politi- illler oCiwrvmf IJie ml 
icuilfrs *im i.i|)«ii i:;an* or '«*'' 
"tKittemg" a lemate »ly*teinl. 
awl alUK Tl»mpi»«i *»« » 
tailMii! cwilamer at tlie 4mn 
of K OuikUm The «too« *« 
lK»t «»«*.» m K I'mmWwik 


*(i(»ri»im">i''"i:' ■ 
•m» *<■ '"'•"■■■ ■'•'■' 
t«olrnr. .wM* 

mfiwn. ■'< '•• 

rant..' '«•* ,* 

C»Mf'i ■■■* ■■" 

, h'rj, ■■■'. lamg. 

Ill «»oe tan 
^.Hiltes O'l In 


■But iiilwrmalK* i» praiSriBn 
(•Ml n» W,y ptiiat'h wt* *!»*«•:• tal 
(:«le* tin imlteale »(>*t>'' ni 

■^^.p^ tn 
>-.:t wttM 

,,„. , _,._... '•Wmi 

SI* SKifv." »'«"'• "•«■ **«»■» 
litit miglit fta»l> pi-w»> i">*» 
•Ml *l»r KtrtiiMWt tiUurma- 


tliii(m»<»«"»(>«t«' " 

ttrtr* »ere iortcti lu npriRl>' 
•wvtral cam and t»«rt the wm 
dull til D l>oiMi:H|, U|»«»ii otiwr 
vlng (tit .«ie*«» tut>t»ii.h„ 
llnrtwr liiiUtMaiKe nwn Nx'k 
NiMiiWKM «llW* •»» >«*••* ami 
said •■••€ •»'* rw**' 1*01*"' '""' 
ih'lf «r«»ii*<* >»*'» '■ '■•""'■'*■ 
SaMy «i|nHc»«l w'raJ oi 
tic»« » tliif M'en*! or rh* kwi 
<l««t aixl tite* were aM> 
ti,rel»«nn !tw fiKetMlw. 
I'ur.i • . ■ "■■ ■"'; 

»i (,iitu.....».. ■ r- - ■■■■■ • '■";■''• 

vlH i^pnruid thif rnme to Ute 
#M;rl.iiieii( ■"«» tbt j-alltrs 
:||ii«t IB c-oinp'hsli! II»(Of«»' 


I'haftwr wtiyMA iipj**«:ta.t* th€ 

etnwcntiM ul all tmiUy. MaH 
iMinhtn ami ttuileiili. m obej 
iiil all parking atMl tra«»<- 
nf utaiMM on tht ««UtKe cam 

All parfc.nit area* ate 
dewgitatml •iih ugm ii 'hi* <•(' 
tfiaiiti» an* eopm »■ 
pliilf wilh a map ol ••«' p« •'"»; 
Mill, aw awllahle « (wwt a 
dlij In the I'liWii- Safer* Olftrr 
(I, "B"" Budding 

We ripiKtalily ii*k ymr 'hi-lp 
tn impmf. Jte MeilK-aWhait 
dicap parking mmm ataila* 
tnr tHiii* p«H»" '"•«<> *•'*• • 
iMidKal atwt/ur pliy»M-at han 
dicap ami taw !>•«« <»»*« o 
.n«ti.Mi parttiiii||»riiMi iw the 

are wti purinlllrt «• fart * >•'» 
(Hslpaltii (ar tactiKj-'siair i»r 

rartini (i€«mi» are re 
iMired <Mt 'Mitiktm driivtii: b* 
lactiliy ilaff ami tttiileat* H 
viw *> nor «w»e a vatld ■paffciii* 



Mt DMOt wvaral a»«t«ii«l tu1>«ge can* was part ol lUt n*- 


Board firm on decision to keep 
mandatory student activity fee 


Th# ;H«i*r4 o( Tryrtees,, tn its 
Aiigim. » martini tff^ed lo 
naMaiia tie ealtofr'* man 
.datory stiateoi »cti*% lae t«w 
liil and p«rt time studcntt. 

■m* liaue ■a»4l»cu*«*«» after 
a :|tttor Inm it uliaJeiit com-ent 
m «m l*e. "a* read to the 
naari 'b} Chairman Dnan 

tHe Mi«r .iiaMUmiWl tta 
Mcaaaltl ol' the <«• (or stiMMtala 
wlw dMn't plan on attemlmg 

any itMiltnt in-t.vilei. and sujt'' 
cMtMl ae Hnart: (ic^etap an 
»llen«U*t to tUt present 

paltry .. 

llauMwr. 'OK Murd agreed 
ilial tlw IM idMulil' 'mn«m 

11 currently stands 
■ "The coniec - ■ 

chaated." »••■•' > ■■ '■' 


1 roster John 
M ..iid mat many 

nign. ^luufitl*. primarily 
»<lult», ito nol fully urider»ta,nd 
the »ar>i*i* uses of the lee» and 
luiggected that a more exten 
iTOttflari shotild iw made to m 
mm awse •umanti atioul the 

'•Cummtmifatmn nee* lo '» 
improved The niKhl »<!"« 
student* need more .niorma 
IIM ahaitl the u:ie ol TtM' jf tivi 
ty cart, " ■ Maita»w»ki wild 

The tKiard wtad ta ranain 

*uh lis. lour year term. 
twcuMsA- the shorter lenn would 
kMsp the hoard "m w iih 
the electorate 

The Board also approved an 
g 1 percent salary increase plun 
* one percent salary adjust 
meat lor classided. prot» 
sjional ' lechnital »tafl 
mcmtjers The increaws wil 
made to keep thoie Mj arg* 
campetilive •itli Uwa* «I«™" 
hy Northw««J bunneaat* and 

In h» monthly report V> the 
tooart, President McGralh up- 
dated the t)«ard on the enreU- 
ment figures lor Uie (all 
semester and inlormed the 
mem tiers ol an open hmne ta be 
lietd at Harper * HaKfthonie 

Spill forces evacuation of M 

■•ildlmB M fcail '» bf 

cf Mwated far a tfwit time 
Monday aflernnon alter dry 

i-htonwe, which had spilled In 
Ihe »«tmnun« pot* liltrr room. 
s|ircari mm0 Om d»rt syiUem 


TfcuareatoiiKwcamiilatl « 
pjB. aiMlWmiiiiiUit alter an 

rmnm pertod. had eialtil m 
nrimminj! area John 
(iaiek, I>**ii »« the Phynca 
Bdtw alien tVthlrtics and 
HecreatMWi txvistun, 'ilalad 

that dry clilwtae.whk-his 
tn Uie liltermit praetat at im 
■MOt. m sanitary reaian* «■«! 
tMM .ipilled acridently and that 
lUMtit spread throughout tlie 
i-iuildinit. but had Us highest 
iwticenlralioli m Uie to**' 
•r.»m areas Vptm nolicmg the 
smell ol the chlorim" <;t-lch 
ordered thit evacuatum ol the 
twildmu as a pretaiilionaty at 
tioo The cvaruan™ was order 
ly and no one was injured tn the 
mcldiwi Th«t Imildlng was re 

npen after atinut twenty 

The dry chlorine, more com 
monlv kiwwn as the chemical 
HTH' ■« a newer product and is 
deemed much saier than liquid 
eWorine that many swimming 
puols especially older ones^ 
still use A chlorine gas leak 
two years ago at HoUman 
Estaies High Schoal *«ht 
several people lo area 



Public Safely cominrnded 
for quick responsf 

All too aflsD PuMle 

Satcty Is portraytd u tucli 
as Junior Troopers. Rent a- 
rttaders But In raaltty tlmw of- 
fflMW :|Hm In Tflfff Tf' be on their toes to protect Uie 
mmn at Hill can^ilt, ■nd' often they come Is tmunds ol 
rlafeJnt perioiiJil tnltiry and tnmilt while dotng thla. 

Hie MaiDiager wMm thai cwery Maipcr student and. 
Half ownitMr enum tmm Man how effldentty and promp- 
1 tour unprecedented "rowdtrs' ' 
I Oie tranquUlty o( the campus last Friday The 
lltely handled this incident with undue protes- 

A round o( thaaka tfe III order for all the Harper Public 
Safety oIMcers wttoia^pioded to this call. And. It certain- 
ly lanaMmrlnf to know tUat aomoont is IHcn to give help 



Conceriis about Harper 

:SMn« rom'tm* of a ntinwi 
'itmttM to Htf |>tr" 

Why t« 111* li|tiHn« in the 

"lUKij tpim »«•»" !>!' ihe 
tmriir)! •!> hid' Mm anyone 
f»er ttttad il wiilt a linlii 

Student asks u» to remember 

1981: Year of the disabled 

«li]i Haw the trwt bik) 
MllttAhhi lutce nachtties tMWfi 
r»mo«»d from Iwtldlugs F am) 
E" Why i)rnm«t» Irwth .In-ay 

W'My bn'l tlic tratdc lighi on 
AIIMlfillll Krt fiilrjiac#'€'Xtl 
IWWd to ■ morr el I iv H-nl: man 

(wr** U tltiiuMn t tM pniitmmm 

ert tm t» red «> Itwg (or east 
we«t trad'Sc on ;M((jM<|Uiri, 
bwauM i'tn waste im mwh 
!•• I'dliRK ltt»ger than 

neetMiry Attn it *ottWn't in- 

(trogri'"*'*'' *** '■''*'' '" '■■''* '" 
th* riaht turn Une, These cars, 
can legally mm r!|{hl on the 
red Why intem»(>i the Mfian 
iniinR<l irjittir" 

The tiMlri >i ■■.>«■'■ in the 
•mrtrwifnii i - kirsrtr 

11 » ti-toalr. Why 

iilwayi ti'uy the i t«'j.pesl '," 

People ar« <;ert.amiy wdi ac 

I'luatnteri with ttie aitronomteal 
amount <il rewlutton* they 

makv each Se* \>ar'» eve, as 
they shamehilly 1»* back the 
toUowmt! vc.;ir tn •itt H they are 
;» (Miun.!- ■ ■ . '■onsi'ien 
tlDui wr. .. iiruilter 

full ri.v* i.if ffrrier, « that 
rrUni-.l iletKwair, well to do in 

Resoliiiifitis ri- 
rei(.oliit'i"i« VVh;i! '' 
amiMHit '■ -.iKc 

them .'Oil 

arreven imernationaJly made. 
I Ml has tieen prorlaimed the 
Internal looai Vear o( DisaNed 
IVflKint Why ikhoulil (leople 
MMkI a vi'fir »!:i*'n)M«'i wtth 
ncngntlKii ' !•■ ,;■ '[.i' . ,in (jet 

ttm Wtlti is; ::iii-- ••n-.. -.! Jll 

tptraiton ui»{oratioii to help 
iliMlilei). |»ople young and old, 
to leel the lieauty of life, rather 
Ihaa drawing the tuti of de 

)fc1«l waters (or thetn to 

From the 

desk of... 

Holly Kutler 

N*rOri f*'ifwijirr<« 

wallow and wallow in. unlil 
they gradually sink tieeauiie ot 
neglect ! 

,B<"ing blind deal or crippled 
a,re all physical handicaps, in 
lerwoven '*iltj emotional 
threads but are ■'phy'Sical" in 
nature, a(id,»lhi- ili,-..iiiU'0 pit 
son still posses ■•' " 

atiilities, and n ir 

greiilcr »ppreci..' ■n 

quering any pot-- 'ii 

defeat which ma;. .--■,...: ..., ..i 

II it the daahled person wlio 
,genieratly tietter appreciates 
the things thai us ■•normal" 
people all to*» olten take (or 
granted, .'\ttd so many people 
despite t,heir picture of health 
can also t:* relerrisd to as 

The Harbinger 

An open door for you 

'From the desk of 

The column is to !■■■ 
any grrifral ffimni'-- 

w<r ir<«i> ..>». ■,• . ■■,. •■■ 

to wrilr .1 i'olumn from time to 
liiHr Wr- .lould littp to see 

0^*r'iT ''JiMirf > i,it ll'ic * ".Imnn 
suit all i'imlnbuti<iii,s will !>*■ 
considerctt tui an r.|Ual ti.SM» 

u' I ,.,ir-.,.' ,»f reserve edilini} 
r-itfi! ■■ -•="'! »>• do rewrve the 
right n<if li) print ;ii' •■ " '■ 
■*e (e<rl ii m;<y rj'. 
i,ilems '" '■•■■ ' '•^'^■ 
si,m|,il'. ■ 

ii. „, j 
lnl«'"*r,a *ii «„, 

dress and phone • 

■Ill«.-l.;tl S,l;TUnt\ mil' 

at-... '-. ;.i'l.-<l \!i . ..:i::,!..; 

lliur- :!,,,■ ,,'■•■ l,ll';nt., li •,• ill "if 

-imply w-itli 

Mi VN0\,\'M01'S CON 

■ \TK1HI Il(l\> ( \N UK 
■Ti-'U OKI 1\ iM H OK 

,,ii:s^ ON iHl,)M' 
\NS*KRED BV DI„i\l.tS( 
r.\T 4'. I 

Letters to the 

The Hartunger accctii> 1« 

»n>iicil jiiy aiiMH'ic'J IftttTS 
sutimiltcd *lill be discarded 

I .-1 , , ■ •Jill «iirds arc 

Ml'-, .11' Ml letters 

■,h,.i:,, . , , ,,;if.! i.Mhr 

: ■:;,;.■; ■.,:■ r IS'.l,;, \ .i,T lln 

,,-. , ", I,' I tt 111.- Vti.iiiljy 

■ i'lMlN.II 

■dlsatiW Tliiil l». -ufiahle 

to resist the temptation which 
iM-s hetore them That lempla 
tion IS the Kree<i which isi 
habitually practiced t,y great 

niimliers Also, 'unalilo' lo 
savor those thinRs m life like vi 
sion and heanrig until the 
point to where they show signs 
of gradual deterioration tel's 
try to use this time to open our 
eyits not only lo people who arc 
legally handicapped tiut In 
ward oft at last the seventy ot 
ielfishiieBS and greed wliich 
ilominates much of our lives 
and to lietter eoneentrale .md 
work with what we were given 
Others m the process of help 
ing disabled people fie it tjy not 
parking in the handicapped 
parking spaces not showing 
signs ol pity otferinK lo help 
them m whatever capacity they 
may need etc i can learn m 
very much abouot love, earing 
inspiration and strength, all 
dementsessenlial in creating a 
universall} .ingomg resolu 
tioii hclpiiiR trt pave the way 
a way to the "Will to live " 


Willitm RaiMf)' HarixrCillkili 



PhMo Editor 

PettrJ Wielt,l,un<l 
Kevin Mtennan 
DonKl); PlratuM 

Tbe HAKBIN<;E'.R 11 the ttlKM IMlltll 

niiiKi (itr ttw Harper t'iille|e canpia 
[•oinmunitj, puliUahnl weeUj eii^iM 
dnring hotiilayi ind final nami. All 

(i|Hiitiim Mprned mt ttim* ol ilie wri- 
ter and not necestartl; ttioie of the a>l- 
letje. Ill aitaiuitrttta, fKulty ar itu- 
<l«it tKxiy Advertising aiii) copy deiil- 
iiw II ti « m Manday anil copy is *iil>- 
.1 1 1" fdlting All LettBi-lo-tlK-Etfllor 
,:li,.m •* Signed Sanet will tw ihiIiIbIi- 
eij For lurtlier liifmitUim can ar-liKi 
(tt WorWt 

Alter introduces students to politics, history} 

TencMIng handK-appcd 
children was her orlgmal mten 

hiin. saitl SKaron MtiT 
tssociatr prulpssor oi tiistorv 

■i nave always iw*" >n 
lerntHi in leaching 1 had had 
some experience with hlmd 
children »nd Uiought I would 
likrlu teach handicapped 
children 'Jihe said 

Some friends introduted her 
la politics hiiwever said Alter 
and the experience turned her 
In that direction 

She n directed her interest* 
to politics and hisliiry at the 
I'mversilyof illinols. 

Altec approaches teaching 
wtth the denre to stimulate 
ttlnlimg in tM>T students 

•A» a teacher I liKe to make 
the aludenls think about 
*h«lever I am teaching 1 work 
toward a goat of gelling them to 
,i&|, i|ue»ln»n» rathttr than to 
|ii.m accept what pe«j|pte have 

•■SCudenis still resist iswing 
tnrced to thttik," »he «ud. 
The studenli do dfvellip i 

ALTER, associate 
tludcntii to polltlci 

onileMor and world traveler, mtrociuce". net 
iBtrShlftory 'Photo by Kalhy 


all shapings are 

present HARPER student ID 


until Sept IS, 1981 

707 W GOLF Rd at HIggins 
Hoffman Estafes 

greater awareness of Ihc world 
around them by the end of the 

semester, said Alter 

"1 hav* had a numlwr of 
political science students who 
tell me at the end ot the 
lemester thai they can't IwOc at 
the newspaper in the same 

■■The same thing is true 
regarding history students." 
she added 

Alter leaches two history 
course* in additum to ttie 
political science cmii>cs One 
ol the courses. ■■Wonicii The 
American Experience " is O'ne 
she organized hersell The 
ciiurse explores the role ot 
1 IB American history 

•1 can recall m high school 1 
and In college that the only 5 
women we studied were Betsy " 
Ross. Jane Adams and wives ol J 
presidents ti 

■In the middle ot iwo there ^ 
was a renewed interest in " 
women's roles Many textbooks 
and history courses did not 
cover very much in terms of 
women's history 1 becaneve'v 
interested m this i subject > and 
pursued It 

Alter 15 quick to point out that 
other history and pohlical 
science teachers saw the need 
ol developing such a cur 
riculum at that ime, so similar 
courses are protiably being 
taught at otiier colleges 

When she is not teaching, she 
likes to travel She has been to 
Europe iwice including 
Russia Mexico. Canada. 
Washington DC and to Spr 

Somedav, she thinks, she 
would like to visit the Far East, 
perhaps Mainland China, as 
soon as she can afford It 

U.S. may prosecute resistors 


Selective Service System has 
sent a list ol \U names of young 
men to the Justice Department 
for p«M»tble prosecution lor 
lallUK to register lor the draft 
The artlon was taken after con 
sullation with an approval from 
the While House I S At 
torneys in different parts of the 
country will investigate the 
case* to determine whether 
icutum i» warranted 

Mast of the name* came to 
the atteniion >n aran (iiiinai.'* 
when thev were wnt to the 

Selcvtin" H,.rvir»- >.v,slein l)y 

people in the community who 
reported nonregistranls on 
Iheir own initialive A lew ol 
the young men publicly relu.sed 
to register Others had not 
responded to warning letters 
Conviction for refusal to 
register for (he draft carries a 
maximum penalty ol five years 

Draft registration t>egan last 
summer for men txirn in 1»» 
and 1*1 Those twrn m I9'>J 
were re<i«tr««l to mMmtmr^ l.»J 

January .Men born in i»iJ and 

later are rei|uired lo register 
within l(nij>s.iil their iwhblr 

Ihdays Registcration takes 
place at local post offices 

The action of the Selective 
Service System may be sym 
fwlic. intended to deliver a 
message lo other 
nonregistranls Although the 
percentage of 18 21 year olds 
registering was very high 
over 9(1% at least 20.1100 men 
have failed to register 

Proseculion is more likely 
when individuals knowingly 
refused lo register Those who 

;uTema"':;\^ ?■««% a 

he prosecuted H they register 


Music concert schedule told 



Once agamlhis fall Hairpert 
M,usic Department has a 
divlerstlletl schedule of per 
formances planned There will 
be something (or cverynne in^ 
eluding ]Ui riiissi.-iil and l"op 
Music Therr n-'l '- ^l"'"" 
Convwalions ■*tr.> !' .i!-- -'■ 

dent recitals, at Ici^i ..<■ ■> 

monlh, s<:'l»eduled at Vl Ij p m ^ 
in f ai'i 

H.irpers' own Community 
. , I tiestra will p«-rform on Oct 

■ ..ndlM: T, atU «p f" m ■' 

i'be Wind Ensemble and Jau 
Band directed under Or Hob 

TllcotlMin performs on Dec I si 
and the C " n c e r I 

Cb.iir Cunerata Singers 
underi'.iih'. 'tllH-rgo perlotms 
on !>«:■. ■■ ■ '■ •"•«■ a' **' 

Aim scticOuifl are mini 
concerts which will be held m 
f> hmldini; K'»'m ».V AdmiS 
,;,,.; 1.: III.--.- ii---ir.i concerts is 
.ret- Hff- '-■• .' I'''l<' rundown of 
the s«:heduled acts; 

The husband and wile team 
ol Claire Ael">~"i'< •"'! Halph 
Neiweem. •'■ ' *'" ''* 

p«;rlormi!i>! ' ' '"''' *' 

Harper on Thursday M>pl 10, 
at 11 i;. P m The couple has 
re<-cnilv returned from a sum 
mer loiir of Italy, where thev 
have htvn performing for the 



$6 per hour 

plus: Commission 

and Benefits 

Rapidly growing office products 
distributor needs salesmen to help 
with expansion. Will train at our 
Rolling Meadows location. 


AAr. Bates 


past live summers They have 
been making apfwarances at 

colleges and universities 
throughout the I'nited .States 
Ihis past year 

On Thursday, Ocl «. at a r» 
p m Paul K Kosowcr. a 
Cellist, will perioral a mini 
concert at Ilarp."!- Mr 
Kosower graduated from the 
Cleveland Institute ol Music 
where he studied under Ernst 
SiUiersleln the former pnn 
npal cellist of the Cleveland 
Orchestra Kowoser presently 
teaches cello al the rniversity 
ol Wisconsin Eau Claire, In ad- 
ililion he IS conductor of the 
I niversity Chamber Or 
ihesira and has appeared eK 
tensively as soloist with Or 
chestras throughout the 

Fmallv on Thursday. Nov 
19 alsoatl2r>pm, the Wood- 
wing Quintet Qulnteisance 
will perform The five memlwr 
Orchestra consists of Victoria 
Grenier on flute Judith Kubft 
on the oboe G*y nnelh Moon on 
rlannel, Peter (ircnier on Bas 
wwn and Mary ilingrich. on 
French Horn Their music is 
varied, coming from all periods 
and all styles, from classical to 
•iiilh century All live members 
are also teachers at various 
universities and music schools 
and have been presenting 
recitals a I numerous 

This issue made 
possible by the 
gracious courtesy 
of CandiceRak. 








Ifyou're like many col 
lege students, the closer you 
g& to your degree, thedkiper 
you gel into debt. But, you 
don't have lo gel in over j-our 
head Not when^you join the 
Army National (juard. 

■ oetsiuMti f Kjw. UMi uuaru 
has three tiew programs to 
help you |)ay for college: the 
College Ixtan Kefayment Pn> 
gram; the Educational 

Assistance Program, and the 
Enlistment Bonus Program. 
And you don't have to wait for 
graduation lo take advantage 
of them. You could join the" 
Guard right now. 

You see. the Army Na 
tional Guaitl is part time. After 
yourmitial training, it takes 
just two days a month and two 
we«iks of annual training a 
vear lo serve. So there's plenty 
tji tliiiti Mil lOr ytjur siudies. 
And you get paid for evei>' 
hour you put into the Guard, 
so you II have extra cash for 
books, lab fees, and all those 
other little ex^Kinses thai 
come up. 

Or course, there's more 
lo the Guard Ihan money. It's a 
chance to do something good 
for your country, as well as for 
people right in your own com- 

munity. The Guard can give 
you more options in your life- 
and more control over your 
financial future. 

If that sounds like where 
you want to be, see your fi- 
nancial aid officer, contact 
your local Army National 
Guard recruiter, or use the toll- 
free number below for com- 
plete details on how the Guard 
Gin help you pay for college. 
/\nd help m a loiof otJier 
ways, loo. But hurry! These 
sp(K:ial programs lor college 
students are available for a 
limited time only. 

The Guard is 
America at its liest. 



Call loll free 80O638-7600. 

In Hawaii: 737-5255; Puerto Rico. 723-4550; Virgin Islands (St. Croix): 773^438; 
Maiytand: 728-3388; in Alaska, ccMisult your local phone directoiy. 





Peer counselor applications 

P«tr CwtiKlinii is • pn- 
gtmn Vtmt 1j«.$ hwn wttarwl at 
Harper (or ten y»»r» no* und 
th* success ol th# program will 
carry it on In » new season^ 

Working under the ma)w 
dMiBwIitrs at Harper, petr 
cminwliiirs iieip new and old 
■tiHtaita gel acquainted wltli 

l»e«r Couuseting » not a dut) 
l»it a paid orgatitiatlun They 
ofler many things la the 
studeitts at Harper such as be- 
ing a listening eir to 'Uie »tu- 
dtiit, aMwertng their quet 
ttnni, and also referring 
•tudents 10 the places they ne«l 
litgO' They are available rverj- 
day (rom ii lo 3 and at iilght 
lime Mondayt tliroiigh 

AplicalKiw are now being a« 
cepicd lor peer counseion and 
tliey are tonklag lor outgoing. 

r«»potiftble. caring people, 
"wnsltlve to other people* 

needs and ni'Oodi." states 
Prances Brantely. coordlnalor 
ol peer coumeUng AppUcants 
will he eipecled to wirk at 
lea»l ten ha*irii • weeli, and ■ 
letter ml recommendation Is re- 
quired from an emplojtr or 

In beraming a peer counielor 
tpptlconts can become a part 
ol many activities held at 
Harper ami outside at am 
school as well These ictivltie* 
Include such things as seving 
cnffee and lemonade al flnali, 
helping at registration, leading 
tours throughout Harper t» new 
Incoming students, and even al- 
leiKtiiig high schfxtts to give lee- 

fur further information on 
peer counseling, contact 
France* Branlely. ext MS 


wants extra 

Wt Iww the best part time |Obs 

in tlie northwest suburbs and 

we'll pay top rates to bngttt people like you. 

Ws're looking for: 

• Typists • CRT Operators 

• Secretaries • Switchboard Operators 

• Receptiortists • Ltght Irtdustrial 

And we offer; 

• No fee • Bonuses 

• Weekly Pay • Flexible hours 


mo E. NortlMtst ll«|. riMlll. 1. (312) 991-8120 M/F 

(minlllwlMlli tail— ' 

■arrlntton Square 

SlMpfitng Ctnftr 



lireat films 
to be shown 

The tir*l two Itlms ol the (all 
.series have tieen .iniiiHinrcd 
Ordinary People 

Timothy ^' 

Mwwr and Donald !Siiinfn.,in.i 

nrlllta shown Friday, sept 4 in 

Jill al Ntlh nmo and H p m 

The Clephanl Man, slarrim; 

J(»hn Hurt ami Aime R;tm:m(l 

Will IM' -'■ - ■■■ 1 

in J It.! ' 


Free di%ing 

,A trw introductory sculw 
divWK seminar ts h«;ing oll'ered 
on t'riday Seplemlwr il, al 7 
p m at the Ha,rpi>r Col lege 
swimming pool, l«-ated in 
Building til 

The evening will include a 
movie, tildes, and a sessum in 
the water witli M,-ut>a equip 
menl \ suit , towel, masli. and 
(ins ihouM tie linMgtit lu the 
seminar Fxtra enuipment will 

Harper Collefe iillers a 
nalitmally "lanctioned sculia 
diving ciiurse every eight 
*eclts, with cerlKicalion 
available through the Midwest 
Diving .*cademy 

Til ' register lor the Iree 
seminar and to ohiain inlorma 
tm Ml M:ul>a clasaes, students 
MlLlW'WW.eit 4M, 

: Lush & 
I Lovely 

: Pernn 

\ $5 OFF 

• HlfMIII 4 t , ■>«„■■ ■ ' .■ , «'V"'1M 





Th« Eimlhaniiie Pwrn 

$5 OFF 


Chrerleading New Message | 

The Harper <.'(>Mt'i:r 

cheerleadmg squad, wli(.,"ti ha.'- 
eight memlwrs. Is holding 

fiinics tor (r>-ouls on SepI « 

.„A 1,1 ir..i., 1 1., 1, ;, m ,11 riKim 


,,1.11,1 tuit>;. ■Ailll i.lll 

,irtiviiics .iml par 
■'impel itions as 

- al all (nolliall 
' ■ ■ ,. i.'.ame» 


i Clmluiued tmn pagt :t 

Clilcagoland colleKeii and 
universities since i»T7 when 
they first started performing 

There will tie other mini 
concert!. !{ir whin* performers 
will be announced later and al 
least once n month there will 
also tie a major concert sptm 
sored by Student Activities 

One ol the major Jan per 
fdrmancet this cnmtng year 
will be James Dapogany* 
Chicago Jazi band with Sippie 
Wallace, on Oct 24 at 8 W p m 
inJ tci 

A Itnal mu,sical note The 
t'rogra,m Board will be presen^ 
ling a "Swingtime at Harper" 
IMO's Jaizswing/Big Band 
dance featuring Roger 
I'emberlon and 'The Big 
Band." Saturday. Sept » at « 
p m in the \ building lounge 
Admission will tw $1 lor Harper 
Students with 1 l> . and t3 lor 
Uie general public No advance 
tickets will he sold 

Qmtmuisl rmm page r 

•■Initially we have only twii," 
said f aiikanm, -tiecause of the 
cost 1 am more excited about 

these ttian anything else I " 
helii'vp this will bring an tm ■ 
iiieiliaH- and remarkalilf m ■ 
<-rea»e in com rnunical ions 1 \ 
think we all suller Irom what I ' 
call ■bulletin Ixiard blindness' 
There is something about tlieie 
signs which draws like a 
magnet " 

One sign w|ll lie located in the 
cafeteria said l»ankmin. pro 
bably right alxive the lunch 
ri»m Imes- The other will tie 
loi'ated in Buildtni: .1 iteciiuse 
there are so man> night 
students there 


CtmUnued tnm page I ' 
permit displayed on your vehi 
cie, please obtain one al the 
Public .Safety Office 

Repeated violations of park 
ing regulations will result in 
your vehicle tieing tawed at 
your enpense If your vehicle Is 
lowed you will be responsible 
for paying all parking cilatlonc 
m addition to the low charge 
Failure to pay parking cita- 
tions wilt also result in an ar 
rest warrant lieing issued by 
the Palatine Police Depart 

If you ilifiuld liave anv ijues 
tloos regarding parking regula 
ttons please call the Public 
Safety Office at extension Wt 
or sttip by the Public Salety Of 
llcem Building "B ' 

Over 60 Games of Skill! 

«N PAN ALLE V. Im me time ol your Me' 

loolis like the 50's 'bul has the largest BO'B 
veniiori panorama o( etecirooic •games ever 
riflereo m this area Evtwy d<'laii ol PIN PAN 

Al I E V iiji'i lieen desit}ne<J tin tun and enjoy' 
murii iioiiTs' Come !>oo'i. Win your (amily 



5 tokens for SI. 00 
6 00 7 00prn 


PtlBa,'(te las Flores • 1632 Algonquin Road • SoHaumburg. H 


i What our school 

should be 

Tlnit «rt mmr ■•■y» n» 
'piMl«» lUa or My iXimr 
IcIlMl' MWKfiitMrr . Iliv tmtt mim t 
pMltf of wIikM m. m». 
ikImI iMpw*' M* putiAf mill' 

■n ■tnifl)- turn tg 

'In IM< ftaf* al Harvof I 
li*ve «i:iiiiri«iic<rt »t'h •« 
l:rnm()«.o( puhlic and mteriml 
opiiiMti It Ml* immn iwrtuf* 

ci.|MirttiK<c In ittemmr citarU:)' 
WlMR' • |Mftr iwMtdll* IM Uw 
tftctram. m e«ii|»liieeiti *«) 
iggWIliM rtfMif Qfig, 

I m «grM IM • MhMl |ii|i«r 
'IImmH Ut MiM: 111! KilwMl' IM 
■cmni IK ipirii. nut it ti ilM' 
fnif Itel • KtMMtl ptfift tw 
wlitlitlilMl to' nimrl nron ami 
l>rw*iil 'fHiKit tfcil miiftl Bwl tw 
t»viif«l»le til ilie k:Iih»iiI. «J 
mtBHtrnUM' . OtliarwlM'. t 
fctiiml |M|MT I* M: •arti llic 

I^ICT lit (HltlWIllllf 

In llic tmm 'nraiwi. it ii trW' 
mm.M nciKMi pap*t «■> owtiiiic 

illMtml. will M unlit 'MMI M 

IM*' mm II Ml «l imMn'MW' I 
:|iimt Mtit witMiw t<i thai ■»:«■' 
IMMI ten' ttiuci 

TIM ■riHen: «t>r«t i« « (>«>•«' 
till wik4 ■ m pmmM hmi <• 
w»|il» MraclMii l» M' mmt0t 
In want tM' wlilHil UK «l' il 
M alMlMr • 'imm ■ nMM 

tMllllKIMAiily W HMlMtMMly 


11 miiwiwuMriiital u> Wo* tn* 
rMilw Int'm itotr •tirdt 

II u t-ilal I»wi. td*! a 'irtiuiil 
'papcr tie abto to •tniMIt' tlit 

IlM tlW of IIHtRiUtMtiMI' UA 

MutwaliiMiiMM' II «• IM m 

■■fc jptilwwl tl*(»» <«'» «»*•}' 
imliteiiM. wmt utiKiw a lath 
fit mmmj ■ lack oc itmniniwtf , 
and » taw* ««("l l«rni«'« fate 

Uma •(■twut |>ai|icn arc lutid 
r4 I'NitiM |)b>'ticatl|' alKl 
(iMwurily ihtmtfii tiM lour 
■mHihtii |iin«»ift tr • J<wr 
Mtim. clikM. Km m tilt CUM al 
•I MKmiMt> MlitlMi la IlM' 
'italt -iliM taw pmn) ami 
inMI hmr^yMr CTilfciiW' amJ 
umttrttiMit Tlt« H iwi. 
'Uovct'tr. tiMr raw a) Marpvr 

Wtif 11 IS Ml llt'caic I* |>ui(l- 
mg rnifcwi llJtri»tf ■a^mAt 
aimit V <W> on ite Jwriuilltiiii 
{'■riMram amt aiwtlMPr tti.lM 
iw ilie'll«Mll|cr. II WMiM lltw 
iMm Kigteal to iiinr|wat«' iMt 
mil. •tiick wnW UMlMMtll^ 
•■•t MM iw|»f "• mmty ffn- 

(ilfint an'l twl Out pntilaa al 

%s It a iixlay tlif Harttlnger 
lis 4 |,ii>(i«"t *rittffi wliiMl ami 
(jnKluic«l i>,y I**'"!" It"''"! » 
•liulHiU ami OM lat-ulty ad 

.!^ml:. '<t-:Mt( 11 >< trw CHiI lti« 
HaMmitr lus imm wrcMtM 
«.i Mtluf a4wil:t»rni{.. moKWi 
<t:i»r»tt«l b* Ihoix n* ari* 
ftirtlj tiiiwili tor Alt mV» to 

Tnkf •Mr kat ■tn iHM>» uM" 
etiaiM iJiMniill)' a« mt (™*r 
thin ttw itall inwilMtn wnn 
•irafili' Irimi ttiir HttnMi €mm 
mmny C'oi:te«» .l«wa«H*in 
.itamciatrtci. htl f*r Tlw mr 
wM 'MaMatur •*■■» i» tmiirKil 
tw fcmr iiwinter* <*ho Iwve (ir«» 
(tMHM) IMsIla rn (MTtencr 

BiilWf f'i'te WiftiluiiiJ 
iltaiiigtiif eiWar K«'«k« Itotwr 
IBM:. iB!i rnvMiS Wirt (or The 
mitj Bttralat. anil iiimii- critK 
Cun \elim<M Has worfcMl al 
WJKt. Fl! ii» Elgin (or owf) ear 
ManM [lerKwalily 

TUc ttiiwilltl »l wl»i ttte 
MmMatir i* a sutiKidtar}' nl 
SliMiMl: Acttntiw. Mil to inter 
tlwl tliii pillar I* an eiltutloH 
ml SHiiJfiii Aclifiltei •«iM tie 

«%al IMe ilUl»llif«' fhMiM 
M! t* an exlcnaton of tlie Jour 
BUliMB l*riii|ir»ii».. « *« t«»t a 
Hmrnalimi eta** Studeni* 

wmM ntcetw a fmtt bmM on 
tMr cantrtlMtiM l» IlM iMper 
anl. »few* »»• klndnl rredd 

J>i<« tlullitnt* itiosr «'hi> pit 
(1), rtie i(>'» liour* (>« wefK 
■ more than mmr stydent* put 
into M-'ln»li mwreuiarf In pro 
iitet' till* papr ret-fiv*- n«> 
ernlitt «tal«ieivr Eilitan. 
ttin*t¥#r, *i rweive luKtion 
retialM lor tHeir w r*' >€«•» 

Tl»«r» •lit al*a*» tie nwney 
prnUtA*. Ml t:»is propoted in 
■corpwuon mmM «*«• wnif 
lilt. It only heciu»r tlie 
Harttlnier omiM no kififer 
(ijvi* lo conipetf *itli jnolHer 
K*»l B.a|ier l»e ?oW. *lilc'h 
Id puWiitiwl' ti'y ifie Jo«rn»lii.m 
I'fOf rain at the end nl the tall 
Hrmeiler - *>r a<l««rU»in8 and 
•dditmal nrwMw 

'Ttiere !» aim (tw piiiwil»llily til 
impiletnenlmi Mint land ol in 
lennliip proiram «llli llie iM-al 
paper* i r ThtDilly Her«W) 
TliBl »uuld g)ve the Jour 
nalJiiik, anil tlie Maf1>ini*r, 
aiip!re«*iidented .prestige tor a 
cimmdnity cnticge JwrMlm 

TH'B p'ra|iMc4 lacwiKMratlMi 
.make*' IM' mmfk wiue to lie 
ovtrtMleil klnda nialte* 

)'iMi w^onder whj mMI.>' ■)«• 
done anything. aiNMt II 

of jelly donuts 

Hawks look 


C'OMUmi'erf Ifimi paife « 
laniet There are currently !':< 
team isemlieni At press lime 
me team that liirkowski plan 
lied to take iiurth with htm I* 
Kishwaukee hjid not tteen 
ikiermined. tral included i"> oi 
the tolkwing Tyler Barton 
SIrvi! Hear Mark Bush Skip 
i"'h.»pm»n Ahmad l,»aeene)ad. 
:^medeo i:>rRaii«n anil Jell 

,'Um, Jcit KaVoie Brian 
Mttjean. Jim Nanmni .Ilmmy 
OKIJimtj* IMv «ilM,.n and 
SccHI Pfister 

I'lus. Je« Popp. Ed Rulter 
Daw Srai.m,on» Randy Smith. 
.Dive Steil and Kevin 

i.:iiirk'"^'-i>" •'-'"1 tie had not 
ipint '■ his B»it"- 

Ural.-,-. ■ ■ • imaukee a:- 

yet, allJHniii,li t»fs ■•always 
thinkmg ahout it "* He mid ht- 
■tas more c«iu,'erned ihm 
nwyone vkiiS' i« tile t>e:!>> 
phyitca.) 4l>a,pe .posstWe tor the 
time IwinR, <»nd that itrategy 
will 'iw dl'KUided a little later 

fiackowski wtjo it aided in 
hw efhiru iiv axstitiuil coach 
UiKe Kordecki lelt there was 
one important factor that 
wluiutd not tie iiverluoked as he 
dliwuMed tlie team's ehancet 
tor the upwmmf! 'season. 

"Fam do help a lot A itniid 
crowd can be a great atiet tffl 
any team.' 

Tn« Mawka llrst home match 
will he agantil DuFaRe an 
'We«lite.idav a I 4 p m . and 
tltrk.- ■■•■• Hinted to see 

"a Ku , .lown at the 

Swamp tneer 1 1'n; us on " ' 

K .m.i.,»,|.»«.r.i:(.,) >.hl 1.I.I*. |*«.:.Hi*.pU. i 

mum im ontaci wuh are twriMd 
•il" ta MM* mm ol m.Miic m 
M.-iillit nf the tiiw. thai 
ttw* «l awwc If nfw 'viTc 
iMr gnata. .cMiWaaily ntvirf w 
aramii ill* i>|M' ol itltcwaaHB. 
■ 'II"* ta«i ■mmiotai'io.i.i* ' "Ttiere'* 
t». ttalemenl 

I«e<ipile»re«li j^ 

iHt in* an* •an*' .pc'rwrn <,!«i« 
■Mir MM Mviiiat '''''' 

Nioiaiiiiit th.i» enliglltiiiitiil 
.aM«irr'utMi. I <iti.i]i catm .aM 
iB.ilc tfi myteit «ti.i.le MMHg 
.ntw M» and com la tmtk Mm 
.III liiii poins ("i»<.inW.f' 
dllmns.) Speamtnj (or fti# 

miilamie Ihe m.u.tu:' mlumn ' 

Qp|l«i.inil l» Wie priiMftu't.h,, 

tht .dclMitt .(luirUy fwint* 
m ihat crtatittiy n. ih*' *« 
■n^. fon:'« t« miuuc lie call' 
Dti'id Kovie. Tuin ItohMwn 
.i.m.i ».r..tof 17, p.lii,:» .%ili.i!i anil 
ilw ^1)1 'I' I'd tiMt' (Mtid 

llwr priMted'Hui m i}Mdk to 
fta,Mii liti tlWM' Itgflrei 


on muac 

thriivit vtitim itW' • ilninii. *|«inl 
.•rtMi mat. 

■ ,iiiii «■'»,.»< i,iv htm do youi 

ifcliii' i',|» the 

dtfcr. . .:ung 'll» 

infrme I'tC't 

'tiM imiNK-'aliiaii ,h(idt(lei. in 

«lr»(>er!iH.(m Ttir !• \ I'lrr.**'* 

... II- . |.. .:' , ,„! I''.' .1 k '■'111 

.i,,.i ,..,i,i'. .»!..,,. .l.,.'r .|.,ri ! '.J. ,,14 ,. ul 

norm*. " 

Tie .dtlMiMr laipiuai .up the 
tpfti mil that the praneciilnii 
hai inipped' re«''a'ib and ipe'w'i. 
IhlMe mirib. "Sir I see jmi're 
'WiHinng a mil .Joiw Wajw 
C.acy •«• Mil* ' 

pMiitig nor* audi man*' caiti 
tfoil, tw eallt' Iht prweciitim 

■ ••« • 'M«ie 'Il '•)'» own ni'ediciitr 
■Mr what mtiitc do you twea, 

t.:i'' civil, the BeatUMi Roll 

ing»Sliiie .yoM know " Tl>e 
pfoieeiitloii l>wiil'h«»"l»»avily 

Vn, I kwm' all right '" ' t 
uno* ,ilt !«i •-ell Mf I f'wi yriu 
ijei-er real wed llwr "" "■ 
Elvii and the SWm< 
foto' ii|i|i<lel,it lor Bmty -v., J...., 
pMilh tt'irrt appalled wltoii 
ICI«ll.|«ad the .iHliintly to Aak* 
hif 'naHghlf wt* to the camera, 
.bMI iteM! lab lour turned alt 
iHir iliiMt .ymMg'nien 't«l wimmii 
111 graw liiMfclwg. eMBiitutwt 
hippie treaik 'plnko fa«i>. aind 
that Kitk .|...n:i.''''' "" " "■.•! 
rt'ienace .1 hear-; ■'»' .j ',1 ■• rf*! 
Bom no mi alwul <i>l)a,t t,'.«irtaw 
i',nic temale took .part a a etr 
lain t:y|»e activity "" 

TIM' praMrutiim auk* far a 

i|laiN.«l water ' Tbt* gay '» hit 

UH: htlow the tMit " TMr 
.MaitM IS ready lor another *t 
tadc waw 

The III.MI.I.C Itas«d. but 
the px-tal r:»im,incat,ioiu ar*. the 
umc 'it something was 
latiwa. 'teftiairf* »iid ywmg 
adulti wwiU piartake •'lUlia 
It •■ 

11 M'twi and Pa4 aiiliJimly 
fciid 'Hey Bi* I'm .pmg' 
to tide inner .|a.nctiimi lo .me W». 
HMI •■ii.iil 10 coma'""' Tlie 
respori'M would tie nottiiim. 
iMIort 01 '•you Iwiea to " 
erap'" I'm loinn lu iee m 
real talent likr (lino V,i,i»lli 

mt bmt just liiucheil l»a»r .ini 
.«|»y m* »**'«■ '■> '." ""Hul.»r 
|ft.dil.let»nt a: 
ditiig.a.MJ parri. 
liadi>ne(ietpe<:H. - ,. -■ .•i.ud 

(tereo* and whmmi" me 

ca.»'er ol »" -lUdim tlial 
irtMiiiMe* 'llela Lugosi 

Tilt imisecutton me* for the 
.Mine liart tiy eKplaining all 
new wave u inorotae and lwili.1 

••W.r«ig<i, Btiehir" '"M yini, 
liNit; *i litnUi like IM Enigi.|ih 
Heat. M.a(liieai and Otva yw'll 

IMd. 'iJiat thttr mmie is iipheat 
and poitttve il not indutglne in 

lunacy " The defense saunters 
aitwind ihe cmirtroom as il lie's 
gettinf! riMidy for the 

The prosevuttoii -» .sweatint 
.He t»i.I.e» his lip as ttie delrns^ 
recites theise liiuil *Mdi 

"Hey. Utile tioy with ymir 
fare 'presied ».,|!.ainil the 

.,.rv w.ind(iw There are no 
dnnuts today, only 

The .w'nirtriiom is up tor 
grah* The pr'»s<!'i'.ii'"i'i falls to 

."i . .1 ..iin,.) ..nil ' ' , . as 

. iriM. -I'S 

....,.i»I.J>ltlM. ■ 

At I aw..^'. !-iil.v in 

line at the i- i. I i«: a 

jelly diwut and >.iiiilr 




Gwm Proppinjs 

% Jlin Martin 


Golfers experience should pay off 

ti«j' Citoielwioli. Hifiw 
mMt (Mclt. tiw* an eiivmblr iiro 
tiltin on hit nam}* »s tir 
prepared iw hif. Jrt J»»r <>( 
co«chio« H**" gill I*" a 

■•Tht c«ffl|>etl»«» (or » spM 
on ihis teiTO is •» <1<»« 
Ota««»roolt M«l • 'hat I pre 
iMibl^ woiil (lecMle on ihe tii 
Rien rtl cH'rT>' this year iinlil 

Howcvfr ClitwtiiMli (ltd itl 
mil ll«< wturmns vi»leTan» 
Wail) Jams Onryl Mueller 
and Zac riiemiii were I'liely ti> 
be there lu i:onlri»iule when the 
Hawki pijv ti»»t u> :t teams, in 
clMdmii deleo'lmg N4C Cham 
pton t)i»P*g» 1" 'W *••** 

oi>tn*rTu»dJ> Se(jteml:*fil* 
ill me HdWate' it'll C™r«' 

tilawbrvw*. *•«») tervrs a* 
Ihe lener*! manager jintl resn 
fcnl S«lt p™ ** HilWale wl"'" 
lM.'s mrt «M»chmit the Haw It* 
(eels that his team t* pni|re*s 
mitnii-elv thus tor than* you 

'inpraclK-r I stress tr«:hni 
iiue wd rinesse, miitng the IijiiI 
p«»erlv, g«»d (ton seiue, 
jvnidmgtro'Ulile. ■»'«* «"*"(} "P 
your shdl are iiaportunl »ikI 
are what we concentrate on the 
most \na » (ar everytme is 

GlJMtirw* plays nght alimg 
wUh hi* team every day m 
(irder to hetier istr**» (he ttmt 
point* <ii tKh tn<»vidual» 

ipillie .tod: he wa» pleased * itti 
the results betnR liirniHt tn thus 

■ -The y " re shmil inR <: on*islenl 
\\ mtht'Tif* " MidtilaieWiM* 

■jann, Mueller, amlt'herntk m 
piiriH-ular have been *hiioHr>|! 
exretlent gull anil (trifaciires ' 

tllawbrwli whose Hawks 
(InlitiM) ■■' ■ ■■■ ''»st 

mmm ""'■ 

previim* :"f*.»i' ■*^'" ''infv *ix 

men 'in the siiuad *iih hi» lop 

(tiur eidferi' scHresiijunling 
Last ytMr'> *(aad wa» led by 

All Conlereni-e golfer Mlk* 

Hagan. *h"i Imiihed MHh m 

Kcgkii) IV eempelltlon 
"l.M»t .seiKin, *e had some 

prrttltm* Willi Home unsettlins 

weather ner the end ol the 

Hut he 4dded simply that, 
■«!(• *ani l» »m as much a» we 
possiblvean this year " 

"Mv philonophy (»l co.u'lnnii 
li to "treat each golfer i<s .in 
aduU 1 stress stnmg, ag 
gre»tv€', mental ability on my 
team* And thi» team right ik>w 
had a wry good altitude From 
the loolis ol this team I an 
tiflpale a very good vpar ' 
Olaiebrook said hopelully 

In the scuson's firs! compell 
tion the Hawit* will lti>st 
Kishwaukee. WauNmsee. and 
'O'Uf'age -MU tn the N4C last 
waam > September »lh at Uieir 
home ha*e at HUWaie Tee oil 

lime IS I W p m 1 

The Hawks will uinmnlely (ace ■ 
each (If ibeir live conference 
opponent*. i.)ob«>i, DtiFage, 
Thorton Illinois \'alley. and 
KockVallev aileast five times 
ihis season Harper will play 
host to all live teams 
September Bnd at HiHdale in 
their second and last home 
meet of the season, with 
numerous invitationals and 
tournaments comprising the 
remainder ol tht! season 

And the Hawks hope the old 
axiom 'experience is the tiest 
teacher' ' isn't too old to tiecome 
a successful battle try in this 
seasons golf wars 

Hawks young, but talent is there 

^ .,..,„,»,. H «.Ls the team will mv Every ^rmm ■^^«^__^\ 

^Itlmugli the wtimen's tennis 
Mitt iMi* but one returnee 
comM Marlto Bolt leels the 
tiiuad hM very gmwl potential 

and will he lughlj competitive 

in il» conference 

Bolt who t* in her lUteenlh 
year o( coaching at Harper has 
"the e»per(ence to know when 
ihe prospects lor a teason are 
brl#it Though Ihe squad »M 


i.mumm anntlne tn oartictpale in Intramural tflMtt •«• '« 
4ffiomSn « S^ '♦>* intramural and R*«e.Uon 


,«.<tl»y are available to play^each other 

rwnwirt'ttfcrmaUon call 397^ WKejt, «A'* --e-/ '" •'- 

Sant tWfe - '9 a m'TZJ^rthon mH^in7thP«« mil* «lin "lacult, 
and stuilent men's and women's dlvtsions' ,„.-_.,„.„i 

OrtTd and litt " m Men's touch twHliall louraaiiieirt 

only (teen through a lew prac^ 
i,ic« and their seaKin duem't 
befW lor another week, (he 
coach «t»» a lew reasons lo tie 

The lone rettintliig startor is 
Joanne KasUk. who played 
third singlet and second 
doutile* Uit mmm However 
Katie Pauley, Cindy Tui?vaski 
and Cathy rr.,.n....-ki f>i 
Fremd S,»cr. :>■! r,.lk 

iJrove, res(K- ■ '^^'''' 

«*her wnineii uii- 
pressed their co-i- ' 



lir*t • 

Ills IS lhe>i 


, ,,„,, !i.j I \f wen «> (■*r 

all three of these women liwk 
good, and have potential Alon* 
with Kaslik we *h.')iiUl h;i'.T a 
strong I*JP' '"uf ""'■ ■ ' ■■"''' 

Th.-- - '■■'■■■ '■" """'■' 

[^ »,l. .'rienced 1,-1)1 

Moll leels the team will mv 
prove wilh every contest Tm 
verv pleased with whal 1 ve 
seen, sitice the team has good 
depth; said Bolt 

l.,ait year, the s<)uad finished 
with a ■' ■> overall record, and 
ended up tied (or fourth place m 
.».,.. r ....nfrreiu-e with a 1 4 

. ,• iiiiwl 111 tin- siaricrsi 

iiiiiii tasi year won't be return 
mil the team may find ite g" 

ing rough early in the ««»on 
The raw talent Harper has ,iiu»y 

i»- hrllrred bv the experience 
-Iliads, possess Bolt 
Mi and hope* i" meel 
iin- .-naiienge ot translorminis 
niw talent' into i*<m»i»lenl 
it rong players 

•"t rirally enjoy lakioK .'-i 
player witii raw skills ami mak 
ing her a good perl"f-T"-r '■' 
season's end When I'-: .!■■■'" 
accorapti'-tHhat I d-ei ■i'-.'' ' >■ 

Every traming season Boll 
sets up a Round Robin inlras 
quad tournament to see which 
players will fill the six singles 
and three doubles slots This 
lournainenl «els the women 
prepared lor the regular season 
by giving them some ex 
wrience against good competi 
lion while they're lighting lor a 
starting posilton 

How the lean) fares in con 
ierence compe"''"" dqientte 
heavily on how strong the op 

mornton. who won the con 
Ierence title last year was 
ih.mghl to be the team to beat 
again unlil it »a» learned they 
had""l> '""■ J .ir'er flurnlnR 
Howevt . I'hiirnliiu i.aii never 
lie overlooked and still should 
t)f ji learn lo t)e reckoned with 

How the rest "I the league improved will soon be evi 
deni as Harper opens its cam 
paign against Rock Valk-v at 
tu>meonWe<liie»'1ayarj ;w 

A T T E « T I N ALL. 
tISEBS,' .Ml claiaili«d ami pOT'- 
MUri adiMlinittied to the titf 
\tmm ^ ittiUtcatioii must in 

llilliwiiniM rr-*'-' of the person 
wbaltHaC »>••<> Payment lor 
aenoMi ad* must be made 
prwr la put>l«cation The Harb 

Sair f«w«H y* '^tK"' "> 
n fe *<l«*immiitnt« it deems 
iwn. |«MlMtt or map 
att and payment ««Ul be 
_ ltd to me »dvertiter 

&mA cMf It Ite HarWiitir o|.- 

fmTtitm CMwftnc !• «»<>»•. 

lUnd^ prwr in puhltcation. 
/Uta«(tiM« HMiiit c«U by that 

llt!,l|i Waiiteil 

PMIt TIM. Milt ■•«««, .WaM#n 
SISiKS »<I»F«»«'« • ••« " *>" **" 

iiwiM wa »ii»i <«< *l l»"««nt' €'■•••■<»-.■ 

Swt :Nii*P'» 'Kit* <«•»> 9 •••"•"1".. 
ZZTmpw m •ipfifK* '«<>«m"'i ' 

... ,, ,.,. i«a; *t I***.. *••• m» 

. .»>n •■i MX*' tlMAIIt •■•>.' 

(TUOtW ••• ""^i* '■* ■*» •" ■'•'■■ 

* ItWIHWi »M» I •»•'•■••"■ .' ""■ ■' 
mart fflf 'M Wmw.'-'j "..**;'". 

P..I* *S'' 

i>itt «■■"■■" ' ■;■."., 

Burke returns to gridders 



f g. t 
• n 

'.' W«*tt II.* S * 


■:3 _ 

FU1.I, *' P*'' ' '^* "**'' '^*' *'**'™ 

'• ••••t *"i* «•" « «j ■ <» i; «« 

"Sinfto' V..- ■ 


Oi«.*«»rii *.t :.»*:.. .« " " 

«• ... .. ■ 



ill* •••'"'':■•«!:'; 

5 IT 


«*•» 111 < 

(,*oii*fiuwi» rrow ptm*' 
most importantly M quarter. 
(i.acl and on the line Tim Tvr 
rtll who didn't praclirr at the 
quirttrbaci fisllion ilitttl the 
Ihtrd game ol last year is back 
'ibe ollense's tamlliarity with 
tacb other riiouid he a bi(!, td 
vjniniir for Ihe Hawks who 
• '., iiicsperiiTH (■''. mi 
,,'.<■ J 1 
T\ncli, Morte, and. Bilyk 
should m,akt tor a solid 


,jlr«ady play 

iiciirlv a year 

Burke graduated Irom m I W». wlwt he led the 
VifcimiJ. to an I a record and 
waa voted all Mid Sutwriian 
l,«agu«. *tl.Area. .-' ■ ■ • ■' 
honorahie mentw.i^ ■ 
He was ■second in career tmoi 

In basettaJI. Burke again 
re<-eived All MSL and All Area 

honors As tar a* Kliasik is con. 
cerned, thi>u>;n Burke can do 
his home run hilling on the 


Whie Burke is boggling 
ddenses with his lakes and 
jakes Ihis seawm, you the fan 
can do your share to help the 
team (io to the games cheer 
tor ttie Hawks star running 
bat*. «nd pray he doesn't gel 

Ftir Salt- 

Theberge, harriers strong 

tm ■••»'.< 

. ...,iM » m tf »*' 


ttkbnlH Its new fKiMflot »EN and WOilM 


(Two. tm join 'o« t'ht ptic« ffli oft«) 

Personalized Fitness Programs 

iiiiiii I li 

t1 pj|l4V" K 

if.,,,..i.l'ri.'si>ei:tani|Si'"'! "Miiwik 
ir.ini ><.h.».timbur'it H S are Hie 
rreaoi '.iI lb» cTop ol the 
ireilimen Oial %'itiiiii Hgum* 
will make or break the team, 
tills 'VOir tii^ tivi' 
•-lupporl runner* ' li.*":'-' 
BgniBcantly into the lean 
picture a.» **it 

*h.iiiMinly IHetoii '.' ■ 
...... re ,n a cfOtiSCOUtU' 

*i.iiir«iliandTl.hii»«iai<.- 1...-'^- 
rmporiant tor I bey help t.. (.eat 
out tWr other wani's loji run 
neri Mii» out support runnrri. 
IMS year are rxcellent,' «no 

vittnn tn.thiii.ia«ie«ily _ B" 

ter man wt"«w#»er Imd., " 
,|.yi Tt......,<.r<.i. iirirl i..<i!ni).an,j 

,,,(,„. :'i.<ift 

tJlr. ■"<•' 

area graduates' Tim st t Uir 
n( si Viator Jim Peters irom 
(, L.n.Hii Hotlman E.n.ate». grad 
Hon Brown, Steve Kane irom 
Hersey and Hollinu Meadows 
High's.! I'll Rossi 

Villofl wa:, alHi plra^etl w'llb 

(tie learn * i,:«iin«e altitude and 

witiingneis. to work a,» ihe,y 

rvrrpaffil l>>r the season's tirsl 

,.,,',,., I- .fti \ii 

'I stres* tliscipiiiH" I'll ll"'^ 
I earn, (or «;«*» cou,iitiy t» a 
..|*.iTk..irut'in<.* *vp.ort We run B.|^ 
.*ell a.s 
,. , . . r ln,Kly 
wcitt,tit,spriik,ra(ii Mitl 1 rtpecl 
everyone to run "• mile* tn the 
morning on their own as well 
Bui .no one complain* Ihe 
iram'i atiuude i» very 

"I try tn nukir (tie wo,rkoin» 

as lun as possible." he addad 
■But I always strike the line 
line belwMn work and lun " 

While Saturday s Harper In 
vile will serve merely as a 
tuneup lor the September 12tJ» 
OanvUle Invilalional Vitton 
will tie watchms with interest 

"I consider this tuurnament 
to be a glorified workout' lor 
lit " said Vitton We're using 
a diHerent lormat Saturday 
j.bU'h is designed to induce 
nrrater compeiitmn Each 
school entered will have a team 
comprised of two men who will 
run allernaling miles with 
each man running a total of 
(our miles" 

The season's tirsl big lest will 
come it the llanvilie Invite, an 
(itien meet that includes com 
petition against such bmr year 
j,-f. .. 1. .. 1 o| I and EU . as 
^, .d I liiti runners 



Gridders improved 


riMtlwU Pr«vl«« Paco* > Kurper Milf 

lii< tilt two yfar cycte <:>( juiiwr c«iHif(|e' 
atlilctics. ciM€lM-s lt<:i|M» tu nave a $qii 
nlHMl !«(' Mrr<im|>lMn«<i iMfitutiimm iili)it|| 
WIIH ttlHiiMI IraiDiiMn on crw-ir rMiitcrl 

TiM!' |inAl«m IS tnal ittval stiuiiliioii it 
nttly pttvtni »«fem| miitij .1 coiwh to 
five 'iMtMnMFn a craati rourw w te^rmiiK 
nv* cMctiing Mjrtw* ttid ielltng acruitittii 
•d lo«c« tratnniim 

Tliat MTW vracki'Hg: «itperli!nr« »as 
rvideitl in the IMO venion ot tiMr Harpt-r 
la>nwll («*iTl. »iien |:|lif ><:|Ui4<l «.!% 
i)»*rtoa*>il witti. (reskraen »ta,rter 

Harper's odensivr uoil Mail a pleilura M 
llnW ytar plavfrt and tlicir t»)ip«r«fw» 
wat a hti reaMn wMy tli# t«tn kail ptnt " 
Wrms tarty in tlit irawMi 

Ttiif mffiil glanitg wrakn«» t'lw Itawks 
Had tarty Uftl year w«» at i:iMTt»r!)«ck. 
i«n*r« coacl) Jiilin EUauk ««* torriMl tii 
•urt Mtmawt «IW' iml iievi r utoyMt fkt 
ixtiimM iMi lort 

Tun 'TyrrtH ■asi-onvtrlHl frem cletrmiit 
In nuarttrttack twdwr the th ird t!.i ine ot Iht 
traMii... MiK'f Uw lil«Htll» itctiM l«i a4i 
wa* iHinrti ti) iMftT'iillf nH . 

Ahiiig villi • igrttn QB. the rwMiig 
baclM'flilil illMislvt lint «rrf alw mailt tip 
ii* mwiniMsni, ,%iin»g Uir ww anwib 
•«Pf lliiti«« SraiJ f'il(ta«l, lltsKit >>ila» 
aiMl' Dtw Dvnpnily and I>k;Iu Hiitt Bilyl 

Willi alt •! tlMMe Mw taf«. Ik« tiawkt 
otpn tn* tmiMM Willi liv« itratKlii i«m» 
TM »I :|l«t :|Bllt«:t» tmM Mtily havt 
gMt tlur Kiawr way , iiMl tr tliay hail . in* laai 
Imur wttkt tmM kavt httn miirt tlun }iisi 

Wet* tjy wrtfc, ftw lnvn funUnwttt lo (in 
prwt The <>t(tn,« started to bmmm* a 


IwiiKMctn tnr Krnumi «iin tjiirkr rirtakmi:. 
Ikt *H umt Marper rtt-nrd Iwr y and' |alMM 

Willj Tyrrell dtvtliiping mio a sluwig 
i:)t)arttr back and the K*ntrat malurily o'l 
the team the Ha*k» won tftew Imal tour 
«nle»l,s II was a dramatic liirn anwiiil 
irum Uieir "• <«t.iri -m'l f r>f wKmmg' sirtak 
IwptMly *m ' ■' ' into iht- mt, 

"lUlk yttr, lilt team l» twiintl lo haw c«. 
|Mn«iWt Ml Iteir Milt tor a riianit Many 
inilMlcii ■•• ■ M 01 playing lime latti 
MMM. an llwy tcrlamly xliiiuld'kmiw what 
lntsiMel (Ms tint around 

"*• haw miM* more expern"m-r tint 
year , ' ' Hiit Eliattik That u a v ery 1 inpor 
lani dl'llttviict I'roni' last seaKw 

C'naeh Etlaiik kn»* that HjrfM'r must 
come mil ol the Dlwks early tli<i year il 
tn*y tiptfl totonltnd tor a leantut I lile, 

We cant atlord la start klnwiy .iiK^m 
Hlt» year said EliasA "We need itooil 
pfflmrmancni out ml our iiuarferbatk and: 
Meka right oil iteitat ' 

LaM: M«KMi. Ihe Hawk runnwc game 
WH awh mare ttfeirUfi* than the pas»ing 
'•Ite'ik C"on:it44.iit«l> Etiaiik tiiip*'*' <■> 
HMd lielh mnniitg. and pasitiig together 

'"fht Iwiter wt (Mil, the ticittr clMiiee 
•• hate of •tn«!»g hi't-intsw it iMf* the 

IWiiiure ijtl and op'- ■■ ■• iig 

ikime ' 

AlHMMKhtnettawki »>rn , .viv >'■);<. ixii 
^mwt in ottHT teaffl'i. ihey do )uv« more 
MM thtt year THre* liig additwtis i,r> thr 

i||etei»K' thai ha»e iiii|jr - ■• ■■.,••■•; i- , , .,; v 

•» drt'ii (■'mierald w,;\'. ;,,»,■..■■ ,r: i 
!(*' Wniftart, All artiwrrsm »»i i,,:i(i una 

A ;|iniltlciii th» ni:«k> «ill' 'have til deal 
'* iih thM HWMit i:> latk »! dcf th. 

Wt can't aClord m|ur»e« this year, 
especially m ihir *kilM iMtithins iKraiue 
«f jiiu don't have many l)ack up pitrium 
Mil wtth Ite ahllity <:»( tmr startern, '" 'Said 

Th* big iimM'Im. mark the sipad wiii 
tact thif .year it Hit iltlensive iront 
il.lllMM||lt Itert aft wme gmtd prosip<>('ls 
niritif ih.' rioi«^sive title. tb<pv ar*- »':' 
'tqie i*tll ti'ill II iri.-v ■.. 
nil- !i> h ■.•T'l;. ■ '■■ 

Whether the Ba«k» can tmprtivf on its 
I MM reiwm depend'* heavily on 'h«* mutli 
the league ha» improved tlie Hawks are 
going to have to corn* up with »me upsets 
over the big p<iw«rii of their conierence 
Oul'age 'Trdon, and IIIIimHi Valley it they 
are to havi- any ehaace lor a championship 
m 'HI 

Burke returns 

When Harper Inotball fans 

le* a number :i:i streak through 
the cippming defense this 

neastm Ihey will t>t apt to %ay. 
"'Whoislhat masked man"'" 

I'ani who even vaguely 
rtmemtMfr Ihe last Imtliail 
Mason wtit ijutckly notice the 
onlv i-haiige is the Jersey 
Thaf>it,he same old Ron Burke 
• hi) *ijri> Jersey number I last 
year ;\rMl to Ihe deltglll of 
Ha»k i'o.:u-tirs. players, and 
ipectaior*. Burke i» back 

F'or the sake of ne'Wcomera lo 
Harper tcmttmll, Burke is the 
tailback who churned up more 
yardage last season than any of 
ll» predecessots in a Hawk 

There were wme very impor 
'tanl legal 'matten lo clean up 
'Iwfort Burke was granted ap 
proval til play tor Hat|ier ibm 

Tilt tnf gtssi ttiiitriiwrty Uiai 
ninceriti most collegi! atWeti* 
profraro* at one time or 
amothei 1- 'im-i (tl.ivcreltfiibili 
ty In Bulk'' - ■ ..■■*■■ ihts 15 In tie 
hit third ycaf «l culli-ge At a 
J'Uiinr t:i>lle|)e a player is only 
eilgilile lo play in one s|Kirt a 
matiiiiiim »• t*n years 
However Burke didn'i com 
pete m fwilball in his first year 
o( college, hut did pl;iy 
t'iaset>atl anottier sport he ex 
celK in TtKTelore, he still has 
:me >f<ir of eligibility left in 
fcmtball wWicti doesn'i twiher 
coach John 'Eliasik om- tut 

Kirrkr h;i(t an iititMjinilinc 

•;i'' . :iiiui;ii(.'ri y'.nnirn' H ,i 

Hawk record lor yards gamed 
cm the ground in a season 

The most remarkable aspect 
01 the re<-ord, though, was 
Burke only carried the hall a 
lad over tDll limes That meant 
every lime the ,star tailback 

toted the pigiltin, he averaged 
nearly eight yards 

Burke set another Harper 
record by rushing (or over 100 
yards per game six straight 
times That streak included an 
unbelieveable Mirvard game 
against Illinois Valley the 
toughesi team against the run 
in the slate 

In addition 10 those records 
Burke scored seven 
touchdowns putting him in a 
tie lor filth place on the Hawk 
all {ime touchdown list 

Kliaslk hopes Burke can im 
prove on his records this 
seaa<m and leels Ihe tailback 
can easily unpruve his 
■tatlstm if he lan avoid in 

"ft«n ntulM have reached 
1 IMW yards r«tshing last season 
It he tiand'i i.een hurl in many 
game* ' said Eliasik --He 
didn't miss a game all season 
but he was (nil lor a quarter 
here and there fur various 

El;.i-;li, i,s ii.uiilinii mi Burke 
and liiicKUeld Imddy Bob Bilyk 
to get ofl to a lasl start lliis 
year II either are injured it 
could put :i damper on the 
Hawk s i.,'ii.n)i-e lor a tirst divi 
•iion finish 

•V n 1 h e r plus Burke 
possesses is he doesn't fumble 
nearly as much as many other 
good backs do 

Although Burke did gam B.v. 
yards lasl year, be didn'l do il 
all on bis own 

■Ron has great speed, so he 
'■, an gel ouiside and make some 
good yardage," said Eliasik 
"But there also has lo lie some 
blacking fur him to do his 

This season Ihe Hawks have 
many returnees on oflense. 
lion I m Met/ <,>n pa^f e 7 1 

Young Hawks look aggressive 


Kirsi year >,««er coaeh 
Larry (,,ackowski is htiping not 
Mly iwr ncceais on the field this 
MMUM. hut wltH the field 

"•We call It the Swamp," he 

The field, located' directly 
Mirlhweit of M Buildinft, 
dwhtas as both the Hawks' 
practice and game Me. and 
■aa. cawiag the Ilawhi tMme 
pnhiemsallmf I report 

"I mm say we'rt disap 
ptimied with It The slipinery 
conditions are pnme for ui 
jury," he added 

B,ul the young, me«p«>rie(M;'ed 
Harper soccer team with only 
one player returning from last 
year's s<|uad:, didn't teem to 
mmd as they drilleij hard in 
preparation tor Wednesday's 

curtain raiser at HMwaukee 

"Their altitude is very 
good," stressed tJackowski 
'"They are all willing to learn 
which IS important tiecause I 
am always teaching, * 

tiackowski spends each d.ii|v 
workout on thret* #ss«mlial 
skills of S(K"ctr ball handling 
■including driliblitig. heading. 
trapping, and maneuvering 1 
tecltnical field play ■ such as 
what type of puss lo use, wfwn 
and ho* ami slralegy when- 
ami when to pass dribble awl 

"I was surprised when 1 Hmt 
started: practices t expecleil 
them, to be l>etler at ball skills 
imt field play and lacking m 
strategy. t«il it turns oul 'the 
reverse is true "An a result. 

(:;,ack:aw,ski tends to sires* the 
mechanics ol the game a little 

more in practices as h« 
prepared to get his team mlo 

the twst possible shapi* tor the 
Gackowski wliu rnached, St 

Viator 'Higli t ■ 'irdlasl 

(all, admit,'" >eaKin 

will tie a reljuiiiiiiii' ycir for the 
Hawks Last year, under ,San 
dor SitatHi, they comprised a 
(me ;i 1 . shim inn 'n nualily 
lur (tw- ,»[atf |:il.i>!>lls tur the se' 
C'ond straight year Of Ihe 
team's ex mence 

But I'iackO'Wskl IS imprtifwd 
with his team's a ,g 
gressivrness, and said he ex 
peels a gwKl year Irom them, 
despite the fact that Uie team is 
comprtsetl mostly ol l,reahtiitn 

"A consistent attitude is very 
import,aBt„ ai well as an open 
mind. Wlien 1 teach, I expect 
everyone to be willing lo listen. 
It they don't understand 
Mimething, I eiplain why to 
them 01 course, when they 
have a suggestion, t am open 
minded towards It as well So 
lar, everyone has 
demonstrated a destre to 'earn 
as much as posslhle, and I am 
optimistic attout our chances 
for Ibis sesson lis a resull " 

■ .,, ■ -, ►. stresses Ihe (ier 
II. ;ilay during prac 

liii .-. .,;.......^cs keep the bail 

on the wings and on the ground 
as much as possible this is 
designed to move the ball down 
the field into the attacking lone 
as <)uickly and prolicHinlly as 


tiackowski does not plan u, 
lock anyone into a certain p" 
lion on the team at least :; 
early on m the season 

**1 plan til be flemlile as to 
who will play where depending 
on the situation You might see 
someone at fullback one game 
and moved up lo striker the 
next " 

Cackowski plans to use each 
individual's laleni where he 
feels It IS best needed, depen 
ding (in the opponent As » 
resull he was hesitant to name 
a starting lineup lor Wednes 
day's game He did say. 
however that he plans to carry 
Hi men on his traveling squad 
and dress is players for home 
< CtmlmtmS'im pagt s > 

Theberge, harriers will be toush 

A ti«,«l;miflg All ,A,l'l'|,rn,raii m 
track an espeirially strong 
■rec-niiting year and a positive 
iMim aifiiu'ir tn,i-, cumbme to 
"IWll S. I I" r k: '^ ,^ (or this 
'year"*. Hawk crus* country 

Coach Jot Vllton., entering 
Mi third year at the 'helm tor 
the Hawki. couldn t hide hit op 

timtnn as he disi;usiwil the 
tefim'"s prospecti. fi»r this 

'We may hj've finally turned 
the corner wii the road to tuc 
cess." said Vitlon last *rrk 
"The nualily and ituantlty ol 
this tca,m Is better IJian we've 
evertia'Cl " 
The Hawks are led by ttan 

t,!api,ain 'Ron Theiwrge., w:hiti 
W'ls -Ith in 'the nat im in Ihe I IW 
intter run thia past spring 

""Ron M a good bmidinn Mi .fit 
tor the rest of the team " ,'..iid 
Vilton 111 his ,siiphmo,re Ml 

"Not til pul any pressure on 
anyone tiut I'd lie disap[Hiinted 
Il we didH'"l win the ton,(ere,nce 

title, " Thel'wrgc said matter ol 
lacUy "We have the laleni and 
thenumixTs " 

\ii*l •hilc Vlltim IS niuntlng 
"II i-onsistcnl clforts Irom 
Thctirrgc this .season he was 
also •■)ulte happy with the 
"laleni and numtiers" Ills off 
season rccniliing program had 

V.i- »e received quite an in 
flux of talent from the Mid 
suburban League," said Vit 
ton referring lo the Uxal liigh 
school lonlerence thai has pro 
duced Its share ul gifted run 
ners over Ihe years 
A pair of Palatine High 

I Ctatrnmidnnpaiie 7< 

Irossed signals force fine arts magazine delay 

An iflMflM 'lack «l CIMII- 

* »- , i t-f"7t - ivMiM M: tilt' PoM •ludMiti wtn 
f vipt 'Mran ni«»MJiie !»■■ '^"■"■J'f*' *" 
II, 'nmrt |«iy*iial»ej(t 

,« aagactiM •mek l» lijtewrtl'liriiti 

/>«4 ta 'iMt' IMtMy Hi ■"liw It ■» «ay Hicy tnwlil 

- - ■■-iH|igit Itrtar.' I»»i«'iil.. 
"On til* otlwr I 

jUaiMlliig t« rrtnlt Swiiift, 

' ' It 'MirfeiiiR. 

iilcMlMi ilid flw l«ili ■• nctcdpnnta."Sintlli«aM. 

Mm* twni' Mw pmm: he 
••We li«l tilt *um prMmi 

w«wk» <*r minn? I* (•»«■ '• ••'■ 
WWtin r«ii» the iin mI 

»l«ir ignswl Willi Smitn . 

"t Icrl II •» til tlw r«P' 
Hnsttnliiv III ttw prtnur. He 
IWl llic IhltiBi. (in Umt He con 
trtcltd to ami: the aerwmml 
in* «MlMt* mwrlMNl nwlully 

•■M*)'t« tl» l*«n« '*' *' <« 
IMimisli »*• mii«,»nn«' Airmg 
tli» MOimer , " Sa iili swiHl 

IMii}- li 0mm "» '>•■ »n 
• vUitole. »iii<l Jeiinn*' 
|*ii**:n», rttiwtmr •( Sludemt 
ACII*1U«. "• '«">€ «» » "*'"*'•■ 
H appointed in January 


WiiSioJ isiii»ti» 

ScptMlMW 10 ill I 

"Ai * mult III Uwddar. Dr. 
Smitli, Mr rwiKl mwJ I tawe 
met end dMMM thai tlii» 
MincMcr we ,«rB fomg i" »»«* 
mm mlitar MMwr." 'iieaiiit. 

mt>tt» tte ficl mat taltk 
was n»> (amilwr willi (lie ]ol> 
Psnkaitin admittMl (Ust Uiere 
wm no diKuinloii aboul tUe 

We did not f!» mmt Om llm* 
elemflit »itll Dr Smith, in a<l 
ditmn . he ■ a* new , " she Mid . 

\llred A DiiBilinwilii. direc 
tor 111 Media Service* who ii In 
chariw? »( pnnlinR ipecltica 
Uoiis, admiiied (hat the prin 
ting nc'hedule was not dlac«B««l 
with I'oml «» View adwuMini. 

In addttioM. there ha* htm 
toMlderaMc discusaion ahull 
the li««» time tor t'oiiil ol View 
to He diKtnlwted iti Uie 1*11 ot 


ic«'Sa«ed iTom once a year to 
twKe a fear editmos 

hawe tim 'Iwck a 

III im 

fmn Ihe 

while WiiUam Fa 

a( art. has worked on the 


IfQ^iea of the s 
now awailable tt .tl» tMMiiig A 
Umnie and thriMilt the Bngliali 
and aft depattmcnla. 

[•enons inlerettelt Hi i 
U>u year's magazine SM I 
to contact either Snillll at •»- 
W or rourt al i 


William Rainey Harper OoUkgi Paliline, Illinois 

landidates file in board race 

/■««fl« l»t'*t reititered 

.■■■, oi candMBcy Witt the 

..-* freiideni of ad 

iiulfithit terfMMi, lor Mie 

f i HoianI ol thiilec 

('Ml prtilMMW tirliiDi llic 
..DMir'OtCiiMlMlateito^nMir im 
'- raet lor two vntani tusla on 
" ^eveii memtiOT 'RaHml. 

ocwnlieni tletqp Dailief 
-<J tJWlier thU yw ■i"l 

jrd meiittier Jmm ICIiHiiiiait 
. ,. lined a rMlect:iMi: hMl tor 

'M-hMlliiMrK iMMcm Ilem 

..r itty. 13. a flee-prcildent til 

<• Borf'Warmtr AiMflaiice 

■arpeiratton i» leetllig one o( 

( two open, leali lor several 

MM* "11** a tMOch ol thmitii 

% " utaled Tortilti in a 

' interview ahoiH htt 

|i«iiiii<iii<-v anitouaeemcnt 

■tved: ID the con 

. yean," adiled 

|«rii»li,j who Him h«i l»e«i 'in^ 

lil««t1 with the Frlewli of 

buiter wiianliatMin and I* on 

the Northwest ComniunHy 
HMpltal fciard ol Ihrertom 
TlHpfiiiit HUB tlMt Tonaky 

■MlUMrtng ol the Warper 
'midpt "1 (eel (here t* • 
fir mrreased ('Meal 
MCtW.. ■'• Torinky noletl 

Aaolher area oi foncern, Utt 
trnttm to me tac^t tlial tliere m 
Hlle I ' mn 'i — W tallon. on the 
tmm* IMB the •*•* *** <■'■ 
H:B»p«r*'» dtilrtet ■•Twent)' 
mnm hondred rendents 'from 
Sch,»«r({ Harper,- 
siijlml Tonsil): ■■Ttiat't i*% ol 
llarper't students iivuig In the 
Tkal* why I think tax 

MirwantatiiNi i» mportani 

Tarnkj »lated thai he 
thouiiht ittilioB tnereaaeinenla 
would h^Kc lo tie looked at very 

carefully twiore any iinplica 
Ijoo SlUl he leds that past m 

ereanes have been justiliable 
■'Vou can't continually lake 
iraat the coninniniiy without 

gifUi|. MNncthlnc tiaeli,''' uid. 

Weekend vending maehine blitx 
ives over $3,000 in dmmm^ 

int^an. 'hrake M« lUe wen 
bng macihiwri' Siwdaii nipi 
Mtiiii a total ol HW ■■) stoten 

rM* aMi. tmmim •• eMimated 

flhMc Safety chiet Kevin 
-ving Killed that the ineldenl 

■H-fijirred tietweisn S p m ■ and i 1 
1 m Sunday iii||H while the 
i.M:pts «M timti fm the 
l.ahor Day hotiday OKieew 
Htii«>ver«l. Ihe Dreak in at 
Ww'i I ( p m , on Sunday durtnn 
li routine patrol ol the campuii 
i A U> ol live iii.achin«s. »■ 
l;MI«i a Wll changer were 
imkeii into No .*hef areas in 
liiir iMiildtnc •«« hwtam ii*> 


. ,iH"e found. Jill the dnor* to 
|\ ijuuding w'ere lecwe alter 
fM DfMk in 10 the machines. 
. H.»-c>v«-red 

.lie S.a.l'elv sjieods 7'>% ol 
,..,...... time inside the Iwihli'njt* 

Uurmg clmted eanpu* tintes, 

dHg to Ktitg. »od oCAcers 

„ ,id. 'the break 'in Mte ieverat 

f linitii. after the mciileiit h*l «4.' 
Viirred Kin.»«iiitl.hatll»ed.ior» 

w«fa Mt Imeft. aflur HM' 'hvcak 
in i» Mafec Umih aiiMaf to tie 
chkiMl. Tlie *i»eid«nl »•» 
dlseovered tiy atfleen altar 
Itiey appemat-lied the nMKllllna 
trom. a dHlerenl anele' •nS.Hltli 
ndtieed: llie door to a ma«**n« 
lillghtiy ijar t>n hirtlier clOM« 
invektiflation the oilLcers 
dltcuwcred Ihe exIiMl. «t the 

Another area Tonaky i* look' 

intt •« '» '•"" diyernity ol pr»v 
grtina 'Ollereil at H.irp«>r "l 
tfeink there i» r" i"r i.ii'i tin- 

profrwili at Hiirprr " In- 

Tort*k)' i» married, iiiid h* 
and h» wilr l''.itn.''i.i ttiive a 

ton.. .ftawn.. \.i ..."■' i.-nnhter. 

Kriitina, whip i^^ t 

A.Mil.hef canidate .in t.Nr race 
II 'Dr. 'Koherl l'"<*i... a f'h<*. 
LwcnMMl atiioriiey and real 
.ectate teciker Polli «a.y* I'l"' 
ncutom and foromunu-ation 
with the puhlti: are the Iwo 
mo»l import anl uniie* in thl* 

PoHi w»vs hi* experience u a 
itudenl at Harper, will aide 
hlra as ■ trustee. Ijecause after 
taking classe*., he reatiies what 
the tiudenl needs are 

•■I've tieeii a. .itudrni ,ii 
Harper and t realtte what Ihf 
need.* tit the students are 1 cai» 
uiM- that knowledge on the 
hoard." I'oUiia Id 

He says that Harper's 

academic currwulutn must be 
up dated murder lo provide 

more eilensive fiivcraite lo 
cnune material 
■I think the rurrieulitni Is 

v.'fv *:km1. t'Htt there is always 
riKiiti iur improvement 1 think 
il you compare Harjier's 
nnirie* wtlh 'tt«»»*! ollered ai 
other eonimunl'ty colleges, you 
wou.ld (ind Harper In Uie mid 

die of iood and wry .good. '"• 

(■oUI also says Um hoard ha* 
failed to ellectively «« 

ty." MemUUiiR 'he comMlen is 
a very derinlle reaponsHiUlly of 
the hoard 

■in* wr»«r twJir .,im,)»ti'iiig 

from the hoard They need 


Kinit said that wnne torm of a 

' ■ Unw! pry' ■ iii«l.njrwnt was us 
•dinlherohtoery KUtgwrnnol 
sure II the incident. '«at done by 
amateur* or csperlenecd 
bur|{|.a.r$ "It's hard to uy at 
point stahtd Kinf Kinit 
■ aUBoryihatlheioii'wna 
to the larfc 
ol danuKe on lie 
machines " Kinii noted 
However thai protesHonals 
could not he ruM nut a* they 
migU try to ntahe a break.' tn 

Board vole Nov. 30 

For the (irsl time «n<e ib incorporation as a taxed aiip_^ 
ported institution the eieetion for the Harper t.ollefe Board ol 
Trustees will take place on the first Tuesday m NoviMiber 

In the past Ihli eleclioo has always occurred m the sprtn« 
rhr reason Icir the chanRC is due to the implicatMm of a pro 
. edure t»y the sUle legislature that moves all municipal and 
srtiool elections lo the national and slate ejection "»*"» * 
means ol cooMJlldating as m iny election Uraes as IMaaihK^ 

The mam purpo« ol Uie move in dales "» •"•"f^Pj *" 
eliminate apathy tn loeal clectloos However oponentsortMs 
move lear that the ejections bemg the same «"«»»""-' 
and slate elections will tiring partislisra into scHmM eleetiuna. 
an area that in the past has t>«en free ol partisUn ■fCHiatioa 

: safely » they '»err 
nal awt at this point how m ^^ 

ceti. to Ifce 'hiUilini. Had oe fliB,Y«j:||(SfrER enjoyed, a Wit»niinM«Hli*lcnC»WB 

Snetal: lait ««*.. mtmWt rmCmtM 

Fmtt, T»w"*'''>''^»'' SWemlw >»• 


Keep mandatory 
student activity fee 

B.vwy ymt the Board o( Tnwtees receive tetters from 
irate fMMltwIio complain atwut having to pay « man- 
dataay SMent AettwiUcs Fee with Uieir tuition payment. 
Theae cemplalMn a* (luestions like "if I never use any 
ol the acttvttlei flUIWihere, why sliould I have to pay tor 
tlMfa?" Our .npAy totlMae atudents Is two part. Ftrst. are 
aU (tiMtenlt aware of ail tlw dlttcrenl acttviiies and ser 
vice* OmI ate funded by their payments of M for part 
tinart mi 111 'or fullUmers" And. second, why aren't 

All fltudents receive a ttudenl activity card alter they 
rcglBler (or claaaes. On the back o( this card la a tirief ex- 
planation that reads ttke this 
■'This card entitles the student bearer to free or 
leduced admission at Harper's classical and 
popular concerts and films, lectures, plays, art ex- 
hibits, special events, athletic events, a student 
handbook, weekly student newspaper, activity 
calendar, free access to a physician, free legal ad- 
vice, and M-hulldlng recreation during advertised 
hours, emergency loans, Plitt movie tickets, a game 
room, membership in thirty clubs and several 
organliations. " 

That's a lot of things that are bound to be able to In- 
terest almost any student Student activities at Harper is 
Just not limited to Joining a club, but to also assisting and 
■ervlng the Harper student 

We all from time to lime face life's dllemas What a 
relief to know that there is at least one place where one 
can go to get a doctor If they are ill. a lawyer if they are in 
a jam wMi Iha law. and money if things aren't going 
llnancially stralglit and' forward. 

Surely, with .■■ iWiany different offerings in the area of 
•nlenalnnent .as Harper has to offer,, every student will 
he able to find a show or lecture that will interest them 
ikD4 a time itt wl.|,| ti,> «tt«i(J a pd,rti,cuUr tu» 




*' tF '^^ 



locus Report 

Program otters unique 
services io hearing impaired 

111 m. i««i studimts wiiikni 
W» Hariwr iwi (lie lirst day ot 
idMMil,. allMig wttti ill! the i.n 
coMilaf (raiii.nien. transtm, 
■iMl Mtimini «(iiiteM> But 
tlMie tw« ftudenij were deal 
Tlila, was t<i lie Um N!g.iruiiiii of 
•hai ti now a large, and itill 
gntvinit. Hearlnt ^mpaireA 
Pngrans at Harficr Catltge 

Thai tall, the tint Interpreter 
va* hired » that ttiooe two 

ttudtnli would bv Me iw at 
land ctaiaetand team the i»mt 
UmI Uieir dasimates 
leamMf Lii McKay, now 
Utid III endmnmental heaitti 
aiHl. tafHi wa« Miptd to Head 
dw imtgran, and under Iter 
■nore inlerprttrrs vm hirvd 
m $ |Mirt-tMe t»asi.> This, at 
ewuTM, emi-ourBgiMi' more hear 
Ini unpaired sludMls ta come 
In ltar|M>r in m:v rhris 
iunter was hired as a part: 
tlnif c<M*rdtfi4tar. a.iid lor IMe 
nett five year* the proRraoi 
Itrrw rapidly more inler 
piiM.ert were nired. (-(.Mnselors 
Mid tulon were «Im hired. 
.Michi Gerslein was liinKi as IIm; 
■viiM»r •! Iwerprefen, |.ii 
when Mr Htiniier len.. 
Paul Chamberlam was hired as 
a lull" time ctMirdinalnr. and 
WW heads Uw pewgraM . 

The Itainiig' hnpiind I>tii- 
■ram aialics Mve llwt oaisk 

deaf m- hard of hearing •twleot 
l«tt e<|uat ai-Msi to educatiM 
or vncaltonal iraininit tl 
MarfMtr This ■sian* at the very 
tie(|lnninit wiien a student find 
applies l« HariM*r. twtauae ail 
IwartiiK impaired siudents land 
their aoplication to Paul 
t'hamtierlam "We help lliein 
right irom Ihe start." 
aa.inheria.iii said "We help 
them Ko Ihroufh me adrels 
tiMS procedure ard then help 

.lit new (ludents lake place' 
iiieni tests to iw whether they 
need preparatory clatset 
mhich help mprniie Ihetr 
.academic, career {Jann,tn||. 
ami itudy skills "We try to ice 
what kind, of help tliey nesd. 
and provide counselinit il tls 
nveded." Chamtwriam uld 
There .1* counielinii avatUtile 
lor almost a,n.v need persorai, 
academic vocational tr 

One of the moKt Imiportani 
■crvtees oliered l>y the pro. 
gram is the mierpretors 
Harpe.r employs i«o lull lime. 
and 11 part .time uiter|irei.ers 10 
meet the newti ol the » hear 
log impaired students current 
ly atlending Harper "The m 
lerpnter attend* daises with 
Ihe 'heannf im,pairtd tiiidcni 
and iisliig sip lanpagf'. Mier- 
pma the lecturU'. diiwuiatoiii. 

and anything else that is said in 

class." ChamtnTlam said. In 
addition, note Uking K-rvlce* 
are alio nltered Student* in the 
clais taKe noies <m carbon 
paper (or the hearing impaired 
student, ami are paid lor thetr 
hdp "It would IM a little dil 
llcull lor the hearing impaired 
itudenl to lalie notes at well as 
interpret the lecture "' 
Chamherlain explained. 
■because when he looked down 
to write, he'd mt»s whatever 
Mui interpreter was was telling 

Students are encouraged to 
get involved m tlie activitie* ol 
fered liy Harper They can re 
iiuetl an interpreter it they 
wish to attend any school 
events, such as plays or other 
performa.nce« ■il aaludeot re- 
tfuemt an interpreter, wc .try to 
provide n e . ' ' said>erlain "*.41so. II a stu- 
dent IS going for a ]ob inler 
view, an tnterpnfter i» provtd 
ed. " he added Tutoring service 
IS alio provided for the hearing 
impaired II they need a 1 utor 
taw l.» availatilr Io help in sub 
jecis like Math English and 
Businens, " said Chamtieriam 
There are two full lime tulor* 
and one part time DPR tutor 
liir those who need tuioring 

There are many activities 
provided especially (or ihe 
hearing impaired students On 

a regular ttasis. there are cap 
tuned movies shown, such as 
Animal House and I.ady and 
the Tramp There is a deciider 
on the television by Student Ac 
tivitles. which puts captions on 
certain T V programs Every 
year there is a Ms Deaf 
Harper conlesl. and the * inner 
competes In the Ms Deaf of II 
Iknois conlest Last year they 
spooaored a volleyball team. 
con»tstlng of hearing impaired 
students 'They did very well. 
and even won a tournament. ' 
said Chamtierlain Other 
events include a Chnslmas 
party and various fundraisers 
There Is also a telelypi-wriler 
in building D. 10 thai the hear 
ing impaired students can use 
the pay phone "They are just 
as entilled to use the pay 
pliones as anybody else but 
couldn'l do 11 without the 
teletypewriter " Chamlteriam 
said Students have also t)een 
encouraged 10 gel involved m 
the regular activities of the eol 
lege Already there n one 
hearing impaired student on 
Ihe men's KK'cer team and 
another who was elected a Stu 
dent Kepresenlallve to the ad 
vt'Miry iMard 

"I ihink 11 does a lot for the 
students to he inlenraled into 

the Harper loetely " said 


It means that today everyone Is getting into health. 
Well. Harper's Building M is a haven for the experienced 
jock as well as those of us that are trying to lose a couple 
of pounds or just to get the bones moving again 

Getting Involved with a club or organization Is not Just 
a way to use up spare time, but a way to help prepare you 
(or the future world and a way to get to know other 
Harper students. 

Harper's activity fee Is extremely reasonable and when 
you put It into perspective and see what students are get 
ting it is a huge bargain. We are confi- 

dent that the fee will remain and we hope that students 
use all the actlvlltes and services that they want and 



As a purt time evening sti 
dent I innvratulaie Ihor 
rcsji Ihe radicl 

chai,. :^i,Kle Io WHCI 

a* rep.'rtctl ui Itic Xuf. Tl issi| 
III KM' Harbinger It's 
lortiinatc thjil th«' previous ,5l| 
dent radio -r/an lei Ihe slaliil 
ilcclinc iiitii itll ventered anal 
chy and an audi" [Kx.lium (tf 
un'ihinkinii n-iini:ii<?ss. i 
processional amateur!. 
The wll servirifcj hieali 
I'.rr wi i.-.iik'd stijilrnt right> 
■ ■ .i .ini.if!- 

wr cm riii^t- (H r.^i aminin^ llj 

stead ol so-tailed dl's hrlngir 
in I heir latest albui 
'discovery" loplay 
ijood luck and bcjit wlshe^ 
Tom Schnecke 



Wltliam Rainey Harper CoUeai^ 

Algonquin a Roselle Hoads, 

Palatine. IL1IKK 17 

1)17 3000 

lyierJ Wlrklu 
Kevin Boltfrm^ 
[>i!in»liy I'lravM 
K*»ll**a Kooill 

..mhAt'll Jim Mjrd 

Udnr 10 Ctiiri 



Phalli Kdltor 

.^rfvertl'iimK %«leii 

ATitmtt MiHi'i. 

sun Curt Vi-kmon Dune Alberj 

MiSeflMinliacli Kim Ciiiti 

PuiiJCjilcio Jim Davll 

l.u JsnIufWHki Holly Kullel 

K«n>l Lolnugh Terry Mirlowf 

i;anclr«l«e Murdilul^l NoflNo 

( 1»rM Sm 

SimU iitatl Tom I4ltut. JM Mii| 


l»ui>tK:jitiun. lur Ihr Keeper OAif 
t .imfiuii (-uimmunily puollflwd« 
ni-epl iluring HoMtf* mtt final < 
■im All<it>iiiKio»exp««ne<i>rellmi 

III III* wnlar and 'iM mK'eitarily Uio 
ol lltt fiiMede Its •Oa.ininratK 
IniuMy M ilwleM inKly ^dvenmit 

«XMI 4:^<>' aeadline i» H .« m SlondJ 
mA €00,>' l» in*l>jtct Io etiihnj 

l.em>rsl.» ltMrftdll«ir rnuil ^ i 
NBme» wUI lie |»uNlstietil * »r lurlhcl 
inlormnlHwi c»U IW7 3 

Ktma r »r lunnci^ 
r MM e>t tMi ti 

Th(iM*rti.PH|#r S»p(«<Tttwt lO i««i, P»9«J 

landidates file petitions for Nov. board elections 

JiMir* Mlngttt' wilh «!»"■ <■">» 
Miiity;* lit Mill 

if ««t*<l, Pnlli «i\* Hirn 
MtnKSttm w>(i> Ul« (iMtrlU' Mill. 

tMM tt"» *er)i imiMifWnl: 

fiJttlt N>t>t. I 'itM'l 'Ikilnll 

) Mk with the |>co|>)«' aincl In 
kaiiw wtaH IN* IWMrcl a 

Pdlt (-mtnMM IW • WAt « 
rtoifit l*ii v<raf, tat W»i m 

KM aucMistiil in wmiimi • 

liflf'«nnnii>I'(il ih*" *>»tr» 

'i. m tMt yiar tut l il'KJn'l 
win. t M p!t a Muiitwr ■» votes 
Dhwili Q'iH<>l'«w«r<t.«M<.'jm!.. t 
Mull I won Kwicltiiiif like 

4»Uk' IroM tlK' cwrtcitlttitt 
inipTtwifiMt anil' Mter Rtni' 
niantly rthi'tlHiliv f'olli say* hr 
«'l|:) (Mttrtilit ttw »«Mf at ijMli 
IV iif thr rolleuff Jinrt liicrms* 
commiuttt I irivotvcmml 

"1 Witt lt'> III MP'grw)* lllt> 
te^mi m m*ry tn'd anii |et 
.UMirt: 'imvwlwiam from titc 
pitople w (lie ttMiiBunil)' 

fanilwltfc Kfia Kiwurd ttke 
f'otlt, twlte»« the l«»rt l»» 



a/5> 894-5354 












iji,ii«l «<> i-ofiunuwcfil* with the 
(Mtilir and ttel Harpvr's cut 
riculMm sliwiM tm Mjia«*iJ lii 
mdu* JHldltumal vw;il«i»nal 

Mawant »ay« niore ewn 
iii«litc»tt«i i» ne«I«l, but she 
think* I** twJart's tmiun lo 
f m m u n I «■ a t e was not 
fwnetliinK it did d<f.lil:»ratel.v 

•M Ihlnk. ttmn itomiW 'he more 
MimiiHcatiM.. I dim't ttiiitk 
vMNgli inlnrnHilUMi gtti (Ml to 
th* vulers I ttimk th<- imar) has 
laiM til talk lo |mi(»lic. but I 
(iM'l iHink t)w Imard hat iUtiw 

"t (km't think (lif hoard t» 
trying to W* anything fmm 
»nyfco«l> after all. lh«tr 
mtttiitiK an oficn to the publk- 
awl penpte ar«? wrlvumi' lo i»l 
tMd, '• 

Howard we«*«l • Iwif' 
nalitm ilegrtt I'rom Nor^ 
thw«l€rn I'nrteriity and has 
Imsii K'tiv* in commwnity pro 
gran* and with Hariier tpon 

S*t myt tIMf «t|wrtwf«» .«he 
ha* had with Ifcei* dUterenJ 
orianiMtKins.. wilt aid h4*r il 
she i» mccwttui in hrretwllmn 

■■f«* worked with ttw- '-••■' 
Sf.mts ihf rnitifd Via: 
»iih Norlhweit Conih! 
ilocptlal I have iwrved on Uw 
women's advlsorj' iKiard at 
Harper. wWdi dewloped thi? 
women's program 

L^»l Oclotjer, 1 was a»k«l tii 
orgamie lhef-'riend*<»t Ha:rper 
an orgamiatton designed to tn- 
suppartive of the college and to 
work MS a commune latino 
lyslemtolhecoinrawnity " 

'Howard lay* trte foUegt 
must develop riwrses that meet 
student needs and that lOuriMf: 
are needed to meet the resjxm 
cttilllties the college ha* to 
vocaUonal students. 

•1 IWnk a very important 
mm I* tlie quality nf educa 
tlon I Uiink Harper ha* a very 
()u>Uf lad. nd'Ut-atimial *tatl . tut 
1 think Ihe colhge needs the 

eoitrnet that students want . 

That m^ean* that course* lor 
transler s(u4enls must he 
devtopnd, and just as inipor 
tant. the courses uiu-ml u> 
'"(•hnical studenlt 1 ihmk il"b 

■iporlanl to accomplish this 
■<-i.-|i.»e il the economy eon 
tinues tlte way it is, more 
students will ' tie attending 
Harper " 

K successful ti! the elei-tion 
Howard promises to spend lime 
iin campus discussing issues 

i think ifs a very essential 
pari (If the board to talk with 
the students on campus Spen 
ding more time an campus is 
something I will do if 1 win I'm 
seeking election Hi the board at 
a strong supporter of the col 

Schaumburg resident 
Douglas Ballman a tilth can 
dWate had (lied a pctitmn. but 
recently withdrew thai iietmon 
liir reasons unclear at this 

Programs receive donations 

Thf fiarptr Eititcailonal 
Fund ha* raeelved three dona- 
tiona from three different 
orxanlialiims lor use In three 
ditlerent educational programs 
at the college 

The three areas receiving 
donations were the Technology. 
Math and Physical Science 
Division The food Service 
Praffram. and the Shakespeare 

lIcGraw Bdisoa. a manulac 
turer and supplier of electrical 
and mechanical products in 
Rolling Meadows donated 
tmu to the loundalion for the 

purchase ol instructional 
equipment to be used In the 
Technology, Math and Physical 
Science Division 

As a result of application sub 
milled by the Fund Foundation 
to the Illinois Arts Council, the 
Fund received a grant ol SIMM 
lor iJMf third annual Harper 
Shakespeare Festival lo fie 
held next spring Last year. Ih* 
Illinois An Council gave a 1400 
grant (or the l«ll festival The 
Fund Foundation Is hoping to 
raise ■dditlonal (unds for the 

Donations of efiuipment lor 

the food service program were 
also received from Sprinf 
Brother's Company of New 
Jersey The company donated 
one rechaud and two crepe 
pans valued at S700 


Siyny. lis nty| vtmr cainpus- 
It'* our Cimpus. ' And 
were prcpiirctl to give 
Mm .liZ.tK) refund. 
All ymi ncctl lo do i\ go 
to your tollfpi' bookNlore 
find ihovf t .inipii> 
scliool vu[iplics. sytc- 
cuilK marked with 
t!ic DOiBI FlilC K 
BACK primiotion lt'\ 
>nU on (iimpus vihtKil 
MippliCN troin Mead 
l:;»cli item has. 4 cerlain num- 
ber of K»nii> (loinis Fkiy 
enough (iiudiKt^ t<i .ic\u- 
inubte 111 txnius p<'ini> 
Send these prools-ol- 
piiieh;ise U> Mend and 
kKi/l|sciK:l\.ni l\K;k3.:,(KI 
m Ihe iTiuil. 
Mki .ill. uc've never 
niei a viudent who 
eouldii 1 ii^e .i little 


B1<mmI drive 
tf> be held 

Mor ca« tiMn at at. Ml. 

Kew Richt difkate 

V s 
.MMlMlklF an 
ttlmtmm r RaM Bwcktagr «tH 
tM«' off . to a iMaal* Mtst. IM- 
miay algM iii J ici Hw til« 

•I Hat iMMte "Tile Nrw IliKltl 
at .Solutmn ' will 
I Ut» nan)!' arguawala. 
1 to. Ike rweat tnnd 

R.N.. Tfiloring 

'n»'II..N. TlttMUlf ffWlllCl HI 
tiMitaraliMi «'ttli l.«qp Ctaiter 
Y.WC.A «tl.l prcMnl ■ 

S iMia fl' 
».m. l» 1 p.*.. at l<iM|> Ocater » soutii WaiMMt 
<■ CIMcapi.. 

■■I MaraMg •duealnn vlll 
■aft arllk |»aitiapai)t> to iMtIp 
•cei« and tntirove study. 

ea«!|Mct.MMi wt 

'amaof Nura- 

t Saturday 
m Ha. Fur Mitanu 



.* «iiHr nam vUl bt ttuMw 
Fllilfw.4lH4< tl ilf ||..iii.. atlli8 
.IHM' at ila cMt'ft pMBiilMit... 
Any Hsarper stwtat «<!lt^<i«iw in 
mac and #ni(i> Mind (3if liliaa 
(enniriliiii. ¥m mmn initamia 
Ua«.caM.W t3Kori3t-a.ii.. 

Fall Play 

Tkt HariMir CMtfe TiMwtfV' 
•ill hold audlttons for the ftll 
praductmo i»f "The Shadow 

Boa" by Mklia«l CliriilO'fer on. 
TiMMtay and Wcdnewlay. Spel 
liandlSalTpm in AI» 
CapMa of tHa acripl are m 

raicrve in tlic library Ttew 
audlttoninii must reiii tiiv 
icrtpl prior to a>mmg lo Uie 
atatkiaii.. SliHlmita intanstad la 
cftw aaiffc an alH ancnuragcd 
In atiand ana af lilt amlltliiii 

TlM lint crcv' iiiMt.liij[ wttl 
Ha TlMititlay. Jitpt.. 14 at 7 p.m. 
tt M». PniiKtMM date* (or 
"Tilt Sliadow Box" ar*N«'. rl, 
14. a. 11 in JIU Dirffi audi 
Hon (luntians to Mary Jo 
WaUini AW. 3f<r-3IM.. Ml. M 

at Harper" 

A tMr».Jan Swlng'Blf Band 
dance (ealunng tiir Roger 
Fami'ticrtiMi "Chicago Jtu" 
Hand •Hi he htU Saturday. 
SafI ». IMI In tilt! A Bmldmii 
liOMiKt (nm • til 1 1 p n 

Adminiiioit at t.h«> dwr will ttt 
ft <wr .llariwr students with 

I I* .fflllld $1 U.*r Itir *(rn..**'r::M. 

Na advanca ttc.liiil.i> m ii) 

Graduating? Cheerleading 

Rer. plannin|r 
needs help 

Th« liJirper CoUeue In 

iramiiral and Kerrratlmi Plan^ 
n.«| CoRifflitlnf IS limfeing (or 
itiMlMti who wtMild like to 
aiasl the diretlor m pJanning. 
argaaitiitK. (upervistng and 
.l»iiliHcti.,l,ng t-mpua recre.a 
tliinat actirltlei. Those in^ 
lamtsil itMMld cmilwt Wclty 
Hejfnotda m MSm. tat... 'W m 

Stwlents who qaality far a 
degneor certldfate for the fall 
lilt wmcster muxl pelU»n tor 
graduation hy niidterm. <M 
l« )«■ Graduation pctltlnna 
can he ohtained In the 
registrar's oKlce In Building A. 

Free diving 

A (ree im.n:iduct»r.v sculta 
dtvm.|( seminar is liemg olterad 
im Frtdas . :S«!pu<m.l»*r n . at 7 
p m ill (lie Harper (*»lleite 

twimntme pool, located m 
BttlMing M 

The evem.B,g will intiwle a 
nmip. sl.Hles. and a sesii.lon In 
tlie wjiirr with ti-ulia etpilfi' 
lacnt A suit., towel masti. and 
Ims. 'tlMMld tw brougibt lo tlw 
aMlHiar. Eitra etiuipment will 
he avaialfcle at the pcitil 

Harper Collpue nKers a 
imlioiidllv sjiK'tioneit .*rul>,i 
iltviHg i.-iiur*e every eight 
weeks With cert idral ion 
available lh.rough the Mtdwexl 

To register lor the tree 
Hffflinar and toot>taln Itilcirna 
iMiioB icutu clacacs. sludenla 
should cat! mu 'Xm. cut. 4Hi. 



Matariat Management .la of- 
(efing > seminar entitled 
•Prodiiction and Inientory 

t^ontml Syatems" on Wednac- 

Kmpliaaia «tll tie ptacol on 
practical technniues nere»Ba.ry 
10 tope with currml inventory 
ptottlenis Maiiulacturmg and 
malenal manager* and" prO' 
ductm «nd purchaiMK super 
vliors are urged to attend 

The seminar will tie held 
InMi ».m a rn to * p m al the 
Palatme campus Building A 

TuillOT IS t7:> which includet 
materials coffee and lum-h 

To re:gi»t<T, call :W7-:iOBO. en 
lanilonlKi <ii2or]wi 





Tlekatt §• tn sftU Hiit 

M«iiday, St^t. 14 at 10 fl.m. at 

t«M Studant Aetivitiat Offiea 

(Lines will not be permitted to form until 8 a.m. ) 

who bring this ad and a valid FALL I.D. 

canbuyTMTO TICKETS FOR «6f SAVE *2. 

(TICKET "Special- l.imit 2 Tickets per ID > 

The Harper College 
cheerleadinR aquad. wlilcii haa 
eiKht menbera. is holding 
clmics (or tryouts on Sept S 
aiMl 10 from 4 to K p m in room 
AM2 The Iryoul date is Sept 
II ahmfromltoain AMa 

Tlie iquad beliii villi fall 
festival activities, and par 
ticipates in cumpetitions. aa 
veil as clieers at all toalball 

lo speak 

Paliar Hoy Burgaol*. a 
CalMIc pnesl who diaap 
peared (or several days earlier 
this year on a trip to Kl 
.Salvador while liis|wcttn|! can 
ditmos in that country will 
dlaciiaa aJIain m Kl Salvador 
attp m , Tlmraday. SqM 17 In 
a pmigrani ipoiamrcd by the 
F'olilical Science Cluli al 
.Harper Coiletie. 

A ilocumentary. Tlie .Seeda 
of l^iherly" ettamming tlw 
daath of four North American 
iBlaaMliianea m Kl Salvador on 
|}*c. 2. IMI. will also be itiown 

Admiaalonfree The program 
arlU he Md in Uie Boardroom 


Piano Duo 

Ttie Harper College 1911 «! 
concert series will open with 
the Aebersold Neiween piano 
duo appearing loday. al 12 l.'> 
pm in PIB&. Admiaalon is fr«e 


The Harper College pomponl 
Ufuad. which performs at alll 
borne foottiall and basketbaul 
ganiat. is holding tryout clinic 
Sapt 12 and 24 in room A2«l.| 
Tryouu will be held SepMmti 


Eicperienced students 

are interested in olftciallna 
touch (iMiHiall baskelballj 
volleyball track ll«>r tia<'key.l 
swimming etc should contactf 
the Intramural oKice in Mm] 
orcallext ii>:'>or44i7 


i interested in joining 
the .S^haumburg Jaycees ca 
talk to representatives on S«pt.| 
14 from 10 a m J p m in I 
lounge in A BIdg More info can| 
be obtained by calling 882 ; 

or m-wm. 


all shapings are 

present HARPER student ID 

707 UV GOLP Rd a' H gg.ns 

Hoffman Estates 

No Appointments! 

ThtK»rt»mg^. S«>»«nbtr rB, mi. P«fl«4 

Grandparents add to family acculturation 


VWb past generations as its 
•itiMM, the itreinJUi amJ unity 
wHldl once ctarly defined the 
Immtly itrucHire, have beconie 
IncnastBgiy dltftcult to (Ind In 
nuny ho»iMli«lds, Jamtly bowl* 
h*«e liUen |u>t short of collap 

UnlMte ye«r'» ago. cWWren 
■te not being shown that «l IM 
wry tlnU stgn of tieljrtiMnii*. 
grandma or grandpa ihoirid be 
put In a nursmg h«,:Tie whcrj* 
tlwy can receive the proper 
nwical tttenlkMi "needed " 

The lellnwing hoHday when 
^HBdins I* picked ijp tlie 
MMOMr ■Ijruflflle* for the ap 
pnnrtllt mmm when her etRhl 
y«nr old ton aili». "If grandma 
Is IMM| taken care ol by all of 
Ihoae penpie at the home ' h<iw 
cnaie ihe hnki » unhappy " ' " 

In an eWott to recapmre 
wmm 'Hi tte (amtly cloiwiiGss 
lott In Uie wttuhness and hec 
ttciwH combing toilays socle 
ly, the National Oiuncil for 
Tht (ltM«rvaiKre ol iirand 
.parttti'nay. has estabtlshed a 
day tn *l>ic.h tn recoKnlie 
pandparenls S<"pleinber t5». 
GraMpareols t>ay ban prvvid 
fd people with a day to rcataeia 
Uw value of (aniilv bon* aiMf to 
carefully nvwm the prtakMii 
Icfacy thai griinilparenu «ive 

imal UBd i»i: waeltan doe* 
mm mwJy HnimW WMtay p™ 
vok* In the Harper CiMnmunI 
ty' While leveral people 

students and faculty alike, 
have expressed a thorough 
disgust thai such a day does in 
fact exisl others applaud the 
Council for inslitullng a day to 
give some long, overdue alien 
lion to the 47 million grand 
parents across the nation 

Celebralmg its third year Ihis 
September 13 Jill Manning. 
iMstness student /data process 
ing instructor, says. "I have 
never celebrated Grandparents 
Day They are included on 
Mothers Day and Father's 
Day. w'hen we especially honor 
them " With a touch of disgust 
m her voice, she further ex 
plains ■ Ifs commercialism I 
Ihink grandparents should t»e 
honored everyday ours are " 

Shirlev I'uiato mother and 
part time student reilwates 
what appears io t* the coromnn 
feelings among campus, "I 
think it's stnclly commercial I 
doubt if any more attention will 
t* given to grandparents ' ' 

Whether its due lo poor 
publicity or an overkill" of 
holidiys there is still a large 
segment ot people who plead 
sheer ignorance r*gartling 
(Irandparenls Day When ap 
proached. almost every (ilth 
person responded with. 
•Urandparents Day what's 
(hat' to this another mw j.i 
those new holiday* lilt«* 
sweethearts Day and 
Se<-,ret,anes Week'" Vou've got 
to be kidding What wit! they 
think up next ■" 

Who belter to shed tome light 
on the topic than a grand 
father"' John Tubergen grand 
lather and Hearing Impaired 
Services tutor comments that 
Grandparents Day is hardly 
discussed "I don't celebrate 
Urandparents Day,, but 1 am 
mcluded on Father's Day." 
says Tut>ergen When asked if 
It is just a blatant expression of 
commercialism and a time (or 
greeting card companies to 
t»«*t their sales. Tubergen 
replied 'Not anymore Ihan 
any other holiday " 

H IS not the National Coun 
cil's intention to promote com 
mercialism, but lo cast aside a 
Int of the indifference, claims 
Phyllis Armstrong, Director ol 
J'ublic InlormaUon 

,\lieiiipling to rekindle lh« 
special closeness between 
grandparent and (amily, 
several Jamily orienied events 
ilated lor Sepi r.!th have been 
tkslgned to exclusively cater lo 
the grandparent 

■Many churches ol dillerent 
denominations are schedulmg 
special events lor that day JIJB 
malls nation wide will be c«n 
ducting a variety ot events." 
said Armstrong Also planned. 
IS a significant amtninl of ac 
tivilies occurring throughout 
nursing homes Hundreils ol 
restaurant* are also exp«H:l,ed 
to receive their share ot heavy 
traflic. as approximately 
yyn.mtl restaurants are helping 
in the celebration hv offering 

SUNDAY isGramlparenUDay 

ronaiderable discounts lo 

In addition to restaurants, 
many theatres will l» offeftng 


Uelimte-sM'i) & 

HI'S s AJ 


50% Discount 

on ali haircuts through Sept 23. 1981 
With this ad 

R.U ( MKon<]ii<n 

(lust east 0* «>« 




liberal discounts to grand- 
parents to show their suwort ol 
Grandparents Day 

According to Armstrong. 
t;randparents Day Is rec-eiving 
a lair amount of coverage over 
the electronic media Eddie 
Albert, the selected celebrity 
spokesman, has radio and 
television air time lo hopefully 
awaken the public to the im 
portance surrounding Grand- 
parents Oav 

To Armstrong. Grandparents 
Day IS more of a necessity than 
It is a holiday ■tJrandparcnls 
have been so lorgotten and 
they're Just pushed away The 
American family isn't as close 
knit as thev were before One 
reason is due to Child Day Care 
Centers It is now easier to drop 
OUT children off at these centers 
than it IS to leave them with 
grandma Thev are Iwing push- 
ed oul lis a shame its really 
Bihame ' i-«pl;iins Armslrong. 


• WWhara* anytime witfMHil inf«r««l|Mi»*ttv 

• Ms mMS cltari|« 
. idaai ifflf i«l>v *>•! »>*riwir»nti> a corparalii ta* reatrvas 

FOB *»>«Oief CTUS, TM*T yOUS,M«Xlil>C0«lDe« 

Stfoa" »iv«i two, c,»i.t, OB, If wo couiw. to 




SASaS Brainard. P O BoxC, 

L«Granfl«. ILiM»*« 

3,S4-47lA/,3«7 CIZS 

If, nmmm pw nlmft *m M'vwi* m** m>*m M ifi fcP" !* 

l:II» »'..<•» wot "•* ••''» ■' 



atf. sutt 



%t*ilSS»nI/Ail.n P™«r«a ,«.-n.p-lfy for «ny 
^iZTiX You'ni««lhej«*thrhaidwBy iwexpenenoe , 

*^c'ir;si.'l«r o. th« ■m':i^y^'s^ 

AimwoirirMwm Ibt ■« who ctoii» the Saunam 
H«i g„.™n««l — duty fO. . eh-* to m, 

You cn-t I- .» I— ," fmmM»m<^ mm mmA^mm. 

ViZ tail Sari' fiwuil- can 1*11 you a y« m-m - »<*« 

ifn N i~*U " 




TUree scholarships are b«laK 
olferedby local organlratlom 

The Arlington Heights 
Women's Club is offering a 
scholarship for Arlington 
Heights residents who are ei- 
periencmg a change ol lifestyle 
and are returning to scboal. 
Criteria lor this scholarship in 
eludes being a full time slu 
dent having high academic 
achievement and financial 

The Nette and Jesse (jorov 
Scholarship foundation is olfar 
ma adMlanhips for tuition and 
laaa Uir the tall '11 wmester at 
Harper Crtteria for selection 
will be financial need and con 
siatenl effort shown by the stu 
dent 10 obtain the best grades 
poMlble Applicants must be 
full-time studenU 

The Elk Grove Rotary Club is 
offering two »S0 scholarships 
to be used for tuition fees. 
hooks and supplies lor any full 
time ftuilent who is under 21 
and a resident ol Elk Grove 

Deadline lor application lo 
any of these scholarships is 
Sepl 18 and applications can be 
picked up in the financial aid 
office. A 3IM 

.. '\m Htt* iiMfr*>^fm' M9fii*ittmtm'r I'W 'Vtfii'F 

Harper filmmakers shoot for WTTW debut 

Scnw On* ,\ i w» ii( ■» mtrnt 
ilMMttlW ptilMlmi Uw wavf ui 
mmte rtayutmn. Hu<tijifiil> the 
twlM'il apiitMii. lit fniM <ii in* 
cjuhmm, at IC' lumi i 1 V 
mnutor ilhiiii.iMti!« hta lace 

Wlwi >•«■»• ju»i mm u t,iw 
ii( Htrpirr sun 

r't Jim ftulka's video 
(tMaatwii "Frirndi »r# 

MadUMi-" Bulka. almg with 

Mil MtiMl 111 llw nucteu iMert 
rwMiitly r«toai»d it « ol 

friMMk an Mwlitnes" and 

"ttnttl Haw Ttt« Roc* ?<• Roil 
Mmk- ■■ Along nitli iltit Btilka 
lit* lanrral Mtm prt>}««i» (i» 
tlMF nuikliif . 


- M mustc 

"We »» in tho j>riiC'Oi* wl 
Iwtvinf our vtdMJipi* Mmm 
inil'BS WTTW.4»«mn!ntni 
Mv rill Iwine late Nwemtar 
or »arl> i:»««ml>er '• BMim 
smarted ' Ttwy eipresMNl In 
Irresi in U># »a)- id wfclctt »l»e 
uremwicw «M loclnrtcaHj- »«■ 

«ti»i:«l Wr »bo tiav<» wme ai 
lilialHin mitd ttwr caul* trlrn 
mm slaliiiMs jiKi hope In iirn 

Altwmiitri me outkKth I'T ,i ts 
and (lie mieh«*r hiwrs i> ..(, 
limWic, IheiiriidMrtiffiiDi tht'« 
viid«» promoJioiB are not iwasi 
blie wilhoul an etiirhit.!inl 

"We «|««Bt rwi,ghly WW ntu 
Iwyri m (he lilmnit nl -Friend* 
an Machlnu* ' Thai iliM>an"l ac 
rounl tor any a( the editing 
ittM either " 

SiifMthinK Uat draws my m 
lerasi Id lhl» nana a Ihe 
mei»«e o< thu music 

Don't bother with 14th' 

*(lh an isMie »» cimirover 
Mil 4» tiwleiir power Bulka 
'■■'"■"■ "l"""^ "»" •■• ■■'- iLirne 

' ■• :iiii-lpar 
■■'.'.ft ,ii;j c, .i!ii>'ivf iomeltiinn, 
lilt' .» il.irk dan>;<T«i$ woman 
viJio inviU* lear. We aru the 
product 01 the outlear age ' • 

As priKfurti o( the nuclear 
age the hand ate huim to 
release an album within Uie 
next year 

■•Friend* are Machines" and 
"Ckiflis are a Warraing to 
Society and Portray Violence to 
UieTechnoloiik'al World " 

The Nuclear Lovers l« not 
Biilkas first band Ai a 

sophomore in high school. 

Bulka was iHHjed i>(( the ttaije 
■ II was d good experience," ad- 
ded the mainslay of the band 
■It really taught tie what If* 
tike to be on stage " 

Throughout (he years 
Bulka'ii tiand spanned the spec 
trum (rum rock n' roll lo disco 
to new wave along with hli> 
musical tastes and 

RecKntty they have In 
corimrsled the Jamaican In 
riuence «o their music 
Esp«-«ll.v seen in ■■Clocki" the 
video promotion lUmed In an 
alley •Cloclis- is a definite 
I CtmtUmtit on ptige 7} 


"Satunlav the rourteeralh." 
J com«l> horr«r lilm starring 
Richard Benjarom and Paula 
Prtnl w ihail soon join the ar 
rhievei o> waste of lime 

■Fourteenm." wlllrt is 
designed to be a spoot ol the 
poftular formula horror movies 
like "Friday the Thirteenth • 
IS. In Itself, a formula comedy 
The jokes are old and predic 
UhJe and the plot Is so thin that 
i» l» almost nonexistent 
stroliar to the plots ol its 
"iwtoui" counterparts 

TUt movie Mfkns with Ben 
lamtn and Ptchum. wbo par 
tray huatwud, aim wife, stdiiia 
in a ia«ry*r*f office with 
•tTtral relatives for the 
rmttng of an eccentric uncle's 
«il. Rantamin and Prentiss 
neitm m m house that has 
tmm mit of "cume" upon it. 
The audience reaUy ne»er 
knows what tlie '•rur»<'" en 
taini. as me lawyer ga»p» and 
<tlm dramaticaily before he ca n 
dtaenheit • 

The hapfiy couple as well •• 
Uielj two obnoxious children • 
one empty headed teenage girl 
• hoie major assets are 
aataining and complaining. 
and ■ len-ycarold boy sup- 
mm^ • "genius' move into 
MOMIniiaa Immedtaielv the 
ttamWtr italM. -This place is 
cwwWfl". whidi. is repeated 
cotHiimt tlnMt iHmigiwut lln 

W cwjnie. as soon as the 
lamily moves Into tlie house 
iMrange thmgs begm to happen 
Tlie pa.renls find • message m 
the refrigerator saving, "[lon'i 
open the book • In the same 
moment, the ■■genius'^ ojiem a 
book, which will release alt of 
its evil into the w.i»rld m Satur 
day the fourteenth 

Thus there are monsters 
mMndering about the house i— 
several days unill the liriiil 
tie over the ttrntk takes p,., 
dn,, of courw, Saturday itir 
fourteenth it u m showdown o< 
mod and evil ..Vctiially , it i,s ,a 

'Showdown 01 silly and: more 

Saliirday the Fourteeiub falls 
completely on its lace irtim the 
begtnnitti The chjiracters are 
sWlow sketches O't pe«»ple. and 
the plot is tlie sa,ni« w«y 

Theenlirt comedic approach 

''It (hi. ^im'ie is ,||.it anil dtill 

ii'» thought or i-reativv 

■ 't It Th«' Idea o( ipoot' 

::iijl.'t iilms has twen ui 

'■r>:'s,siu,ii.\ ' as in Airplane 

neeiiiii tack* S'ny ol the 

>n or I'lMi of ot,her com 


l*eilM|>s the tiest way to 
■'le««*" a comedy is lo utise'rve 
the audience's reaction. During 

Fourleentft," there is very lit 

tie Tltere are more moana of 

dtifiiit Uian laughs coming 

iptfll'lltaiidieiice - iMwt likely 

armult of Mwtled inielliRence 

Samrday the Fourteenth 

doe» M>ihmg a comedy should 

II ilDfi not enterlaw: it does not 
M^ake people laugh'. The com 


Help Wanted 

CO(.l,fGf ate WAMTtO II diitrlM* 
■ ii««ifii «»n' 'MturifimK ur«> II nm 
itmv^ &WMI mcamv m M,li«nq iivolwM, 
For tnlwinal'lon »na m»tiC»iiw wrilv m 
CAIWVUI StnviCt TIMC, IN'C ,<w w 
indvfwklwarX" Plwtn«i AJiMlJi 
Wf Akt NOW a^'cwting 'w in* toH9*:n^ 

c«U*n>« ««»».t'M TF«t«5 rtou'TM (or 
IK«Mp«itt«Kt P*rwm»m^itn^mij%imvf'i 
lltaitl* lliiu't fittli •(i»l> It 
MtntiMMn, mi E WgMl'KW an 

•AlYtliiTf « WAMTf WMiKMvt BX' 

mmn ,1 «fi(l t p rr 9r> or 1#gr c*m^s C,«>l 
Weltv W«4l« «' 1,1 ' -rf or 1««*« >n«»MM i'N 

nm. _ _ 
iii?iiWlt''iiM«fio'~i3M''' nil* «.,._. 

oM ^l»M MlMl«Hlta«y «ll«f«war» an w mv 
1, Ct(( HMI'v W*ii< -• 


(•CiM«|«l CWMMI K.(»»»r. |l,t.,,l,t, 

pa?;!*!'!?.. **■''• t" w ,,. 


" "" * """ ■ " ■ —^—utmtiMi Bli l Ja ai 

(ll»i"»«f ^ ChArgwfVl ^.M" -" ■■■» ;• 
m5T*NTC0L0«p*^.. ..« 

* V »p Hi S 1 SJ ..IK ■I'lpwr intrv mm Wi,m tf ftKu 

hg'ifii 'f'mih -iw ii«ii#w]. tiMti ,»>, fiirtiaiiiMiiiii 

For Sale 

ftUlt*t, L,»i Ft ( COflr 1 iMt HW II l»f 

(SO B'«n«ti (''•'■'■•W' Vtl «•(»»« (»'|>t«nlt» 

*3«' ;flO Ai„'i4i( ,g :ar ffV' 
^ yf*r» 0! iVi l*«lir <.n>n 

eL**IT tOVIUli '-r^* '«.,... *,,:,„. g^t 
'rm $w*t *ni.i *!('(. fl«'o* 'ig^^H M«a^^J^^J•H 

•owl J« (unf t, ) : !• .Mm Ur *' j 1 »l(» 

"^ . ; L :. ; 1 ..J \ A L L 
TISERS All classified and per 
sonal ad* submitted to the Har 
bmger tor publication must tO' 
dude the name, address and 
telephone number of the person 
submitting the ad Payment for 
personal ads must tw made 
prior to publication The Hart) 
mger reserves the right tu 
refuse adverlisements it deems 
offensive, libelous or map 
proprlate and payment will be 
returned lo the advertiser 
Typewritten ads should be 
dropped off al the Harbinger of 
flee AKT Deadline is noon 
Monday prior to publication 
Advertlsrs must caU by that 
deadlUM' lo have an «t nfMatMi 
In an " 

nercials for ttie movie lor 
anything elie. lor that mailer i 
are belter than '■Fourtee'nth" 
could ever hope to he 


• No Ifivestmenl ' 

• P'Dietsionai Sale* Hinp 

• inctnti.e Pi'oorams' 

• Sen o»#t do ■fop Brai^as 

• at YOuHowN BOSS' 


$6 per hour 

plus: Commission 

and Benefits 

Rapidly growing office products 
distributor needs salesmen to help 
with expansion. Will train at our 
Rolling Meadows location. 


AAr. Bates 



T>wM»rBm9«f S«|»»»mtiw '0 !'*•>, P«g«f 

Obstructing the 'art' of walking 

Walking IS pvrhap* tto itiwl 
'Cnnplca t>f lubcoiitclout 
hiiiiu luMtlM* It >i in ■rtJMi 
mimy of lit take tor KruiiM 

VAUig II » MMk inlwac- 
UiH. wr mmf iMMMitt, like 
■trMlnt. stepping, ■mi fmi»$ 
whicd maltn it a tiM artii 
furm. at least tor tomit at m 

8til (Iwn 11 a target' itiler at* 
tlMi. encircling all (>( HE. win 
«alk< that actually makei 
walking a true art iDrm This 
nteraetion 'Involves pMiple *Im 
create the alintiiittlM'* that 
iiHket ikatklni a true art lorm 
Of tmtn*. T'ln talking alMMi 

OtNtruc'terii art IIhm pnr^ 
'imia 'Who create ot»«rti(m>. 
wWch make it dlfticult tor ran* 
to 'ilMltic ID aiKi in 

'OMkind^of oOitrurtinn. csits- 
flO bj t«o MlMlwHlg IMrttei, ii 
'iwt sever*' in lilt putiiit vein al 
iratik In aiMl can**, m tact., it 
w ••U"iiiiil)ci.etl. HgM-lwart«l 


11 IS known us the Itwopa CM), 
En'fiiie Me, St)all We Dimce in 
wl».M'h case the i»i) piirtiw are 
walking heMl'Ofl lownrds each 
c»lh*r Then, when conlrtmiecl 
(ace- 'KJ. lace, the two narljes 
ca,niM»l tigu'reoul ho* to get mit 

TMt MWtljr ensuet a verbal 
fwitraniatnin in which the le» 
mhtWled »( 'the two parlies *»)-» 
tn an attempt lit alleviate suitie 
tmh,a,rTasin»«(. ''•Shall we 

Tht other party , 'who » ol ihe 
,M[ne gender and pe'rhaps nwre 
•eti-eoiiMMui 111 Mm embar 
I mpittft. ""'Shut up.. yiM 

Th« most IruMrating wf all 

tAwtrtK-linn* is that called the 
(»,' M,|. Lang Lmt Fnenrf, How 
,Hfl're V'ou fleen. In this case, 
i«o parties ' u>uall>' twth 
(eiimlc diicover one annther 
wslklnn in the statrcsse 
'Typicitlv line Is 'Walking 
il(i«ti»lJ.irs •hui> the other is 
'walfcint iipftaire 

A cni'ersamn h«giii» t»et 
W'»«o the two girls, who haven'l 
seen each other lor atwut th'ret- 

■■Julie. ''■ 

"■Mulfy •■* 

''Then M'lnultanMi'UKly I "Ok. 
I haven'l iw«,n ywu in m iaitg. 
hiiw' have you hettn"' What are 
voti doing 'here'"' 


"Oh. line I guests \<m luwm 
we had a "" 

"■'Nil, realty ■' That'* loo ttail. 
Did he ■• 

"Yes. what an aat He's m» 

'"Oh. I know what jmi tnean. 
Did he 

"Ym. andihc'ta "" 

And » on You get the idea 
By the way , lh,ank]> Bitti i 
Another m,a}or ol»t ruction, 
eq'ually Irutlraling, n called 
ihe Hmmm I Ktmw I Fwipil 
Sontrthinif Bjc* ntM Mayhe 
I'll Turn Around ilo Band Ami 
Cel/f I Phew 1' 

In this case, one part:y 
< again, usually a (em ale i 
walks rather meekly down the 
■l,airca»e Then s,he slops, paus 
tug thi)u|hlfully when .fhe 
realms she hat left her books 

Completely oWivious itt 'the 
Iratlic around her she steps m 
ID the upward -movemenJ ol 
traffic . forcing atmut six petipte 
over the railing lo their deaths 
One person pulM through the 
lam 'Op by weaving t«j his left 
taUiig Iwo Heps up and llien 
puUtng In htt right inoving one 

step ahead ol the female 


And you've always wondered 
where Waller I»aylon got all 
thtite .moves 

WTTW debut 

Clontmuwf tram page fi < 
dancing delight as head an 
droid Bulks Itops with the bass 

The Itiiure li still umieen but 
the outlonk opttminlK lor (hi* 
creative band 

By the way I'm ln>king (era 
dark dangerous woman like a 
nuclear lover So 

Out of this world research lures Sipiera 

li you ever want to know 
•nytbtng about miixin racks. 
j/m don't tM,vc 'lo call N.%S,A. 
jiMl tall fMili Slplera. miirue 
Mr in 0M>liigy' earth science 

Slp'lefi, wh" r.,ii'nr!:l hn 

B..»eheli'i!' ' ' " '• M'lastrf » 

degree'* i,>lern li 

IIiTOl* !'!'!■ , : advaitcfd 

'vri'jiii.aa State 


1 w<n-»rii (I'l a -senne tor 

MitU..M.,iiMM riX'kt. " he Mid 

••"•e »:aiiled to I'tnil out if 

•ere a,ny chemiciil pat 

I .or relatuMi'Shipii iielween 

the lunar neks called basalt 

and the lerreslrtai leitfthi 

,baMlt. We .also»«i in kwiw 

.htWtheyitlMer-it. .!..'"';.:.;'. 

litre were iti.'.,.::.:.- ...: 
fhrencc* in chemical muheup 
Sipftra cited an experimmt 
dinie in a Houston lah uckig a 
niiture o( ntoon dust and earth 
to grow tO'itiiatoe* 

"t'UMr M'lls growi tremeo 
iIdus tumaldtt. .a.b«Mt the sue ol 
a cantatoiiie," he said, "It was 
the nlne'ral conlanl of the soil, 
,rich in, nutrients, that di4 It " 

The group Sipiera was with 
•t ,A,r'Uona Stale wanted lo Imd 
■liBllaniies among the earth, 
Ikt umon and the meteorite*, 
tun he left before thai ml»rma 

SIpiera taught part time at 
.Marper fram tm to If7« and 
itarted lull time in the tali «l 


"1 •■ ■ natirth person. 

..i I'll:- 

l(>;i !or the l»st 
!!>> one was 'in- 




th.iii 1 I 
'nT" »'xlr» 

ciiufiiging ' • 

Trre»i he «diil 

\ oumtHTwl ll.irp<i • iiS< ri' 

have helped lollc ' ^[« in» 

for a meletiritc rei«ver\ pro 
gi am ^ ipier.i .<> mMil v ed i r. 

iiui »« -^^ --I iilen* I \vT 
^ugu^'' '1 h i' 1 n" I- n«K lak 
ingl n^e- 

SI ^ 11 1 r, 

geot 1.1 'inc rf 

the iir"-! in nur prtigraiii jnrt 
nerdlt^^ lii ij^ w is ini mo^' 


The' mttewrttie recovery pn»- 
.gram developed as a result ol a 
converialion with Edward 
O'lsen curator ol<»rlle8 
and minerology at Field 

I started the profrafii lAe 
i,ear I started here lat 
Harper ■." 'he 

■■1 ws very research minded 
when I left Aruona Stale I call 
ed Field Museum lo tee if 
•nytmc: there *.ai intrested in 
studying neleorttes I talked 
•ilh Bd Olieu who told me 

■■Tvr h.- 
ten >e.i 

Al prcseni sipiera ^•^ analy^ 
ingnew mftetwilw wnicli werr 
itiscOT'errt in w.esl Texas, m an 
area wliith he deMnlird .n 

' ' spring 

< I 1 i.ii\ lew 

It^^t At lit^inii I'd Olsrn 

iiriiic- I hid Irntt! Udvland 

'■siiv 11 Ti xj'% Jiid a 

u ^' uifn* ^J\ ih< n-jmc 

* K RirJt *i 1 n'l \i)r 


\n 4V I , hi t 

^Jple^a a..rki * u^ < ian^ 

discussi^n.^ Aith Miller taken 
during his Iran's 

I 1 1 Uaieleit all oier the 
I nitrrt sijifs I \e iN) travel 
. \ f'lU n 

ii ^ K i ^ jnd 


Mnsil^ i< V, IS m iiinnectiun 
with [irofessitinal geology 
me«'i..lngi The meellngi were 
usua.lly only a couple ot days 
hut 1 ha've ,islayed up to lour 
weeks in various locations " 'he 

Sipiera was ittosi impresied 
with Iceland He described the 
Mud as one big rock with in 
lertMting volcanic lava (lows m 
addition lo glaciers 

Besides geology Sipiera also 

leaches several aslronomy 
claiMial Harper, 

"I AM A RESEARCH person, more of a research scienltsi than a 
ttacber " said Paul Sipiera geology instnictor Photo by Katlitoen 


Coose Drof pings 

"By Jim Martin 

ONLX CttMH^ V''' Time f ',L Mt,A» 

Bt. Got4t. A j\ ,'».,irM r'A^er" 

«.,."€ E.K •'','' »t A ?►>«-, A t.XA\ .- 

- — 1 r ■ ' CU»£, ite Cf. ■ 



' . .... eH,)it\ 



m ['.a..i.. 

P««*t. TlwManwn««r. SantwitMr i« iwi 

Together Hawks romp, 4-1 

tliW' Nwriiffif mcvcf' 

Tlwy itme up to Ki:sli«a<ylM 
C«U«|» a bus Itilt of m 
(DviiiMD*. tat cimc bM'fc 1 
clMartiig. «itt«we. *irt«rM»ii» 

tn UM>r I'lrit '•■p«rtaict plmj 
.lag 'iniMKr •• • (■■■»■ dw 

tnumiitiii'mt ««« the KMgm ol' 

KMwaukN. t-l 

teoll PfiMer. MI MmU. Jlni 
Hanntiii, und Daw« Stnl pacMl 
Um Maiictd ll«riief attack. 

nttm Mat llHt ic» for tlie 
Hawtt it lt:« wllH a liCMler 
paM churfiitt 'KouKar keeper 
Ricky Curtion 

"ttm tali wa» jusl right 

lliei*. "■ saut P(i»ter M (lie pas* 
from laaniiulc Daw Siiimmis 

Co Caplatn StMianH ind in od 
mil tlM Mis emu tnm atmut ID 

yartto mH mm "perJfcUy plat-' 

Tlie Mawlm' )'0 'lead «aa m^ 
cTMnadatW:* Kandy .SmltH. 
wiM «Mi wnliNl ttx* numtier one 
Mar ol tiM! gaiiM:. arm a (|uick 
Mnlering pans lo iefl Henti 
•lilfh Henti then vwiverted to 
llt«c tlw Hawks a 1« ad'" 
c. wliicli they talk tuck 
to the benrli at 

And Coach Larry 
Cackavpiki't Imltnicfi corpt 
had tM^ini to overcoine their 
tint ' ganie nervoumeas.. 

"ThKy had the Jitten aul 
(here tor about the ttrat li 
mtniile*. whidi 1 ispecM But 

ihc <t«fen»e held togfther, 

which was the key," said 
tJackowili over pina'uder the 

Striker lutlback .lell Popp 

"Wt were (mm* at the hegtn- 
iimic;" Popp ■dmitled. *!BMt we 
came together real quick, and 
adjusted to i-ach other's style of 
play 111 the end " 

liie Hawks didn't wa(e any 
time gettiitg on (he scoreboard 
»|ain in the second hall. 

Steve Bear c-hipped a ciirner 
klck./pa»'; lo Jim NanaiiU. 
which Niinnlni hooted in to put 
Harper up 3 ■( the At M 

" 1 jutt took the pau tiu inde. 
and chipped It right In." laid 

Bear added "We were NoinK 






In their dOdMr, 
the football IMM 
< right I adtaii 
Rock Valley, ii 
to (B twv OT'i 
The women's 
team. pac«d by 
coach Martha 
Boll left- open 
•d lU leaton 
■gaintt N4C 
rival Jolict 
(Photoi by 
Kathy KowaJtk 
and Jim Davit) 

Undermanned harriers second 

mil hi* iiwii wvitaiional 

canMlM. aaj three of hn lop 

nmwers out o( commijsxm, «»i»e 
atHtit have enpected crwa 
OMiMry coach Jae Vtitmi to uae 
the Ubor Day weekend (or reit 
and relaxation. 

But when a tM;k of eatriw 
prevented ihe Kim \nmml 

Harper Invtie freiu materwlii 
ing. laiil mmutc entry into (he 
Oakton litvitadoraal. held at 
NIta West High School last 

Saiurtay. led la a nuiprtting 
MKond place ilMiwliif for Vit 
Im't uaderinaanndi llawk Miar- 
rieri tw: their (inK cwipetiiUM 
or r 

Hawk captain Ron. Ttaeberge 
ftniilicd' ihtrd overall in tte 
wvfii (earn. niMt. whK* wa» 

MM hy Uht (:atiMy>s Tom. 
KafMm tn ii.M Kaphelm'* 
lean look team hown at well 
with n .pomti. Harper wai »e. 
CMid with C hut alter Ihal It 
wasn't even clone tie«i.r(e 
Williams CoUege of ftiwwsri 
(iiwe liniiHed a dialaal IHM. 

.H«itdei Theberge. who tin. 
td tn a time of ISOi on the 
short, (tat. ;i2 mile citurie 
Steve Jacobs (intshed fifth with 

a time of l« l«. Steve 'Katie was 
letenUi tn « a right tiehind 

waa tcan)ni.ate Jim Peters, 
eighth in IS M and Ron Drown 
(raiimed a III tie farther hack m 
the pack, with a t7 02 Imie iiir 
CMi place. 

•■"This nioel riMiwed m we 
have a long way to |o." mm 

mettled Vltton atterwafd*. 
"B.ul considering we were 
iD:»s«»ii(t three' ol our top fun- 
ners. 1 thiMghl we did a .pretty 

Lau titiera amt'Ttm St. Ctair. 
whom Vilton eipertt wtll help 
carry the Hawks tar this 
ie.a«Mi, were hoth mi'ising'trom 
act.ion tattirday due la' work 

Pro«|iect High graduate 

Steve Ganier wa» rafferinD 

from back ipaims last week 
and watt held back from com 

"I don'l ''v -ii Sieve 

Harkifitoai.'::. . ,tton. 

V'lt'lon saut hr didn't ei.p«ct 
(Jasser Io 'lie readv to cowpelt' 
tn liiiif tor .Saturday 's Danville 

Hawks win in OT, 13-10 

The Harper football tejtm 
-■vcrcame lour Int 'fiwibtat in 

:'-ieal Roi;k Vallev .Saturday 
■. i«»theitN«;<ipe.ner 
Wllh the More tied 7 7 at the 
•ad: i>f rtgul'atMifi. the NCi 
oetftlme rule went tnio eflect 
Thai rule gives each team tour 
playii In which la .wore tr«iii the' 
twwd tine 

the Trojan* won the Imc. 'htil 
.■I'xted to go om delanat fur the 
!..<«ki tirtt aicia 
' ! irper' had s laocMtwii 

dropped, and an apMm 
lag mrt by ipafMiacft. 'Tim 
Tyrei calM aiil-«r'^hdiiadt at 
the two yard tine' 

Rock V»lle> which heat th<» 
Hawks lit 7 m the conterence 
opener a year ago. Uien touk 
'Over but couid .nat More. On 
Itmrth down, a ft .yard field 
goal atlifmpt miswd wide to Ihe 

CMi their lecoad poiaeat.ion.. 
~ .Oie'Troianalatika t»T 
I Boh Ulallry'i Ityard 

field goal. 

TyrelJ. wat dnpptd (or a Ji 
y ard low on tlie flrit play of the 
HJ'WIi* final pomte'iS'lon. hut an 
inlrrierence call gave Harper a 
( irsl and ' goal at the Trojan » 

From Ihe're, Tyrell lotted an 
alley 'Wip pass to freshman 
■imill end Steve Man-hewka 
•h«i .junt joined the team lait 

The sco'fe Rave the Hawte 
w:ho W'lll h»t Thornujii ihi.* 
Saturday at i p .m a i:t ill win 

to emu It. but Nannini was 
wide open and he had a great 
shot tn Uie upper right comer 

But t^ch Dick Schlaf'* 
Kougars. while down were not 
yet out 

Kishwaukee's Bott Reed 
answered Nanninr's goal with 
om at his own at ::»:i» that cut 
the Hawk advantage to 3 I 

'It was on what we call a 
W'tndow' p*i»." said Reed. "I 
cut right through the fullbacks, 
which I wasn't able lo do very 
olteti U we would have passed 
more " Reed s voice (railed 
oft "Harper has a good leam. 
though ' Reed admitted 

Harper didn't suffer a let 
down after alkiwlng their first 

Dave sieil finiihed off the 

Kougar's hopes with a score at 
the 74 IW mark on a pai» from 
Steve Bear 

S4-hlaf admitted that the 
fourth goal was a real ilowner 

"I thought Ihe momentun) 
had begun to swing our way 
after we scored to make it 3 1, 
but their 4th ((oM was a real 
heartbreaker We were simply 
outplayed. " Schlaf sighed 

Uackowski said that the v|c 
lory will x>v« the Hawks good 
momentum lioing into We&ea- 
day* first home conteal 
agatnti DuPage 

■■Detinitely," said 
Gackowski "Winning thia fint 
game is a big Imost for us" He 
added however "We can't 
begin lo anticipate that vie 
lories will come easy ■• 


Anyone winting tii participate tn intramural tenuis and /or 
billiard corapetltion should contact the intramural and Recreation 
rtllce in Building M, R<»m212, Men sand women s divisions will be 
olfered ,\ll parllclijants must sign up for these events by Friday. 
Sept 1 1 Rules and lomat infarmntlon are available tn the PEAR 
D'ivl'Slofi office In Building H. 

The formal altewi participants to contact each other to set ira 

■!«■ and limes to play natiihei. The Intramural dcpartmcnl will 
•ehtdule the matches and allow the participants to set up the Ume 
■■-■hen they arc avallaMe to .play each other. 

For mor« mlortnatlon call .197-;»00, ext. 216/4417 or tlop by M-IS. 

Upcoming latraiBural Eventi 

S«(>1 Mil • S a m t Harpertbon one and three mile run ifaculty 

mid .siuclc'ii't men'.t and women's dtvislons i 
Oct Ird and Utth - 1 « a m i Men s touch football tournament 

Nnltk t FitMss CHlir 

Celebrates its new facility for MEN and WOMEN 
With a 


(Iwo can (Om tof ttie price of one) 

Personalized Fitness Programs 

imM M WiimiiM.|«. I ftwiM H 

''*«iu'«»» Itii Urn: W? ttm< im* <*><»»•:» "bi*!-.. iilmaa 

' •* " ' ' '«' 'IW'i'lli fl>i«t»t'iM 


Your Guide To 


Page 3 

Vol 15 Mo 4 


iSth 1m Septembei 171981 


William Ramcy Harper College Palatine, lltmois 

Fall enrollment up 11.2 percent 


Ibrper's TOrollmrnt, l<ir lull 

Mil pBrt'tim* stiMlenu mcreas 

"J 11.8 (wrwnl lor ihr tjiH 

wmisKer, but ciillegr oliii-ulA 

' tl a itll) lou' earh (i> nm 

'i a iinal siaOtM rMMikouni 

Tlw (alk^t t» ate 1 3 (lerceni 

i««T»iti«f ovrr its psrtmatttl 
lM«»n (tgum n»r Fun Tirtw 

Eqiiiviilifm:.v btturs, 

Tht FTE (m'lTjisi' rftl«tis 
m* amwml al matchmd lunds 
Har|)#r wil) mei»* Irom the 
»tal«. rn rarter t» cover iwreas. 

•The tiig Uiing is Uw FTE 
me*ijii» dial drteraiimfs hut 

w»'rwl«mteilt>> (He stair Wtai 
am uicrease iHli us. is ttial 

•f w .pwtly cliMW U> WiMt •• 
blKHtlWt (OC." MMi .«•» 

cm,*, OtrMW Ml ,%daii.tial«M 

Catl'ln mW tiM! Mmmuiistrj 
(Mn had antl€'i|Ml»«t mirrciars 
in lifllh Kkuits in this the 
lourlft «»js«ulive swiriMter 
UtM rnrnllmeni n||urc» have tn 

"Ovirr llif latl lour 

««meiii*r»„ wt'vt hwta gradual 
mcwaii* mostly due tu tto 
«:onom>, .« »r hat) atiltctpattl 
Um- iiierea»« in th* FTK 

.Stall' assistance 15 drt.(?rm(n 
<■<! Ijy tin- loLiI ()uriih..-r «if credit 
mwrs (Irvulri,! tiy ■ . ihi' rrid 
figure. IV ■■.' :■! tiftif 

"We hutitjri !,.r .111 i-'TK «i 
' »7 What •* rurri?ntlv tmvtf 
» an FTE »f ll.Ml . a I 2 jn'rcfnl 
i(icr«»aite in whal wr had 
hull getrt tor •■ CaMin saul 

Allhciueh Harper will receive 
State finam-iai aid. Ihow (umls 
wiH not rpach the ™lle«»< until 
l«l, aiTordmg to the state'i 
iMia mi al .assist aneF)Kilii-y 

fltlm nay* thai d«*laye<1 (irn 
itrOme m nunttoing Hmds 
«mM ha-mne a {inMeiii tor the 
eullftje in rnretmf «» jtM-iwiH 
nperaltnlit eat.ts 

"Kven thouMii •«■ have the m 
ereas* m th« KTK we don'i 
have llie matrhinf; tutids Thai 
nieam we'll have tu use our 
«iwn mon»'y to pay (or llM* sup 
plies. e<)Ul(Miient and extra 
.ttall that IS iieeikHl today ■ 
He says the admlnnlfatitw li 

Our mistake 

In thtr SeiitirmtM-r to edition ul 
Ihr H«rt.>int{«>r ttw date lor the 
Board ol' Trustee eleclwn was 
mistakenly {irinted as 
Nuvemher M However the 

d»»WWOV .J. t.h«M.r...< I,,...„1i,y 

o( tbeniunlh 

The Harbinger also 
map.nflted the name at iwe ol 

the caniJldales in that ek-ilion 

The cand'date's n.aiiit' a l>r 
JohnF I "nil I 

M»T (itjlTfe. mjiu^ftu. U 

iijiticiiiMic that iher(il|t'«e'»e«.. 
pcnw* will met m .i.,he long 

-We're Cinided. this year with 
money that is tmumi on enroll 
mmt Irom the is?*.*) M-h.wi 
.vear. and things are l<»lnn.g 
preitj isiTOj righ.1 now We may 
iwt have budgeted (or this large 
ot an inrrease. Out 1 think the 
rolJegf will meet the needs o( 
UMritiidents, '■ Ciiilin said. 

«>iie 'Wwli alter late registra 
Imii i-nrnllnienl ligures placed 
the scljoiirs headcount al 
!!»7t.!l a 111 j,>«>rcen( over last 
year's (ad semester 

He said the iiilieu*' •'Atwctetl 
Ih* intrrase which Jic Mict Is 
directly related l..» the n«t,nw'.s 
sagging econo.m> 

■'the eronomy ha.s a M to do 
with the iHrreate Wr Kmr* 
that (fflamriat aiti was gwtng to 
lighteM up. and many Imr year 
shools cliised enrollment early 
last spring With all at thai in 
mmd weexiKctedanimpact ' 
he said 

Cattm sjiid it wax still too ear 
ly to say what the final student 
ennittinefit will be (or this 

twatiie Ituunsi (or 
th«» letiind eight weeks of class 
reKislr..<lni!i *ill nol lie 

■■We really can't say what (he 
final count will he Ijrcaiise we 
sttll have to dgiire the second 
eight week re«istralio.n and 
enrollment in oft tampus 
courses However, 11 will uh.. 
viously lie higher ihan whal we 
currently have 

Dr John l-ucas. Director o( 
research and institutional plan 
rung, agrei'd with Catlin and 
said this setnester has had 
■hewilderinK" enrollment 

"Our I ma I FTE will pra.|Mbty 
tjtover ti pi-rcent and maytie as 
hiflh as 7 percent Us a 
(•WraMe iBcreaie. hut ma all 
thai taviirable 'hecauM' we have 
to haw more teachent and that 
will come (rom our pocket 

■One ironic statistic i« that 
this year, we have a record lo* 
numtier in the amount of 
students right out o( high 
school We normally gel 
something like nt* percent 
enrollment ol high schiKil 

si'niors tiut this year. 'We have 
.in all time low ol 2f percent It 
IS d Very t>ewil«termg year " 

Lucas .says the "increaaed 
enrollment ligures comes Imm 
the part limecontinutngedw-a- 
tion students and from students 
who have translerred to 
Harper (rom lour year col 

"Tlitt year things are ml 
mnmng in a pattern We have a 
numtier ol older students and 
wur hig diflereoce is the 
number of students who ham 
gone to lour year scboofat and 
are now at Harper 

Lucas says increased 
enrollments can be expected U 
the ecaiMMny ctmtmues in its 
preanit ornddion 

••(!•« r><Mt*th4e that a perma 
nent shut toward the cimimuni 
ty roHege is on the way it the 
eomomy stays this way and if 
students loans continue to dry 

■We'll try to (igure out 
enrollment and plan amund 
Student increases, but a sliaky 
economy can make a shamMcs 
otanyhMtgM " 

Senate candidates named 


l>'iNir students have declared 
their candidacy lor five eta-t«l 
se.»(s in the September ?l and 
a studenl seiule etriiuiin .ic 

cording tu 


I fir siuif'-nl 

iu<.J .soi"u*i .Sciences 
WfiHlv S l,evlne 
her I', in dill a I v 

f or I h f 

Mathi>m.ati<'s. Fhy.sK-al S<-ience 
and Technology diviMon 

And ^ppellML.m is runn 
iiig for the CoiTimunicaltons 
Humanities and Fine Arts divt 
^i»*n seal 

Nil ^Indents have filed (or the 

■.cit- (fpresifnting the Lite 

I 'id Hutniin Services 

ur I fir i'hysical 

r.fiijcinnin division 

In her candidacy j.eiition 
t.alloccosaid invo'venn nt with 
sliident aclivilic',. is important 

to her Kxpenence with studenl 
government responsibility and 
an interest in working with 

peoole. are all assets Larocco 
says will aid her ij elected as a 

WilkH' cites her experience 
as last years secreta^ to the 
student senate and her 
knowledge o( the policies and 
pnKTdiires of the si'n. • as her 
main attributes a* .ic i>i<tidale 

Wendy LeVme sutcs it she 

Apathy effects election 

laaltvwk m ■ 


High student apathy, in con^ 
junction with a string o( had 
tuck in. the arrangement o( 
publicity announcements tell 
irw <il upcoming elections, is 
bcinK jttributfd to in describ 
mg why only tour mmimadng 
petitiims (or spots on the Sepl 
l! '12 student senate election 
tialiot have thus (ar been 
received lny the student :»c 
tiviiirs 0(1 ice 

s.i i..if fk-lira Wilke. Wend) 
i)e\ Hic L«- Aprllman. anil 
Paltt M !..aR«co have filed 
(letilions fV(wllman » running 
under the re{iresei)lation ol th.- 
Tom m laic la I urns Hu,m aim les 
a.nd Fine Arts I.»tvisi«.fi rt*-Vm«' 
plans to run for the spot und.-t 
the Te<.*nrtogj, Miihemntio 
and Physical Science linisu.m 

Both <Vpellinan and deVine are 

virtually guaranteed a spot on 
the senate as no one is running 
agaiisit them Wiike and 
LaRocco. who are running lor 
the Business and Social Scietice 
Division spot will have to run 
oft to see who will be the 
representative (or that divi 

The student senate is com 
(Kised «>I Id seats, five o( which 
are decided in the annual tall 
elwlion Four more sp.»ts are 
appointed positions The final 
seat usually is occupied by the 
student represenlative to the 
Board of Tri.Bt««i. The student 
trustee has the option on 
■*h'Mher he *,.i,nis in ii.jriicipate 
■ .ill ol 
. i ... . . .,,-«;'.^ have 

pa r t ic ipatetl on the se.nj»te . 

Jean l>ankanin is blaiming part 
of the low response in petitkHis 
on apathy but she is also upiet 
that no mention ol the upcom 
mg eJertion was made in the 
Harhtnger I'ankamn stated 
that she sent a press release to 
the Harbinger in ■■late August" 
but Harbinger mail personnel 
stated that they never received 
stich a release "I was very 
disappointed that the an 
noumement was not m the Har 
binger, " said Fankanin 

Much of the notice of the 
availability of ballot pHltions 
was mad«- through WHCM, the 
message boards m A and J 
buildings, and through letters 
sent lo new students who ex 
pressed mleresr in the senate 

Pait a. 'Tf-li f » "M i m ir. I n p»» w « tn r ". Mil 


The trouble with 
Senate elections 
is student apathy 

WliiMw lii«ifi|MMd in ■MM iMidim? I^ 

TlMM an tuo qtiMtlom tlMt iHoukl be cUrcclMl to both 
In 'fMinl body at. Harper and w the office of itudMt ac^ 


This fall Harper's enroHment Has shot well over the 
W,OI» maiti. One would mutk that with numtiers like thla 

tlHM' iMiM h«' •! MM • 'iOMi Aaiaita who would take li 
lain. ihMiMliwi to iitntaat and ta^ their fellow am- 

■UUMiila. But no. Oi% iMir:paople haw ^daekM'M' glw a 
IWiaMt at Uwlr ttnw lo^'Mp make Harper •Mtarplaee. 

And aa tor the Mudcnt activitla office - if they have 

been aiVMOd' tins canpua for a while, one would think that 
iB*|l>e 'ttiw iiaiili: ttf !»•■ «•»!» thai HaipW'iliidB^ 
naMi ttwt IMUa MM id«k In lltt pants Ilia obvMa that 

■an ttnt and. piMcMjr plan to the first step iMMdid to 
0mm ■MMnt. .itMld' 'licllMi^ roUlns, Thly . liln ki- 

am ififf If M>,fliiiiiiiMiMwbig lata anH ttmM be held enf- 
lyMillNMrMMk 1 to'ippiMit'lhat a detailed. In depth 
•Mir aliMildiM' m&m tn/aHidytng the arena of 'When elec- 
liMi:iMlii,b«'lilll, i iprtiifl and till daetMM'tn nMd- 
•d,. and wiilkar arnnt aame two year tanna alMMld'be fin- 


SiMilgBt Icn'W^ **»mkr». 


!■ 'Olivlmia Hut If Haipar la et er going to get an 

•aiMla^ tlW'thal will iMllf ' gat glMng on making 
In bati plic* In ha. than, a m I ~ 

Why is there student apathy? 

t plin In ba. than, a m of people arc going 
l» have m gtt Mo gear and get. tevoived. 

^'hfh tfl.n. 1 .1,/ 

«rin4 f.w.M<r ih«^ n-''!""-)' '»>!( ''tn rii'iii'- v)il«> s !i«rr'ihii- 

f illiiiClC iiJMItf itllMlllllftiillK. 

Know where to park 

Ttm Publif Sjifri). tvpjirt 
■Mail nfceivti vrnwiaol ram 
filamic. ni:|Miait> ttvm iimititr 
«lni «:♦»*» liekflf («>r i.lli«'|iii) 
iwfciilit. tlial Ikcy iwrkMl <! 
t*tall)- bmmitt tlMr» wmt iioi 
aii|' miiatilip nam to i^arft 



(he 0fsk 



Puriih; S,j(rt> 
Ih;., \ i\ rn'A J ^ 

firtinM' l«i 1* ivtilaMe Ut 
jmr InapwtlMi tn ow otfler in 
B MMlng 

Our tViprnpiirr iMut loiind 
(hit MiKlcMIMrlinM )* mtMy 
•twlthlf in ints 1 
■11 iMIltr MlK iir<" ' 

..iMi ;.,.:■ t ,;; ■- " 

ite:n(;ii.iii-ii 1.,. .,,■ . ,,, . ....;. 
■r» mtl « utiroi - h< > I* ■ ' 1 < ' !■ , If* 
mil .ii-tlfM«l I" -i-'" ■•■'- t'l.trpil 

tllfll!'''. -' i!t ■•. 

n-isi^.T. • 


fur <hf 
twwi't ' 

Lt'tti , 

! r(irii I he 


■ ■(»■-. a.inl It to 
, . s.'ll -1 t'.r • ■ 

liitur mm I irii ih-it di..! j„i- j 
|»r(«(>-r nil riMM' .<nf) ^i> j'tviM-d 

-^' John K ■ ■ ! 

• k 1ti*« ■«.hi<:1i»nl Uiwl 

Counselor: What I dci 


,„:tll >.) 
i.t' Mr 

vow Hi'' 

I thr I irNp'iH, I >■«"■!..[ 

Soiiiiinrf«'liI r«»hutes Piekarc! letter 

• ■ . ti. ^ 


F«r (tw Student 'Senate 

/' 1 



Th« H»rbtnfl«r. 

i^.,:-t,r-" i<«l,P»fl»3 

Fall Fest 

Fest marks a change in seasons 

K.iU rwtrtil t» here a«ma 
Harpfr'* am wwk (»« mtw 

(■mmMi and liin sljirls on 

Si^t 21 «i«l •m* *'*" *"'•' '' 
Ug imtma game and dani"c .«r, 

ilie *i»l» «tt *«)■ tlie te« i *'"•'<■ "■ 
The wrrls (!<■*- ■■" • • 

uuKJuor rom-vri. 't'cit'^ 
*tiirn will nrn wery .Munil..y 
as long as wetilwr p«?rnii:l.% 
-lunch »>' the l'*""''" *'■" ''"' 
iM'ited at the Mnh Paiio ».v 
ihe lafce »t (M»n. Moottay*' per 
tormaiice will he liy Kelly and 
Iwtoplay a ■■sixi-clrum .>t 
Mi4l Mike Sejmiin •>( 
iill'''8tll«lwf ActivHies <)f(ii-e 
tHen. in Tuesday Sepi i2. 
HarjuT n'M hfivr wme n( il> 
„,,n .\',.:iul House" inn *i'h 
a Jolui Muihl Mio eating con 
Ml tn III* teunir «>( -^^ ButidmK 
at noMi. Th* idea i» H» *er wti.i 
can, eat the mi»t Jello m 
m*»u»e«' * laprue »iH nw t 
the wmner and H he or shr -■ 
tpanwrert hv a rtulJ, an adii 
l.,.nHl «■/" * W> •" t"' ""''■"' 
■„ ; ,, . ivis *dl I* acailalik 
,,,,;,, ... ,_! ID in StiKlent Ac 

Then. «»n Wiidne!iila.S' . i'ept 

J.; 'it,,.,-.. «riM r...i ,> Hwrtacular 

■iiBwH in 

..,,. ,, , . ..IttWj! al 

RingimK Brollierj ami ti .;: . 
Batiry f! *cfi""' -"' " ■' 
«.urt(«'..i .:!': I". ' .. '"•" '■''!■' 
Thiir... ; . •" . .■■■' ■ ' ^ ' 

Han - "^ "" 

Sup- _■" ' ■' 

vtnts iiH'iurt' .' ' 
,;,.. ,, ,. ::ile and I'sirry .■" •"!-.■. 
lj|.»s(><mn These .and m.#n> 

Fall Fest: 

a bunch of 

Eood oV fun 


M Huil'Jmii 

nunc, FOOD, AND »KIAL EVENTS »rej* 
IMIlt al the ictlvllle* planned (or Harper » r aU rMl 

^% wStMnSl VHi mnm§ champion, wont 
y^ • dianet to «««t te "tie thl* y««. b«:«<»« 
me i««J Wltttog content has hwm rtptac«l w«Ji the 
••John B«lui*i Jetlo E«ltn«Conteft " 

form Septeml>er». during Fall rwt to BiiUdtog M 

Band to 

1^^ :..iHC traiuiUth 

R,, .'ions' Chicago' 

jii... .;.: .' i>. al a i.> m m 

thelttunKeof H.. '""» 

SI (or studt-i.'. 'he 

public There *iu Mw i.»e a 
dance contest wiih a iiO priie 

swing Harper 

Wrapmg up «»*• tail lest will 
!„. ihe wnmds o( the Ro.ger 
PemDerum ■•Chicago .laiz" 
hand Music at the Big Band 
era will lie leatured as Harper 
lurnn tiack the dock to the 
mtl's The band will iwrtorni 
at « p n> on Sept 2'. in the A 
iHuWinfi lounije 

A SwniK dance lonttst w ill tie 
held and admission i-s Si lor 
Harper students wiili 1 I) and 
S2 lor the [jcneral [.lUlilic N" ac! 

vanced tickets « ill HcsiiM 

llillirl*. 1 lliiy nin 

Fest queen *81 


PtllfiAi. TINlli 


EUMtaii iccMhIS 

■ Thf iaek aiid Jill 

cb «ir tfenlWiil •ith 

■"t accwtaMs —A il 
. wil bt htld at Harper 
Smgi^ H trom I 
aa. III 1 p.m. tn BniMinc A. 

TiUtlM It «l«.» ■""! wrlmm 
taiatll. Hit' he (or rrsiilents M 

ttocuraH. vaH the ContlmiUiR 
B4iicaliim AduiMiofM Otilcc. 
3WT-1IM. emt. 4I«. 411 or Wl. 
CMM ea» iw .• IMH» «¥»tl»Ne 
by eguim .1II7-KM. eiteiis.M>n 


l*iMnpiin S4|uwl w 
i iia iryoHt elinM.t Iwr ilw 

mmtm Tumdaiy. Sc|>t.. a aiMl 
tlMiniliy Sept n. Iroiii 4 to H 
pm in RiKMi A 242 Tlie 

trjMli art on Friday, stfit t:> 
«Mt fMm 4 J -«' 10 « p'ln »> 

iMMi A-m Tht Mad comtits 
al'» tf l'l i .ii » ptr fe ri n al iMime 

' ~ " ^ lliallifa.oie*. 

tiK liwiiMll (wM All par 
IKIMilU will mrM've Haqwr' 
IIWii'T lllifti a««« tlvtrr will t* 
ekanpiiM Mramural sUiris (or 
the winner* Fr«-e 
reli*«limenls will be priivirted 
and Uiere is no charr Ml 
Harper collegr students lacul 
ly. and Mall are eligrtile t" par 

Hie eoune* are laid nul to 
take runners arnund (he 
Harper CoUeRr campus Maps 
are available in advance from 
tlie Inlramural odice in BIdK 
H tn BoUi runs will beKin and 
end on (he nutdoor track at the 
west end ol campus Men and 
•omen will run in the «ame 
rantiut will «>* timed leparate 
ly to determine Mith mate and 
Itanale rMampion* 

Tlie Student mile Kun will he 
at » i« am ra«uUy/Stoli 
MUe Run at » » a m Studettt 
SMile Run al HI am and 
Faculty /Stall 3 Mile Hun at 
I0 4>am 

It 11*0 heat* an neeilml (or 
the student mite run the star 
tinii limes (or the other three 
mnt will tie moved tiat-k at 

'flipliafft Man' 
at Han>er f riday 

The Elpphani Man ' will (>«• 
ihown Friday Sepl IH in J 
u:l at 12 no»n and » p m Ad 
mission IK II Thelllmisalrue 
Ule dirnmcle o( J<»hn Mernck 
a man si» hideously dedirnied 
that hit only means to eke out a 
living was as a Ireakshow al 
traction A lympathelic doctor 
treat* him and helps restore a 
vestitie ol d»f nily lo the malign 
ed person Set in Victorian 
England this lilni treats a 
delicate sul))e< I with both com 
passion and inslffht 

For additional inlormatlon 
please contact Mike Nejman al 

Mramrals mils 
stHieits liiis 

The Harper College In 
traaiirai and RerrealMn Plan 
ntmii Committee is UiokinK (or 
sludriMs who would like lo 
assisl the director In planninti. 
organiiinic supervising and 
putiliciiing campus retrea 
tional activities Ttiose in 
lereaed should contact Wally 
Reynolds in M*B ext X>:> or 

Graduates: ^itioi 

students who qualKy for a 
degree or cerlitw ale (or the (all 
I Ml semester must petition lor 
tfadualHin by midterin. 0<'l 
iii Graduation petitMms can be 
ot>uined in the regtslrars ol 
• iceinBuildinBA.roaiiili:! 

lata rracissars 

Data Processing Manage 
meni Ass<Kialion is oKerlng 
one scholarship to (» awarded 
to a Harper student 

The criteria reiiuired is that 
the candidate be a second year 
Itrst semester student with an 
overall average ol at least 2 > 
and at least a 1 > average m 
computer data processing 
courses (or courses already 

The candidate must submit a 
briel approilmalely two 
pages I written presentation 
covering their interest in the 
data proeecsinc/conipuler in 

The deadline lor submitting 
an iippltcalion is tk-t M Ap 
plications are available in the 
Financial Aid OHice. Rm AJM 

mtirial nneeiMiit 
Sipt. 23 

Material Management is of 

fcring a seminar entilled 

rroductinn and Inventory 

Control Systems" on Wednes 

day. Sept 23 

Emphasis will be placed on 
practical technique* necessary 
lo cope wilh current inventory 
problems Manulacturmg and 
material managers and pro- 
duction and purchasing super 
visors are urged to attend 

The seminar will he held 
(rom H JO a m lo 4 p m at the 
Palatine campus Building A 
Room 241 

Tuition IS $7". which includes 
materials, collee and lunch 

To register call W Mm. ext 
4UI 4l2or301 


MCEO aiOf H> w«l|»«riiw iJ«**"fw'¥ 1" 

D*^HW'tW« *f«l p«v fw ««» C#ll Ati>.» s* 

aooM rot if NT o» to» •»« • '«" '• 

!..» » mfot tnmtim H*«I>W ««»« 
• 'tMtll*i«l fc''*!**" P^'*'!*^!" Cj1IW"0i3* 

HHillNCea iT»F1 imriM) •tl>u>-MM» 

1*D» !«•• !((««' ma% JUpm («rhrH«'W 


HOOVER DIAl amUITIC .««»i.« Ottmt 
(<in<#l»' am •.<^ pow#f ^'^ '*'*"*! *** 

nm.ii-« -riH'* .iiiioiiw>«-ri""« 
SI tiwaiaiiv* •!••■••• •- «»« .,»<!. 


I Haipr itudHt* are in- 
'MlMlie i'arly on 

^ .fMilig. Sept.. 1* at 

J JO p m' in the Dining Room o( 
A Building Room AIM 

CaUMtlc Campus Ministry i» 
iMUlti^; UlC party CCM events 
MM twcluited camping trips 
raMng dimrn Uie WoK Kiver 
CMK tripa. a week in Ap 
aatachia during Sprms Break 
uT kotr IMC iimir SMinday touch 
{ovlball dances, home 
nd Fadh Shanag 

r Mftfetr alurniatiiMi. con 
'Mt Iht pianMenl of CaUMrtic 
C«ni|iM M'talfttT. Nancy 
PManowidi 'in Ilw SliMtail Ac 

li.SI.C. eleeti 
iltinrs tniflt 

Broltien and Sisleris in Christ, 
(BASIC I will be holding a 
meetiitg tonight at I lO p m «n 
rm The ehs-tion ot oKicers 
•111 take place at this mwiiOK 

B \ S I C also will be spim 
tonng B*le »l,u«li« eveii! 
Wednciday at 11 a m . il p.m. . 

II Saliiii is toy ic 
It fiHv lirif lis 

Father Hoy l*<.)r.t<rrti.». ^ 
Catholr priest who disap 
peared lor several days earlier 
this year on .i Inp to El 
Salvador wtiilr inap««i-lim)j con 
ditions in tliai country will 
discuss .al lairs in Bl Salvador 
at t p n . Thursday. Sefit i7 in 
a profsram sponsored tty the 
Political Science Outt at 
Harper Coiu-ge 

.A doi-uitieiilary "■TlM' Sw-ds 
ol Liberty" rxjimming the 
death oi (our Norin \mentiiii 
mi»iiOB»rw.» in Fl s.ilvii*»r on 
(lee. I. rlMNl «dl ate be shown 

Admliaion « free Tin.- pro 
gram will Im* held in ttit> ttoar 
lol. Building A 







1 1^' 


"Lunchby-the-Lake" concert featuring Kelly & Rossi 
f4oon North Patio BIdg. A 



Jottn Belushi Jello-Eating Contest 

BIdg. A 

scMilei tw Sipt 26 

The Harper College In 
iramural l>rpl n spomtoruii 
the awwal liarpenbon inw..»iid 
three mile run on Sai.tniiiv 
Sept U htilMMg at -• 
runnm. intint sign tt|.> ' 

,,,,..,..1/... (irttir lo llv 
Hi '1. •■ -'in »' the l> 


Juggler Extraordinaire SfevO Russell 
Noon Lounge BIdg. A 


Harper's "Battleofthe-Superstars" Obstacle Course 
fifOQn In front of BIdg. A 

The Greg Kihn Band witti guests The Kind 

8o.m. Building M 


"Swingtlmeat Harper" }940's Jazz Swing Dance 

with Roger Pemberton's ChicagOJaZZ Band 

8p.m. Lounge Btdg. A 


M«%t<HI»r. S«»<«wl>w t r. W«l . PW* * 


Laments of frustrated fan 

Ui laM tall. 

' 'tetrly 

I iMd I*' M a B«af (aoaiM: 
O p 1 1 n I • ■ r u n i» » « l» 

Mir Uw/B (pM' *•* ■■■"*' 

^MMt. or van ttBamt icw. «r 


Bfttj y«w. ' f'ii>t«i ■• 

, to §t IM or tl* ■» 

■vm- iNniirt. »«•. bul. «••■•• 

TMla <IHII1I< IM* OcMnr. 




am 1 nja ••"i«<i "» '** '"^ 


wtii never foo* '■"° *'**'" 
At UMt not oi»tU neil 

SSmw. TttevMioo can. be 

' MM Ml ibw r*f *'"*' *'** 

■am is-t IM* *o iir*cn Bay 
iMia; thai «w«aiMii Mr- "•» 

^:-- ■■ .. . .ibjBi. 1 ><i^_^ Hill II Mim mmf 

thai I aawf reallj ki** ♦<» 


II-» ■ Hiiunc Utal Jinti«y 

■MM !» nt »aM*«l <» ■•»xw»J' 
uroatft" and *• •<•••« *** 

■uNut P*r»iU could iMil to m 
gffil al (ootlMl) kr only »« 

MINA lilill 

to dticrtie Sumtay'* !■«•. 
wbHh tJw B««r» could have 

.dujlly mould l>»»«' *">" 
tour or fiv* diMeranl itmoo. «» 

to describe the ««» «»•» «>•>»•, 
tMiludc. AnMHWlfctlliHiptM* 

How mMy i««w« PI'S*** * " 
Rlcliey W»«t» drop" i Proboliiy 
a hM more llwn »» cotche* i 

Why 11 Neil Armstronf «ul 

Vhy it Jun H»li» «t>ll "» 

Boars GM' ._„, 


out ol CliKalo •*•• lit had li«o 

■■pi' Walter. Htii tilt Btaro 
ail ume »ea<llnf nii»>er and nai 

. .,;giliinilt — - 
Brown » all lime NFl, n^wil 
His chaflc«« would l» « *•»<>« 
lot OtMor il he wereni wiUi the 


Hit teiininile* »"th the e« 
(option o( Vince Evans ten 
Walttrscheid <iari( f-enclt 
Dan Hampton Alan P»«e. and 
Mike Hanensttne have stunt 
out two Nf L itadiuros and Uie 
Bear* who have gotten olf to 3 
3 Start* the last three yean. 
would be lucky to malclv even 

The most dl»couraHii» 

aiaccl ol me Bear* two uiwter- 
•hclintiig pwlormaiKes, 1» 
IM tlie oMMWiliMi *»B «* ■ •»« 
UNntHr in lilt OMEl l«»« ovootha. 
San Oltgo la not. OrMn Bay 
■ml Oakland is Mrtainly not 
San rrancisco. no matter how 
cloM ihf y are feograpMcally 

..... .. ~-j - -' pull'nKan 

fiid to my associatmn with the 

Boars as a Ian until 1 1 Arrn 
itronx i» banished (rom the 
suteol lUinois. II Finks goes 
back to Minnesota, or 3 1 the 
Bean roach the Super Bowl. 

The (irsl Is bound to happen, 
because Armstrong coaclies 
worse than his playen execute 
Mi you can possibly imagine 
that) The second might not 
happen (or awhile, and the 
third probably won't happen in 
mylUelime, ilever 

Considering all the 
poialbilities lor the Bean in 
iMl and in lulute years, lliere 
IS oriy one person 1 pity more 
than the roost ardent Bear (an 
owner George HaUs. who may 
never see the Bean win 
another GAME m his llletime 

The niek of • ••««*. ^ 
t«M of a k»*. or a |i»c» «'• 

■■ 'lag us togflhor 

III lUmainliiiii'g *""'"'" "*' ^"''*'' 

TIN' PMMI «< Itstening to (tie 

muBlC' onaehlne we h«g"> 
lUllllog about OUT dead 

MlalMfO whom the radio i* not 
on IB Uio car « »» "«' <*»!»• 
mm and the 04 our Irtend " 

i. 'Uii. Khoots are 

ot the 

'doing you 

picft ym iBwrite • . and kaopa 
iw.4linaM M wM'* ha.|)|icaliig 
in tiK woM... 

One oUmt' mom the radio is 
aapoaed to achltve «s *a.rtety 
3creativ.i, 10 th€ world o( 

nuwur Bu' «•"» 1**' '**'"*^ '^'" 
btan lading ma in the past 

voars The reason. 

I IS lighting lor the 
„ll»r and thrtiwing 
tfoattvilv and nualiiy musK 
ajt «» window Remembet 
•h«n Halions didn't play HEO 
nail CO 



. on music 

•II day and own 


tioaklng at the I' » dial, ^ in* 
maflt has heeO' hirmed ol Top 
10 itatHW tugging « •«"» 

(rtlw,. tnwencer II i» "»" • 
(ighl that has l»«n called a 

draw Xo ont •»• •"*• ■•*•'* 
ptrties go home haltered 

one ol the lemur e» Ihot a ila 
tlon iwet tor » «b» Artiiitmn 
ratnt lioiik The): u>» this cer 
tatn literature .19 a iellingf""* 
•hen their r»im«« are btgn and 
(luirltti fliaime U» sul>j«-l 
vheo tb.'ir ratings »,re !«* 
Much like the Aft>itron method 
your lilendly «u«c columntsl 


,»i>,(iot 'loa en**,'''-.! 

has devised IM own rating 
system with Kimeihmg that 
everyone can relate 10 grades 
WLS-rM »*- Mease loll me 
that there ts a dilterence Beside 
atovo Dahl. iietwwn »1,.S ,AM 
■STwLiFM WKt-K u»ed lo 
reach diflereni plateaus M 
ereallvity and occaiionally 
niayed a good oldie I m ured ol 
WU and I dont care how much 
money Ibej give away 
GRAOB : 1>- 
WEKT— That on« time 
htawn lor progreisive muiic 
hat had the lloor tall lr«m 
under them i-aiety «""* * '*'*' 
ol the dUI 1 ■ *' c"""* '" '■'"' '■"'" 
elusion thai v«u on hear any "< 
Bie Top • anylime Myrtrre 
niimin «p«:«lale thai \HT is 
with ihe move In the HjinttM.a 
«>iilrr Wuh ail Ihis gmng<m 1 
m f*»pecl WXRT (*r hiring 


ttaiitb and Tom Slarter it 

SployiNlEasl Indian Ma'ing 
|j,u»tc I would *i»ll lw» 111 10 
their on air lUir 

WMBT ■■ Thiri-Us.fii- r«;h sia 
lion thai «>metime« la" »•*"* 
wtlh air person,aliti« and pro- 
grammmg A r'rtr^l "ample 
of ihi» i* dw -JIERO l»J> 
Show II any ol > ot» have list™ ■ 
eo to the loieri call m on thi» 

proiram P>" •"""* ■'*" ' 
lUalMwrt "Hello, Pave" 


tllHihurl "1 lust wanleil to 
101 that taking acid while you 

roller skato has got to bo the 
most eneolleni high, mam " 

(Oaoer'OK "' 

(lisloncT) One more thing, 
can 1 have a bumper si Icker ' " 

iDavel -Where d«) you live' 

lllftaiiori Berwyn ■ 

(Diftl figures ■ 

lUllmwri -ttotta go Oave 


WLW ■tl»l'«»nP" ^°t^ 
\f do they tire Sl«e Dalil lor 

disrupting community stan 
darda they disrupt them also 
ChK-agos ■KICK Ass Rock and 
Roll Station • is a wimp in 
(tiigulse What really destroys 
Ihe lioop IS their air per 
Moalities Sky Daniels is the 
imrsl he is as sincere is Y loyd 
Kalher The only leature o( the 
station thai 1 truly enjoy i» Ine 
lyndlcaled 'Dr Oemenio 
Show " aired with a wide vane 
ty o( humorous oil the wall an 


WNUR ••Northwestern 

Radio" - H you want variety. 

here it is Everything tmm reg 

lae to soul By tar the best 

musical choice on your dial 
The Jocks are not the best, but 
the music does the talking 

GRADE 84^ 
WJKL "The Foi" - 1 LIKE 
MV JOB SO 1 wont say 
much The live programming IS 
great its the automation I 
could live without The Reg 
aae Roots Show is lop notch 
along with Th* NewWave 

Show " 


Chicago once possessed some 

ol the (inesl stations known 

They Slltiply do not survive in 

Chicago's market It is a 


Mrs- Fixit knows all ihe answers 

There may seem to be no con 
net-lion between dress design 
me and immg leaky (aucets, or 
Mwern making bridal gowns 

to wiring lamps, but Beverly 
l)e Julio mamtaiiis there is one 

Mrs, De .lolm, who leaches 
the Hamlywoman Workshop in 

Ihe Conlinutng Edotation 
Departtneni Mid that m both 

dosltning and lixing iieins 
.round the house it i* 

nereasary lo lno« how lo read 
inslruiCWins how lo measure 

,and ho* to use i'»l» properly 

•-||;« hackground « drtiis 
dasipiiiill Uress deslgmngis 
much like building ■ housi^ The 
df»s», ha,» 10 tie put togelhor 
prtperlj youhav«'io'"-^i«;«"- 

,\n<l TOU have to n.ive pn 
tieiive "Thaf* the iitggrtl 
fhe added 

Mrs l>e Julio or ■Mr* fn 

K, '■ as she is known designed 
dresses m her home working 
on bridal parlies most, tor the 
hrlde the bmtesmaids the 
brides mother and the llower 

" Problems al home created a 
need lor hrr Ki work outside the 
rtouw and she otitained lotis al 
irade shows ilemonslratmg 
household products. 

•The a»rdiualor ot a con 
sumer show approached me lo 

be a -Mrs Fix lt\ to give 
seminars on the products that 
were being shown and 1 agree 

■Whde 1 was doing the PR 
pulilk: relations 1 and all that 
(or the show. I was introduced 
to Hob and Betty Sanders who 
were lusl binning the (aroily 
sgmeni portion ol their show on 

•l became a regular no their 
(how and have bi«en there 7 

■ ■ Shorllv alter that I became 
a smgle parent and i)*!gan pur 

Being a smgle parent Mrs^ 
l)e JuJio became more aware ol 
the prulilems involved in tilting 
Items around the house hersell . 
i real lied the wed to learn 
what Ihe 0V> ' outside 
diameter, and ID ' mside 

fonimunJon pade*' 

-By Jim Martin 

f ngt*. TtwMf Mnmr. ifttmibar 17, >W1 


Mi tFltess enter 

Celebrates its new facility tor WEN and WOMEN 



( Two can jom for 'he puce of one) 

Personalized Fitness Programs 

imw 111* fl«M - 



•■• V1,ONt, ■ V.ARK, ET (•: JND 

.M.n.njiT. ^nvejimenf (I 00«' ithtn ,.j,,. m^, .Kid in l>tH6,js iH» 

Mrs. Fixit-handy to have around the house 

■•»* w«>rr raisrt im-iKtk and Today m<>ri> and more 
»w»lH>n tuasagirl Tht'tiirts womm are the head o( the 
witrknl in (he hoiis4> anil the hou»fh(>l<i and (h»"> havf <(. tl-. 

fS€M:,!B| •n'..t 

■'* f '»l.HA;,,ii'OW ro 


S«»S terainard PO Bo* C 

Bruce E. Griffith 

hk(hhi;k john s 

l><lir,Uf>.»cn A Cafi- 

■"•mil" • "^iibiii 

">jiiil»ii-hr« • (.a|>|iiii 1 in.. 

Iljliaii '»|ii;<-ialli««! 

ii<»i ( vus n \/\ 

\t \H I'O-^I IM I |( K 

0,„„ .. .1,1. 1,1 HIHI 

rh<.«.- ih. ...I l..r t.i*l. r -. rw... 
»H I 'I *■» » 







•P»rt»PI»nor 1 to I 

• No Invtslmant iMnnat •<«iai 

• WholOTjl* PrIcts 

• Oualltv MwchandlM 


Mon.-Fri. 9 AIM - 4 PM 




H»N fwrin 
Chlc»90. IL*)«07 

allUiefix-upjotis "she said 

■■There is no scNwl lor an all 
purpose person '■ sh* said 
"Where do >ou gn to learn to he 
a maintenance person ' ' 

Mrs De Julio gives j lecture 
I.V|>i" showinfi 
the class how l.. handle tM>ic 
plumhttig priMitt'ins such as 
how to tiK leahy laucels how to 
put pipes toaelher,, and how to 
ti^ r.innmfj toilets 

The Items are passed 
.in.ijiid Si. the> the cbss 
uriilersianii what the parts loi.k 

"Hall ul knowii'i. 
something is kn...-. 
lunclions uhen ;i :, aiirkiiii; 
properlv siirs.iiti 

The class also learns the ins 
.Hid outs (X wirmi: ,i l.uiip 
chanittnn! a pliiR spiieinB wir 
iriK pulim^ in a dimmer switch 
.iiid (ixinn sinatl applianecs 
Ilk.- hair ilr>ers 

"There IS also a section 
loviTaiu cm. mm prulilems 
like paichmt! a hole in the wall 
nallpapennu ,ind learriniK to 
drop a plumb line ' she said 

"I try to delennine what the 
interests at a parliciilar group 
are" she said "by having a 
i;|uestion and answer I ime 

Mrs De Julio has devised a 
basic rule tor two people work 
inf> on a project which she said 
saves a lot «! disatjjre»>ments 

To help the women I say 
that het.ire you start a pro]ert. 
whichever one ot you is tjoing to 
sin the project i.s the doer' the 
(ithiT (lersan is the 'ei. ler" 

Saicp she h.-i^ r.- i..,i!'ii.'.l 

rule which I lia\.. 

Kei'p people iri.m 

■ha! Ill,, -p. 


• or 


I Challenge Center 





*ShadowBox' production debut 

. ... ..i„ .^ .■i.>../< iiua musiul Nexl (all 


ductloo at «H* tlwalre will •» 
Th* Shiito* Box" I'y MuThatl 
Chrntoler Thf pla> won rli# 
PulrliiT f'rwr lor ti^il <lr»ii« 

in 1977 and al» s Tony \w»rt 
h» twit plav 111 tl'wt 4-imif year 
rt wiH W ji«rKirm.rt on Nov 1 3 

It i» » t»rwu« snil ••molmnal 
nlny It* a ^l>>rv ..iI«mH th're* 
i(»iii*r w ho <ir«- ilv iii< «( cantrr 
ftnd (to* t(M>> jBd «»• l»«1>>» 

elww 1(1 Item ciipt wiOt *••* 
T»l*' «rt1liBg (»l »<• P«»J' '» » 

'Tin- husprtal h-'s •» to*?"-"'' 
• . . ■-mi.tlfom 

tul't H«rf patiettis. ti-ivi- 

fM«M« al th» play IS hi*** '•» 
l)«o|)li- inwtlvwi otm«" ti» ifrai* 

Mary Jo WiUi* Oiwrtor ol 
tilt play H^» "iJ" <•»• !»'■> * 
••iwt (JitpreMlng at ■II H » * 
rtaMirmation ol Itir " Of '<" 
audleticf *■• IM>P*» '••"■> *'" 
-come J«.iiy t<-rlin(i iwttpr 
■tio«M a »iib}«» («'<»l''* '"" 
hart to talk »l»u> " 

Th* pl.a> has fi"* "»■'*■ »"» 
(our leciiJil'f O'l** WUkMII* 
aaidwmiii* *-"•*"•''' ""S*pt i'* 
■iMJtftthiT' lane* to 

IM««lfll«l"V' ' • -■''*<»•••«»> 
mujIIj' imvft'-Mii pjrt ih' »i>y 
pw, TU mi*lmi lor 'Pflpl* <« 
lrrr»l*<l » err* »ortl i» ti> l» 
(1*14 im Srtii J* at T p ,m m 
,\i:» thr Kft will t» *M(t«iM 
ir« Mifce Bir.»«no( th» jin <iiu 
nun tfttw imriT*ti-d ui ., m 

vorK litit UMtJie 10 allitnd lta> 
itifetmit (liuuld call MiHe 
iWwnalExl »• <>r Mary Jo 
WiHifal'ttlirtEil i4llor!WS 

For ih<" »ct«rs and arlrrsiw 
ol the play Willis "httpes to bt- 
init in a psyi:holot(ist, a niirw, 
and perhaps a rifcoi'i'ri'd 
tanew patiriu lo itivf insighl 
into what il'* l**" •*» •'* * '*•■ 
minally 'H palirnt tatlitg 
n»h*aniib •HI I" ^l"™*^' 
(hniuRlt Thursday ■--•■ 
Srt (■(«*! rue lit»n ■*<» ■•■ 
TiJ#i«<I»y »n«l ThutMlav nm 


W'tllm lillfs 10 '»lrive lor 
»art«tj "" SWf' ate:i fwl* i'*al 
•■■ifttdintt thtntU t» rtprntui to 

a«rr«i»I fc'iniJiS <H thpalri' 

For this r#»»i>ii. ih<' spring 
»i.iiist«'f will W the t,M?(t"».in,|{al 
pn.du. li.m ol "I'lppin," - 

muaical Neil tall »ill then br 
either a comedy or anotlier 
dram* to giw »ti«JMl» variety 


I* rt«:tcd M r.'i.rr^ ot 
Ihff Matlwsm..' -'al 

Scwncc and '!• •""" 

.., H ii! rrprrstvi- ••.]■ li' ■■■''- 

,,j,in,..ii. •: m.- -Iiiit.-nl ■ ■•<i\ 
•iraJ mini «"!>! I' ■■''"- ''^ i-nil'' '"' 

tdrcanwiiT ilv: .'i'!' - 

),*«■ Appfltn.iH I' i'i'-'"-'! 
rirprewfiila'ivf ol " 
mimical ions Din? 

•wofic til TOahr Hiir|«-i ■ ■ _ 

plj<». ami be 's tiit«'r''"!'''' ■■ 

WOrlllllH «'ltl» ft"' Cun.r.i'.lll .M 

vicious rircle. record salM 
have dropped draslically and 

(or seturlly reasons alone 
radio SI at tons are no» forced to 
play mass appeal music 

What I'm complaining about 
i« within the radio market 
there » no QIAI.ITV MISIC 
*ITH01T HVl'K or no 
That'* tia»ically the txillom 

Wouldn't tl t» niiT to have a 
station Ihal didn't iollo* 
Billboird'n e*ery qualm ' How 
ttlMwl llstming to unkni>«ii ai 
lists and ««inpih>ng l>e»idcs 
rcrK »nd full Ihat wasn't stow 
irmg" Win mil have iome 
;.H■kln^ *!«' ir\ 10 now 
till- mils.. -iM.-ail 1.1 trying 
ttitiuiM It'll' '•'ime 

t May fir . Apcauld 

)egl,n tolili'-'i 

Hawks just pacing themselves 

M.M.%M^^^ M-m.K^ J •— J- ,V^„..,„ P.iMine gradMl* t«ils 4»1. ttd Steve 1 

.-ZL.- .- »r, n«ht Vlltttli re|»rd« Ctptaln ,.»'»1''V"* .'», i?"'.'; „ Tn* RonBrewianrt 

Clianinf tlw Iwtunw o( the 
Htfper cross cwuitrj' te»« ihi* 
MMM. Itt in tail WKk*"**!'* 
DtwvlJh Invite. I* ultin lo w»i 
chit tti* fantot* "" between 
ite'tiMstie toil the hare White 
mm team* may »«'«» e" p 
tucMi* and consequently 
catwe themnelves lo peak ear^ 
ly, running out ol gas below the 
waiM I* over llk« the rabbit. 
Hawk coach J«! V ition preleri 
tabn* Mie Hlbwer. wmt emiw 



ot 'Cwirse," tlressed V'Hton. 
"Hil 1 am Mtltlied with the 

pmgrts* wt are making ript 

AlthouiJi VHloni harriers 
ran Tth m (he prtnUtfoim Dan- 
viJle Invilaiinual last Saturday. 
they were the Sril runklnf 

lunior college outfit 'in the 
meet, behind Parkland and 
Danvtile I unior college*. 

Villon ha» m douiw* thai hl» 
lop runners *re only begtnninf 
to |ft Into »ht groove Hon 

When Theherge «ineUs the 
wHiiner'i circle, he'll be there, 
said Vlttan. rwlerrtng lo the 
c<in.(erence awl. stale cham.. 
pmiahlpit held in lalt October 

viiton regard* Capiam 
Thegerge » teatlershlli ■» In 

valuable lo the team i pro 
gresu Hf I not only leading ui 
tfurtng the race . but he gets the 
'Uili. logether 'hetO'te the race as 
well '"remafliedVitton 

Tbeberge was the lop Haw* 
Ilnisher at Danville ending up 
in «h place with a I ime o( II 1 1 
over Ihe hilly. Iwir mile nmrsc 
Gary Cm, a member «( ihe 
Kenneck irack club thai 
feature* lour All Americans, 
was the winner, with a lime o( 
jn-m Coi'i leam placert *• 
cond in the meel. which was 
won by Ell 

Palatine graduate IjuIs 
Guera in his linl race ol the 
»a«n was the nekl best Hawk 
runner Saturday, coming in 


-The weather *a» very hot - 
M* - and Guera ildn'l kno* 

what 10 «pe«l 'ro*** '*"* "" 

Mid 'Vitto'n "As a result, he ran 
kind of cautiously and conser 
valivelv But it was only his 
(iritt meet, and I eipect him to 
be much tougher next lime 

Other Harp«!r tlnishers m 
eluded Conant graduate Jim 
Helens »th a Irte »l Hawk 
teammaies not lar hehmd 
SteveJarobs4lsl.TiroSt Clair 

4Iii(l, and Steve Kane 1»rd; and 
Ron Brown and 

Sieve Gasser. whom vmm 
acknowledges is his '2 roan 
righl no* behind Thebergf , did 
not compele at DanMlle due to 
some back spasms he has been 
enperieneing ot late Bui Vltton 
expei-ts he won'l be oul ol the 
running' lor very long 

He has been working out the 
pasi week, and looks good He 

savs he (eels physically belter. 
but there's no .sense rushing 
things We II jusl play 11 by ear 
with Gasser (or the time be- 
ing, " V IttOB added 

Improved Hawks split 

One rrlatnifnt play" t"f 
roach M4nh.:i H"" ■■ -l'.'-"'' 
helped Imisto" ll*rj,i»-i' > !»•"">■■ 
tPMli. 10 a "■ .» victory s«-|il '» 

.,..,, : •. ,fn>Ko»lik the 
,.1 cap 


■| .ind ■. I f. '";' 

Jiidi M.jnli.' '• -' 

*-l H,iir|>«" 

and li:>*i.o.i'n- ii...' i - ... '" 


In iirsl I'l"."''!*"* *>-. 
riarnecltt •ml -i-i-V"''"'' i^ 
,.)|>cr (:I.''lr.»(«'''l ' 
\n<1.»'f*"n ..:im1 I'.ii l.-ihr ■•' I 
\ . - ' " 

\< . 

llit*i-ll »l 

.' iiM<'.t'.'."o 

..0 AlsoCii' 

Golfers win 

K»i-nM I riv 1 ' 

'Ttw H.arper iJoK 
Ttiesdav, .ileh-iiti: 


'T .. 
■Ihird OmiI'iI- 
ilreii and .41'. 
tin 'Sepl 

to .lollfl .lO'l '..* 

ulllitl llitf'li' 

.,'-.!!;"""'■ .....n good form last! 

,1 ii iLebrenker a( the 

,.,a»k;. "iiti .. 7:. round, .lollowed by team- 
.,,. .,(' r.. liaryl Mueller's «:. Tim -Hwinl sSJ 

■ ■iirri 


,..U.,,'U.i Aral Jeir)t;.lki>!iC-rmr, while 
,...(.. Watil'»:ro.M-'s tilth man, *holumed m a 

:ri') tor ihfi 
.',«'k ol Ihe 

jui! ^'lakloB the 


Ert .•i.ror '«.■ .■> ...... ul.i:e» lo 

iicrieit lorni during '»e* •'*<*■■ 

,.l.rl.riltilt .i.|.0 

,,,.,1,1,. I rf,,.l irir i.,i'.'. 










li„,.,..t:,... . 
.i.-..i.t !h' 







"aw* I: Tli« >««rWa<pr 

llawks trounce Thornton 

(*f 'to iiirl i»l mir , ..■.■,,!,,-..'...,,., ■r.-» H,. 
««!.»*« \i' ■■uiiimia (iU»» n.-r(M.mti, 

tiitiMM *;l, ,,tr.r ;.. iiir hlH (klWIllUr l;i*cltln-|f! J. | 

ICH'lwl Ihr rw», sim-e l.hry si) mml (Jup Mtsmj .,i ih, 

ll^ llVlLHULlL UlulVlllkl. Ull.tlll I- IL 

tacfctirthr Biilltli.i>....rh in Ihr 

fmunt oiiBiiltMi nty fW' (».», », 
Twii ()( Tiimm<>''« four (itii-i<i><i> ».■ 

tl,ir]J«-'l , .,il. :;,, ,,|, il .. 

^'■' '■McHl-lt's •lili-rt,rp(t"ii trttiUi 
■ tad (hr !iall i»(i llw flulWtiB « 

l.,,i; ; '.''■! .i,-....i „ . . ,., ,4 . . 

luwhil I', 

I Ml tl» flf- ,■:,;;; 

Urkir Hot) '>' .hi ,, i, ,;.,,, 

r»«*<«#r»'<f tn ; ' .■•; Tii.i(i,:i,r, 

The Hi)*ll rl|l4-ii'«.-<( littU- iir\i' j,'i 

riidiiiw .«» TvD-ll tiLiiif;! lii>. '/(.I', I, 
kick la<M. but tDr Hawks li>tt 

wt rht' 


"* fits riiniiliiii 111 th 


^ ^!4 w,nl In,. 
i,*«''tllfX*« Itttn Ui- 

r.ini III*- 1 Th. 


TOUCHDOWN. Mtriter nunilng 'back Ron Burlw k nmnM to 
i«ainn»i«M sfler woilng tiie Hawks first touclMtoWB IB thilr M4 
«tn over Thornton Burke rusiied (or 103 yartto and twcame 
Harp«rs first yard career nisJier Photo by PaulCaacto 

Tony Fadulto gets his break 

iw.:ilM *ti-rr 

M'arpt-r iniiilu ftave t«iml * 

rw <t<«rl»rback «i irw- tilt..* «[ 
mm Tony fakluto, •■(in »<>nl 
(wil Itw I»n.-(i 11} (hf <-n(l fitm*' 
im a (fuller «( mmuif? last 

M amiwiie w«uM Iwvip loW 
FaMtiln li* wnild strike paydirt 
agamsl Ih* T(iwiifa,|i BiillifoKt 
Saturday iiionim«, !»•■ pnthnbh 
•wild *»»¥<• Ijniuhcrt i» il'X'ir 

'V.Mi «'r, m a gaoir *l'n'n*o(l. 
i> "III' ijuartfrhat'k par 
t.ii'ipati's Faldiiio wa» niMiHirf 

Itif •*roi»d yrar {i1.»ut Irmii 
SI Viator pnf\)anH[ tor lli# 

KJi-n.' nkr .•'■:: <,lli."i Hi- njrtii 
■'dup III-. " .;■!, Ill, (,r,. 

eai'in- dn. (irrparnl 

l.» r»t It im- rrsr ..( i.||,r jiHrr 

M the Hawk wHrii^. ■ 
uul ftntu llw field III! 
time, raWulo miv 
Welmel and doiiitett h 
lUid trerii tiawtiall • 
gnal Jor the (jmr «»v, i„ ^„^)^ 
up (i-wer spliiilrrs Iti.iri ttw" 
WW* twIWr 

He saw htj. team ii-un- u 
HUH* piums, fi,|»urtntj itn" <«ly 
*ay »M?'d play iii ttitx gariip ».» 
iJterthe Hawka lurnnl Wtc rmi 
le»| mtii a roul 

MH'f in»> f'f-t •■•- 

IlKputili Ih.- III!.-' 
in Ihr sriutiii 
«f like they *<■!■ 

and the coafhriv 
• ' . ■ :iri(ja!ilsv 

When thr fiiurth ini.irlcr 

Hegan l-'aldutii was msertetl in 
III the liiieiip and »tarler Tim 
Tvrrll ^trtnn'il i..,uk ilir.-.- 

ri'ijtMtt) *.i- . 
and th** wf. 
be the »l.n- 

'!»pes. Ii> 
I tie lien I 

ill l-'aldulti'* llr!>( wncj at 
(uarterliack. he led the mar»-h 
.lownfirld ny rtimplMmn a pass 
jrid runnmu Hi yards (or a 
t.Mii-hdiJWn He alwj M-ain|:iere(l 
twit yardi Uu the ccmverMon In 
wrap up ifte fjame (or the 

Fakliilii ciimpleled i oi 
pasu-s f'»r lb yards .■mclliHikf'd 
calm and «»llected m the 
pjM'ket during thr gain*- 

n,.«i. ..,..,.<. Mark Sieger 
irmrr raw 
■ ■ ■'<> i> more 
L-uiiipuird 4iid >-uiitplel<><> hi.s 
pai»<-i Tim i(; a iM'tler runner 
ami tiatt a titnimger arm, hul itie 
iiltenur rim miionther wlien 

Timy wasin " 

Obviously Paldutu was in 
good spirits after Ihe game 
antl spread Ihe credit evenly 
among the eleven mem hers of 
the oUense 

"When I raine into the game 
Ihe guys hutiiied me and liol all 
lired up " said the ijuarter 
hack -'Their performance 
made my jiHi much easier " 

Asked how he liked the new 
«etup With Tyrell and Burke In 
the Ijackfipld Kaldulo tkaid "l 
think the cumlnnatinn wiirked 
very well 1 wa» Just dying to 
Kit into ihe (tame, and I 
cimldn'i »»■ happier with the 
results. ■ 

' ' — - . — —ZZZZZz. — — ---____£__:__ZZ!! uttenur ran miiwi ther wlien results. ' 

Inexperienced Ha wks outclassed 

ivh .,i.„iT!!*^f!TJ:l? ... , ■'^Mtstant cweh Mtlte Kordecw attrwd. and added III iiumtier .m* «i..r *™ri t-..h ,„>.„»^ ,•,... i,.iik.„i.,. o^... 


VVhrr iiie»perwnc«l talent hatU«.«|Xfrieiiced talent 
the in."X(i<!rienced leain hai mtmm Im low? and 
everything iti gain 

And even though rhej may not have brought .my > ic 

tdries htimie with them, ("btcli rarry Gat*ow*i Mlaw k 
•mreer team .gamed a lot »( valuable ekWfieiK-r l.isi 

"We w-ert! simply ouldussrt. " said Gacko»!.ki ol the 
two s<}uth»*8ti!ni lllmow junior colleges, l,ewM and 
Clark and ■Belleyllle. iImi handed the tirsi, vrar lt.»ri«-r 
«iac:li Ws (ti-« I wo defeat* (it the seaatn 

Howrver Gackowski wan nutck Ki stress, that "Tbey 
«Mh"t give up in either game ■ they have no reason lo 
bam thrtr I'leattK They played Iheir brart* oiil. and 

wanted a valuable le.«on hesUles II was very Biitd t%- 
|>erteii«» for them, ■■ Cactowskt added 

Lewis, and (lark, which downed Harper i .■ i - (-Tida) 
.S-« with alt (H-e goals coming m the seron.i h.iif anil 
.Belleville, which handldJy detealed the Hawks m .salur. 
day. a:» never without a tuqite of lalmt«4 .wcer ran. 
dldatesMery fall 

';'.•■ : .- f'tly High Schofil. harrilv a stone's throw from 
tH,n. j.iiiinr mllette*,. has logged f(une ;in 'rm,i>-ss;v,. 
record in MKver thrw past few years, .„: . 
Iil;.»le chaiiipliwis .ind .act as j dep.-:-, 
•yslem fortKithl-cwisawlOaOiaml Heti.-.m,. 

-Thai whole .irea .|» ,» hotbed lor jkxmt." s.iid 
t»ackci'i"=l<; ■■Ttifv h.ivr l-«-rr; h<-an)y mio plavmt! sf»|.- 

. . ■ :" > 1 (ii.l,i ■ 'liitik 

un-ir , .. Lxiiriaii tr,.,m lu, imic^ .luwn there - rverwiie 
juni play.* s<rc»r. " tJ jickowskt added. 

.iksststant .couch Mtfce KordecW agrwd, and added in 
fel'ereiice to Wlwltle,. "Ttiey had M guys dressetj (or 
llie game, and their rwch would have used them all if 
we had a|{rt«d '• i Note - 1$ is the limn m the N JfAA i 

(..ackowsiki choru,sed "They had guy.* coming off the 
Iwnrh mat were as good as the guv* Ihev were replac- 
ing I was impresHxl with their depth, to say the least " 

(,;»ckowski coutu have used a little more depth 
hmiself last w-«ken(l, Wilh two louijh games in les.s than 
« hours, IW (teld te,mperatures. and some holihlmg in 
.lurirs to contend with, it was rtllficull. if not 
lor 1, . ackow,skl l« ton...»i'itentlv field a he,-jtttn rcln-vli.-d 
lineup for (» n- '.- . . ■ ■ . 

Slarttogc- •• -. i.^.t.,.fi.,uc. wtwhad 

N*it playing , . . ,,„,,,,.,, rniiiured some kiUT 

cartilage Friday and will bv lost (or at least two wtii-ks 

.Sla..rti.iig figfil hiilfliack .l«fj Henli was hospltaliied 

briefly over ftir .....;.■, shin splints, hut 

was bifk ai t-^ ... ' , .,„|,.|,.j, ,„ p,^^ „,, 

Tbur&days4,i i::> . .; ..^, .'...uboiiseealSiigar 


■'HI iM- there n.i m, what." Heutt said con vlnelnf- 

1 .1" ft Hal fli.i I i 'n XanniBi. aJtbough he plaved 

III iM'tfi'i ^jiirr-', . , ,.i *.L..i.r..,. .,..,. ..,^.y> .. .. ■.,.. 

^'1'. ..uiirrb ifc'fensM 
i':i -.1 ■'.i.irl at gojl I. 
giime ftlHin, ■.• ■ 
nal th*' 'I'lr^.' 

"."I"-' 'i' .'■! I I ■.II- .lllil I l.ilk In ,1 

'■ ■' ■ '..inks m no small pari til 
Koy Olson, making hit 

^ ski aflil Ko(.(lr.rb:i Ldilf. 

number one star At>d tx.»th agreed that fullbacks Brian 
Mclean and Dave Steil should receive the nod tor se- 
cond and third place star status tor their hemclean 

defensive efforts. 

But Ihe Hawks ineipi>rlen<.e began to outweigh its 
talent the second half, as Lewis and (lark chalked up 
five tallies, three oH of Kevin W isniewski. who finished 
Ihe game as goalkmper 

" tt was good eitpenencc for me as a goaltt!, as well as 
the team." Wlsniewski said aJter the game "Id play 
t hem tomorrow ,■• he added 
I'liplaiw Dave Simmons echoed In agreement 
It was I very helpful learning experteoee for us, ' he 

As tor Belleville. H-O victors Saturday. Kordecki com- 
mented thai ••Th(.y i Belleville' were like a swarm of 
locusts . ihey look the ball from us like the wind." 

Co captain Amadtw ReRango added, "They bad very 
good ball control , and a lot of speed ' ' 

Last Wednesday, in Harpers home npener. the 
Hawks and IM'age haltled each olher lo a IM lie. in- 
cluding two ten minute overtimes Scott Pfisler maiie 
his first start in goal and eamed a shutout. IdggliM W 
savesalonf 'the way 

. .' .- M'ry effective against DuPage." 
..ur forward line just didn't pro 
•-k Bush did a gmid )oli, hoi he 
"Tt," he added 

.M- obtained some needed support 

li,ir Ihr I'luiil luic in tw.o late tiddiliims lo this season's 

s<|uad, Chuck ('(wk and Neai B,,.!iiing Both have just 

•-'■■•■iilly t)e( eligible, and once m shape for a 9(1 

■ iie game both figure lo holster the striker position 

■ . .ickow sk I's young squad considerably 

Issues and problems of New Right debated 

t9 ■*Mvm mmwMUAM 
Ttw <M lltM-ral Ml iret Ulc 
new const'rvalive right ut 
Harper Colkiir Uit wpek and 
lOiMd Utile common ground 

Pomer I' S sen ji tor aw] 
imtiitofKtii) casdidiit<> Eugene 
ileCarthj loon on coiis»r»ativc 
F. nmA Buctlejr brother o( 
yltrariKhteii waitam F 
Bucktry tn a (Mwte iftanaorett 

tlM. InpR- WW "The New 
ngyil Pw*lem cir Solution' 
jai Hk i|»«»en wmimJ up at 
tliifalMalortty. lenier* 

ortkeKtw Right it A threat 
to the Bill ol Rlghu; *aid tn 
older tower key McCarthy At 
the same time. McCarthy did 
not let the other side otf the 
book 'The democrat ic party is 
tn moral decay." he said "•The 
(allure at tlw liherats wi« Mt 
knowing the limits of 
.hortaucracy " 

McCarthy called for limited 
Withdrawal i»( go¥ern.m4>nt nay 
tug It fhtmld iK-rap minimum 
wage and partially decontrol 
the FBI but advocated more 
goverameJit conlnil of cnrpora 

"Today It you watch the oil 

compawen, you would think 
Ihey were drilling oil to tiutid 

Ivird Mncluarie* They have 
ahimed their i>ow«.rs.'" McCar- 
thy Mid 

McCarthy also took on the 
lierformance ot the Reagan ad 
minwtralum saying. ""The 
niuntry can produce its w»y 
«l o( the current economic 
itttmp Regan's economic pro 
grams haven'l had an effect " 

Buckley credited the ei 
ntrnce of the New Right to I' S 


Sen Barry Goldwtter's 1W4 
preudcntlal campaign, adding 
that the "Right" was made up 
of "cold warrior types." the 
•free speech as long as tt» tor 
the United Slates type*," 
'traditional moral conter 
vatives" and 'lltieral coiiser- 
vatiifes" who believed in the 
tree market 

pMjrte today are ctmcerned 
with the moral decay in the 
countrv Buckley »aid and 
"Ihoy think the gi>vernm«nl Is 
hehind the economic pro 

Buckley outlined the steps 
the New Right proposes to 
change the country reduce 
federal spending reduce per 
sonal and harness taxation. 
(lalance the budget, decen 
tralue the market place open 

foreign markets to U.S 
lower taxes on corporations to 
allow them lo moderniie. 
decontrol oil and gas by open 
Ing up public lands and build 
more nuclear power plants 

Buckley added that New 
Right social programs include 
ibollshing the Department a{ 
Education kitlmg ihe Equal 
Rights .\mendment conitttu 
llonally prohibiting ahortton. 
eliminating lorced federal bus- 
ing, (reeing the FBI and ending 
the quota system in hiring 

Moral stands advocated by 
the New Right include return- 
ing prayer to school, regulating 
television launching a war on 
pornography, providing lax eic- 
emptions lor private schuola 
and protecting the family. 
•Awfcley said 

Vol 15 No 5 


September 24. 1981 

Low vole turnout again in 
student senate election 

tlMie rtudeati were elected 
to wtl* on the student aeiiate 

Wis «t«k in an tiecliofi that 
lad • Mat of O ttiidwts nut at 


In. IhtMly contaiied election 
Iwr Ikt M«t from the BusfneM 
ami Social .science Diviaton. 
tofwer senalr ;iec,retary Othr a 
Wltke defeated I'altl URociio-. Apellman , from- the Coni- 
iMni«>ail«t» iind Fine Aria 
i Wendy t,tVin* 
I tlM Twliiiotan- . Math and 
SciiiKi i>i'«»*«iii ran 
I for ihetr teats. 

Two r«raaiiitng eletlcd 
HiCMKies .remain .(or lUt Life 
Scie:itc« Division and the 
("tlyilcal Bducatlon. Athletlct. 
and necreaLional Oivision 
Theie two seals will t>« ap- 
poliiled within the next few 
••Ai by the Deans tram thetr 

will be appointed ircim 
membership of the Peer 

CotaiMtling group and from 
chiiM on the campus 

"As far as I km>w this is an 
all time low ' slated Jeanne 
Pankamn Dirwtor ot Student 
Activities in regards to the 

election results. She aliW' ei 
pnMMl lM«e that lite tint 
' ' MHitar* would nut 
:tic due to ttie 
"There are 
11) regard* 
to Uw iiicUlin.. One to the tur 
NMit. Md Ihe other is doe* Ihi* 
owtn that the elected senate t» 
going lo be .ellecttve " stated 
Ptnkaniiii 'Sht added that she 
hoped' that the eletrted- senators 
would be "spurred on in spite of 
theturaoui. " 

Ptniantn stated that she 
'iWla 'iJiBt "there is a need' for a 

atwayt the 

we could do 

ponllttlity that 

away with a teitate.*' she said 
Pankanin went oi» to say that 

"11 w Ihe studenis best mitral 
to •.senate " 
Many alteraattves have been 

winiidered by Pankanin in en 
cmraging participation in the 
Miatt vaibtt$. TIM idea ot m.ait 

tug MIM* to hitmc* has been 
bronint up but not acted upon 

.becaiiatol Ihe cost. 

mil year after indications 
ptttvfd U).at turn-out would be 
bw. Frnkantn had ballot hoic* 
placed' in teveral ttudent s.- 
viee anas •■ a ho|>e Ih't' 
wmjld encoufa'ge a few m..' 

tast *i«k I realized there 
would be a probte m m manning 
the poUi.,." Mid l'«nk.»,nin atwut 
why Ihe imtiated the plan, -She 
ailaM that the reaction ol the 
Anient service* used tor poll ■ 
tng. placet was positive '"rhcy 
lelt that they were a part ol 
thmgi; stated Pankanm 

ilSlMllMNMilltfitlaMtMnk. (phot by Brad Dmimliv) 

New policy on 
audit, withdraw 

_____ ►-Jr' 

Who will be Queen 

Three women were neltcted 
a* lim.alists lor the Fall 

Xathy Barttst. a .Maaring im- 
paired ma>.tr from ChtcaiP, 

Jane Da« ■ ■■•vi-hotofy 

maior (rum = tletihts 

and Laura lOaitne Deiprc*.. an 
eoflinacring iniitor tnm Barr' 
ington were selected' trom elgh- 
Iteii applicants. 

The screening commftlei!* 
were <-om.poii*d ol Harper 
fliidrnt*. slatt. lacully and ad 


The Iht^e t«:»y women are 
pieured ab«»t From left lo 
rtigftl Ihey are Laura IVspres 
Jane Dawson and Kathy 
Bartest Harbinger photo by 

The poHcv which allowed a 
student to audit a claia at the 
end ot a lemesier Is now out 
dated One may no longer 
substitute an HiatKlH) for a 
i* wilhdrawalt on ont'a flnil 
transcript, at in the patt 

Bwiiusc of a.buie ol the 
(>oiicv iiv itudents, the Faculty 
Academ'ic Standards Commit- 
lee asked the administration lo 
drop tlie policy "They concur 
red with it" said Sleven Catlin 
of the Committee's proposal. 
CaUin. who is the Director of 
Admissions and Registrar. 
went on to say that Ihe coUege 
dropped the policy in order to 
"give preJerence to slude.nts 
signing for credit This was 
because studenli were signing 
lor credit a( the beftaiitng of 
the semeiter. and droppmg out 
o( the class at the end with an H 
on IJMstr final transcript tor the 

11 "flpMc Is available" you. 
may si.tll aiidll » " 

Catlin Bui one must do H •with 
the instructors consent" al the 
beginning of the ieroes(«r. Thit 
means that a student miM be 
"ortghialty enrolled" to audit a 
ciaai to receive an H on his 
recorts, saldCaUtn 

In addition lo declaring your 
status in a given class, you are 
now required lo wait until Uw 
first day of class lo sign lor an 
audit Also, one cannot chanft 

from a credit lo an aiKilt" 
after the first day ot clais, taM 
Ann Rodger". Dean of Student 
Development This is so an 
audit student cannot "bump 
out ' a credit student she tald. 

If a student does withdraw 
from a class lliis semester, he 
will have to take a tlf on hte 
transcript But in most cases a 
withdrawal Is "usually not a 
punitive matter. " Call in said. 

The last chance to withdraw 
will be December fifth, the end 
o( the fifteenth week 

Fourth annual Harperthon to be this Saturday 

I Haiper' studests. lacully 

■latl are eligible to par- 

in ihC' aiMua) Ha^ivtr- 

mt mat iferte Mia ran H 

Mil on Stiurday. Sept. Ji. 

■Mutalfiiiiiuirai 'ad aapiraMty 

ihiriv minul«s prior to thtlr 

particular run, at 'the |irt«s box 
locaMi' next to the tradi and 

Men and women will run in 
the laiiie ra«, ttul will be ttm 

to ifUtfnita IB. 

male and female championt 

Euni will begin and end on 
the ouldmor track at the weal 
eiMt o( the campus Mapa are 
available in advance from the 
intramural Office m Bldg M 

Farlicipanls •111 receive 
Harperthon T shirts Winners 
Will receive champion in 
tramural shirts 

The Harperthon is free Free 
relraahmeati will he provided 

Inside The 
Bambarh. a net* page 
and lotH ot rage • page 2 
4ckinaii on "Furry" 
rock and rvH ■ page 6 


I el pvMmni. 
I iMt li, 'IM Ottnii do not Id dint, uotaw ate pit.' 

Where's the box? 

'• nary ttm ■LMUay- ■ tb« •olMr MpUdM In ■ 
to the box tiut u uMd lar tho tomro 
'«• «fMl Ml ]f«u «tat kiBd 0( lottery U held In hi 
uy rMd tUo olary MOM day ) oa tfe* NM o( Uw 3M d<yt a< 
Ihat It It M ID w. Jackm oyiiriH IkM MOMUMO K li Mpl IB • 
Mn. or aaybo IB a Mi«. And. MMlkDMM li iHpt k thalMliI pM 
lOlM. la riurttr vordi, K li aaoBd anwd a lot^ 
«oMB(Mamaailo i^ to tbat at cbb coMawttla ttannqr Um 

iMloaM of Mf^MM HO aiMftaalkaflaalcb^ lee office 
Wa afpnciaaa tt» Siadaat AetlvMaa oflloa ooacern otiout to* 
nMiM. M «t do aat biBiwc ttal itudMto riMwid have to be 
down to caol a baliol tor a ballot that H larfaiy uncoatcated 



'iHiiiiiiaa iHiM'iua itaifiNMiy in 

Okay; enough is enough 

Okay, enough la enough 

What hJitiiieat when the 
■chool admlnlslrallon in 
tervenes in the policies of a 
iludent run organUatlon' 
Uiually chaws 

The Iwsi example i» WHCM, 
the ttudent-run radio ttatlon 
Actually. WHCM is a piibllc- 
BddKss system that broad- 
caals through. A and F 
buMlngt, and the cafeteria i 

Laat year. WHCM broad 
eaaiadwith a progrcmlve, free- 
forni lomat that wi* ill- 
rereivMl by some faculty So. 

not count In (act, you count 
even le» than I. because you do 
not make yourselves heard 
Some of us try. but more often 
than tioi our voices fall on 
deafened ears 

I have been at Harper for two 
yean, thi* being the start of 
number three And tor the time 

twlore this schOMi year began. 
WHCM was given 
change or go home 

»r began, 

a diolce: 

Beware of promises 
no matter how attractive 

a damins. Tlda la tba batt «no M MMMM IIM 

A WMI IB alMap'a cMlittie Tlda la (ba ta 
MtoRigM. Tiki. kreEinvto, iMtwMk't 
■MfMillcCaiViy MMleeMWVBttvBr. ItaM 

If MM fead to piek a wlBBV af IfeBMaliw 

rwiaa. Hii 



CarUty'a wiib no pnM«D 

•naa la tiiBUar to the way many of Hr BueUiyB I 
v^m iMaaaWlBfawiaaiBaiidatmptetnttholtoday'igtiiMaBi 

Itam Biwi iy ly aMag 'bcMnd cotorful and aitpeallng cmen ol 


.MB, amanaea aad iinaaoiatlaa are not the Kant In iiiiaattiB. 

I ow iMtfan Miidy layartani: arcaa I 

. mK aad aoclal ri#tti miri 

_ » (Mr own dMlaloaa. nal by Mllowtag 

waattvar la la atyla 

00e£ rmr 0sm it/mm /mvE mm 


They changed, and much (or 
the worst How many people 
that lkii«n In WHCM from day- 
to-day actually LIKE the wim 
py MMinds of Andy Gibb or the 
tW!«stnt. pre-pubescent fluff 
ofJouriiey or Kansas? 

WHCM did have its problems 
l*a year. There was a number 
Ol itJilf lumovers, complaints 
tliat the music was too loud, 
and c«implBinit about the kind 
of music being played 

Their attempt to change (nim 
a progressive, frt-e-form sta- 
tion to a mass-appeal lorniat in 
an age of crapoU. pathos. 
money-grubbing noise that 
dares call itself Rock n Roll, is 
But enough Is enough 
dy Gibb, or Journey, or Kan- 
sat, or any of the other pubes- 
cent fluff rockers that poluie 
the AM and FM airwaves, I 
could tune into any number of 
lousy, commerclalTy-slanted 

iut, I don « never have, and 
natir will God and country 

The adalnlatralMn, whjdi 
coerced WHCM Into ibeae 
changes, calls the stuff mass- 
appeal' and insists on shoving 
thecr^i down our throats 

Dinctta I* one ihwg. m 
tervention another WHCM 
should be allowed the choice to 
male Its own formal, and not 
have Ihe admtnialratlon tel) 
them whit ihey can or cannot 
play It Is wrong tits. In (act a 

It the administration wants 
WHCM to become an exJentlon 
of the administration, why 
doesn't II jusl (akr the damn 
thing ovef Why does the ad 
ministration insist on tnterven- 
ing in the policies of a student 
nm organization'' 

The answer is a concise, 
albali dlMouragtng one We do 


nothing tshange, wttta thetiiec|>- 
tlon of the reshuffling at 

Problems within the student- 
run media have been aired. 
M>luiion« have been suggested 
But nothing has been done. 

Perhaps ihc most fnistraUng 
aspect of my association with 
Harper Is the knowledge Ihat 
no matter what problems 
abound and no matter what 
tololions are suggested, 
nothing will tie done 

That is because the ictaooi is 
afraid of change, especially 
when iwiiated by students The 
.Northwest area, with its 
sprawling suburbs and mlddle- 
income capital ills. Is a conser- 
vative hotbed, 

C<mi«rvaUv«i traditionally 
resist change, especially 
radical ones, when they can. To 
a conservative, a radical 
change is IJie worst, they are 
quick, sudden, and thorough. 

So. Instead of movmg with 
the times, the administration ti 
conlenl to resist time and maln- 
Uln things Uie way they used to 
be. or at least lite way they 

niy have missed the boat, 
aipacially with WHCM Instead 
of promolUig a student run pro- 
ject, they have been condemn- 
ed It before giving it a chance 
And there Is a reason for that: 
Faculty complaints about 
WHCM outnumbered students 

We need desks 

Everyone Irom lime to lime 
has lo let others know how they 
Ital about an Issue 

Also, Irom lime to lime 
everyone has the need to share 
a unique experience with 

Anybody can write i> "Desk " 
Oendlinr lor publication is 
Monday before publication, 
and more inlormallon is 
avallat»le m the ■Binger" office 
in A Xl 

complalnta or praise about last 
years formal That isn't sur- 
prising, but remember WHCM 
18 a student r;. station, run 
by and for Hart' students, nol 

Some would ijue thai the 
radio station b . mat should 
also appeal to tiie (acuity or at 
leasl try I agree with Ihat to a 
point. But faculty have offices 
of Iheir own and can retreat 
hence anytime and do as they 
wish We do not. however, have 
that alternative 

So we are struck with a sta- 
tWR that will continue to plav 
adotaacent. mindless, refuse 
that rivals only Muiak In 
physcological deiiumanuation 
This format change, they hope 
will, quell facultN complaints. 

And II probably will Un- 
fortunately, that is' not the pur 
pose of a student-run radio sta- 
tlon. or any student-run 

Why doesnl ihe administra- 
(ion lake that final step and 
eliminate all of the student-run 
organizations and eliminate all 
student activitv and participa- 

Then there is the alternative 
leave Ihc sludeni-run organlza- 
llons, including WHCM. alone 

Because enni;gii is enough 


Willtatn Ralney Harper CoUegK 

Algonquin & Roselle Rds 

Palallne IL«oa«7 


Pet«rJ WicUund 

, Kevin Boiivrmu 

r>orvthy PlrovaiM 

KalAlMn KinriUk 

Charles SchrrUxr 


Clieryt Hlc»s. Jim Martin 

Curt Aclunafl. Oian« Altivra 

PaulCaaclo Brad Cumintnfs. 

Wendy Hallewaad, [lebbleChloleck 

HoUy KuUcr. (Carol Lobaufh. 

Ttny MarloM. SaadnlR NartkiuiK. 

N«a NarUM, MikrO'BrMi 

SlHirtS Man Mike BambacO 

Spans iUn 1>WB Loftus Jim Muff, 

Dennis Andenon 

Uanailng Elinor 

AdveMiuif >ale* 
Art Work 


Tlw HARBINOEIl II UM watmm. 
puOlicaUai tor Uie Harper Caittar 
CHnow eooiBiaiMy, puMI*f4 wwUy 
enetpl auf1ii« feaUdayi aad (laal «t- 
aina All opInMm espnaaed ai* Uww 
of Uie writer and not nccesaanly tlwae 
i>l tlw colleae, n> admmistraUon. 
lacully or atudcnt &od> Advertlainc 
and ttioy deadline u < a m Monday 
*Ml cofiy IS iub|«cl lo editln( All 
tjtllenlo-Uie Editor mual l>e slgnr-l 
Najnef ulll t« publuOed, For furtt«;-- 
Mnrtnation call VT^wn t%\ «>i <<: 

Student aide enjoys work 

by Terry Mniiowe 

"People cant be loreeti In 
Mp mtmn. It* up t« ttw m 
(tividiiol." s*ys Jack Kendall a 
student computer anle in 
butidliti D Wlien asked why he 
enjoyi helpinf people as he 
doc* tnraufliwl h» day he 
lays. "II 'I limiiar lo why pea 
pie get Into edural ion they like 
helping people tixi and this fob 
ts as much ol' a teaching ex- 
perience as anyihmg else." 

Nevertheless Jack didn't 
start out at Harper bv helping 
people Jack came to Harper in 
the fall of IWJ. when the cam 
pus «as lint bulll. as a student 
His orlKtnAl goal was to "get a 
major m wildlife t>iology. tak 
ing CHurses like IhoIokv 
looiiigy and chemistry " Vet. 
that decision didn't last long. 
Jack claimed "I was gettinf 
hored with school because I had 
been HOing fir. such a Img time, 
ao I decided to go lo work " 

When Jack iell Harper he 
went to work (or Motorola, am) 
since then, has held other jotjs. 
However, three years ago. 
Jack came back lo Harper and 
took a basic computer pro- 
gramming course at ni#il 
while working lull time days 
For that lime lieing Jack only 
took the orw course because he 
"didn't really want lo cuntinue 
school, tjul rather wanted to 
play around, not really plann 
Ing on doing anthmg" 

Soon, however Jack got tired 
ol playing "l always had in the 
tuck of my mind that 1 would 
liw to gn back to school and get 
a de^e." tie said Jack 
believes. "You can only go m 
lar without a degree and then 
only through back doors where 
It takes a while to get around. 
wlMfeai a degree opens up a lot 
Of d«»r* lor • perwn ' ' This was 

one ol tlie resMiii Jack decHM 
to go back lo school lull lime 
thai and losing his )o4> July, 
when I was laid oil Irom tlie 
company I was working (or I 
decided being single and not 
really responsible for anyt>od> 
but myself that it was a good 
time to go back and do it " he 
noted Jack has decided he 
wants to work towards a degree 
in electrical engineering at 
Harper and then hopeluily 
transfer to the Iniversitv of 11 

At present. Jack is a full lime 
student in addition to working 
as a computer aide His formal 
title has just been changed 
Irom a terminal aide to a user 
consultant He says "Essen 
tialty what we do is help people 
with programs, use ol com 
puiers and prat>lems with tlx* 
computers' languages" 
"Basically students in the 
Technology. Malh and 
Continued on jMge 5 ' 



all shapings are 

present HARPER student ID 
for ' JL off 

until Ocl 30. 1981 

707 W GOLF Rd atHiggins 
Hoffman Estates 

No Appointments! 

eomputcr center In O 

buiy by working ■• an akle la tlu 
(plwlo by Katldetn Kowallk) 


If you are missing out on really good positions due to 
lack of experience, the Air Force can help. If you can 
qualify, you'll receive some of the best training in the 
world in Air Force technical schools or on-the-job train- 
ing. Then you'll work with skilled men and women until 
you're an expert in your field. Experience can get your 
future "off the ground." Air Force experience can take 
you as far as you want to go! 

You'll also have the advantages of earning while you 
learn. 30 days of vacation with pay each year, medical 
and dental care, rapid advancement and educational op- 

Get the best experience you can have. Air Force ex- 

Contact your Air Force recruiter today! For your 
country. For yourself. 

Call: 893-6110 

Mike Wald 

1395 Schaumburg Rd. 


CilMiC' dHR 

MI Haiper itudenli an In- 
vttmt to M Walcaoit P«ny Mitf 
■pMMntf'liy Olt'CMlMillc Cam- 
'poi MnlMfy MtliM M7:» in 
A M. rtirtter inta-matlon it 
ivtilable (rom Nancy in lim Mudani Ac- 

Hh Bc«iiHinte Rtwvery Act 
«t im tKill tie tlw Inpk at 
(UaeiiiiMHi •( Harper C(>ll«j|C' 

•fintnar on TIttirtitay. 
'S«pl«lltll«r 14 treis t:SI • 4:30 

Bmmmmii Uui pruvtslM.* md 
MItUlial IliMinc tax provr 

•IMM «a bt rwvltw'Ml. Th* 
■HMiwr <• Mnf tpmmmta ttv 
ilt Onaler O'tiSM AaaocMlam 
•f Indwtrjr aatf CMUMrct; 
MMlnwt SulMirtai AiMeta- 
Un of CwMiMfet tiid In- 
rjr: Peat,, lianricli, Mli- 
I and Ot.; ami Maifw Cul" 


t tMtilnar will be Md In J 

143. Tuldon ii IS wbiclt llt- 
dudm mairrials and aMItt 

Pra-r««istratMBkn«|itt«4'. To 
regtstw, call — "^ 
■ton 4111, 411 or W. 

Ww'UPMPPw op 

IMHrt FriMt Jr Hlgli Sdmi 

PT* li' 'MCfelng enMiUion lor 
Hi taMd' Annual Aria and 
CraMa PMUvat wlticti arili fte 
Mi an Saturday, Nov. I4,. IW 
trnm. in a m to 4 p m . at Uie 
aclMKi ta«tc<l at A» C. Wiic 
iaad, SdMiintmrg, liuniiii.. 
Anyont «Im .It Mtrc«l«d In ex- 
MWnii. ptaaaa call Pagiy Car- 
nfl: al W-Mii ar Pit TMaky 


Ifct M i4lHl <«»»..oi Mr a win » MIMti 

■<■« XMninl. <nt«>m<>*Mt>aH>ri.tvi<l.lM( 

' — ■ — Mrnmoi Cmtmrnmif tRdiiitf ti 
^..,_i« m» Matiw Mi. *« fw tadt 
•iwt-alMt^ rrtM4»ICIW» 


"•!.*»»■ LiSBi"" TStii'tSSi. '■ iri.»j>) 

rw» al«/«r iH»IV 'WFtft pro* <.|«Ml. miinnjinin 
••««ii.l» Half. iKJii-jtt Myotr-s n nm 
tmmfnm irtn 'numfto i« » »«f oiiir 
I|>. ''I:lt.|««u>ij|i 
TOiK'SiiSia ioTK, . 

ii'iTH 'colon* .• . . 

HOCBIV ^lAT'f as w«'*^«m <(iF • m £^%r» 

(. IK mil I 

■iipvi'otciiifii }""MirM Nkin 

m«»f. «wtv.wi Oct ! |j«.v Hoi<.-a v«.#d<»#f 
ffMLt'aOMUM'^- .....r, 

|iart»<ii» !,..>.,,.. ,. ,.» 

■mm i i n »•«•! tij> '....■■■.»- «'«rmtt.oi> 

MBIitt ion f )H<UJ ■» iro,, I » i .» 

III! tOfarv iM ««f * fTMi <«<i'*"<i» •!* 

CI ■•« !■!«« w JMtici Mr wrwf .Md 
II I »mi«l> II. liN IKMM w lot. I 

>»«» •"« a«« W^WJff tw*^A*t .i«MI «**w« CjP* 
met drnfm F«rr«<( M i]« «r Otm fiiav 

>tt.i aooM Ml Mr« « mcukm ir 

••wm-nj mt tfc'W tkrn*. tiki, iTiifttld 

isaijBi'SK'"" M 'n 


lUSltS: All dauifted and per 
MMl ada lubmttted to the Har 
mmm (or publicatton must in 
diKie tfce name addrcM and 
lcl«plMMie number oi tlie person 
tulmillting tilt ad PaynienJ for 


"Tlie Handywanan 

Woriabop" wtU be offered by 
Harper College throtigli Iti 
Womtn'i Proffrain on Satur- 
day, October 3 tnm t a m. to S 
pm In A. Mia 

BewDy De Giiilio. tmmm m 
"Mn. rwi." on WBBU radio 
will lecture on and demaailralt 
tke how-io's o( rennlibing lur 

tile, iMtalilng 
carpel, banitng wallpaper, and 
making minor plumbing and 
eleetrlcai repairs 

Tuition I* ItIM itT3» (or 
senior cltliens) and includet 
itincb Re0ster by callinK the 
Continuing Educatkin Admis- 
lion* Oltlfe at 397-3000. exlen- 



Pvlirateurn dt Cafr 

y>mift* * Nabd* 

■^andnirhri • (.iippurciiiit 

Italian ^|it-i i^illjr*! 

H4>II«II'S t'LilA 


ttpm i> itif III I an»»rd ^iiiiila|i 

I'liiiiiM' (.hitid f<ir fitivr wrvicr 




(312) 894-5554 











, aiit Biiai .be' made 

peior to iMibiteatlM The Marti 
iitftr rewnet (He rigbl lo 
mlmt adwrtiivmmtf. It deem* 
oflntive. Iltwiout or tnap- 
pnpriate and payment will be 
relunied l;o tfte adwrtlser 
Typewritten jtds should lie 
dropped oli al tbe Harbinger of 
lice.. A-:k? .Deaii.iiie i* wKin. 
Mimilay prior to pyblicatlon 
Ad*eniieri must call by tliat 
.(leartlmr to havt- an irf repeali'd 
lit an upciiining irdrt inn 

Trikt jnis 

Ttgbt leana may eaiiae 
vaglnltla. a health haiard af- 
fectlRK one out o( five women. 
And wmmertlme Jncrewe* the 

Hot weather, wet bathing 
Miita. panlylMiac, tight jeans. 
and ayntlieik underpanti that 
don't "breathe" alt provide the 
IncutMtlng environment that 
cautes vaguiitis or inflanina- 
tion of the vagina 

About half the cam of 
vagintti* are caused by 
monitia, a yeast infection, wtlli 
symptoms «f Itching, bummg, 
and abmrmal dlKhar|e 

Just in time for the vaglnitit 
■aaaiKi is a new. quick, treat- 
ineiit for monllia Treatment 
bat been cut Inn 14 lo7 . 
now to. t days as a rcaidt of Ibe 
rDA'i approval of Mycelei-G 
May therapy 

Tills Is especially helpful l«r 
tbe average woman who Is a|it 
to disoontiiue tnatment wbn 
the lymmoms subside, uwatly 
wiiliin tnree days, but Iteture 
the tiife<.-tion is etimtnated 

The abbreviated ireaimenJ 
calls tor insertion (n the vagina 
of two !» m,g. Mycel«-C 
clotrimaiole tablets for three 
cooseculive days. 

Wtth vaginitis so prevalent 
and the need for qulcii treat- 
ment in demand, it finally 
leems lllie science has come up 
with a treatment that Is Just 
what the pal lent has ordered. 

lather common causes of 
ragmilts include seiiual con- 
tact, towels and waibrags used 
by othen. vitamin and diet 
deficiencies that weaken 
resistance, prolonged use of an- 
libtolic and sieroid medicalions 

like birth control pills - ir- 
rltatlncdouchet, aiid diabetes. 









Tilt N»vy ha* nMny >oh» <•>•« r«|iiii« mm mmI •omnn mitk 
vmiam iMcllKnHindi ot ski], whoctling wid «x|)«rii!iK«. iote (hut 
W« ll» hrnrt luid soul n( a N«vy lif* iit •dwuturf. 

Undw the S««ti»a' Airmin PrDgnim. you can qunlif)' f»t n»ny 
wf thcac iota Youll Imm iht »l> th» l>"«i way - tram txpaieMtf. 
IWnml by Hum •!>■>*»•» rm* it to the top whn v» ImBrmid thf job 

ihi ■me i»v you wtll- 

llm iiwy ehcuMit Miller ml thw •pprnntici' trairanf oi>twns 
flMBiaii. AinwiH or Fwmiin. For mm mw> i-hcra* the Semmm 
aptim. thav'i guarmnnmd ■■ diity-«»itfe • fimnm to i«» 

Ymi nuiit t» •» taMU 17 ,r«iii old llxil not owf Mi and mmt 
nttiiin «iui»tion«i (wjuiwimmw 

Your local Stvy nmant nn trij y«l' ilynil «|ili*l)f-» fiwt 
him a aU. 


Hawthorne well situated 


H»n>i>r'» Hawthorne Center 
's located on the second door o( 
ne vacant Hawthorne Elemen 
■iirv School in Wheeling 

Helga Schulit. manager ol 
program services, sayslhttUw 
norttaast center i* local«J in 
•a ver> good area, because it 
bnn|!> the Khool into tli« com 
lu unity." 

English as a Second 
Language is the main course 
which IS taught at the center 
SliU, there an? many other 
classes adered at the center 
such as data prwesjing 
piyehology. algettra painting, 
business, EnKiisb, and conttnu 
ing ed'ucat ion classes 

Carmela Sacchitellti Exlw 
sion Supervisor, .said that the 
Hawthorne Center has many 
conveniences tor (»th students 

-The location is very good. 
especially for people living in 
the Wheeling and Bulfalo 
Grove area The center has a 

separate room to store any 
audiovisual equipment thai is 
needed There is a student 
lounge on the (Irsl floor, ven- 
ding machines, and a public 
telephone ' 

The Havrthorne Center (irst 
opened in the summer ol 1980 
After the closing ol the Willow 
Park Center m l»79, a new 
facility was needed to place the 
approximately r>0 students 
enrolled In tbe English as • Se- 
cond Language class. 

"The former Elementary 
School was chosen." said 
Schuiz "bet-ause the location is 
very good In the spring of 1981. 
94% of the iitudents enrolled in 
classes at Hawthorne lived in 
tbe Wheeling area " 

Schulr also added tbat "tbe 
Hawthorne Center provides the 
amouni of space needed to ac 
commodate the classes *' 

In the (Jill ot isao. Harper 
leased seven rooms In the 
Hawthorne Center There were 
m students enrolled in the 

1 lost my job, 

my house, my Rolls Royce, 

my family left me... 

what else can 
possibly go wrong?" 

•Hi Dadr 




English as a Second Language 
class and IM students enrolled 
in degree credit courses 

When the enrollment figures 
began to climb in 1981, Harper 
leased more classrooms In Uie 
center In the fall ol l««l. »5 
degree credit students and ap- 
proximately 3M English as a 
Second Language students 
enrolled at Hawthorne There 
were 101 students enrolled in 
tbe first 8 weeks of tbe continu 
ing education courses 

Schuli said. "The center hat 
been very successful this 
year " 

Currently fifteen classrooms 
are being used by Harper Col- 
lege Harper leases the entire 
second floor and part of the 
first floor, the other part of the 
tmllding is used by Governors 
State University, mainly for of 
lice work 

Schuiz said that "the center 
IS a very important and useful 
eitenston of Harper College " 



Conuaued from page 3 1 
Physical Science division use 
the computers in reference to 
courses in technical calculus, 
electronics, physics, and basic 
programming " Jack describes 
his personal experience with 
computers as being "picked up 
easily," and worked within his 
experience in the "real world." 
In addition over the summer. 
Jack wrote computer pro 
grams to grade the new student 
placement tesLs 

Jack not only helps people at 
Harper College He is also ac 
lively involved in the PalaUne 
Jaycees group Jack describes 
the Jaycees as '"a civic 
organisation involving a young 
mens leadership training pro 
gram" Jack said. 'They 
organized many different pro- 
jects which help the communi 
ty through entertainment, ser 
vices, and fundraisers where 
the money raised goes back in 
to the community, and at the 
same lime, people in the 
Jaycees are learning how to be 
leaders " 

Jack got involved with the 
Jaycees a Utile over two years 
ago through some old friends 
who had tieen members Jack 
says. "The leadership training 
has been helpful in all positions 
liecause you can gel out of it 
what you want " 

Even though Jack goes -to 
school thirteen hours a week 
and works in building D twenty 
tour hours a week, he says, 
"I've spent a lot ol time helping 
others, either at Harper or with 
the Jaycees and 1 find it en 
toyable, not hard " 'Helping 
others doesn't have to be all 
seriousness." says Jack, "1 
have as good a time working as 
I do with the Jaycees" 

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Talk about Psychedelic Furs 

I uwMl la MIevc tliai (he ma 

)ority at the graup* on todays 
mmk *c«iM! WC'K Mrictly tolo 
tt l«r the money aipcci I Maait 

fht l^iiclMriMIC' Fun art Uic 
■MfMi I* mm .nit. TMr 
■WMMlt flf ckaradart l» not 
Mn IMng lavMlj- tiiit rattMr 


on music 

MImivm nwklim ■ nam* tm 

YM, tlHir tmmtt can't be 
ilwcrtliMt a« punk, ratttr a 
ll« m-i naihlHek 

ptyelMMjellc I 

catapitt#4 'ilMI 

AlltlouRh. "Talk. Talk. 
Tint," the run mm nimut Is 
tailing veil *t attematWe radio 
and Mikgr slallans, tlt#K was 
Iftci-ulMtton ol «'li<i was gotng !« 
imdwt tlu> diK Davtd BtmUt, 
■Her Mwlni the Ftin In ttem 

Yorl had upted lo produer 
Talk. Talk. Talk. ' but tjacked 
out attitc time elapied. 

TIM liantl welcomed back 
(inMlucer Sl«e UlJywhUe who 
has major control over two 
oUwr altefiutive groupt VI 

tai XK Soon ••Talk. Talk, 

Talk." nm a reality 

TIte Pun draw upon the 

ptycMleilc Mwndi of the iO't 

lo incoriMrait with th«lr own 
■mind, file nmtcal Induence* 

art tarfei! and all ctuale a 
trentamiou* anwinl of cretiivi- 
I)-. Ttie btorardty 'OonaM-i of 

the Seeds, the Itoors, Davtd 
Bowte. and cuts off of Bob 
Dylan'i Highway «l. 

Tbe allHiin to perfect tor mor- 
ning play and could be pro- 
grammed lor evening lioura 

alw The dw alM poiiaeiaai 
«ome very hypnotic lynca 
■POrctty in Pink," Is tbe story 
of Carolyn, the Pollyanna 
creature that has a life com- 
pared to a plow horse 

Even iJwugh this seems like 
n rather manic depressive, 
^■ul^ I ski- 'inlo You Like A 
Ttjin .111(1 i wanna Sleep 
With \ou are definitely 

danceable even if some of the 
lyrics are rather course 

The cover of the album is a 
montage of all the band 
members in varied eccentric 
po«es with brlgtil colors ac- 
companying the disc jacket II 
seems lo potni out there 
reference to psychedelia and 
reminiscent o( the 60s fun 

Tbe album Is lun with a twist, 
but mureover exemplifying a 
mass amount of creativity And 
the Furs arent afraid if they 
make a million dollars or not 

Survival is their key word 

Encouragement gets the athletes involved 

I iw lilt' kty lo 

inwilvtaiM aeciinlltg t« 

:L NDtai, AuMcMt 

m niyaicai Bduea- 

*'l rtnicmibcr several 

MHIW. Ill Ugh adloa) and In 
iit'pik ilnMct iKtio uwrt my 

"M^ track coach ai ilw 
WMfSltjr tf tllliMii' ia<we me 
Uh tfetUng Ills wm • iMMl art* 
Hr 'IB*, m aiadt nte IM «M I 
[watwortbwtiUe," he 

toailMallit gH 'his degree 

Afltc aaning his ilegmc, 
.iMan iMgnt m am University 
m iniMls Orel* Campus tor 
•IgM .jwan «Mdiliig track am) 

i't '•dueaiiwi was inier- 
npMi when be weni into tbe 
.MariM 'i^wps lor tJirte years. 
lot ttcn Uiere. be Mtd. hit tap. 

"When Harper had an i 
ing tn tMi, i was llvinf out ;Ui 

nd 1 eauii htr*." bt 

He continued coaching track 
and mi* country until two 
yean ago. making a total of 

iweoly years of coachmf, 

Ina way I miss It But It Is 
time eoMiiffling Dunng iht 
season 'ibere were dally prac- 
tlcat and mceis m weekends . ' * 

Very often bia laniily would 

bt invtilvetl m wnrktiig with 

bin, be said. 

"'They bavt tietn' very belpbtl 
when t had a btg Imnit meat or 
an invitatkinal. 

"My wite. Barbara. Has I 
very supportive We've ^becn 
narried almMi Z5 yean and 
hawt tlvt UiildTen -- four girts 
and one boy and iwo grand 

children One girl is going to 
Harper full lime My second 

oldest daugfiMr to gtttlng mar- 
ried Ibis monUi," 

AlUiough coaching was time 
consuming, Nolan said he 
found coaching individuals and 
teams to be very satisfying 

Slow that r am not doing 
thai, however, 1 have other 
areas I have time for. ' be said. 

helping lo establish ■ human 
performance facility. " he said 
"Bducailonally people are 
btemnlng more' informed on 
physical activity as a preven- 
tative r 

In addltMm to boliling tbe 
position of department chair- 
man, he teaches Diet and Exer 
else. Ractjuetball. Weight 
Training and Weight Lifting 

■I have an Interest In the 
physical ftaess area, and have 

been somewhat Involved In 

Nolan also appreciaies hav- 
ing more time with his family 

■We bought a place up in the 
north woods in Wisconsin about 
me and a half years ago. It's a 
vtry relaxing place to be. 
There are some nice takes up 
there and 1 fish lor trout and 

"I catch ihe fish and clean 
them My wife doesn't care 
about catching them, she llkea 
loeai them.' he laughed. 

Lightweight sound systems newest thing in music 

A unique ttereo cassette 
player, the Walkman eon 

tiouis lo draw rave reviews 
1MB people looking (or an 
aHiinailveio big box sound In 

e«ii|MnNiut, liglii««|M. aiMt 
' itw Walkman k mtm- 

ling Mple who were turned' off 
by large, noisy, portable 

catittto sit'rfnf s«m. on many 

'Hit vaiiaian, wkich is about 
1 siie a* a pocket dlC' 
my. wtlghs only ii7.'l 
according to Joseph 
_ . 'prtMMmt or ibt Stiny 
CanmMT Pnducta. OaapMiy 
Tkt wll pi«y«. itandaid-stied. 
caatUit wMi the same high 
rMMiii wund •■ lifgt. espwi' 
I fttrto systems This 
Ulnary hi-ti lound is 

delivered thrmigb a pair of 
ItathtfwelgM headpbones. 

"The only thing tbe Walkman 
fives away to large stalionary 
Upe decks it sue." said Mr 
tagore. "it has comparabMi 
sound Quality to mucM largtr 
p^utpmeni, out it's so small fm 
tan tike it t rr t u a 1 1 y 
anywhere " 

The new cassetie player pro. 
vidcs full stem sound irpara 
tion It will pick up the subtlt 
straw* ol a symphony or the 
loudest wati ol nKk mutic with 

Likt a largt tii-li set the 
Walkinaii da* separate right 
and Mt tlHMiatl volume am- 
trola ■» fhe IMnntr can achteve 
optimum sierw balaoc* A 
tone acleclor dial provides tor 

tbe setting of treble to sun in 

dividual tastes 

To satisfy the Waller Mitly in 
all of US'. Ibr Walkman's buiti 'in 
IM Line microphone Irlt tbe 
Mner talk or sing over the 
■uMr on tbe tape The result 
Uiniu^i the earphones puts tbe 
lltMcr'i voice right in the 
middle of tbe performance 

The unprecedented portabili 
t.r ot the Walkman allows it to 
bang frotii Ihe listener's 
■ttoiMer niKk or belt An op 
llonal mond set ol headphones 
can plug into tbe player so that 
two IWcners can enjoy the full 
steno sound logelhcr The 
iHMlplMIIHS weigh only I', 
ounce* and provide sound 
quality previously awailaMton 
ly in larger heavier litad- 


Becautt Walikinan provides 
quality stereo pleasure lo Itr 
user only it can lie taken un .. 

Sony's traditional enKinecr 
ing quality has provided this 
liny player with a counter 
inertlal fly wheel taped drivi 
system (or smoother tjpe runn 
Big and a coreless motor for 
reliable performance and 
longer ttatlery life Tbe sug 
gested reuil price t» 1 1 W. K . 

tram or but during heavy com 
muter hours or to class and 
not disturb anyone It can also 
#11 to the library and insure 
others privacy while the 
listener reviews a taped lecture 
or favorite music wtallt 

Geese Proppinis 

w«t...... wr vmtr4T THflou**4 -TMt aAD»j%W0ai 

' WWCM Aflt »-TH^«t Rocjt «WMA-IiON5, TlMtN 
W« atOlHatD A-l WAct. 0«UCr. APlACC THin 
Crli/e * VOO A COP Of COf Fe l=C« OIW-V FlVt 
^AVe VOO EtfEB BeeiMTO M01.3MT RoiMHrnii 

llf Jim Martin 


Hawks beat DuPage, 12-7 

Tlw iamr Inolliall 

MnciiRMd til wtniMnt ""f* 
Saturtfajr wiik • tS-7 tiiHiel vit' 
Mr| over tlit Cow|e ul 

'QiMi'rtfrbaC'k Tlitt TyrctI Matt 
Hm Miwrit Diftmm ••« Mm 
leys to tke win. «liM:» Mb up « 
iuil amtM iMdttoaM lllltiow 

TyraM wa* vtrtii«llf 
iiMtD|Ni'nie, MtiinK liSfirdUB 
I> ciTrtcs The Hanper oMfiw? 
11) the tirii cMsuted ul Ihrw 
gl*>-i Tyr«u nglii. Tyrtll l«(t„ 
TK'nsfl ufi t.he mi411« AlUxtuch 
DuPagt kiw« «.lM> would te 
runnMl witfe Ike lnattMll. Uicy 
(ttuUn'i do MyiUng atMHttl (I. 


VtM: tlliMtt Viltey at 

b: UlMttt Valley :>-!». 
•0 M IMC e<Ml*nncr Harper 
M, M m contarence 
Hawk uadaic: Harittr 

MMrayait mPafe siitMiral- 

ly. M iMi wiy 117 0((«nae 

■aa^HMiVdlfftnuy. (Quarter- 
back Vlill:'Tyn0' nacda u> have 
!. or may (i« 

rtiilaced t>y iiDiilioniiiK' Tony 
fiMilii. KlekiiK faM<e weak 
Hawk 'itttMim IIM nnc or tmit 
III Icagtie Swtiotlary lulnleil. 
Hiwto w*lt h,nf i« iiitt |x»mt» 
tm iMjifvi .«*»•( (or 

ci'ltnth -' ' ''W (iinieii 

flaMiiiii.Kt. i -.. .cir 

Apa«ll« UiHlatt lliirper 
coach .liiMn Etuiih Myi 
.Apaehct are "by lar the l>Mt 
Main we have meen tht» year " 
.ApaclMa have ouiM'ored op- 
paiwM* T10-1J. McMing a IW-W 
rmii o( Wn|hl in only con 
lerencecoiiMt Last week they 
beal MiUtkm tmveriiiy't JV 
MiUK SI 7'. A^actMs will be 
■Mil' IMB bnOM'. Where they 
" ' I ■ 'Unm Mmmt and are 
• l*ii#wr (a deleai 
■t iMat Hawks at 
thctr HmmcmiIii| game or 
Harper naay ilcci N4C crown 


Harper at DuPage In 

:S«luntay.ii »aiB 
Coach Joe V 11 
"BMdcacrtpt" hut haa 
out let on slack m pracllce Hill 
•■ck ■ 'They'll protiably g<i mto 
ttat mM tired.' uid Vium 
••MtUie]r*U be ready." 

Top moiMtr Ron TMierie 
latwapad wmc 'hatf hIMen 
•tilt competing tn the 
Vanbonaee Invite latt 
bill tke team capialit 
he recovered and t» in 
laf taw lor Saturday's meet 

Sieve Jacoba underwent 
iBUwr mrgery on iht foiall lae 
al Ma nglM toot last Tbunday 
iM not ruit last Saturday 
VtlKm expects Jacobs, one o( 
Uh Hawks top five runners lo 
bt ftcovered in lime (or Satur 

Sltve Gasaer. who has lieen 
fMaUned with recurring back 
pmibiemt in the (intl two week* 
M the season, competed last 
Saturday He (misheit'llfl. but 
Um purpoae o< running him was 
jiiM tor cMtdiUonittg ic 


OppaJMOta Update; IncludiNl 
la Saturday's tS-leam .meet are 
NC ehanpinn Triton as well at 
DuPage. which nntsbed M 
points ahead ol stb place 
Harper al the WaulKinsee In 
vile, and art led by the giitetl 
Tl:m Van D«r Gnfl, w'ho ran a 
4 M mile al tlllnots .State lait 

■•We match up pretty well 
with DuPige," laid Vitlon 
'Man (or man they were a lillle 
wronger than we were But we 
were missing Jacdbs and 
ijaiser wasn't tOfl percent 

Vttion rtgardt DuPafe as the 
Kawfc* only barrier to a con- 
Icrtnoe cbtinpianahtp 


Trttnn al 

ChihI' Cawnity at Haiper. Pn 

IMnrMUHc at ftapcr. ««di. . 


Coach ijrry 

Cacltowski's squad playt Iim4 
M IWit onmMita In ctpil tiaya 
IWMklM. up tlM' Maaon 
Mm nmofiwM. sla eonlaai* 

■tlmmy Ogbvnatyc. 
mt fllfltd in Harper's 
laca. is unable in 
ts rtcumng knee 
a, and probably will re 
itatt a Me lb ied (or a couple o( 
■ecks more However. Ed Rut 

ler pleased Gackowtki with his 
per(armance at lull back in 
Friday's victory, and could 
pro%t to be a more than 
capable replacement tor 

Slatting ngiu timer Mart 
•iiah esperienced some 
trnftttimy difdculiies in the 
lint half of Friday's game, due 
10 an asthmatic conditian. and 
■at out the second halt a* a 
rtault he It a likely starter in 
thla week's contetts, however 

John Korbel has joined the 
Hawks after recently t)ecoromg 
eligible, and has been workmg 
out wttk aMm in hopes o( ad 
ding imnMI dcilli to Coach 
aacftowitfi ymmg team 

Oppsmnit update The 
Hawks win get their lirsi look 
at nearby rival Triton College 
at home on Wednesday Last 
season, under Sandiir Stabii. 
Harper dtleated Tnton both 
liiMia they met. 21 am) '>■<) Bui 
cocaptain ivmadeo DeRango is 
the only returner irom last 
year's lM'-» squad 

In ihf m.MnUmc, the Harper 
delemivi' unil held the Chapar 
ral atlensc lo leu tuial yards 
(ton Tyreil had rushitig m the 
dm halt alone Ail American 
runnmg back Barry Kiddick 
WW comtaatly tieiiig swarmed 
Upott by the Hawk defense ami 
gained but « yards on ist car 
rto Tlie wit o( the Chaparral 
baJleirnen ciwld *i little 
mure, at the Hawk* .gave tbem 
leu than iwo yanls |i«r carry ItnilM' the nmtesi 

wtllt <*> •• .«ri:ls. f i.i.»timii on :'K 

i»r. .. 

"Vif itri'! .1 Im t;«»il ;Hiiiig* 

ioii.a>. satd Harper bead 

tW(!h John Eliauk "TyTrll 
and our *"leniie werr vnx 
to.tiBlt iind we lot all) 
*ii;' - ■■i%iat|»ll.cally ' 

W I ,;«■ <)uartcrl>ack 

.*!ili.r .viait.u^ went lo the air. he 
was *utT«Ml-ul .i of II ltm<«l> Idr 
♦I yards. However, Maltby was 
tacked (our times lor over W 
yartlii. and was intercepted 

"Our deiensc «aa 'low. i|u.lck 
and tough." Harper delenaive 

coach Ward Nelson 'lald. "We 
Juit oul'i{uii-lted them It was 
that sl.mplc ' ' 

Creg Fltr.ger«li:l and Din 
Foley led the Hawk defense as 
each Will in on numerous 
tackles during the game (■''{! 
.i|craldwa.» equally impressive 
on the special teams, preven 
img three runhacks on punts 
and .kickoKi with open field 

"Their oliehie wa.» very 
pred'ktjble. » they were easy 
lo delend," satd Setwrn "Thev 
•ere slower than we though' 
and we (usl didn't m.ake mair- 
.nlilaket " 

Thimigh 'Wie t^haparrali were 
over* r-- -■•■'• ."■ fbe stalitHcal 
jsp*'- .! had Ji.n up 

porl.u' ■ . "Ul Ihr itimt 

itntil UM- Uositig moments o( 
the contest. 

W.i'lh Harper leading by what 
turned out lo l»e the linal u-ore. 
'Mnter B<* Hughes couldn't 
bandle a high snap and was 
tackled al the Hawk :tl Hughes 
had bad a (me day booting a W 
yard punt into a strong wind on 
one occasion How-ever. his in 

alilllly li> control the i>ad snap 
lelt itie Hawk delense m a 
precarious position the enemy 
had but :ki yards to go with 
plenty u( time lelt on the 
scoreboard clock in the fourth 
quarter to lake the lead 

As the case had been all day. 
tbotigh the Haviks delense 
stifled the oppynenis drive 
before it could get started The 
Hawks ran out the remaining h 
minutes to secure their third 
viclory m three oiil mits 

'«•■ showed bow lough we 
v> hen the game is on the 

.;.- ^..nd .Nelw'Hi 

The only pomls wored on the 

deiense was on the third play ul 
lb* game alter a !<o yard return 
of Ihe opening kick olf t)y the 
<?baparrals put the pigskin on 

Said Eiiasik If il weren't 
lor the kirkoll return, the 
deiense would have had a 
shutout " 

In three games the detente 
has allowed only three 
touchdown!! ^*ach commg on 
drives u( I- 'an 30 yards. 

Hawks get 'needed' Vrin 


Harper's nK-cer team needed a victory badly 

Allwr (be young Hawk unit had played over lour 
hundred minutes without scoring a goal, goingo 1- 
1 in the process, (hey mutt have begun lo wonder 
■( they'd ever deni the net again 

But all doubt was remmed Friday at the Hawks 
trounced W right I I at Harper 

Co captain Dave Simons, who broke the ice (or 
the hawks on a goal oti a rebound from righi 
halfback Je(( Hentzsthot at « « acknowledged 
thai ihe strategy employed by Coach tarry 
Sackowski was Ihe deciding (actor 

"We owe mosl of the for our victory to 
Coadl Cackowski for his ability to call the rlfht 
aystema at the right time." commented .Simons 
alter the contest " "The team played like a well. 
Oiled, .machine tod.ay "t» added 

llackowski nnployed a dtfferenl alignmenl lor 
the game, using a iiuintet of halHiacks and two 
widic slrike'rs. and Oh- strategy paid of I. 

P.ui'lback Dave Stcil. who has become a real 
stalwart on defense gave ihe Hawks all the lead 
ihey needed when he eonvMrted a penally kick at- 
tempt at :rs'!'>. 

A'nd newcomer Chiirk Cook, playing in hit lirtt 
home contest, pleas., t the crowd with two second 
half goals in one situations to put the game 

out of reach 

"We were hungry lor a win," said the tired but 
happy center striker after the game "Everyoot 
hustled today and the defense was tremeodoua," 
be added 

The defense really held loday " echoed 
liackowski "Steil and Cook deserve my vote* (or 
ihe game s number two stars " 

However. Oackowski and assistant Mike 
Kordecki both reserved their number one ranking 
lor goalie Kevin Wisniewski 

Wisniewski made several very aggressive saves 
(or the Hawks now 2 .1 I on the season and looked 
much improved over bis pcrlormance in Harper's 
»0 whitewash at Ihe hands o( Waubonsee College 
on Thursday 

"It was a big advantage for us to score tJie first 
goal today." said Kordeckl "It ««med to nreak 
the Jinx we had been under " 

liackowski agreed and added "We put the ball 
m the net for a ciiange. our teamwork was good. 
Its a Stan The (lOtenlial is there. 1 Just hope we 
can continue lo progress the rett of the year " said 
the flrsl year coach 

And the young Hawk squad hopes that many 
more goals will compnte a major portion ol 
(iackowski's pngrett report as the teaton rolls 

Hawks could be better 


Although the Harper cross 
country team was U>e second 
rankt^area unit after the dust 
had cleared a( latt Saturday's 
Waubonsee Chief Invitational. 
Coach Joe Vitton felt the result 
could have been belter 

"I wasn't really satisfied." 
laid the third year coach of the 
Hawks ninth place overall 
show Ing at Waubonsee. 

N4C Conference opponent 
DuPage finished ahead of the 
Hawks in sixth place in the 
meet, which was won by Lin 
colnland College with 3 points 
Milwaukee Tech was a close sc 
cond with m points and Spoon 
River came in third compiling 
102 points 

Spoon River's Rich Smith 
was the individual champion 
compiling a lime ol 2'. ■» over 
the five mile relatively flat 
course in helping his team lu 
their third place finish 

Captain Ron Tlieherge led 

the Hawks in I (tin place, puWiui 
in with a lime of 17:01. a 3 15 
per mile pace 

"Theberges pace al the 
three mile mark was somewhat 
slower than last week's Dan 
vlHei meet" comment«^d Vit- 
ton afterwards "It was a com 
parable e((ort. hut I (eel Ron 
will improve upon it as the 

Lou Guvrra was llie tecond 
Hawk harrier to (Inlth coming 
in 2r>th in 27 « Hersey 
graduate Steve Kane was third 
m list St Vlntor's Tim St 
Clair was next to Mlh place, 
and Prospects promising 
Steve Gasser earned Ihe final 
Hawk points with a ilith place 

(iasser was competing m his 
lirsi invitational ol the season 
after recovering from back 
problems, and Vllton was 
pleased with hiis pcrlormance 

'Steve was Just in the race 
lor conditioning purpose* I 

didn'l put any pressure on Mm - 
be was told not lo push his pace. 
Actually, considering he's not 
in top shape yet, be ran a t>etter 
race than the rest ul the guys " 
added Vitton thoughtfully Vil 
ton has high hopes that Gasser 
will be turning in much improv 
ed times in the near (uture, 
possibly as soon as Saturday in 
Ihe College ol DuPage Invita- 
tional "He's a hard worker." 
Vitton said proudly 

Other Hawk finishers includ- 
ed Jim Peters. 6.ith. Ron 
Brown TInd and Jim Rossi. 

"This was a preview of the 
state meet, and I think the kids 
know what they have to do 
now," Vitton said of his young 

And Vitton's squad hasover a 
month ol improvement to go 
before they musi lay their pro- 
gress on the line at the con- 
ference and regional cham 

Kozlik's altitude improved 


Tlie sol* veteran from iMt 
vMir't HarpCT icimi* team. 
Mum 'Kwlck hM' iMineil to 
tiirn Her gam* arouml JaAnne 
Has ■tUiiMMf ■ better attitude 
tfetK year •ltd the h«lp from 

Before camltiH to Harper, tM 
53". l« pound JoAniw played 
at Wimtiolton Tenmi (luto in 
Patas Heights and at Carl Sand- 
burg Hiii Schotri. Here at 
Mmptt, JiaAnne it majnrlng iti 
Otelatia ami Nutrttion 

JoAin* IlkMio Me reaultt, 
aitd h^ p«o|il« along when 
ttiey are younger She feel» that 
vtien you leacti wmething to 

It will help 
them when' they^are older That 
goeii for letinis and nutrition 

JoAniH! says. ""My ability is 
my itrength, tjyt iny attitude 
can tie my «waline»s ' ' She says 
«he has to rely on the help ol 
•ttm Lord, he will give m* 
strength to win" 

JoAnne also has learned how 
to anticipate the moves of her 
opponents better The mind i» 
n percent of the game," all* 

JoAanes lamlly has helped 
her ■ great deal, and have lup 
ported her all her life She sayi, 

They're my btggett tana. It» 

Glazebrook 'upsef with goHers 


_ Haulier had a jMir HKiwiig tn 

Ihe Ttwmton Cmmmm and. 
DmkvIUc Invltatlmiat Meet* 
Hmmeirer. there were two 
briaiM ipots in both meets. Oar 
ryl Muellar and Waliy Janis 

In the Thornton Conference 
Meet. Haiper ftalahed lourlh, 
with the tof Mur men Mnoil- 
Ing a score at m MiMllar M 
tbc team with a 75 round, 
toUiHKd by teammates Janls' 
77, Zac Chemiclis IM. Tim 
SwM'i IN and Mike JanaiKe* 

iouPap lead the six team 
pack with ■ 31S, MIowed by 
Jottet'i 317. Rock Valtey'ii Bl. 
Harper Tbornton't M4 and 11- 

Harper then traveled to the 

Danville Invilallonal *nd endeil 

up with aaother dlsappaliitlng 

Harper nnlshed eleventh out 
o( the twelve team pack, with a 
S5S score Again Muellar and 
Jams Itnlshed well 

Muellar had a Hi the lint 
round and a 75 the second, for a 
composite score of !» .lants 
came up with a M the (Irst 
round and a T% the second for a 
composite score of 158 The 
other Harper men were, Cher- 
nick lt4-W!. finlahmg with a lIK. 
Frank iH«. (Inlshing with l» 
and Gable S»S-M. who had a total 

Coach Gary Glaiebrtiok was 
upMt with Harper's showing 

The nenres got the be«t of 
then. Only one team member 
had played the coiinte before.' 
he said 


C»lcl>rates its iww teitity tot MEN and' WOMEN 

with a 


(Two can lotn fot the pfict i>f one) 

Personalized Fitness Programs 

ruMin IMI iMi. W rise Urn. rmwo. mmt mm 
Biw m» ».. imm u ii>*i-w r»>t«' mi 



U N I T E D 


•» at'WtfUi* you *n«i 

• Withtfraw •n/t>m« «.m««t intwtsl |>«'n«tfv 

• lOtai tO' ■nil>»nlu»i parltwirthip « coriMirai* <:•»« ttamvmt 

FO« » riOictCTui. TM*t voui'.-«ouioco*iitof« 

•E f 0«i INVI *TII»C C»l, L 0« vino COttP'OH TO 

SftSflS Brairvard PO Ba* C 
,.«..«,, L » Grans*. I L ftOSJ i 

'— - 1M47I«''OT7IIIS 

Bruc* E. Griffith 


City. Slate 

l,p Ptioiw 

Unportaiit to have ptople who 

Coach .Martha Boll hat also 
been a great help to JoAnne. 
leaching her to hit with a pur- 

JoAnne was elected team 
captain this year, wblcb waa a 
big honor for her "Being the 
captain is a big responsibility 

1 have to encourage and 
being a coach. In a way," says 
HreBilhen the team In matches 
a* well as in practices. It is like 

JoAnne feels the team la a 
whole this year It Isn't every 
woman for herself We seem to 
get our minds together ' 

JoAnne and her doubles part- 
ner. Kathy Ciamecki, have had 
a rough go of it thus far. having 
a 1-3 record JoAnne says that 
■ht and Kathy haven't had 
enough time to work together 
In time the two will get it right. 
JoAnne likes to play with 

This year JoAnne hasn't been 
down on herself as she hat In 
the past, due to her better 

ffiteiSSMMiiiiM r' 


50% Discount 

on all haircuts through Oct 7. 1981 

with this id 

Hours kliio ?i> 

5*1 S^i 

gjj l Algonquin 
(liisl west ol the 






Base p tex, edge sharpening, hot wax. 

and fiat file 

l(Regul3rly$22 50) 

Good thru Nov^ 1 


m laiici ail I 

WlWlKtU'WI' lit 

iiiiip.>««iil CiKt'i 
• null Pf«.tmni«il 
Scabt ftfoil liitnctXM 






Two other locations: 

3n«i Oftmlm 
ttatimnttri 1060 

WK l«f IM St 

Bc'wyn *M-101I 



Btcorcl* • TapM • Itcort C«w Acctiiortti 
• IMink Ta|Mt • Songbooks • T-SMrti • JodNM 



884 9430 









439 4464 


Harbinger strikes end; staff returns to work 


Mtinluers «►( the H«rt>tn«er 
•taff relunwd ti) producttori 

Mtwliig ■ lour tMwr a«|«>iu 

tUM' itMMMi. vlth tilt ad' 
laliittmiion Friday 
culnuntimit a (Itree day watt 

out, (nr aciMlcmic eoiii|i«iiia 

KlgiHHt'M* cMctttdtit Willi 
• |ll«faiil»« tnm the Vi«" 
PrMldcut at Stuttmi '\rialrs. 
tona St«rt»(>ur> thxt »h« •* 
m t a I s I r ]> 1 1 II would 
■•iiweatigal* the aowihiWy «( 
eataMistiinR credit tor the 
newi|>a|)«r (»»ev«r iio coo 
CfVte agree inenl wa* reaclM«t. 

The paper atso netted two 
etertrif type* filers t<i replace 
Mutdatwf ' miirmat typewriler* 

<-urr«iil:l| MMI hj tlMi ataft 

The Mgotiationa beian two 
days after the itaf( abni|itty 
ceaiwil prodiictlon of Hie Oct 1 
ttaue aiMlvatkedmit 

AUbiwgti cnttclied t>y the ad 
ministration a » t> e I n r 
prciTsalure unneceiwary and 
uaorganiied. the walkout 
iitcettcd the support o( Harper 
(tudtnla. tai'ulty and ulalt as 
well at the sup:port a( stall 
memtiers al (ive other coiiU' 
m:tifitty eoUe|e wwapapen 

Thv aiiiMmiit Wiw) ut the 
ttrlke wat t« win a«-adrmi<" 
credit (or the Ion* hoiirn «,>i 
•ork the »talt puts into the 
«eeltly papwr 

However. $ianit>tiry said 
(1ev<'l<>(iini( an arcriMlited pro 

gran WMitl tnke iime. and he 
Mgieited thai students ihould 
.iMk credit through an indepen' 
'd«nt itudy contract 

Me »aid an independent study 
credit wiwld he tt»e hesi twt (or 
studeatt seeking credit and 
traiislerahllity, and that the m 
dependent credit would have to 
be lor work accomplished in an 
academic area no! already 
covered by an eiliting pro 

StanMwry »atd, that it placed 
into an acvrediled program., 
the paper would risk losing 
much ot Its puhllCBtlon 
Ireedomi. and would t>e ma^de 
.aoiwerahle lu a faniltv 

J««n Pankmin Director of 

Student Activitcs said that 
credit should not he a concern 
of students involved with ac 
Dvities like the Harbinger 

(■anklnin supported her 
stiteraent saying that most 
students involved with school 
■uiHMtrted activities should do 
to ior the fun of It 

She also suggeated one way 
to alleviate the itresa. that 
resulted from the pnxluctlon 
work, would tw to cut down on 
the number ol pages frotn 
eight to (our. 

The stalf reluctanlly ac 
cepted the administration's 
argument that credit was not 
possible at the time 

.\ithough deleateti In the at 
tempt to receive credit , Editor 

in Chiei Pete Wtcklund said the 
walk out was partially sue 
eessful. t>ecauM it icnt « 
definitive message to the Ad- 

i think we let the ad 
ministration know that there Is 
only so much wc can humanely 
take." said Wicklund 

He also expressed mixed 
feelings atmut the outcome ol 
the walk out and said he hopes 
the paper will be able to con- 
tinue to put out a quality 

"My reaction is a mix of 
frustration, and relief that it's 
over with • Tin hopeful that 
we'll be able to continue to put 
out a quality paper ' 



M. 15«o / 

15th Year 

October 8 1981 


Wilham Ramey Harper College Palatine. Illinois 

Faculty pickets board meeting 

tir rare tncKUiND 
.Affrmtinately 19 nMoitwrs 
of the Harper faculty ptcfcuted 
the Sept, t* Boa,rd a( Traatact 

mtffttng M m tmuttrnx 
tmmmmam .alwil lit' alalt 
«l 'UH IM-IM < 

'TtW' iMKlwri,, luwy of t 
ctftirliig plWAriiia. liiwl tte 

mtum t»i*M* *>» >»■">' 

Rmb an the thlfdi floor ol' A 
biiildiDg and crowdeil the dnw- 
wty as' TfUiittt entered, (kw 
the rtgutarly scheduled 
H„lni, Tn» teactiers remain- 
in iw hjillway a« (acuity 
IM pirvAletit Karen Kigraa,. 
|,ati eBMttional tetter ol can-' 
ctrn, ahout the state of the 

fh* (acuity represented 
tiMMigi their chapter o( the 
Cwk County College Teachen 
DnlMt. h«ve been trying to 
wwrk out at) agreement since 
Mtf an a cnittract sett,lement , 

tmmt the 'ibuiis that the 
■l ai ita< i ' i , art aaliing for it a I.I 
■iUCmt mottle, citing that 
wt$ an ptM, 1MB tha.n local 
Itlgli school teacheo. an early 
retirement package, man tmb- 
liatlctJa, and increaitd «r 
ktftitiiltteii to betltr 
imnativtt as teachers . 

The average Harper tacul'ty 
(Ml time) memher makes ap- 

proxlmalely 123.000 An 
average teacher in High school 
DMrtct ti4 makes a lalary Ol 

•It a |u«t not an ecmiomic 

<MHtni." atattd Kant- "'We 
nail m mm mm. mm. ih« 
btard and the ciimmwiiy know 
thai the fac«i' is concerned 

'On* ana tiat the faculty 
wmM ilht It MC changed l» 
that of the ea,rly retirement 
sYiuem Kere* cited that the 
cwgresa Has, pB*Md: a Ml tUat 
enables puhiic e«H||lt)if«|: M 
rei,'(re earlier than the siandaitl 
ap of «, "The board is making 
us iMg tor early retirement," 

f>n>le«Ktonal develotnent is 
.anMlter area the lacuity wants 
the MMfd to eons ider changes 
In. K«ea stated that the (acuity 
should he given more leeway in 
requesting and receiving sah^ 
baticals and time off to do 
research to better thetr 
teaching perlomancf in the 
classroom. Keres cited 
Hariier's exttUent reputation 
in the academic (leld. and that 
this reputation might lie to 
danger, "Some of ui are 
OMiBlMn ol malor national 
conmlttet* and organtia- 
twms," noted Keres 

Keres stated that the Board 


a«ar contract nafoUaUaiia. ( Photo by KaaHtm KowaUk k 


'Harper is a good, good, 

school, ' said Keres "And, the 
reason it i* w good Is becauae 
Ktl It* tacuity These are Ike 
people they are going to lose 

is loclng the trust, the en- 
Ihiitlatni and the eooiwrallon 

Faculty discusses package 

The hoard llroke off for an ex 
ecutivt icaitoii. but did not 
comment on the demonstration 
of the letter during the 
meeting. Afterwards, the hoard 
rtfuaed to discuss the negotia- 
tkms citing that it was not pro- 
per to do so 

Kere* slated that (here If 

Watershed project 
moves forward 

■always the option" to strike, 
still she savs that the faculty is 
hopeful that the tward will act 
promptly on their negoOatlona. 
i expect that the board, be- 
ing reasonable people wU) 
come to understand the pro- 
ceedingt ol a more Just oegoUa- 
tlon."aald Keres 

by Hin: O-RRlBfi 
The (acuity senate met la»» 

Thursday, Among the mttei 
dlfcnsaed was the negotiatioas 
between the' faculty ' and the 
Board o( Trustee* 

In apparent reaction to the 
picket staged by the teacher* 
on Sept, M. ,thf ho»rd increased 
their pay 'Ot(er considerably As 
it standi a total economic 
package ol » 7% has tteen of 
lered to the teachers This 
however I* apparently not 

Ttot' two slde» lalU alM tX' 
I lOrinal patll,lo«t at Ot' 

tarty rttlrement and prolea- 
•lonal development Issue* (or 

teacher* The faculty (eels that 
tlwie two issues have tieen 
neglected to date Still, the two 
side* are apparently ■'■getting 
close lo a Imal decision." said 
Karen Keres, Faculty 'Senate 

The teachers while ap- 
parently happy with the 
economic package presenied. 
were told that the board could 
however "put mure m<me>' on 
the tattle." by Sorman Swen 
ion. President «J the Cook 
County College Teachtr'a 


One teacher in attendance 
Oct I asked why the board was 
being « open with the teacher* 

now ' Swen'Sen replies, "they 
understand that we are not 

.satisded " 

Another teacher asked it any 
Item* had been settled, as of 
vet, Keres replied that as a 
result o( negotiations, "special 
tuition grant* will go through 
the president -now-, not the 
board," Mat decided on is an 
insurance package tor 
teacher* But no "mam items" 

The delays in the t'pper Salt 
Creek t»'at*rshed Project, in 
terms o( the Harper reservoir, 
have been dealt with and the 
projecl IS now moving towards 
beginning construction 

The specific purpose of the 
project is to control extreme 
flood conditions along the Salt 
Creek area And the use of the 
southwest comer o( Harper's 
campus a* a 'reservoir is only 
part ol the total tlood control o( 
the area 

Shirley Munson of the Harper 
Board ol Trustees said, a 
meeting was held last week "'to 
approve the wording m the con 
tract between Harper and the 
Village of Palatine", the main 
point being that the village will 
cover the police patrol As a 

result all necesaary legal 
documents have been approved 
and signed 

The provisions ol funds hat 
also been taken care of The 
problems with funding for the 
project in the beginning ot the 
year was due to a presldental 
freeze on the use of the funds 
during the fiscal year that Just 
ended, according to Joan 
Young. College Relations 
Specialist, who has been atten- 
ding the project meetings 
regularly since 19(10 

Young says "Now that we 
are in a new fiscal year 1 was 
mlormcd by Mr Ron (iebhart 
of the Soil Conservation Service 
that the project was signed in 
Illinois on Thursday, which in 
• OmtUmeamptUt 

Pmtth Tht''faMrA <*ii 

Harper faculty 
is important 

mm mm If II. witn mOmlm M Hirptr talli 'le lli«tr 
DQHilmiwna « 'major nilwrtltlw mat tlie 'ttiDjwt •! 

'Oiir'aiMi''i» at Ittat .mim te • wiiiic. 

AMli Mwi 'Ms ilMt Ula 'PliM».. many atudanta ntllw 
iHt onm to tilt e*i« it m*lor witverittl** «>*» 
IH^irgnHlittt* culitJUitB are iiuttc often 'tlie p«op)« 

MKMnt • laalanif ' ot itMiOiMM" 


Men most fttU tin* itWiMla hmI I>*rt ttmen haw th* 
oimrtmlty t» lit tantftl Hf • |>«on «»»» "saUy know* 

M •»•' dt HiMiCt. Mm! af tlwie teacliM. ham tlwtr 
I ami • tlaaaWc siiMtiitt tia*t .pot 'Nyoml 


to ta at a tevH of' moit 

IwdSam and «i«tli«tgli tlim tol^ 

- - - ■ IX UMfliipr faciiWy m wntral. 

I villi a . w 

Is •■mty Uitaimtliig ani. G«cifanttMlMiiieit.'OrMI» 
•mZmt mm mm may »a«ito«jachi« n^ , 

""Stui «W «• am Hitaf UN: ■•avi, to p 'Out of itwif ' 
nay toaMoouBOdala nMaapaapla. 
tkt fimil^' atalaa that tUt caUaP' can. |>v* 

■'ililalBaa.lliaBllitB«aitfL. .. , _ . 
■I doMdO'lUaMnaiat aattayeanloaallity tlMi 

If tlw' (aoilr has laaaoaate taqaMla Mr aibliatleala. 
Umu UN iaanl iImmM. allow a«nelMit' ttaw for maw 

. 0*' 

'ijioiiht IM tlio iDey '!(<« of tBlaraat to 'llMi 'Boanl 

of' Mil iaiaaally recognlied tnstltutton of hlglwr learn- 

Increase needed 

Bambach is mad 

Walk-out leaves horrible taste 

llHi 'laa to IM avoMad at all foaalbla coa^ ol' 

nill^ ■■■PI' ■■puiiri'iiiii""^ _-'i_,i,^^^^a ^^ iifc^-i, m»— «-j| 

Hifiwr » Hue ♦! llw lop Itn 

aommwiiKj collegn m the «•• 

From the 
desk of. 

Mark Gotsliall 


need to l» rcmlndifd o( tli;il 
lict, but il dwsn't tiuri to ilMv 
n «-t».innui»>' HjJTjwr hiw 
rertiwd thi» wpaU'Km nj 
InwtBi iMtratod Canity (in its 

CvrrtnUy the iward at 
tnmm i» nefnuitmi with the 
(Mulli liter Uictr mIit; m 
crtsM. Ttw iHurD. ts odemg. a 
T% .nlary increat^. The I'actitiy 

IS anKiiig tiir a 1.1% Mlary in.... 
cnw 'I « fUK thai the Buart. 
lit Trustees has some nuam tor 
iinly giving a 7% Mlafy in 
crease I there are > I'ew 
thmg* that the B.<i.a.rd <»l 
Tnuitet* need In tw remliiited 

The tatutlj «« Harper m Jiiift 

'like the rett of thf. peeple in thw 
wofW THey have ta.m.llie» tn 
ralie, tjtlh to iwiy a«Mt liiwl to 
put nil iht< table II the salary 
in,€reai.e Itif (acu.Uy 
neti'ves it not in talaiKC with 
the i»t ol UvlBg, then miopte 
are tiling » Hart luhering 
btcayie they are gntnR »<> l»ve 
to hudget ttielr meaey even 

Tlie jockstrap is yours: Will Vbra 



LOT It.'" 

I hope ywi can uac i.l ' I would 
appreciate it, nemever, tl yaii 
vHild please return the brtinie 
ttiiUMng mu t» Ric as tt hw 

leBtimentJi v;ilu* than 
anytuing elie. Jusi put ii .|.n an 
envelope and addrest to Will 
Vrta. TMPS Dlvlilon, Harper 

College or put il under .my of 
lleedwjr tJ)« 

'P S I 'hnpe the im'k *trip 

't*'!ll Vrtia, Instructor 
el Astniteniy 

Jimmy Piersall Hall? 

Tlie names of tititldiitg* al 
WRMC .really tiuin..ii. 'me The 
•Iphatiet tl rmt, 'but iw i«t:h(»I 
M.Min.p It IS not right It we 
m.ade the abtirrvniion ol 
tMuMtng into, tilackdog. then we 
Muld have hlackileg A (hra Z 

Our tymnaiiura need* a 
nane heeatiae ll ranks with the 
ItiiieBont HoruoD and The 
Stadhim. both in Ctiteago The 
aame at the place means much 
la me and other* I would 

rattier gti te 'the '"Rose" or itie 
-siiMli'uiii"" than III '■t>ui.i.iJmg 
M." 'II II tierMg III fi> to 

Seme name* itint have heen 
■uggettcd are Jimmy Piemat 
Itall, The Hawk, m m even 
Monty Hail I'nul a ne^ name 
la ot'l'tf lal I W'ill ra,ll 11 Blac:kitag 

Looking lar NanM, 
Jim Wallae)> 

Atltr a two'.day walkowi m 
proleit of 'potir working condv 
ttm.n.s, the Harbinger ha» 

That deeiston wa» reached 

tf'ier (treniiouc megotiatWM on 
Friday despite the tar! thai 111* 
key iMHKi in .('he •,, cwm. 
■peiwation. waa unreiwlv-.'.- ■ 
the tmtr. hour ne'iiton 

That the isiue **» uiw> 
.e«l •»* 'iiei Mirpriitng Itoas in 
laet. indiealiw o( «ie 
ljl,«:liW'tH<I«.'i altitude ot 

Donn Stanstiury, vice 
preiWknt ot Stude.nt .Affairs 
taid he. "diiappolnled* 
that iJie Hartinger had .made 
111 sudden decisum ot striking 
belore meetKijj with him 

Meanwhile ' the Barliinger 
fdJUirtal stall, which met with 
Stantbury and Jeanne 
Pirakaam Director «( Student 
Activllies. was disappointed m 
Ihe adininistratioii't reaction to 
wtal ha» tieeonie a real B,i!iue 

CaitpeuMtton to the form of 
emltege credit lor those par 
licipatlng on the Harbinger ii. 
not a new one M. ha» heen «ug. 
gestcd helore over the coume of 
the last two year*. 

To force confronlallon - or 
rather fort* the is,sue o( a 
reMlution the Harbinger 
Hlllorial hoard decided lasi 
Thunday attemoon to walk out 
until the iMue was resolved 

While etghl of the other Harb 
inger demandt has been resolv 
ed.'in Friday's «e»s.lon, the key 

.one 'that ot cotnpensatioo 

remains unsolved 

THe problem with compensa. 
lion is t*o^(o.ld' I'l Ihe Harb- 
inger staff receives .coMcge 
credit tor their part,t(«iil In 
What i» M'W a 'ttutleni activity. 
*hat ot the oihem who put in 
tMt fill .tm eitra curricular «:.. 

That Mggeali that the only 
way poaiible for those on the 
HarWmger «Mie who pui in i;... 
m heure i 'week. Is through in. 
dependent study or through a 
lottrnalnm lab or class 

The forBier would je more 
liMy than the latter, which .is 
the protikm II l« a problem 
which Wl unresolved, will 
hacfune a volatile issue for 
Hhk involved 

Til* Joumatiwn Program '• 
,aii. AAS4e|fw transfer pro- 

gram. While I he A.-tS degree 
tranafers. to some in slate 

unl,verB.|lie» and coWeges, 11 


does not transfer lo out ol sunt 
universities and colleges It is, 
as one fniversily o( Missouri. 
Columbia administrator put it 
•',* waste ol time *' 

'For the record, the 1,'niver. 
sity of Mis.»<iuri .Columbia is 
considered one ol the (op three. 
lournalism institutions m the 

i>Vt Ihe time ol the Harbinger 
walkout, tive schools issued 
their support of our demand of 
co'mpentatton College ol Lake 
County Oakton. Morion, 
Mo.raim? 'Valley, and Triton 
Each of these schools has some 
form of college credil compen 
tation for those students thai 
work on the school newspaper 

Tlie reason for thai Is the 
school newspaper is the final 
product of a joumaUstn class or 
some such outlet That is ihe 
•ay II could conceivably be at 
Harper But the chances of that 
are two u snowball's chance in 
hell or when hell Ireeies over 

To keep the school 
newspaper m the hands ot me 
ftudenti m which it belongs, 
AHV> create (he situation wliere 
a student who contributes ctm 
■tsteitty lo the Marlilnger can 
receive college credit, would 
require the eiiminatlon ol the 
Journalism Progra,m 

II would mean streamlining 
some ot the course* now of. 
fered m the pnigram. some ot 
which transfer lo moal unlver 
Mllei and colleges 

\ lab. m cu.rrelalion lo the 
courses, could be set up for the 
purpose ol providing credit 
time to produce the Harbinger 

This proposal has been made 
many times by myself and 
others and was made again on 
Friday The Harbinger 
editorial Miard was promised 
tm the situalMin it being 
■•invefltiaaled' " 

11 wtHiM DO doubt take kHs ol 

ilmc lo impleincni sutli •> pro 
posal .. p'robably no than 
two years 

II has taken the adminislfii 
imn two year* I" nen look info 

Buring l-'ri.:l.,iy's .M-iSim; is 
was pointed out in;.t aini'' inv 
Hartiinger situatiun was ijcing 
checked out even It college 
credit was given to stall 
member* through,, whatexfi 
vehicle there was Ihe pobsibill 
ty that the credil might not 
iriinsler l^ another institution, 
Cankanm added thai the ma 
jorlty ol people who write lor a 
school newspaper do it -for the 
lun of If " I certainly would not 
argue either point 

But both statements are en 
emplary ol the tact that the ad 
ministration has been dealing 
purely with surface problems. 

It lias t>een pointed out many 
limes that the real problem Is 
thai those working (or Uie stu 
dent newspaper have been 
lacking the direction given 
those in the Journalism Pro- 
gram And the problem goes 
another step deeper we have 
been lacking in manpower, 
again primarily because the 
Journalism Program and the 
Hartiinger are separate. 

That is the real problem . and 
that is what the administration 
should be looking in to We need 
some kind of solution 

But I know thai our ad 
ministration will be in no hurry 
to find a solution There are 
personalities and egos involved 
md - God forbid we 

wouldn't want lu otlend 

Maybe someday they will 
find a solution Someday, 
maybe they will flnaUy get 
■round to finding a solution, jut 
like they finally got around to 
'•investigate Ihe current 
slluatM'n at ibc Harbinger 


William Kainey Harper College 

AlgMqutn It Rolwlle Rill. 



Ptlfr.l Wu-klund EaiU>r-Mi-rtiie( 

Kevin Butterain lluiagmiEililor 

KaUUccnKoaalit Photo Eni'.or 

IMitaaailMcli SpaiuKd' ' 

T tw Harttlngtr. OcloMr 1. iMt. 'Paga 3 

Botterman blasts administration on strike 

In «iii *riiiin: ■'• 

Htriiwpr, *» wch its .1 run 
v-iTtieil' ct'WicM.. m re(|«ril» to 
last «Mk"* imd'M'tMm walk 
out, or i(rili(!i ■( the Hai'h 

TIM! w*ili (tul *hifh r,ti!t«l 
tor Utnt days, »ai t»ih a p«!f 
•Mtti iHrt«»f> and tardshtp (or 
llt]tMl,f It DM a ii't('t(>r\ 
tacaiiM It lytii'MMed, i,)n<."r 
iwl (or ■II. tlw inwl' for idr 
quite CMi'iMfiKiUw (or mt- 
work that ni,wy ■t:wiiiiiit«,,|>ut i,gi, 
■t the Hartiinger, 

TMv walk out WM $im a (wr 
Mnat lijirdchrp in ttir »«■>»(' 
ll)»t lu a ra#m*«r o( 1,1m; pmrn 
itoiui pri;u, learning the DJciUi 
of journalism ami u, « 
uie,mt)er i)l l,lw rtudeni i»r«ti it 

^i*ip«:'l <;,'^ptXl*;llJIV a p«*[,,iri ! till 

ud j>iroilui:e<t l>y »tu(J*nt», 

But !.*,« tJie Bui,««>rs 
mChief, Pete Wirk 
persuivjit TMlmp titr 

From the 
desk of. . . 

Ke*in Bottetman 


were lel aiide in order Id tully 
Mipport tmr •tterapt to s,efu,re 
accreditaitittn (or am work 

Now wttn (IM Willi ••« over, 
and with little more that pro- 
imtise* (,rora the udministrjttoo, 
the Bln,ger staff ha» re turned to 


Howevfi" i urn pcrM„iii„:ill'» 
tHtter ami ct,i,»iUu,»ionett at itvr 
retlHwile ttm dJwmtrtraiB.n 
Itave lO'Mr »aitlt-oiii 

It ,m»lie» Ijftle ,sen.w i« me 
that (he a,i:iiiHBi,ltratwn at a co! 
lefe with: (he acudent , 
IhM Harpifr |M«a«s>^ 
alliiw tto tituatkMi Iha: ., ..; . l ..: 
l,y tmas, iM'twei* ihe Harti 
inger and the .Journalism prO" 
gram. 1 1> r a n 1 1 n u e t o 
•dftenorate to i,,hc potat where 
(he rtlatkiiKHip appe,a,n as 
B<j«hiiii(, more ihan a runnin,g 
stal) m t,he coHege's otherwiw 
unhlem (shed cnmptaitin , 

Perhaps my beltef that the 
■d:iiiM,:M,ra,tto)i would have, or 
•hnttlil have corrected tlw 
,tittiallM ,lmg ago it naive, but 

Ackman rips administration 
for its control of WHCM 

Ai Ihe nW'iDtolhe'griMiHl 
Tap HI Mum, playmi thmimhiMl: 
'HM' :iMifk«n ii Butldtiig ,*, t 

why <ih why. did I have to 
IMen to •"Who'i Cryin' Sow" 
over and mm and, mm imta. 
Vet. I have t« taie riMfMiiiili- 
ty lor (hat nimMiloiMiiia iliiii 
I'm the me that hai to explain 
10 everyone that tf$ not 
WHCM'* idwi of 'ntuMc out the 

Lail year •• neelved com- 
plainte bicaiiW'Of an eni'M«cr' 
tn.| niMahe H yiM were down 
M the calcteria at all last ytar 
you proliihly saw a 
-ritf-nphone han||ing trutn the 
< Thi» microphone was 
ui*n tttrre lor a g«>d pur 
pa>e , III looMtor Lh« Mint level 

Wtah there mm a Imuft 
ddW'Mtatn, IMt in,iike 
I •ick 911 llM: h#iM ami 
rate IM' vmhine of WHi^!:M't 
tniraiB tuiullaneouitiy 

One nunc ttU'i VHCM dtiJii:'t 
apct «Mt that whMi Umiv wm 
no out diiwn thcf e and ,i 
}iisl tiappened to yell in the 
mike or drop a ptaM' wouM l,h« 
I Mnrat raadi a Kreechtni 

w ,|inproleui(mal 
■llMtalll to rt]h the itatioo, ihev 
.. jlaciditd' ihey were T he^ ttrn j . 

from the 

desk of. . . 

Curt Ackman 


9» Ihe aiinitmatratM ttNWl 
<mc wacnn* They wnn't ( 

mvm gg'fip t t o ii,» raw' 

tables, tiained the itation ad' 
vfwr tor u*. and llmtied us to 
M mat* appeal mngs , 

In the thk-k or it all I'm ttwin 
ed with the title ol mutic dtrei- 
ti»r M'wiir director to whaC A 
)ll'Z,i%K station It we were to 
repttrt It a trade mafaiiiie. 
t:h«y wiMiU lauRh at m. We get 
rnwdt ami' we eaa,'t even play 

While >*wt eiillaiie' itatiom 
art playing 'new anti exeiling 
arlisia, wiCM has lo pleaie 
the damn adniinistrati'tm 
it'hen n(li'i>r illations are 
de?elup'itic .t'pecutly pniwram 
Rtng III, ,K oWica, ragitat, «id 
elalit WW:il has to 
the daffin aiininntrji 

Th,l» Is a m«-k#Ty .i:,,- 
dnwiiTiKht dligrace to 'ine and 
the nianaKem,ent ol WHCM 

A high ra,nliii>gollKial, «i( Siu- 
'duN AMmiHN ihaa tmi mt 'mat 

"ai lar aa thty"i» concened 
the (imat i* all year'" and that 
It I didn't like it to net out 
WwU I'm not getting out hut 1 

an BMig lo try lo change 

WHCM hack lo a STUDENT 

But this IS not the lirst lime 
anything like this ha* happen 
ed. Instead o( tietitg hacked l>y 

Student Actlvitie* we are 

They have pulM the aame 
crap with the Senate, the body 

thai 19 'itippoted' to stt in on 
policy making, ,and Qaa tart»d 
the Harbtnuer thai work* day 
11), and day out lo put out Ki'me 

•eMhlainee ot a pa'per This n 

not Hl!» and I'm noi seared ol 
Ihe b,lg o,mffli:Htt adminlstra 
lion They havf ta,ken all itic 
goDd *'lpei't'« of sludenl .\f 
tifttic* and put controls on, our 
,m'mlll" Ve mi longer have an> 
reipwaAtlily tor the functions 
we perform. 'The ,»dmtn'iil'ra' 
tiiNi iHolves this problem hy 
'"lalkMl" atwul it Circal wlu 
turn' For the past two years 
iMy've talked ato«it It 

':' herrt'orc I hereby resign 

post here at the HarlMnger 

It's been gotri eipenence it"* 

Juct loo t)aii that stU'dents can't 

have any say with the truth 

Thank ytw AilimnMratton ' 

Loan applications flood 
offices before cuts 

VMMUffHl. D.C. iCFSt 

Tlic ruth to apply lor 
'0 uaranteed Student Loana 
iGSUihcfortOct, i.wUmiww 
rtflnMlaMi tor (lualttying Iw 
OlitiiVil' iilo eltect, prod'uctd 
Mmber ol sludents 
ild. and even drained 
Ire'aavics ol aid 
I'haiirt claanaa began 
flnancW' aU adviaen 
the eounlry tried to 
MMll iliMlentt during the sum 
■Mf In afiply (or USts early to 

a new 
' tn wktch lamillM 
earauig more 'thai SMt.tM per 
year have lo' dUM'iNiitrale how 
nuch lli«' nMd the ten '(« put 
tbetrcMtlditB thmiiflh tchml 

In an attempt lo evadt the 
■ew ntta, the rmvently' at 
Idaho lirwcesiied mere OSL af- 
pbcaitow by .lugiist I'Uh Ihan 
It dH) during the entire itWIl 

iM. a^tttcMmm at NMre 
0mm wwn rawiinf '""alMMit, M 
paneanl over laai year." 'ac 
dtfiini in canpw aid diravlor 

The niah became to bad that 
at Nonn Canllna College 
FMindalHin, which ad,mimi*len 
QMS In tlial ftaie. ran out or 
SliL nionty the firat wtet: of 
,at|MMnbtr, About to 
man' mi without loaoa. 
Iht aiMicy tuhMMpienily ar' 
ranged loam lor them 

The University of T«m» P'lac- 
ed: a "moratortnm" on proceta- 
tnt tiSL application*' htl:««tn 
Sept i:-> and (ki. I htcawt «( 
.an vmn iaa4'0f appUcintlMa 

ftudenia wht M C8U hclort 
the Oct I ileadliw dM 'wm tevt 
lo-denonttrale n««d ' 

The I' „,S. Dcf t at Bducauon''* 
new rtilM' allow studenu from 
iMitlit*' that sake lesi than 
'ia,'M per jmr ID' get the max" 
uwn nw loan without hav 
tng to pais the needs test 

the "test" iiseli a a set <») 
tables laying out what (aintttes 
of dlllercnt iiiamie levels nual 
spend on their children's 
education from their own 
ptekets before necommg ellgi 
bit Mr a loan. 

The standard need in the 
tablet IS t«t falrty generously 
however Even those lamiliet 
with incomes over tlW OWi may 
itltt he eligible, depending on 
lit: iMi of the iclMMl and the 
nwahtrol iliidtnti tn the (ami 

For examfle. at tome ol Ihe 
'inoft eipnaiwe pnva'te col 

Icgta wlMft Matt can tieeed 

tiLMW :par ymf ■ loan* are 
availahle let tamtiie* with in 
cMMa up to a year 
iMIk nne ittldent For families 
with two atudtnts the income 

JMMne ottwrvcrv eatimale Ihe 

Et will be greatest on 
cntege ttHdents from 
i»tOlAet3n.!llMII«t4'. MX) 
per .year rangt ,Publ),c <'<■< 
Itpia, o( course, charge u 
than private schottt Th< : 
coits would represent 
sm'aller pen'eiilagc ol tarn.: 
income and thus disiiualiiy 
Mme faiU'ilies mm GSLs 

"The thinking here has been 
that an income ceiling could 
discrMinate agaioai nlddlc in 

my p8ren(s always taught me 
to haw irust and (aiHi"ln the 
5»»!em ami Hi work IhfouKh 
(hat iv.vlt-m lo vorrect thr pro 
tilem,* that exist 

II 14 t»ecat,tse ol this education 
lliat f am Rrtatly dtssippninled 

,._,,. . , .'5 

Jouri' iie 

-rtUdfr. -■ : -I'Ki 

caltousl> alMiMHJ ti> int- rtsults 
ol those (tamcs, 

It (s also important to tvAt 
that at the same time Itic ad 
minislra! ifti ■.<■,■:.,, .Titicizint! Ihe 
walk O'li' ,i> ),nc[Ti.iiure anti an 
necessary, tnc action *a» 
receiving the support o( 
Harper's students, faculty and 
stall, as well as the support at 
ID e m t) e r s o ,f s t u d r n I 
newspapers at Harpot's 
'neighboring coni,munit} i^r.i 

Those who supported the 
' (''MntuiuMf OB paga 7 1 

Increase needed 

I ttellnued'ftiM page 1 > 

Many o( the (acuity members 
are ansered tiy the 7% salary 
increaM- Their anger ,has no't 
altectrd their leaching at this 
potnt. t>ul It may soon enirr the 
elaianoom I say this bccauie 
:iOllie of the (acultv mey have lo 
look for a second Job in addition 
to the Job Ihev presently have 
or they may he (orced lo look 
lor a Jot) at a different mstitu 
lion all together If that hap 
pens the ijuality ol teaching 
that we. the students, receive 
could possibly be alfected 

That will not only hurt the 
ttudents but will also hurt 
Harper's credibility because 
people Will think that the 

teaching quality al Harper may 
tie lacking I( this happens then 
Harper may no longer be con 
sidered one of the top ten com 
munity tolltget became it* ex- 
cellent faculty hat been 

I am roncerned atmut the 
way the lacully feels because 
they arc ttip p^ple I rely upon 
for m\ .iiti. ..ii.Mi and to help 

me prepare lor my (uture I 
urge all concerned students to 
share Ihcir It-elings with the 
members of the Board of 
Trustef s t>y writing a letter lo 
them. U IS not lair lor the 
Board of Trustees to interfere 
With the students and future 

Second 8 term 

Registration is now taking 
place (or classes that will be 
held during the second eight 
weeks of the first semester 

Registration for credil 
cwinwa can bv done from a 
am ' » p m Monday through 
Thursda until 4 30 pm on 
Fridays aiidfromSam ll 30 
on Saturdays in A 213 Deadline 
«Oct in 

Continuing education eouraes 
can lie signed up (or by callUif 
Harper 3517 :WMI«. ext 410 and 
412 between Sam and 4 30 
pm Monday through Friday 
or by visiting the continuing 
education iijllcc m Ci«i during 
regular business hours 



all shapings are 

present HARPER student ID 
for " ± off 

vntil Oct 30 1981 

707 W GOLF Rd atHiggins 
Hoffman Estates 

No Appointments' 

Pmm*- TrwMwWn**' OctoMr I. IMI 



All Hanw itudniii tre in 
vllfd ta a IMttttx >oO (lotliKk 

fiip)M>r m Sunday (Xt It ■! 
j Wpm Th* menu's ipfKJiW)' 
wUl I'M- ■ giant sutim«rttie Miwl 
wicb »•■»•••"» i»rir|' Bitand 
lri>» SI J«ii»i •Hi b* the 
cekOranl l»"«r more drtati*. 
ciimlKl Nancy Piftiamwich «r 
Sr JuJw Flynn »n Sludrni. Ac 
li»tt,ie» \U\ t%l Ml Th«» 
*♦«« I* tmlSKired by Catlwlic 


Tie Harptr C«lle(je In 
tramural Dcytwnent m spm 

MTtng a two-day men'* taalM 
ball imirMiiiMt on Honda)' 
and WMiiifiilay. Oct. It tnd H 

from 1 to S |i.m- All laculi)- 
*tafl and students are eltglbk 

Entrants muit sign u|> j 
Itam or iiipi. ut> ^» *" '" 
dh'idiial tiy 3,:» pm 'in Fri 
day. Oci I Thrrr «ill t>e a 
(Mm captain's .m«'ting ira Frt 
day Oct s at .1 n p m to 
rri-irw Uic hirwat tor the fmiT 
namtni and .|i» over the ruten 
Th..- meMimg *ill h« hrld u- th..- 
frf«;er«i.m<>J Bull-' 
.-r .iw»rt Inlnrmai'i 
tici llwr Intramiwato mntr.!lng .M: Rm Xti. « call 

Jil- IWl (TKlf IISKIII '**■> «* 4"S1 

iiliriry liitsr waitni 

Point III Vit».. • iiia.|w.lM 
dr»o»»tf to llw hterary and 
twa] arti a( HaqMr i.|.udcnl.» 
II n nwd at m ihJitnr Tho**- iii 
MnOitii tkmM coDtKi Di- 
riank Siiii.ltli.., al «ii. ttl ur 

Mm CM' icWirslli 

Ttie liardio Clu.l> ul In 
vtrncts I* «iionsoring a 
MManhlp Dl f«0 tor the mi 
•I iuto<»l y«ar tor ituijenls 
tnrolM in (he Horticulture 

Tht Schoiarahip is (o tie uMd 
lorntiion. Icea. Imolti and*ii|>- 
ptitt To he an appltcaiit (or tne 
liciMrianiiip tiw MoiMnt musi 
liavt an acMlaatt ttaiiduitt ol 
B average, SO or above The 
■tudent must be ■ rttident al 
the Harper CollegrdMrletand 

itiuiit ta m ttmr ttiird or itmrtN 
.scmtater ol tile .liorticult.uf« 
Program. The« i» at *gf tl«.il 
.<\pp:ltcitinn.i lor Ihr Krholar 
ihip jrr a*aiiat>kf m the IM'ficf 
Oil Financial ^M^t .iV short. 
peraonal Mislury and t'arwr tn 
|j»r«il» and aspwaiiont must 
accMlifiaany the applculwn 
Ttie- deadline tor »ut»mtriini! (hr 

application to U'i< 

F.ti»a:n< .4iil. i* <>■ ' 

turther inlorinatturi. pn-;.™- 

enntacl tte OWice ii( Fmancial 

A 111 

land talent saardi 

A March lor the Midwest'* 
lop' MiMi ii (Winn tuiderialten 
by (toMtlle Muiic in coopvra 
Um with radio .station W'M.ET. 
HavmiilMTi Hedden Vim 
studios ..tid 'tliirrt Ctiait 

T'h«' contest gi«e« new «tlM 
clan* llie ehaitce lii ptrtorw at 
a lop ro<:k club and top rorlt sla- 
Itiiti Xtw band.* n«feive eight 
hmn ot recwJini! imw t>ro 
duftioa o(.» .». riiMi '•■.-'- i ..■"!■' 
.iiirplay Eatii in.' ..i * ... 
'■iMg group will rrcelve a per 
-.■iiialliiwJ.'toiir i,»c*et p.l» o(h«r 


Dmltttanu must futiriitt a 
ra*»eHf r«'«rdmt ot t«b 
'Mogs. noi to «•<■.' •-•>fi 'iirntou'if* 
totaltlow !)> '"'< 1 " "ill friMp 
ntenvlinrri m»ui rt>'':>"'" " ■■"" 
•Ml With cauMtt I 
Muck, tn T. <<' 
RiiieUt or iti ui 


For •iM'ltioud.i iiiKU'nullton.. 

Irei pitoto worksliofi 

Culumiiij I I. Ill . 
lUichiKan Ave < 
ftlated sit lr< (..<'<' ' ' <.i 
workshops III tm given in na- 
lumally known photograplicni 

.*ll lectunes .are on Frid.a.y» a* 
7::» pm Oct. i«. », 'Nov 1.3., 
Dec. 4. II, and Jan IS 
Vorkahops are held the day ut 
and llie day lollowing each iec 
tijit For further Intennaiion 
on (lie leciure* and wurkahop* 
contact Kerry Cappin. Dept o( 
Photography Columbia C»l 
lege. sW- lii<». exi ^-1 '■ or MT 


16a37 ^ 



• «*,i.ntfnum imweifmeni I' .OOO i t»»«<i »ou may odd ai liltie.a« iifflO 

• WiiMraw a.ny'"^« *.iihoMt .«<«■«»• |»«o»i»» 

• N» win Chora* 

• lOwi »#r tfnt)¥Mu«l. partner ihip » cornorat* caiM rotefMt* 

i'OO * »«OK*f CTUi. TH*t fOUirtOOLOCONtlfttlt 

aeroae iNvf»Ti»i(i c.»t.LO« ifnD coupon- to 



SASOS Bralnard PO Bo«C, 
LaGrar>9«, ILM)52S 

3S4 4716/397-|ia.S 


■rue* E. firtffltli 

Wam» _ - 

AOOftss .- . - 

City Stair-. _. ... 

i,p _.. Phone 

Computer scltolarship 

.Data prwTWUig or cumputer 
tnduilry iludenis Meresird in 
applying tur a 'Hcholantiip. of 
(ered by th«' Data I'roffssing .%u«K:ial.ion 
»..■«<« appltraiionii *iiibmliied i<v 
(let m 

Ca.i)d.tdal,e> lor til* wholar 
ship iii.iiii lie Mcond year., flrit 
scmeittr stadenti with an 
ovinll awrafe iil at 3.*> in 
.iKiines. already Fompleted. in 
■enBi.piitrr. data .proi-e»ing 

t'trndldalw mu»i »u't»mit a 
brief '.approiimalely two 
pages I w-riHen pretenlalton 
apliin'm,g their .iM«r«*iii in llie 
data priKe!Mni.''t(iiiipiiter In 

.Afi*(>c.itt«i» are ava'ii.i-i*- m 
llierti!aiici»lairt..ff.. , 

Eastim U on campus 

.A reprc»cntativf I rum 
Eatirrn .llliomi I'ntvi'rwiy will 
iNf on catnpii* in the coll.e(.r 
tenter lounge on Thiifudav 
'So\ Jtroin If m ti'iTp m 

i»n>nn.iitmn (.■■.irit'eni'nn!: 41I 


.il aid. '■• 

j,iiiriiin.iiK?». «n-cam(»i'' •">■'■ 

i;'»ni|M» .atiUflltn. 'i*!'!! '<» 

at'.iit)»(>li* ttm-mf [.his scHlon 

entry and '*> centi 'tiir each ad 
ditumal pttem is required. A 
limit «( Id pucm* tt r«|,ue»ted 
Entries ni.i4! r.f p«*rked nu 
Uicr !>■- 1 '.| and Iwlh lees 
iind enlrics mu»t be -sent to tn 
Irrnational I'ulilicalions. I* 
m\ «K7. Los Angeles CA 


'ttm Youthg.rant.» Program «l 
the National Endowm-en! lor 
the Humanitie* 15 again tielng 
iillered i«> ii limited number ot 
young poipic m their teens and 
twenltei to pursue non -credit, 
out -o( ■ lite f lassrcmm re-sea rch 
project! in tlic hum<mliie& The 
deadline tor receipt ol cum 
:-.'-t>-(l applicailiii'i lorms t* 
'■• ■ 1',. and (iindi'd projects 
i.H-RinllYelnil«*iHi! .May 

Some e»amples of college- 
level -(jrojccti funded m l!»« 
program are an, aitnotaled en 
bit>illMi b( aim century war 
lim.e "hn'mc !r»m<" .urtivllips m 

MltlMi-. -1.. .'l-t 'A. r.^.n a 

,, njli;-:- ' ■ t,,-, ,, ,j? ^;(r\'(H , 

I ni.inleiioi>k.i»n 
...•ppd •.iviiill 

Westeru Rep lieri 

,% rejir ■ -.rill,.-., .1 te irom 

wmern n;,"".- ■ t,:vc.r»itywill 

. on campii* in tlie college 

fiter .lou.nger tm WcdnewJay 
ltd n. m«n '» .'» a m (•:> T » 

'liifoniialliraib concrr-r-i: ..'i 
ntaiiiin proeedure'- 
aid. hiMiting,':., 
opportun'itles and camin^ ■•! 
llvilics. will (>e presented dur 
tin;, fills sr;*..sifm 

Graditation petitions 

Studenbt who quality fur a 
degree or cerlilicale for the (all 
IWl semetter munt petition lor 
graduation by midterm tXt 
Iti CiraduaUon petition* can be 
otilained in the registrar » o( 
tice in Building A. room 213, 

Irlisans needed 

Hottert Frost Junior Hi(!h 

Schmjl PTA l» seeking ex 
hibitors (or its Second Annual 
Arts and CraJts Festival which 
•ill be Held on Saturday Nov 

i*. trom lb a m ri> * p rn at the 
irhwtl located .at .:12b E Wise 
Rd. . Schaumburg 

Anyone who is interested' in 
exhibliuig. please call Peggy 
Camill al m«\i or Pat 
Torisky at ll<H-4BU .(or 

Pflitnr cMtist 

Internaltonal Publications is 
sponsor ing a I^ialional College 
'Poetry Contest (or 1«1 The 
eonlest is open to all college 
and university students who 
wish to have 'iheir (loelry an 
ItaloRlMtl. t'iish prtic!. will Ir' 
awarded to Ihc titp (tve poems 
as l(>lli>w> iiiw tor tirsi place 
i'^ -4 place. U\ lor 

II: iiiurth and flu (or 

lidii -ti.M) all accepted 
manuscripts will l>e printed in 
International Publications' 
copyrighted anthology The 
American Collegiate Poets 

Any student is eligible lor the 
contest The entries musi be 
typed, double spiced on one 
side only Each poem must be 
on a separale page and in the 
upper left hand corner the 
name and address ol the stu 
dent along with the college they 
are attending must be printed 
Each poem must have a 
separate iitle Winners will tie 
notilied immediately after the 
deadline. Oct 31 An initial fee 
of II (or registration on ibe first 

■|c«>It ill.' -'I' 

{Ifcgun ill..- . --it 

iival incilnnl hiicH;. 4rd 
gnldmining during the dreal 

! [1 •,,! 7' j_i ..^It^ ,» :1! '...• ,r>l.jri| 
ri.l i.i;i..'i ilii.' -r- i>'ti ,r-. >.■ .!«> 
.[or'^ ..nrl .1 ic-v* iir.>i.iii 
grants up til « :•■ 'm" ;l • ii"' l"r 
exceptional itictlu pri.ijccls 
'Vrntib grants are intended 
primarily tor those iietween in 
and 2'i who have not yet com- 
plcietl .icadennc or profes- 
sional Iramtnn but can 
demonstrate the ability 10 
design and perform ouisian 
ding humanitiM research and 
translate that into an end pro 
lect to share with others The 
humanities include such sub- 
jects as hiitory comparative 
religion ethnic studies 
lolklore anthropology 
linguistics the history of art 
and philosophy The program 
does not oder scholarships tui 
Hon aid or support (or degree 
related work, internships nr 
(o.relgn travel projects 

Copies ol the guidelines are 
avalUtile at Vouthiranls 
Guidelines Mail Stop l«;t C 
National Endowment lor the 
Humanities. Washington, DC 

Gomdy ii longi 

The lany comedy team "Exit 
Laughing" will tw performing, 
on campus, in the student 
center lounge on Oct I4 The 
perlormance will begin at 

lazz band concert 

The Chicago duu Batid with 
singer Slppic Wallace will ap 
pear In concert on Saturday 
Oct W at I p m al Harper The 
g.roup will perform in Building 
j, Roiim 113 Public admission 
to the concert is 12 

Leader James Dapogny 
organized the all-slar group in 
IWti The group's instrumenta 
twn is the classic four piece 
rhythm section piano, bass 
guitar, and drums and two 
reeds trumpet and trombone 
As pianist and arranger, 
Dapogny bringu a historical 
perspective to the groups style 
and repertoire The Chicago 
Jail Band brings audiences the 
sounds «( ragtime New 
Orleans and Chicago Jazz and 
Swing recreating music at (t 
was performed by Jelly Roll 
Morton Duke Ellington. Benny 
Goodman and other jaiz 

Special guest vocalist is Sip 
pic Wallace Mppie recording 
liar of the itiZOs is a classic 
blues singer She most recently 
appeareii in Central Park in 
New York City al Tanglewood 
inl.rriov Mussaohusclts al the 
I (i1vcrs.1l .\niphitheatrc in 
Hollywood, and al Uw Detroit 
MontreaUK International Jazii 
Festival, the Newport Ja« 
Festival and ihe Sacramento 
Blues Festival 

The concert part ol the Col 
lege Com muriily program 
sisries IS presented by the Pro 
gram Board and the Harper 
College Cultural \rls Cyiiimit 
lee For lickcl anil program in 
tormatmn call the Student Ac 
tivities oiliiT I'l: iiPiKi ext 

Cellist performs today 

■\.* pari 111 lilt' ('■jaf(;c't;om 
munily series 01 programs. 
Harper '"iillen<" will present a 
Iree <' mi-iti loday 

Thurs p m Cellist 

Paul I', i.-., .mU perform 

in Building P Komirii)'. 

KnsnwfT i< J i;r.irtijjtc o( the 

Ini-nrvl i.x-1 i.rl 111,1111 <- Llritl >:■«.;> 

<n cello .and (rom the In 

'KiMower lias been a (acuity 
ojember ol Indiana stale 
l'nivtTMi\>l Cjrolina 
• iia iTMi) .irid presently 
!i-iichcy ccilo jt the Iniversily 
ol Wisconsin Eau Claire In 
addition tn teaching cello, he is 
conductor of Ihe Invierslty 
Cham tier Orchestra 

In l»J:!, Kosower made his 
New York debut in Town Hall 
Since that ttmr he has ap 

|M>ared !€*• - soloist 

with orches' mul th« 

Midwesl Mil ......11^ .i.r .11 Paul 

Chamber Orchestra 

The College Community pro- 
gram scries IS presented by the 
Program Board and Cultural 
Arts Committee ol Harper Col- 
lege For lurlher inlormallon 
on the series call the Student 
Activities Office, :)MT-:iO(». ext 

Boll Greene lecture 

spend An Evening with Bob 
ijreene" Friday Oct 9 al B 
p.m. tn Building'j Room l4:t. 

Greene whose column is syn 
dicated in over I2<i papers In 
the L S joined Ihe "Chicago 
Tribune" stall m 1978 Prior to 
that, he had been a columnist 
lorlhe'SunTimcs" since 1971 
His Stories have ranged (rom 
coverage ot Presidential elec- 
tion campaigns 10 nation wide 
rock and roll lours, trom cattle 
drives In New Mexico to 
murder cases on the streets of 

He Is also a monthly colum 
nist for "Esiiuire" magazine, a 
contributing cornspondent lor 
NBC News Nightllne and 
author of five books 

Harper studenu with activity 
cards will be .idmitted free ol 
charge Puiilic adini.«lon to the 
lecture is ll '>0 For ticket in- 
(omialion. contact the Student 
Activities Office. 397-3000. ext 

Space Cadet 

Dr J Allen Hynel will Iec 
lure on "I'FO's An exciting 
challenge to science " The lec- 
ture will be held Nov 17, at 8 
p.m In room J i4a 


There is a new inlormallon 
hotline avadable to Harper 
students interested In upcom 
Ing events The numlier is ex- 
tension :ir>2 

TI>«M«rt>iii9W.Octo6tr«. tftl.l^«t»l 

Aid applications flood offices 

iCmmmml tram pMm i> 
ame famtlMn ud Itim • 
'(lolviillal l(i:r alMBte iinwiiii 
tiMtt nutom^liclaty eliglttl* " 
tayt Jnlin Phillip* <»' ilw \a 
itoMl AaMKmtion oi' iixisptn^ 
dwt cnllepiand t'nlvtrsitw* 

nc nwd* tMl, to«t'¥K. IB in 

«l(Ml only dunniE tto (Mt-a 
•raileAK jrtar fiiiilMj'iiiii M. 
AammMrMinn nrrwUi tuivt 
laM itify lM|ie to extcmli llH' 
tw to lowwr income ||niii|i* •( 

TiMiii*' aren't IM imly .new 
OSt Mtai All gract'ptrMi lor 
CV|MI)M«M - ' viik itw tsetfllM 
•< ttit (ini III ffliMitMt ■Mr 
|r»ituatlo« ' have been 

Tlie Dtrpi, i>l E(lilC«UM h«» 

»l»o mcn!me«l llie miiiimum 

»niiu»l to«ti rfpnymriil iimomil 
tmm fSm in VM 

(Mlwr chanfts weni mto el 

wigifwttdit («€ fur i;Sl..s »tu in 
ivretiieil trom nue (KTircrn li» 
lw»,ptrci!in o« llMf Mai aiiwumt 

AH Ilw cha.i>|«s »re njg'l a 
(lr»t round Manv tn 
WaibinK'tonlccltbrv .irnoun! to 
• "InlCTaWecorapr'i"' 

"But It's tnlcrat>:< 
dnetn't stlllAl tiM bfinmnK .H J 

Over 1500 people 
rockKihnroll to the 

music of Kihn, Kind 


0»er I m (wople atteodol the 

S«lil:.. li cuiM-rrl of Thf lintg, 
KUM Band and Die KM., and 

Adi'VltiM.. tlM> i|N«Mr U 
Clw KlKiw. and Public Mitty 
e*eryt»»w,g •«« p.rett» elm* l«i 

ittliM IIM' itMial ciintiaca 
tMn at lit dtmr o.r attfinpK-d 
'ifmu.g|{l*d! Ihiwir and the uiual 
l> high amount of irmpty 
aleoliiil cntalucn m ttie park 
tatlnts. PtiUic lattty rtiMirtcd 
onlgr out arral .and' mm caif. of 
eaimlbtas pi)neM.iu.n. whtch 
«■* iMt to tilt itudciii Citndwrl 
C«litilimaw lor r«vlc« 

RM:ha.rd S Awm «« ar- 
Mttmt hy (tfflccn (Or p«mms. 
•Iw of alenlM)) l>y i mttior a 
teal atlltmance. ami lor viola 
timi of Ilw Matw statute Chat 
proliiltlu unlawtul posMwion 
ol a hypodiirmic lyrlnge 
Police Mated they found Arecn 
ui hio ear on $ routine check ol 
ibi lots, and uw htm with a 
Mile of tMMr In a contented 
Mtfcti ml tlM car. paltca ilian 

(liie*%ei!»d the »yrii»|e. a sm.all 
aiiiwunt ot cannilMM. » pipe ut- 
«Nl tor wMilimi ranRi'tiM,! and » 
■nail Jimount ol ak'i'>hal. 

Mo 'Other irrctti wvfe 

mt tn'i'Urlei. (xcurred at tl>e 
fO'tscert,, »«! Palatine Fire 
Dep'artment l*aramifdiC'i wcrt- 
called Ki tilt iccnar to cliet;' a 
cjiif involvlni a girl wlw IWgOl: 
to lake a mplrtd dune of 'lit'- 
»utin. The girl wnt not 
traniporled to the hospital 

Student activities advitor 
Mike Nejman declared lAe coit 
ctrt a "•tell"«Mif and latd thai 
h« mm pletawd at the may 
everyiuing worked out 

"I'tn ntal happy atMiut it " 

V u can 

help the 




with a l>it pt> 

Help ua h«jp pcofite who have| 

dialMtct. mm 

n ■ volunteer 1 

PleasecaiW'lMS. | 

Harper's student loans hold fast 
admist deep federal budget cuts 


.Uthnugti Kragan's hudiet 
cull haw th.fMtened student 
lo*» thr eHecl ot his cuts «ill 
not Iw dratltc. jccordtng to 
IItr|wr''tlliM.»cial aid office. 

A* of ngkt mm the lnl:ere»t 
rate* on National Direct StU' 
dif,rn l..ran.s are i perceni those 
.on nursmn program loans are >> 
prrccnt Th€»e rates arc not ex 
pected' to change when the 
twdgei cui,> go tntn cl'Icct to 


Carol A Zack. Financial Aid 
Specialwt lor Harper did 
report that after l »cl l the II tiuaranteed l.4ian will h« 
handled dlllerentty In the past 
months, almosl any student 
wuuld have qualified for a II 
Imois «,iuaranl.eed Loan After 
today however, any deijendent 
stud'ent whme parent* earn 
n.tKHlor m«t* win tie reijuiretl 

' a definite n«ed lor Uie 


Although this is not a drantic 
cut back, It may make acquir- 
ing funds lor school diftictilt 

Zack does not feel however 
that Ihis will effect Harper s 
enrollment adversely It may 
instead increase enrollment as 
the costs of major univcrsilies 
continue lo climti and loans 

WtiLM to attend convention 


WHCM the stU'dent radio sta 
lion, (^ piamiing im hav'.|.ng 
Si^mC'Ol iU loprnffct^r^ a^tfrid the 
|.|lh annii.i: i .....m.,. \,i!iimal 

Radio f.ll'l.r!., !i,, r ,".lillVI' 

radio's largesl and oldest r.;" 
con vent itm 

i\t\:- ■ , , .1,''' 

1, ot 

l,),('t .11 ■"."', 


|c;;i»! ,|i -.',,, 


vari'WM* ,' : 


Two memi,irr'» who weni Ij'-,' 

vciiir Ir.'m", WHrM 

iirr retuni 

int: ' 

I.iNKC to 


Che first 

MiKi :■.:■ . .,,.;;,, 

- miCM's 

Station M'anagei 


says that hia |oli at WHC'M i* to 

o'v«rie« general 


Iron, day to day at the station 

He makes sure tliaf the Waiiori 

a on the air and inttng the for 

mill csLiti'tiNhi'it ! 

\ Ha,r|>er 

Al&i- t'-i' 

'Id, Music 

Itirc ■'.'•' 

plans lo 

return Im in*" l,\hi 

this year 

Sommerfeld'S Job 

as Music 

I'vircrtiir t-i'insjsi'< n| i,:onlactin({ 
"hI 'pro 

■!<:'ll'i» the 

...u,.. ,n.„iu..i,, m.iii idrir IT1I,!:=': 

and helps companies iu.-k'. , 

. 1111111115 

"'.• -.•■.If \lL'r,irlhy iRirned 
■ '•n- |i!.t,i;i.,iiTimin|i trchnl 
Hf* uscit l'>y proKaiioBal radMi 
(lersiiUBel " 

Siminn'i-fcliri Hjuci "Ihr con 
icrence 1:.'-' '..a ww 

fan: prfirgc ..) ' nc morn 

.!;;.■'■ ■■'■ -1 (fiidi,! lit talking with 
'• ('I fompaiiifs "Also, 

the ioulti'tiii,.,,.. 'KvcijUnnn 
there yo'u can learn and do "l 
was surpristid wuh the vanely 
ol materia! al the coM'erence 
"There was almost too many 
areas lor the Umt allotcd ' ' 

This year WHCM hopes lo 
gain "sin even better program 
ntwg syslcm ihan thev already 
have," as McCarthy states, 
Sommcrleld feels that, "new 
people who hadn't t>een to the 
conlerence helore or people gO' 
uig lor the tirst time can gain a 

lot alMiul radio • N'ews Sales, 

Sfwrts, SfMit Writing D J ses 

slons and (■rogrammmg, the 

' '':;.:>"'~t area, with the m,o»t ses 

-.iMiuM help WHCM great. 

"I'eopli- from I nyola I'niver 
illy ori^iiiuillv ihought oj tiegln. 
nmg the t-onlercnee. said Mc 
farthy Before this tieRan there 
was no collea*' radio con- 
ferences cxccpl the IBS, 'Inter 
rollegiate Broadcast i»g 
Systems! held on the Bast and 
'West Coast "These were too 
far from this area to par 
ticipate m ' McCarthy added. 

LNKC changes it's con- 
ference meetina place each 
year. It Just happens to be con- 
ventenlly held In Chicago this 
year McCarthy and Som 
merfeld are t>Dlh looking ior 
ward 10 Ihe LNRC as otheri of 
I he station who plan on atten- 

•Lets hope McCarthy said 
"that the convenlion will he 
juit another tool in an entire 
toolbox lor college radio 
students " 


25% Discount 

on all perms and hair color 
through Oct. 21 with this ad 

833 E Algonquin 

(Juit weit of the 


'' t'antlniMNi fhini page I > 
turn ottligates t he fundi ' ' 

V''«ung staled that the next 
steps mclude the Metropolitan 

Sanitary Distncfs Mntyinf 
the land w'lthm the neil m'Oniln 
and to receive bids lor various 
elements of the p'roject Voung 

•ay* (he Sanitary Dis.|.riict Is 
pnparcd and plans to go out f«r 

h'Nli' late this year or early next 
year m at to have the bid* 

awarded by M,ar€h I 

"A spring groundbreaking is 
espetrted with the major con- 
struction io tie -completed 
within a .year except for C'Cr 
lam refinementi " '»ay« Voung 

The only other aspect lo bt 
completed is to provide a 'name 
loT' structure a on HarptT's 
campus which wiU provide 
communily recreational 
.facdttiet inct'U'ding a p'tcnir 
area and a .permanent lane 
..nJffr .1,^ iirnvis'ton of the 

»« -^ ''*" ''■ .'. '-«-■' «'- . .■^.*» Ii'nr ««-*'^"' *«>«*' Sw*l*'uWi Mi»d«» w»rtW »» ••i'»#n*«(1 !,H . 

■'- -' - *'" '" - - - "- ')DP»,>Mynwiw. I'lnil #««ilaEt*t -n * U S cl«iiMWini 'Slarv.w*d | 

"-''•■I'- ' -'"^ ' ■" ' «'''.. ' I'.-" J«'"«* tmH Kh«*w vM m^tomw* ■w>vw»0t rt'Mfft unmmi t 

.». i„,<)^M.h.m*rti .,jf.|Mn ,*.n..i '(M 11 tvMMr* I'ot ph(|aM wioiMF'tf «w»T^o*#n»*(j I'ww v«w w#oflfa*m m u S 

■ ' , . . "«••», t> »'"> • Bl ol ««•■ III mMa ft ■■■noMnann, w> 

It.'..' ^.'•. J. So«>'..m< tarwi, in»n«' '.immm toui t-mm t IIM «^hi, ,i»i j'l «, ,|,„,,„„ j,,„ ., m; (.^i^ *CC«tD 

I l(Hi'« i;W¥* * w»«»» *'C4j:t ti'v*nh% Imr^Wfif^ t^ awHtt 'imiMt ITED. A D*f(f».j»*.. .■- ''-'^''W" tci%a« 

«'*»'"! "-■' A «*.»-»"tf4r«"n- ttkro^it i.w. US ii;wk«i|ffli* s*w « Two 


1442 C Collw S E Grand Rapidt. IMicniean 4MIM 
|A Prootam ol Ttmily CtwitHan Coliagai 

CALL TOLL ^REE forfuBintomalton1-800-2S3-8«18 
(In Mien . ot It loll I'M im« moparaliva cah t'«lft'942'2S41 coiltct I 

Paitt. J*mmrtmmr. OcHMmt •■ thi 


Kihn: Musical integrity survives 

W'lIM IMilMl Ml m ■ quM 
ttoniWe ■tdlr tanwl twit to he- 
one of the mMl eMlttog anil rn 
]«ipUe cDMerti I've i»ttMi» 

iimg Kllio tunmi wt the 
niMMlgl immty armed witji 
iMHnaiMlaiBknptoM Ttte 
(libdtMKl crawd didn't kntiw 
Kiiat to exiMxt, but by the itmt 
■am Break Up Song had piaiei!. 
te mamai up Imit wctt ihak- 
Ing lliclr fluff to tke Hft mmg. 
And the txcltcnuet didn'l rtop 
there The concert tn- 

ng wngt froin Uie 
mGMfng Tt>niin> Roeii 

d the V'ardhinlB stun- 
d*nt "For Your Love." left the 
efl|NKlt)r crowd m their teet 

And MM* tiMT got. Kllin. trnt- 
•d attl) am of lito tavorttct 
tniD RocKttan Rail True Con- 


. .on music 

I tf "Tnm Contes- 
mm Mini >* *>* niaticd 
as ■ ilntfe, Kllin rvpiHd. 
•TretoaWy not. I like •True 

and. ■•Valerie" and. I.I 1 weal l.o 
me office to (jilk ■bcwi th* 
single*, they'd stay w« cm lee 
everylhtof t>tit "True Conies- 
ttont." Womankind." and 

Kihn draw* much of hli 
mujtcal nature trom 
mAtmriUm like Buddy HoUy. 
Creedence Oetrwater Ret ival.. 
Sprtngrteen. andTom Petty 

"I want to ««e rock and roll 
pirvlve." Kihn reflected pro- 

Part of Utat survival iiiciudei 
musical Integrity and Kihn 
iticki to hli gunii when music it 
the liiue Maybe that'* why he 
resWed video promotloni, 

"We've resisted vld«M and 
I'll icH you why. Vldem are lor 

t>.iniif w:ltit fkinny tlei. 

I'l-i-frienee didn't do videos." 1 
iijic the one* .you see on latf 
nigtn TV . Nf * wave guys chas- 
ing glrb down alley* "Hell, 
Buddy Holly didn't do videos 
"Sprtoisleen didn't tit* videos 
and no one even asked Mm the 
ruamn why . " 

Thi« nemie of m.usical tntegri- 
tv hat finally paid off for ihe 
Greg Kihn Band with 
HocKthnRiill which has Mid 

more albums that Kihn's six 
previous dlics combined 

Greg attrlbutei this to the ei- 
pandcd pmducMon time and 

better writing. 
Aithougf) the climb to the top 

wa* not an easy a* it might ap- 

"For about a year me and 
other members of the 
B«n«rkl«y (reconl company; 
team cra«toil in the office 
■■B«r»erkley was llie home for 
orphan bands 'They were 
then when tberv waa no place 

OBEG KIHN atlcto to Mi guns when music 11 the laaue. Tbe reck ar- 
tist, wlwptrfMiiMd at Htiper recenUy. does ttUngi bU own way or 

Early education involves the total child 

AWKlalt proleMor Ca'ral 
Nvnliaiiser became Mereitud 
in child devtlofmieni after her 
son was bnm.. 

He was bmra tuxt a month 
before she and ber husband 
received tb*tr M, liter's 

•'f wanted to fiwl the reason 
why kid.* ftehavf tli* Wiiy they 
d(i ' ' she said 

"Being a p..- -ent. I ate 
wanted to insure sny cMM bad 
optlnal growth " 

Mr* Neuhauser taught 
etomenlary sclnwl tor 7 years 
and found a great difference 
oetween leacblng elementary 
education and early childhoad 

"You have to wileam a lot of 
skills going Intra ctementary 
KlMol to nursery Khool 

"In tiemenlary school Uie 
pammiy pmvam for a cUld's 

~ ilkil la conaidemd to be- 
I layman would call 

"In pffrichool you're Mqmn 
MMe tor the total development 
et the child social, emotional 
■nifiiyaicat. " ttm sald- 

■•May. pannis m the Nor- 
to be 

iiMirt aware al tlie iicfil lor 
quality education lor their 

•At one lime tbe parents 
were lust one step ahead o( 
their children" she Mtlit. "but 
now the parents ttpact mott 

"They realtic that a lot of 
learning occurs in the 
preschool yean and that they 
have a responstbillty toward 
educating tbeir children " 

In addition to teaching. Mr* 
Neuhauser serves on the board 
of tmttac* of Uie PilaUne 

"II is similar to Uic Harper 
Board and it determine* policy 
tm the library ." she said 

"I want to give back to the 
community the tilings Uiey 
have given me I thought I 
tnmld become involved in the 
lllints I have enjoyed the most 

I like to read I want to see that 
the library maintains the same 

standards to which i am ac- 
customed." she said. 
Mn. Neuhauyser also is a 

member o( the League o( 
W»m.en Vtiter* m Palatine. 

She » pari of a committee 
W'hirh is workiag on a pam.pblel 
{■oiiceming the legal rights of 
women in Illinois 

.*ton.g. with her other .«:■ 
tlviiies.! Mrs 'NeiJh.a.user and 
two of her asuociates are 
writing a taiok lor people in ear 
ly childhood education 

She also does a lot with her 

"Both of my children are 
very active In ^wrts. My son is 
involved In soccer and hockey 
and my daughter is Is Involved 
in soccer 

"Our family is more of a two 
parent tamily." she said 

My husband drives the 
children to a lot of games. He 
served for tour yean as an ol- 

•'Me does a lot of volunteer 
work, so he Is as active as I am 
•'! think it you karn to 
manage your lime, you can do 
all of these things," she said 

Goose Dropfings 

*By Jim Martin 

«V in.)*a««ll)* *0 ».WJttT, kit TOOK W£ ^O «Cf , 

'rm BMPiHt «Rl*fcSa«J**. WttA-fSClfENNtCCR ^f*' 

ifc MK ' I. utmMoeo HIM or p»»«»ai:a& i-i£.iA. 
Ht'ifj AtwAita ■5»4f6 TMinMiti Lint -ntnx . .. Doti 

WlW »t»-liAM5 *■*'« *««*'«" TMvNti TO loo? ^-C J,...' 

Vht M»f WnBtf . OclolKf «, mi. P«a« r 

Campus bookstore supplied 
with goods for every class 

TIH' tieulumnf tl ■ f rifsli mm 
Ktml ,)»»r it Wifltjuii Rwney 
Hutper College sremmuly 
ilwiys nriMt* ■ihcmt il** iitl but 
tw • ■ ' ■ - ' «ti*it«ls 

rij:^' '•■"totoreifl 

"A rmim ;..> i". """".«?• •»«•«■■ 
lltlll'ffllitMbil IW/iH iMiMilt* 

DtalMW tilt vmirsr fillr 
rMflOK ■ ■ 

H a m a . 

IIOralHUor*' :* i<i:r ,-.r# 61 ;,n<' :ip 
|l'l<t htr (iiiiliiiB coui'i* 

Tt' '»..,*»»» .liwatMl' 0n W)*f 

MM.MI.; i!ki*ir'lr«l(»t 8«il*i>i A 
:lt ffttii » ItorfM* tiuiltirts and 
'!lMllil| li«»il<l«i ihru TlwrMtaj 
iln«in'i«,« Io7(> w FriOay It (0 4 npin ;iR<t<>n S*tur' 
<)«y fraa > •' m (o il nwn diir 
till tiK !'W1 WfUMler 

t .m-aimif lailliMk* anl tiUicr 
•tiMt) .tiMilcrlJili It Nlattwtl)' 
CM| MMIM* a*rt ttfi llgMH 

patm hf sululM: t# giude a «tu 
-rrt lit »« nght W'Ctww, 

.>«l««iti •»« bi»«tH»li»rt 
•-■)t|iiltiyMS wwtat wttltlit tite 
Uuttkiitarv air alM tvttlabte <« 
.iwtt m lK«mi.tacttiiNlha<«Nl' " 
■ (■■wT iuppltei one m»y n(w) 

: ht jiliiir H> thu Ur Ml oi il» 
<«»« w eiitM !»kt<l Row SK'<i 
ami tl iftlDtt krgr quanitii'-' 
Wf 'Uiait twolti an sMcIihi •"• 
tammMtKf m iwmmii 

Bttaww o:t llw im-renwii 
IMfillitlM' ol Kiudmta adeii' 
illill ■lltrix'r Itere has H«-ii « 
l»» li:HflCUMlr« in <m 
Ml«|liatew|>|ji ' ■> -111 

ciiUtfc cwtf ><"> 

illMleatt whii' w'«rf uM'^w w 
piifiiliM a tntlmtt. dunng tMt 

(Its! WKMM 0( ClMMM. <lllV to tlW' 

■iMiuId: Iraw dM'f 
"'•ill' Mti^taw numter 
wflK' tiM o(ftce in the .(MOlWIirf 
m l« «•• lie eiinWCWl' *ll«ii 
(Wt'itKxili comet III. 

The twiikiKwc tei wvval 
nlltfr ilMii iwMdn bmit* 
"Hmrr tn art awl enfUi*«r«i(j 
tupplirs. iilk far Inttrwr 
Owlgti' cljuM' and an awwrl' 

Otlttr llemif IliK tiMtotiiK 
c«r«f» tnclM* Harijer sweat 
mirts. T''rt.irti. *t*ck packs, 
citeiitolwni. «r«ttng cartu, 
iMglMim, aiiil a €a.n(ty wlec 
iinii,. A pwinii can ewn !»«•■ 
•-»•■« II cnt tUifflpa. und m*tl 
ietWiM in tt» l.;.S. mailftiW m 
tut Iroiit at (He tMiofci ton 

Buns li alM t)ipewnt«r nun 
talt *nd ■ Special Order S*r 
wl«e, viiicli maMes a tttidamt (» 
(iriltr a titiok he or ide may 
want fiM- mt'% mrmmM tiw 
Tilt SjifClnl '01*? fcrrtee is 
•witlaDto '(turtng the wlmol 
year, eteept at the ■iie(p:iii>»a|<>( 
each semmter 

Pat 1- u r t * il Harper •tiideoli wto rtjirted workuig 

l:>iK*»I<ife iiwiiiiBfr «;tatf», m the Ixxikstorr ;n ihf tirgmri 

"The watii nit>. ■::■,' .'i.:-!!!* in,|orili.-M-nir>.t-- 

ilttdenli tttvt- •' ■ , 'ht> \ if* ■■! '1.1' .SLiitiri llir 

hXlkStlOrr 18 tl-;. ■ ■ ' ■ ""i; I ,1,;. -■;i,, n,- ,; 

jxitlicy »niJ wtirii ■' ■ ■ ■ k.':„, '-ik ,,■! ,. .■- 

»l1ll"lh«ns(:tinil(i.' .ri'i (THjinl* jiinil ti.-.(.i!!.; ,i . 



HT7 TBAW5 ut «r 

PAfiT T'iMt %*;« W€tD Dii'rt 

LMDA ZOIXNER aiiil Diane Downc* are anions the many 
Milifita Umt miork in the ttoakatore. ha>|ilns rellaw tlutknU i Photo 

|)le (md hooks anii - 

"It 1 nee iti>««,>ii. 
aniuMl I ask i( thi-y i;rn„i hrlp, 
Zuller comiwenlrt "Wnrking 
in the lxM>kitart is a «itMM) way 
to meet people." tiownrs udd 

TlMiiigli the surge ol texttxxA 
pitrchMng talt ctalHlurd shut 
Iht ftrrt »(ti*»il week nf 
clam**, ihe t>«»k»ti»re mi;i '•■■ 
maini one «f the buswsi ijI.h .-^ 

M« Ul Monn swcretary in 
the tawksfore commeined, "1 
'UiMitU It went pnttty iamUi 
Iht Finn week ■" "Other than 
iMMtlni iwif* room, »e are 'do- 
ing Hie ■dent «* can " 

Acwrding to Mrs Kiirtak, 
the tKioltstorr tuys tiacli, tex 
ItKNikii during the wwkMl tinalt 

uMily, and a stuitenl mml have 
their reenpi, with them for 

1(1 a* effurl to mrrect Ihi* 
inUMiMteiitMii, yellow ilips ol 
paper «»ln|»»«tlk- iulormiitioii 
re|urdmK the Buy Bark and 
ReJuiwl p«ilic«e» are gtwii Wl 
itudeiitii when they purchaie 


The tKMiksuire atw oilers 
jolx. 10 Haroer itiiilenl* who 
have KtiMliilnt Ittal W wltHM 
the Mores hour* 

Fr«ih.mefl Linda Zoller mkI 
Otanc Downes are Iwo Harper 

Students win academic awards 

( CM:liHNN> rrain pane .1 > 

walk'Wt refliluitd that the iitua 
lion mat eititeil at the time, 
and >U:ll diws' van not only 
wnng. but vwfutly unfilr 

t can not eiprrs tow tm|Mr' 
tant it "a* for me to recttw 
that iupor! irom the mem.titn 
at the HaqiMrr Etimmunity Thai 
enconraumi! support, iRade our 
deleil J lilHe saiM-r to accept 

rim »iire' 1 speak lor tUe cb- 
tire Bl'Opir slafL Wihni I My the 
cupport aid cuopwaltiM. Ihat 
ivaaeilMiMtotif,. •■tgreath 

I alio «y, lor myiwU, (hat I 
tnily think the •alkout wm en 
Ititiy ,)uslttlal>le anit thai no 
--' t«r -nur 

reanonahk' rwpoiiiie to an 
uirtam-aMe •itiiatnn 

H«»Hy, I o«er a sincere and 
persooii thank* to my parents 
and tlw Bliifrr »l»n tor th«r 
wpport (fctrtng , isht walk mA I 
tta» wtert. a 'WQ- nuKiti. 

I,hank:> i<> (>i:iin» u ruviri, lor his 
work a* the Bingers nioderaior 
torWB the long hoon o( 

t)en,nt>" periormance during 
tlKi** talks «» at (he very 
toast entrewely encotiraamg. 

IK Him I 


Celelmtes its new licitity fat MEN »nd iOMIN 
with a 


(Two can lotn tot the pttce ol o«) 

Personalized Fitness Programs 

wniit "<■» 

"iiwuitw h«i Hill i)i rmi '■■«• C'WiKi "•■««> '"••** 
liliWIWltit ,HiXH,il iiw>»t» 3 


TISERS;.', iii'lfT 

persona) ads mutii tie made 
prior t» pi]l:ili"';itii)n The Harti- 
n,.,.. r..... • -iKht to 

,■■'-,1-1 ■'■'•.■■ . ' ! dee,m& 

-: inap' 

■r will tie 

• '• ^'Prtiser 

'.I'lild lie 


ic.r . 1". iH-,..,iii.n- li nocm, 

Monday pnor to puhlieaUon 

Aflvertiiers musl call by thai 

deadline to have an ad repealed 

m an upraming edition 

ANi „ ■■:.( k 


Want Hired Help"* 
Nt»ef! a rfximmate? 
Have a car to sell"' 

An» you Itmking to 

shared ride to your 
lavoi-ilf university, stJI 
a tX)oK. a concert tickeC 

Use the Harbinger 

Student Classifieds 
are FREE 

Call Chuck Schreiber. 

Ext. 461 

\«n student Ad Rate 

941' a line 

,,.^.».i..e.°jaeBi.~~..*— . 




llllratii tlii>>icrtlcllnt> roll«>c* 

Sunday, October 25, 1981 
1:00 - 4:00 p.iii. 

Registration at SttioU Sticm* Center 

D Rf fre*.iiieiits a Campus To'ure 

O Fteulljr n Concert 

D Coachw a Muarum 

•>«f* t. Ttia MarMMtw. OctaMv I.. Mtl 

Hawks lose 1st of year 

A «»««1| pCMlty and M impotcnl oUtnm drop 
IMd tlw Haqitr lootbtU Htm Irom Oie «nk» «i the 
imOtaltti Satartoy •• llwy succumtMfd in ho»l 
iMM 114:1. 

On ■ Ihird down paw play «»e Hawks ippeami 
Id havt lacked Wolves quartertiack Tim Sartori 

Ha«t»tf . a cnictal face mask penalty wm call 
td on tMc Hawks and Joitet pracMded to take ad 
vM,.,»,v -.' •-'■: miM-ue by Morinf I:lie gn-aheiMl 
touchdown six plays later 

"Tliat penalty was the lurnins pdlnt ol IM 
game. " satd Hawk defensive coach Ward Nelson 
Before that play the team* were deadtarked 7 
7 but the penalty turned a stalled Jnltet drive into 
momentum the Wolvei never surrendered 

In the first quarter, netther team could net ttieir 
otieijse untracked Both teams cijmt>med (or iml> 
a tlltle o»er l» yards m total oflense m the 
quarter as the fiu«rierl)acks had ten «llempt& 
M tmly one completion tor in yards tielween 

The Hawkt struck first with a 1*0 play. W-y»T4 
mm ml up l>y a fi yard punt return uy Mtke 

Harper jjuartertoaek Tim Tyrrell coanecled with 
receiver Sieve Marchewka <m a » yard pass play 
that put the tiall on the Wolves 9 On tJie nent play 
(mm scrimmage Ron Burke burst through a hole 
m the left side of the Joliet defense to scon? with 
10' :id left in the halt. 

That short drive turned out to tie (he only points 

(lie Hawk oflen« would put on the Ijoard during 

the game 

"Our offense madecritical mitlakeslhat cost u» 

Mid head coach John Eliasik The 

Cfc ii|>tM>B play was the moil cntKal, since 

lilt pMWr didn't run the play rtgjNI and was In 

Icrccpted " 

Burke took the piich on that play . tiut at he turn 
«d to throw he slipped When he recovered, M was 
loo late to hit the intended reeefver iiKl the hall 
was picked oft at the Joliet 1 

Burke redeemed himself in the fourth quarttr 
hy returning a kickotf W yards for a touchdown 

It wa* too little loo late, however tiecauue l>rt 
ween the two Hawk scoring p.tay». Jollel itrui-K. 
paydtrt three times 

kt the first half ended, the Hawks led 7-lt. hut 
when the third quarter began the Wdlves came out 

The Hawk delenic. who had tivvn up (inly one 
liwehdown per game, gave up three lit the secwid 

"The detenae was Mt on the field way loo long in 
the second half" said EHaiik 'The oJlenM 
CMldn I hold onto the Oalt and the defenic Just 
cffluldn"! stop ihem every time " 

The Hawks lumtiled twice intide their own M. 
and the second time the Wolves turned the tur 
nover into a touchdown 

Although the defense wasn't lofally ai fault 
they did give up touchdown drive* o( « and 7» 
yards, the longest they have allowed this seawn 
The delense also wasn't ahle to contain Harold 
Brown, who broke numerous tackle* on Wa way lo 
a llHi-yard day on » carries 

-So one can stop Brown '• said Joliet head 
coach Jerry Yost, whose Wolves are .'•» overall 
"Harper did a belter Job against him than anyone 
clat 10 tar this year but Brown is in a class by 

BmwR is a transfer student from Ohio State 
where he was injured and (tidn't play much m his 
finl two seasons there He was the leading rusher 
IM the natmn his senior year in high school 

■Every major college wants Harold for his last 
watan of etlgibUty . ' said ^'ost 

"WIW belter hope Brown slays healthy ' said 
•B angry Eliasik alter the gane -If ihcy loae him 
Uiti're in trouble " 
Yon! felt the same way about Tyrrell 
•Tyrrell is », UHhs of the Harper offense ' he 
laid Harper can't move the ball when he Ml in 

Both coaches felt the game couid have g/mt 
ttUwr way and are looking Idrwanl to playing 
r again In the playoKs. 

Ifriefly. . . 

The Harper gotf team Itnished eighth at the 
Lake Counfy Invite two weekends ago alter Mike 
Janis turned in an incorrectly signed scorccard 
Darryl Mueller and Zac Chermk turned in respe«: 
live t; and 71 as the Hawks finished with iM 
pamt "It will cause us to be more careful." 
coach riarv (ilaiebrook said 

The Hawks bounced back from the embarrass 
ment and finished third at the Rock Valley Sleel 
last Tuesday Janls led the Hawks with a TD as 
Harper finished with JU team points The Hawks 
are now m third place in the N4C The women » 
tennis team split their singles iii,atches .1:1 at 
Thornton last Tuesday, but hial 1 1 in double while 
losing the WC meet ,V4 "We Just had a lack of 
nmcentralllMi and we committed loo many unlorc 
•d errors." coach Martha Bolt Mid The Lady 
Hawk* now it w the N4C 

CAUSE * aiFriel:"ilii''llawltt tmmm m miMH VHmr BnBbM t^taW) Milcli tfviitially 
iMda to Ihi' wliiiig' tmMMm afklMt ttw ApMkM. Harper QB TKb Tymt, booMd the wtaoliig 
titraiialBt «llh II MiMdi Mt •• tiM lla««* ealMratad their atb vtB IB • row. Indiidliic tta 

lut ytar. ( PlMM» by Pml "Spwl" CMdo) 

Hawks win in final seconds 

Harper fullback Sammy Wright plunged in from 
the I yard line with 19 to play, giving the Hawks a 
dramatic 7e victory over Illinois Valley Sept Si 

tluarterback Tim Tyrell. who will have to Im- 
prove his shoe-changing technique, kicked the at- 
tra point to complele the come-from-behind upset 

With less than 2 00 remaining In the game, IV 
had a third and six situation on their own 23- yard 
line Wetley Xlkon. the Ughtning-quick hallhack of 
the Apache*. gDI the call, gaining three yards 
before he was hit N Ixon counted up the pigskin in 
the process, and Rob Wolhart pounced on the ball 
at the IV 25 

Fans who had begun the trip to their care early, 
re-traced their step* to watch the remaining Iffl 
ol the contest The Hawk offense proceeded to 0ve 
Uieir die-hard fans, who trekked out to Harper In 
miserable weather, something lo cheer about 

TvrtU hit Steve Marchewka on a clutch 19 yard 
pass reception that put the ball on the Apache S- 
yard line and gave the Hawks a first and goal op- 

After an offsides penalty against IV pushed the 
ball to the three, Tyrell was sacked lor a two yard 
loM On seeond dowrn. Tyrell slanted left and pick- 
ed up five yards before he was brought down at the 
.^ache 1 

A quarterback sneak by Tyrell left the Hawki 
with a fourth down three inches away from 
paydirt Harper called a timeout with 22 remain- 
ing, and when the Hawks lined up the Apaches 
were expecting another QB sneak Sam Wright got 
the call, however, and rumbled in for the score. 

The crucial extra point attempt was Harpers 
lone obstacle lo victory, but with the field 
resembling a quagmire even that routine play was 
an adventure In addition to the field condition. 
Tyrell wai busily trying to change from his 
itgiilar ipike* to his kicking shoe before a delay of 
game penalty could he assessed 

Though the ball was pushed back five yarda 
because the Hawks took too much time, Tyrell 
calmly booted the ball through the uprights As 
the referee raised both arms signaling the kick 
was good, the Harper bench and stands erupted lo 

"All our offense needs is one minute," said ex- 
uberant head coach John Ellasik referring to the 
amount of time it took to score the touchdown 

A minute was all the Apaches defense gave the 
Hawks Thev boltled up the Harper offense, which 
was virtually nonexislant because of the adverse 
conditions of the playing field The raiKWy field 
negated the itrengths of TyreU and Ron Burke. 
Him «crt imnMe lo utUlM their quickneu and 

Trib's Bob Greene shares his 'stories* 

N»( miiny fmpit cuij lay lh«l 
tliew know htilh Klt-tual Nlvmi 
•ml Atin ('iMfwr l>ul Bet> 

CrtC'iie, t'olumnlst for lim 
Clili:a|0 TnttiMc »mI ABC 
'MI#M Ltne cnmniWMlenl.. can 
•Hi liotti N txnii aiMl Coapttr >• a 
1 1*1 ttt other mlentimg 
cltar Mritn ttil h« knows. 

Crwfit vw at Hsr|Mir !■■( 
Friday HUM iMMlclint. In a 
eiw»d of MMNil iO In • ifMceb 
ipomored by •IwlenI oclivUM 

Gr«»ii# (>egan Ws c«r«er m* a 
cnlumnlst at Uir youttiiut agi «f 
ai •lift Ihe Chtcasg Sut>-TkilM». 
When the Tim.**" *i»wr pap«r, 
TIM Chleafo Daily Xi-wi (old- 
cd: in IWJ'i, many {Wfifilc Irlt the 
OCIHnlHtiM ti> iain the Trib. 
fSfwac'WM'Mi* of th#'W (Mtople. 

"Baitilerty. «ImI. I am .i» a 

tmry teller." Ijpren* «ay« i»t 
hiianll Mis cotuiDM almMi 
etelwivety an mliii-»l«>rn>» 
daalinf with jmtple or leniated 

jtubjccts in boin Mgativi- and 
pMCittv* vttns. (irvrnr umalty 
tries III »Jay »*ay (tma 
"hiialed' uauiesiileiHilitlei 

"1 tike (Indlng thlnipi out 
alKnit mywll and Hum tellinf 
other* alMtit tlMm," sUitM 
GK«ne thrauKit M* Situtlitn 
Ohio drawl 

AmonR (ir<!tne'i moil 
DoiaDlr coiunin* are hi* 
coveraite ut Niton's 'It 
Pnsi4enltal campaign. Itit 
tWlUlK* atxHit belnc a perfnrni' 
Hag iMit nt an early mu'i Alice 
CMftt Mficert tour, and an in 
'Itrwia wtili hfirvM tumcil 
r Patricta Hearxt. 
revrnns ittiMtlmii 

like llmie. Cjr 

iNit a W almul Uwc per- 

•nnatil'ies ' IMiioD and Cooper 

pniliatily would have liked each 
ol,her very much," lauRtH*d 

"The best Uiine about ttemg a 
coliimnM IS thai I Ket to make 
ny own auMgnmenls." stales 
<<tt«ae TtirmiKli thin. Greene 
hat rtcelved the rtiaiwc to 
eower manf dlfttrenl Ililngt as 
•dl ai talk to many pcap:ie in 
itilfercnl xllualioiii 

like tlie ttme Greene, an avid 
j^cilH.. mt iMMiiini •itli a 
i of MWh Ca:mllniaa bun- 

ling II 

Creene. deipite bii penumal 
Ivellnip about hunting, did 
ler. (ind hiK hunting part 
) 4|itM« compatitrie "I went 
I If ilk [««ir very nire pen 

pie." «ayi O^reene of the ex- 
perience "I jual wish diey 
lound pleasure in doing 
something besiilet killing 
thmgs " 

tine o( the most inlerestinii 
and nerve testing siluattons In 
Greenei columnist career was 
the Iraie that a man m tbe IjOs 
Angrlei area contacted poller 
and slated that Ik would start 
kiilWK people unless he talked 
to lireenc Cireeoe was (kmn 
nut lo I.A and be wailed tensely 
until be finally tieard Irom the 

PnlH-f meanwhile, were 
moniturmg the call and they 
were attle lo kcI lo the man 
bclore he did any harm 

Many of Greene's coloinns 
attract letters, plenty that are 
iinf»vi)r»Me Greene prints 

many 'Of his letter* as long as 
Ihey aren't ubiicene and as long 
as tbey are negative. "I never 
run a positive letter." stale* 

Greene plans to conlmiie with 
what he is doing now His col- 
umn is syndicated across the 
country and be is definitely 
pleased about the television 
■how 'NIghl Line' gives me the 
ehance to do stories live for 
people " 

All tbe action has kef>t 
Greene extremely busy "I'm a 
little burnt out," laughs 
Greene "1 haven't had a day 
on slnct March " 

Still Greene would not do 
anylMngdinereni than what he 
is doing right now 'I know this 
is a special time for me." says 


m 15110 1 


OcWwr 15. 1981 


WiitiM Rainef Harper College Palatine, Illinois 

Hearing Impaired hit by cuts 

The Hearing tapahml Scr 
vices, under IIm dirtctMM o( the 
DiHMed StwiMI. :S«rvi«>«. i*(l) 
he reeelving a lundiiig 
rut bark tiram the 0«|iiit1mtnt 
ot RebabiMation ita-vice lOr 
the <jp4wnm« fiscal year, and 
Bosstliillties of lurtfMT col 
bacto in sucMllng years 

The cut bIKks are due 
prMianly to a lancMlt bclveen: 
UlinoM Insittuie or TKhnolitgy 
and. M)KS tM ntsuNcd In Utt 
Department ol KetablUlatli» 
Service "'• tlMIRSi dKtalon to 
'Higport only IhoH hearing tm^ 
'paiMi UMllMs Wht> are clientt. 
'•I txms. « wppoicd lo t;X)R$ 
prt*til(»i| wpiiiari in all hcarliig 
impaired students 
llarMt. among other eoi> 
ifiitt in (he Uaitwi state*, pro 

ridn iiMcial services, fnr 
tttobM, *tiMle«(s in cMni- 
ItllamTe with Section HM 'Of Ihc 
Kebabililation Art of tm. 

which in «tii«n<:e says thai no 
qiuMled dfeiabM ffudcnl shall 
lie discriminated against 
^hccaufe of a bundteafi in mt]i 
PedenJty AinrkKl proflraa or 
.■cliviiy And in regards to a 
daaKiKMiii atmiOdiihcrc. ihoie 
enllatiit sImmUI meet the nonds 
ol' 'Ifeoie Undent* by pnvlitiing 
equal actcts lo educaiion to 
disaihM ftudcMt H liwani 
other ftMiaaia. 

In order to meet flw n«Mls «f 
Ihe tear ing itupaired studnta, 
and Sertlim im. Ilarffor piti- 
vide* a (Mil scale suppirf, ser- 

not. .< ■ ' .- 

iMiHeling to thoae 'requesting 

And according to Dr Cer«ge 
Voegel. Vmm of EdnrationJit 
Seirvicei, slate*. "Over the 
ytant Harper' Iws gaitntid' an ei- 
ccllcni. rcpolatliMi'lof • Mwiring 
impaired l*ragraB . ' ' 

Harper .and WsiiboMet> i 'om 
muMty College in Sugar Grove, 
are both noted (Or having com 
pMe Mewiiig Initatrei Ser 
VMS. vMilcii my be to the ad- 
v'Mlip' ol llH hc«rmg im 
.pniwl utiMtCMt. Htefc'ing: out a 
eoanHwitly ciMtagc 'that olfers 
a rangpi' of supi^orl tervlees, 
whe're this slMleiit ts m or out- 

Mmweww. with lliC' ihwreaie 
(undlRg from tlOKS. the lawie 
i»f service i»riorltie<» for in anti 

MORS tHAN A new MtidMMa «■ 

illllM of Uit Harper MniwplwtaaoaPiiitS 

Car saved from watery depths 

PataiHse flrerightcrs wtte 
(railed l» Harper Tuesday alter' 
noon lo retrieve ■ car from the 
take at the north end of the 
campus, alter it appareiiHy 
■I'Ipped out ol gear and rolled 
into the watw No one wa* in. 

Tttc car, « ^m Volkswagen 
SciriKcti which •»» uno<;- 

eup'icd at Uie llnie. was owned. 
.bv part time student Stove 
'.sirretrr who IMS at 11 S 
Cedar m PaUlue 

Tbe car. wbicb w.a» lotally 
subnwrged. bad an 

Two s«!iiba divers worfeed Ml 
free the car (rom the water 
«hile a tO'W' truck and. ■ ttarper 

irui-k h<-lped (Mill 

the car out Irom the ground siaiwl ttiai be would 

try to have tbe car repaired 

The accidenl oocurreil. at »p- 
prosimately t:li p m' ac 
cofiltng to wilneatet. •ho al«i 
ilaletf iial K tank appmimate' 
I* l«o m.inul.e« 'for ttw nr tn 
SI nil 

otiloldiMrirt slMtoMs is a 
growing concern ol the Ad 

"It wtll be importaiit lo give 
carelul consideration to the 
iMue of service prlorlly lor m- 
district dlsal>led students, 
enpocially with regard to the 
.hcwtac impaireii. " staled Tom. 
Tbonmon. i 'otirdinalor 'Ol the 
Hlsahled 8t'udi"nl Service 

At present B hearing in 
patrtii student* are currently 

en.nrfled at IU.rper for the f«gt 
setuestrr . with over SO percent 
IwmgDOR.S clients. 
With mms funding cut tiacks 

m larl suppurl services 
potsilitiF Have lo be altered 

Arco'rcHm. lo Rlltabelh 
McKay, Director of Bn.. 
i-'iroomental tleatlh and pre- 

Knt C4>mpliance rjirtccr ol Sec- 
tion 304 (or Harper says. "This 
year hearing impaired students 
received the same services to 
notetaking. interpreters, and 
Inlonng. " as in tbe past 

McKay wenl on to say. "We 
are trying to plan an adequate 
diitrtbullai ol lund* lor all 
dtsableilMiUdcnts " 

In order to maintain tbe pre- 
sent level ot support servlcea 
lor the hearing impaired 
students. Harper may have to 
pick up the expenses which 
were :siietloned off by the 
DcfNirtmenl ol Rehabilitation 

I>ecislons on the issue ol tbe 
cut backs mode by tmns. and 
Us ttlects on serving disabled 
students will be made by the 
AdMinistraUon at a later daiie 

Harper to host 
activities convention 

Harper College will be 
haMMig tbe Illinois rommunlty 

CMllege !<tudei)t Activttiet Con 
venlloa on Friday night. 
Novemtier « and all day Halur 
day. Nov 'T 

Studenti involved in tbe com 
munlcaliO'iH. management. 
recreation., and student leader- 
ship prtigram.s from many II 
llno'is community colleges will 
attcml the convention. 

•There ••ill be m.any proles 
iMHl ■peakers al the conven 
lion,, including Harper si all 
members and sfiecial Harper 
guests ' ' .said Jeanne 
Pankanin. Director of Student 

".At 'the conveniMm there unii 
be aiiproitimately B ditlereni 
sessions.," she said, "and each 
student will have a ehO'lce of at- 
tending five ol the HHslans." 

One of Harpers special guest 
speakers will tie Tom 
Schmieckl. engliicer tor WMAIj 

raitio statMMi and NBC He will 
leail a tesalon on student radio 
and will explain the Job 
{freparationE and wtiat it is like 
lo "work m tbe real world «l 

The key nole address will he 
given by t>r David Pierce. Ex- 
ecutive Director of Ibe UlUmis 
Community College Board 

Or John Muchmore, ipeech 
professor al Harper College, 
will give a session on special 
commuoicatlan skills 

A sessiraa on time manage- 
ment will be given by William 
Jedllcka. an Assistant Pro- 
fesior in Marketing at Harper 

Elaine Stoermer. l>ir«ctor of 
College Relations al Harper. 
will talk about the legal issues 
involving student newspapers 

"There will be many more 
professional spt>akers in the 
convention and it should be ■ 
dynamite weeltend," said 

Ill l««) 

The affects of Ron's 
budget cuts hit 

i vH'lNi mrf won wticn 'Ite italc o( Ow teomanty «ill. be 


■MM) ttae ofllc* of tlw prMtdamy 

t • iMd dMt itoctton. His fimprtgn promitt vnt 

•nrt II lo nudBt AimiIni inMC (mpli' Unvn^ vMMnle 


fmifi. fif fmfffti.' i f tT' *i Iff gfttit 

t in tiM ■■•••. HMt to iMt dwU- 


Il*a«ui's cut* IMTC' ImMM Midi' WMS 'ttat funH tte 
9iitB, wtUMPt, flductttii ■MiiM%''iiMr Ito liiimilftiTirtit 

Raipwr** wiNrwiiim lHnrtm lMf«lml. pngram and 
ounv of Ito'iMiMlifa .■m.lMMto tolMiig Iteir Mw-al 

irayt to lHl»a«t tt*.pn0*i> M'Hai M I«mi. it wH to 


ttat cm. to 

la m uff. «|. Hi 

It liM' MMM ilHt II It A tifll* M imMt tiMt IImi 'poor 
to 'tiiNni prodiicttoii at 
eaBMt AWACS MMl B-I't. 
Tto H«rt>liHMr ulrtw tliwii liielt to inilwi paopte •nd 
at Hwiiar lliBt will aiflkr taMUlto 'toigM cutt. 

Harper has its 
share of problems 

Wtlt. alMfht! rkially lllic 
p«a|ii» on (tie H«rl>tK|cr an 

•taitlug to deal wllM rwsl 
lMlif». (>v«n >t II b tor 

wnewttat wiflsh rraxin*. if. 
endit Inr ilmr wiirk PcrMnal 
ly, 1 ititiik 'llicy aoirvi tint 
nrntii-tttr tliiit tmt iiitKla 'IMR' 
t1(ifMliill|. ttty ni'ity tiavc 
itirnlM illli> Mnethmg. I 
oHdilnt Ml|> b:iit mtiKt (iw 
iii,»mv refwt'iic**. to '•H»rjKfr'» 
Twputa'lran" <tor fewlnf an 
wiistxiidlag tcliMli In iMt 
wcvlt's |>«|*rr I raulitn't aim 
Iwlp twt noliCT tlM HMWI. wllk 
•Micl) lli» AftmMMMMm (for 
liMck «< 1 Mttr wftrd llmt t* 
phMsble > inovml to kmtp tli«'lc 
'lirccHM* nptitatiDit int»ci hy 
piaraltng th« MAllitrtNer Mm I 
«ltti iwosWiij' iKsw tj'pewrilen 

•till a tlrtn ttriiiiiiw" iii 

-'(nvMtlitalF" Uw itlMlion. all 
«aiiM Iferve liay* A Ki4(ikrl> 
iliort ttrtke »lie«i enmiiWMl to 
tli> air tnltii:' coiil<niliir"i llltlF 
»»lk-OMt. »(>uliiti»"t y»« say" 
Maybt' *• ikwtlit |>iii likir 
wpiitaltn M Ul> llBf lOflR 

Dwn't gM nt wifMC t'lU' Ml 
'iltwii-plaHiii (Iw imiMirtMCf 
al a HUM ir«|)utalKMi'j,uit ilw 
-]"'iiiiinpliaai«it||tl. II 
IMmmiinl w tMucIlt 
SliiilMti ciM MatM 

Is 'tiM fOlDK l» « ' "'tlXMl' !iCl>(M>l " 

■ay VlMt n tmwilwr iransf 
tlMi' to • fitw year coltege • I 
■tall*. Of Iwitk pod' on a )(Mi: 
reiium* 'I liNi|M:*, alM' ■ "pMl 

'■cdml mMy attract a Mglwr 

calltor of itacticr Tiaeton 
Moclli til Ihat a "ImmI tclmit" 
Imiii to <tnw a hi0*T c^iitor 
'at Miiitwt, ai>it ■till that. 
IwiHiipi iiMf«' prmtiie wlitii 
nm mm ft. ■» a rtlvrfiM tor a 
(IdW* .Jail'. aMi mmfttr- evw 
■Mf ' 'iiMMr)'' tl ttimi|» art «'iif k 
law. m llif y *l»iii4 amt tOc 
iMMflti Inua. tiwMf a " 'VmnI 
' " sn t««iil> tfijuriKuM 

• I ^W UNp 

disl of. 

Ims M. InMr 

But (iiy advice lii teaehers.,. i( 
ilW! [ireimt situation coMMtiet 
m II, II Ilk ■am Uiat 
rtl'tltutt i»*--'»llll« M't itlll 

.IMNlxtltlaN" |MM|lll> tlifl4 'Mt 

vliai'* rwally itliig «m 'TM' aft- 
niMtfratldii tl wlxli t foulfl 
tlittit Hi a li«lttr wo.rd > «•» itis lo 
tM-itelll llie iiwM .\ "ii/mA 
repuiatitm" tenil« lo ilrm .am 
iii<m>a*#d earallneU to » 
•c.lM<tl. and' Willi ilif cnniUneat 
cO'tmes iii'i»rf mtmey • ■■ 
'Miiiftliliiii (Mat may lie upper 
mMt ill tlM ninits ill .Harper '» 
"nilmi rlan" ■tirtter term" 

XfM 'N*»,. **" >.t'» llSiH'*' u 'iJiKlli 

ttpwtattiin" twrc at William 
KaiiMry llarpr .itrnmr fnin'n*.. 
acMtemlfaln and atltlirtirttlly 
Wlw i* liemt king (iMiugli '* 

Thir ii'udi-nt* tr*' «titha.|>|)y . 
Ue iiafktng M i> a mrs. Iliv 
Itcnmelef rm:(I is a mt!k». 
•ludenl.* are rettnctMl i<> iiftn 
tfta l,l«*» in Bldg. M •( 
llfWRy m mmt tlian two 
Iwiiirs 'and al mCTmventent 
limes at Utal'' the tiuildings 
are rdeaply camtriirted. Iher* 
IS a |iRVtlew?e nl part'^iitn:* 

leiiiieri iwha are mtum .yiw 

really »« down to tl-awt at 
gMd as MMiwine wtxi (l«'otn 
IMF lull time to II .- . almsBl 
rv»r>thi.nn. iii Ilw twuk Mnre tt 
way overprliseil.. aa4 tijf ifodi 
i;n the (-alnena 1» jiki *» tmd 
•nt men In* fharic(lit-it< 

Tlie ad:mini»l;ral.lon ■ : - ■ 
that na»iy *mnl aaalnt netiBi 
la tW' 'iMiiBtng the ici««> lalNtk 
f ha cai«|m atwsiiaiier aail the 









Sadat, Cards and WHCM 

Tiw 'hBtaaGC' nf iwaM In tlia 
MiMIe Bam m gtven a 
* • « e r e . |> r o h a b I y a 
caituitrofiltic i«li witen EsyMi'J^ 
,%n«ar Sadat »wt aisaMinatei! 

Sadat wi.» the moving foree 
(n*li»d. (he Camp David Ac- 
eor* when Jtmmy Cartitr wa» 
pntiiliisl. U was Sadat who 
Md tUe cMirafv to make peace 
»llli Israel inttead <il NifipInK 
on the iMndwagon agatMl 

Mw death leaves a tremen 
iilMK gap In (h* slabiliiy of Mtd' 
die Ba*t peare. .As Lthya's Col- 
nnel IJhadad said.. "Whoever 
takei the road o( pea<"e with 
Israel thin *,n»'ar Sadat did, he 
win alM tte kilM " 

It H thii kind nt Hiinking., 
typical of the Middle East and • 
KrMMUlleatiM of Mt,dd)t Eam 
leaders, that will plunge the 
world into, another war 

Sadal was the one ho'pir, 
maybe the last in !(t,*blll;iinK 
thoie Middle Ba.»l lanatics 

• • • • * 

# « « » ■ 
TJie Harper Ian. ■ 

Begoiialing. lor u I'MntriK-t 
'Which txpirad lour munlhi> a(o. 

The thrrf mjiin iSMirs in the 
jtrll* -rtM"*, 

early n .jroJe*- 

tional df veii>.[iiiicii! -^ppartat- 
\f. the Faculty :Sen.ale and the 
Har|>cr Board' ol Truitees are 

The lacuHy ,h«t twen oKered 
a uial ecOMimic package to' 
creaie' o( !(■ " percenl 

If a iKeitlement lM)iwern itie 
lacully and board in not reach' 
ed. a strike would ceriainli' '» 
an Ml'itm for the teachC'r*. But 
on*' facaBy itieinhef laid that a 
rtrlk'C histore nril year is 
""unll'ktly '" 

One tad of inlerenl in the 
ml'dst of the faculty 'demand lor 
liigher ulary is thai the 
,^Vi:tt'Ai.:;'E salary of high 
school teacten In Disir'ict lit 
M t:».,<xn. Meenwhilf. the 
AVEKACiE satey oJ the lull 
time Harper taculty mera,her i» 


R a am,aiiin,g,. mmciderini 
9mm figurei.. .that Harper ha,* 
iMcn. able to malnlain the ex 
eelleni acaidenir reptiiatioo It 

« « • • 
Prtildaat •! Stu-^ 
OaailStiHbiir) mi" 
M'em'her* of the t*iiM> ttMmt 
ataiM camptaiiitf' airtd by 


raem,tier's of ihe station, 

■■Nothing was resolved," 
,SI,amhury said. "It dMtn't 
mean it won't he ' ' 

■The radio station moved 
from a progressive (o'rmal last 
year to a maiss appeal formal 
In an attempt to quell com'- 
plainis from faculty memhers 
about the station And so lar., in 
that n>spe<:(. the station has 
been a succ'css 

■"I haven't heard a complaint 
all year." Slansbuf y said 

Of course'. Siansbury * as not. 
referring lo student com- 
pla,ints, which have |»ecn 
numerous among l:ho*e that 
•'i>rk»< V*HrM 

The most 'recent complalnl 
was that the tlatinn dws not 
ha^ve any turntables, which has 
wvrrdy limltetl their pro- 

"I guess it really t»lls down 
lo tl we want turntaWes in there 
lor people lo do their own thing 
or whether we want this to he a 
learninK eipern" ncf . 
Slawbury said "!•( monir* 
were available and turntables 
would enhance the prtigramni' 
ing, certainly we W'ould ap- 
pro^ve it 

'"i^Buii I can't say that t'm 
;foing to ■let them mil lit a turn- 
-table and let them use it the 
way they ■want to,"' he added 
■■■|l W'lMld have to fit mio (ht'ir 

Lack 'O'l student pa-rtfctpatim 
In programming has been 
another qualilative lAmplilni 
of WHCM's members. Faculty 
Advisor Tom Schriecke .» In 
control of every aspect of 
WHCM s product, including 

Schnecke is in control 
■because «'( the "tbuse" the 
raAi station was given by last 
■year's iBem.btfrs. t«-me of 
wham are^tiack ittlayecr 

■'■i dtm'i perceive ■Uie radio 
Dilation bring totally ■student 
controUrd. ' ' .StaMlmry said 

'We have to sii down and dcter- 
mine what the Harper radio 
station Jboutd iw ti can't t* 
run by studrniv wiitiriu!. .in\ 

WHCM Is n«t like Ibf Harb 
iniier.. I»««ile -haw an ■i|il,Mn (a 

read the Harbinger or not The 
people in A-bullding do not 
have the option of not listening 
loWHCM " 

Stansbury added I've got 
ten more complaints about the 
Harbinger this year than I have 
alMHil the radio station." 

Hint hint'' 

• • • • • 

If anyone is still interested In 
tiaseball II should be pointed 
(nil that unless the Oakland A's 
»in the World Series, Ihe IWl 
baseball season will I* con- 
sidered the biggest farce in the 
aith century And II will nun 
1 IJ years of baseball's iradllton 
fflfpiay off excellence 

TIM tO|i two teams in the Na- 
tional League. Cincinnati and 
St Louts, were led oul of 
baseball' t> playoffs 

Melthcr won their respective 
divisions during the split 
seasim. which was adapted in 
the owners lo increase fan in 
teresi after Ihe '>l day players 
strike and TV revenue, but both 
would have hern overall 

Only one division champion 
that would have ««n Ihe divi- 
sion title over the lull season - 
Oakland reached the league 
championships And if Oakland 
doe* not «in Ihe World Series. 
II will mark the first lime in 
Mseball history that a non-first 
place team did mil win the Fall 

That would rum the baseball 
tradition No other major pro- 
lessional team sport has been 
able lo hold off the move lo In 
elude "wild-card" teams in its 
playotlx Al least unlit now 

What baseball has done, in 
tact is stoop lo a minor-league 
level ol adopting two division 
winners over an uneven split- 

And nobody, especially those 

fans in Cmcinnall - which had 
baseball's besi overall record 
- and St. Louis are bound to 
forget it 


William Ralney IlairerCoUetr 

AlgHtquln k Ronlle Hds. 


'■iml .^Elllikg to-C1li«r 

r.FHrBunFrnun Wtnaili^F'l" 
kililii'lilCwuia Pftototii 

Ulfceianhtdi SpMUECii 


-< en . _ 

— -• 52 3B 



X Crt i 


m O 

< D 



5 1 ~i~? 
J S £ r 

o 'S - i - 

I "2 ^ < ^ 
o 5 Q- ft ■' 

5:8 g3 Z 

^t -T * 3 

^ - ^ 3- £ 
^ 3 -^ „• * 

*■ s. Q. £ i 

S 5 ri £.3' 
-■ s - » to 

3 *.« = 









8 rin,j: 


X 3D 

■{ »i J 


5 C 

o < 
z m 

* '^ : 

■■■ ** 



5 C 

II c 





^ C ■'■■■ '^^i 

1 i 





: : : 

". .» 


- '■■ 1 \. ■; 

1 « ,->f ^ 





1 i :■:> OO 
1 ; . „' ■" Z 

1 ■■■ m < 




;-.- 20 

Tl I .- 



- o - f- 

1 ■' "- " ;So 


: rn 3 5 : >;• 

* 1 en 30 5 

-^ J o o ;; 

5 1 3 


2 m 5 

x a 





-- > 





0> r 
30^5 J 





,: ' m 



'"m ^ 


1 c/> 


>^ • 

TMMiirlklngM-.Otlalwril ■«•<. f^aptl 

Students get training in keeping grounds 


Tilt Mlt HmC' |M .Iff' WtMh 

tit| •raoMl 'IK* canipiii tile • 

am tHM m. tUt'lMiteaiie. Tm 

lailgM mum. ■ mm ma am'- 

:MNin k MHt mmi m turn 

MfvIM In. IIW' Hortltuitim Wfi 

Purls and CraiiHi* Ma 

iMiit l»fwgwm»a« H«rper 

Bm 7 |»ar pr»gram sttrtrt 

at Harper when ttte llltailf 
Cnmnunlty Coll(«v bard' «aM 
Kwtt nvtry commtiwty roilege 
■MM iw¥t an ■gncuiitur* itm 
pan. Inr 'ilmc itwtonii who 
ai» laitmM Set, m m*. 
Matptr HMtXtd lit proaratn. 
vliKl) ti caJtcil Fariii i 

C»iim!i Managem.<n«, A year 
lilw, RuMly Kljt. aM Ed Met • 
calf, (he cdordlaaittr ot the pn>- 
gram, came to Harper The 
rim (w year*, (litre wa» a (in 
a! putilic rifJalMMia mutt willi 
(ite park aitrtcti, ami all Hit 
fi'iMJentt ID the pngram wm* 
'empinyews trnin ttie neartiy 
park dMrlets Evenlually. 


locus Report 

Pregnancy: a growing problem 

Trying to repin tane (if Mr 
MapMure. a IT year old gjrl 
trie* a laM mtmtt clearing «l 
iMc throat tit $0 nit af Mine 
MperticM atiKiei]' Her .heart, 
mw .MMMinf: .mar* lilt tim 
MrcmaiM tactta a( a rwft 
WMt. m$ IIW Wilch III twr «}'« 
■t Ihe eon 
iwarer II t* 
Ibe confr<i«tal)an ixiacen 
mother anit 4ailihler. wtan the 
girl, delicately tttarma Iht 
iiMJther of her pregnaiKj. 

Vntnnmatety.. (hit amMria 
la pragraaaiveiy hctromtsg 
more cominnnplace Some 
•tartling t«atM:lci were r^leas- 
t«l lust iaal Mtt n la now 
belitiicd' Uwl Me It Mmt 
laMHfin vil bacwM fnt- 
'lumw 'UUa yattr. .poftiinstlav. 
paapla have wiiett lip 
•Id art rMhaafleling their 
'ireatnient" la 

wf teen 

lie greatly 
If 'H «Biii't for "the 
dofmallc ilB'iwe taken on liy 
(he KhimI lyatem." clatm* 
nMWjr pafanla^. They feel that 
'lif ''HMMg'aas aducation at an 
aifllaf ale, aiany of ihete 
prcinaaetes woulil be 

Seen hy many as another ««■ 
tnhuting (actor a Ihe ruler 
taliwieni induslry Ftlmt.. 
lelfvuton movien and atlher 
pr«iihict.s of the tml'uslry art 
.(ilten accuaed •» OcWh o»er 
ilnplllytng the ca<m.pto>il.le( 
wrrouildtag tee« prcgiiaiiC'ies. 
and: Mmtming a 'icKWlIy per' 

Ail»ertlsini has al»« pro»en 
t» play an initrumtntal part in 
the teenage pregnancy 
(atecasl. in an etiart to hrliig • 
hall la (he a«lntiiitin.g niMihtf 
of tm» pnpMwie*.. lalewiiton 
hai tm» ttnirtaietl' «tih re 
nuaata ta ttovnla aem iMimaT 
'Ciai air tiaM' In Iht nalwrv al 

tod m the ttatlte miivei on- 
wanl. Predlttahly... no one 
wualli Utnk* an eyclaih until. 
It ■lilHa .at the homefnnl. It 
haa only Men. in the .pa»i tt«e Itt 
laa. yean, when there ha* heen 
.an ah'*»iis collective rftart 
made to 'help ynung lad.M>i wtlh 

CiMnaelMg .tenten at rw U a 
ma)or loaree at aaalatance ta 
the often perpeleiai (•CMgir 
With fNe yeank hcUntt than., 
the' Car* and Counseling Center 
'Of Downen Crovr, has txem 
vMlad by rmighly 17W people 
ranging in age anywhere (ron 
It la » Although the majority 
ol Hie eenter* clients are bet 
wctn (he .age'i o( 11 and IS., 
■any ntarrtad. 'Moniem drop 'by 
10 •« If Mm art prfRnaM. .and 
««•« tinreai their unctr- 
talnilet anoul keeping or hav- 
ing the baby 

Whe'ther ti be pregnancy 
teata. ctMinieling at reterral 
lenrlcea. all ser'Vleei are con- 
dueled free of charge and are 
kept itnetly confidential 'We 
do aik lor a n donalion for the 
prtgnancy leit." etplain* 
beniiie Klaaaien. a volunteer al 
the c*tHer 

A nonprofit organitaiun the 
center i» kepi alive by grants 
and. special fund ralMng events 

.Acco'rdlng. lo Klaassen, the 
tdl'ii of establishiii.|( smii a 
crater wat quick lii nialertalue 
when the women., now holder* 
o( the ley pS'ittont al the 
center, fell the greai iicett la 
prvvide young ladle's with an 
open iMMr to help Mirt their 
emotions with ibe aid of 
valunlecr*. a prwfeM'Onal tiaff 

StHiMrtime* 'Wwre prwj'uctive 
than the artital counnellnii.. the 
center bai built quite u exteO' 
live referral tervlce. m' 
eluding financial aa»MaM«. 
psyehaiogista. daclar«' and 


etc can 'WWly Untpmrarlly heal 

(IM wound,., but thai KmI 'd«ct'- 
•Min nega'tding the hirdi ol her 
cklM ia a ptrMtml one .and Is 
tiRen aeoMipanled by weighted 
tac).in,gii ol iMlation. What are 
iMiW' of thnae deciaions that 
pregnanl Icf n* end u|i naktng'*' 

"Many ol Ihe'm. will put Ihcm 
ii|> far adoption' or may 'raiic 
the'ir halty."" Mid 'Klaaaaen In 
•pete ol cancel t.«l «;.fforti' made 
al (hC' center to diicourage the 
girt*, there are still a lot who 
opl 'lor an abortlan or will be 
otctMiK O'f a foreed marriage 
which often results in dlvort'e 

During her pregnancy, an 
unwed teenager has Ihe 

tireaotne taak ol overcoming 
several etnotlocial hurdles In 
Boat caws. Ibose hurdles arc 
allevialed with the Wp ot 

eounaellng center* 

Stn overly publictied is the 

college which also oKers ser 
vices (Ike pregnancy teitf and 
referral siervicea It can 
become rather awkward lor a 
college, like Harper to strad 
die the fine line «r malntalninK 
their conaervaltve Image while 
liffiultaneously issuing 
pregnancy teats to Ihe itudeni 
One can only aisume thai there 
must b*«« been a need lor «uch 
lervlcies. lor Harper to kivc 
cimside'ration to filling (tuii 
need Of Ihoae .student* *-ho 
visit Meiilth .Servk*i. tn a iwo 
week perKKl. 24% have re- 
Mealed pregn.anry tests, says 
Ul McKay Dim!tor of Health 

■'Slnely-elghl percent ol 
■hone people hive taken no 
precautwns. and when I've aik- 
«d them ■«*)■"•■. they simple 
uy, 'I don'! know ' (Ir many o'[ 
them will rcupond with it's not 
fomg to happen to nte' . I 
(ell them it (hey are going to be 
leiually arl'lve. Ihey owe i( lo 
lheni»clvr* to lake the 
Ciantinaed on page 7 

however , the pniKram evoi'ved 
into a 2 program department.. 
llorticulliire and Parks and 
Grounds Managenenl now 
have about l»m student* in 

The Horticulture program of- 
fers 'Couraeii such as soil 
tte'lence. plant dlieases and 
pcala. and drainage and irriga- 
tMNi. Coni|>letinn of the pro- 
gram Icadt to an amoctole 'Hi 
■lylM scienH .degnw. and 
praparai students lor employ- 
ntnt with 'huneriea. land- 
leafcrs and greenhouse and 
plant prwigallng operations 

The Park and Grounds 
(iperaiain Miuaeilitiit pro- 
gram offers many ol ihe Mine 
Cdurw* at Korticullunf. but 
also courses like groundi 
•qulpaail and shop nperatton. 
prtnclplet o( park 'icsi^n and 
iMnatniclMtn and arbonrulture 
This program alto leads lo an 
aaaociatet in applied Mtence 
degree and prepare* the stu- 
dent tor employment as park 
operations wpernsors, or 
gnund* fnaintenance super 
vliors in public parks, golf 
counti aiMleducatliiiUd parks. 
RlgHI now, (tie 'prop-am is 
having tone changes made 
with Its classroom and lab loca- 
tions T Building had been used 
for both programs, but since a 
new greenhouse li attached to 
the V -Building, this area is be 
mg redesigned, and In about a 
year, II should be readv lor u»c 
as Ihe new location tor 
classroams. labs, and 

Randy lllg, an mslnirtor and 
the grounda manager xaid, 
"There ha* h««n a good rela- 
HMshlp Willi Ihe admlnistra 
tlan, phytlcal plant, park 
nmia.geraent and the archilec 
I'ural program They have been 
doing a joint study ot V- 
Bullding for Ihe proposed 
renovat ion* ' They .have decid- 
ed to use their own people lor 
all the work Lhal has to be done. 
since Ihey have •eiperti in the 

"There has been real good 
collahoratton between Ihe 
deparimenit and Ihe In 
dt'V'iduals on this plan." lllg 

The sludents in ihe program 
have been doing their share. 
aldo 'About a year ago, we 
talked with Dave Williams and 
Prcfldisnl McOralli, and pn^ 
poaed that our iltidenla do the 

grounds keeping on campus, 
they agreed. " said lllg 

•From April through mkt- 
Novemher, (he student Intenit 
maintain the grounds: they 
mow the grasa. plant trees, do 
landacaplng. diaeaie and insect 
control and take care of the 
athletic field, which lakes uf 
about Mi percent of our lime." 

ftat internship is lor students 
■who have been in the program 
lor al least two semesten. II la 
a live credit course and 
students earn 15 2& per hr 'II 
provides them with experience 
out ot the classroom on how to 
maliitain the g^xiiMlk-" *■'■' "- 

"Ive tieen very pleased with 
the way lt» worked out It's 
good lor the students, and good 
lor Ihe school, "lllg said 

There have also been In- 
tegrated efforts between the 
physical plant and Parks and 
Ground* Management "Since 
•e do roada and grounds now. 
It gives them time to do other 
things. ' said lllg He also em- 
phasized that both departments 
work together "We couldn't 
have done it without the 
physical plant people They 
have helped us mow the grass if 
we got behind, and repaired ttie 
machinery that we ase. " said 
lllg "It was a learning ex- 
perience lor them as well, to 
work with students. They'd 
never done that before," he ad- 

The awk that the students 
have done is quite noticeable 
There are lots ol flowers all 
around campus, and some new 
land.scapes by A Building 
"People have noticed the 
changes around campus, we've 
had many compiimentii Irom 
students and faculty alike." 
laid lllg The campus is like a 
second home to the students 
thai come here, to the (acuity, 
and to the other employees who 
iptind a lot ol time here. It 
Miould look nice lor everyone." 
he added 

The program has been going 
lull swing, and there have also 
been plans made to add two ad- 
ditional clasaes: lloral design, 
which will he oflerad In spring, 
and, retail floral 

"We've had our ups and 
downs, iMit right now. we have 
a lot ol support, and we are 
very proud ol the work we've 
done.' said lllg 


CeletiMtes its new tacihty Iqi MEN and WOMEN 
With I 


(Two can join (or the price of one) 

Personalized Fitness Programs 

iUii«iMi M .a>M«Mi t» i ruMim N 

11! WOWSji H W'l'W 



Ilrliralrssrn A Cair 

N>u|»» • H«lad» 

>and»ichf» • l.a)>purrin<i 

Italian ^t"''"'allic»' 

HOtlM*N n \/.\ 

m;%k n»M <n M« > 

llpra ii <!>>■ Ill im 
Cluord '<unda) 

riutnr ihi-Ml l»r li*lrT Mirvl** 

«^ * 

Patt 4 Tlw HwWnflv, Oclatar IS. ifW 


Tnm Scfeilanlii 

The Harry S Truman 

SdMlanlili) FoundatMia i* of 
(tfing a Kholarshiii tor bac 
calamale digne ttndcati 
•to are 'pmutug a Job. in MiM 
■mftct 0* gi»wm:ii»«i(, irorlt. 

AMillcants musu be acvaftlMl 
ai m institute ol htijiiar lean- 

Particular I 
the wMjNlijB' is available In 
Ihe mm m riiiaiwlal AW. A 
»l. DeaiillDe Itor apiilyiiif tt 

Pay IS MM an Hour 

The Mrvlce aim att4» pmt 
Uam loadcn to mtk [uur boun 
■ nttUttatmnaiiliaur 

Part lime clerical Mp is alw 
needed CUsrlts must wwk («»ur 
IWMjni a niKlil ami musi be nble 
1» ljfl»e % words per mmulr 

Intereited people should 
make an appomtnienl al J* 
Senilfe before I JHi 21 


R'l ToUCtI FlMlltMlll. 

'Warn. * Wed.. Oct.. i.». ]i. 1-1 
nm., Women'* Batkettiall 
TBor,. Friday. Oct JH. I-.I':30 
p...m... Dance Workalnit.. Prt^ 

4ay, fiitv I, hX p.m.; frm 
ThfiM CMiteit. Mm... Wed., 
fri.. N«», ». Dec, I. 4, ll-t 


toculty is oderinii (rauler 
icm.liian (ram>y trea ma- 
jor •chants lilts wmcMitr. 

Thi* week a r«p fi t»ll'»t 
tram CoveriMr's •tato and iw 
Iram Eaatm. lU:Ms UnliMirally 
will toe on campus 

The C«¥ern«ir» Stale rep will 
he m mm on Monday (ram IS 

T»e Baaliini rep wiU ht' la 
DIM fnini II am 12 p.m on 
We- ■■ • 

Mri Jane Hinn, A.sslsf,an« 
l»ire«'torttf Commuiiitv Coltr^e 
Helalmu al Western lllinMs 
UnieentHy, will be on the 
Hatper ciiiiimis on Wednesday 
Ocl 21. from » Warn to I «i 
p m .Sludenls who plan to 
transJer to Weslerti lltlmils 
University »n urged Ui meet 
Mrs Klnn in the Coll«|tP Center 
(EuUdlng A I for iniswers to 
questions regarding admlwlwn 
Mnannal iiid* 
op(H>iiu.nilw-«i on 

^ 1 cam. pill activities 

Por lurther Inlormntion 
repirdmi! (his caiiipu» vitit t>v 
Mm Hing. set Ray Hylander 
Counselor in Koom III? 

mem WMNBKI ••ma 'Tia Iliwii'" «■ be ihiwii Friday wttb itudenia 
■ wan Ike Beat rnmyi ram Oacar -Tbe Tin Drum ' It 

Ordistra CMnrt 

llarner Commutty t>r 
cbeslra will preioiit a concv.rt 
« « W p m . .MO on Mohrtay 

Chi IS AdffllUMn ti fnw 

IlltStI IJM 


R«pr<:seniiitivtai Iron the 
Mormon Church will be on 
campus today to iiicel wlUi bi- 
larwtod students They will be 
In the student lounge of A bldg 


fht Tenth Annual Illinois 
CfA Society Arcounlini 
Catwrs conference will be 
baH on Saturday Nov it trom 
• am 10 12 noon at Uic tl ol I 
Circle Campus 

The purpose of Hie con- 
tavnee is to acquaint students 
•nil the various, career op- 
IMflimMtas In the accounting 
For further in 
. conlact Ms Dayle 
iir of the IIlMMs CFA 
9a(My al M«-7»7 

■mUK MB « 


Micd Parcel Service will be 

irtiervlewmf fur 'ChttMimwi 

Mp. Oct 11. ! 1:11 am. iBi'lliB' 
Jab Service offkv. MMlng P 

Tlie Gernian flln -'The Tin 
Drufn" will he shouia tomorrow 
al«p m .Mil 

The Tin Onim m the story of 
Oskar. a young Polish boy of 
eslraordlnary will Confused 
and temried liy the adult world 
ol aei. violence and Hitlers ns 
Uifl Nailsm. he refuses to grow 
alter the age of three But 
Oikar's mind and rnioiions 
■ to develop imide his 
I body and be shrewdly 
Bs the world around him 
Twelve year old David Ben 
nent portrays (Iskar DtrrcJor 
Volker .Schlondorff's direction 
perfectly lliumtnales Cunter 
Grass' novel The film won a 
ISM Academy Award as Best 
foreign Film and shared 
Grand Priie at Cannes with 
"A.p«cajypse N#w " 

Aitaisston is free to students 
with an activity card Puhlic 
admUiSHtnlttl INI 


A» tor .answers to questmis 
recarding admission pr» 
ceflures financial aids, how 
ing work opportunities on cam 
pus and campus activities For 
further inlormalion, contact 
Clele Hmion. Counuelor. 1117. 


A niteen day art tourlo Lm^ 
dom. Pans and Brussels is 
scbeduW Irom Dec n to Jan 
10 •The Art Treasures of 
Europe " Is a lour organiied by 
Internationa! Education 
Students may earn two credits 
m Humanities us by taking 
tills lour There will be visits to 
the greatest public and private 
art collections m and sround 
f^indoii. Pans and Bmsselx 
For rofflpletr Information, coo 
tact Ben Dallas in tbe Art 

tw M 
Candidates for the scholar 

ship must tie second year first 
•emmlcr stuiJents with an 
overall average of at least I . in 
courses already completed In 

computer data .pnnresmng 

Candidates must .submit a 
hnrt i approximately two 
pages I written presentation 
eiplaming their interests in the 
data prmessing /computer in 

Application* .m .ivailable in 
ihe Financial a id ol i'«-i> * mi 

bzz llli CUClft 

Tbe Chicago Jaiz Band with 
singer Stppie Wallace will ap 
pear in concert on Saturday, 
Oct M at H p m al Harper The 
(troup will perform in BuitdinK 
J. R(»m n:i I'utilic admLssioii 
to the concert is n 

Leader James Dapogny 
organtied the all star group in 
iws The group's instrumenta 


Hon IS the classic lour piece 
rhythm section piano, bass, 
guitar, and drums and two 
reeds trumpet and Iromlwinc 
As pianist and arranger. 
Dapogny brings a historical 
persptrlive to the groups stvie 
and rep<Tlwre The Chicago 
Jan Band brings audiences the 
sounds ol ragtime New- 
Orleans and Chicago Jao and 

Spice Cadet 

Dr J Mien Hvnek wilt Ice 
lure ,m rFo> A„ exciting 
challenm- to science " Tbe lec- 
ture will l»e held Nov 17 at S 
pm in room J 143 


UM k lonhinK tor fuutme 
iMitn and driver's beipen 
Mnn. miutt be zi and Hccnsed 
milM able to drive stick slilft. 

|Kl..jlMMIII CM AlWAMill 

■law M*. * SiHnHit iHMt' m 

Bit! rep, Ma Motley will be 
on. c:am.pus Thurs<l,ay, Sov .'i 
from s am until 1 pm 

Students ptaiMUng In Iransler to 
Ell! art nrpd lo meet Ms Hoi 
ly in tbe Cotkne Center tB.Mg 


Harpers Spread Eaule Ski 
Club will boM an orKanuatlonal 
meeting today at tl » p m in 
DB3 Those desiring to be part 
of the planning commlllee or 
holding an office must attend 
The first open club meeting is 
Oct aall2Mpm inlllXI 

GMpter scMirskip 

i>a(a procatsmii or rimipuler 
indualry itudenis mtrmtrd m 
applying (nr a schoiarsbip. of 
toped by die Data Prtwessimg 
MamagemeM AasoctatKin must 
bate iipplicatlona lulimilted by 

I <■•* III. KKitia •• mauMWaiH Ml,,. 

There is a new infurmalian 
hotline availatile to Harper 
students Interested in up<om 
ing events The number is e« 
tension Vi3 


■■■.^m trnk* M t%».' 




. Mintmuffi invealmeol tt .ooa (Wwn you ma, am •» imiias s^oo 

• Will»fl»«.w <i.n.,rHm.e ■*.I1i..h.i mtrr«> penally 

• F'ri#tih#ih 'wntimi immimom SMNI) 

• MllS«le|.|"11iiri)r 

• )<<Mi lor ifMjIvidual. |»»r(««ff«ltip & corporate cash reser*e» 

nttOoe INVEST !.<.;•. c.fti ■ nn •itfN0C0..)PONT0 


J44J f Coii<e> S E Gian-a WapiOs. Micft.aan *SKM 
I* l>rootam ol Irm.iy Cmulian CoUagal 

'-'"L-L I VJLL Fntfc for full information I 800 JS3 MWe 

(in Micit , or il loll ire* ino|>«>ai»« call l«lftMZ-iS41 collaci I 



MSOS Brainard. P O Bok C, 

La Grange. IL M)52i 

354 4715/397 8125 

. n wii mm t ■Vnmifmi •■ na»«<tf.'MMMi 

'rmrnt r«i»t ana anrrfnlM 

City State 

•rue* E. Griffltit 


Tha H«rtu.n«*r. OctoMr U. IWI. f>««p 1 

Ooops! One 'wet' dead end. . 


Changv in 
college student 

RaomtWir tan. Osiww nm>rs 

at lafwnii. Pleitly »( |«id mum, 


IHuM' are imiii* o( the ways 
to laaks ilrimkiftn on antt 
ummi ttminis a little more 
tninya'tile j.n<) rea unable 
Tlitji'w aba some of the sug.- 
irst:|iMt made as part aS a 
i>e«lf-ei|MMM pMtran t« 
dwk*' tMiikiiig moR' <>( « 
recmatHiti awl lei» ot a prO' 
Min'M: anenlteiP! campuses 

Tlie ppnfram, called ••Thiiik 
Twtte 'Atmil Ortnfeisg." i* 
ipoiiiorwl by tin? United States 
Brw»ew Asuoctaiioi- 
ottleli nm |iiii)liiih<' 
paiBIPiMtl irttlled i:hi-«-T> ^n 
•m» Tt Opcradiii Resptmii 

"Sim* tli« mceptMw <iJ tiur 
pngram. ttie tt*errtdiii,R <*.)«■ 
tiw lias bcMi III nMuragt att 
(MHtntkali ewMMMrt «f mm pn»' 
4!irt» l«i »■*«» wspiiwiiiWe *rt- 

'>ns jitmii drmklni." said 
-■■■orif Slm*ncw, 1,'SBA Senior 
Vice President for iioverBtnenl 
Hd C<»m«unrtj' A Hairs "W<> 
vit* tile CiMNtrs pampWrt as 
iuMUhtf step m this *riH, 
■iine«' catMipus pohs ran plav j 
stgnirirartt rote in .i>"hic'vinK 
thngoat ' 

Tie rei!»(ii«en»tai:t«(n* m the 
paiapblet arc ttased on 
rewarcl! eimdiicleil by .Iwmiie 
'.riwll, the weH'lMowijeiperl 
i>fl the *t»tr nt \hf liniwfiity 

tieillh - 

■he t.:t«W' 

»ll¥ 1:1 

Miiett* in 


For rnstancf 

(1 ravel) sug 

gests that puhs ' 

ir TTinrf' open 

sitace. Thai • 


research iwli. 


ed i»l>le» ctHnijrii will. .1 nritts 
Mtae lewl eiKDuraRct hciiw 
eomsuinptiiMi Ad»nee(l«:ir li>r 
ei ample eticmiragrs tune 
spent tithtr than )ust tlnnkiiiji 
AIM', she recitminfnds siiili 
elent lighting m llie bar 
hwausc a dark atnHaplien! is 
iMimall> more condiiriKc I* 
drinking at tHe eipeme M rmt- 

Other retwiinendations m 
rliiited prommtini the 


(ran tht Harper iakt <Mt». SwmoI 
talMve) PlMM<MbyPaii"S|iwl"Ca«:lii 

tMh of iWDOvtng Steve StreMert VoUumttm 
■ wM balnagliigi «re returned U> blin by a ftreniWar 


!>•§••. Hw Harti(nfl«f . OctMav u. ifg, 


Jauch Korea tour electric 

Some %cv(m ttunilrH slidM ■= -^-^ — ^^-^^^^^ mrM M.\^' 

Some wven tiuniired sJidifs 

itiMl uianrtoiM mtmonits are 
what Ken Jtuch aswctstr pro 
htior in el«ctrR-al engmwr- 
InC. bniyghl tactt Irom Kowa 
alter to monlh* 

And ItM wife' 

J»uch. a pr«?\n>tts vwitor to 
Korea, through the courtesy aJ 
tlie r S. Army nearly » years 
afla will to Korra ror • dtf 
feretJt retson wv hit terond 

He mnM to study ditlernin 
iMching method* and how IDey 
«ta(»d t«) other euJIure* 

WheH' h» learned ol a 
rulbriehl lellowslitp availat>le 
In Korea ttaching eleetrical 
«i|liietnnK lo Korean oolkiie 

he applied im 


THe purpow <i( the Fultirtghl 
pfoirain is to merease mutual 
undtntaiMflnR Ortwrfo ihc 
I»«<ifil» of the I'ljiied Slate* and 
the p«ple ij( other countries 
through edutatiotial nnd 
cutortt «cli»ng(! Each coun- 

try involved shares m the cost* 
Although the Koreanf have 
« frwin e to in yeari o( 
EnglMi in KhMl. their prac 
Hcil canprvhtMton in speak- 

"Thejr comprehension of 
Enifllsh was almosi entirely 
rradinu and wrilmn Tht-re ii a 
high demand lor Knjclish 
speaking teachers, because 
rhey cam get overseas to 
tiecome fluent in English, " he 

• In the technical lield tl is 
even tnore dllficull to gel ideas 
acroM. I had two anMants. It 
tooli (our aonihs (or itam ta 
understand what 1 wanied 
Once they undemtwiil, 

there was no prooiem " 

In Korea, the teacher is 
highly respected ami looked 
upon With reverence A tradi- 
tion. Mid Jauch. thai has lieen 
passed down (or l,im years 

"When you walk into a 
classroom, you don "I have to 
say a word The stuilents im 
mediately dlsassemhle l( 
smoking, they put out their 
cigarettes and come Im 
mediately lo their seat* 

"They .reverse professors so 
much Ihey take evervthing he 
says as gospel, Thev would 
even accepi lies They won't 
even question or suggest ques- 


"A M of learning is rote 

'Prince o£ the City': A powerhouse film 

When 1 asked a question to 
force them to think (or 
themselves. Ihey didn l know 
what to do or how to react." he 

Jauch used the same method 
ol teching Korean students as 
he used teaching Harper 
students practlclaly. rather 
than theoretically, 

"The first .5 or 4 weeks were 
sheer hell Once I got through 
to them and ihey were sue 
cessful. however their morale 
went way up By the ncitl term 
they became more and more 
confident, he said 

When be was not teaching. 
Jauch and his wife weol 
lighlseeing. t>efore a car was 
f^mlinurd on page 7 

"I'riiwe Of The Ciiv" holds a 
conte,iit that can not he com 
parnMJ to olh«r movies 

The m«)i»rlly ol the movie* 

out today are pieces ol fiction 
Ul or well conceived from the 

pens of lodays icreenwrilers 
done in chop chop style bv 

llMiahuck director* So. on 
Mtait level you can wit compare 

Prince 01 The City" lo some 
dumij CO ■action movie slarrlng 
a macta) Burt fteyiuMs type 

•Pnnce Of The City" is a 
ftiperh eitamtnation on one ol 
ihe unlortwiale tapecta ol our 
criminal Justice system Police 
eomiptioa, Danny Ciell.,. n ;, 
part of the Sew York rn,.y 
r-nliw .Depart,menfs unfcr- 

^■rr ini\'.- Hr i> part ot the 

Film review 

iecrel Invesligalional tnit 
' SIl' I working in Narcotics 
Clello the real character is 
based on real liie Detective 

Robert Lcwm- is atked hj a 

I' S. Assistant Stale .\ttoniey lo 

work undercover for the 
Department ol Justice lo help 
them with their new assign 

ment investigation, |x>licr cor 

ruptionlntheN" V I'D 
Without going lino un 

necessary detail, and »p<;c[al 
ly not ,MniilinB it icir ![)(■ 
rea.i. ,, , 


Director and co screenwriter 
Sidney Lumet has put together 
a power house of a film With 
the great help and research of 
head screenwriter Jay Presson 
Allen Uimet letls this storv m 
mentally draming detail 

A direclor can have all the 
iinlliant iccbiiical and 
pholographital skills in the 
world, but II he she doesn't use 
and know the correct film 
techniiiues in telling the slory 
It's all a lost cause l.umet 
knows and shnwt that he can 
tell a story in clear, narrative 
,»lyle Plus this IS a glganllr 
Icip lor Lumet since he was 
rcsponsihle lor last vcar'i 
■mediocre effort ■ .lusi it'll Mc 
What 'V ou W ,int ' He even .stir 

passes his mi dim atMtut 
Pol u-e corrupt Ion ".Serpico " 

However l,umet is in large 
debt lo actor Treat Williams 
who plays Clello with 
lacerating eflect He is free ol 
gimmicks such as mugging for 
the camera giving thai said 
dog eye look used by actors like 
Travolta and Reynolds The 
same can he said for his 
beautilul performance as 
Bergcr the hippie in HITS s 

Hair • 

"Prince Ot The CilV is the 
kind ol movie you will either 
hate, love or he (ascmalcd by 
because of the lacts ol police 
•■'■''•"■■; * ■ ■ I ^ ' '. •i.ucaii 
•■ ■vinRu 

'■'■ ' ' ■.'.-- ...vLC of 

entertainment this actually 

"Prtnce Of The City ex- 
amines deftly the problems of 
Police corruption reallsticallv, 
sometimes all too realistically 

Triumph trio finally gains attention 

Trninii>h'» new atbum enllll 
ed Allied Forces " ha* hit the 
charts with an explosion and it 
toots like the trio has made a 
name (or Ihemsel ves 

AiUouRh Trlampb has been 
pniwlar in the Chicaaolaod 
»mm and Texas tor about three 
yean. "Allied roree*.," baa 
OnaJly brought them In na- 
tional attention 

For a band consisting of only 
Ihfee members, Triumph playi 
iptte a variety of instruments 
Rik Kmmett plays the six and 
lualwe strlMt acoustic and elec 
Mc gujian, bottleneck slide 
■ad tap steel guitars, and con 
trlbrtes to the lead and 
background v«>cali Mike 
Irvine plays bats guttar. 
organ, piano and lynllMstiars 

Record review 

(Jil Moore takes care of druiE.s 
percussion and I* the other con- 
inbuling source to the lead and 
backing vocals 

Triumph originated In 
Canada and one can'l help 
wondering 11 wme ol iheir 
sungs and style hasn't lieen m 
fluenced by Rush However a 
lew o( their poorer songs go to 
the other end of Ihe spectrum 
and seem lo be tnflucnced by 

Although "Allied Forces" 
showi a lot of talent then are 
tmly three song* on it (hat an 
worthy of praiae and attention 

",MagK Power," one of the 
album's bigger hil.s has ex 
cHlcnt vocals and music. The 
lyrics are really good but arc 
stai simptistlc It's a 'Song that 
one can relate lo and il s fun lu 
listen to even if it doesn't give 
us any kindol message 

" Allied Forces ' has a little 
more to o0er The song is rele- 
vant shows more talent and re- 
HUires more thought The song 
begins with atr raid sirens and 
guns shooting 

There's an otivt«us anti-war 
protest Influence but later it 
seems lo be comparing war and 
rock n roll This may be 
because at the band's problems 
with managers in the past 
They ai« now one ol the few 
irauim to Rianage themselves 

"Fight the Good Fighl" is 
another hll off the album li 
like 'Magic Power.' deals with 
the problems of life and Irving 
lo slay happy and do good. The 
lyrics are great They're strong 
but not peal deep The music Is 
lanlastic it's a song thai one 
can really gel into while listen- 
ing Its an inspiring song, 
something (hat would be good 
to get one started m the mom 

These three songs look like 
they'll be ihe big hits from this 
album However. Ihere is one 
more thai is good but a little 
off-the-wall The song is entitl- 
ed "Ordinary Man " and il may 
be a take-off on Rush's Work 
ing Man ' The beginning 
sounds like eerie church music 


but after that it picks up. The 
lyncs are surprisingly good 
The music ijegins slow and 
mellow bul picks up with some 
good guitar and svniheslier 
The acoustic guitar In this song 
Is really beneficial 

It doein't look like this song 
Will be a big hll but it is still 
possible especially with all the 
publicity the album is getting 

"Petite Elude " Is a good to- 
strumental done with acoustic 
guitar but it is loo short lo real 
ly get into II definitely loots 
like this was a bad attempt to 
rill up space 

"Say Goodbye ' is absolutely 
laughable All albums have a 
couple songs that just don't 
tnake it bul this one really 
makes the group look bad It's 
Continued an page 7 

^y Jim Martin 

TlwH«rW«fl*r. OcMbar IS. Nf), Pagt ' 

Jl/JIC/(^1'.a JIC^ l^MA UJU.JEC7cI9XjC7CJ[ 

""TiMf t^cnfMnl lia« landcii"' " 
Ttel WM llie iirKcnl m«Mgit 
l»It|'«l 'toy 1 'Benttey C(iJlff:gi! ai 
■detal IHK* to Siiamar* tn 
.fitawrM" I'DibMiiliia Immt- 
iptflvft' altar twi' tkmiKf 
•tii'tl'tni > •lie: e est 1 11 1 i y 
MvkiJitMl aa tMki mik trip 
tnn r*»ri.l*wl Mjtne 111 
OrliMli. .niriiti. TUt* wmi'i 

im «r in». viitt mim 'tiit 

Mai tn uparlBt ■>«• 'ItiM UM' 
lUiHIt ' Toa ScMM aiMl 
JWlm C*|Ml:i m«il« tliC' trtp In 

Tin ■: J f a. ■i.ri-U'if 

IM' iM* tn tfOTit mm '(nag 

"Ike 'MIta wt tlie tr||i *■■• to 
lacTNM' tiiittltr ii'war<«n<i*ki ui 

tfe* V»IU* rtt •' 
VUDlc «fl<) 

miaR* 01 ifniri 4j'«!iinv«' 
trana^riMion." »<cMtt«. ■ 
biMtiMaiHt n«)«r i>t|>i«lmiil. 
"tt tlDctrk- t'flii'Cia iMcmiit 

1^ 1 H S S 1 LlC^'Cl 

Help Waisleif 

igiiiggliiiiiilii, im HiNiiiif 

JS.illl«'ff»" I' «." - ■.I"***!;, 

ON TV.. G>«t«f»#M I •■ 

.pf»'liiaMr«>iii..f Lpr >>"<:. «.!*'"' "! I' »nlMI|' 
»MIV''rui|'''«»w*<'illii''»lBWri ^•^««ri. Mm! 

■ rlJBIII ■ffilllllplSii,. Wli' " *■ tJ'" ■ 

»•§? Tllil' iirt! un 'f'M.t 111 • Kipti 

For S«lr 

lift fOMP kit .. .*^i» j„«^«i««i, '"«* 
»,,ill»- ■»> I' ■«• nu '•»■ I-*!*!:.' 


viitolf iift^rMtive ««ergy siip- 
(itenwnLii JCUMlng m l<i«r uw i« 
tiw commf diK'uws." adits Ed' 
Meyer, S«nit»«rk'f vice 
pr«*iMI«iit-iMirk€ini|t "we «ii« 
(IM icrvKc »talMm( t>«c'«ni.m|{ 
■qitipiMil to hmillt vrMctf 

imiMd, Stnnark's Bitmm Hi" 
iKt *:miti|f«l 'tor MMti Mill 
Capilti l» nctari* •( Sitnnmrh 
IM'IM* lltM|. tliir M*lw-I» 
Fknilm mutt. SuniiMTh utw 
tiirtribttttili li«»' III www U» 
«»«.» Ill Uit nmmt •^ehmat 
iriKk." when trail«(l I'lir 
lnMer¥.|Ki*tr«il Full swiiliii 
.ami e«ii«t i^n pt A iind tlic 
iitaliiitB" ptnunal itt at*... 

"!*•« ••«' turn .«(i»(»rn» 

iuft;" «*iiir»« K» umm 

%-ICC 'imMllMfr :ta.l« "BmiiIin 

iMkiitl .alWJiiil ID •hen cur^ vtti 
b€ rw*afglii.ts iB M*M 
Uoat. Sun Comp-" 
.cmii'aiM the ttemloiKiii-iii. <ji 
ami llM. ti|iii)riU«n tor alter 

Mtiw cntrgy wti . 
.■»i«|m:lfn'p.r<»l«i- -■ 

Tm itnjiM't «w.k.i;a vi'U 
GeraW Ryatt. iif Senilry't 
'pimllc rdatlMt klall. raullnl 
"Tbf «r ,|iwl.«rni.e<l n.iirii..iii'. 
and aitlTti) n|hl cm unn- in 
Oftando I There * ii.« some c wi 
«rn »( I*; l)«itt.''.''i"K ''«•»«• 
fhli I*, a nt« tat?.iww)(»)tv iiri<1 
IMt car ic iia<l i|NinlH-.ill\ 
datlglMl !<■ do wtiat ti <:1ki 
<lira»tl IKK) Biileii But iht-n 
wert m breakdown.* ' ' 

The "'I..Kt.r|.c t..fmi'ard" wai 
air fir« in I» mm ttit umre 
t.ha.n (Mr prtwMicd ihort 
dlMaKt travel. Hyas add* 

im M* thai !Wii>Ht and €*9- 
HU ka«t prvna ft can l>* diine 
th0 clcelrK: car'* day iTi.ay !>«. 
« mmmt llian snvmtf <•% 

(Wcled Wlwa th.' r: nii..'. p 

fnr Owm ..i«l«i.rk, < ...if.-. .....niM. 

iilang.. Ilicy ni:l|ta jitfi i.w t»tl.l 
tni titia Ntmcf Miiuniif in ihir 
laturF Iht w.a> giMllnt. 
IWDcrcil can dii am ' ' 

PregBMiicy increases 


mtmmrf imcaiiihM*...' 
|il.aH* McKay 

HetliilM. iMtiai tor prcffinaa- 
fv , Health »»r»ti-«'s cim pniilde' 
the ttudi'jtt «.iih rr*|liectatote 
names wtere tartUer treat- 
(Mill can tm MatiMMl. The 
rciwtai Mfftce tn»4 mi tit the 
only way (i> rtttitt petilm- 
Mmmi cauniettnit 

"Wa alter .rM«tel.»g n'|ht 
Imni al Health Senicei. w'«- 
4IKM1 tiM. three a|»ltom ofien 
la Ite unmarried iludent: ter 
mlM.tWi. keeping Iht' baby and 

adiipl.laii.. " ny« HcKay .. 

la It ifctrliimitai (• a aclworf 
ni|<an to lark out sudi srr. 
¥'lMii.*!' &)« tt reBect positively 
on a ml.ta!ge by stiowug iMr 
eiMMm •Mi' .awanaei'i to the 
prabiem'* How many m.or* 
babttiborn <v.i' .' ..><..[!.■,:'■( «.iii 

It I.J:k« belVirt ....... !.i ;.. .;tM.™a a 

real canrfrn ma acM on that 
cnneern'' The muintioas are 
many The statist"-' "' <r-m 
hecomiltf pir . - •:■ 

fri(!|{. Whai • ■r\ 

will thti have on tuturr .genera 
t,lnii»* .Only time* 111 tell 

CoM^ge, party habitfi change 

* T T E W T I O » ALL 

C.LAS'. - '• %0V1«..- 

TISE'R'- ■nijj..ndper 

■:•.,'. . ■ ■'-.- 1.*.-' 

-.!nni.u.inl.:ni'i >- 
'.i(WChl»Kt I 

:•<- rtgM to 
..ii.i».t«.ii»«ii|.Mii» .11 disww. 
'■'« hi:m.Ioii> or map 
<'« .iind paymtnt ■til to 
...<l to tlw advrrtiMtf 
.M'cn Mi\ .%.h:4:i.tild tie 


.Monil.*.;, pri'tl tu. ,fjuI.>ltt'j.l..'niR 
i'%i(i«rtnef'i laniit t':*ll i»y that 
ile*4Hn<' !•» fts*'* ar -i-i ™r'"<'-' 

.|n»ll.U'JH".II.|lo,f ri'll' 


•vatlaMlitf «( mm alewhalic 

brwenica as wel') a* wrvins 
pral.em.-on>mtcd luwb that slow 
.i.|>aori>ti.iiii ot alrohol mtn the 

hteMl itr 


lt'a.linilai| .|i.ui' cm.! trjip^rr^ mikj 
Aanagen to nii*(itfn.iit' and 
deal w'lrli nfoi'^lt'in, drinker* 

Vi-. ' fflevwwn. pm 

bail attract ptiplt 

llllio'eitni. m I'ltoR tlllM |Wt a 

iiMiltiig .Hi.tiiiit.. tt« paaiiltlf t 

rmtHiB 'Itie Mj||||MI:.liiin'! 
'•ork.M|M'liUU'l«M 'WKIWIIt : - 

iptaMfiaa canaieit by .»wr 
<MatMi|<llMi. TiM' pbiioMpMy.. 
.ai aHttUfal. m Omtm, i* to lell 
anounti. to m.Hy 

people iRsiead ol a lot to a lew 

-Intl II «»«rte. C*«*q'uentl.v. 
the U'SIA ad'lepe progra'tn has 
eipa'nded rapl'illv sinre i.i.> m 
triKtartioii '■■ .". \ 

now pub! I- .1* 

EeVle*.,. a t.)i.i..iririiv juumlil 

which teaturea pro'lilei ot 
atciobiil irfueatiiofi prograitii on 
f»ii(,iu..i..... . ..■ . I'lwKle K ato 

olter* .1 1'-. 1." ' ,:!'»i;ar 
{■"hed. 4 no itc'velaiicit .at 'tb* 
l.!nt»f'r*.rl;i' of Florii|.a.. 
C. ..iK.ic*\il.lf' 111. tnl:.rre*t«l iti 



MiMrlta *kt pn^klcnli Ed Meyer, left, aad Kca 
Mmis. right ditcwti poleinlat for <Im tirctrk car ivitli Mm 

Tmn SelHtllt. Saawark kalpcd tpoaaiK Scholia' I SOU- all* trip. 

Harper's faults 

C'aiil.liiuail lltun ffage t 
radito siailoB... t'U.t>t to name a 
ie« dt(IIC»l.tleit .Speak WK of the 
'latM* Ifue. I think I recall a 
similar ditf'ieutty thai Ihe 
med'la had with *o.m.»tiiie tiy the 
mmt ol .\Kbe* i'Sptro who^- 
add the Nimn litdmlnlstratloii 
t.he sign.llicanre nt the term 
comas out I .. but what did tliey 
have to cover up.~er.-hlde 

Ape' the lejKflMini Itappy" 
They're on the vergt at a clrlke 

I liear h the adniintstrallon 
happy"' Well. .Harper doe» have 

II '"Kood reputation" -tbougb I 
can't think at a giwl reason 
why Bl this They seem to 
tM happy that, due to another 
increase, the tuition li the ume 
ai the 'Univently o( Illiiioit 
Champ.aign.-l'rl>tna though thit 
whiml CT'rtainly doe* nol pro- 
vide e<)ual service* tor the 
mo.ney They mud he happy 
with tt they suggeatMl II and<ldcd it through with all 
kinda ot raltonaluatloM. Vou 
'havea't heard any siiggcationa 
10 have It towered, have yoit*^ 

Where"* all the money |l>»ng"* 
lit It going into paving the 
perimeter or the ttuilenl 
parkinit 1«I > the one by bldg. M 
has been m (he »ame 
iJfploraWe cotiditjnn ii.rr more 
than tour yea r*.' 

tt .It .going into hirmg mitre 
'Statl m 'that BIdgi U would 
j«i prefer •'Blackdog 'M ««•'•" ■ 
can have t'lte "luicury" ot keep 
mg It'* doon open to cliideoti. 
• no 'waiit (0 BW the ladoor 
r .ick when i'1'.i 'Huowtag. or the 
weight room, or the ^pool al c«m.- 

la tt going m.(o high caliber 
teacher's pocfcei* m that they 
can enjoy a decent living and 
retire when Ihey can afford In'' 

■■ It goUgtawards hiring fitll- 
itme. dtveied teachers'" 

ta It faing into a program tn 
help defray the high cost of 

l> II going mio hiring a ven- 
ding company la distribute edi- 
ble foods tn various buildings 
on campus, that are actually 
good lor you'* ■ A service that 
was recently cut to ihe Iwne. » 

II It haan I seemed obvious to 
you hy now, I'll ilate It plainly 
coats are going up. and comers 
are being cut jusi about 
everywhere Everywhere. 
Ideals are being compromised 
or aimoat totally sacrificed 
eaatept* like freedom of 
ipaech. i|ualilv education, safe- 
ty honesty, (he belief that the 
admlBistralion. faculty, and 
student body all work tor a 
common goal (juallty educa- 
Hon lUod, am I naive! i, good 
nulrillon iwhicii (o wme may 
seem out ol place hut think 
about iti. the right to a fair 
wage lor one's iruutiles on the 
job. and proper crdlt lor one'* 

St> who's happy" I'd check 
I no pun inlended' the ad 
mmlstratorii' bank account* tor 
a possible ariKwer They may 
be Uughine .)i idealists like 
mysel!, ii!l Itif wnv lo the bank 

OH, by tin- iv.r, >! lulerili. are 
actually thi;' jdmimslrallons 
employers w'e pay their 
salari'ea. 'Maylie we should 
'*.uivesl.|gate*' the poasslbilltlet 

Sludents awards Jauch's Korean trip 

|i|a.rp«r .liadent HtltMll 
Andemn, Barnngtoii, rKiiv- 
ed the Award 'lor 'B.)iGel.le.|ice 
fcholarthtp at well ta an 
Acadta.ic Aehievem*.nt 

ta aw.'ard ol t'l.'lNM was 
preac'nied la A.ndenim trim the 
Rotary (lubol Wheeling 

The .twaril boM'n a Mcond- 
year stydeiit who hai .rtiowti ta- 
cellent aehicvenent in 
aeadeniie*. .eatracurrltiilar iit 
'tlv'lt'le*. and .(?om.iii.uaiiy iwr- 

.%i»rteT»i»n platti to pitrsw 

Triumph on eharis 


another bubble gun lave 'iHitg 
Ihal fhow's no depth, talent or 
wriifflg ability The .nomg .|.i )iiin: 
pU'in bamit and not wiirlk 

medical ttudie*. at Loyola 
folveraity alter graduating 
from Harper 

Fnar other fludent* received 
('ert"il'*cai.e« ol Academic En., 
cellence S.u.!>anne CorslKlla 
liberal art..i ntudenl from Elk 
Crove VtUagtr. and .nursing 
UudeBts .Kathryn Freeh and 
Tere'M Holfmaii. Arlington 
Heightc and f>l«*le Mc:Der- 
mon.. Mo.unf rTci'spect 

lames H..-- ■ 'itun "I 

the.^wiinl ! ■■!. om 

.Hiltiee al Hh- ......,..•• ^-'oDege 

.E tm at I on a I F o u n il a 1 1 o n 
preaented the aw.trd». 


Mt atrnv 

t.Ml'l iiin 

*.>.M'i ana ;i 

MUl tihew 


,^1'ler 'hitei'imc fn ffi,' jillmm 
ant C'.a.t> «'•« 'H- (link t\ 

ahaui ''I* '.i'-...iii!<i 

allwn'!. .' -'' ... ..„ (..uU'iitui ' ■ .irtmltely way 

«!»• '."t loo much IS 

'K'Biimn *l«ul Triumt*" Irul 
bmiirlulh' ihey will grow with 
tlwit munc and do itiort things 
like "Fight ttit tJood F'lghl" 
#n,1'. \m<>rtf'.ir.'e.!i ' 


i "'imtjmarf iTpm piiir • 
avdilalil*. they riiiier took • 

"You could" a taxi any 
place in Taegu lor les.s thin II. 
There must lie a m'llllion taxis Kxceat tor a lew times 
during Ihe day. a taai usDally 
came withm '» In Hi minutes 

'H.use» came every few 
minute* anywhere in ilie city 
The divers drove as though 
thry owned the highways Vou 
more ml of the W'ay when they 
com«i> ' 

■'The problem wat when we 
were riding the l>u.». 1 coulda'l 
read 'the .*»gn». Then when 1 
could read 'ibiim. 1 cauldii'l 
unde'tslandi them The Iwses 
were so dirty and crawded. we 
ufien de<'i.ded lo walk 

They enjoyed, Jauch 
said eucepl lor the strong 
iniiell* liarlic wis cine al the 

There were many stre*-': 
markets with ireih vc(!et.atile'». 
t'rails II mt ttsh availalik* 

•■food prices W'ere generally 
high. Kice on the apea market 

CM) about $1 Ml la potind That 

'Wis rice mised with 20 percent 
barley It w«« delicious Beef 
and pork were t4 tn SS a pound, 
and M were hones Fish was 
leenerally cheap Canned 
veselaWcs were high. Van 
t amp pork and lieans cast tl .SO 
far a small can There was a 
dog market uptown Every 
lime someone suggested to my 
W'lle that we walk m thai d.lrec- 
tion. she said let s go the olJier 
way. ""laughed. I auch 

■It took us two monltiR la 

llgure out how to get flour 
Every time we jsked s<)meone 
where to tiuy it tt»'v srni u.s lo 
(he flower shop Wo llnally 
found flour wj- called meal 

In ipite or the dtl(erence» in 

living., In prices and ia 
baguage, Jaoch enjoyed hl« 

. ^'1l^^,•'l 

■n Km Hi niwe hefore, 
2Ky(-ar* ligo. he >aid 

■'•The first lime I came with a 
pin thf ..n-iind time with a 

boo- IT ■ 

%t ifiil 

Lady Hawks 4th at N4C 


Marim'i teimn team tinliih- 
•d «tll i» tlie NC TennMi. T«»yr- 
iiain«fit )'■■( weett'nd a.( 
;il«i|Kr The Hiwlis citllw-M 
Itinr lAI'rd pljit-v Miheit and 
two (ourtti place fmishet 

L'tMcli Mai1ts« Ml Slid. 
"1lW' «:|Ml« tWfWICIMIItt WIS 

cawllciit 'Hie icani playnl 

In (Ml uniitei, l{ar]Mrr"» 
K a t h y C i a rn « c k i was 
•Umiftateil h) <"m<Iy Andernoii 
at Hock Vjlley Jo Anne Koilik 
vat ltan»«r"» r»pre!K«aii¥e In 
t$cm4 «tl>i|t«'i, 4 nil •*i 
MiatMl by DuPaiif't Mary 
Onncti In Hit tint roiiml . 

Kale I'aull ■itt llarficr ailwanc- 
ad M> tlHi WKOnd miwl In ttiird' 

■Mflta l»)- tiraltitf. Hriill 
Ellndrth ol MKt II. M In 
tlw MtMd miMI. Paul wax 
dttoat«(1 liy t>rrl Malark ml 
Tnton I- 1. M. M Paul (ini*r»#d 
Ivmtti in ttjird *Wf le»«»«rall 

In (nurtli 'imglea, lilariiw't 
Cindy T u « I y n s t ( * a » 
ellmtnairi fty DuPagt's fol<wn 
tiarofalii ■()«„ Ni Wendy i%«v 
*••». al» ()l Mar|M>r. *a« 
dctaalMl m the tat round ol 
tlw RRli nngiw c»ro'|MUlli>ii liy 
DuP'tfr's Kalhy PratmaM. I- 

Harper » Dianrar AH)»r» 
tin)ilied Irartti in the ilxlll 
t.iii|l«>l]y detealMiierrl Kyan 
o( Tritiw .in IN; (lr*l nwnd. twl 
vat deJealisd in the »e<»ind 

Harper iMitod well in the 
douMci matclw* wiih all three 
team ttimtiini third 

Harper' «' Kntllk and 
rtaruK-k) teantd up far a 
itriwit tlitrd ptit-e in I'lrvl 
ddiMin In tiMf tint niuitd 
KdiMk aiM Ciaraeclcl leanwd 
up {w 1 mtmg third' piM* in 
lint donUei. la the (Irs) round 
Kwllk and rumvrki beat 
Hurt Valley's AnderMin and 
Skl«> In fhffe wl* ti^X *« and «• 
t In llW' wfond round llllnou 
Valley'*' Hill anit IJrbun 
iM«ai«i) KiKlIk and Ctarnet-ki 
M, 1 4 

Paul! and T'Utiynski nl 
Harper KalkiNi'acmttTritMi's 
aMtnn imi Bauer f-'i. C-i:; 'hut 

then were ellminirtd hy 
DilPagr i iiffond dnublfi 
team. .'\ndm.> and Alher« also 
iMfht their way in a third 
plaM (tniih in third douhies 

The NM"> Mod Valuable 

Player was Illinois Valley's 
Liia Urban, trban .gained n 
.Br* .place l>irt:h m' ietona 
tinKlc*. in the twrnamenl L"r 
tun alM teamed up with her 
doubles partner Julie Hill For a 
rint place l«nt*h in first 

The Caarh ol Ihe Year was 
Berty Htbbcm ol lUlniii* Valley 
.HlhtKin guided her team lo a «'« 
cnnlerenee record, gmd lor a 
Itnl place linuh 

Thli leawn enach Bolt led 

Hawks ^{iehVior 4-2 loss 

Harper »iic«'er eiueh l..a.rry 
tjacknwski. although 
'bliatrated with the rmal M-ore 

Iwd nnthlng but pr aiae for the 
MsiKki: alter a heart -hmiUiii 
4-.t liiic to unlwaten Wiutmnsee 


"They played tkeir Mat 
mun* oC ihw ytW','"" Qaeko«>ki 
*akl •'The.jt ithuwtd me .mtnt 
pMeatial " 

n wat the lec'ond itraiKht 
iMa ll>r 'the Kavtks mtw ll^'S t 
•Iter a ll't l.u.a tu l.rur«.|i,t' m 
WcdncMMy, whKh «•* their 
Ont Inai. In ttt gimes. 

Ciaekimki .nusl be lorgrven 

II ,S«lu.rd»y'» ri'su'H does not sil 
well wiih him the Hawks con 
trol'led pla> lor most ol the 
II a m e . and doubled 
V'auhtMee's output In ■h««l.t on 
■Mix- IT. 

'Btlt the lenMon'pa'Clceil fame 
Itnallj reached' an unhappy 
twtakiBi pninl when, in the 
mMH of a fouraKeoui ca.m' 
timtk. a near tree'tor'atl broke 
out wilh S'» left in the game. 
The bench cleannf lorced 
tt'h! i',M.:mJ itH' gimr al thai 


' Both feams were ftshung.'"' 

Peter Erhardl. 'head orftcial. 
said '" In my |ud)| it was 
in the be«.l interests ol both 
teams t«i end the game rtgtii 
then I. didn't want to 'see 
.■nybody .really gel 'hurt ' '" 

Hawk gMllC* .i!co(t Ptister. 
who was ihe center «l the con 
l:ra«tn:y.. Minted a diflerent 
picture of tne tucMrni 

'■'■One of Wtulmnsee's players 
rame .lumping in on me with 
lep llytog high as .1 wa.* mak- 
ing a save," 'Plisier saiil. ".Ac 
rordirif to the rules, he shiotild 
'haie t*cn si leasl yellow card 
ed, vet no call wa* made Bui 

Hawks some of the way^ 
but not all the way back 


Harper head Imiliiall cO««li icihn Ellaslk kuiws 
what RearoMch \f:\\ -vrnMtronii i\ viiind through 

Just l*« ■, . . . . iU.»| iiow 

tar ht^. Havii-. %,M\i \M ijci.jtf Lh,.,-j hit tHitlom, in 
the celLiir «( the %.«' C'i')n.l'rfrm:'r 

A year has jioM' oy , and Eliacik's tenm o«o» a 1 
1 record, tied for MCMd pla** in ttieir lough con 

Like Armstrang. Elia.Bik's *t|.ualion a t"C4i it.g» 
wias l:.he i.mpraliable ta-sk of itjrning around >■ icitm 
hcaiM 10 the. wrong dtrectkia 

Biiasik «iM [inally rvwanletl in hisedort topro- 
iduee a resiwc-iablt lean when the Hawks wan 
I their four contests litst ynir 

This year Itip team pictel up .(Voin wHrri; 11.1.1 
■ left. «fl ijst t.>-jn::io fi-, ilrlealing. their first four op 
I' pooetit.-. mfiufttni; u|.i,,el::s o*er l>uJ'"»g» mA II 
•'linois ^ .ii.lli>v 

"Jollel .hilled Harper' s .I'game winning 
Ihe Hawks base liecome a lorce to he 
reekiiiiied witn m thi> i-imlprencf 

M'uchof Ibe cretin for 'Harper* .loctcss has In gn 
tn the coaches, wtio .ievcloped a losing team into a 
s«|uad mm is ra/iknl i«h nationally in a years'" 

KliasiH Bivrs ttic ..:r«ltt I1.1 hisplaycr*. IhouKh 

"We lijivc many liwxl players wlin have t(j«ui«l' 
e«perirTi« tiv«yingt« tact .yejirs" team." said 
eiiasik "Wi- ji.u<> hafe«.piM|:|Mncti ill .rrtahntn 
Who ha» r com ntjuled. « M It Otir *••» '''' 

The two m.a.)<ir reasM* Ihr the >>- ■ "lie 

Haw'ks h«i*e heen the dklmte .a.n<.: wt 


'T'lm Tyrrell is the qtiarlerback who was con 
mtmA Xvmt, defense early m the season but year 

He and tiirki 'iht Hawks'" one two punch on 

'iHe gntiMl. and accMini. tar mwi ol the ottmstve 

'tlie M|:..MfMm«»M't* over IM year .tai« h:- 
At mal'urlty ol the delenne 'Sn|ilwHiiore co-«tpt.j 1 1 . 
Jtnt Murauskui lead) this line unit thiit lias held 
•any |owl' rtmiien •■0 tuf) par il..!-; -. tti \-. truMvx 

" .at) 


to mike " . 

II the Itwt hi are to h..ivr 

aim.i.n.i. ola»olt.> iKwcvn '• 

Itirtr most nolitedhlt - iK: ' ; t 

Mlhiiugh 1>rreil - . .-•■ < ilrn' t'.-incr liii has 
nren it dliiii>n^lnlWN n- ■■ t a |>t«M<.-f- T'ltr IKiwks in 
itxiilt lajWlHHhall M|. put »;<in »\\ ttorkr 
wlwhaMtlMtilikMl .< >r 

4MMlll|t MlNMr rymll and 

BtHW, triH, MQAl J< T'Kt. make 

up JtntOt the Harper i<! < ti 

Hbenopposinxdetcnstt .mlainTyr 

rrii A rompany. the Hawii >.' .naiiv m 1.,^ 

Unwhs (i«> njtv* !i BWKt 

M.) It I. him 

said Ktiasik. •*'•■.•■ 

inj. the games »l!r;i ■ . . 

.EUt tony Fildoltj. »fH. rrpljtca l)llt\\ wWvn 
the atMilg .lets routU).. has tmn uriabli-tu move (tit- 
nfltaii* regttlarly 

■■"We are Irving l.i< , • .■ tan 

'ise Tony .as Ihe (|u..i ■ .n the 

tocktield, ' which has pruvrn tot* the nwsleflec 
iivr ollcnsivc alignmenl' but Faldulo hasn't been 
asctwisistenl a»wehadbo|ied ' 

The Hawks hdee been lorced to do *«rmihm.g 
'they didn't «.anl to do 'Iwvause of the horand-cold 
days i|uarter'backs .are havlitfc ihal is play 
ing with l«0' diflerent qtuirterbachs iturtni tlie 
same conlMt 

The other oHensive .plavers have hi adapt In two 

ilillerenl styles ol w" » •<'» !"•"> 

wiliplay come gam- 

t'lnu ti. I., 


the often* has yet ;< • • n ttie 
• ...:i-:.a.m* 

I tic Hawks continue (u ; .1 t.ric 
... ,,..*vo»» ibt)' realiie 'their ouvii>..' ii,u»i im 
pro'vc. while the <:le(cMt.coi(.|iif» in play tough 
.M'hijuRh ll'ir m\mm\ has foitir .i loriii w.r. tticv 

when he did it a lecoid time, 1 
tuiti grahhed htm '" 

The altercation 'led to both 
tenches emptying, and ended 
what had been an exoiing 
match lor 'tKtth teami 

-| personally didn't agree 
witn the decision to end the 
match." Harper nthlettc direc- 
tor Roger Bet:htold said "But 
the decision w.a.s his right as an 
otlloal It was a judgment 

Even fellow rrferi* Pred 
Vlgnucclii telt the game should 
have been conlrlbuied and itia! 
Erhardt's decision *.is 'has 

her Hawks Vt a 24 N4C rewrd 
limsblng fourth in lilt eon 


Coath Boll commented on 
the teams play thus far into Uie 
seawn. I feel good about the 
team Thej got the experlenc* 
that the.v didn't have al the 
beginning of the season ' 

■Were % hard working team 
The team started up at Ihe end 
of the season like I expected I 
have more confidence in the 
team m»w We're ready for the 
sectionals and have a itnod 
chance lor the regional^ ^.tirt 
Coach Boll 

This weekend Ihe Hawks will 
tie playing in the sectionals at 


But the ruling sloo<l 

Waubnniee which is now R^i 
and had beaten the Hawks »-ii 
in their previous meeting this 
year, scored after only one 
minute bad passed and seemed 
headed for another easy win 

The Hawks relaliated with 
t :io gone in Ihe lirsi hall when 
Jell HenliT scored after assists 
Irom Pfisler and Chuck Cook 
It was Hcnir .seventh goal of 
the year tops lor the Hawks 
'"This game showed u* ho* 
good T rcjily be." 
fuUhack iLni'Mtil saitl 

Hawk preview 

What; Wright at Harper 

When: Saturday, 1 p m 

Records: Ifarpt'r t I in conference and overall. Wright IM in con- 
'lerence. M overall 

Kawk update: Hawks are coming off a 24-17 tcrimmage Inss to 
Northern Iowa lown forgot to call referees, so intramural refs call- 
■id. (he game The contest was ikclared a scrimmage t)ocause of the 
abieiM'e of tlie .referees, sn tbf loss *iesn'i affeci Harper's record. 
In Wrtj!hl.lhey facea'' ■ rence. and who lost 

to PuPage and Iltlni ihe Hawks have 

de(eiiiteil...t' by a twmhmru m »i-o .Tn-itiiess to say, Harper 
Atnid'have little irouhie with (he 'Rams. Uwugh Tyrrell nay miss 
Ihtpme with an ankle Injury 

Raim Update: Rams are by far the worsl learn In the N*C Con- 
ference, and Hawks know it. Thai's whal head coach John Ellaslk 
worries about "We can't afford lo let down mentally, because this 
.1* a Mg cmfereiice game." WtA Eliasik 
__ '11 a ail 

mJI.C«lVMm \31l JlC^JLA V • • • • 

The Haiper foolball team lost to Northern Iowa 14-17 Sunday bul 
the game was twice as meaningless than It would have been.' The 
'pme was nrllinalty 'scheduled as a non-'Conlcrencp pncounler. hut 
'Whm ofUctals failed to show up at Cedar Falls, the non-conlerence 
game be«.'8me a noo-confiTcnce scrimmage. 

•They were apologelu atioul Hie whole Ihmg." said Wally 
Reynolds, .fjiorti information director The Hawks are sllll 4-1 — In 
tnnlcrence play Joliel moved into lirst place ahead of the 

Hawks with a win over Illinois Valley Saturday The Hawks were 
ranked IMh m the MJCAA football poll released Tuesday. Jollel was 
ranked No J 

After a third place finish al the Oakton Invite. Ihe Hawks finished 
fourth nut ol 1) teams at the Milwaukee Tech Invitaliona Ron 
Thetierge, who ran a career-tiest 19 37 over Oaktun's flve^mile 
course, took fifth-place win a JSI;3S time Teammate Luis Guerra 
was Kth with a 27 '46 time 

itac Chemlk shot a Harper record »I on the Ironl-nine Thursday 
as Ihe Hawks tmished third at Ihe llllmils valley Meet Chernik 
I'tnlsbetl with a 71 .for 18 boles. 

Al Haturday s DuPage Invite, the Hawks finished lifth out of 10 
teams with a "m leam score, and on Tuesday, the Hawks were 
fourih I'WH ol five teams 1 at the N4<"' mi>«'t Tom Swifi had a 77. 
which was good enough for a fifth-place tie Swift led Ihe Hawks 
with a 77 al the DuPage meet The Hawks will be m the region IV 
S*Ttional tournaro,ent on Monday 

Xtn- •""••" - vMii..vh:iii ^,-^t,^ i.,/.t i.«.„f,,joul of lout leams al Ihe 

l.«tki l.iwksbeal Kennedy-King 

till i,r- ounty 15-1. 5^15 and lS-6 in 

Mislup atatcit. The l-iidy liawks are now 2-4 and in fourth 

• \4t^ 

*• « 

Commission eases financial aid procedure 

'■'Utditatta attendtng IDMots ml" 
■•n«f awf uiitvffwtjw will l» 

|>1C' tii» rc4|iicst itjilt. Icdcral, 
■taa <:aii>|>llc-l>M«(l. tlMnrtxl 
■M tor (he H«t-« «-»*'mir 
fMf By ftllafWiUj' fine form 

A itt»at »|:i>. college 
aludtiils 'MM to ciimptfir m 
mmis m (<wr l«i|tl«>' fmrtr.- •- 
MCk aid. tMtt llw lUiRon ' 
!<M;M«nttii)> rootmisiitMi -' • - 
iMwo inovmg (II the directitiii ut 
• 'rommon lorm" which cwulil 

'■ ■ im"c«»ary diilji ti'ir 
- Oj' jvtaw and (eilrr.ii I 

■ '-. *IHlK!lM»lll((lcaN 
i'Hr tSJ»i' l>»»(ll*rtnluiu<?d l.l.t 
'» a.p|>ltntMM lor Mtxt. year 
:tl »|U Mvtept l.nttirm.iil.iori 
m the Fsmilj' Finam-iiil 
-jil»<inmi» iFf'^i Pm.»riei,*l 

Am Form 'FAFj, m I*p l»»ll 
Gnitt ii|nillc«tn"' '<■'•■ •"««• 
emwwKilj' us»i ■ ■ : u 

ikut »*!)' m tl)«' ■ : I'H- 

FFS, f'\f »«1 PrII lifjir! ap 
pllcatMin form* iiwitlit twciout- 
avail*,!)!* in latt NnvemtM'r and 
i:.iiii-tr(li«(lanrr.l'iin t 

Mud«nl)t will w>l I)* liisifgwl 
a l« (or mllwr H»r ISSC" 
Monflary i^warii Fnixraiii 

'I'ulanon or thr I'r" ' : — ' 
■■:rirrt> r;»llf<l id- 

■ "leil'ln' I'tllll 


iteri- 1*1. 



lIMIwd pc>':. 

Na(K:m;d Uirrri Muiir'ni i,,..j<n 

ami thr I'ollei'.e lAniii stiid> 

l*nnr;im TMc FFS ami FAF 

makr that cilciilaliM al a 


11 ml 


II.)' I 1 
limt' 1 

• •ritiulji 
. ,..g (lie 
■-111) fi'-trii.-cii i/niturm 
diilo^ V 

r tHi'tl analysij IWMul* 
iiitirni Mei'lMddtofty 
■•1 fivfr » (iprfod nt 


■ ■ . - , . I . I 

>i>iH"Unt .itKtut ih(" 

Mai >lu<lnil» and 

-1 '" '•■:■ f looim 

Ml) tlicy 

. • ' ' -Irr I'Ol'l 

™ymrii'* 'Ahti'ii tlitfj ret:€lvr llw 

Mjilrlkji s fommrm rellocl* 
tWr ehangr trum » fixwl diillar 
jiwaril .imtitinl lor » riillrtic Ih* 

•itiidcnl indicaM m Ite old ap- 

plnatiori lorm lo Itii' nr* 
Kl'' ■■ '- whi.-h I-, 

ti>" ■ mt linl,-t 

Till' i:iM - rimuiiiily index 
'rrtleris llie lamily's aiiiliiy lo 
IMly filf coth'B*' rvi>fri>.c>, and 
III* MlMlnil i:;:i iiaii 

rial aid irfin, ■ -ilial 

*aliif the Index has m mrnius 
inst nut tons 

Ttw MiMift,,. fnr 

gram » .i l*i - ■ ■ -uram 
,*' ■'■; tcr a..v»i;™tar»t*i> 

■ .- UBUd at iMilh 
(if,.„ii. ..i". fiuWI* (tislltiilii'ms 
in Hlinoi* Lasil year approx 
imatrly M.iKW ftudrats recfiv 
(•d a»M»lan€clia»«l on »i drl'ifii 
tH» of "inwd " H<i»rv(:T, tiir 
Ihr past. t»'(i )rars, Ihr 
mtintwy A*ard Program lias 
tiad lo <'<Jt ofl »(ipll,i:'.i)Km pro 

(•f»sini; earlier than the 

piihlish^-d (leadlines Iwcause all 
lund-. hart Iwcn hilly rnmmll- 
!ri| I imI.t ihi- new procrssing 
syslem, ih«- pdvmeni icfiedulr 
can lie adjusted lo ar 
commodate more applic-anls 

<Hir appliralion volume has 
(jrrtMTi each year "' "(tales ISSt' 
A-Wislanl F.xeeulive Dircftof 
iind Direelor of Scholarship 
and (iranls I'marams. Kcilh 

'Most likely us a reS[K)nse lo 
Iht* irderal rultuirks We are 
ml m a poailinn in lllinoi!< to ah 
sorh the lederal euls, t>ijt 
becaune itif many needy 
sliid<!nls are likelv lu lile ap- 
plicalKinB durinn llic summer. 
we are cnncernt-d thai *c do 
not stop appllealion processing 
m June ur .tuly , " added .)eps*n 



wot IS No 9 ISIIi fmt OctBta 22. 1981 


William Rainey Harper College Palatine. Illinois 

Student Senate begins work 


A» n| la.i>t wfek. the .Student 

Stnale filled lhr*»' wore lenale 
M>Ms. leaving a lotJt wl thrre 
ir«cifK)l>s atiU rittMi|ii.liig am 
Ih* It nwinher ilwtoml gwcrn- 

JcMiMi PaiikaiMi, DlrtcUr o( 
.'(liiilii-itl Ariivtttn, imM '''Imnc 
iuj!!U ;i:i-' -senate i» tlirttWf 
jkKiki !iii.- ■.<■.«■ than ttmy wisre 
I Ml year at tUit tinie "The 
Iirsl wnrntv mwtlllg laM: )va.r 

««» hetd '•«•;...t n 

mei ^t* 'I'"' 

^, . , , , ' tills 

VIMI 'i., 

tbrIT r::,.!; - > ■ ■ :■.■ " ■' •■ •■ 
iHWailS-' ■' • > ' '''•"' ' "- ■ - 

held.-..- • 

(>.,„i.. .1 ir.. ■!.:,. 

vaii-jc. ^ ■•I'" ■< '" ' • 

tilled I..* .-I"!:! ■-■■rc ,ii, '. - 
W'hich she dwsn • c\i»'' 
(m»ll' •* HlllcKly I'H'caUM 

limited amoiinl ol time wic 
.'■hiK%h,n'c iw«*ioor|taoiaed 

I'our out. i»I the bvv 
, w«r» xtiWrf on dur 
iiif She «le<'t»l». llw* 'l»e 
scitii mr fi|inii«t*lBi 
»e«dewc ii»t«ioBs " 

Kvw though one • 

cant <lMriit« ttie fiecltOM. 
jimiMifr tmi Md i«ti e»i- 

dldales represenling the 
Bunnesft and .Swial Sclrneti 
dlvLC'iun Fankantn said h a 
reaull ot fwi» Intcfrsled 
iMitems ' ' 

itotlared ■ 

m a roa|OMt^ im incir nmirs in 

that cl IV I. HI in ■■ ""rherelore 
ncithtT nm; ol thriit tould run 
ter a seal in aimtheT aeaderaic 
:|llvBliM," wid t'anh.aniii 

"'(f» hard to say, Dili usually 
itrre are more «inl:id.ale» tot 
... ..■f( ■..- ,t ,.(.*i i,«'.u*-T '. .i.''jin 





:■■..: ■...;!. Ill to the vaian! scats 
!■,::► .11,, I! «a»cl Mi»t tWi »i»at< 
,j, i;,,v .a,,... .i-.,.,r„ft)crrs 

in ., , t,»i-li«-vin« 

Ihttt stu. ■ ■■' traders 

the* lilii' i!ic sell., 
ttietr ottic»r» Ironi 
.|i>nip." *atdl*'iii 

SlMt laiil «w »enati« plan* lo 
hm* the rt'maiBing vii«hkI«» 
IIIM and t»e omt*r» selected 
witihiiB tiMr next tiKWth 

Vet. wen «ll* tte aihwttwt ol 
lltfw rtyd«'iit r«?|»fti«iilat,ivw 


VACJMIf 'lt» IIB FIMT it»«B w to iMMfc*. •"•tot «a«o" »»11 
M tilt tIM tlMT nf A iMitMiBt An Miitiliietlaa u ■ mw MiutOT 

»ffldmeM>lerii-diit()rcr*,. "each 

e»i'.h, said Fall ► 

"Baisicaltj, •'■m 

Mawtf t» tn eimtroi "t n s.,-ii and 
«lHli UN «lHl«lt de«d«' that 

they are reaiiv i" di. s.irneihini!. 
ihey do it." said l'.tnki.nin 

They will deria: . 
Itiemwiveswiiefttliej lr< ■ 
cieni enough to wrlecl their ol^ 

■•The Mwat* is Just t»eill:iwtng 
their y«r and I ddnl really 


Faculty still negotiating contract 

TlM! president of iht- (acuity 
seitiile l» «?xj»e»'ted Friday to 
make an annountemenl con 
ceriilaji the teacher's nwgotW' 
lion* with the hoard <>( trustee* 
for a ne* contract 

Karen Ker»».pre*lilent ol itie 
faculty senate, »at«t Ihal wha. 
n«goli,4lton» eofittnue lltli-' 
jirof res»'h*» tjeen made 

Thtre have t>een no iodic a 
iMMi* whetll*! Kere« will an 
mmnee Wmt »n agrwmeM has. 

hcen reached twlwecn tacutly 

and board. 

THere also hj»*e ht-en no In- 
dication* whethei' tier an 
noiineeni.enl *all toocrn the 
p«t8»nnlily o( a str*e il an 
aurfenienl ii not reached soon 

iy.o •■■K'l.ltv m.Tulier said 

t»el- ati'l I he hoard 

ti,, ,( ' the come- 

(jut... . .--. ;iK' t'oard rontlnulns 
10 dtlaj I tn air««.inein i ou««ii 

to be sludc ,.rr!iiU> Py the 

board "K^ 

Da*l.d w ., ,: , ,ce Freii 
dent ol t\cj(lcniic .\llain. saMl 
llwt there ii »rtie prtgf em. lit- 
,ii»g made ■'Hopeltilly, we're' 
cl«« to a leniative agrw 

T!, ", worltitig 

WltlltHll a ■■i.iilmi-i > August 

I" wlH-n their one-year pict -ex- 
pired ' ■ I can'i xtmttmmA ««f 
•e »re witrktog «tt»i«JUl a con- 

irtd at td-li poimi." Ktft» •■Ml- 
The tacutty is neeltlng a lO': 
pereeni pay increase over last 
year'* coiilra-cl They are also 
lerlttng an early retiremeni 
prwgram and a more llljeral 
sabhalical program 

.Vb. early reltremrnt progra-m 
*.iis worked oul*een Ihe 
lioart and IsKUKy last -year. 
and was -to have t>ee«i im- 
plemented t>j a hwrd commit 

moa be ooGUiiytiig the Mfiate office 

s«i any problems to Mie per 

(<irr.i.ince of their respon- 

. '~ tieca-use of remamiiig 

.>eats. until the wslitu- 

lioMl committees weed to be 
ftiniied,' saldPanfcanin 

Kite Mid thai the instltultpnal 
committees are reeomtnen- 
darv bodies with usually iwo 
students on each commilt*e ap- 
pomted hy ttie senate The pro- 
blem she say* arises when 
there aren't enough stuileiit* 
found for passible appoint 
menls, 'I'el with the vacant 
seats Idled and more repre*en 
latlves. It Will more than likely 
bt easier to find more students 
who might tx' appotnled 

\cveriheless, Fankanin said 
that -'This year'i senate is a 
good group ol interested 
students, and even Uiough 1 
don't know them well yet. I 
have I'Kjen impressed wilh the 
calitier ot the student* m areas 
-such as hooeslv " 

Ttie llrsl st-nale meeting will 
twMdnntM Wallpn* 

Convention needed 
more planning 

Birtty fmr tlw MmM CoamnmHy CaUiji fltiKltit te 


liat parUclpala In ■ellwMlM. at 

^^uJj 1^^, NUJIi^^t ^^■iJttMr liMhflHMi uHgj||Md|y^|H|i||H |i|||i|y||JILp, JhHMUMl^llUMMMI 'flWft Mfc 

>liilal.ini wHI'teHnyWB tun 10 hMl ilia ( 
tMM,. tat tt iMRBf VUAnmr ^ ' 

Oifiilriyt li an avM wcii ■■ uw 'ont in i 


I Out (teal wmi 

'UmiI' by tte innun 

W* am aoi tiiiinf . 

tiii|yiriiig uiaa vliat ii 

ilUty of 

iy In store lar ttudtiila tltli' 

Do a line on our d i>c«k 

lf,««f'ji.uw ttmn imm. to tiiM! 
Urn !• M :iMl»n feMw Iwi* ilicy 

Atab Irwii: MUM iw unit 
MaryiMt !»• tlic niml In ilt«rc 
• M:l(|ut niwrwiM with 

fhm t» mhy the Nmrtilnftr iir 
(•« Hi nemter* "frmn tttc 
Deik 01 •" Thii it ymur ctowct 
to "UH" to your Wto« HNrngj; 

ttHMCUDblVI*' ^ .n.iHInlhUII""!-""-™""!""' 

Anytwd'y c*« wrrtr ■ "IJetl *' 
INfadliM for ii'iiltikallM la 
MwiMiij Mnn ,piii|ilte«rM». 
and miirt infnrmaiim is 

•vatlablr in the ■"Bln'K«-r" <i«"(m 
m A ,)«■ 



lit.', ttl am- 

Vk WMtll, IIIMXIIW4 M<t 

iMcM' vtiM a iii|»atiin». «! 
iln«* imI pliuM: niMilMr A 
iDt-wJ .iwrwl'ij wwiitwr wiiin, 

•IM Ot IMtUCi'llHt 411 MlrltHI- 

tMiM ifcal art' jtnntrd will tit 
I>r»M««l, »Hli: l,|»e •ntrti iiamie 
an:il titte. *m>tlt»r it tm n fiitiii 
(jT'dalf |M*llliin. ot'ttiinlrJi 
Miul Wife iit||i.,ilBuUv ■"»■■ 

:*» iMinyaiM* «n«riliutj..i:,!i 

•111 tNf CHIIiillll|H»lI. 

CoittriliiiUMt cat! bt (lnifip«(| 

ftnlit or i-aii' bt ai»«ml fcy 
dWlngEit Ml 


A&(tt/ri^ffmU BE orfif^sm To rmm'? 

Tm DfAAfje PMr*/ le^vm^ . , 



Student offended by 
''disgusting" exhibit 

I '|iMc!>( ' witli almlulely mi 
apitlORtf s 10 the (rmluM in«v« 
meni ' (h« advert tstng lor the 
ii«»»cei>ity ol the Juil* Chtcafii' 
Bthitiii of commi>mort:ilvf 
taginal diniicr platet iNiini; 
thdved it m: on ca mpus 

I coMidcr mnptl a woman ol 
th* liiiw*. hut I do not hrillat*. 
mr am I atrald. to ■uty tti^l I 
lliul thif basM 'Ot ttir exhittll of' 
lltMl'W and •HKC'iifiiinR I'm 
nn IhJt M% lliii-dgi) rinil>] 
pnsiw'l an appjirrnth i-i;. .'.:.! 

liwl'llleallaitl (or hrr ■' >. ^s^r. 

II •(Wtll tit )llll thai a j'uMJiif a- 

iiiHi Id' atl tatrntiw 1 muit ron- 
.gratiilal* htr on a lirillljifii 
pIMC ot marketing, throiiiti 
nfBMitlonatM'm Rhf"»maki!i«s 

flMI it-' ." 


(1|«"' Jirl ^ _„ .^. *■• '•■'- 

!■''■' ' 'nK»r not 10 

(i,jjy ii, v„-« ,,„:•><■ worki caimot 
avoid them. WallcinK inli> ttw 
llibrary. t wuMni miss thtnew 
IHM»i d:l»p'l*y I 'W« growl')- 
diMpffninlfd with a pMer tav 
liig that tnc»# IkMikt ar» atioul 
the •««« "homirfd" in the 
JtMjy rhir«»» fxhilji'l Later, I 

plopiHfd down on the nice padtl 
ed t>en<?h in ihe women's center 
and lootied up (h.nnigh study 
IMurrpd eye* al a 2x3 p<>sit-r 
•divertiilnis the vaginal 

Ooe» this suppwed pieci- ui 
artwork honor wo'men' Are we 
all mindlV'Ss sheep'' IjeW o(ien 
our eye* We are t»e'lng ripixtJ 
ffltf, takeo m, m.ocli€'t1 and 
det'"*!! Where i» the honor 
rrsiuTt, the pride o( t>em|, a 
woman" We t-jii hr iiilellmenl 

'■■■';••'■'-'■ ;"■•>'■' ■■'"* 

i''iti-ni"': 1" -I nt 

*nj' Bccepi tni» imci unaue'*- 
tMMl )u»l tiefi'Use it \» by a 
W'OHiM atwiit women" W'-her* is 
our dtinit'f *' Can ynu imagine 
the reactions ol the ti'omen so 

'mooted""" H''>'«' n",i|tlti Jane 
;ain* Icef hrr grenl workjil 
i-.iii Ho'ii'ir ■• tar Kfe't dediea- 
lion ■ deptrted tiy a I'lce trimm 
iHl repfod'liclive or|j,an'' Come 
on, women, wake, op* 

I relu**- lo U- 3 sheep and, re- 
lent the l«t tnai (hi* type of 
advertiiiing i» posted on cam- 
put. eupceiaUy In the women's 

-Roaeaary Dvorak 

jyflnmiiiiji, J 

Establishing credit important 


ilPlWBillijii w WWlmm 


'Om>) l«H'l»v J-lin H 
■mm y^m mmm, Oun* mm%. 

i Haltttiiha'Cliiiiiliiii*' 
iMil*}' JlMlllff! II .KiMfttl. lUdlMllllllplt 

Tuit'jr M,iirlB««,, MnWiMit ktiMlipiHt, 

XMi iNwtan, Mike mrMn' 

■Wiift|,a>lliMr WktMaiilHall 

flMni'lUill t<aii,|,nf|,w„j|ii,|iii|f, 

•,|,iM1M I 

,«w. AWiiiwinHf>i,'npiiatait:„af».|l«w 
■I ti* wnitt Mil .aBi wmiMiiii. 'ilnw. 
.iM (la «ti«ip,, .it» .iiinlHimiliiii.. 
'lanilly w mmim naly MvirtUii 
«■>« nnf' aimiiiiw «. * • ■ iiMaK 
•Hi «•». M 'WiiiMi M' «iiiait ...III 
Mian-'lMHenilMr miai I*. iMmI 
mmmm wm tm iMHiMNiiL tm IMIMr 
laamuiKM oii 'BT.,iiiii cmi, ,mi » 

lipptyint 'or and getttnit ■ 
IMi IS proltatily 'the ,,mo«l 
omrrm of n!i«« graiduaiimfi 
««ii,tar» Rut there- is aMtlicT 

kiiMt ol ,applicatwn you sh4Hi'ld 
lie th,iiikin,||, ahout credil 


Btcauie eitatilinhmg a credit 
ratimi ■ like tindiiig a Joi'i - it,,H 
Inpoilanl stefi to ftnancial «, 

For eiample, did you kno'w 
tlMI in lome 'itatei you 'Can't 
fent a car wi'thmit a m,aj.or 
charps or cfedll card' In addi 
don III a drwei-'i iK-eiiise, most 
retjiilcr'* mqulre a card for W) 
tte'lore ajreema lo rsish a per 
MlMl check With a tunk rredit 
eamdor charne card you can get 
ready cash wlien you are ,lar 
Inm lioiM 

ilMdi, a l,a> ' '■.aviitg 

ytlir (IM cu! •■jsier 

liHft.«IUf'rm„ii,- -.,;,„,, K.i.di.ot 
cnmllt 'lli,K ,|et you make maj-o-r 
plirdHM!*,., Mte a car or t«Mie, 

• III alio tie easier to jtet once 

you have edauliihed a credit 


Only The Stie It The Same. 

Betort you apply tor a card 
you »hould understand the .li( 
lereeice*, hetwetn a "credit" 
,aiiil a "ctitrif "".cart. W'tHe the 
iiemi are altH. iwi: toier- 
elianfe»i'>iv t^-t ••■•■• •«! the' 

PAV '1 luifjic 

cardai, aiLiudmu Vincrican 
Eiiprtss, c,itrte Blanche and 
D'lner* Oulv charge a'n annual 
lee used to »up.pori service* of 
lered to ineinters There iire no 
.preiei upending limit* Spen 
dine I'M Its are neiclWe and de 
pend primarily on am in. 
it'ividiial".* piTwmal hisMity o( 

ie»-aiise paymenl ol the en 
til* ixll IS due upon re«»ipl 
charge cards help elltiimiile the 
temptation to ttpend more 
monev tlian one can realiBltcal 

l,>- iiiKiril 40 they can tte a,gu<Ml 

m»nc> management to<tl. 

credit cardsi like MasterCard 

and VISA are primarily issued 
ihrough tianks They wereollen 
called "I'ree" cards heca'use 
'Ibere was no annual lee to use 
Miem \i>w. though, manv 
hanks have inrtiated iinnual 

The I>aalt> receive miMit ol 
their income from interest 
charges collected on unpaid 
tialance* The annual percen- 
tage rale on these cards can 
run as hi({h as M percent At 
these rates the mtereit alotie 
could run up to humtreds at 
dollars on an annual basis 
There u also ■ spendine limit to 
each a-ccoiinl 

Retail and mil company cards 
are in th,Js same ciitegorv, but 
can (generally only be used at 
outlets ot the company thai 
,i«»Med the card 

My year 
of limbo 

,\ long time ago when I was 
still in my pre-teens a grown 
up lold ine thai my 2<llh year 
would be the must exciting en 
joyable and challenging year 
in my life 

Vh I rcmemtier when I was 
211 said the adult with the 
ttisilulness ol a 17 year old 
cheerleader "1 had my whole 
111* ahead ol me 1 was tared 

Bam bach I 

with new challenges in college 
and I was meeting elihiliraling 
people people ol real 

suttstance Oh if I could only be 
2(1 a|>atii The adult 

tapered all looking into the sky 
with the awe of a schoolKirl | 
savoring her (Inst kiss 

Having l)een a> years old lor | 
more than a montii I must ad 
mil I have not discovered lile lo I 
tie as exciting or enjoyable 
though I can say it has had its | 
challenges • as I had been pro- 
mised it would he 

I admit that I have met a few I 
enbiliraling people in Iwo years I 
ol college - none however were I 
my age < and I even liked a (ew | 
ol Ihem. although even lewer | 
were ol real sulistance 

What t ha^'c discovered li(e| 
at » to be IS « year o( limbo 
adoleMent menopause il you I 
will I am considered too old to I 
datAle m the immaturity o( my I 
previous teen vears, which has| 
ielt me leeling rather cheated 

And at the same lime I ami 
nut old eiMugli lu lie considered I 
• legal ailull I- or example I [ 
am legally '>l(t fnniigh to lie I 
drafted inli. > s Army I 

and get n in o((| 

delendlnii ,,.-.„, uunana 
republic that probiiiily doesn't I 
like America ino inuchl 
anyway but I am not legallvl 
old enough u, go tml drinking I 
to help mc (urgei the lacl ihat | 
I could be dralted into the I S 
Army i 

Hill instead or l>eguillnK| 
iiivsell with the injuslicesol l>e 
iOK 20 1 reminisoi- -wiih awe 
alioul Ihc hcvilavs ot my I 

I rememl>er my lourth grade! 
year when adult" was still a| 
dirty word! and throwing I 
erasers at teachers behind | 
Iheir backs was funny, nol im 
mature There were dais oil 
baieball and nighls ol unholy | 
hide and ^ek games and oil 
ding dong ditch and trying tol 
explain a broken window to a I 
parent Those were days when I 
smoking marijuana was slill a| 
crime iwe Ihuught marijuana I 
turned smokers intol 
werewolves, tiecause all the I 
people we saw smoking man 
juana had long, scraggilvl 
beards and walked withl 
slumped backs i and when the! 
word gay meant happy, noil 

Now at age Vi 1 am one] 
.year's wan irom Iwcoming a I 
legal adult I remember when 
even at age nine I longed to be I 
an adult so I could do all the I 
cool and kinky things Ihat La 
adults did Since then getting F- - 
.■ver closer I've waited, and I 
wailed some more L . 

At least when 1 was nine mS\ 
waiting was lun 

Th« Harlilngv, Octolitr 22, tWI, Pagt 3 

Two students appointed to senate 

Two more i«atB on tile tin- 
dent Senate were filled recent 
l]i, wtlh two uppointmenlB. 
lihicli leave only three «»p€n 
setts to tie KM t>y itudtnt 
ctoh representatives 

Tile new senalon an KaCliy 
Pearson representmg the 
PI>ysM;al Education, Alhlelic 
aait Recreation Divi«in, and 
Jim Wollney o( the t-ile 
SC'tonees and Kitinan Herrtce* 
Peaiimw.. » trertman. tan 

tbe MUiM appaitttnieiit to the 

icnate. because she telt it Is 
neeessary lor students lo get in 
votved, and liecause she tiai a 
deiire to helo other students 

"I h«came ■ tcnatwr becatise 
there is a need tor new ideas, 
and student involvement I 
wanted to be al>te to help other 

students, becaiiw there is a liil 
the senate can do lot the 

Mudents."' she said 

tn onler to achievr success 

this year, Pearson says the 




"*«nip* • **aW* 

"^aniiwii ht» • ( .i|i(iu(<in" 
Italian "ix-i ia)lif»I 

lli»l tvi\N fi y/\ 
m;\k ri»«>r ot i k i 



*<lii>» "liJ li* 
iwd «iwMla)' 


Moate must get mil of their of 
(tee and talk to students. 

thrMighoui the campus and get 
Ideas lor campus Im- 


"We have to talk to students 
Mid Itnd out what (he studmli 

needs arr I think, what the 

jwnate is tioing lu have to da., is 
Ijo out, on foot, and talk In peo- 
ple to find oul what we can do to 
help them," said Pearson 

Siie all* satd she *a* surp.ri»' 
ed at tlie anount ol student 
apathy and saul she ho.pei> her 
work.' w.tth the senate, will 
iillc'vialp some of (hat apathy 

■| was really surprlseil to at 
how much apathy ■■ the students 
have, etmsidering this '>• 'hfir 
money. The sfioate hucik'.-'. - 
money (or student activities 
and other organuations. so the 
studenti should net mvovted 
and eipres* how ihry «ani the 
money iptrt .■■ she sa id 

Dire»nor ot .Student At 
tlvtties. Jeanne Pankmtn said 
the three remaining seats on 
the senate are designated for 
representatives of sludenl 
clubs, and that those xau 
should he filled sometime m 

Senator Jim Wollncy could 
not tie reached for CT»mment 




Base ptex. etJge sharpening, hot wax. 

and flat file 

(Regutatly $22.50) Good thru Nov 1| 


Wi wyiM »« nil lii 

MlMlMtMIS «* l>Mt 
(.I I) I'll lit.* SI. ClM'DI 
• int»l.l f'lDttsito**! 

til i|.itM t«irM>«iaiMSii>iia)i 

1 Ml IM*» 

1790 M|ORquin RoMi 




T mouther locutions 

ItiW 0|ii«ii<M.. 

msii I«ti<S> 



Rtcords Tapts Recorts Care Accesiorles Blank Tapes Songbooki 
Shirts Jackets Hats Budgets Imports AucJIophlle Lps 



ANY $8.91 LIST LP or TAPE | 
Sato Itwns Not Incluctefl j 


MMV • HrilM|HM HI*' 




. Exp. D«c. 31 St ———J *"* 




Ill for SI 99 «Kh 

FRESHMAN KATHY PEARSON wti recently lopotntd to the iW- 
dcnt Mnttc u Uw rwracnUUve from Uw Phyifeal Education ud 
RMiwUuadlvltlan. HMlotiy Katy Kowallk 

Enrollment hits 
record high at NIU 

t>eK-.*LB, IL l)MH.■K^l^ at 
Northern llUntii!. rmveriity 
here have stated thai full time 
enrollment lor the (all 1«1 

semester has reached an ■■all 
lime record " 

.,\ . .■ ' ' .' " 

J,i,42» s!imrnt< «t.. r-^ 
licipaiiiiji. in Northern's on and 
,,,f( ...,.-„,.,. .^ "f.igrams Approx- 
ini III the students 

»•,.,. . . , as tuU time 


The head count break* down 
10 reveal a,2S3 studenti at the 
main campus here. »l at the 
School of Law located in Glen 
EUyn. and 1,91* students enroll- 
ed in oil campus ertension pro 

These llgures have tieen ot 
ip«!Cial interest to university of' 
ficials here because of applica- 
tion cut olfs that had to lie 
enacted last spring in anticipa 
tioti of tiudgel llmltalkms this 

Northern ofllctals cut off 
Freshman applications last 
March 4, and transfer applica- 
tions last April 8. 

Mf president William 
Mooal said that application cut 
oft's were necessary in order to 

be fair to students attendinifthe 

The full time enrollment 
figures show that even though 
we succeeded quite well in 
limitinfi the number of 
Ireshmen and lran.^fer students 
lo prevent over burdening our 
resources, we still have a very 
crowded institution." said 
Monal ■'\t least, though, the 

managealil*' * ' SiW ' U" Wir-ll 
With our efforts to maintain the 
highest quality possible for our 
academic programs ■■ 

Out ol the total bead count 
1«.0« students are at the under 
graduate level while t.\.V> are 
at the graduate level of course 

According to gender, the 
figures show r2.l6S women and 
lO.OM men at l>eKalb campus, 
and UK* women and IIM8 men 
in oil campus programs At the 
College of Law B« women and 
IM men attend classes there 

Monat savs he will remain 
hopeful about the enrollmenl 
situation at Nil' 

Im always delighted that 
Northerns programs are In 
such high demand, but I also 
regri t that this year we had to 
cut ofl admissions so early and 
lure away so many qualified 
•ludents," said Monat 

New feminist major 

An undergraduate major in 

feminisi studies will be offered 
for the first time at Stanford 
I'niversily this fall 

Student's enrolled in the pro- 
gram *ill lake an introductory 
core ol courses and then con 

ceotrale on a specific area such 
as "Women in Language and 

Symbol," according to a 
university spokesman The 42 
available courses in tht pro- 
gram will be taught by 28 pro- 

Pag* 4. rtm Narkinflir.. Oclnlwr 1]. Itti 



The James Dapoguy & 
OilttBO J»a Band with Sippte 
W«Uac« will appear Saturday. 
Oct Kallpm. J 143 

ttador James Dapogn)r 
Mganiied lh» gmip in 1976 
with !■ parttcular ensemblr 
■Nind in raiml tn recruited 
Ctilcaga musicians te had 
pHiyfd with f»r jff«n. and 
tillwni he had nevw mrt, twji 
wliMMF imnltogf he knew atKi 
idmirpil The group's m^' 
»trunieni»lton Is Ihe d»Ml« 
lour-piiice rhythm ttxXkm 
piano, hasi, KHltar . and dnims 
and two .reed*, lrum.pel. and 

As iilanlat and arranger. 
Jainca I>ap<iiiiy t»rlni» hit 
biHnncal perspective to th«- 
Mi|i*« Style m)4 repiirtoirf 
T«i^r the Chicago Jwi 
Bani hringit to audlent-m the 
i«u«ds of ragtime. New 
Meanii and Chicago Ja» aand 
SfUig recTvating muMC as it 
wai performed by Jelly Roll 
IHnTtiJii, Duke ElUnglfln. Benny 
Gondman and other Jaii 

Special guett vncalltit is Slp- 
ple Wallace. SIpplt. a Minn 
recwllng Mar of the tM'it, 1» a 
ClaMc MUM finger Alagc«2, 
•Nk ■ m racnrda and many 
nalitiiia) Umn to her credit. Stp- 
ple iBosi recently ha« appeared 
In Central Parit m New York 
Ctly. al Tauglfwood in Ijtmx, 
IMaaadMJictts, at the t'nivcr. 
lal Amphlttirilrc in 
Hollywood. a( the IMmit 
Monirfaui tetemattoniil Jaiz 
ret(.l«al, Ite Kewport 
FMttvai and IMI SaCTamctito 

Ifarpwr atudeatf are atelt- 
tml Inv vxtti an <ti.;lt«ily laid.. 
rilMli: admlaaiofi till. 

HHUMMIltlMIc I VjB||gHM|uu| 

The Harper College In- 
tramural tiept i» ip«m«»rnig w 
»oii»en*). b«s.kett>all tnurna- 
ineiiUjo Friday. l>cl » (mm I 
tn 1 p.nt All Harper ('olleiie 
faculty, staff, and studeni 
women are eliK>l>le to c«impn.c 
Per »mg ip uj), «.alMi||iiP' 
"TH? ilepartnieBt will try to 
form a lean or leiaiiiK out. al 'In- 
dlTldiial ent riea. 

i.( more leaiii* sign 'Uii 
anlklpatedl. the 'tnwHincnl 
miiy Iwgin at mmm. To sign ii|i, 
■stop Ifv tite IniraiBitral office in 
Bidi M m and llli out a team 
m 'Mividual Ugh-iiw) lorn. 

.For nott inlnniwtlon,. call 
WtaUi Reywaldf at est. M or 
487. Entry ii. free. I.M. i....stilr|.» 
wili to given to mcmhert o( the 

IwisI CuKirt 

Shadow Box goes 
on stage Nov. 13 

Rehearsals, are underway for 
ihr Hiiqiei iDHi-Ri" Tlicalrp's 
proilin iii.p (It Thf Shadow 
Bos," an aflull dnmia bv 
Mirhael rnstofer --Thp 
Siiiiflo* itox'" won the 1ST7 
!'■;,. ■• ;.■' 'i'rvte ami Tnn.v .-Vward 
'. ■ 1'-. ■ ' ' ,iy of the Vt'ar Pro- 

tlUCIl"ti rlal<;«i aiT NtIV 13. H. 

». and21.at8()m in Jit:! 

Thf |)|.jiy tells Ihi." slon of 

•l.r-T. tcrmmalli ill palR'riis 

.1".; Himr struiSKle t(.i rcimc to 

■■ ■"' dymis Central to 

also, are their 

■••nd.s and relative!*, 

.irdtrpK im Divert 

■ :. liarppr sttidi'nis and 

»i<iil tiavc t)«'ii tn "The 

Shadow Mux " They are: Mark 

Anderwm ■. Buitalo Grove i. 

Donna Boscampomt i Des 

Plalnpii. fJene DeUeorge 

.lim Mai'lin 
.) t ; ;.. [.■at t *'* 'onnor 

,,.\rlint;t»r. !li^ , Bob Patiat.- 
toni . Srhaumtjurgi. Laurie 
Turjiin : Miiflman Esiatesi. and 
Stiirley Turpm 'Uolfman 

Stage manager tor the pro- 
ductton is Harper student Dan 

Ness, a Schaumtaurg resident. 
The play is under the direction 
(li Mary Jo Willis, speech and 
theatre instructor Set designer 
is Michael Brown, art and 
<itag«-crafi uistniclor 

Tickets for "The Shadow 
Box" will go on sale in the Stu- 
dent Activltie* Office tegtnnlng 
Monday. Oct. K Ticket prices 
are II. SO for Harper 
.^itudents/ staff, tZM for the 
public A special Dinner 
Theatre package is available 
on Saturday. Nov 21 Dinner 
will he al S p.m in the dining 
room Building A. followed hy 
the performance at a p m in 
J I 4 .1 Cost Is t » lor 
sludents/staft. 110 for the 

Intramural s 

_ mOKt wui be on stage wiOj Ite 

puttfilB. In tte J Building audilnrliain. 

Big Twist and Mellow 
rellnwt w.|,ll perform In eonetrt 
Friday. Nov 13 at I pm In 
Buildtng M Terri Hemmeri of 
radio itatinn WKKT will emcee 

TIcfeMa. art W Uir Haipcr StNllffSt 
MndMitt and M tor gcntml. 
puMlc admtnton. TtckM|n on 
sale TtMiday. No* 3 al 18 am 
to llie Student ActlvtllM one*. 

Ski clul RMtiif 

Harper Spnrad Eagle Ski 
i;tiil> will hold an open meeting 

m Oct zt al US) p m TUom 
intereslwl should «»op bv 'MB. 
to sec a Mm ettlitted "Uanco to 
the Wind." Wr will also discuM 

onr three regional weekend 
trips 10 Michigan and. Witcon:- 
»in plus our westeni trip tn 
Aspen. * "olorado 

Tin Vsice 

crBRNJ by the Joumsitfct! 
■iMlmi at Harpi" ... 

WrtJtng «nd'.Ncv»,. : ...,..^, 


The Voice .is publblied the 
lint week in Deceroher under 
the direction of Henry T 
Rmiifcen. «»siMnjiic (imh««wr 
and Sttsanru- < H..iii!.i: 
aiiioi.' late inst rue ;.or 

Studmim are renpowibn- not 
only to' ttle new« sioriei, 
photograpliy, make ' up am) 
editing but alM tor the adver. 
twng, puhlk relatlou ami cir- 

Past hisw* of the Voice have 
Included, npottt nn: Uhfafy 
hwikiiafipera, iinlM tfMlw, 
ni.|nority toketiiani.. aecwa l*r 
the handicapncd. and viola 
IMnsof fire safety regulation 

Irt nkihit 

11 you have not as yet seen 
the works by John Kaericher 
and Hem Vanderhlll. Pro- 

(eturirs (If Art al Norlhweslem 
ttollege m Orange I'ity. Iowa, 
there' is still time 'Tlie pain- 
tings. d.rawlng.s and prints are 

on display, without charge, in. 
Buildings C and P. second floor the regular operaitng 
tM«rs of lUrp«>r College 

Cpcoming intramural events 
include Oct ;», I to :i p m.. 
W'omen's 8.askelhall Tourna- 
ment; Nov, «, I to .:J p.m.. Gu» 
t; I (I r d a n J a 1 1 Dance 
Workstiop. Nov 13, I to 3 p m . 
Men's A Women' Singles Table 
Tennis: .Nov ». l to 3 p m., 
Men's k Women's t>oubieK 
TaWe Tennis, Nov :». Dec. I 
and 4. 12 to I p m . Free throw 
contest. Men's and Women's 

There l« no charge for any of 
t:he« acltvities For more In- 
formation about Intramural ac 
tiviiifs. contact Wallv 
Rcvnolds m .M-Di or call ».7- 

Imsfir SWMs 

Thf Student Dev« 
faculty I* offering Iraitsfer 

'Minlnani ta- many major area 
'SclMNia ttila iMncster 

'U'paiiiiiii|Mninan include 
SouUHMi iMNnis l,:'niversity. 
Monday. Oct » fr»m 1 to 3 
p IB and TUfiday, Oct 17 from 
II an to II noMt I* D1D4; 
DePaut Unlvirilly and 
Elmhunt Onllti*. HMntiday. 
(M m from U am to IS no«B 

Ka.«f Ittnch with the Three 
ISIoogei on Wednesday, Oct . M 
al U noon, A-MI. AdintHMM i* 
tn*. nvc claaaic riaiMilick 
comedy gems featuring Moe, 
Larry, amj Curly from the IM7 
to IM2 era wili tie shown 


The runaway hit that icar*d 
the daylifhlK out of audlencec 

acm«i the coiintry. "Hallo- 
ween' ■ will be shown on I'rjday , 
Oct •» Ui J 143 The »Smtnut» 
film IS K-!heduled for II noM. * 
p m and il midnight Admis- 
sion Is tl DatvimiiMilieniM' 
night show? 


iniiivtausi u M>li iMl laain *'<t> 
iMti pruiietMt imtaM tmntv 


341W. NoithwntHwi 



A Coilefje Nei^er Sleeps 
Neither Does Perkins 

•MB yotiW riMnmauwi u Mnf): ji tout. 

I"e*im ■ , iia.i iHim III* iiiiailiiii|li( tti iiigM ui 

.%»«« **■"«.. Nrrr* IN 

.%Ml in.«%. fm* wAwr 

'--icaurant IHvr mr. arc iwc al 

;..'>».. VtMi'ie up .atth la*t ie«iilD.s, 

* mnil Itu* aiK k% t*. ,11 -nwirnl* (*.» wM.h«ii Maiwtt Hi* pockoism*. 


$2." ^j 



! student Body Oikken 



The Scholar's 

$2.» ^ 


Tlie Master's Degree 
Omelette $3.^^ 

'^'is%t' J « 


.J L©.. 

Jwst ANm| 

.>'•»-> ,4 Ranrf (mi DumIr Rixd) 
nuimm. It «oafe7 

Th* HarMnocr. Octotor n. ntl, Pag* S 

% - ' 

ChiUHcs arc, you didn't pt to college to get 
a proniotuin in tht Army But yi>uras«Kiate'sdej»ree 
.jctually entitles you to enter the Arniy as an EV 
(That's two pay gr.ides aKwe the regular entry levfl. ) 
And Its a surpnsingiy good way to put your dcgR-e to 
work tor you 

The technoloCT throughout today's mixiem 
Army is increasingly complex, arid we need intelli 
gem. self-dis:iplined fxtiple for rwt>-year enlistrmnts. 

In the Army, youl! find that the name quali- 
ties that helped you earn your 
degree will lead to even greater 
recognition and rewards 

And no other branch 
of the service can offer vou 
the convenience of a two-year 

enlistment Later, in civilian life, you may be sur- 

prixd t< u list over just hi iw smart you were to ct mi bine 
two years ot Army with an asMx:iatc s degree. 

RememlTer, only the Army offers you a 
tw t "-year enlistment option with all the benefits of mili- 
ury lite (including generous educatiorial assistance). 
To take advantage of one of the best and 
quickest ways to ser\'e your country as you serve your- 
M-lt, call toll tree, SCXMZ 1-4422. In California, call 
i^V-I'yl-vVW Alaska and Hawaii. aXH2V2244. 

I-k'tter \ci. V isit your nearest Army recruiter. 

listed in the Yellow Pages. 



Nt*fc Ti»» m mmitm- o*mm a mi 

Go-Go's go,Entwistle fizzles 

k guit»r leiMi rtimnisctMt to 
itet at (Mr <iM Jnmn Bond 
mo'vm. <( i (wmber ait feiB«le 

r«it. «ind wuitd Itol miy cm 
tiesi bt dncritwil ai surt. bem 
•iM daMc mwic ttini«li«<l 
tMHHtr Into « Hue ms'lcli- 

TliK !■ ihc music of tbt Gfr 
GO'f The sani> haftd tttal Mm 
Ulem college raiJki «i<J pw- 
|tttttV'(>sl(i(ii(>Mt>y storm 

Tn •ttwi tor t,h« CiO-dO's 
'IMimlartty If ttw nttmlwr one 
'Btltb ID coUegt airplay folio* ■ 
id tip •»>■ lUe Rcillvng Stttmt. A 
met Mcolailc tar a band that 
dMn'l ■•«« unnl tvm. Thrw 
ftin ap, amy picked up tli«ir 
kMlmilftll«' mi started ptay- 
lug. M fancy pngremiont,. just 
■l.r«.i|Dl -JilMad nwdy.. puny 

By MaRll ^lll 11M. the Daitd 
bad 'iwititMd <nd rtttned tteir 


^on music 

act ratwfh to gel • lM»klnR at 
Los Angeles" own Whitkey'i* 
C»-flo The name «p<>l in which 
a hind by the name of the 
Itmn used to pertwrai it 

Warming MP lor Startnest, the 
lirlttth ska hand along wllh all 
the r«llg>w» ska followers, the 
iiutlMli was ipprehettsive But 
ance tt»*' tun had started, even 
IJlc mwl devout aka follower 
cauMit't keep htmMlI from 


'ReletMFd' on I R N Records. 
The{iO-00'« lop tracks include 
■•Thl» Town," "'We got the 
Beat." and ■'Sktdmarki on my 
Heart "tea tl:m;e wihen rock 
titt roll cloiws ctMlurm lo one 
another, it's nice lo «er 
something mw on the xtnr 
• • # • 

Pete TBWM*end itrucli n htii 
.and heavy witli te "Enpiy 
Ctasi" LP For Roger Italtrty. 
It •»» the AlcVitar" Miuiid 
track which tiighliKhJrti •■Free 
Me ■* .Sow John )-'■ ■ ' "..i.^ 
entered hi.s "T.- ■!•' 

Htrn" 'rifo the rui........^ ...; .'...lo 

(■■ 1 1 ! «■ i - i !,<:• akm.| with coliort* 
Joe W alsti. and Jm' Vllale. mesli 
into a ntedtocn acsemiilaie ol 
pvniinit«'i The Whu Mund aitd 
haaic chord structure ti there, 

hut Mm« oCfhe r««lifig it pii«. 
It's like a sandwich M'fthout the 

TtW! cover ol the allium por- 
ttay.» Etilwistle at Ihe gallini 
knigni in shming armor armed 
with guitar m hand '\o». what 
could l>e the complele an- 
tithesis U> the IronI cover" Why 
the back cover, of courne 
Where «l,»e could you fmd Ent- 
wlstle. Walsh, and Vttale all he 
lag eaten alive hv a rnnntageot 
killer shark rcf I r :,l- 

Nonetheles.s li... ;,,itc The 
M'Cro," does possess a pair of 
nolern'orthsi coinposrlions Top 
tracks are "Fallen Angel," the 
story of the (.'harlie Brown 
character that loses out m love 
as Lucifer chuckles from the 

Plu», the title track "Too late 
Th« Hero." emhrarts 

deisp lyrics, and i-s iM-rformed »% 

a hallad This cut should 

receive some airplay on power 
pap Eiallons within the upcom- 
fnf weeks 

Although, thecc cuts are 
good, the otiwr* are definitely 
disappointing "Dancin 
Master" is a real downer 
C'aon John, discti went out 
with mw.Ml rings Why brmg all 
those bad memories" Every 
time I listen to llviti cui, I envi- 
sion tJenl Terio ami his two sex 
pots shaking ii on that cheap 

If you're into average 
albums, this is your t>est Itel 
IM'* hope that when members 
of groups go out on solo ven- 
tures that they'll have 
something to say and continue 
1» carry the creativity over 

Music is Tillotson's vocation, avocation 

Sloilie studmta atari leanititt 
• musical intirument In 

elementary school, soon 
ttecome bored, and drop out 

i:)ther iludimts last throiigli 

J. tialiert TliMson. prolesMir 
«l miMk, not only completcil 
Ms mucical training in elemen- 
tary and )unu>r high, but went 
M In tarn hit doctorate at Nor 
Hmwlern I'ntveriuy 

",| started (the clartncli in 
IhC' school mustc program In 
Ihe third grade and on thraugh 
Iwuor higl>i and high school 

"We lived nei,t door to the 
baitd director '- so I had to 
praetiec m he could hear me." 
'he said 

hirn in Pallas. Tillolson was 
only two when his family mov 
ed to ,ilbw|uerqu», .Mew 'Me»- 


TtlltiWM itayed In Kew Wat^ 
let to earn hi* tiactielor's and 
ii;aiitr"8deg,re«s at the Tnivtr- 
iit| of' ttem .M*KiM and then 

"After teaching far a w*H», J 
decided that if I was gataig tit 
gel a doctorate, tbe lime to m It 
was while 1 was Alt! single." he 

ARbougli .be eame tram, a 
rural area, !lit Mad no protdem 
III' ad}wl,liig to the Chicago 

-At tint, ym )mmi. .foi ans 

pMlty nmcli lnwulVMl tu kHomI 
.ac • graHiiait ■indent. 1 



gradually became acclamated 
and would go to hear the 

Chicago Symphimy Orchestra 
and attend Lyric Opera per- 
.(i(ifi(»ces Then too. many of 
the initruclnri at Nortbwwtern 
were proteHlnnaia . ' ' 

Tillotson met bis wife, .Karen, 
at Northwestern and ttury were 
married at the end of bts iirsi 
rear tW'luft he had ctinpteied 

Mini,, TiUotunii also Biafored 
in music. 1 

She ti,. . *m the 

Chiralalrc vt Mmnesota. won 
a Mtlropolitan o^wra studio 
award and has .sung as a guest 
ioWst with the Chicago Sym 
phony Orchestra at Ravmta. 

Al present she t,each«<» studio 
votce at North Park College' m 
a lull lime basis 

"When the cblldren wenr 
younger," she only taugbt part 
time.' Now that they are older. 
liM would like to do mar* pw- 
torauig, !iiic',» ddiit Mint 
I Ineallf and ■ (*i» ibiii,g» 

Goose Broppings 

with the local opera." TtlMion 
■Wa have two cblldren, 

Chris, a boy, is ii and Jennifer 
li « My daugbter plays the 
piano and my un plays the 

•They have separate 
leacbers Some families leach 
their own children We felt it 
waS' hetter lor the children lo 
have dtllerent leacher.'s,' he 

,A,t AMlted ,H'uslt Coor- 
dliialM-. TttkiMMi l» rwiKtnalhk 
tor 'HciicdU'llng all the ,pa'rt time 
studio tetcbers who teach 
various lut,rvmenls 

He I'l alstt involved with the 
}a,ii N'Od and with teaching Ihe 
tundam'entals ol music tlieory 
lonon'-muwf majors. 

■*■( enjoy the class which i» 
'p'lred toward the non-ma,],or 
studtmt. Y'"i '•-'• r""">i- "*'" 'lo 
not, bave <a 

tnuficor nil. - m- 

tertil'titl to Me Uicm develop' 
an imderstandng of music. 
Some of there even Itecome so 
interested the.y tlec ide to kiirn 
toflts an tnstrumem," he said 

When he Is not at itchoai 
TltMiMn play* tennis, bu.'. > .ind 
rcRuilxa antlitue furniture 
and enjiif • ialMing I o m usic 

■•Some p««(rte doo't ca'Cry 
tbetr )ot>* home as a 'hohhy, he 

••Id, "Itut I like mutic a wide 

variety "- m I ■llmt con- 

injSICraXSnwlUkSfBiuMct:''':' ■ -Uotson Wti«i 

•I Itoiper. "I'lii"'"' ' --nding the »ym- 

! or bitnunlot aloof wUH Ua mualcal tamUy at hMM. 

"By Jim Martin 

Wt T. U.f 1'-X' I HI 

fa,>1 tolHC' »«(vt* '"■I V._ / -At I ti'lt-f. 

6<»'5e, &l*5P(>tP«-.* 1 "1 v.rm,"„,- r'., 

^- , ' .,., ,, ,1 

Classified Classified 

T>» H*rt>lng«r . OcMiar n. IMI, !»■(• f 

Painting and art, 
all part of Mill's life 

Cw^'»5SiiSi«ri,i;"Xii ttisi 

*Mt laM: 'HfiiMt Komi, ttmmintmmt 
lyinw J.**:! Ww.i"i„*mi«hi *ir < " ■ 

2** 'It- »■■""• ' ■•'» "wi" "•••mt fntr 

mUH^l '•*"•';* tttmtm' 

a mr «iw«,r •> M • t III, I 
.-JfHUMMIT H|.|..|> IIMN1li~iiiiiS 

••wii»t»Hii«»»- nil .uitiT 

Fur SaJr 


|l;:gf»iiin 1J.1B: lb ' 


S,ti""''«» AOVER 
Tisims: .\tl etaiBiftrt amij |M>r 
mml ta» f «iiini:<u:«il m tM (tor^ 
Mwirr Iw (iiiMirttKM muM in 
d>i* (te Mm,, iiddriM «n(l 
t*lfiilMiM MMlwr « ihe pernon 

IMsrwWiiil .«!( ismt lie ma* 
prw til puliliMlhw The Hart. • 
inger rMi«n<e» u» rtg»n to 
nflmtt mlvertufnwiiu n itwm* 
oIlMMive Ittwkiu* or ina|i 
propriine juMt :|Niyiiie(H wiU tm 
munra to (Me rtvefitier i 


25% Discount 

ttmuih Nov 4 wtli tliis ad 

131 1 MiiMqum 


«•• "SdiimtiVl 

Out wmutd thtnk ttiai m- 
mttm mtm tlrtail) has an art 
fcpw. ami lMsalr«ady tnueht 
«n Iwr XS |Mn would not riMd 
l» atltnd Hifjier and take addi 
ttiiiiil an mmt* Bm Bmv 
MIUi, tnlayt art very much 
and It cumsnil)- (akiiu jcveral 
art CMiriMsai Harper 

mill, who uf«d to itaeh an 
and WIU a counaelor at Palatine 
High ikhmti and it mm r^llftd. 
said t»i* ti« enjoys pamtlnR Ihe 
nmii if ) (lainiinR ii at>»lrart 
nilorful «n(J %et\ often 
gwnM'tne- ».i>d Mills" "I enjo* 

■*l Wf II • ' 

H» altendii claiites uo day.i a 
•mil awl do« all h» painline 
II Harimr He alao e»t«yf 
*'toH,iBg an muHumi and «n 
showi He (iM out of toon (or 
many ihui do not com* lo' 

' I went to \e* Vork to tm 
the Picaaan »h«* and to St. 
Louts lo Mie another .art sh<ti« •' 
laid M'tlli 

Mill*, cho i» mngle cjiwe to 
fatal l» in i«i Ife tauiht art 
a» PHaiine Ht«]i Sch«»l and 
mm Mtm a couawtlor cpwlalir 
Itif tn cnllege ad:iri*li)|| - •) kmri* 
.all the iMHThcr* m mrptt't an 
oeparttneiit even before I even 
<raiiw tiere He Hiid 1 know 
that Harjwr it a very fond 
«!ho«»l. and hat a good reputa 

Slnw? he Pel.|red «« years 
ago, M.illi.| bttn very active 
tm Ihe mni'ituiittj «' manv 
rwiptcte. MBit »erve» I he 
fcard of Tniat«S8- «l Hariier 
<'<»l.l«ge He ha* a tour. year 
termwlth one more y«>ar left 

JgJ^g Wmm. or Tni««. mmam, Ra, mui'^'^7'^*^ 

"' enjoy it, ti is st»inuljMn« 
Mcitmg and Jatistartory to be 
ahle to work sis donelv with the 
•ttaimisi ration and the other 

board memheri." said Mills 
They've iihe administration « 
h«-»n very ijtr, ihey present 
W'h wdest of She Issues and lei 
Mi decide " 

Besides lieinc a t>o«rd 
tn.eintH?r. .Mill* is .alto, in- 
terested in t'hieago Archltec 
ttire, eipetlally the work of 
Frank Lloyd Wnght He has 
•ponsored numeroui walking 
.M"'*, ijivef lect ures to 

womens- clubf and other 
organiiations, and ha^ taught 
courses tn Chicago Archltec 

In addition to tlus MUk t% 
also a member of the Hiatorical 
Socieiy in Palatine A» a 
member, be not onlv help* 
ram* money and make det-i- 
«on». but also writes articles 
for them i * nte one article a 
nwnth on an old houae." Mllli 
*ald "We also go on walklna 
lours o( old hmiMs and I am 
always seeking additional m 
formalmnon homw " 

■ "'""' '■•-"' ■T^Tiures 1 formaimn on houses ■■ 

Soccer team red carding 





*1ft U|.t%«» #.1 tfmj WISH t " " ■ 

• «linnjr«» mylimt woxjut mttrnl ntnulry 

* No M.|« .rh«ri|* 

'niVaS m?«V,'.ir'''r*'' ''"" *•««»- 0'CCwv.oiB 

»I..>Olli tSltftStlNG e*li.. on IINOCOiJ»«ON To 


MSiS Brainard PO Box C 

U Grange IL60S2S 

3S4 4;t*,/397 8!« 

<'"i»BftrMi«J from pMgr H 
to the offending player This serves to warn Ihe 
player than any further out burst i will result m h« 

Kiss ikS'T!; f?"R^, ™'- « " >« <l«Mes 


!!\*i!?5f '"'*'> *"«■• "»f P>mr it yellow carded 

Sme «*« ' "" ™** *""* "•' •*'"« "^ ""■'^ •« 

some potm 

Why the t).ig deal atoui a .player Mug red card 

S! ^"^V^ "'*"'^«8* <"• «»n<) him a ilWger one 
r gm back Sooner or later, however, one or both 
K SfT,'" ^, *'»ro«'J yello* carded* by theof- 

fit lal \ af urally, if only one of the players Is warn 
ed, his immediate reaction will t» lo protest UK 
warnma to Ihe official If be prolesis tZ stronglv 
he will be red carded, thrown out of the eanie and 
his team W5II have no other choice but to play ten 
on eleven the resf of the way "^ * 


The reason » this when a soccer player is red 
carded not only muat he leave the game m 
wedtately. but 'and this m the kicker, hrteam 
jww play the rtmamder of the game i«e pia^ 

V'wMlV' t^mm 


City Sme 



'■•^••-♦.■j Um-rttttfrnm t 


mI^ !l!ll'L?r. *^' d«««ne<l to deter anv 
player from getting too unruly, tor the plaveV 

actto* *" ^ fonsequences for hts 

In uorae sporta and levels of competttkm NHL 

KSg ""*■ " ""' "** '*""■'' "* • 

When tlie gaam naiiied uiey were hurtiitg iheir 
own (HiB mm mm llie mmositioi), hockev n^Mi 
mmi u m grateful aJKuSllS«.7ii S 

But la loceer. and especially on the high Kbaol 
and college levels, a nile like this only SenSto 

tuibalance llie competilion between two learns 
teams comprised of individuals who mav have m:- 
casjimal temper outtiursts. not an unuiual aiiieci 

of maturing young men t and women i at all 
For those <«( you who may have never played 

Tml^ ""P""'^«'> " »IM>«« »* Wtefi ,Lt 

paSrt * ""^ ewothmal and tewim- 

■JJ*'!!!-.""* •?["* •" "* '"=* "«>' 'here u cona^ 
tlmroutK I encept m the case of tojurles > 

.AnWIier factor t» ihe pressure upon each in- 
iBvidual to do well , every one in the game Is auick 
ly involved in the flow of play, and it is impefa ive 

Klf&e ^ '" "*" "•*' '"'"'• "' ^ "«»" 
And often. If a player feels that his opponent* 
are p.ttto« away « ith a little too much rZh pZ 
be may give his favorite opposing plaver a little 
miasige in the form of a painful ellxiw.kick in the 

mSicai'iJn"'? '° "■"* **"' • '"^ '*"" ■>' """»- 

This seems to be quite a hitter pill for a team to 

«lp:vd "* ■ "'*'''"'' "^ "« "'f^ '^^'S 

oaTwrfThf i'lT ""^'.l'" '"*' '" eomprtsed of 
fm^ ^ ' *'"»<"'8'' »>«> may understand the 
importance of keeping a cool head, silll may not 
have matured to the point where they can control 
their emotional outbursts, especially In a 
presaure packed situation >^ ' > >" » 

hil'* *r '!"' ^'^'^'^ •"*' ' *»""* '"<« lo »u««e«t to 
SSitS^ir" '■""*"* ""'«"•"<•' i-ulesSimlt- 
We* everywhere across this grx-al land of oura to 
eonilder amending this rule as follows 

In a -wtuatlon in a high R-hool or college game 
where a player should he removed from The gam^ 
for a flagrant rule violation or misconduct 1 feel it 
would be m (he tjesl interests of everyone involved 
for he individual s team to still \o^ his servicS 
for the remainder of the conleit. but at the aan^ 

Shw player' '" "^'"^ """ "" "" "*" *"" 
Forcing a team to play shorthanded in soccer la 
a b g physical, as well as psychological dtsad- 
van age |„evUably. the shorlhandeJ team wdl 
negln to surrender goal alter goal and the entir* 

It IS rare for any soccer team on any level to be 

!!rii? 1T,T' "" ^"> '™8"' •" "™* w"f an op- 
ponent that has a man advantage on them if the 
tWment » any good ai all, they Will soon wear the 
other team down chasing them around the field 

in addition, I feel the currenl red-card mie 
reflects negaiively upon the coaching staff of the 
penal lied team Even if a coach streoes 
genlleman like behavior, he has no conlrol over a 
given player s reponse to a game situation 
especially considertnglhe player! Immaturity 

In high school and college soccer, why should 
one l>a(f apple spoil the whole bunch' I say toss the 
green apple aside, reiilace it with a red one. and 
wait forlhe green apple to mature 

It » the American way 

Pitt*, TK«HvlWn««r'^ OC'NMIW 11. <W 

Hawks trounce Wright 


vtiKli lU'dn'l won a g.Bni.e at) 
'KiMMi. vuited Harper SAlur- 
ilay taping to uiniet the Hawka 

in 4 e<iii(erienc€ game 

B'Ul the Hawks iJMn't M 
down as tlwy climihed a piayof r 
(lirttt with a »-7 .masMcre ol 
tn* Ran*. iitoJ'Ctl on a Har|ter 
grrtirwD tli«t menblcd a 
iftnip as tH«* game wwf'on 

Th* wndi.t»n of (tie fwM 
(lito'l artfct *t (>uici»m# rt ttie 
func, a»(tw nittionady'ranbwl 
Hawks struck qwckly «<iid 
wvtr Iwked back <m ttwftr way 
Iw ll»ttr ftrih vKlary m *« con. 

fit Miwks. wfco •■•?« 
wlliiii! tint iwntMJt ol .nin;rt*r^ 
tMKk Tim TyrtU and Ron 
iilrt*. |0t: goofl pcrtonnancw 
froBi two plavf rs wIm» Iwt hem 

ridMit (to brncli all Mison 

K«M> (lltaon. who playrri 
latltiai-k in pliive of Burke, wax 
the .■>( th.. nrsi h:ilf (JibMW) 

car ■ 'r;. . ii' \y.i 'l,llf 

»chmjl fftf'tj tor points in .i 
gUM:!- I>y scoring Ihr-'c 

GH>»«i !i'"',l ttif rrcoril o( 11 
|Xill)t.s S1-; '-v \!i \merir*n 
i:ju.:' -■'■■■■ ' 


irtowKi uHi a irii.* tt^fmi jiM^ 

mit' oRmsttc eonc'li Mark 
!ito|«r, a* liiit ollMMie piM up 
IT iKtMts In t'tn> lirst iiail'ttonf . 

TItr M the MWHiMt haM 
was Mark l-'rtro'vicli, who 
dtdn't Join t(>f li-am unlit the 
first samr ol I he »*ra,si)n 

PelrovH-h ijijined wi > nrrt* uci 
la carrie* including a IR'vard 
tinic'hdow'n run where he tirokr 

III If.. '•( !i»tt ihf 

».nlir<> vvnghi '. • . .mi 

lyuin ml Ihf m,." 'as 

hi- rcMrhc'l iln't. 

r, ••.,.. , . ; ,,,•,. •■;, ,.,•,,,,1 ol 
!tii.' ■•) J... .r ■..,,.; . ..11,1 iifad 
I i.>>.m1j Jolm Eliasik "He iniiis- 
• ■I'l !he whole prest'auoii and 
*a«i t in good «hape. so it Imk 
Mm a wMlr to learn our 

■!,h«|;(i^ Ibe ■ 
j.iJwl, Wrmhl r 
iplr«it'ltriiii4f( ' ''=•- 

lull Bt mimife* T"' .<- 

ami .< 

The ^laiiMics AiTi? Kiiaiiy tii 
the HiiwkJ (aver The Harpifr 
defeme allowed the Kamfi hut (> 
varilK on «i carries, and wily M 
yardu Ml total otiense (or the 

In i-iniijiariioo I'hp Hiiw'ks 
ru*ed *2 limes li-.' 
iniludtn^ Ml yard'. 

rive-ITI!!"*"" =!':'t' ■ ;;J 


The K..iii> , .,■ .' on the 

scoreboard * ■> : r.^main 
ing in the K.inir' m i :; ■, ,ir<! 
touchdown pass tnjm f! 
-lacli'Min Id WiHiam i. 
■'.i" 'i ■ ■ . I'Jrtttier^tra 

;i(> the itay's 

Thr» Ram plavcr* were hi 

■H-^l .1... .,(!..,. .>!,. tlHM-MOWJt 

: into a huge 
-, J ted l>etween 
itii; .w 4(1(1 'lo J ard lines «i the 
north side all lie tield 

The Wrighi squad is very 
stnall. with their two runninjj 
t)ack» and (iiwrterback averag. 

While Ihvir olieiisivr tackle 
fieno Brown is j Noah Jackson 

imik alike at 
(Munds, the H: 
to move Ihf 
re->t »r the lint 

and 2*1.1 

"'■'■ 'Hialile 

. Ihf- 

K«-lvui MirtiiiA a freshman 
■ :A 111 l.ani .i»!i r Hiali School in 

liiaf"," »rt.^ ihr slarling 
^M.trd for Wrighl lie i.*. only 
:>■><■ tml wei|Shs24<l pounds 

"Wf got an opporturidy lo 
give the kids who haven't 
played some cuperiencf to- 
day." said Eh.--'- '■'■■ "■"-' ' 
Utile hanged 
gave us a cli.i. 
players for the 1 1 ^'.m. t-inu 

Harper has .:> vn-i-k .dl tii'iore 
they conclude the regular 
season againsi Triton, who is 
lied lor second in the con- 
lerence *nh the Hawk» 


imnaie'Vicuify- Ptnto^f—icaMdb 

I'teek :ll«i (Utmit ourlw lor a tint 'iln«n (Sluing tut Htwki W-T 

Wright Sottinlay The Hawks, now &- 1 , cUndied a playofl btrtii 

Red card in soccer 


Sports olticials ui Ainerlcm imm cports onen 
euewimer players who. Ibr one rraion or an<tl,her,. 
conmii an acl of mJM'omtet in a ciRif that in m 
(IMTBM It warrantB ttalr raawval mm tiw iptiM. 


Temper uuttmnts are comman amoni; protes- 
S'lonal .\roerican athletes who often have nu'ver 
grown up in (he first pla*». 

AM tiesides. most fam gel a kick out of Mwing 
prafessiotial athletes |rt paid eiortiilant amiMiiits 
ot (iwmy lo do thing* thejf tiawtn't 'dmit stniie tlwy 

(tow«¥ef . unlike other American learn sports, in 
Mtter the offending player's entire team must 
pay the pcMlty. as well as the plaver, {or the re- 
matadtir of the game at hand 

In basketlMiII, lor instance, when Bulls nnter 
Artis Cilmore lotes his temper, throws a towel al 
B rtferw, aiai suggmti that he commil an im- 
pMslhIr sexual act with hiinaelf. the official will 
pralNibly call either one or two technical fouls on 
"Big A," H two technicals are called. Gtlmore 
muit watch the reist of the ga.m« on television But 
in any case, The Bulls may suhitltute for htm. and 
can li»e a mailmum of two points if the ojjposing 
team s.liilis 'hoth frte ihots. 

In {aotbua, it yiMir ay«r«ge MO poitnd defensive 
•{wi-tattit hnwli over your avtrafle tw pound 
kicker, a definite no-no, the woncl that can happen 
Is that ihe kicker's team wdl retaih possession ot 
Urn ball, and Ihe kieker m.By b«eon» a little gun 
ihy Kareiy is a fotjthall player thrown out of a 
game idr such an obv-iou.s v iolation of the rules 

In t»as«baU. if Nolan Ryan throws a 98 MPH 
tasthatl a titUe loo eta* to Mike Schmidt's chin 
and Mr Scliinlilt tMi> Mr. Ryan wauled to bear 

lite chin, wiusic mm punxuse. Mi St-hmidi may 
decide lo slroll out lo » Ryan's tnoutid and in. 
fam him. lo changr his tune. t.if courM^ Mssrs 
Sclwiildl and Ryan may soon be cooling their 
rMp«etlw Jets in their resjiective shower stalls, 
iMt Ibe game gi>es on as a nine vi. nine proposi- 

Aim) in hockey, where it is often Joked that i 
went to a (tght the other night and a hockey game 
hroke out," violating the rules has bect>me part o( 
the game plan for a winning learn Some hockey 
leams carry players who couldn't score a goal if 
their grandmother *as the goalie, bus who put 
more stitches m their opponents' laces in a season 
than their grandmother puis tn a quill 

But whenever a player is penallred (or lighting. 
Ihe other team ts almost always assensed a 
Blmiliaf number of penalty minutes .-^nd even if a 
player it handed a game nitsconduct. his team 
may .substitute (or htm imm,ediately 

Not so in soccer 

F'or ttioie n( you who sitll may not be aa|ualnled 
»1lh the sport »*«:»e Chicago .NASL franchise 
brou^t the Windy City its firsi p.rt»tetsia.nal sport.s 
championship in tn yea.rf last month, an in- 
teresting difference exists in the way officials han- 
dle flagrant violaUmsof the rules 

When a mk-cm* ntayer, whetter ht be an eight 
year old In a park itlstrM game, a high schooler, a 
college athlete, or a professional, commits a 
rough (out against an opponew. and is m the opi- 
nion of the head official going mo'te (or the man 
than the bal.1 Ihe offending player will likely tic 
'"yellow carded " 

The official will pull * yellow card out of his 
back pocket, hold il high over hia h'-ad. and point 
Cmttmumlmiftgr 7 

Two Hawks advance 

by I'i' .NM-S .WUKHSl.iN 

.■\l tht' fntun .Sfctiwnal I'cn 
nis Meel Harper's team (inish 
ed with a third plaice tie Two 
'l.ady Hawks advanced to 
.regionais. Kale Pauli and 
Jeanne McMahon 

Kate f'auli was the champion 
in third singles, defeating 
Terry Maicak of Triton &-A 7.,5 " 

JoAnne Koilik also advanced 
to the championship match in 
set-nnd singles, but was upset 
by Triton's' Theresa Kusmider 
B-o, 7-:> 

\ tirighl spot in the second 
doubles championship match 
saw Harper's Kate PauU and 
Jeanne MrlMa,hon advance to 

Uif regionais I'auli and 
McMahon defeated Terry 
Mak-ak and Jamie .'idriacchi of 
Triton ti-3. 6-4 

■'It was a total team effort 
I'm proud of Kate and Jeanne." 
said roach .Martha Bolt 

They're a wonderful group of 
players ' 

"It's been a good season." 
added Coach Boil The Lady 
Hawks finished with a 2-4 N4(' 
record and 2 7 overall Four 
team memtiers will be return 

Paul! and McMahon will he 
cometing in regionais this 
weekend at the Ivy Racquet 
Club m Peru. Illinois. 

Hawk briefly. . . . 

The golf team qualified tor this weekend's Region I\' islatei meet 
with a fifth place finish al the Crystal Lake Sectional Monday Zae 
C'hernik -Dai. Darryl Mueller ilMi. and Wally Jams i8Si were In- 
dtvidual qualifiers' The men's cross aiuntry team will be 

hosting this weekend's N«" meet at Busse Woods Heservoir. The 
five-mile race will begin al II am Ron Thetwrge. Luis Guerra, Steve 
Gaiser. Steve Kane, and Steve Jacoljs will have to run their best 
races of the year to beat defending conference champion DuPage. 
The Chapparals are led by Tim Vandergrtft The women's 

volleyball team lost to both Triton and Moraine Valley week The 
Lady Hawks, now 5-1(1 overall antil 2-i in .VlC play. io,st 11-15, 12-15. 
and 1.1-15 to Triton alter winning the first game IS-n Then in a non- 
conference match, the Lady Hawks were dow.ied by nationally rank- 
ed Moraine Valley 14-16. .V15. and 2-15 "Our problem Is thai we're 
not playing consistently. " coach Kalhy Brinkman said "We're let 
tmg up at the wrong times. ' 


Tentative agreement reached 


A tmtnlivt jtfriwrmfit *m 
ftiMlMd ■httmUy mm Ink- 
•ftn tlM Board «f TnntoM mid 
am tamOtj m ■ ii»« me yvar 

TIK key Ismt •>(' a id (Wfttiii 
Mtery imaic »■• nn- 

PMIlM 19 tlK' iKMltl' t» m 
MilllllMNI: nf tSlMfMOt.. 

ltc|>r«iMtatlv«f' from btuh 

iwgotMiUii tatiu wid flity 
cmM mi cmDiIMHiI on tli# vltua- 
tton imt.ll tUC' lenMlm iigr««- 
ment to vm.«J on toy the TacuHy 
as I «*•!» und by the hoarf. 

Otter urovtoiwBi o( tte t«- 
taliw •ifecBitM indMte' tt> 
CAiriy r«llrwiMiiil iiackai* that 
ItKttide* a a (wrcrnl paymein 
to an e»ny nlint in return («• 
ccrvKci' rtmlered; theUcring 

the St«t« Unt'versit) Rdlf*- 
mem System payment* In «■ 
cord wtti) t.iiS mimits; and im- 
imveiMutt In the prtitealonal 

dtvelopmrnt tysten of the 

111: a Jotfii itMement on Tuet- 
day, Davtd W'llUanu. the vice 
pnsj^leiit (If iludcflt itfalrs and 
adtninittraiive li«Mn, and 
Karen Kerf*, presidem «( the 

faculty wnate stated they were 
►wppy that the tentative agree- 
ment was made. 
WlUiami «al<l on Friday that 

the hnld up in the tix month 

long neiottadnn pnKcts wai a 
■-matter i>t d'bcusBing 
laa|ua|e."' tout he said that he 
*•» "upKiimntf that the pr»- 
hten mmM tut resolved on 

Keret liefore Tuesday night's 
mcKtlilK Bald ihal the faculty 
wai iMM happy at >>aw long the 

negotiation period lasted 

•We shall remember that It 
t«* to October 10 start working 
m dur tancs, " Keres tatd. 

Keres said that at thw point 
the (acuity Is most inlerextcd to 
gelfiivg back 'to Ihe process of 


MIS No 10 ISmVwr 

OctotwrM 1981 


iWiiliam Ramev HarpCf College Palatine Illinois 

CoUege Board vote on Tuesday 


four candliiatef. have 

.Mgtiand off in a battle for the 

aMS avftit'an :|li^ llafper llnard 

■ai't rmnii . ii. m clwrtlwi .10 1» 

', J, 

Tito tantlliilllif iMMe:. 

r III ifclHiii 
F-]r«ir lum to 
thC'lMMrt .H* «« fint idMiedi 
to iffl Md hat prvvMaiitli" tmtn 
*k»«re»ideiit of t«« ClaM 
dtvMM at tte Mitol-Mtytrs 

•Mm .r. Nil af FalaUw: 
Ht I.1 a 'rfttriNl real eatate 
Omlicr and ■tiarncy lie ha* 
Md no other piMtc otriet 

• Don Tdrlilqr of 
bwg: II* ia Vict pnaMlMit. at 

Bart"WarnM" ACMiplHM OMT- 

|MM*at.i«w.. He Mat held iMt other 


ta»Htt Of PliatiM.: 
la n* jpnaMtoM of the 
of H«r|ier organtza- 
tliw, and pnsliM of thit Nor- 
(.iwtal CMB'ntiMlly HmiiIuI 
Hiwinl ip( Directora. HmnaRi 
was out of 10 «n and 
unavallaUt fir coniment at the 
time of pdhUeattM She dtd. 
however, comment on< iw'wafal 
vtmtm in the Sunday. Oct. II 
Voter's G-uMle in th« Dally 
Herald, portms ii( wlilcli are 
e»cerpteo here; 

Marpitr nt-eived a f.? rtotmn 
iticmate eaii.ier iMb ytv- Do 
ym $te M ate^. Im ju aiMtlMaf 
fiicmae .in the neat .te/tml 

Dwlwr:. "I betleve iht per- 
Mit uaing the kImoj .gets an 
ettncaiMiii awt prallta. m Uwy 

iHMitd' t»ay i«M> ft. *■ apwaliitg 
nala. .iiKreaiic,. Bmc' utlhg the 
Klwot ilidttld acctpi Ike 
r«a|iiiiMlH)lt|' ot' {Mylig f or 11 1 
havt ilvnys IkMnMl iial |itr 

MM tcHtt MM' llM' MilMl ilWIlltl 

pay nat-IMitd •( iht'coai «( that 
•ductttun " 

Nil: -Right Mw, I don't 
thlitl therf will t* aa liicrcane,. 
hut the ttintenti (m.l;y carry om>- 
(hln! a( ihf tardea t diml 
tltWt lHat It v«r>- large . 'The l»- 
crwM <«*• minlnal and 
thty'rt gfttlhg a bar|ai.ii 
edittatln. and; a giMid one. " 

Tlirblqi : ' 'TlHii* la m teSliif 
What will IMDIIM' at tkili iMlfil 
fiut t haiic «t li'lii .Mt ltav«' i» 
raiat' iiitlM' nttt ymt" t» 

■i tMk ilN..m. .1* prctti 'Wti 
wlililn tht .iMrtiiMan of mliai 
'MlHr niMMiiilt)! col)ei|t"> tul- 

HttmamA: Hovtanl waa ommM 
k llw Mil Ktnid ai s«p- 
pttlhf: ttit curraht tunUag 
pdl'lQ af one-tbM (.ulltoiti oiw- 
ihM Kale and OM^ttM to 
tnctat taata. 

Mat' acUiM* unouJiif ">«■ 
(mtH lit* M Urn «aat§fi te- 

CHMf CaiilMf ID' jliTlMlftiM 


OariMr: "As mm m ih« iti- 
•••reil riles. «>ni» iltiwn 10 
*h«n » (leveli(i|Mtr or cdntnu 
tor cMlil iwiht a proNI., tlHt 
land' 'itiMliil b«' Mid , TIM. CDllap 
iMcdk (0 ntafta •mmiIi imnmt 
(rum the 'Mte to pay off hU'Mthg 
M hctnds liMl tower tiM taa. 

'"It the Mlltp 'iMNdf n«t 
ttmm in (he (ulure., we ■ttuM 
mt mm at itttt schooli In the 
area dl»trict.» thai have cloiwtl 
due t'i> Ihe lack of eitnllmeni 
We 'have done a nne Job with 
ibt Kaw'thome Center , * " 

MBi..: "1 don't think it should 
be Mid I think that at iiome 
time m the future we may n«d 
It I ihink It would bf viae to 
hold on to the property , " 

Turtil^ : that matter miait 
be carefully eaamliMd and it 
would he foolish to sell that 
land." he said. TuHtky «ald he 
also lavors using clo»«<J high 
tchoails as campus extensiohs. 

Howard: In the Herald'* 
election guide. Ho'ward said abe 
favtir* the use o( oH-camp».« 
lactlitlca an well as scheduling 
claaaet on Sa'turdayt She dues 
Mt Itvor MMIng ttm itand cam- 
fin at tUa time. 

JIatatJaM M'naen the ad- 
■falKrattel a«* the collvge's 
lacuMy ai» st».M»«d aver nea 
Mdlnict fleffXiatknia. W'Hat. m 

ymir nfiliiMfi, ahoiild the refa- 
ilmiittlp hefit-een (hr ad- 
iMlofittratto acKf fartif O' tw * 

'DHlNr: "i titlteve we waitt 
the best (acuity' p«nlbir 
lia-wewr. tmder the current 
c«itil.raet 'heiM.M.lon«. we 'can'i 
reward theotititanding imtnic- 
K»r» bucaune we have a union 
that I* ilMigmd to protect the 
•inediocrt instructor."' Daiher 
wid IM' would ithc to .Mt a 
rtvlaw 'bont, CMtiitlni .01 ttolh 
tiiil:niclm.ahd Mln.|ii]atralon. 
that would« if an in 
■truclor ilfaervad an increaie 
'IB '«a||»i<. "TtM' way h Ii ■)<>«, 
yfu eu'l MiiallM ttioiW' aiho do 

PWIIl; "'I really can't com- 
ment on that, because I'm (tol 
Mtvy to any deallnga with ttw 
iaeiity . I really can't commtiit 

Hi. tllBt." 

fiiniliy: Tortiky iaid tliecol- 
'k9t' Ma* an ' 'tsnllent f aeiil.ty ' ' 
and! a "|iwd board." Tortiky 
aim *ai(l .tae w cocif IdenI the two 
partle* will rtach an aip-ee- 

Howaril: Howard was 
unvadahle lor comiBent on 


An ym aatltlM mitb (he 
6ui||M iii.aaaiitinent O'f (lie vol- 
kfgii aiMf Ifc' currcnJ Jiafe 
fiiMncW aMWaaeepolfcy ^ 

'DMiMr: "That is som.ething 
(hat makes ahiwluiely no seniie 
It's a claaalc example of 
potitkal power The Illinois 
Commttnlty College Teadien 
Aasociation lobbied the 
tepstature liir that hecauac 
every college in the ttate was 
ikcitning in wrollment hut 
Harper. What liappena now la 

that we don't tevt the tiioney to 
pay for I'hr costs we 'haw 10- 
PoUl : ' ' T I !«■ r I- ji,rf some other 

methiMl'i of financing, like cash 
flow , and. others It's dtf (Icull to 
tuy I would have to look ulo 

pltments have to be made to the 
administration I think Mr. 
McGralh ' college president i is 
the fteit thing to happen lo 

Nit: 1 have no argument 
with the management of the 
iC'hiwI. The only thing I would 
like to impovc is the edu*?al.lon 
oKered lo the nlder siudents. ' ' 

Torlaky: Torisky said Ww ad- 
ministratliin has done a go<<d 
Job with the help of capalile 
people Torlsky said im- 
provemeiiis have tit tw made in 
(teal management and in 

iMfanl: linaviiilatile (or 

TMIky: "In (he past the 

tn.ana,genieM has been .pretty 
good 11 I's much 'better today. 
.(hjI (lniiK".lal oper'atloM like 
these alwayi mt4 lo 'he tto" 

Howard fnavailafcle tm 

Are j'ow sjifisHed miOi tlw 
O'wraJJ iiMtdafrmmt al the oM- 

: "Vm. I tliinic coin- 


Board recap 


.Ncgoilalions between 
Harper's (acuity and the ad- 
ministration resumed (.)ct 12, 
loUowing an eaecutive session 
o( the Board o( Trustees, which 
was called aimoat immediately 
after the board's mnnthly 
meeting was called lo order 

The session was apparently 
called to discuss the (acuity 
contract negotlalloni. The 
board 'returneti to 'Open m.eetlng 
to annouRce that the ad 
ministration's negottaling 
team was on campus, and was 
prepared to return to the 
iiargatning table at the facul- 
ty's convenience 

Faculty Senate President 
Karen Keres (old the board the 

(acuity was prepared to 
resume talks, and would do ao 
In "good (atth " 

Keres also said an announce- 
ment ol progress in the talks 
would be made sometime this 

Other matters of business 
discussed by the board Includ- 
ed a briefln); on two special pro- 
grams honoring the towns of 
Palatine and .Schaumburg. The 
programs were sponsored by 
(he Friends of Harper 

Harper President James 
McGralh concluded the 
meeting with an update on the 
status of Motorola Corporation 
employees attending Harper to 
earn executive tratolng credit 

»••■ I. Th» 'HtrUntm- 0€*t*m »■ >*•' 

Our choices 

in the 

board elections 

On TuMday. v«teni wiU go Uw ptOU t» ehmm tw» 
iibMi far Uw 8««nl of Trust**! 

an incumbent are a««klng the 
; Uial two o( Uie newcomers 

A&actmtAi «.t [•V4+. 

01 wim Ua opmmm, U» 

eooc«m (or the community 

!• ■]■» sometliing tliat cannot t>e 

Bfto Howard bat •fwwtr I»ro»«l «»' «««« « '«>^ *'■ 

Imi t t i^y^'f- Tiirougli htr lowrtiwiiMnt wtth TIm Frtendt ot 
Hafficr ortanlaallon, Howard itas a iiniqu* and extenaive 
knowledge of the coUego'a organization and procaditrea. 

«• do not, weoiiiiii««d IHat you vote (or "jcumbent BajHfejifitwSMlifiSl 
OwrfC Daalwr DailMr comlatently ts unof>en to other t 
oolnlont. H»» itaNwrnaaa has often turned Into 
a^aaivenesi We (mI that fomeone with more insight 
and patience ihould be on t»e governing board of ttate to' 



What is going on around here? 

Aa f*r John Polll. we appreciate his concern for the 

minity IteMigb .Ilia, candidacy for the board. Still, we 
- - ' ' MOT are more in touch with Harper are. 

Vote in board race 

mm tjuict to show tbelr concerns about procedurei here 

at Harper. 

A», we are sure many of you know, the Slngar itaW te 
nocxeaptloDtotiilsmla. . . .^^ 

Stai. what vocal and print coni.ptatntB add up to In the 
MaioB lalMiea% ■tMBChof hot air wMch la tun endt 

"' -" " n wna w h ara Into apact. 

I aad auggestlont do serve a purpoae of br- 

^, __ __nm out In the open But their effect aa we 
iiilSMiMl, li novtrkNig-aiaiidtnt. 

There Is a way though tlMt HMt Harper students and 
aay taeiilty 'HMWlNr who Uvea In: the Harper district can 

tw» to by vfMm *a tim&Bf* Board of Tniataa •!«:■ 

The Board, of Tmataaa idtlnateiy dmsldaa 'the pro- 
cwUirca of WUIlMB'RahMy Harper CdUafe. 

Thia. to Mwar Hut to vary iliaiif- 

If IwttOT haiil'i«ait WWII' wliat has. gone on (or your 
tunc haw at «wpw. ttian tafea aoni* time aad find out 

Can Hm beap* of WooMHi Vataft, ar ehM!k yoiirlocal 

Sehoafd iM« «, and wliat iiay ■'•■ti*«>f ••>««* I** 

U fonan ataiiMMMrnwI. ywir voting la the only way 

W»i.ii.t t» vrmg *ittt thi* pte- 
lure ■■ 

Tln'll.iiiT*rl.u-ultv *J^(>r!l(■ 
licaHy pu»l)eil itilo d .strike 
«»*c«il«' our Bunrtl oi TrauliKMs 
jliitn'l wiiril to gtvi- our «1 !•><? 
tt|) r. If 11 mutiny col If I! I' 
tocuJiies in the nalton B raise, 

Our Bfliird «>( Trusttiw wndti 
to ctaw dimii me heletgiWi 

Stwlrot A«i ■■<iM 

ilrmwttolalrtti. .■ ■ '•l 

TteHarW,t«g«Ts.ta!l «fni .lut 
(in a rti*M-HMJi«:«l Urilie. 

Sdnleiil !tf)itihy is at a new 

Tlmrj miiM's wrong wiUi 

tltis picturf 

T!>» HJ.rp<fr faculi} will 'noi 
mm In tart ihe> art done to 
• new ciinlMCt mstttemiMt. 

WUCn Advuor TO'iB 
Schiwt** Has n'l«nl«l raough 
In aWm l.(w»|emrnt <i( i:l» 
ra<ttc» slaMim lo Inlreduw W« 
relea.H» ami evmlually a tiM 
hour i.p«€»tlj' sOtt* • I * pw". 
hart m*., jMi. MiM!*, countrj", 
•It > 

The wMunds Wt tt> itie Harb 
liigfr »allttHi:t have atmwit 

Bui none of this evolved uni.i.1 
after same inMnM' hackltitunK 
hmJ clianirter.revtiatiorjs. 

The .BMrt »( Trwiees. in 
particulur Dave Tomcheck. 
have never hidden I heir 
«iilmo»»l) «»r Stwleni ho 
llttlM. It i» a wal *««« o« 
BBOiey. they nay 


Bv the same toKen. tte BMrt 

uf trustees has never hSMen 
their c'iT!'r'!ii>f ')( the (acully's 
vlesir-' I'-'- I' ■-' urrfusm. which 
«em mi.irrlh.iii juslilieil 

Allerall. .Harper hm uiic of 
ihe hesi aciiilemic reputiiticms 
ot any community oolletje in 
Uie nilttiti II Is inleresting to 

note Ihai I>isiri.d 1.J4 tt,lgh 
»th«H leachen take N>me an 
..viTag." Miliary .(it »!.«». 

IIjiijht facttHy memberi 
have an average lake-home 
■Hilary «( |ffl,0«» Which is ab- 

Whal |.s more' absurd is Ihat 
nur Board «( Trurtees, one ol 
who Is up lor re-eleclion on 
Tuesday, «*ffled lo have dtinc 
wM,» to promote tlie lacutly 
Of' »tu«!ent icHvlttes ot (he 

II IS the old conservalive 
ilaltB quo tlut Is tiegmnmg to 
vlttimiW! this sch«,K>l T.t»ose In 
SlUdent .VrtlviHes who run I be 
eilra-currlcular prograniiv are 
terrttied ol changes They are 
»»■« ol uprlilinR the fro- 

||ji3pn» f^M and rtaponalblllly to vote. 10 we afa a«- 
eowatfag you to do m. . 


Bambaeh draws fire 

tun letter tt in letiimal to Mr Bamhath't Column lut week. 

Cone on Mlhe. II you (lon't have unytbing mterenmg ot In- 
liimi«ll»tD«it»ubinit» column 

To IMcn to loiwsone rag nbout their lUe is bad enough, but to 
havellieir tttilnia pubtltlMMl l* unsuitable for a school paiicr. Jul 
became ym Bndyoar lite not "to be as exciting or en)oy»l*lt «• It 
ludl>MOOnMl«ei" It doean't give you tbe rigbt to brmg thenlMlMit 
My down Besides. I didnt lAnk our livwi had lo live up to whal'i 
he«»"promlied*tou» ^ . . .. ^ 

In the luture 1 hope Mr Bambich •iHi the editor* of the Hart>- 
Ingcr reconsider what does and doei not get printed m the school 


New deadline set 

Uttly we have noticed that 

our readers are conluied about 
deadline* tor subr..ittlng 
m.ateriiils such as letters. Fro.m 
The llesk of s. i;pc«mings and 
tIaiillM ads. 

To clear tip ttfe eonlMlon we 
hate ivl. new' deadlines (or 
tlwM Items which we vkIU In 
mate starting today 

From now on all editorial 

i-opv. I e letters, tleslts and Up- 
f<)ntm,g.s *ill have lo 'he turned 
i,n the preceding Friday before 
the next Thursday's issue 
publication Anything submit- 
ted after thii deadline will be 
held for the issue a week fi-om 
thai next Thursday ■» paper 
\o exceptions » ill be made 
Deadline lor all ad copy will 
remain Monday al noon 

Coming Next Week. . 

Off Beat 

-otir new eBterUlnioiot lacttoB 

It has taken a walk -out ol 
■studenls to inlllale some .aclton 

In the admlnislraUon. prirnan ■ 
ly the Academic Standards 

Board, lo review th<' si res* pro. 
blems ol Harbingef .stall 

ViHVU has shown the desire 

10 be student -autonomous 

ttttt they gool'ed la.-si year and 
Student' Activities .Inidcd 
lobahysll aprohli'^ 

tt *llt take .1 Niii . 

•ui <il WIKM \un 
i.cly, liecause the 

(1, , ... ,,uidcnl5 al Harper 

linn I .s<-em too concerned about 
»hnl itMir six or 12 dollar ac- 

1 1 vlties lee is paying (or 
Which IS tragic 

William Hamey Harper Col- 
lege lit one ot the besl schools in 
tl»e nallon academically and in 
extracurricular activities 
How Ihat has come about in the 
mldit of Ihf ultra consenatlve 
and outdated ideology of those 
in charge, has always puzzled 
me and others invovled al 
Harper Bui It has indeed in 
volved (romthal Situation 

Which, is a miracle 


William Ralney Harper College 

Algonquin k Rondle Rds. 



PnerJ WicMiMl 

Kcvm BmiOTinaii 

DunHIl} Pinwawv 

KaUiM'n KnwiUUI 

CK»rl« Sohrwber 


Owr^l H«-»s Jim Martin 

ST«tl run Acliman, l>lar»c fibers. 

Paul CiKKi. BrM10ummiii(>, 

W«ndy HailrwMK). l)MM (M^trck 

HaU> Kulln Karol LoOaufh, 

T»«Ty M«rH)«r Sandralw Nordquul. 

SiiraVorlon MlkrOBrwli 

ayoru Millar . Mixr Bimbaoli 

Siwti null Tun UiIUu. .Ilm Mull. 


Tilt HARBINGEH l» til* «tu<lMlt 
pgHlettion <ar Ui* Harper CoUcgi) 
tampm commuolly, iMtdUMd wMkljr 
ncoitfl (tunnii Mtdayi and nnai mt- 
•mt All ofiiawn ttiicmed m Oiem 
of ibc writer and KM im-MMrtly Uwte 
ot IIM mltail. m •<lmlnlstr»Ucnj. 
liiMilly or «ii<lHit hod} Ailvtrunng 
ind copy <Xnii1I1iw u V a m Monday 
Mi rapy K iMltJcci to tdiunc All 
Ijrtlrtvlo^llw-Eilltor mmi t» aifiird 
\ani« will l» publWiKl For lurlhfr 
mlnrmanon call »7 moo «i «S) -r 

MlMiinn Edltnr 

«rt W«rli 


T)M Iterblnaw, OctatMr It, IWI, Pat* 1 

TIM' AiinlMll CMiCit- taW'" 
li' H ipMHrlig Us riltit afioual 
Cnal ABirlcM atunkMut It 
b ImU' tdcltMar «i tlw niir*' 
ttiy DttoFc TiinlHgl'f ini. Tliti 
fwm tdr wtnhMMl miW nt Kw*. 
M. At) siwlicn >rr enratirsMiNl 
M )«Mti ift and tMit mute «II tlay 
Tlw KKMy li>i|i«s tttii tut 
imilteMt WW IM llw 'nwtiva- 
tuia MHftan immiI. to <]ult (liv 


The third unmml HMtmm 
Tlt»nksf!vmg i'tmi «U1 Iw 
(KfW ^1, SI Hulwrl ■* ChMWH, W 
Cr«n<t ("jinyoii tn HMtaua 
BittatM. Tbaftluglviiig Day. 
Hm M tnm J-« p„in. m 
eliwif W' rtwrvitUM is rv- 
•pilnii. but wvmfime It Mknt to 
Mag.« 'dMi to 'ili«n For nwrf 
InttmaiKxi, w lu lwl|> «ii * itii 
(hi IVist, call Leatine J-evehult 



••pkiypr i> w.;ini«l tor afltr- 
niions Mun.ljiy, U'vitncMtaj' •'Ml 
TlltlTiiHl) The tmj l« fS-SS- 
njSitour InMnsiMl pcoptp 
CM U(|un m StinHwt Ar- 
uviUM, A;i». or call eniniM 

Anitiir ilf II 

All Utrfwr ttuctt^nts wr in* 
ni«t til an Anwltiir Plaiintng 
Sight m M<>nrtii> \<n J lit ttm 
llndwt acUviltrs ofttce, ,A-;SBB 

Can y«i itit|. .play fiitiar. 
(Itiif, ptaM. liinlc. tell a Jtila. 
pvirlnrin a ttkil. or dance '' This 
could, te j«ur ch;iFici' 

U ,)ou .ire ;r!»Tisl«l, m p<'r 
tiiniiitm .II' |ii.itiriinn 'W '*•* 
Dttt a <^iiutm- HiifA.. pleant' 
ctimiF tor ihc planAtng ntnlit <tr 
call Maory Ptitaniwlcti at eit 
MI in stuiJcrit ai'tivti'iei 


Uiirix'f I'dtltge t» coBslder- 
iiig. slarting ait airiill'Ol 
avarnctt prtigm. Tde ac- 
II.yM.M's and soipe ot sucll .a pro- 
grtn (U'Vr not as yrl txTU 
iJettnninoil Student Actlvilie* 
waul.* ui ]ciii>» wtiat tviH- uf t.vni. 
gnn Biiglii tm irn 
and wmtetl bj 
Anytwe •!«» w<i><li imr u,> com 
nittil m tiM' pnigran. m to to 
(«. Itotplaminf , mtacf Jraitrw 
PMluntn, ASH. iir call ntm^ 


ntn't Dasliettialt profram, 
•mrttlug tor tlie State Cowrn 
m«t .lit Sprtogfietd m ■ 
c: 11 V I' ( n Of ' » Sum II. ■ 
FflJowstitji Program." and 
p J r t I r I. p a n n K In 1 ti e 

Wa.!ih.mi!ti>ii Internship ti:if 
Sti«|!enl» in EnfmeeriniC Mttti 
II otIW'r •i-ng.inwrinK titidcnLt 
ctwticii .(.rotn amKai ilw nation 
He atwi M-rvnd ais an pteftwJ 
Stimtenl SMialor in I (it f rt>an.i 
CIi«wpt,ifn stti(i«n.'r3cmt\ 

Pve ».i.}'s hi,i owern (or 
chtkiftn IS r\jt]f.m as heserveil 
a» MaiU'irr tor a little league 
tamcMI team this past cum 

Jim I've, a ltarp«-i sliidenl 
fn»m 1*77 III iwn, juid a 
graduaic iil ite LiolvimHy ot Il- 
linois is*et*ini? .:■ 'i.-i-"i'imburg 
deiiKfltary ■- i m 

toanl M»t .111 '. 1.-IFC- 

inin. Pye. w»» j>. jji'jiduate <i( 

Pyf » eiperienef inEltides tn- 
ilialtng and suipirr-vMing a 

SM| tif 

te«! rm All occisww 
«iei;tti want s«i« 

jtrr M£¥EK 

(3121 mam 



Nw. 1.3. li 


Nov 7. 8 

Scandinavian Seminar <.» tia«' 
mcpttng appimttmn (or it> 
ISil-W. acadiciTric year abr»..ji!l 
in Itenmark. Finland. Sorw^v 
or Sw'Hlen. fnterpadualfet. 
padMtes.. and oDier .aduttn 
irliii want tn Kiuiiy in a ScaU' 
dtnavian country and tieeoine 
pan at a.iiol.litr culture. In- 
f IwlMK Icamtitg Its langtiage. 
are encourageil in apply 

A nnvi (tne- semester prtt- 
j;r jm. <inly in .Denmark., a m«' 
also a?altat)te 

Tttls toctuden a three *«* In- course after 
orientation in Denmark, fottow'- 
•d by a lamt.Jy slay. Students 
are pla««d individually at Scan- 
dinavian .Folk SclMMis Of other 
»p«iatlted tnstitiilitms. wtiere 
ttiey H¥e and ^''. -■■an- 

dilia¥iiin<> lie 


'H«s Fotli Sctiinits an* located 
in .unall. mldentlal andeduca- 
lional communitiie» intended 
nuinly tot young ad.ults Mid- 
way llirougli the folk sciioo) 
year, all the Seminar students 

Rijslil now. (hiTC .Iff (•-•nifn: 

<iMam|i!> lor t»f> trn.ming m unc 

orthf iMw (c!chn»t<;> tike 

conjfiulers, elect. ron.ics or eom- 

munkation*- If you <iuiiltfy, you can 

sign up (or iru'aninl.n!«i I mining 

in the field you rh(M>M\ and atmrt 

•.lief' you (tradttiit* ' 

And, Iwsf4a teirniBg 
'■kite Uiat 'Will last a liifctime. you'll 
have tlie cliancr to worlt tn some of the eicottc places >u.j vt- 
<tr««mt atmit For tnlorrtialton call collect i SU iia^-lMW 


JaPj. \ 

■:m1 iijill meet, la tin* iii'i>uiil.*ins 

lit \.i.rvt.»^ (CI dinruis progrtss 
i.'lan.* (or the .spring 

'Ion of I In: year'tj 
itutii- ■ - lll■nfn<:'^■.^ an 

held ■ -iitn 

Thib ■-. jii iiiiu-iual (ifipoiiuni- 

ty tor the student to explore lits 
nr her field o( interew ti> doing 
an litidepenilent tttudy pni)K-i 
Mon t:t>lle(e stitdents can 
receive full or partial academic 
(■redll lor I he year. 

A fee 01 II. charged 
wlucti wivers ttiltlon. rmnn, 
tioard.. i«»d all coursf- 
cuTOected irawls in Scan- 
dinavia Intrrest-frw loan.* an? 
granleil on this l.asi» ol "-■■-••• •- 
are a te* partial niholai - 

For lurilter ititosi!, 
wrilc to Soiximovian Seminar, 
J«iE K.'iihSt , .\rvi Vork. N.V.. 

"Shadow Box" 

Tite Harper SludMi Theali* 

willpre-spnl "The Shadow Box" 
onN'ov. I.). H, 211 It 21 at li p.m.. 
.1 1« Har-per sludenls admit- 

led lor II S() nil)) an activity 
card Put'ilie adinis.slon is t2 ,v) 
Tickets .<ih<:tuld be purchased In 

Michael rnslofer's gripping 
dfiniai »"n itH- Pulitzer Prixe 
ait well d-. th<> Tori", \ward for 


• •■ ler 


> and 


llii)( 1^ atlull 

Ski ciib 




TheiT ivllt lir 
lueri I ! 
as ,A 

ewrcte*. Also, three upcmi" 
ing regional trip* lo WiscojiRln.. 
Michigan, and Colorado wi.11 tie 

Tnisftr stiMs 

The Student Deveiopment 

■acuity Is ottering transfer 
!i*»minar$ lor many major area 
KlKiols this se.mester L'pcom- 
lOH seminars include We&teni 
lilMlii Liiliverslty, Monday. 
Slo» 1 from. J III ;i p. in m D IM 
and Tuesday, "Sm 2 tmm il to 
II pm in D-IOS. and Loyola 
I'niversily, Wedne*dav, Nov 4 
tram 1 1 to lip in InDlM 

BfStriay m i" 
Box" i» the - 
minal eanci-. 
families .iin! 
ttieir -siruKKl' 
AitiKlymii. 1 
- not aboui 


"The Shad..n 


lizi dancers 

The Harper College In- 

irainural llept is apansormg a 
J«H Dance Workshop Ijy the 
famous iJus GiMrdaiio Dance 

Gus Giordano is known 
throughoMl the t'nitH Stales 
lor Iheir quality Jail lec'htU- 
ques and routines, and one of 
their experienced dance facul- 
ty members will he coming lo 
Harper to teach interested peo- 
ple ]au mutlnes 

The wurkshiip will he held 
Friday arternoon, Nov 6 from 1 
lo .1 pm in the gymnasium to 
Bidg M Admission is free to 
all Harper Collene Faculty, 
Slafl, studenl-s and Iheirguests 

Par more inlormatton. con- 
tact Wallv Revnolds or Laura 
Folln in M £22 or call exi 265 or 

Interior design 

forms alumni 


Harpers. Intertor Design 
program, which prepares 
(ludents lor jobs in design and 
lales in the retail and home lur- 
nlAtngs field, has just slarted 
the Harper Interior Oexign 

H 1 A . at 11 It called lor 
ihort, II an alumnistt' associa 

The ajUMNnatlan first got lis 
Stan lad June, during a ten 
year reunion tor til len 
gradiiAliaf dasica. when 100 
meifibtfts jotDcd. 

The aluroattU aiaactotlMl W 
lor Harper CciUtftt 

have completed the two-year 
interior design program 

H t D A wants to be able to 
help the graduates by assisting 
then find sources, lo (ind jobs 
and give them information on 
what is going on in the industry 

"We want the graduates to 
help each other " It is like an 
Mi-goIng career placement." 
said Millie Mueller (he presl- 
dentofH I DA 

H IDA is planntog a dinner 
meeuog. which is scheduled for 
Wednesday. November 4. at 
0:10 p m at Lancers' 
Restaurant m Schaumburg 


Hawks-Triton battle for prop 

bvMlKBBAinAai "nitHm-h».meMWhil». *«■>■»• ami then thrif* the pto »«M ^ 

iiiiiim«' »*■■■— 

Of USC'-l'ClJl. W Ssturday's 
M»q»«<"-TrtHiii gamt touW tic 
ttieir junw ««Mt|l» «*■»•'- 

The Ha*»i i«J Tr«»«iii, H»r 
ymm me iinly in«iiH>tw at tfce 
ayw«y Ci»llt«i»ii« '*'* **• 
tMlMll priir*»». jump** *" 
m M«ft Cwtrri Commiuilll 
Ci»lleir CoiUerence - w* thr 
«m>y c<w-fewu« tn U>« *'«■'* 
Hut Mtan taUtall « « Ww- 
crttefiaie *•*•' <» '** ""' 
luve met eic* »<«»« etglit 
mum »li>ce 

JtiteMWtlie-Pww <*•■•' 
- tlie tpw|i> iyi»bolfc 'UJ tlie 
tovn*- luiiip rnmi: Die Shywy 

Since tlwir Hnt iii«(tlii|. ta 
IWl:, mhHiti Trtton •« *». 
tUc Ha* Us tovt »'tm ttt M««. 
indudlng a torleit «in, in l»7lt 
tmmm ttw Tr«»J»na ti«l<Jis<l m 
'IwtWtMc player. The Trol»» 
Oiily otter wtn was in lf» wtien 
Ititybeii tteHj»'tt»4t-7 

TBis Ye«r"« gam*" i» » ">••■ 
M!¥«riiat tttm tot y«»r'i e«- 
tHi. A year ap^ *te Trojuw 
wm*. S-l aniJ nee*4 1* bt'al H* 

flnair to dinrt Ita NK" title 

T!itHBwh». meMW'htl*. *«'>"«• 
« and haU lua their nr»i fivu 
pnw*, of Ite ymt TKiey then 
Meat Wri:gW m4 awl North 
Parf* )ayv<» KM, Tlwy »'« 
17-polnt uii«lerili>in ter fl»lr 
mwUtigwtlh Triton, 

But tlw Hlw'K* pillM oil 1M 
Mgiwt upwi in tteir hlolery 
With, a »-t» win m*r the Tro- 
,|:aiii, WWo **«' »* '» *■'* '*•■ 
MWtvwt !>«"'> *tl^* Dillil***'"* 

aon Burke m*h»l tor «S 
yar* (I'urtftl 't* !•"». '»- 
cludiint a »yard toucMowi* 
rtin wttti «-*3 left t" th* game 
tl>»l w,»» th* dmchtw H,«! 
■cored iJe»i>i» m,tsii»i U* en- 
tire tWrd n«an«f Imtmt of «i 
a,iki* injury , H« n!t,un»<l to tte 
|»im aiatort the advic* ot the 
fl«wlo' trainer 

h year later, it is twe HmU 
«J» »« ,a mtnt away irom 
ctlncJiminiily 'twi,' siM'oiKl con 
krence lllle Harper is 5-1 and 
tied' ««» Jotl«t md lllinoi* 
Va,»ej lor t»it flrrt !>>»<♦ »*»*■ 
Triton Is la fourth mth a +3 

Joiki. the otii» i>-!"n to •**' 
Harper mis >«.:■ I, ''•> 

O'uF'air »"''•' **"■ ■ """' 

wcm*4 "wiUi' 38 sewodi. i«t 1 1. 1 
and: *e rwi i couple ol P''- 

ami ll>en thn«* the pto.' 
Wolve,!' coiic,h JetTv Yost 

Ttoe pas* »'as t» W-yard HbU 
Uwy Horn <|uartert)aclt Tim 
Satorl that ewted up (n the 
handa ol Keii KnatpCTVk after 

hmmm <»" • J"'*' ««'«•■ 
Md DuPage (lelender Ac- 

eorilliil to Yoft. Knalpciyk 

p»hb«l me p™»» i" ">« *"<• 
Kiite But the referees 
itlsagr«H.I and Ji'illfl. which 
».,- '!■:*,■. 1 ■'<•■■ ^' in the nation, 
h..i: / ; ' ■ ' •'~- '■ iheyear. 
"■'Wf Udm' piii:> well." «ld 
Yoit. rntum leam will play 11^ 
lliwls Valley Saturday, II the 
W«U«» and Ha«ks *in. they 
will tpe N«," co-charapt<in,». If 
the Hawks lose and J'ollel wiWi 
Harper »ill ■(U»l»h lourth in the 
eonterewe U Harper *t«i*, 
and llllnoii Valley win, the 
Hawks will he eo-cMamptow- 
with IV ,i\tv«ts«»on. 


fi' ^ 

KUDOS, -nm ^^»P»f^f>S;:^'^Sft^t^^rS^^ 

!«.]• durtti lait ■•«■% aUM. Hit IwwIbi will ne •BMOiif laar 
SaUinlt} It TrMim. ( HafMnfw mc ptaoio) 

<SossX;ouiitry finishes 2nd 

The m*tf* tmm country te,am finlih«a iwynd 
,1 lai weekend's S4C meet OuJ'ar » Tint 
'a. iCrCnlt won (he indtvWuiil cha,m,pl«i»»up 

t'' ' 1 cmirse rn-ord »:« at the Busse ^oods 

" ■,.„« Thr Hawks Ron Theherge was MWMid 

,, » :w lime ami might have «oi» the racejl 

„„ f.,r sp.lii.ig himself !•> "-• ^'"^"/^f'i'lj'VX 

t;urrra (iiiished ninth *iil. a -•^, "™, V"* 
H;«li!. »:ii! be at the state ■ Region IV ■ meet this. 
!i»t,u,rda^ *\ Oaktoij b«;ginn,iiig at 1 1 a m i ne 
goU team (mtohwl their ite«son with a *-»afI»»"^ 
C I'Jth pl« leato finlifh at the stale -Reg m 
IV It,." I last weekend, W,atly Jams led the 
Hawks .liter 18 holes with an «3 and "m*™ * ■» 
,„. «, „ h 7 *■■ < ■h.-rnik at m alter » h»>le», Ed Slat- 
, ;„ , ■ iiity w,B»- lh« indtwldMl c hampion 

with a :»-t»l<* total of IW The »occer team 

also tifllshi!d their -leason Tuesday with a 2-0 tow 
10 Waulxmsec in the first round of the Region n 
North playoffs Thev tied Ijike Forest jayvee (m 
ta«t Thuriday m the Hawks tK-st game of the 
year acrortting to coach Larn,' Kackowski, The 
Hawks finish with a (♦! rw-ord and this Is the 
lirsi tmie in ttw? three^year history of th*- soccer 
team that n did not qualify for the state playoffs 
The foUevball team prepped for next weekend s 
■etttaate at Oaklon with a forfeit *ln wer 
Waubonsee and losses to Northeastern uimoiii 
lawee and Illinois Valley IV beat the Lady 
Hawks 12 15. !&-». 13-15. 12-lS in a conference 
match The Hawks are now i-U and finished with 
a 2-5 NIC mark 





JyCH AS $? 000 fWI* Wm IHCOMI, W VQUB OWN !N^ 

,,,iv *; ■■- ' -.'XOUNl ilflAi t>m CLAIM TH!^ 


._, , .,,, I ,,,-,. ,,„,,,,..»( 1,1. -,,4v>'>i;-;. i[ir»"u"'«s »»*"*'*'" 

,, ,,'.•■ ,■,. I ,jw tM HOP »mi e»n till ■(•■•'•ag 
ii.(,i .i«ai fm i» laa. •««««•«• »• '"•" W'>.««i»» '-*» » ••« 

:•,. , -„;,m(i,100»y' ^■^•^■^■^■^■^■M 

llflp Warned 

OH TV , ; n I, L,^,. «...«, . ,.„-«, - ~ . . 

,-.,..»#< •• mat ««,it'«» <«l «i<e«t«w»i 
:,,.,.«» IMMIiar'f *• »»'•' • «■•»»»»•<• 

f„)l««lflC€l>l.iO*L!terr« Ijfiis 
arowfl ,in my ArllTjqlef" MH N»««, L«li itltr' ft 

Mai T|**E "'^'''J'.-" '■■■'"■ 0''iv«rs 

«:«•■€ «aM, — *"• >« '••■"■"H "»■."« 
Ifiit*! »' W't' « .•.*t<,l';»''0' 'r'a §•»£»"<• 
*ylli* t'lW'» ""'" "" ■'■ ■'^' '■' ''•"^'■■' 


P*«T Tim, l«W».ll»<:ll»«*»l«l ■»■"« »«»; 
««,» |,.t<lllHI' KMiWIWtn^tHMr-ii.*!**!* 
U«ri»<»«ll «!*»» ,F'"« «»''l"» .™"2 


joiSomHirii »•"•''<;•« firm" *>•« 

Srit«» "avfi-^S e.rtllfti »,.y 

^nr1l,!.o- .i*Hjfm#'.«n SfcA'^AK D«*1,D*, 

1 •* TotMn ,iH»rp«M™ tm 

!!KrV«toui<« PLEASE cwwtp*.! ••» 

4. "« t!«S!i!!a4i!!ft 

COtlOO ieifTM. I"<n"»-», umfctanom 
tomoww, twniM«il ■iMrtmw' •"" 

Fm tiM, (L Frit t-r""*. "f* ", 

■wfii M«]f>i. ti^mlMit coyrw. son taufif 

'j,» l»>,t tCl MlOrnlnt |j<T>»»"ll wmt«m, 
• i«*lrn«, iiw»m<»itlBO Cloi*»W'>"l«"'' 

A.,..i.Si. nm I CWKt 0'0«» nil 

r== :-= f"(,j. Sale 


DOCS aaYaooY mm mtoamwt »i»^ 

Wo o f c»n WI4 1. an 'HI 

Pflt Metheny Group 

SI>MlltH KtTCXeN «T. > h:l^^■Wc» 
elwiri. KM •*» !•« I'W W <»>* «'■' 
Sm«* quwi tilt l»*i«w wl *« •«« 

Lif»»«r.M«r,hi,Kri. •rfniJOW'^nd N—M 
rf (inlMitno dut to mm"<9 »«• w »•' 




i«SO S Bramard P O Bon C. 

L» Grange, tL«»2S 

ntur tin VijBia^-t-BS. ' 

s«u«ie»it»if$t'''»ci<H.Mi „mcMK 

■••uHM contfMHwi ">»» te'lff* n wry rtrt. 
+1 WM mj* with • w»^v ''•'• *<»** Awr«l» 
■< « nnr ILIM. •>»• <■>• lor liH MmM« 
■ulalMaM. muitwil, , CHim-M'inw 


Wn FOaO LTO 4*»r Lxianu. »• ■»• 

n,l«»mll« o.OT lliJ«l_»r>W«J;.«> _ ,, 

College ol DuPage Student Activities presents The Paf 
Metheny Group on Friday. October 30. 1*81 at S 00 p m^ In 
the Campos Center. Building K Admission Is MM tor Col 
lege of OuPage students, general admission Is 19.50. Tickets 
are available at College of OuPage, Room A20S» For more 
.ntormatloecall g58 13<0 

TISERS All classified and per 
sonal ads sulimitled to the Har- 
binger lor publication must in 
elude the name address and 
telephone numl>er ol the person 
submitting the ad Payment for 
personal ads must tje made 
prior to putilicalion The Hart) 
mger reserves the right to 
refuse advertisements it deems 
offensive, libelous or map 
propnate and payment will tie 
returned to the advertiser 
TypewriTIen ads sfibild be 
dropped oil at the Harbinger of- 
fice A 3«7 Deadline is noon. 
Monday prior to imbllcation 

* < 

Inskie. . . 


Out new entertainment section -pages 6 & 7 


VoMSNo U IStliYitr 

Hmmtxt S. 1981 


William Ramev Harper College Palatine, Illinois 

Howard, Torisky win; Dasher out 

CaiMlMatec Krts Howard and 
Dna Tnrtiky won el«€tioit to ttm 
amm Vmnt of Tru«i««s Tue»^ 
4af, delMtlDg incumbent 
G«orge DaiHtr and candutotf 

Wltli ill precincts r«|iortliii. 
lalt TUHday evening unofflciiil 
n«utt« plat-ed Howiirt a» the 
SMMrent iront ninMr villi 

Tnrtilty im* « »lH»it. *i •*• 

lt«l wwr Ornkmr wtih 7.itt 
f MM to Diiher't T.W - 
PoUl [inttlicd IMI wttb S.SS 

A)lli«ui>> cuilegt m 

■ ti, •■nfhMtwd tlMs 

vtre mniUicitl, 

_ (iimiM 

al lilt larfc 

f ni' wtUit Hit MctiwM,. 

md^ mtlliiii' Uf' Hiat tiiiiiKin, 
••riaiiUy, I'm lufiirtMl. vm 
.iMHlMmly griitted lor ue 
««IM. aml^ rut surt I can meet 
Mm rwaiKtnsttillitict of tlw 

Wltk the marfin »C votoi bet 
ween MimieK and Da«lier. 
Turtsky waa rductant tn claim 

■•Thal» a very tl«e margin, 
and I still haven't heard 
anything trxm the i»Ue|e m 1 
re»lly cant ay deflnitely. Id 
prefer to wait," Timsky »»W 

He did liowever lay that he 
had: anUelMted a very ctese 
race with Daidier. «,nd was not 
surprised at the return 

•1 anticipated it bemg very 
Ctae. tweaine lie • Dasher > is 
the Incumheni and that's 
samelhlng to onercome, " 
TtirtAlty sttld' 

Althmifli tinwllltng to c»m 
hmuI wi early returns. Dasher 
m iMh' out *l the H'artjmger 
(at the ctMiice of candidatr* 
wUeh dU not Include Dather 

■Im slsiply surprised that 
you pmtfle (the Harhmgeri 
dM I realte that the financial 
statu* that we have i« hecauic I 

wai elected four years affio." 
Dasher said 

Dasher also criticiied ,the 
Hafttlnfer for creating c»n- 


"The fact that the Harhingt 
was too shcirtttghted to r«alii< 

thai you don' I need cimtro'versy 
10 an opemUon like this, really 
upsets me." Dasher said. 

With results from precincts 
in ElU Grave. Wheeling and 
Schaumburg indicating that he 
WIS running in last place, Polll 
said he wished the leaders 
Howircl and Torisky. success. 
twil did not concede the race 

i wish them, (hose who are 
preteMly winning, a lot of luck 
I know that they have a M of 
work ahead ot them and I'm 
sure ttiejf e«» .haniHe it." P<»tlt 

Otftclal election results will _^ ir— a-«.«i «rf P.i«iin» 

he canvassed MoiKlay at a DON TORISKY. rttfit. of Schiuabiiry. f^^.f^^^^^ 

•uwyii meet ti>g ol the Board of mm tHe •IH>m«?J.]!!?^'3^.'2!!!!2L JSlKLn^?^^ 


«WC me apparent wmnera m im™»«j • rs^"^ Ir^T^ iTT 

Harper student killed strip search leads 

*^ to law suit 

A iarper I 

(■If CHMUtion IdUowtng a head 
near Soulh Barr 

omm Injtirwl in the actl- 
dMl were Pattt LaKiicca. 19, of 
Arlingtoii Heights. Elitabeth 
Phillips, m. of Arllngldii 
Heights. Klai Boat. 14. hi 
Palatine, and Steven ramp. IS, 

UEocca. cumnllj a part- 
iMiie student hara WMnported 
m fair cmidlUmi^ Ml TlMMy. 
hy • apofeMiiiHi at tlw IMiif - 
han Madieal Center In Hoffman 

was tuted In stable 
laie Tucaday, with 

I Injuries and multiple frac- 
tures at Good Shepherd 
Hoapltal, inBarrinnMR 

Kim Boat was reportad Is 
condition late Tumday, at 
rtan Medical Center 

Steven Camp, driver at the 
car was listed In critical condl 
tion, late Tnemlay. at Suburban 

lUlnolR State police aaU late 
Tuesday, that the accident Is 
under tnvestigalMin 

Michigan Slate Umversity 
and two of its police officers 
have been sued for II million by 
a former woman student for 
allegedly strip searching her in 


Bonnie Kelhert said she was 
Stripped and searched by a 
female police officer at the 
university police station tiut the 
doors to the room were lefl 

.^ I arrested In 

connecUon with a traffic ticket 
A university police official 
says the Incident neve roc- 

Kelbert claimed the e»- 
pertence upaet her so much atte 
spent the next day in tbe 
hospital She later drappatf Mit 
of the university. 

Contract vote soon 

lum lUt waifela put lilt 


The tactiily is expected to 
vote, probably lale this weak, 
on a proposed one y«ar con- 

Members from both 
negotiating teams met last Fri 
day to go over the final 
language of the contract Whik 
it camiol be determined what 
the flllBl outcome ot the vote 
will be. Kanen Keres. faculty 
senate president, said that "if 
the faculty accepts it Uhe con 
tract I the faculty will abide by 
II " 

StIU, even if the contract is 
accepted, the faculty will 
"prepare with dllligeoce and 
determinatlo lor ncit yean 
negoliatMMiB.' ' lald Keren. 

She also said that the 
teacften ■ ■ wiU nat mmtit wtlhoul 
a contract' ' if llMra i» m agie*- 

Kens also (Wis that the 
■'aagaUation process was 'un- 
necessary, obstructive and 
delayed" When asked it tbe 
teachers are satisfied or not 
with the proposed contract she 
said, "we will see on the vote ' ' 

Ms Keres also feels that the 
■faculty Is above any petty 
reactions' to tbe outcome of 
the negotiations, hut the 

board must understand that 
negotiations ll a process not a 

She also said that there was 
never any ill will between the 
faculty and the administration. 
However. Ies«>n» have been 
learned and we have a smart 
faculty " 

Dr David Williams. Vice 
President of Academic Affairs. 
■aid hi an tnlervtew Friday that 

be thinks that the process was a 
-normal' one and that relations 
between the faculty and the ad- 
ministration is "as good com- 
ing out as going in (to the 
negotiations! He also said that 
"the administration is pleased 
that the negotiations have 
come to this point 

Williams feels that, pertain- 
ing to Ihe contract," that the 
language changes will not be 
that difficult lo work with," for 
the teachers and the ad- 

WUliams is pleased wltt tlie 
way the negotiations went and 
be said that the adminlHratlon 
has "no dlflerent feeling for the 
faculty " "At no point was 
there any name calling, " said 
Williams. "Both sides are 
prepared to resume the 
bualMsa of ediKatioo " 

..Smi, ■"«••*' 

tk wm 


A contract 
with a lesson 

worth learning 

MM • Hf mIM •■ wc all now know that '«« an not to 

i wpi r m lalwl i if part of our Ciiiiitiiiai hnak m ihal 

thai thcf* m only •» imoil uitleipatiaa 'tliat i 


iblttHiDalad atid tUU no 

m ^aot uracil any tNXiy can do tic«|it 

W anil try 10 

BamlMicli v». Binoiry 

Will racism ever end? 

k tiKrc (or all 
■a agreement 


Give him his guns 

ntt recwnt pi 
WAHC tar « bm m 

" 'i MM tic taini liiliUy A 

I m landfuas n rtiiicutoui 

any rrlminiil wlio 

I • lun will gi>i a gun A 

MM tike guns Ml ill tkr 

I of tpM-umen wtm know 

r » tamtle pum luitely 

Mlaad' if iMiuting: ■«■, 

know lio« m pnip«rty 'haiMlto 
kl* gtin Mfeiy Th* D<>pjirtra«iil 
ol Conwrvatlon in llluiM* 

flt lMli4i* 

UlMy clmMw y«ar 
iwuid. alio id ritib* kave gun 

saJfiy project! iinij both pro- 
grains art el'li'dtve 

Fnr anyone wko iIi»m<'I know 
the icGoiMli aincmliwiit 'hen tt 
is A wlt-nttiiiJiifd mllHVa tte- 
Inn ne<:«»iary lo th* «e<;urlly ol 
» trtf lUle. Ill* right nl tli<> pw- 
.|)ic 10 k»«i» and 'hear ansa iliail 
not b« Wnoied 

Jla WiiUcny 


Crowd turns film 
into *freak show.' 

(t wot a Friday night, not 
unllka many ulhera. on 
Chlcago'f South side Passing 

frmim Avenue, on ,i9th Street. 
a car Halls, The white oc- 
(■upanis ol ihe car are lemned 
Th»} h*»iuta to gf tool 

nnally. the itriver movM 
lowaril* the hood As he doe*, 
•noacr car pull* netl to the 
llalM vehicle A Itlack per«>n 
eweffist Apprehension, fear. 
lake hold ol the situation 

"Mry man, you like It here or 
sunetoing'" How'd |«i like an 
•mended vacation "*■ ' 

'"Eat shit, ntgger," 

Gi'ven 'ihB situation, any 
(wmtwr ol things can 'happen 
Itere nothing more did 

"'Anytime any Mack is con^ 
I'mied m a racial iituatlon. 
lie I) l>ack oil. " >aid a white 
friend ol mine kmg ago 

'[te'pends on tiow many 
while dudet llier* are,'" tald a 
hiack friend of mine. 

The black plight ol slavery in 
Amcrtca ii well documented 
So la the whtte blight ol racism 
In hi! radio iliow about a year 
a|». Mack journaimt Carl T 
RlwaiiMM Anyone who ssyt 
ht it not prejudiced is a liar " 

.IndOMl. racism, as an issue is 
not a color li is not black or 


, Bam bach 


White 11 IS a state of miod For 
anytbing bad tdal came from 
raciim, nothing good has ever 

••yiMj'll never get rid ol 

racKm." said aiuithrr black 
friend ol mine "Vou d have to 

get rid ol the racists lirsi ' 

The Ku Kiux Klan. notorious 
racists, don t hide their con- 
len^il for blacks, or any 
mMoritlet In a recent "tn 
Minules ■ prograii], one 
Klaniman, the lonner Grand 
DraffMi 01 Tesas, said "We 
are here to proieci ihe rlgliti of 
the while Anencaii* " 

The Klan i* perpetuating, ai 
IS the American Socialiat Party 
I. or Nails I, the demagogic no-' 
tion Ihal one ■ne* ;li siij^lor In 
another 'bccawe of race or 
heritage It t» a notion that hat 
plagued mankind since the 
beginning of time. 

The Han, at least they tell 
lis, has grown tremendouKly in 
the past lew years. One "M 
Mmules" program depicted a 
Youth Kian program In Texas 
that included mllllary arma 
meni and training lor young 
children "I hate niggers/' one 
child said to reporter 
Christopher Glenn 'Do you 
know why you hate black peo- 
ple '>" 

"Because, I've always been 
(Old that niggers are bad " 

"I treat a person the way he 
treats me," said my black 
friend If he is prejudiced. 1 
can be nn his level." 

'It isn I easy being black, " 
Mid another friend "1 don't 
think racism ever did anylhing 
for anyone l*ve never done 
anything to anyone You can t 
help bul get angry sometimes 

"Tl»e haired is always there 
But there $ nothing you can do 
about II. so you just go on 
You've got to keep telling 
yourself to stay o(I their level . " 

There are no solutions to 
racism, al least not now As 
anotlier black friend told me. 
"I doni think it will ever be 
•olved There's always to- 
iMwne who will always want to 
■0 back into Uie past." 

lew short hours ago, I 
nd the theatre for tlM aiMl- 
night showing ot John 

Caii«cnler's "Hallowatit."' The 

piact: wan MM mllli what ai>- 
~'— ^' ta b* IWlMiiable, 

Waa I e*er wrong! Tlit llgHls 
went down and the atMHaiw* 
•addenly became screccMag, 
IniiBatttre, ineansiderate In- 


I 'Caaw m wm ttm mmm... My 
hiMiMr caaw la Ma at nMvMt . 

I'm wire a lot of tlM> aiMtience 
raine to ace the movie Wiiat 
•a got .laatead was a Ireak 
alH*. m «at lUta Ncaaa tune In 
lit :IM. gradt. It pwifle dhla't 
want to M the mm. if Uiey 
•anted to hoot and hollar, they 
■houM have stayed away 
Hike Bambach talked W hH 

column ol tludenl apathy It 
fiMt btywMl apathy and. un 
wtanalely. beyond Harper 
My pMrt m the "younger 

icneratkia" have ■ r«|iutitlon. 
lor atanM 'unMittable taH- 
cenieredneat and awiaunMiilal 
mcaaaidera.tiMi' lar' ttm paoplc 
arsuMi llieia.. I aw It laare and 
'BHTt Ml Hm ipatiMa aratad tm 
aad'l am akkol tt. It latlintM 
.Mf, '"Wftt'liad'aaaiiilif Wake 
m pttfitJ urn mmmi fom 
TliM art oUitr' :panpa In Mn 
world, and every tact one of 
them is jutt as important as 
you are. 

Try to rtnember Ihal. and 
the neat time you m to a movie. 
please kMp your damn laoulha 


-frank WaM 

Exhibit has redeming values 

'dtaapiMlnted in tlie nar- 

of vieit exhibited in 

i't Mtar 10 the lidltor 

Party Had 

I intelligent 

of Ifalt massive piece 

I or should it be 

I art. 1 could have 

■OTWVIK . ." . . the entire 
(Tlltdain was baaed on the 
dligiilt of one viewer toward 
"vaginal art" Why not 
1 Ihe automatic sexual 
■Hon and try to discern 
Um artMt** tmt Btcanlng* Isn't 
It tipcia a tl t atlve of Uie beglon 
lag ol all Hie* Isn't it the com 
monaitly that imks all women 
everywhere, through all ages? 
Might it not represent matriar 

diy . rather than pairfarchyT 

Seiual symbolism aside, 
there i* much more to The Din- 
ner Party that should be 
understood Each plate and 
runner has Its own symbolism. 
For example: Alexandrian 
Coptic imagery is used in 
Nypatla's place setting Leaf 
tonus pull away from the 
center, symbolozlng her limbs 
being pulled iri#m ihelr sockets 
by a group ol fanatical monks 
The names that envelope the 
center ol Petronilla de Meath's 
plate sympbolize Ihe flames 
that brou^t her death after 
she was accused of being a 
witch. The eye that looks out 
Irom Caroline Hershel's plate 
symboliies her astronomical 
discoveries which were never 

credited with the same worth 
as those ot a male astronomer 
Georgia O'Keefes plate is a 
sculptural translation of one of 
her paintings Her image tries 
to eacape the Ubie, but she 

lliat brings about another 

point There were two major 
symbolic themes ol The Dinner 
Party The second was the but- 
terfly trying In be free Why 
was that Ignored? 

Everyone Is entitled to an 
opinion But before that opinioa 
is expressed. It would behoove 
tlie critic to make an Intelligent 
foray into the material that Is 
being ditsecled 

Tht Hartrtngw, Novcmbtr s. itti, Pagi 1 

Makus lends a hand to refugees 

Many miiihcafi Atlan 

rtfnfte's don'l •■ll t* 
ramtntber Urn rcsMM (iMt 
taftad llMin to take the trek to 

afttr all tlw pro- 
Muna, Omrt w Ktmetlilni be 

m§ 4mm }o M|» Uicat people. 

Geuf'BP T 
•adi 'lilt wile. 


I wDint^ to ■ 


II all Mailed beck m the 
miO't. TlMM naa m amy 
poeral to VtetniMv *IM tod 
vorkid under StNmff ffiW JiMl. 
(lie Communists Dad 
n tie l>ad purcliased • 
a* mm Ike 



Wkaa. Ha «aa M yean oU. ke 
dicidad IB .EM a wajr to come I4t 
'Ikt'OriM'Stalaa. So, Ha hM In 
a beat Ikal. «ii leairtng Viei- 
aam. It «« Miy a tnaEI 
(Uhjiif IMMI, )*et Ibete wtra 
alnmil IWpMMeniera aboard 

JUIet a long jouniey •iuknii 
'" '.aalcraelMfsaatftconly 

In take Ha, and ail the 
to Taiwan. 
fa waa able to gel 
to Ike United States 

Meanwhile, after the lall ol 
Satgon tn m5. a young man 
married a gtrl who wa» related 
to the general, and tke«e two 
I to the United states The 
I pnceeded to spoti- 
aar Uie oiktr' members ol hi* 
wHoi' iainily , and eventually 11 
came o*er (mm Viel 

Tlien the old general kiinieir 

waa toecMl to leave Cktna.. He 
•Ml to' Taiwan, but there... too 
ha mas Ikouglit of «$ as enemy 
of the Communitts. He went to 
Vietnam, and when the 
nment Ml. ke, hii wife 
and ehildren cane over to the 
VKltcd Slate*. 

Tken. one itiomtng. Mr*. 
Mafcui. who teaches tn the 
reading lab at Glenbrook South 
Htgh School In Clenview, waa 
anrprHadta fiml thai she had 10 
Vletnaincse students m her 
clan, moat o) them were part 
a( the generarj lamily But 
their Uivolvment did not >top 
Ihin:. The Mafctit' got to know 
IM'VMiaiMMl batter, una had 
I aver al their home often 
They helped ikcm to any way 


"We would lei them uws our 
car to let Ihem go tor their 
driven lleente test, and we'd 
co-atgn Ii>r loans, for thetr cars 
and apartments" said Makus 
Hta wife, meanwhile, helped 
them learn how to speak 
Bngtlab Every year the 
Mafua' have an Internattonal 
party In their home, where 
evef7onc haa la bring lood that 
was reprMematlve of their 
country This helped the 
children in Mrs. Matkus' cla>» 
to OMat other*, and it taught 
Ikcm how to communicate and 
gel ahMgW'llh other*. 

All ten student! in Mrs 
Makuf' clasa graduated from 
mgh •chool to (our yean. Three 
ol tkUB ware Miictod in the 
National Honor .Society, and 
one graduated with highcat 
henon. Cum Laude. 

AH went 00 to college, two on 
acadettie scholarship* Now 
mtrnt at them are working 
while ottiers have gone on lor 
hlijber degrees One young man 
Is an electrical engineer at 
Motorola Another man attends 
the Illinois Inalltule ol 
Tceknotgy . A .yoiang woman is a 
fariilon ttaslgiiar. lla became a 
cook, and wwrlc* at Beimtgan.'s 

Rcttaurant In Schaumburg He 
is trying to save his money to 
get his mother over here 

The Makus' meanwhile-, are 
continuing their efforts to help 
other Indochlneae and Laotian 
refugees Right now. they're 
helping people Irom Laoi. tke 

Philippines, and Thailand 

The Makus' seem to enjoy the 
work that they are doing, and It 
is obvious thai their time and 
efforts are of upmost value to 
the refugees' who. after much 
suffering, are finally getting a 
chance at a better life 

Mulvihill instructs the sciences of life 

MARY uh; HULVax 

.toitiucUag Btotagy and Mker life 
I yean. (pMn bjr Rtib Botler- 




much as $2,000 erom yoor income eor your own in- 
oivioual rettrehent accouhi i ira) and claim this 
as a tax deduction evem if you atreaoy 
ahe covered by a retirement plan; 

1* mm mm *m »«. »«o mv tii-iawnas oiwuiuniws awiUii)* » 
«0u unMr me naw Feoini Tim uw mm Ms jeii can lak* mrar«iii| 
mtt rt|«i nemnmadmai m ■» ihna *»ierkiii m an. ixiem) 



MSO S Bralfiard, P O Boo C. 

LaGrsng*. ILWS2S 

3S4 4714/397 gl2S 

.Not many tcachcra get to 
bypass tkeir master's degree to 
work (in their doctorate 

Mary Lou MulvlhlU. pro- 
letaorolBMtgy. Itone of those 
wko did lust that at Purdue 

■It was a new program. The 
(esting was to determine 
whether you could go on to take 
)ouT doctorate or whether you 
wetti nt> further than receiving 
your m.a»ler's degree 

11 was a two day battery ol 
fiam..mations It was determine 
cd 1 did uol have to get a 
mastor't." she said 

So on she went to obtain her 
doctorate in phy sMogy 

Ten. years ago she came to 
Harper Alter teaching her first 
clan, Mr*. MuivihiU was cer- 
tain she w-oui<i never have 

".But every »»ler is Itse 
the first Over the years 1 have 
had such lovely groups of 
students." she said 

Although she teaches 
anatomy, physiology and in- 
troduction to human disease to 
about ISO students per 
lemeslcr. the said she does her 
best to learn the names of all 
her students 

"In my comhined physiology 
and anatomy class, I have 
small group discussion* I pro- 
bably get to know those 
students hetter 

•■| also gel to knii* some ol 
Ike students in anatomy Iwlter 
because of their clinical ex 
perience in the hospital, which 
ties in with what they are tak- 

A large proportion of her 
students are women said Mrs 
Mulvihill, because tnore 
women go into health field* 

"There are more males tak 
ttig classes now then several 
years ago and more women 
coning back to the classroom 
I enjoy the variety. ' she said 

Her coin«rn tor a college tes- 
tbook to meet the needs of her 
students, prompted Mrs 
Mulvihill to write a lexltxiok for 


25% Discount 

on III parms tml ligif color 
tkiou^ No*. 9 vitti this m) 

B33 E Mtonquin 
(iMt mest of the 
new "SMiuerf ') 

her class on human disease. 

It took her more than a year 
to write and illustrate She did 
over 200 illustrations which 
were then refined by an artlst^ 

The book. "Human Disease: 
A .Syitemic Approach," was 
published in tMO and Is being 
used nationally as well as local- 
ly, ihesaid^ 

Apart from her involvement 
at Harper. Mrs Mulvihill likes 
to he a homemaker. 

"1 am very happily married 
and 1 enjoy taking care of my 

"I have two airdales, one of 
which is a puppy that 1 trained 
this »ummer and am still train- 

She and her huskand enjoy 

"We raise all our own 
vegetables We do what la call 
ed French intensive gardening. 

"My husband digs the earth 
extensively to prepare tke toil. 
Then he puts in lots of 
nutrients, so it will support 
more growth The vegetables 
are then planted closer 
together, giving a belter 
yield, "she said 

A little over a year ago Mrs 
Mulvihill (juil smoking to en- 
courage her husband who had 
to quit because of a cardiac 

"I was really a keavy smoker 
- over two packs a day. but 
when I decided to quit, I didn't 
taper off, I Just ()utt " 

Her anatomy class surprised 
her with an award which 
reads: Or MX. Mulvihill. Non- 
Smoker's Award, 12 of 
December, from her anatomy 
class liso. sec 002 " 


WtUlam RaUiey Harper CoUafli 
Algonquin A fUwelle Rds. 
!>alathM, IL 

E<ntar in^luef Pei«rJ WIctJunil 

Managing Editor Kevin Boctemaii 

Adviaor OoroUiy PlitnoM 

PlmsalNor KulUcaiKmaUk 

A^lvertlaiiia MUev CharlM Sdsralber 

■ 4.TIWMI 

1. 1«1 



inf «ainiMn incliMlt ' NorllMni 
llllnolt tJnlveMty KlMMlay. 
Nov » trom 1 to i pm and 
Tunda) Hm 10 (rnn II-immmi 

A Make Suk, .upMiwrwl ny 
Tlw littraatiiMHil StmJeni ("liib, 

UHt StiMlM Lonnfr. BuikttnK 

A IM% (If fMMlto Will Iw on 

Tlw H»rp«r Colltge In 

trainnral IMpt ■• «|Mm«>nni| a 
J«i Ounce Worfcihup l>>- Mm- 

timmm Cw atordjiim Oance 
' O w iy i wy Net. t. (i« G'tordano 

fct — MBlWI IIiBit lilt Usllad 

(■■liif HaiariMff to toaelt a. 


nrnmUBamurtms. nm, 
• iMill,|»'iaaier 


A rttideni miriinf tntomia 
lliMiJa]rwUltMt«n!Mov Tlromv 
• m to noon m Lutnemn 
Grixfral *ni) Draconrn 
HoiplUls ScImwI a[ Nuning. 
mm Wcftern A« . Park RMRv 
MffMM •Itidenti. parmtk 
an UivtM Id 
I will 
:. il a sililt itmm dcpiC' 
img varHHit i*p«c(s o( campuk 
life, and a tmir at LuUieraii 

for mart .iiliinn:aitiii. cxn- 
MCI WaBf RtjnHMt nr Laura 

raiin m M-l»«rcali tst. mar 

Taiii tmlt tmn 

The Harpt' C'iill«|e la-' 
tramiral DtipaRiticiit a «|mii- 

hallway af T 

plaii Mraiaiinrt T-AMa wil te 
■<irjir<l«] to all aiilnnrr* and In- 
■raaNiral' iliirta. lor' all i 

arrival tlmt tfeouM Im ^ra«i|il- 
ly at f a m TlMitc wuliliig lo at 
lead tlMMild cfomtact Vbt Scliooi 

at H^unnnn timn Wi 30 a i in ici s 

nit ■dKWt IB' Mil' MCnd:HMl 

% Ilia IMiMMl Im^m lar 
Miming aai' 'ippraf ed ky tlw 
Slate ol llllnats Ttiv 11 mMdi 
proirain \% •fflliaied wiin Con- 
cnrala Calltf» tn Rivw Ftirat 
A 'laUil at W qfiMftif imin of 
cgMliipi tuMf 'IM aanatf. "Tlwre 
ar* 'Cnrranlli IM itudtnlt' In 

HhW'MI Mmmmiihhmii'' 

Jnhatntai amt oUier cnln- 
MMfviaMi ni'iittlc machliiaa t^ 
UK jwM' »■ ' bt am dliptay ai 
Iw Mnaavili di Sflvim and lU"' 
dnstry ttiritugli itm t In an ei 
mblt called "Tke Miilc 

Han KM bt WafiBlaai % in* 
UMikar af part tcloaiila 'ilpijag 

litsaitM, comtaci Vally 
l nywH iiM Bat. M&ar Dtt. any 

If. auH. aai atntfrnt ai» m- 


flu tidlMrg DifMon af 
'I'l'trn WcctrO'iit'Ct. In-c. 
CfeKafln It .pnMMiiiiK Uw ci. 
'IMI. ioat MNtotes at old m 
fMt Mli «■ \m. toatund and 
n* :|fMhf«aar - ibt KMeio- 
daaa>' 'tlie neMttt j'ufcftMis. itie 
"VMiw Music Center" wtit aim 

Hit MMfttm n InraMI ii: 
sni Street and tidie Swi* 
Delfe Winter bmirt ar*' %-W 

Classifierl Classified 

BiiBf pi w smtciMi 

r TOIWC nm»'%m '^mM-tt V/xtmrn'^ ■niii m ilia' 

im DmM ^*^. wm ft«**iirr Twumw '««■«, mm. 
iJJJJp *•(«»•» •It »**N«ft^f w**ii, ci»f»«m» 

■MM a% CONHMtimi* TIa Mk 

t4ihHf W i' )iW' ^MVWMUItta Mgl 

#w«iMlH m niiMw #dwwf4«^ nnvr 
rui ■• *«> waaMit. itr ( uiiM IP I 

tiai.1 irivf mmmim kr auic 

iOraiNifti iiMt aiMiiiiiPi m Ciiw''wl''lit mMrf 

EIC <« UKwiify ^ >^>»«" 
I'M Mm t'WHiM i iM*rf'«tit 

f 'iw S«lr 

IPHIilM IC'ITCM'N Wt. 1 •^•'Mlt 
mm% ■§■' •"* '•••. im' m ••»> »>«if 

•> »'«•>■■, Itr ( uii 
irw «*« hm* 'C* 

Tit M t:i«m»,' 


iiP'i|H(P"p''|f 'itf^wiiiiNNi' liiiNii' Tfii#fii' miiiiii 

WIMi' lyMM|iii Villi:. "'iWII 'plMnllMlllh' 'WMNIiV FV' 
Hl l > i » i « ' m '■••* WCarK* iiiilrlH' Vlk I 
i«Mt fi«ri% HwiMall coi^t |Mlt wmm 
tm. uta cc I «« l>««« »»t»"^ ujlliilj 

#iw»liiliii||«wHI»fw»y*af'W wDotf «|ifff«ii 
•«'lll««> •'l.ial' ai'i »>' iir MDt Ma<M( 
MU'lMIt «•••>•• I Ljii'W'tt!f»fl» 

4 Mf uniaO'TM I'lfid XKI fiirn bil 
W aM«. AC. a 



All claulf led und per 
bMgcr tor pdMicatlnn tiMtl In 

CMC tbe 'itaat. addreU' and 
Ulepbwit nuntlwr til ib« peraon 
MbMittUf [|M ad i'ayMcM itir 

vmmmi adt must b« 

a ■' tn t p. m w«>kdayt dml » :m> 
a m ID' > : :» p m Saturdays 
'SnndBrs, ami hnlidayi Adm'ts- 
«lM and P'Srltiigg at« Inw 

Sti clil 

.A 'ikllni trip !• planned In (be 
Ciilwcadn Itocktes d'urinK 
Harper'i break tnm .Ian • in 
n. IM' Tbe trip is o|mw to 
Ilatfwr •liMients. faculty, slall 
and' (heir fjimltie* and friends. 

Tite (MA IS tSS 1 quad basis 
«'*,w twsin It yen I. wHicij in^ 
elude* ievcn nighl*. cighl days 

III Ittts gnod at Aspen Mcwin- 
lain. B u U e r m 1 1 k and 
Snnwnais l^ndKlng will lie al 
the C«wninewlal Inn •(» iicceu. 
to a 'lieated pool and beallh 
club Round trip air fan from 
Chicago to tJen'ver via t,i'nlled 
AirHne* and round trip 
traMportalMM fmm Denver to 
Aspen via motorcitach 
Dapoft'ti' are due Mtoii For fur- 
liter wfomtatioi) go to (tie !>lu 
dent Activities Odlce in A-nfi 


Harper students are inviied 
tn lii wttn Ibe Spread EaKlr Skt 
CM 10 Boyne M.ounl.ain, in 
Bwyne Fatti, Michtfan (raai 
Pec... II Ihrmigti ID Ttit price is 
nt'^ MTMn ( four in a raon ) 
The tab includes two nlgMi 
kidginii at the Biryne Mountain 
and Hemlock Lodge, located at 
tlH baaa «( the mountain You 
win aUo net two days skiing 
with Interchangeable hit 
ticketii between Boyne Moun 
lam and Boyne Hlgblandt 
Tranaportation by bus from 
Ifaifar is included Food and 
rcntait It needed are mM rn^oA- 

ilmrrty scbolarsliiii 

■I'l u s t lif Black 
■ ••, Meiit'an Amcri' 
Pufr;.:> Hican or American In- 
dui,t» l( you are and can answer 
y-cs In ihese five que'Stions. yreu 
can .apply .lor a srholanhip In 
attend an «tredned engineer- 
ing «€biM)l of your choice l a)o 
ymj want tn transler to a senior 
college to obt4in a bachrtor's 
degree m engineering science" 
li W'UI you have computed an 
aaoctate ikeree in a two-year 
college transfer program dur- 
ing IMI e or Have ewmed at 
teail M semester huurs i or tbe 
equivalent (juarter hours* hy 
the end ol Ibe mi tz academic 
year"* ,1i Will you have cO'm- 
(ileted these atademic courses 
by the end ol the same 
academic year math through 
calculus'., one year of general 
phyiics?. one year of general 
chemistry' 4> Do you have a 
cumuUli«e grade point 
average of 3 « nr 'better' i i Can 
ymi demonstrate some need for 
(Inancial aid" 

Aplications are available m 
the office of fiMnclal aid ■ A. 
■W Deadline (or returning ap- 
pllcaiions l« ihe oTtlce ol finan 
cial aid it Nov is. mi Thto 
IS sponsmed by ihe 

'Of no la dM Mi'- 

'liHi. nf iniB HiiinUi ia:«h^ 

I lafaUc to IfariMir Cnl- 
lagl:.. PliVMiils m'ay be' m.ade 
k lht:Sliidaitt Aettv'i'tiw Oirice. 
A M.' Von 'iii'Uat 'bt a HatpcT' 
~ ~ ttotilaiid 

General Electric F'omdatlnn 
and administered by the Col- 
lege Scbolarshtp Service of the 

College Board In New York CI 



For peiifilr who are thinking 
attoul going 10 college, or relur 
ning Roosevell L'nlver&ilv is, 
holding an Open llouiie at its 
Northwesl Campus >n Arl 
mgton Heights Sunday . Nov 15. 
(ram Itoip m 

Advlsen for all suburban 
campus program! will be on 
hand to tell usilors about ad 
mission requirements, (insn- 
ctal aid and academic and 
career planning 

In addition there will be 
special presentations on 
Koosevell's master's degree 
programs in Business, careers 
tn Computer Science, 
undergraduate Business pro- 
grams, the Bachelor of General 
Studies degree which Is a 
sborteoed degree program lor 
adults, and Health Care Ad- 
ministration oflenngs for the 
nursing professional 

Roocevelt's suburban IWMl- 
quatiers Is at 410 N Arlloglmi 
Heights Rd All are welcome. 
For information phone 2.S.I 9200 


(312) 392-0860 



Nov. 13. II 


No» 19. 20. 21 

A College Never Sleeps 
Neither Does Peftdns* 

lldixn iKiii'N (»miw»te«l 'lo Ming • coaegt-conmiunilv leslaunnt tmwun ttm M 

PtiMm'. you twin the midnlwM a* nfliil. alamg i4ll< ilixtonls. ytxi'te up wttti Iml rnalars. 
And imu Itetp th«li coict cups fHcd. 
( UMt *Nf:k.> Ira • tlwlcixi 'ita mltnout ilimtng Ms mcttclilxx* 

Jlte: Starving 

i '• '•" ""■. ■" '■'''.'■ 

I ,- 

$2.2* *-* i I Student Body CSdchen 

,, .*« I ■ $395 

iOamti of Hand aid Uunavt Roa4| 

MMMt. It 6<MW7 

The Harbinger November S, '*ai. Page 5 







875 GOLF RD. 




flifliilk ThW' M*rWn(*i', W<NWMWI«iir J» 1 

=Off Beat 

"All Those Marbles'* 
does not roll 

Diary of a 
radio convention 

• * 

f^l II ■nil ^ ^ 

IMlCMn BJr - nODtn 

"Alt n* MavMM" 

~ 10 





r«itr mil 
■of a< 

Itlajrt th« 

'f wnsU- 


B Omh dins. ' 

BH«y. In 

wUli MioUier "rocky" 
type story (o preach Alter a 
pMd number of movies use Uila 

tontal. UwMaa tavery stale. A 
ptaMan iHm tslata m the 
dtalofiie llaatl Isdndlnc stmple 
■IimM dialofue ticJiaiif»a 
iMtween. Falk and bit lean, 
by ralfe UMt 
walli' lot ntl 

tcooomicaUy, 'iiit, Vtif ttB mSm^StSSm] 
•IIMllf; m. M|; ttM. CM ^<«ij"i^<«<wn«.««^. 

It'll ' ' 

■wrh aiala- Oh, how dNMllili 
"All TiM MarMaa"' la aaoUiar 

All The Mtrblcf" 

MlmMy bat tta martilea.. 





next week 


Ctirt AckiiiAn prpacwta 

Concert Corner 



Mm. » - BIjO win ifNClal 

Iu«a chronic ilct 
GMTtl alao ydii ithaiil IfeC' 

t at liypiMMla. diirtnf hia 



Catrei baa pertorned 
rafliilarly it llarpcr tinea un 

tlplorUiii ne 
itut *fln J.I 
Time Mall 

• tSteme^. BU>'la 
[ new plateaus Ml 


Goose PfopplBji 

and Oales are 
itUI rldtBf titgh from their I 
very luccettful albums 

••¥««€«»•■■ and ■■private Byaa." 
A «iiod ctmcwt t>ul wjtmnf out 
■.,. STADIl'M 

A tafiK tinf Chicagoan now 

rfstding an the West t:»M»t 

Gaodroan i:inf» « t"bttago„ the 

Cabt, (he toirtn«. copaaiea, and. 

late Mayor Daley r.aptcl.a 

W'lllli iWMM" 1" 

'% rMKwnT 

Noa.. T. ■ rORBlONSH/S'IIXT 


The htai thing *at has hap- 
pened 10 FonifiMr Mcly is the 
use «t Junior WSIIwr on llwlr 

"4" LF Billy Si|ui«r ptiialM 
me he ran cut umawni la 
bypaouiiiMi »• In Ml* Dark"; 
but on the same hand. 

MMthltti aa rUhcnloua aa 

-mt^tmm" m pw tUa one 


"Morab" ta a coOecllon of 
aMctn-tank elevator art rocfc^ 
llity eaiTf this same feeling 


Hot. la*. SI -AC/DC 

Hhft yw cvtr M«n llw 
iM|Mrln. (omnMreial «:hcre the 
tiMi ■iiiiimii iallii»a#*' ^ter Ihelr 
iiomiwn *» « (!«rh»g«" i-an hand 
play I In tht background' 
That* txM<Mf ho» I perceive 
AC W I m sure there will be 
tome MW «ii» W* ear to the 
tpaakcr taiwg up lbe<r (inger- 
mU icreechMg rock Give me ■ 
tireak. 1 drank too much coffee 
>, 'WiUZaM 

Me. 11,11 nOLUN'OSTMB 
I think thai H 1 bear "Siart 
Me Up" we more time I'm go- 
la« to Krearai. iaoooo-«0'«h! i 
A gooil ba:nd toat has lome 
great roots to the world ol rock 
and Rid The crowd at these 
events has mmethim to be 
desired Losers abound 
Wherever the Stone* are found . 

M««. IT- Frank Zaiifa 

Sbeik Yerhotitl himseK 
saontert Into the Uptown to 
narform his nonsensical 
IBIWIC. Included within hit 
miiaic is a large amount of jaii 
A diaa act. every Zappa show 
la an oaperience m weird 
•-•• UPTOWN 

The tourney Is about to begin, 
the trek that will take eight un- 
•uapcctliig college tludenls mlo 
the inucrocoiB ol r«al radio 

The voyage beglna unlike 
anything else, full of confusion 
and disarray The llrit wave of 
students make their way 
lowarda Iha grtat Chicago and 
Nonli««alom dapot, wtitte the 
second wave waits pailenUy as 
a member of the upper 
eichelon management (umblas 
lor Ms keys and travelers 

Once at Ihe sutlon. we 
raaliie that we have missed the 
(rain thai will lake us inlo 
Chclafo. With two hours to kill. 
the aaaomblage splits to ex- 
plore a thrilt shop, an elac 
tronic game room, a drug store 
lor a new tu|iply ol Backwood 
smokes, and a real eatatc of- 
fice Still Willi Ume on otir 
hands we aaaith tor eaclte- 
menl iJne menibor of (he trio, 
changes IrIo Mi Halloween 
costume, resembling 
something (ram Adam and the 
AniK. he asks an elderly 
gentleman for the time 

Finally, the three Jump onto 
the train Soon the excitement 
starts 10 wear oil One member 
seeks relief by singing the 
Backwood smokes jingle along 
with drumming a Cheap Trick 
cut Annoyed a commuter ob- 
viously awaken form his 
blissful sleep, responds with 
some choice words. Obnoxious 
at the three i:an be. they laugh 
reepcatedly about the attempts 
lu Mkncc them 

Once at the station the three 
make their way to the nearest 
cab Inatructmg the cab li) the 
tocatton the vehttlc speeds of I 
to the Chicago Hyatt Pulling 
Wo fht Hyatt conlinea the 
Uirte merge with olher legions 
ol college entourages We final- 
ly made il lo ihe i2ih Annual 
Uyota Nalional HadUi Con 

The tedious operation ol 
reglatermi meets with mixed 
reviews from the now united 
itatl memhcrs They meet 
within their nwtos »o deter- 
miiK ]u,st who will attend each 


t opted lor "Running a Mucic 
Depart meot." with music 
director from WMET and 
publisher Irero the College 
Media Journal An Informal 
micitlon and answer lakes 
place along with general 
Itoastlnga from other colleges 
for the programs they have im 
plemented One member from 
the audience even receives a 
standing ovation for hi* exper- 
tise In the field iGasp! choke' 
choke: ur|h'»"t'' 

After this inspiring session I 
turned mv attention to physical 

% Jim Martin 


on music 

needs. Following two whoppers 
and a chocolate shake, my m- 
splratlon Is back Stepping Into 
lite room 1 note the quietness 
As 1 turn the corner I realize 
thai they have retreated to the 
sanctuary ol house movies! I 
laugh as a topless girl performs 
karate to a threatening 

Now comes the masquerade 
ball, one member of the en- 
tourage chosps white makeup 
with blue hair and glitter 
around the eyes and moustache 
area 1 choose my classic 

After a rebellious night the 
staff awakes in a grumpy If not 
puncbv mood The lirst scsston 
that I' attend is Independent 
Record Labels" which features 
talk about the smaller record 
labels and their struggles In the 
business One younger student 
atks why ihey have so much 
trouble • good question kid - the 
record companies just make 
millions off of ClDC Watson I. 
From the Acapuico room I ven- 
ture to the Water Tower Room 
lor an informative review of 
"General Assignment/ Street 
Keporling " 

*«lhln tne Water Tower 
Room IS Karen Hand ex WLS 
reporter and now employed 
with WXRT She skims over the 
complications you can expecl 
as a reporter. Mayor Bryne not 
Showing up lor an Interview 
and not being able to get all ol 
your interviews via the 
telephone Other topics include 
wliere to get ideas lor stories 
(rem and where and how to got 
reliable sources 

As I prance from this session 
10 the nexl I notice the crowd 
entering this smaller room I 
stop to listen to members (rom 
big name record companies tell 
us ol how they will support lh« 
collet afatlon The audience 
shouts out gigs and concept 
they have used within pro- 
moting an artist 

I couldn't resist seeing Greg 
Kihn again so I loo fell victim to 
the tnirteen year old lever of 
seeing a real livf recording ar 
list. After a bull session which 
featured questions like "Why 
don't you ever dress up when 
you go on stage?" I left lOr 
refuge. I was gettmg radioed 

Taking the elevator to the 
IMh noor I was through for the 
day Tomorrow we would go 
home A steak preceding a two 
hour nap brought my senses 
back to life 

After dinner I visit several in 
formal "What can-l-get-lrom- 
you-get togetbers" sponsored 
by the record companies At 3 
am. It is time for me lo turn in 

The next morning after a 
comfortable nighl's rest on the 
floor. I break for breakfast 
<two eggs. milk, and a side 
order ol hash browns, please). 
Now we must leave, we wait as 
the station manager checks ua 
out, and then precede our 
loumeyback Lite isn't any dif- 
ferent at home, the TV is on and 
my little brother still thinks the 
cat I* a (oolball Some thmgs 
never change What a relief 




XT smmtD MTH « fomNnt 

Vlltmi Fat TWO /IT THt RfTX. 

imnm. 9«ia II eoMctxr A/vo 

T»t SMM 


Tht HarlWngar. Nowtmter S. IHl. r>ag* f 

3V arnof ujnaa, 4by 
/u-Mms. mutrf!^ 

^fie^s mos. I 

LriinTL fllCKS. 



Today IS the premiere of our 
ne» cnlertatnmeni mA •rl» 
tcctton OHbeat 

Tlili section will replace Uie 
formCT Forum section and will 
also Initiate some changei that 
we tiope you will (ind excUIng 

Here li a brief example New 
up to the minute film reviewi 
t>y Bill Sternberg and others. 
That s Lite a new comic strip 
t»y Cheryl Hicks ei|»ande<l 
music reports and compMe 
coverage o( the arts and em*r- 
latnmrnt scene al Harper 

Colorful artworks brighten building F 

tataly you may have noiliMd 

••vara) patntUKB hanging m 
UMlMrtf llMrorr bulldtng 

MVUBllyM, AssocMie Dean 

'•lAimiMllts, S<»clal A Science 

Arti' DMsta, gives 

Mcy of h«M> Harper 


"A iMllI rMMtent donated' 

>fe«i MMgravlM to lilt e«ii<Mt 


Urn LmMlan Arti. Gwm^ m a 
enUielliiii agcnqr 'loeaM m 
DctioH, KicWgan. 

-The (tnt Harper kiMia 
•liout Omm wirlis vat wImi 
UadM: Art)' atnt a MIer to us 
tndlMtliig Hitjf had the imlt* 
Iw mil" aaM Ryan 

■Mm Kmidim., ProftMor ol 
Alt ■! tlatptr, wfnt to Octrail 
to •••' exactly what the works 
At the Univtnity of 

•Th* werks were actually ac- 
ntftid hy tht Harper Collegt 
Pa«iii«lal.Min. " taM Ryan . 

The PtitiMlatimi is connected 
«iUi the nAege in aid awl 
lacllWsie it It 1* made up tr 
men and wenien eieciiDves 
from the area who help oktaln 
illta, grant*, and malerlal 
donauom tor the college 

Alter Harper received the 
works it was decided to place 
them on the third floor of P 
MMtng Each of the works Is a 
llgned and numbered print of 
■mheiMclly and value Alt are 
representative of contem- 
perarjr American artists, vim 
art natiomally recognlied 
The Uthograph colleetMiii 

KalRten ineMe: Romare 
Mr*n. ai>i Alice Neil 

f»e m Imrteeii imifc works," 

"Tan ttf tkese will he 
tlUiMraphs hy Karcl Lappel 
■Ml"lNr wtll be silk screens hy 
myt ieWewiky." Ryan add- 

After r Rttllding is covered 

With artwork. Ryan said the 
neit place for the worki to be 
located wiu most likely be tn J 
Buitdmi. in fnmt of the 

"After years we hope lo have 
artwort alt over the campus. 

including paintings and 
statue*. " Ryan ta id 

"It should make the campus 
more attractive, and will allow 
stiMknts to study art in an In- 
formal way." which Rvan feels 
Is a very important thing for 
ttiKlents to he expaaed to 

them to Harper. 

'Hit nrlnts, 

The ms mtgm that Mk Uhe 
photograplM hut art' pnMUiat 
■re done hy CJ Yae. John 
Bader. Mai Ramos and others 

"In December the Undon 
Artt' tirid m they are going to 

m. ' ' 

^[^ broth»^;r JOB'S iT 

.^^^k OrUralr^wn A Cafe 

" ^^H Aniip. • <Ukdm 

-,^Y ■H««l««!l|>ectaWe»: 




H «Ir«aiiiay>-ttlM|>n,. 


The Tenth Annual Illinois 
CPA Society Accounting 
< areern Conference will be 
Meld on Saturday. Nov H Irtiro 
» am to 12 noon at Uie liniver- 
sity of Illinois Circle Campus 

The race nobody wins 


The Navy's Delayed Entry Program can guarantee you the kind of so- 
pblstlcated technical training you want and need In today'g world. It also 
lets you wait up to one full year before reporting for duty. 

Take your time lo graduate, travel, or even Just relax. Then. If you 
qualify, begin your Navy adventure with training in exciting flrids like 
computers, electronics, or communications. Youll learn skills that will 
pau off for the rest of your life. And In the Navy, you can sharpen your 
skills while traveling to exotic places like Athens, Barcelona, Hawaii, or 
Hong Kong. Find our more alwut the Navys Delayed Entry Program. 
Ttllt to your local Navy Representative. 

Call Collect (312>724-«440 

Individuals who support the 
proposal for a US/Soviet freete 
OR Nuclear Arms are asked to 
endorse a petition. "To call for 
a hall lo the nuclear arms 
race " A table with petitions 
will he in A Building Student 

Lounge on Tuesday and Fri- 
day. Nov 10 and 1.1 from 10:30 
to 1 » -The Race Nobody 
Wins ■ a slide audio presenta- 
ttoo narrated by Tony Randell 
will alio be shown Sponsored 
by Catholic Campus Ministry 

Early Registration Nov. 17 

students who are currently 
enrolled or who have been 
enrolled previously for college 
credit courses may register 
early for sprma classes, begin- 
ning Tuesday, Siov. 17 and con- 
tinuing Ihrough Monday. Nov 

Counselors wUI be avaUable 
to assist students with educa- 
tional planning from » a m to 
noon and I to 3 p m Nov 16 to 
Id at tables m the halls outside 
the three Student Development 
Centers, A 347. D H2 and I 1 17 

Counselors are also available 
in the A 347 Student Develop- 
ment Center from 3 to 8 30 p m 
Monday through Thursday 

Students wishing to register 
should lake their Educational 
Planning sheet to the Admis- 
sions Office. A-213 and pick up 
an "appointment to register" 
card. Cards will be available 
beginning Nov l« 

Students will go to the com- 
puter termmals as stated on the 
"appointment to register" 
card The computer terminals 
will be open 9 to noon and 1 to 4 
pm Nov HthrtiughNov 23 

Counselors wtll be available 
and computer terminals will be 
ofien for evening students' 
registration in the cafeteria 
area from 5 :% to S. 30 pm the 
evenings of Nov 17. 18 and l». 
No app«Hntmeot is necessary. 

f>agtt. THt MarmnfW. Movtmlwr 1. Ml 


Triton ends title hopes 


IM ^ quHttrliack B<^ Rrddlck. Triton thattend Harper's hopei 
UraNCcliMilfiniKliiP *<(li * dramatic 24 a victury Saturday 

I Omw kaaiM m ■ nlneyartl paw {ram ItoiMick. and Eric 
I m mtra imM wtUi mly 1« mcoimIi remaiatiiK M lite 
_ • Ml' Mbdiwtlw Hawks. 

HtmcK who made his (Irst slart to plae* at the injunsd Qttm 
Thelen. dulwJ Hawii <h:kinl«r» ail day m he imhed lor 1« y«rd» Oi 
(ml* H came* ^ , 

iaiiier iHMiUiated tlw flrit half, tmmmm. whieh cmiiMmI ilf a 
iiualwr of btg plays 

Harpers Dan Foley ftkKled a Kevin Clifltird punt after TrtW > 
opcfUng drive stalled Ken Mitehell recovered for the Hawk*, anil 
llici im* <i*«r OB the Trojan tl yaril line 

lline piayt later. Tin Tyreil booted » 23-yard tield iMi t(i put (he 
Hawta out in (row at Il» 31 ot the first quarter 

Mtkr Simmons blocked CllHord » ne»t punt, but th« HawkoiiaiM 
rouldn't capital ute on the opportunity 

■We ran the ball pretty well on offeme. hut we didnt icort »litm 
we realty had to,- laid Hawk head coaeh JoHn Ellaiik. w^ho «•• 
Hiliappy with the overall offensive per(ormam;e 

I«n|i. who has already »el a Trojan record by ronvtrtwii » of U 
Itaid •oali th» waMin. kiclied a 4;v yirder vith t :» left m tlie openioR 
quarter in lie the acore at :i 

The Hawks answered back with an »yar(l drlvt. ciimlnatkni with 
an U-yard strike from Tyreil to Stove Marchewfca 

"We're very happv with Marcliev«ka'» play lllli,j«air," ntd Hawk 
conch' Geoff Bacon '-He h«» been a quiet arvlitlon (or i*'. bec»ii»» 
he dldMl Jotn the team until a week before the seawn started 

llititp looked bleak for the Trojans when the Hawks struck ps>tl« ' 
mt tilt wtcniicl Ume in three minuteis 

NiK OmU .gave the Harper oftcniM! tbe ball on Triton' t Xl-yard 
am MlwuMR ■ 13-yard puni return 

A rouglltog the pasier penally put the ball on the Trejan IS. and 
lour play* later Tyreil snuck over from the one to give the Mtwkl a 
17-3 trad 

Juit when It appeared the TnijaniJ were in for a lotg afternoon, 
though. Hawk Bob Bllyk coughed up the football and Stew *che 
recoverid on the Hawk 19 

On third down, »eddick omnecfed with Drew lor hli llnn 
I recept ton of the day The 1 8-yard lo» cut Harper's lead to 
I irith lefA than t«o mmutet to go in the hall 

Hnnar went into tbe locker room ahead 17 10, but the slaWstlcs 
ihiwwd the lemre should have been niueh more in the Hai*** lavor 

Th» Hawk deJense allowed Triton but S9 yar* mshmg on 13 cjr 
im in the flrsl hall, while Harper nemerated almoit W) yards m oi 

Tyreil had a gpod ImU p««ing, completing lour of neven lor ninety 


Tlm«ondhaI.fwBsadWirenl 11017, however 

Mllwee Hawk deten&ive itarters went do*n with in|urie», the Tn> 
tana otlCMe began concenlrating on their rrplaccmeni 

Vt»|B Head, who dldn i play the entire (irst half. ruih«l lor •« 
yaniaoii 11 carrtei «|ai«it the weakened Hawk defense 

"Our lack ol depth ihowed today, said Ellailk 

How ini* Trllon gained over 290 yards on the ground in the second 
halt, as the Hawk delenstve reserves were no match for the lifhtnlng- 
quick Trojan nioneri. 

WW* 4 

BATTUE UNIS. HaiiMr qiurtarbMk Tin lyrall :brlip Id! iMM a In ttw Um In tM 

t« Trttnn liM Saliirday . TM l«ia aaM mc tltln iMfw Inr .Huynr, Mdi laea* Joiiet Saturday «( IM^ 

to A Hfil^flvuHl plnyoH gnnw. (iilinln by Pud Ciivln) 

Hawks must stop Joliet's Brown 

In IWMM ya«fi, many athlete* have contrthuted so much to their 
inuunccaaa tiny have been labeled "The Franchise" by reporters. 

nnyat* NCh' m Waller Paytoo. Earl Campbell, and Wayne Orel- 
itm, mi'Ultmt ham m been referred to by thli term 

Tb flnl round ol mt »MC playoffs between JoUet and Harper In 
Chidin MM alllMntlltoaR worthy ol this "Franchtse" distinction. 

HaniM Bimm. talhndl lor the Wolves, and quarterback Tim 
Tyreil of the Hawks are these athletes 

JoUct's Brown it a transfer student from Ohio Stale, where he 
plnytd ifaftmly hacauic Of a number of nacfUig inluneH 

0«n can eonanrt Mtmm in lunior collefi! .|oa(.ball the way one 
likens Matew Alan and Htnchel Walker to NCAA football 

"You can't even compare Brown lo other running backs in the 
league," said Harper coach John Eliasik. who,» twnged-up defense 
baa the fOnnMtaUa ]ob «f atonptna Brown Saturday 

a iM-yard 
ftrst matting. 

yards ruthing per game, including 

on Ik carries against Harper )n the teams' 

wbo lost tor tbt (Irsi time at home since 

', the iDMdy laSbnek rantbM lOr 21« yard: 
lory over Illinois Valley 
Harper h«* Uitir own budding lupcnur In TyrtJl. however 
"Tyrnil wtaMy It worth mof* to a* than Bmn nitant' to Jo(M. ' ' 
said Eliaalk. 

Tyreil Is tbt Bawka (till lime quarterback and placektcker-pari 
time lallbacfc and punier from Conanl He is IBtrally a one-man loot 
ball team He is aim one hciluva athlete 

"TyrtU la Ml% of Harper's offense." said Joliet head coach Jerry 
YoM Miiiwwtni the Wolves' 11 -13 defeat of the Hawks earlier this 
lar "TyreB is a great athlete, but If you slop Tyreil. you slop the 

Hawk MOowtr knows the eaiMH of the Harper olfcnat. Tyreil 

Tyntl. iW tbt middle To keep opiwoing defenses 

'" hall to leceivers Swv« MtKhcwka or 


Mt TyMn MM,. Tyntl. up I 
bMMi, T^nlt .Biky vtKt wt 
Tiny May.. 

The Hawks do have ■ few things going for Ibmn aa Uity | 
batlle the Waives 

•Probably our best defensive lineman. ' Rob Wolhart Is returning 
from an injurv that kept him out of the Triton game, and fellow 
lineman Jim English may recover from a bruised thigh in time to 
play Saturday 

In addition, Ron Burke, who ran well against Tnion, wUl start in 
place ol Ken Gibson at Tailback If TyrcU is unable to play, Burke 
could become the Hawks workhorse 

To defeat Jollel. however, the Hawks will have to contain Drown 
w hlle produc ing enough offense to offset Joliet '.s potent attack 

Eliastk laid he doesn 1 have any idea how the Hawks will play on 
Saturday, or how the heartbreaking lois to Triton (H-ni last weak 
will a((e<-t them 

And as ihe second season starts. Tyreil is at the lop ol his game 

"He ( Tyreli > is much calmer no* than he was at the beginning of 
the season, and a throwing the ball belter." MidEllaslk 

Harper will he m big trouble il Tyreil fails to recuperate trom a 
recurring ankle injury m I ime for the Joliet game 

Back-up quartertiack Tony Faidulo "retirci] " from the team 
recently, so running back Bob Bilyk would gel the nod if Tyreil l» 
unable 10 play Bilyk last played quarterback as a sophomore at SI 
Edward High School in Elgin 

Ac ol Tuesday , Tyreil was on crutches and has yet to practice with 

With or without Tyreli. the Hawks arc going lo have 10 slop Jollet's 
potent offense if they have any hnpw of advancing to the next round 
of playoffs 

Ehastk plans on preparing a fall differently, at leait defensively, 
(or the game lo be played at Harper beginning al I » Saturday 

■We shut out their offense in the first half of the last game, said 
EllMlk 'But then they ran a power offense in the second hall, and 
they burl us " 

To prevent Ihe Wolves from scoring. Eliasik i^ans to contrbl (he 
ball, therefore keeping (he ball out of Brown's hands 

Our offense is going lo have to control the ball, and keep it a« long 
as Rotalble. ' ' Eliasik said. 

Theberge qualifies 
tor national meet 

Ron Theberge finished In 
third at last weekend's state 
cross country meet at 
Schiller Woods Theberge, 
who qualifies for the NJCAA 
meet at Wichita, Kaaaas in 
two weeks, ran a caraer-best 
2S:34 over the five-mile 
course Meanwhile, the 
Hawks finished In seventh 
place with a team total of 177 

DuPage won the meet for 
the second straight year, 
with 59 points Tim 
VanderGrill flDisbed in se- 
cond place (or the Chap- 
parals. while Rich Smith of 
Spoon River won the race 
with a IS 01 time. 

Luis Guerra was the next 
Hawks finisher behind 
Theberge, with a 27;5S lime, 
he edged teammate Mike 
Gasaer <f7;S3.S) (or 3iMh 

'I think we ran the best 
race we could, " said coach 
Joe Vitton "I didn't think 
we could beat DuPage We 
Just don't have the dep- 
th " The volleyball 
team, which was idle last 
week, will be at Ihe Oakton 
Secitonai this weekend. The 
Lady Hawks finished with a 
IS N4C record, double their 
tierence win-output of a 

Curtain rises on 'Shadow Box 


•Actual); wMcn you Utklt about 
it. ttt|iljir"s alMMit tiM> iiv ing 

Tbi« I* how Gem OCimrgc 
(ktcrtfte* Ow HaqwT prediK- 
IMm at Michael Chrtatoler s 
••T!i« Shadow Bo«' which 
oftiii tMfuimm- at 8 b m in J~ 


OaCkorgc pl«yic Jot. a mH- 
dik aipd man, who like two 
illMr characlin in tht ptav is 
tlgrtiig Joe Irami to deal with 
Hit lact of hi» dying and in tht 
piDcesi becomes reacquamted 
»» his wlJr piayerl bv Donn* 
tio*Miii|ii ami his wn. played 

While Joe and bis family 
make up one tcciiano In the 
drama, there are also imies 
involving the relationship of a 
d.vmg mother with her 
4«ughter, and a dying bisexual 
and his relatMmihlp willi his 
flamhoyanl exwlfeand a young 
male lover 

Mar* Andrnon plays tht rolt 
l»I IIw bistJtual He savi thai 
while the rote li diflerenl tor 
him, he says that pertorminf 
the role is hasicaUy all a pari at 
i-tiiiiiingyoarstir lit do It 

Andtraon praised his fellow 
actor* in • Tlie Shadow Box as 
a "real good groi^ to work 
with " Anftemon did express 

some mild concern about the 
long houTi or pr«|wirali«n for 
the play, but ht faM Hut Im It 

Actually tht performance 
lalls nghl in Ijelween mid 
terms and finals, which ii • 
relief according to Anderson. 
"StUl Anleriion notes that at 
itme» It dots gel kind of UK- 
"If ■■ 

Harper trtthman Bob Panat 
loni plays the part of Aadtr 
ions lover in the play, a role 
that (■analtnni sayi took some 

"I hod tome apprehension at 
lint. " says Fanattoni who sap 
thai he has gotten to the poM 




W.JSNo, 12 ISIUVmr iowinbef 12. 1981 W'Htam Rainey Harper College 

Palatme. Iflinots 


a iwk vMeo prwetiutirt,, , i«tioia by XaOiy Kowaltlt » 

At last! TV room 
in student center 



The new nnevwion mmn t* 

nwhedulijd to open ittday. with a 

spe<-t4l roc* video prawMa' 


The' room, whicft m 'iwaitd m 
lie iouthw«si ctiriKT r^f ihe m- 
ifail adtvtiiM nm. will tm 
aptn lor uw during all r caMliiti'' 

Tm't*) > KratMf 'OfWHinf wtll 
'icluilt video prtitnMioM of 
roc* ffoypi, cndi 'iiittiirlans m- 
dudiiif Hut Oyster Tuli. Oevo, 
Tht H,oHt»g Siones. Pat 
■eiielar and: «,hor» 

Th»' ,nt«i T¥ »«« was iMtn- 
•tructed in tht Area of tht old 

Cue room, which h»s ,»«» 
11 mmmi to a ami iwint 
dtneetly arrow the earr'idMr 

8oih the ntw T\' 'noni' tMf 
htw game room are the reiult* 
Wt Inprovaments tiv tht Mudent 

Jttiint PMhanin, umrtor ol 
HiudtM Aettnitlas, mm) that lit 
JMwiif}-, INI. a iwlWIng and 
if'woilelimf rotpiatt ««■ mitf 
milM to the eollvit fwltaK 
committw and approved' for 
ehangns in iht fiudtiii oc- 

Tht ttiiiiesl WH made lo 
mem the pint room, instalt'- 
ing a ticket »iiidow., ud 
boildwi a TV rimii 

After the approval, the l«:«- 
tion o( the lame r«wi wu 
moved to the reiiter of tht rtU" 
4m». icttvliits area Pjinktoln 
takl that tht' mm location, 
where the new TV room 1» 
ticatcd:, raustd tht pMl tiisi to 
wtrp, inttrtertd: with an ollice 
view of all ttn pool tabiM, and 
wai :nol a »I»1W« localM (or 
llcfcct nle* As a recult. whtn 
Iht piDK wm was movtil, a 
new ofllct was plactd with a 
clear new uf the laWta and a 
ticket window that was alio 
cltarty vii 


In ftfewact to the ww TV 

■rooBi. Paiitamu saw. Ihtre 

hat ntver beta a homton cam- 

pia for the TV 

She j-ri-i' mai tht »aal» ImIi- 

'■ son* (or the TV last 

'be iiK-atlons didn't 

« >,.i a ijui t«*a«iit' prooitms and 

i»n»platnt» alwayi iirow 

■■T)). . ■ iidn't want to 
mt .:i '!<• (Jim*' room 

(or tiH : . , ■- ,,..j,3c a mJuctton 
at thr ini tiibieii wutild: cailM 
the revwtut from tht | 
■room ool to fcreak even with the 
■alariti of Ite .pmt room at 
lendsf'*- ■■—■"f>an*ant«i 

*'-»>■' ' tht construc- 

tion »i.;.. i™ ,..i-r tht «um,mer 
but was Mt comptettd until tht 
stari oI tht' school year Tht 
Mioslnittinn was done by the 
mainltnaMt p«i|ile 'Ui ibt 
phytlcat plant department and 
■cm Its* than tim. which wat 
Mpfilcd by tht college butldti^ 

where he is coming right out 
and telling friend* what the 
rolt II all about. 

••This II tht most difficult 
role r?e had to prepare for," 
adds Panattoni Still he boaota 
of the purpose of the show 
•I'm proud of this play It s 
message is important ' 

A unique aspect lo the 
Harper production of "The 
Shadow Box". Is the mother 
and daughter performing at 
Shirley and l,auri Turpin 

Shtiiey. Lauri's mnm, plays 
the part of an elderly woman 
who i* nearly dead of cancer 

iCtmtinm^ on pafe Sj 

one of the dying characters la 
Uie play "The Shadow B«i." 
which opens Friday nlfht la J- 

"Voices" lead to 
brawl in Bldg. A 


A S year old man who 
de»cribed ■htmwtt as '•clalr- 
vovin ■ arrested by 

I'utii ■•leers after he 

alletlt-'i'.- "" and kicked of- 
ficers during a brawl Tuesday 
afternoon in iht- student center 

Thomas G, Carlstrom of H 
f««dar m Palatine, told police 
"voices" told h:im to come to 
Harper Tuesday, where he 
allegedly began to pick fights 
'wtlh .several students In tht 
area near the FronI Porch 

Publit' safety official-. - . 
td a call SI approxin;,. 
p.m-. Ota fight ill progrcte. 

Public Safety Chief Kevin 
King » when officers arrived 
there was a crowd of ahml lU 
I'wopif *atchi.Bg as t:arlfitrom 
ami »n luwkirtified person 

.iUTiirdmi; ;n Kiri.B, it lonk 
(our .fi 

f arls! 

"■■"■ '''siriiin 

■ : i:-:ged!y 

strangled h\ ("arlslrom with 
his own tie and kicked twice in 
the groin area King was aim 
hit several times in the face by 
Carlstrom during the incident,' 

Officer John .Srejma alleged- 
ly had htf hair pulled on severe- 
ly by (.'arlstrom during the Inci- 

Xeitht-r King nor Srejma re- 
quired hospi I al Uat ion 

Carlstrom was finally detain- 
ed and was brought' to the 
Palatine Police lock-up where 

he was charged hy Hattwr of- 

.i.-ers « lib aggraviled assault, 
■'ditery and resisting ptilice 

CarWtom was reportedly 
released on in [M-rcrai o( 

tSy,m> bond .at artmn.i t. p m 
He is scheduled lo :i(ij«\'ir on 
D<>c. a m the Palalim- Dijuch 
of the Cook C'ount-v (.'ircuit 


There were oo other reports 
Of injuries or damage slemm- 
ing fro.m tlie Incident.., said 

Board vote official 

■A«?e.a * itoiird 
;i.irin cnnfirmed 

'.iinhed. third in a 

.ricid of ttHir candl'datti. tahM 
Krl|. Howard of PaI.aJ;ine. and 
Dwi Tortiky o( Schiumburg. 

The final vote tally taken 
M'uiidaj' evening, placed 
n..u,.irii ..N rhe outwde winner 
■•> itii :" •>: . v<*n«s. followed bv 
"I'<.ri».kj. *.!h 7,502 a slim, jf- 
vote lead in .Cnjnt of Dasher 
with 7,471, and John Poll! 
flniihed fourth with 5„l7ti voi^s 

When reached for commfPi 
Dasher said thai he accepts the 
voter's decision, and onlv 
regretletl tat having the ofi- 
portumtv ii. work wnji Torlskv 

■if!i m cr no« . ami the voters 

wlllgr' ■ ":'.■<! tvT I 

only n%:... ...... ...vaig atiit to 

serve «ith Hon to'rtmkv. 
Dasher said 

He said lie has no plans of 
running anaiii for the tioard, 
and prcriictMi ihf hoard will 
havi- iiillf proRrfss with the 
college s iinancial planning 

"Thev, the hoard will "con- 
linue to .^pm their wheels just 
at they were tK;rorc I was 
elet;led As lone as you have 
people withoui nianagemrnt 
experiencf >nu're nut going to 
have any pnigri.'ss 

"In business, it would take 
,vou at least 15 vears to get lo 
the level of financial dealing 
.wid permnal management that 
H.:rrpcrhas, hut the voters gave 
It to a humemaker, " Dasher 

Hortartl and "ffiTisky will be 
olflftallv placed an the board 
Dec 7 

Senate elects officers 

<.»ffi»wr.s lor the liWM-l.siBitu.- 
.tent senate were elected last 
Friday and t*e student bodv 
representative .group has 
started to make inroads on 
several areas of buiiness. in- 
cluding the studying of 
licketteg by public safety in the 
parking lot near J building 

Former senate secretary 
Utbra Wdke was elected to the 
mWletof »en*te president, while 
ntwemners Kathv Pearun and 
Wendy LeVliie were elected to 

the positions »l treasurer and 
vice president respectively 

"I'm looking forward to ac- 
complishing t)uite a Int." tald 
Wlike "We should start work- 
ing on some long range goals in 
the next meet ing. she added 

The inquiry about the park- 
ing in the J lot came after a itu- 
dent complained about 
ticketing by the Public Safety 
Dept lo cart that were parked 


Run-in with gun insights fear 

■MHor't N«lt: nw Mowmg k 

Om^ouHMM dmerm. Mac u 

mmmmmm^mmiMy Hm 
pmm M* ■' WM SutartMA 

Mw worfct MtifMlay ihrmiRli 
Frlit»| onUtt I ifiB to u p m 
iMH... Ik h sarrM and hm « 


Mar lives ■ (airly iwrmat tml 
avaf'tfe Hfc On 'lit* day* M h# 
lMl|m MM aroiUM) t)i« tousc anit 
•njof* Mil loMlMll games m 

Hit nc'lal Stl« te prtty mm-li 
IknlMl 10 mmtt with relative* 
.ami aa oecaaamat trip to tlw 

Mar htt mn* »a»lc bttltll 
•tmul thu>||» Itle rvliKion and 
poliitts, but down! tillt or 
UiUik about them lh«( odcfl 

In fact, tt yow »ouW hav* 
maailmtd IM pkraac »«: con- 
Mi' 10' Mni mi'mm. it aiwid 
iHwt praiMMr timifwl W. «» 
.•Ml c«M aMOMlMiifUlt ' 

. , - j'l cant ew mil**' oi 


HowfvOT on rrtoy night 
Mac's opinioiw etiangad M 


Fan M*. etmr «> itftM. alter 

Iw't itMie wnrung, llli** to 
vtM a Dlact calM Club M. 

CMi » I* OM 'il laani Wiicai 
ptm *>* lotnts tliai dot unto- 
Mrporated C«A. County 0«a- 
sionallv thwe places •« Imnls 
for nmiwt ol procttttitiim, Imt 
Osab m lua luwt iltrty and 
grimy txwth* tuat iIkm* irawd 
tlt€kt wd luw M arcade o( 
ponw tKMiki near th* (r«nt ra- 

UM FHday Mac and Ms 
triewl Btmey went to Cliito • 
TUf V iKith Abided m *«fti mt 
at «i« film*. «»• Mite grrw tired 
of ttnf dim* and stepped nutslde 
llH (slal^liawicnl 10 watt lor 

Wtot Mac didn't know «•» 
that ttie nlgW tieftire a nerwn 
liad been Hiot witstde Club IS 
and that several car» has alJio 
be«n vandallMd on tlw Mine 

Mac waited near tiia car. and 
•mofeed a cigar SuMmAy out 
at Uw liruah in Iront of Mac't 
tm iMMd a fwm f t'Wi man ol' 

"What the hell are jwii *»- 
Ing.' yelled the man 

He dtdti t w alt tar an anaMr 

He drew a »mall cold piece ol 
melal out at his packet and 

■riticfc'lt agauiit Mac'tMead.. 

"Tell me what you are doing 
out here or I'll Wow your 
hrams'" said the man 

Al that point Barney and the 
owner ot the club ran out 
•What* going on."" «aid 

The Oie club ntiaater spoke 

Ms all rigW rfernandn. let 
htm go. 

Tht manager then told 
Barnev and Mac alwut the 
pnredlng nigjil and »me 
other trwJiMe that had hajijiw 
ed In the past te« weeks 

••Vou see, " said the 
manager, we have to protect 
OurKlvei "The police don't 
Ilk* to help |Hac«i like ihti. " 

It kind of laade senie to 
Barney, but Mac was still shak- 
ing arith that leeling ol ih^ gun 
pnatMig agauiM his temple. It 
was itrmil tM clear m hi* 

All that night Mac couldn't 
Oeq* 'How do people like thai 

CpatT lliiy. t gues» I'm 
Uf » hi hittt." he kept tell 
tag umiHt TlMi he hugged hts 
sleeping wile, and softly 

Mac IS lucky He Is scared, 
but ahve 

Blue collar jobs deteriorates 
pride in America 

IJMI. Mtth I wa« (Ired {ram. a 
waltre«siRf ]oh I had h«ld tor 
six months t worked hard m 
this restaurant. I was always 
Ml titnc, dependable, clean, 
and wUUnit \ typical 
Indent trying lo make 
I. ain alio eaperienced 
and lwv« been doing this type 
of ««rk h>r six years It hap- 
pened because I asked 
assistance from someone who 
lelt ihe favor wa* "not their 
job .Mevertheleless this per 
wn W'a* 1 (avortte of Ui« t».». 
they comptain«d vehemently 
andlwaaftred Aslwalkedoti 
the )ot». no one even noticed I 
waa leaving, nor cared I wa* 
dHiMMlble and cotild be iinlck- 
l| eaplaccii I Mt angry and 
uialcat It hurts to worlc hard 
aamewhere for six months and 
have no one take notice when 
you leave. 

From the 
desk of. . 

Ellen Leeper 


This feeling ol us«lessness 
seems lo tw rampant in this 
country So called 'Blue t^ol 
lar" Jolts are viewed with 
dMaste to many Americans 
Being honest and taking prtde 
in your ]ob, no matter whai it 
la. are no longer considered 
good qualities Having money. 
poaitton and prestijie are 

I live in a suburb ol the north 
shore where waitresses, 
ianltors. tnickdrtvers, clerics 
and construction workers are 

dirty word* Some people I 
have served in restaurants 
have openly expressed their 
lack of re*pect lor people who 
do these types of jo»)s They 
speak and treat you as if you 
were uneducated and prldeless 
They leave small or no tips and 
yell and scream if you make an 
error I have even been 
physically shoved and slapped 
lor inconveniencing them 

My falher Jind motner grew 
up in the depression where do- 
ing blue collar jobs was what 
people did to sun'ive But the 
American work ethic was a lit- 
tle different then The pride 
people look in these jotis was 
reflective of ihe pride they took 
in America The war efforts 
can show us this 

The theme t)ehlnd the Weat 
Point Academy is this Behind 

< CtaillniiMf on page .1 ' 

Lettrrt to tlie Editof 

WoUney letter draws fire 

Mr Wollney 
I teci that ym da HH tdlaUy 

HMlerstaiid the conccfH of han- 
dgun control, 

Handguns have nothing to do 
with the sportsman; however. 
Ihcy have much lo d» with the 

Mceiary deaths both ac- 
cHMntal and intentional - ol 

iMtred* ol tbouaandft of ■Mi' 
ph'toCheCS each year. 

A sportsman doe* .not use a 
handgun when he hunts - being 
a "hunter." you should know 

this . The hunter uses a ritle, 
wlilch Is quite dlflerent from 


The Committee tor Handgun 
Control was not here to ban 
rifles - they were here to ban 
handgun* There i* no purpow 
lor a handgun, except to be us- 
ed as a concealed weapon lo 
"protect onetell " and kill so- 
meone else. 

Perhaps President Reagan's 
anallant would have been 
eaii0>t before the attempted 
awasslnatlon If he had been 
carrying ■ rifle, or a knife, or 
some other weapon. 

As for the second amendment 
- (t l» describing the net-d hir a 
MILITIA, or an army ol the 
people This was. indeed 

Bambach is lost 

Lunatic fringe 

EUmms \OTE Harbinger 
cotumnlsl Mike Btmbach 
ppceof/y spent a Monday at a 
itnall Midwestern community 
eolfege He ft/erf ifils report 

MIDWEST - 1 thought Id died 
and gone tu hell But II was just 
a small. Midwestern communi- 
ty college 

.My (Irst Impressions of the 
school were mixed II wa* a 
sleepy, unsuspecting place 
Everyone seemed lo mind theu- 
own business How nice, I 

But I hadn't met anyone .vet 
II wasn't until I had. that my 
feelUip lor this quaint little 
school began to change 

■ Welcome, ' ' announced 
beartv-looking fellow, who ap- 
peared lo have rushed from a 
recent date with a young 
female i at least. I suspected It 
was a young Female I 

•Thai's Smllln' Jack." so- 
meone would whisper lo me 


later "He s Ihe student boss. 
Don't ever turn your back to 

Before this anonymous fellow 
could finish, a girl flew out of 
Jack's office He was smUln" of 

But the girl was in tears "He 
he ahhhhhl" 

"Hey, Jack, " 1 asked, "what 
happened'"^ , ^ 

> CMtfnued im page J 1 

■ Correction 

In the Nov 8 edition of the 
Harbinger, we Incorrectly 
printwd Professor of music 
George Makas' last name We 
mlatakenly printed his name as 

necessary over 200 years ago. 
when the cituens of this coun- 
try were facing surprise at- 
tacks by Briilah soldiers How 
often has a "Redcoat" come to 
your door, and threatened your 

I signed a petition to ban han- 
dgun*, and I iHipe many other 
students did the same Perhaps 
now that you can see thai your 
"spori if killing can he called 
"sp' ''T threatened, 

Mr . ju w II rccon- 

sldfi ^'.iu( t''-'-.'ii"n 

Wittr respect for We, 

Indian giver 

Editor's Note In the Nov t edi- 
tion of the Harbinger. In the let- 
tnr to tbc Editor, Jim WoUnay 

Xd tpiait iMataB cm- 
Wcdto^ tttfitcd^tte a»< 
coad amendiiicDt to the United 
SUtes ConiUlultaii as reason 
against gun eontitil. 
To the Editor; 

Public handgun ownership 
should be illegal Every llfty 
minutes someone Is killed by a 
handgun In the V S A Parts lor 
-Saturday Mght Specials' can 
be imported inio this country 
and are assemtiled here The 
SNS l» tml.v accurate to a 
distance of ten to filleen feel, 

and many have faulty parts 
The SNS are not safe and used 
CHily to kill pepole 

Most handguns are bought 
tor prolection. but is a gun real- 
ly a deterenl to crime? Maytw 
a compromise can be reached 
The import of parts lor 'Satur- 
day .Ntghl Special' should be 
slopped And any private 
citizen caught with a gun while 
committing a crime should be 
sent to prison (or one year 

With this good medicine our 
spaceship' Earth will be a bet- 
ter place to live. 

Jim WoUney 
The Indian 

ThtM«rBin««f.No»tm(»trU. IW. P»9t] 

Black history class 'Shadow Box' opens 

to be offered 


Ttiert n-ill 'be • etmrtt i>f f erwl 

Ui. Btiick Aimrican HH«>ry dur- 
tn.t *prin| *tmr»i<?r lot 
•.I'lKknts *ta:) ».rf m:tere«te<l » 
,AIr»-.Amenvan hlsWry «r l«i»» 

Ttie couri* « Wtf h tunm't tWBi 
Mltml al HtiTicr for »l» jfttr*. 
will to* l«iJ#t by J<* Fslnijlass 

••The ei*»» !>■* ».ppaf«n«ty 
never tUW up in the jwil, » 
thev l>i'(I W <lr«p It.," laid Fe- 
Infias* 'But I wKerwl to leach 
It. aim I ini reMly eiKlwiMitic 
aboul It . ' 

tht Clara will tw ■■> tn-tttfiUi 
■Miy •(' tlw AmencM Black 
tnoi •• tt«e he was iirou|»it 
iirtr here during the Atrlcan 
■IMW »•*>. ihrousJi the civil 
ri||il» m«ivi;ment of the I1t0\ 
up until Uie present time 

"The course will ntw) c«««r 
black cuHure. their r»l« tn the 
Civil W«r, Reconflrutninn. and 

Ht Jaci that in lh« past. 
there bas been a lack i>> student 
mlerett m the cmne. isn t 
anythtug new. accordmn i» Fe- 


'^FWiple haw a dlMflrtaO 

itr American Hmory." 

•aid relntfass They ihlnk 

mi AmetKani have atwayt 

*>«• right, and that «r have a 

gioriowtwtonf " 

Pwiple *»nl unditrrtand 
what reallj »iap|iened and that 
If bttmm they have ti«ii 
(aught wn»|." added: Fo- 

Since (Me ctaa* Mao heen 
ftven Bimlher ctiance. 
'Nwever'. Fcin(j).as» hupes thai 
iMre piwpJe wttl take the 

All 1 can say to. that I think 
people witl find the cmirie very 
Wer«»tteg. '■ said Femgla» 

Senate officers 

to an apparent taculty ptrklng 
lone The student staled thai 
Ihtre were noi aileiiuaie U0» 
notilytng driver* ot the 
reitricle*! u»e at the liKatlon 

Wilke said that there wwe 
apiMirently a W ot tickets' 
tMtied and thai the senate 
would write a letter to the 
dffuirtneni to the near future 
to fee If the complamii wert 

Al preis lime It was WW- 
tato whether or not ttie neat 
tcnate meeltog would t* Nov 
1 1 or Nov 14 

The th.': -•■.'•■: ':.i-f:->''-ntothe 
point wfirer stt* •* lo»ln)t 
laenuwy and t» enpenenclhg, 
periodic st>u'tS'«itpain 

The ' iha' dUticuli 

(or .Si,. ^ay* thai she 

ptHo mutn insight to ilie nUe 
fmn etane* that *e haa taken 
on death and dying 

On perJormmg with her 
itoughlcr. Shirley shrufi her 
ihoulder* and says limply thai 

Lauri Turpto seems to share 
the same feeling with her 
iwjther. and says that working 
tugether has canted no great 

Liurf* role Is that of the 
psychmtnalysl who lirtens to. 
and rwporaJs to, the needs of 
the ilyWf! characters and the 
people ,m I lieir live* 

■lf» a real tWIert'iM, role." 
sav* ,Laun who miles that the 
p»yc,hoanalvst in "The Shadow 
lint" Is not the stereotyped 
prying, cold and mdiflereni 
counnelor We decided that 
the interviewer should be like a 
human being, "she says 

(Hher performers in the play 
include Pat •O'Connor who 
plays Awleraons wile, and 
Anne Uwls who portrays the 
elderlv lady's daughter 

The nroductton nina this 

weekend and neat weekend on 
both Friday and Saturday 
Mghis Tickrts com ti » for 
students and stall, and WM tor 
the general public and are 
available in the student ac- 
tivities office, 

A special dinner/theatre 
package is available at the 
Sov 21 performance Dinner 
uill Ix' served al 6 p m in the 
dining room in A bldg . lollow- 
edby IheBp m perlorTOaoce 

Ticket! (or the din- 
ner/theatre package cost 9» lor 
students and staff, and lio lor 
Ibe public More inlormatlon Is 
available in the activities office 
or by calling exls j«orM3 

Blue collar's aren't noticed 


^/^ Smoke 

. Conimued tmm ptp*') ^ ^ 
fverv right there ■ i dm,;. We 
as Americans place lo much 
emphaiis on our Tights ' and 
to little interest in working 
ham to earn those right* We 
complain aliout the influx of 
imrotgranti to this country, yet 
Ihey do the Jott* that we will no 
longer do We also tend tt) 
rncftt that America »a» buill 
liy the efforts of Blue collar" 
worktia r«f every one presi 
deni fli a eoippany there are a 
hundmt factory workers the 

anility and dapendabtmy ol the 
product in that company is 
reflective of the work force that 
produced it 

1 considered mysell a good 
waitress 1 tried to take prid« In 
my »oli and my hard work But 
as I walked out those doors. I 
tell no pride m my elforls or my 
position as a waitress of six 
years 1 felt resentful of having 
io do mat type of work and 
• aiimg on people who didnt 
have to l resented being a 

Blue Collar" worker When 
vou feel llita way, it's not dif 

llcult to understand why to 
many people collect welfare 
and unemployment Working a 
joti that involves long hours, lit- 
tle pay and not one pal on the 
back can make one feel resent 
(ul and unmotivated towards 
working at all 

How can a nalioit remain 
strong when people no longjer 
lake pndr in making II suc- 
ceed' Until we start viewing all 
job forces as a contributing 
part of the greatness of our 
country we are facing rapid 

''Lunatics run the asylum" 

ron«i:m*rf inm page 1* 

"Aw. nothing 
women. It*, ha "' 

Yin kmi« 



l«W. Davis 

Ar I Ingtofi Heights 

255 2263 

. M««' MMW »•« f»awl 

«t* kMrtf W WW Hot 

■lakit II ••»•«<••• 

I Ml* ITM'I a^M 

the 1- • 


l\ I'M,! 

.nge, 1 

pie. oIh ■ 

in ittempt to 




,'! Ihrlnl*} .■■ 



ffffr- V. ..s,\ ■;.a.. ■! 1961. «W mt SE'f.fcStDE AS 
y. "■ H .: .:. ; - ■■.;■ - -i: ,7 VOUP ftlCOM'f MJR »OIJ« mU m 
■■:''.. •■ '-. -■'" '-■MWI ACC:Olt^• "-■ "••' ■■■'-■'•' ""^■■' 
A', .'. ^iv. :.. ■. . -It*"* EVEN IF YOU ALREADY 



t r,, H..1. - 

.,,,, .„,.„ I •:'-,,, ",i> ,,» Ji»i! riO'» »') 

. iiMNitliaiitiiiliagiiiriMiaMMmta"' 

im'esiiini «i<i*i!' 


-ll.U!l l,>t„fl,U:!l 

:H,irt. pu:i).k"r- 

...111 Ihf '•'». 

I:,..' •>,,„u|th some 
. '!...: had t»en 
; D,..- u.iAy llwr Wf 

»,*ldo«n U tend* to gf I •■ 

1)4? busier on Thursday an. : 
t.i-. " .Lick said 

'. , .1,1 km* the GM adtW, 
He <, right ■■ ^ ^ , 

In ihe distance ihough. i 
.heard mmWingt m»( ■uniil"' 
*imr I heard 'belore. but not in 
this ..chool. « WMinded like a 

'"I'm the Ksktmo. one 
hollered ".And sometimes fm 
ih* FiKhernam. und nnni'lime* 

■..-(J, W'r,rrvrry»»hame<l 

,,(-:». nhci had been ,*niHmg 

i.i<n.iilgti the enure tour, sudden- 

b st.op|i«d sm.ll.tng He looked 

.li tine of the newsparrs that lit- 

leitd l,h«.' .Hwr "Those -," 

he mullerifd "They )u«t won I 
- ;ieu»tte." 

r..e OM cmneurrtd with 
„^Lk "Thm« young folks ,|usi 
iMi'i undt'Titand. '" he ia,id in 
'ine "Jack and I. we do try 

Really Bu* »» 1=*"'' *'*''' '•"' 
screw up now and then 

I look-f' "' "'" "■«»'' "^ 
TH' ' 

,' student dashed 
Holding * cream 

»,. .-vrii trinl lo !*D1 Uwa I" 
■tttiln' tiul ih'in (list won't lew* 
US alHw Hr siKiok h». h«ad 

I t«.K'-'l al me lobby one 
ni„rr. tim.:' I iMitM a ISlimt« 
( a man and woman 
screeching down ihi? corridor 
Thev were laughing hysterical 
.. ..L.. .,.,.. i.jjp „n^ would expect 

:-<■ thev" ' ! asked the 

![ they run siudenl ac- 

I couldn t wait lo get back to 



i*50S BraiMftl PO Bo.C 

L«Gran9« IL «0S3S 

JSa 471«./397 I US 




Rijtht now.. th«'w arc Witrifit 
owning,* for top train,i,n,g in one 
of the new technologies like 
«iin,put.<»r». electronics or com 
■iminicntions. H you qualify, you can 
■iKil up lor jfuaninMfd traitung 
in the OM you choone. and atari 
sftof yeu .graduate. 

Ami. Dettdec learning 
tklUs that will last a lifetime, you'll 

have the chance lo work in some of the exoUc places you vc 
dreamt atwui For intormatloa call collect < 312)73«-M40 

y»g»4. Tht n»rhtngfrjtmst^g[_ 

12. IW> 




875 GOLF RD. 



Tlw MirDtngar. NuvtmMr l> )t|i, PagtS 


TiM Marpcr Colltfc Ttwitn 
producdon i»< Mlehiel 
Chnsl«(er'», ••Tli* Shiilo* 
Boi." opvm fnA»y. N«v^ 13. 
■nd Kill eonllnw Nov 14. SI 
audit. In Uw thcatra. Ji43. at i 
p,m- TtclMti' are tl.Jl) lor 
«Mtata/itan and Ct so (or (Im 
public, and art avallatile In Sta 
[Jent Activities. Building A 
AlMi. ■ sfwcial dmmtr Itwatrc 
packagi I* availaW* for Satur- 
day. Nov. tl. "tilt Shadow 
Bm" l*.adult«iMtniliitiMit. 

IM Drill 

Ttie Nortt Smmrban aiood 
Oniisr wtll tw on cain|M» 
•y. Nov in (mni: t 
to ] p n in AJ4Z for tlw w- 

drivo tn<« vear 
DMon must ti« m $ma nejtith. 
titlwwn I" and « yvnn old, 
wtluM at le««l lt« pounds, and 
■tiould ha VI* watted 8 wmIu bet 
wwn donations for more in 
formation, call wi Ma or slim 
til Htaltli Service*. AJSt. 

PolitiMi Scimce Club Snokeout 

TtMnt will In a mectiiig o( the 
Polltieal Sclenw Ctub m Tues^ 
day. No* I7at2 ISpm at the 
(Ireplace in Buildinf A All 
ft udcnu are welcome 


The Catholic Campun 
Minlstrie* Is (ponsormi) a 
S4|uare Dance on Saturday. 

Nov 11 »l « p m in the Student 
liounge. Building A The cost 1) 
13 per penton. whk'h includes 
refreshments and a protes 
•ioiud calhtr. Mr tMn Johnaon 
fm urn* tntemiitlait. contact 
Nancy Pistanowiih. eit. Ul 


l)flirMlt-<M*n A (^fl(i* 

N»u)>» •^alatU 

•»(in«l<.«ihf» • I a|it>ui-<in<i 

(lallan N|M-i-ialiM'>; 




*l,..-.. n.l.,,. Ill l*|ti».. 
* ('.».■. 1 '*Miid'n'% 

l>l>.>»i- ..l<.'j..i |...r („.■," ..-T'l.-r 


AH mm 




Dec . 20 


Nov 19,20,21 

PiibaK nlly 

Tlje Crtnade ol Mercy ii 
tponiorlng a Benefit Pinliall 
Rally in the cateteria on Fn- 

day.' Nov II. from U-2 p.m. 
The "CENTIPEDE" will be us- 
ed lor the Rally Entrance lee 

in fl IS, and prlie* *ill he 
awanM lor the highest scores 

Fashion fitness 

'FMhlon FIlneM. " a pro 
|ram .sponsored taj Fashion 
Merchandising Stu^ciib. will 
lie presetrted on WedWKlay, 
New . IK al lit a in in Building A 
Tlif prugratn '"Ui; in.ludc 
mult.l-m«d'ia mv. .fn 

lalltlO*, at «l..-: :it.'l 

t.n:ms l)y Adnn. n-pn and 
Mario fritwi sjiltnii, md (he 
.Ia.Keri:»f Diim-i' (.'ompanv 
BtMt. .. ^nti.. •■■ .,!., .. '. . ■, .' . 

pttn ■"]' ]:.'.'■ ': ,h' ' ■ .'I 

Crusade of Mercy 

TtW 11*1 !(..>!;■• ' ■■■■■:■■ 

Cruiadii- of Mt" ' 
t»e,gii"' \-" '• ■•■■ 

ItUlli-lv- .,' 

cour»g«i 1.0 iloiutr .1-- mud; as. 
thfj can t:onl.amct» lor *»>»■ 
ttam have been place.! al 
varioua locations ttirouithoui 
the college to collect change lor 
tlw C'ruiade 

Tfie l.iiifed Way'Cru».ade of 

.Meri:^ support.* more than *» 

human sepffcf areli* in IN' 

;ifi»;i as v.eU as u!;i.l nervlces 

fur m»n> 

It's Time To Get Down To Business . . . 

Courses in Business Administration. 

• 24 tia»««» to i» otl«r»4 tm W»l«r Ttl:fi>.««iM tn^tnnitifl 
.lomiuorj- tl IMS: n» •»« eonvenlent NoHluiiile loc«Honi».; 

tttyilr- . I ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 

K'trmnt! ■ T>'- s;'-' ■ 

• To warn «»■««■ t.i.a>. NO* >•..,. ......i.,,... ...r ol the iBllowt-..-. 

Ortanlntion. R*f atmttoti Wcrte.liop* 

(H :, l-i . 

The fifth annual Great 
American Smolteoul. spon- 

lored by the American Cancer 
Societv.' will take place on 
Thuriday, Nov 1« The 
Smokeoul is the day for all 
smokers to quit for 2* hours, 
and for all non-smolter« to en 
courage smokers to ijult A 
displav wil! be sel up in the Stu- 
dent Center, Building A, fealur 
ing literature and pledge sheets 
for the Smokeout Obtain the 
names ol 18 smokers who 
pledge not to smoke on Nov W, 
and get a free •Kiss Me, I Don't 
Smoke" tnitton 

Carden club Scholarship 

Tlie Garttn. Ctub ol In- 
verness ti offering one MflO 

scholarship lor the KHlMiNe 

M't'HWl s'car which may he used 
' ■ '<Ts. iKKiks anil sup 
.■hcilmns ( Itic 
;'. allahl^■lnlb^■ 
■■n-^• Deadline 

Amateir night 

The Harper College Cathiillc 
Campus Ministry Is sponsoring 
an Amateur Night on Saturday, 
Dec S. at 8 p m in the Student 
Lounge. Building A All 
students and young adults are 
Invited to participate Applica- 
tions are avalla)>le in Student 
Activities For more Informa- 
tion, call Nancy Plstanowtsli, 
ext 142 

Space cadit 

Harper College wilt present a 
lecture and slide presenlatlon 
entitled "VFOs An Exciting 
Challenge lo Modern Science" 
by Or J Allen Hynek at 8 p m 
Tuesday, No\ 17. in Building J. 
room !« Harper students with 
activity cards will be admitted 
free Public admission to the 
lecture a tl X For more in- 
formation, call ext 242. 


Fin.'.! I 

l..sNf.n. . 

Thfi>-»' .-icpu 'i.'i '"!' :hf 
■M-|»l;.jr-..tM), «iii,;j !.«.■ .J rii.n1 f.r 
(ourl..ti s*-mes.ter Horlifiii'-i;'' 
sludeni llviOB m IJw ll:>rin'! 
,'.. 11, ..;... f>. strict and hautnj .< 
. ' ;i<le point average 

Scholarship Mk 

thf Schnliirstup BiM* .> Lon 

'' i»ci1 --•vh'il.ii '-hi(> 

' ', .■ '.- I,. ■^.■tii.1 jirlM 

' ;.•.' -. .'. ,si:.;ii,i. 

..ill'!!.::; ., ■,i.r-,!ii.ll,j .... r'l.l ., 

sen. tec It* tutticm 
The Scholarship Bank 

riTftves notices on mum 
!. irshlps dally and »■ 
■:iy send 'Updated .Hi' 
'I'l sludents who sul'■^t•rlt"- 

<*'T\ (Cr 

.■(•rcslcil students can oli 
lain more mtormatlon l»y sen^ 
ding a stamped *ell-addres«ed 
envelope to The Scholarahip 
Bank. WW) Santa M'Onica 
Blvd . #T». Us Angeles, CA 

UFO EXPERT J Allen Hynek 
iffill speak on UFOs on Nov 17 

Classified Classified 

-...- : M i ;i »E All .•.--. If r.,. ~; -o. ,.,. 
.. . . |. .. . . jr., ■ .. .. ■ -.■ ...1 . v.... i^r'^'l 

1 or Nail- 

Ei»*NO W«W HOOV^ft 


A T ■; ^ ■■ 
c:, \-'- 

■■ twwiri3«M*i iwf A' I *Oillilir 
■ ■■ ano'niflfw^p^na Hmm 

Faga*. Trw HarblnMr. Mowffllwr I), i*f I 

TO GET $15,200 fOR 

Soon you 11 have y^jur assiKiarc s degree" 
And if v"u W thinking <4 connnuinj; your cducatKin. 
fCJU know )ust how ex(vti^i\e will be 

But amsidcr the Anriy In the Amiy. it you 

Panidpaie in the Veterans' Educational Astsistatice 
rograml VEAP). «\>u caii iccuniulate $ 1 5,200 tor 
ajUege in |ust rno years 

That's siKnitkant d t rw. --r-.)^ ms Obviously 
that's a lot of nionev But v^ u nt m i> 
r>0t have realized l^ that two vearv i> the 
shortest mititary enlistriH'tit available 

VEAP t> a great way to mukv it 
on yi>uriwn Since it s not a kvin, you 
won't need a a>-signer or collateral 
Ar¥J yjHi'lI ncner hiive to worr\ aKuii 
making payments after t,T;»duation 


• ItX"' 



1 ¥r.. 


,Vrm» AMu 



1'>*>l H.rm-r»; 






It's strictly a livings program, and the money 
is all yours tor si:hcx>l 

V'EAP IS siirpnsingly simple If you siive be- 

tucen S2S atui SKX"' each month while ytni're in the 
Arnn , the noveriinu-nt will match your savings twtv 
tor-one. And. on top of that, you might even c)ualify 
tor the exclusive Amiy education incentive of $8,000. 

And remcmivr. in lust rwo years, you'll he 
back in school, 

S«rrvr your country as you 
ser\-e yourself Gill aX^-42 1-4422. 
In Cilifomia. c.ill .sa-i-2S2-001 1. 
ALiska and Hawaii. .8OT-42 V2244. 
FVttiT vet. look m the \'elk»w Pages 
under "RafLmmi; "' 

lltKIIIWilWH R""'H!'krri«'llli;k«i*. ■ 

TNlHirbtngc'. Novtmber IJ. IWI, P«g»; 

Off Beat 

'Ghost in the 
Machine' captivates 


BLltES ARTIST Muddy MtssMippt Wai«rs pcHomuan ctinput at Ip m. tn M BMf . on Friday 

A clear look at blues 
legend Muddy Waters 

H«'f been cjtM "King ot 

BlDts" tnd "Gftated o( 
Great*" He ii credited «ilh 
having «subtk!(li<-d ihe 
"Cntetig Mumd" U blues. He 
lias tttUnmcwtl ctNintMia ntlwf ' 
muMdant, Mil rnily In Itluct \mk 
even wicti rack «iic««tMi •• 
Sirk aaptOT or U»e HMtUlg 
SMmim The man li kiwmi ai. 
Muddy Waien 

It poei wtilMMil uyitii IM 
Muddy Waten must be ite 
niMt popular and wtTeutul 
artist fiill crtattog ahd per- 
tormlnf tiluei ta<la> Bui «M 
Is it tltai lias set apart itnd 
pushtd titm to the Inp of till 
lieW 11 appiiri to have Iwen i 
cwmliinatiwn nt several 
dltfteult-tiHletlne iwaliiies, i»' 
cludlnf ttNF Muddy Wnten 
"•Mini." ilW' Muddy "»tvie. 

Historvof Blues 


nr f Jmmw i>f ym kIw nlglH' 
OM At tmiMrrj on tli« sti(i|ec(, 
ilMF' Mhw an Mlvvecf' 10 kavt 
mmr§it arauntf ttm elate i^ 
lb€ niMttmlM rtntury 

tMispite ifle n$me ar me »r- 
rowtui mttm 01 mmf ot liw 

rime Muet mm played M 
kiflMciM. rtaJ) me$. m "J'Uftt 
joiatB" or in "iarrel-lioiiie*"" 
all araniMf tllt'MiWii. 

TlMMi nfflft tim cwiint of Hit 
AprMiMi. Ue Mum moved in- 
to the eitie$ 

la iDc Me (Mitm. "t>fue« 
•ftwtiag" a^pearea. and 
alnien dWtmw U>eir vocaJa 
wttft ftMre antfpuocA 

In Uie f<wtJe» aiid early ftt- 
ttn «iV talWed jounff Dtet 

MM! Me iniilli M aioiiO-MNl 
Watara »•* 

and Ihe Muddy "dUve" He 
(tands atone in all three at 

thete areas. 

Muddy'i sound centers 
araund hit thick tnolaiiei 
vueala anil hit alide guitar To 
■tinive in the bluec market a* 
It wa* in the fnrtM. he had In 
put logelher a l>an<l And fur 
Mu()dy U'alen, Ihts ha» always 
ba4 t() be a band capable at 
Nkm-inc his own unpredic 
table plajing and his own style 
very closely Fartunalely. 
there has never been ti» much 
trtiuble in I'mding such a hand 
Althnugh he started In Chicagn 
w-lfh (inly a ha» plavcr atwl oc- 
casional harmonic*, the 
Waters band ha.s since usually 
conaisted ot oiie or two back-up 
guitars, a ptano. hannM.ica., 
basx. anddruinsi 

Pertorming «ith Muddy here 
on Nov 1:). the guitars will be 
handled by Jotin Fritner and 
liick Kretier. Earnest Johnson 

will play tmm: Ray Alllwm. 
dniitis. l/wie tee, piano, and 
(jtorge "Maio Butord will be 

Simplv »peakm({. the Muddy 
Waiers sound 1$ (tnving and 
torceful It ts cnarse but c-om 
plei, and high-spirited in spite 
ot Its liluesy mstrumenlatlon. 
With Muddy s vocals (allowmg 
closely in the tradition ol the 
"blues shoulers.." the muaic ts 
botetertius and' will not be Ig- 

Don't put ihi* mile on when 
you re study log Mr a history 
ex an 

MuiMy Wilen is a lotiiewhat 
reserved man He speak* soltly 
and prefers not to talk ahwt 
hiiwseK On .stage, he av«.ids 
flailiy style or fancy chatter 
But on stage or of (. he is a man 
of Immense dignity He leads 
his band with a word, a glance. 
or a gesture He handles guests 
graciously And. approprtstely. 

Harbinger MCE 1 GHtJST IN 


'TtMH-f IS no pi'Ufwdl solutlM. 
I fi*i» no Wth tn CnnilitulUm, 
thm a no Moody fieiw/u/WJii 

Ipam "Spirits m ttiv 


THe Police 

Foaltlve The one word that 
deicrlhes the I'olice's latest ef' 
lort "Chosl In the Michme " 
Wilh .jlhum* ■'«)utlari(l<is 
i|' iVmour." • Reggal.:i (If 
Hlttnc' and Zenyalte Man 
dalta. ■ Ghost in the Machine" 
has 1(1 tie the finest musicaily 
and lethmcally produced 

Top track Every Little 
Thing She Does is Magic" has 
gained aceoladeii (or the three 
member band But this plays 
only a small part to this very 
dynamic album 

The emphasis on "Ghost on 
the Machine ■ unlike "Zenyatta 
Mondalta seems to lie in their 
eiacting rhythms exemplified 
in "Too Much Information" 
and "Secret Journey ■' 

In an interview with Musi- 
cian magazine. Andy Sum- 
mers, Stewart lopeland. and 
Sling talk at length about their 
beginnings "We never had 
enough songs, really," recalled 
Andy Summers "We only had 
about eight songs, so we'd have 
to slrekh tt nut m we could 
fulfill the correct amiMinl ol 
time and gel paid (or it at the 
end of the evening ' 

These |am sessrtns have ol>- 
VKHisly paid off as "(ihost tn 



on music 

the Machine' covers all tlte 
strength and creativity ex- 
tilbited in all three ol the 
Ptillce .< past albums with the 
addition ol a brass -section This 
brass section deepens the 
sound and even the message of 
(he song 

The Police have been accus- 
ed of being political, a would t>e 
problem to a group ol aspiiing 
musicians However, in this 
case. It ts nol a negative (actor 
The lyrics blend so well that 
someiimes the meaning ts 
skimmed over 

"Spirits m the Material 
World" argues that material 
wealth IS nol always the esien- 
tiat to happiness While "Invisi- 
ble Sun" relates to the cooflltts 
In England, conveying the 
message "1 don't ever want to 
play the part 'Of a statistic on a 
government chart." Although 
'Invisible Sun" Is forever op- 
timistic 'There has to be an In- 
visible tun/that keeps us warm 
when the wholeday'sdone " 

"Outlandos d'Amour" is a 
far cry from the genius of 
"Ghost in the Machine." as the 
f»ollee refine and mature 
within the musical spectrum 

ne carries himsell like a king 
That & Just his style 
Although Muddy no longer 

plays m the taverns (or six 
hours a night. hl.s spirit and bis 
drive are siiU apparent 

In a recent press release 
Muddy says "I put everything 1 
got tn it. But you can't do that 
all night " 

He etatms to have had a 
natural feel for the stage, and 

he became a forceful stage 
presence reflective of his 
music He pushes himself to 
give all he can. and he fully ex- 
pef:ts his band to follow him 
every step ot the way To have 
worked this hard (or well over 
forty years demanded a fierce 
love (ram this man, both (or his 
music and for his people Bui 
this la a hive he has provided 

Sternberg: 'Time Bandits' robs 
audience of time and money A 




Tmanl the em* ot the ««#n 
the blues appearetf to be dying, 

but with tlm stetR*. <; a 
"P/lKsrevH'jJ ■' 

Siidi*fBJ> a .new audience 
•anieil to hear the Wws-".j 
mucft .vounger awiJence com- 
yMWd largely of wMW r»i» 
uw a ^mmtmim IM jumi^ 
.«( many of (fte ttltm mmi~ 
timx but ihey played }mt itiv 
..Mme. mn ttltm have tsrea $0- 


TIME BA.\0tTS IS a moronic 
attempt at anything even latnl- 

ly hinted at in this movie 

The' film runs on endlessly 
amt never gels anywhere The 

fault, lies la the mane and 

script written by two 
members of "Monty 

Python's riyinf Circus" fame 

The story centers on a young 
h«),, apparently 'bortd with 
wh.a( happens around the 
house When be Is told 'to go to 
'tiMP' - Che b«iy goes into his 
heatf Win iiBtf he 1* .soon shock- hv riimlihn^ infTunt^ from 

.. . .iijhthc 

Cl<»S*{ pUllWg. ItU' ' I -. -'->'. 


The next mghl he goes In his 
room hop'ng hell have the 
same thing happen Instead a 
group of midgeis come in his 
room looking like they came 
irom another time 

They persuade the boy to 
come with them on a surreal 

The movie starts very pro 
misuig. but turns Into complete 

"TlBie Bandits " can never 
g«t across what it's trytngo he. 

A (antasy^ 

A comedy*' 

\ kids Saturday matinee'* 
\a .strong lmprem.KW really 
come across.'* 

The movie runs Hx>sely from 
lantasj to dumb, inept comedy 
and from embarrassing to ab- 
solule bland.nest The 'movie 
has too much demented humor 
to .he a 'kid's movie and too 
raueh diimh .bunior lor atttlt 
tatii^t Th». fantasy part drives 
II -. K'ln 

s-i'ings so ir- 
rc'vcrrntl) , thai one mmuie 

w**re waldiinf the boy on his 
surreal journey, then subjected 
to something plain stupid or 
embarrassing The (act that 
two Momv Python people wrote 
the script does not make il 

On the Monty Pytlion T v 
show the whole group par- 
ticipated m the writing They 
were able to gel a good idea o( 
what IS (unny and what Isn't 
Plus, the show being only halt 
ol one hour Ihey didn'l run out 
of inspiration before their 
shows were over 

In ■Time Bandits' the In 
sptratlon runs out quickly 
Michael Pal in being one ot the 
co-writers and pertormers and 
Terry Citllam. the animator on 
"Fly'lng Circus." do not JustKy 
their talents 00 the big screen. 
A more well-crattcd, controlled 
approach Is needed 

Cllltam let* the action on 
icreen go to ridiculmis situa- 
tions, letting thin skelthcs stay 
as they are Cllllam also has 
troutile with hanating the way 
the turn 'm.O'ves in a stupor 

Basically, the movie wanders 
like a drunk 

The ensemble of actors and 
actresses in this movie, for Uie 
most part, are wasted In this 
Sean Connery Is In the movie 
for five minutes, where we get 
to watch him smile (or that 
time They could have cast 
Jimmy Carter lor thai part 

John Cleese Is stuck with do- 
ing some very (oolish skit in 
where he plays Robin Hood 

Now (or the absolutely 
embarrasslng-Shellcy Duvall 
and Michael Pal In 

These scenes come off as 
unintentional parodies ot their 
own movie 

"Time Bandits" couirt be a 
parody, but is by far ii>" flat to 
be worthy of thai ttii. Only 
Katherlne Helmond 1: TV's 
"Soap* fatnc) and Peter 
Vaughn a* the ogre are amua- 


The only "Time Bamitis" In 
this (Urn are the (llmmakvrc - 
stealing your Hme and your 


P««l'l. TlwMarttM«ir. fUmm t mr It Ml 


Harpvr'n tiaiiet lor • MMtoesi 
Btim\ M ««ine .iqiielclictl Satw- 

liay. as JitlM UMii the l*g» nr 
tailhack Haralit Bnwn I* sloii 

Brw'n rambM lt>r n mtiIk 

HI 3S 'Carria and kom (««' 

tMKilMliiMiit ami tut Wolvft 
«itv«iinit»'llM MC ciiimpion- 

thip §mm afainsi iitmot* 

Tlic pme was <I«:mM id llW' 
llni: Iwll. •• 'Ntrptr faiM lo 
dam. itie tcowtoani itaspite a 
nuiabrr ol scodbi o|»- 

"In the ltnil/MI'«t.lwil ilt:rt# 
ctancts to .mrt. Iiijt clMi't" 
Mtit Harper iloMl cMCtt John 

MeanwhU*. Jolwt'i (l(l«M» 
nw4e the mwt 'ffll tritir ttr«t- 
haMopiMiftimtiiei. taking a IM 
Im«J they riei'ei »Hw)iit»lwil 

TIN Mvs tiKtli liip opening 
kKtott^aiMt 4tmt ss yartlc m itt 


CMWt »}! 

I»l tiwy Bill 

a Z-yarO 


Tilt Bawto- drmt S» yar* to 
Jtlltrt l-yard Un* wUrn 

rrtertiack Tl» Tywll tftre* 
Hrsl Ml fcto lour inl»w«p- 

Biun Fomhin (Wiwcwm » 
lumfcW punt on il» Hawir » 
yarilUnr |^'^' i«' '"■ •h*' WiMvus" 

SIS pi.i' • 'f FiK-liei 

p4»)'n* '■ 

t'Otui 'II. 


H . 


«|.'- ,',...- 

tl..u'. ' '■ ■■ ! ■ '■'■ • 

tumtiiii'i II "'■ 

llnr : -I'll.-" " 

iieiiMipul up ihe ball tad f ,*l) tnto 

■ ■V.I ap- 

r,f" w 

I .: ,' 'jrWKl 

i,- •-.' IJilt, 

-■itfi. Vljr i.ti .k. '. 

u- I' n • 

' ri • till. IcR 

«i'«it|: lln 
hry hweeij 
I'l-B Korfd 

Tyrrell a QB 
with promise 

Tm vean ago Tim Tyrrell w» working al Dommicks. lining 
aumm tm/t ins'MO "' i-airywi * piSAm for some college foot- 
tall teare ._ „ . , ^ 

Tfcto we«k Tvrrell leads Harp«T inio a game against Triton which 
•111 decKJe who will be the mirt-ranked (nolball team in the »tate 
lie IB a probable candidate lor All Conferetwe, AllRegton and All 
Aroeman honor* , . ^ „ ,t., 

Ihae even«» are Jusi an example of the peaks and valleys that 
have donunaled T\ rreils hiotball career in (he past four years 

A* a liiSiir tailback at Conani in l«8. Tyrrell scored a 45-yard 
towlKlMm tiM! first itm* he touclwd the tiall in the Cougar t Itnl 
game aiaintl Mundelelu 

Tyrrell runheil for over «m yards that season, and received three 
tetter* from college* expressing mterest in his Imrtball skills 

,An«r diltiawi off-sea«n condiiionwf. Tyrrell was looking fur- 
watd to a MCewilUl senior year al Conanl But in the firsl day «f 
prartlce. he twisted his km* in a running drill, and was told his 
rtght knee «• ijuirrt jurgrry 

'•I cried all the * av Iwmc (rom the doilor, ' si<i(l lyrrell 

Tyrrrti missed the enure fwittwil season, aiwl his hopes (or an 
athjetif scholarship were dashed,, .^ ^ ^ 

He Sit out the nexl twilDall seaiwn because h* cmildn t decide 
whal he wanted to do with himselJ, 

As the iwe season rolled around, however, Ty rrell fouldn t resist 
the temptation, and came out lor Harper's squad as « tlelensive 

Alter the slarliriR •■?" in^n.-u-k quit and the Hawk offense was 

sputtering. Tv rrei I « ' " <|U»rterhack, 

As a resull^' the H- ■" '■' "^'"- remaming gamei. and Tyr- 

rtll"'*c»ii*rh,astHfen,«,)iiii.' •■,-TSince 

'This wiion. tho ««(ih<>nv' n:^ Has led the Hawks to a a- 

.1 owtrall record. intUidinn .i^^- > • -- -"i 'es over Illinois V alley ami 


' -T'v rrril ha* .iU a v ■ !'*>'n able to make lOeBlthlng h,app*;n. fven il 
,,t , , Harper head coach John Eltasik 

,.isses»menl is lusl week's »■» dfieai by 
Jalici. '"bfC*- I,,' >''■!! p.i'-*(i lo,r tK yiirrt^ ' ■■■ '^-r-A lour intervep- 

iiri.i'ctiifi'nTK-t 'I'll Ithinkl ^e 

, , i. I;.:'.r ,1 '•'' !•> Iran; 

I,,;!., ^'.'tii 'i-.- !n„-t.'i', ii'i.tin!'. i'<-spnnsltilc tor T>'r 
I (ni'hElw^lk relffitoas ' incrcrttt'ile " 
I ii)(s t»,yghl mc a lol •:>( things, from re.»'iing 

.'• f milt"r''»'hltfl'!TlI>l*MnB " r., rr.'.|i..,;(l(l 

'l'Vfi'«l'^ t'ii;'><' ' 
imtirovo'! ., •"! I 

Hawk . •„i. '. ■"■! 


,WC Ol'T, Hariwr iiuarttftMH* lliu TyrrtM avm* tbe Mm ruih 
in tfci Ilawts »» loiia » I**' Wnl»'« '» a itate «#m,l-«nal playiift 
■•nc The Hawk*, no* M. will face Triton at 1 p.* Saturday in the 

sla'tt ttmaoteWoii ,B*»nf '' i*oio by Paul CaKlo ' 

\' H.I 

tile CMI .HMO 111 < 
'li I 'I '■ ■ 


(la* pla 


(iityR ('Hon* m mr riii,i /"ih- 

, reach 

, .,'. ta ,puatert 
or ';b yard"- 
, a »-ll lea- 1 

ii'iiMI (ia,»n'ip»n 


i-lp the team inc most, Iimi tww \vn 


Theberge off and running 


Rnti, TI'ietnTP' hH's O'pvrr rons'trti-Tiri Mmiaelt lucky He reiralls his 

i-iiir at »'««''- ' ' ■ wwil, B»hai*lliiished.'»*coinl 

'isemice m. ' •• « H» l»»'il« *"• "f t'lx' ***""' 

'i»mn 'ii'Bwi, he was ■nn^u..m^■u .,.,-., .lust of a tiwrit ■""" ' "''""' 

'HUy would; lw»t ma* it ilii«i)»i«'te that year, ' ' he s.„. ■. 

T1»<*i.Theibi!r'|p recalls W» IrtftimM vear at , Ann >,i"i.' "".' ' 

he auit t'tw men's track iB«m ' ' ach it was tifvj,a.« of 

gradips. "rhebergt ,4«,y's '"li w,.,. .'.n out, 1 waBteiJ m,ore 

tint lor royself There were rooa i-"- ■ ^'■' ' ' ""' ' 

,riiii,, ho'! I .ttitn't 

'"'Il w»* lUSt Iftimem,"" tie admit* '• 
and I dt*'i t think I w»» gemng any wberr 'nu 

Th«*»r,(jc H'oew be would be transferring ii,i i 
loplmmore vear, *i«» his jjartntl had since 'movro i . i 
wa* iii,t'#T'e»t«l, m Bimg iMt Hit m enws ciwniry team, but mm 
atm he hadi transferred tp m,.!-"--- hi. was declared, academ,ically 

It wamxen tlwt Thebf IV !<«• missed rwinmi. With all 

(hat (rrr time. I reall««<l it»at'.> wtuit I wanted' to do. " ,lie lays He 
twtan ninninit again in late June He wa» tn-rttd by Karptr cross 
eoSnlrv coack Jot Vtiton to wo,rk out mth the teats iliirtng the 
'■aaiMi' Tihaii,:lit,««iolfa»!l«) pleurisy > water on the lungs • and mm 
a •«*,« tteiJiUnnw. "It waa anoihtf i»t,back, " he iwyi 

EOmM'S mm: pan «t mt mry m tuemptml tmn a story 
mtHtm if l§m*Ui0tr if0ft»«0tmr mm Jtamtiaeli Uial na ui nte 

. t''jii,at«e. He 

Since (heii, hO'wevw. TIitl»,rge hasn't bid many Mlbacks He w as 
the \o, * I .Stki-mei'er runner m 'Che nation on Ibi! ,|untor college level 
iii,»l spring and Is «im,ln,g for alt^American h«inors al 'the \JCAA 
crosscountry meet this weekend in Wichita, Kansas 

He net two ,iHjhoi*l 'reci'irds last spring m itie mdair ■ 

, (hr j««,mi'tc>r run ' I ill' ari''! qu.ilifw-rt I'nr fhr '■■ ■ *• 

time «t iti. ' '■'' !i"-'< ^'•>* 

III mile,*!'.': riiedrtge .-an 

I'l'trali itn- fi'tui tn mute barrier 

••With a little 'more trainltig, he th,|,nks we, can shool lor it neit apr- 

'.,.■■■, sc. good tor Theberge, though His 
, I ,.rki.i:.a,ch Lrn 'Millet and miler Steve 
.Scott. '»cfe miHuatioa enough lor Thifbefge to undergo an attitude 

'"'I fcarwst not to get <^-^" •'" mvselt.'" he snys "You've got to 
keep golwi. The mof 1 1 1 1 ''i k ts l« ha v* a go,al in the back of 

your mind, ■ ' Theberg-- ' '■> compare h.msel t with Scott, 

'who holds the Amen.:" ,i t <1 1 3 : .i,i ' , but only tiecause the 

two w^ere former teamr- •• ;> co'uple of years ahead of 'me. 

says 'Theberge. "w'tth » nuin ^ ..i..J ilistance ' 

the four-m,lnMle tiarnei i» a giwl eweted hy almost any serious 
runner rormer U-ammaie Tom HiUcek. who was a i|u»UIler for the 
.VJf'AA cross owinlry m,eet last 'year, once said " Anyime can run a 
101 mile, but how many can do a ;i »''" 

If I hit the lour minute mile. IB he conelderwd World Class. 

'Thai 1« Uli •m «« Tli«l»err'» Itraap. M he'a^eliiwr than he was a 

I Hawks briefly. . 

T'lie fiKiitjjll team closes its 
season Saturday at home 
w,hen they face Tnlon in a 
Slate consolation game The 
'Hawks have lost iheir last iwio 
iljia,'me*, inclwling a 'M^a »et- 
,Oack to the Trojans two 
W'ee'kenrts a,(!D 

Tnton haiJ Iheir hopes (oi a 
fe.-onri-4tr,3ii!til .Midwest 
iK' -liattered 

wi , ,.:iered by 

lliii.ui,- ■' ,^ll'■■^ ''■• ■ The Tro- 
jans 'mil priilidt'th give the 
ball 10 running iiack Virgil 
Head mote than I hey did in 
the preMi'Ms tU«lis-TroJans 
game Hf-ad rushed for 96 
vardsononly 12 earnest all in 
the second half" In the Tro- 
jans' earlier win agalsnl 

The volley twli leam ad- 
vanced to 'the Keglon IV 
mate' meet itiis weekend 
after finishing second at the 
Oikton Sectional lasi 
weekend The Hawks beat 
Oakton but lost to Triton in 
the champlonahip match 

Physical plant warms-up to battle snow 



ITT.. ■_• " 




.lUllimttIt *■«' l>»vi» hiul a IB'IM 
NmMKIIWT M' (»''• wi'm*''' ■*' 
«IWNt ten., awt wtn il pm- 
■Mill , M fiMXi MMunl (it *Mw 

'Tlmt, ' Barker*' |«ft)('*«:»l 
0IIIIII ti rt.i<Jy wi» ptmt •«! 
•■(iwfclii*«r» » t»"l|» Harper 
rtimt*!!'!* M'tA I'ieuHy f" 
.■awMl. tam(«t» »tw«l«i It •l-»rt' 


""It «• iif* Hnn 

Mil. •» »i»» pi'"' 

«'M 1i> r ^"' ■■ '' ''■ ■:•■'"' 

lUliS Ifli" !;.' .' ■' i ' 

Huwewt, 'It *»riiif III* ictail 
4tf. (Ik 'MW« tMliiwi" la Ml. 
•Ml tite i»hys'H'-»i f'-"" »<»|* 
enu't 'lw«|> ui> » '"*>' 

■■tf'H !«*,? r«'*Jt«'iI,. By !»•»"■ 

Ui^i ..n„ '1. miw <l«'idt' 
lo fim ■i' ''' 

ttl« »€'. 

■'ik'l I,M1 
;'u,l''l'.l I'lllUi 

Mil itK iiuperiBWinlW'i fl't 

"■■TH0»'"11 iMl It"' ii»erWl*ii" 
ito'itt ul 'innrwUiBus. ami tW'11 
rom* w( to lit* W'hwt ■( Mills 

tttll 111* te«l !>'* 't * «" > •'*" '•* 
(tin me," MM) Misif "Thru I 
hare lAmil .i »'i.llf tw'ir tr. tnali- 

If Itifj fH'l, 1.!' 
tefclKlt, th« ill 

iWtel (to 'iiiltKaita i» ttat 
rioiliail* i«J ficatty cm gel 
tniiii Mlillnit ti> taUdtaie 

"-We have a plMiied 'tyftciit 
•C'UMf tar RiMiw 'rcBDvai'" siM. 
Hisic "^frv..™'- t'S jiMijiiBl 
w e'te»r» »!»•'" 

Jfint irii'. » ■■ ■ ■'*'■ I"" 
the l»naic.:i() iMTl'm* 
.mi tlie rtiittenl p«r'liii»ft 


like vchicte. «lid Mt I'lrv 

UydnMs »iM> »t»lrwtf»' "r 
C'tttnul 'by Kltiiveb ■wli tawd' 

If lit* wow kMpi tatltng aiHl 

II gets tevoitd tlwir capaWlltiei 
Il'i»tc citl»'»iim«»iM! *n (or add!- 

tMiHt M'l> 

'Hui there is a pn/ttkm. wllft 
iiijii ' Mil! Mtsic, •■■(Xfcau'!* 
tdfj art- nnl uwdw cimlrart 
w'ltk •, »o Itoy '•on"* «tm« 
rlg'Hl»«»J' " 

Alter 'ifte iwi"" •'••»» 't"*" 
rrmm-K) tfiev Iw^'in M'llinu l"he 

Wi. IS No 1 'i 

I5ttt Yisi 

liiowmK* IS, W: 

W tEKLl 

Wiifiam Bitnei Hwpei CoHege Palatine llltnois 

Reasons mixed for withdrawals 

■If lilt «it «f »«» mimim 

mm ilW'iiHii****' •« «•**''''''■■ 
k «lMfw tnni' ctaHM' w 
wV 'iliiil*' JM ftrnp iHMMC 

JMBtrtl* W'tHllli •o<l «*■ 
MirtMS rtudeittis, twi H '*l'«' 
prtniitii ■ prohleiii tii rttutont* 
•iM jitti UN) aitcMliiit. at tinc' 
liai u IM lakM ti) pnewi tlW 

- |:il'llM.|W'llllipr:PMCil 

,_^. .inwM 'l»y mtm iMiMi* 
at a H'ty i* leave • fruliieiii 
«!|M« »'iil»iiMt to»»t tit *nnw • 

(Mlitn.«ifMnw' tor a «"*- 
t« «i wMnir naiMi* mctuidinf. 
jetrntm* rinin««i and ptirniiiiil' 

Ttucht'rt ■•«1 efiiii»»li« 
v'tew' i*tiidw*'»( ■»*l«' "«•«* 
eenctum*. WtltidriwiiH «*• 

■nit. I* ttei-e 'iiii»r« » *• 
irtMidtaw itory *•* P»»ei>l» 
KmH ti» tlie a,tai¥e uteraarioi'' 

Wliat are tl* peaetiHiM it ad 

And. »r»' ttililtiit'i •««»* 
IM ln»in Hminef iliat (Hey ■»» 
miguldml tula ttktoil '« U* 
{'Irit piacc* 

''int. ,•■»•»« art imt (lii>« 
clMr m p«m*wi| iWe'iawlw* 

AKWdiiig i» • tm »«id)' 'Iry 
m JohB lacaist, Dtrw'tnr 'Ol 

'ria*niit| aiMi ttencareii., ite 
major reawra cited l)> 'Studeiits 
tor »iilMtriwtitl li m»il«|ii«if 

Lwtai mm 'litat «» «™ 
'lllinriit. art' «il cmiiipatWe »* 

"Tlif ' iHMcit ttrxWan ■• thai 
(tie •iiiwteil »«■*•» H> »d«t««' ■ 
caiine tola a KiwdttI* at a l>ad 

Lucas rnjled that many 
'rtiidenti try exeewllmsly Ward 
tl> predaiT ■ sclwd'yle th*t ii a* 
traettve to (hem "t Ikm* 
stmtetlB try 'Ifl make the tert o( 
w&al"'i J*»il«t>le-" *»''d I- was. 

The balaH'CMiii '■' '■■■-.^'•^ 
■-Ml w0ik aidid oUt 

I* a .pMUen ttal a tarft 
.(Mmi'iage id mwtaiitii law at 
Ul! Miei <■( 'eai* •elitdiUiK 

,«.. BiWiger*. iwrtcwr ol 
SMdciil t>ifv'elii|»Biert laid tliat 
Itarper «wii.iietor» *• 'iwr I**' 
10 try awl ifttonn «Mdeol» 
HxMt time munaieaiem 

'■ta ctrieiitalian iistsKws we 
talk, ahiiut what *» ■ ""rmal 
Imad," saMJ Kodgcrs "We alM* 
lalk about whal 'i* r«altslic a* 
(ar as workint l»nr'j. lii n 'part 
tlBie toti," she added 

Atwrdmi to lAe rrport I* 

percent ol 1»7 studenu 

«(jr»e»ed at mt lime «• 

1, h d I- a *' b 1 ■ in • >1 i o b 

■nit rtpuri alw fhwod »■« 
iDl) preaiiirtt, alnng wtth 
'iiiMlcfliied pertonal ruaspMi 
•ere 'mtire llMj to lead w 
multipt* conrie «rillidra»i " 

111 jt more recent *tt»dy ««•»• 
piled t»y Imm. mveral cou,rii» 
showed high rates ol 
• ithdrait'al 

These Include courses under 
the headings of the Medical 01 
(tee AisiiUnt Program. 
remedial math course*. 
chemistry and phyile*. tnd 

Both Rodgers and ttltas 
citnl that 'most o( these claiaec, 
jind others like Uiem, wtre 



Faculty approves contract ^ j^j^^ VCtCran's fund 

'TH:««rii<rr (acuity liif'Olid, 
"! K!ceiiil » cnntrsc't lot tli* 

rat:*? Seiial* Fcestdeiil 
Karn Kew '«•« *• *'»*» 
-uiiUf «1 ib»' rt«'ii» »«' foi'id, 

and: limt«*eri VI 

il' 'the cfiBfrart ■;• 
»h«le i>'i""' 

Kerf'> .••"- 
m|pt»:;f.r: ■• 

earr'v 'j;: - 


lliil"*i''<i* "'"■ '''»-■■="'■' ' 
'leather"*, Keren '..jkI "' 
the usitfwr* are p'lej-- 
'ihe rewtl.* Ill il* "■• 
eoBie <>l *« '** '*<"'" 
tttiB* " Teachers hopii 
twwmei* fin"'"'-!'""'" "' 
Tun*} i'!' ■ 
fv electei'i 

'■•oaril yaiiJri :■•''• i : ' ' 
:• ..iMie'Deri: •'• ' ! ' - 



. 'utl ivt fundi 

' .itc Scholar 

,,„,,|, , ,,,...i.,M,...n.j., there w'lll 

taW' to Wif a reoudioa in the 

„urtil.'«''T rtf reriptent'i a'pptywis 

.,'h, 'F'inancia! Aid 

r !l)i> I'"vri.inri3l .<Md 

- ■ • ■ .',ii 


■Jtuleiil* '*"•■' J"'"'**"""' '"'■■'''■'""■ 


■■« they have iki* iimsd their 
Iliimi* I'eierahii* Scteilarship 
yel, they are ill l«»it|tr eliRi 
iile, Miid lack 

" ff an 'W'hii' tt 

, ,,,,^ , /. • ,., .. » 't'etertii* 

.Sciwlai-'si'Hp tan use it tor iiji w 
l'» crixJit hour* or eiitial le itwr 
mmn 'O'l t»ll*r 'hat imy h* 
'tifcet. at «l 8iaie"tiiii,f'»m. 
inunltc CoUeie* »nd l:Bt'ver- 

At presenl, SIT niw«» 
Veteran sttidents arc ennUM 


These Hltnols 'veicraris seek- 
ing mformalton almU elig*Ui' 

tv reti'iilrements, *ouW con- 
liet tite Financial Aid and 
Vet*raiiii' Alfalrs Office o( the 

limiot's I'leparlment of 
Veierans" Allairs in Spr^ 


Senate gains from conference 

lUidftiif leiMit 

'irciiini' vam WJ^]"!^^^?^ 


.1 ~'T'nfci HI 

tnMM'Uy lUilliir 


Hari»er presi- 
ith. 01) a mon- 

to M'veral 



,r,.. ;,u>ii....-.-.i..., ...... .uitlee 

Mli'Ifcowski was appfiinwd Hi 
im ctHWntlteej.,, the l..oii« 
Ramie Pl««i»»! couMiilttee 
'ind the Aeaileinn; Calefflidar 

AppO'lrtmemt* H> th*? team.- 
i";g ReJOJi'i'i*' Cenler Advisory 
ommitte* were given to Jim 

Appctlmted to the Curnculuni 
CoinmiMee was ternice Kl- 

AIM dliciiaMd at (lie meeuig 

'Bi'iabiKiy of parking 
.. lilt, 'Who own motor- 

' 'a' siwdent had eomplalimil 
earlier this semester ihot 'there 
was wit enough siite space pro- 
vided lor ntMorcycle parking 

Oonn Sl>n»bury. vice- 
president ol Studenl .^Italrs. al- 
lended, 'the meeting to see U 
l,h«<ft were any laggestiona 
regarding the procedures of the 
Student Conduct Committee It 
was decided that the Senate 
agrees with the policy The 
senate will be writing a letter 
•tatmg their poiltlon on the 

— * "Ihum lilfcii'lnilliMi^f' I 

nt. Mfi 

A paper's ethics 
up to Ae paper 

AM ion mm la IHt ciiiim «f putting togelher a new* 

story or ■ ncwipaiwr, .rqprlari. aoA ettllors talW' for 
'grwtMt, iiMl. Kwnciliiiii'iwi. il|pi. •!»««■•. *»* «>•«*« •""'^ 

'MtflnyMiiMl in ImIp IWIBIIIIiiWIi 

111 lari tilt pnMWB Iwt iMMMine M wide spna<L and to 

tn^mmt. that membera of tli« prolestlon, r«e«nOy 
uttMred In Chicago to discuss It. and attempi to oiler 

SlMniia^tOlt, tttlHCMimMlcatlon/T conveniton. 

/ t ilBi flU ' trnMrnimt' tlllta diKussed w«r« the light t* 
prlvaey. •tlilci tnil Ikt «lv«tlalng dollar, and accoun- 


mito naay vtowpoUila mm •Kduinged tt was ap- 
pmatly agrwd upoo Mul rwpaiwIM* Journalism lia* 
lit H iii w .ail «iiiiiMMr«rt .iPMliit at. wmu. 

irimi ia t "iit ii il im Jovnaliiai ath.loK like ihose of 
Hb tMt. of mitMr. !»*• i*Mip«l pMrtlJf to ">« »"»t two 
doca<lM. S«nw for Iwttar. Imt matiftutvmm. 

•■■IWIfW»"»«w * ■* ■ ■•"— ■ — «. -, «|| Mill ll Ml II li " ■■-■■■■ -■ ■■ ibiM, 

DurtBg a dUmlBii, iMlMWt an MMMI rtgua to 

'an inilvliiM) li'Msn UMprikiie ayvt •ttf* l>y 

■!» |^r| » mi i| ii niim^ Of 'iiiW' Mm miiiif 't t"^***—* 

- - " lwlBllvMiial*irlgilto'frtfM9la 

,^ ,,„ , .,, r that in lHa «poiii«illll» l« mtg 

■wt Hw aoat tiBpattant qiaestkm aiirad at tbm mmam 
•w «w tkM baa tacn Mked ttaw and again over tHe lait 

'tS* ■iinniiir. iHfeMtfi wJtmSSim, i« the public. The 
, — ,^^ , |0 .n | ii ^fif^ f « |i^ tfiaaiam control over what 

Bit '"1 ail iMMS 40IIII tO' a 'naMpaper, and it i in- 
lual atatf reporter as to what type of ethics are to be 
1 and the level of credibaity mat a p^ier wUl main- 


Don't smoke today! 

(fty and MtC*!!. tac tw». lo* 
the itnrt jwr. «ten»i«<l K» 

Uttenu tm 'Hie cnertton <>( tue**' 
•ds to prenwie t»ir rvem 

This * llM ftWi c<»s«iit:l*t 
fmt w« an asitini «a<iken U 
tpltclgtrMt* lor M taitn. n« 

niMiently NationaJ ChiiirmM 
.01 Uw Smohniui t» Larni 
iigniM. ■ forntr iiiwhrr. 
mm tm mvolvKl inmiirit w 
lilt* €•««• »lOi grtil dmltc*- 

Tti« (MM SnMkeMl mm ll» 
ifiwt lurwwlifl *» tir A 
Ciattap poii ttwtd that '■()••)•( 
Matt ol the ijKW.W --- — 


Bambach gets a perm 

Blonds have more fun? 

wMd quit »«<»*•»« la*' 
SoMiBher Mb wen still «»H 
ciRarfitet m much n Ki (i«>t 
WW The <l«la *l:«> reve»!«l 
Itol the rati! e>< partlclprtitw in 
th* Simitawi «a» »iiie«hai 
btglier •t«wn« «i«>tii amd 
>«»i«,gef 'peofl* Thi* «■» • 
tl||iil(teim acct>ijipii»lim*nt iii 
tl#il ol itatigtlc!! *h(mtn|i m^ 
creaieil iiii.i>liln.g a«i»i»| 
j'ouiMitrr tem.»les 

Thtt ft» «t iMtk lorwanl lo 
«•!» p««l«r lii»i»l»tmrnt In 
diM iwiahlf tfent. Dram*i« 
mctiini aeiwum *ill tato 
l^lHe n mniiiumllet' acnMii 

•Aaicricaii Cancer SMMy ^ 

Clarify the rules 

RiiHaiiiict. Iila«li», l»eal 
govertinenl oHiriali. 
iwfMMar*. HtvuUicaM - 
.1114 MM. Ddnoerat lawaiakeK 
- Have ill cwtpliilMd. ahwt 
llw iBUfHiiiihity »inJ ■iiiilatrwM* 
it the [lemocrat »i«tt 
itatM rwlKirtetHi pia* . 

Vm mmy eiUKifiBl mtmen 
mi ieh«*l«r» i«rm w> i»r<i« up 
UMr kMut^' aMl w>. "Muthmt 
rahMiit ViMcaa'i 

ulHi'MtiUeftoiit M :p«iMet:' 


tagiUmai* cotrtpetiior* 
tt# fiitw ma Car- 

dtmals lit Lie iitM rats ami 
iMiiiiliem. p(')' "y *■>* t^l'** 

II 'd«i|Mt«d htii«n art tti 
Ih* rules, you um iheni, It Ml, 
you. dm 1 

.Sttnilaiij, pliticanii h»vt 
«him'n toniltMilaW* slliil U 
itrawMg coaiitlcaM rfitHtrlC' 
ttwi im«|t« awmrdiiit m e<Mirt 
rwiuireiBcniiol one p«r»oii.-#im! 

tilt pnAtfsi i» that III order 
m ntatn .{Mrtwan aihaMag* 
tmymH 'iheir (mpul»»<"n ''■<••• 
Dwinocratik m lltr 
(wifltnilinls. inCTunf-' 

M e«««litnc •» 11 might 
•HHNi hair baa always tietn a 
•ubjtct ol ipwriai i«iiil*Mi 

It i» no lecrrt ihai 1 am » 
btmd and I couM be the first to 
4ti^te the myth "BloiMla have 

My KloiMtnMM IS a badge thai , 
much to my chagrm, hi» let! 
m* mam lo much prejudice 1 
am. m this dark-tUitad teir- 
cotor majority at the wocW. 
pari n ( a tail and 
iniMnderuliMil minmrlty 

1 was able u> hide fiwa m 
Main upon WASF'isli denncy 
HI a ynuth growtag tip in 
nirlda where blonds are at 
cfflinmon as Demwran in 
ChKHfn 1 tlounshed iii Hue 
land and wat esen able to I'ade 
mm rather than ttand «l ol 

ti wiMi'i uniil I was nine. 
growing up Ml th<» ouWIiirl:* ol 
Allania. that my hl«Hl,i*.« 
tiecam* a crutth, it *a* also 
ihen that I «a» Intnidwcd nWi 
aimtbcr kind <>t tjirial «!!«•• pre ■ 
indict' the hair cut 

I was the »irtiih of »m« ••ell- 
»-*• »d»i« imm my mother, 
•ho iUifeded thjl a crtwcut 
•ould he in the h«si intere*l» <»f 
my pt'isonalcwomtiig Shjiken 
t>v ihe slur* upon my 
.American ne» iwhal wii. I 
lhou|hl. an ■■allMim' ' or a "non- 
com"'* 1 agreed lo my 

w«i m tear* when I i»«nei»- 

lb* result ol my (oolwh ciW' 

eiiwence When I foolied at my 

[s thai liitered the bartwr't 

tesdaimed "1 tlon"Hihe 

Kill Bui 11 w« too late now 

I •Bf now subjet'trd to 
m,lmieliihg mimlkert Itlie 
"Peltr Collonhe.1')' and 
'•fioldle Lockl*** " 't"el«r Is 

Bam bach 

my ftrH given name I 

My »0r»l (ear* culminated 
during a nelghtxtrhoud haneball 

pane in which my 'crew' was 

ftvetW by a bully who pulled 

m my baitball cap alter 1 slid 
into diird baie 1 was sale, by 
the way) He broke into a 
laugbler that did not sqiare my 
dignity mhatioever 

It wa» iinolher year before I 
had a lull head o( hair By then, 
we had moved westward lo St 
Louis, and I no» became «ih- 
jecled, 10 neW' attacks on ny 

Kow my nexuaWy w,at being 
((ueslioned. which I thought 
was unJair Iwcaue I didn't 
Know ■wbiil ten was > I*"' > I was 
a&ked il t wn* a homo or a lag- 
go! or gay , word* which were 
then loreign lo me. I'ualed, 1 
llnally aitkrt "■"• ■".nn-r whal 
laggof mr^r. *bere 

dld'i'ou hear • disked 

In a romwrned, tunc 

'I'Jh, everytwdy at «:li<«'l !.■■ 

Pinalt!*, when I *•«» to eigbth 
grade. I reaiited why all the 
lusf> »as made about my bair- 
cotor an acquainlawe asked 
mein'-starcbrtmyhair ■'" 

0( coufie I didn't- such 

practice would be wmsidered 
odd' anvwhere. eicept naybe 
Catlfcriiii bui i kne* he 
mcaht to "sk if t blearbei) my 

So* thai was loolish Why 

would anyone willingly bleach 
Iheir hair'" I had heard that 
lome women did It but a guy'' 
That would go against every 
male-macho stereotype ever 
perpetuated, but maybe thai 
was why. (or so long. I had got 
ten so much flak for my blond 

I bring all this up because I 
recenlly had my hair re styled, 
again on mother's advice 
{jrau'd think I'd learn The 
reiponse so far has been mut- 
ed my male friends haven't 
stopped lauKhing long enough 
10 say what they think, but the 
girls generally think il is 
"cute " l>ne even said. When 
your hair gets longer, you'll 
look like Rod Stewart ■■ 

Id rather starch my hair 


tl III lain Kamey H-irpet I'ollege 

AlgTOqum » Hiiselle K<l» 

t'al^lliw. ILlMoei 



IMw J wicklund 








( imikSthifiber 

••■Ml .ktnsU 

,hm M»nm*ni 

I'hftYl Hiclis 


I'jiul t:MM:w. 

Bt Jid 1 umminf* 


[:>ei)n)» mOenoB 

Jim Muff 

'G«iwrwi m»n 

i^tirt AfkmAD 

ifttirtci* which wui widerrepre^ 
fMl or cimluM mosi Illinois 

Bui politicians ol biHh pan iri> 
CHI and will <i»m:ptv it the 
mnirts darily the relr* to rr 
»|llire mapmakeri 'm draw i-tim 
pic! ■' • ■ ■ - rihiiihem 

fn>»n -.'ing the 

«"Ote»i.'t iimnnil) t;iinjp» 

'Tlw rtMtt will be to cunlam 
parltun niMckM' a bil and in 
crMM' lb* chaiwei thai map- 
m,aktn nigbi b#gin to Uunk 

eillwiu in their com- 
ffluitlllet. rather (ban soilcly 
ahO'Ut their own poltliral 

t .iami?«l.t Nowlan 
I. rliaii«, (lliiBiis 

Editor's note James Nowtail U 
director ol (he graduate pro- 
gram In public adminlstrttiOD 
•t the L'niverslty of Illinois He 
Is also a memt>er ol the Fairep 
Aillaace. who requested that 

OKitiiM* *lt>rr». t>«"t*»CI»ol«k. 

W«nl> Hul««MiS I.II jHtwnla 

Karal Li*«uih. T»rri' UtrUn*. 

tmnKmim. Samiralu' ^wJiiuisi 


t'ltmrnwllmiSlill «UIM«.roher« 

MfUl'i rr(?t-h*tle 

Mv|pr . ._ ,t«>r»«i.» I'mnmBu 

n» KdaatsaER m ii» *ii««* 

HOMIcailiMi III* lilt Mmvr Coltait 
e«iiii(lii»««nmi«MI>. (•«t4uh»il'»««Wy 
«»n|ii OiKiiK, »»UjU\ ' •«• im*! ««- 
urn *ll ciiiliiiiwi* ".|W»M<1 »« •»«•« 

III itK ni'ltaf iM' »" ii»cr»aniy UMat 
Id' a» iiUlltit. iH »(niiiiii»ir»U«B. 

fuciilly I* imii«m ikmiv **miiM« 

IMl t»K i>»a*li» «• ♦ • Ml. MM^II 
■nd oiiii. ,11 «utnH-l, <<• alKMa AU 
I,' ■■!ur rriuiil '!» *l#l>»<l 

y : . . .i.tolwa f» l«rth»r 

Tlw Marbrngir. November T«, IWI. Pag* 3 


I In cartag tor hw drlBg 

'Shadow Box": A moving drama 

■Ma MHiall 


tbfyar Ciill«|t''t pradtictioii 

ol UUkm Crlilafcr't "The 
Skaimr Boi" ti lik* a loail 
Allar 1* RNiiid* wl near aMi-' 
alUy, out ngtiar I* 
1 10 bmck Mt Mi* op- 
Camparw this i« Uw HariMpr 
ktMMi ol Uw "Sluilira> 
ii wtilfh liow pacMl 
eliaraeter (l«»»lopii»Bt 
ainUMtM into m fitremtty 

fndtf lt>t direction ot 
tct«rM Crania tmttnictijf Mary 
Jo WiDit. tiM iitay wDich ofjen- 
«i II J W last woekmd and 
eontilMM. tomomw wd Satur- 
da|. i* ahia to ovtmiiiic Mm* 
iniiMir Qam to Imcmii* • 
haitealtj fwU'preMiiiaitloii 
The dranid cenlen aratiiwl 

I ot three termiiiii- 
ly 111 people, and their itniggle 

ta copt wtUi (Mr knovlMlitot 
their dylnt. and ill effect on the 

people who are clmeit let ttiein. 

Tjfthi the three Kwiarlo* 
tafMMT K the role of tlie Inter- 
▼Iwrar, playeii ■ti Laurie Aitn 
Ttwplii.. VIM Mti at an imaeen 
iMIder lOr the characters in 
the play W eiirae at atiit cry W' 

All liic Menariut take ptaee 
la a cMtagt on Uie imiMtt of 
■Mw weM etiaal. honptta) 

It ti on the ittpt of tlie cot 
titgt when tlie play apm» wtth 
the lint Keu no. 

Oik uf the patients, ii mMdle- 
4f ed blue nllar worker named 
Joe. played by Eugene 
De<Jeor«e. li voiied by (ili wife 
Maiiie. played by Fit O'Coii- 
iMir. and their wtniipy teemaie 
,.,„ «,TFveB,, playeil by Am 
Uroppiii*" Martin 

ioe Uaalcally ac««|tta kit fate 
bill ll.aggle hat not ■■ of yet.. 
SMwe liain't been told wbai is 

DeOwrge playi Joe in a very 
appropriate and Mothing style 
Mt I* aMe lo e«M|iirc a leeling 
of cmniiMitw thrauiili hi* 

fniihiiaM.ln the rale. 

Mowever. O'C'oniior's Mangle 
1* eitreiBely abrajiive. Her 
character atmoat benmiei ol>- 

.■n l0"Cr««le a vary' evUant 'COO' 
trail i>et««eit Joe and Maggie. 

Martin a* Steve, lalwt after 
his ActlMial mother, by| 
out u a wry evident i{>otM 
brat. Steve appcan to be eiglit. 
not the 'tairtMn he It niitiMMMd 
to be 

Tbe lecond scwnufw mvolves 
(he plight ot » sheltered, yet 
carUi daHihter and her dying 
boiiiteroiN mother 

.Agnei. tlte daUighter, played 

^ rinie liCwis. hm been left ■ 

for the mother, jjlayitl < 

.>i..ia-y T'urjmi '■! ■■■-'- ' 

older 1*0 iw-ti,' •• 

tmnal family have already 


Agne* is so wrapped up In 
trj'ing to wrrectly care for her 
mother, that the goes out of her 

■ay to try and make the old bat 

feel comfortable and happy 

One way Agnes detours her 
mothers mind to happier 

a by letting the 
r Ihmk that her long dead 
daughter Claire l* null 
•Uw and la trying to gel to tlie 

dying moHi«r'* bed side with 
li«rti»o "twin angel" children 

Agnet, with the help ot the In 
tefiflewer, •cm own* up to the 
fact that she hai mislead her 
mMher Into a career ot pro- 
longed 'bopeiulnen. 

Lewi* plays Agnes as the 

character appears like a 33 

year old virgin sheltered 

llbrariati. which makes it very 

hard for the ■• ■■-..,■: -,> figure 

out how ih!< -..jitii. .i,.r- horn to 

■■iifHithed old lady. 

are supposed lo 

..•ijfi.- !ii...i Che lady's hu,sband 

.iiid \gnti lather was ■> 

Shirley Turpin plays the old 
lady in the fashion of the 
tlereotyped. bom again senior 
cituen made famous in the film 
"Harold and Maude ' and in the 
role of Granny on Ihe "Beverly 
Hillbillys' television show. 
Still, Turpm is able to macter- 
lully perform the old ladyla 
constani losing ol thought* In a 
feiy beUewiMa wly ' " ""' 

The inoit performance In the 
play came* with the final 

An eccentric dying mteilcc- 
tnal. played by Mark Anderson, 
has an interactioin with hi* 
young homosfxual lover, 
played by Bob Panttoni. and his 
wild ei-wile, played by Donna 

Although his dying is really 
emotionally crushing him. 
Srlau, the intellectual, has 
decided to try and make Uie 
best <>f II He decliles he will do 
everything be ha* ever wanted 

rum mued on pa^ • ) 

BRIAN AND MAtUC piayad by Mark Aadanaa and Bob P; 
■aoMM o( 'Tkt Steitov BM.'MPhatts by Katky Kowatik) 


If vou believe everything you hear, you probably think everything can 
give you cancer. And that no matter what you do. cancers going to get you. 

¥3u're wrong. 

Let the American Cancer Society help you get the facts. Call or write 

your local unit for their free pamphlet. -You Can Control the Risk of Cancer. 

And stop running scared. 

call 800-572-1080 

Amerfcan cancer society | 

TI»H«*t>tBOtr. »Hiw»inl*r 1». <*tl, l»»9»S 

High ability students choosing chemistry 

taeniiitrjr * «* W ■*'«:'» 
tias «»t iMt rtmlenti over the 
w»n, mta J«ii«ph 1... Ctoui^r, 
Pnilwi»r wl Chew i«l ry 

Wlitii 1 ilarirt at HaiTUT m 
IMI, I •••■tie wtolf che«iilry 

M. nl ctMdim' tijivt «■" 
Oinwl' stmre then, » mow frean 
Bil <iTm« In Palatine, an m- 
mum m (t» lype *>*(l ntmlxr 
M (twlciitai «ii(l mmir cltant* to 
the'iMctliMi ml linlriK'iiiin 

"I !»»»• netn »n» tremw- 
tlM* gnmth tnm * (ew »«■- 
Uam ot ctwntrtrj" ti> morr s«- 
tlMit tH«ii weta** *pa«> lor 

"I tliM »» »tt getting more 
and Bixre <&f Hi» Wglier aMWy 

r wients wl» 

. ■ i' commuwtji 

tf>litg«;i, aims tnm tJaktttn. 

imni* tnm Laket'iHmty 

"l Midttmh !■«( '■iin' "Ut'slan 

tnmPuPiV '■' - 

notefl, lift 

i. ..ri»a> frum 
once itti 

■■.A I «*<• ':i.:ro:(" !rn- <lrm ol 
•«i|;n»«rtaf imwM ttiscou;r»|ir 
\MWIWB frnflt etrtiTinii! fHlliw 
Tmla^ Ml*.''' I'''' '■...■'■ ''"*'. ^-' ■ '"'" 

iaeacil lo «0 really well The 
Kl«hiM» ltlie<l i.t Their grwte.* 

I.B the early vears, ('Immet 
fxplaiiiwl. he kepi rei-»r* 
oimparmi the let-mre 'mttlKwI 
'1.0 ihe selt'paewJ appMiach 

■■■| fampattft altritton. 
grades, perfortti.ance ulMl 


■Theattritifii'; rnt.- ■ ■ '■■' 

man 111 the !■■< "ui 

II w.iij: enc'twr.!.. 
i.'k»«i*M'. to *«■■ ■ 
reii|»ns»» o( tl'i'' -' 
l'm.leitei''iin".:>£ .'. 
find B»' ■ ■ ' 


, ItllM P'lW- 

■'■Seme sii»d«l.» fwtil' warn. 

MWM!' ne«»'*'* '4 l:tnii'* kirk ofhr'r^ 


ffotlll'' ■ 

!V PilOFiaiiOR Jmivtt aoitmt tm mm many chaaiej m the chematry depwrtnimt flit cnUtfe In im. 

chililreo. two ol mtutm artail- 
,nHt iii!"..i(iu.::i.lp». uiw » ill CuHrW 

Mature women are 
fiiiding their niche 
at Women's Center 


Rtcords ■■ Tapes ■ Records Care Acctisorles Blank J«pn ■ Songbook.! 
Shirts Jackets Mats Budgets Imports Audlophlle Lps 


Ml:,. 11 li n 

. rnirtbl 


.^f ^ 00 AFC . 

'-*l Urr 

ANY 18.98 LIST LP or TAPE j 

Salt Items Not tncludcNl | 

.i^^ Exp. Dec. 31st ...^— J 


A IrlnfMR Ml 


Ml UtKitlu 








M 2l>klwtl49«ch 

for i^ 


Bauer ani 
'peer o? 
■nit liaiot 
munlty. -' 
p,.jrt Tinif' ' 


■■-1 !. Hmkling 'P. I'lie 

, . .'1 •tT has titfri help^ 

.1 ■ .ii Hari.*f (or 1.3 

iM>>w.e<l staft in- 
'Rena Trevor. S.up«!r- 
i...i'i:. ■::!,. ;■.!"'■ i'l 'In' Pro- 

-..r ,.■'.. 'ji '..r-.r' Hart* 



!■ I ^jHiiifcr program iW' 

mi me ut ["he first in ttte *tale 
.anil itie nai loo. ' ' said Trevor 
-r..... which is 

., mature women 

iiHers a series 

I 'ri;ii courses and one 

..'. •....,.'.,^h.ii'^ (or eight 'week 



a n 

:ii»l '*'1WI a .gen- 

,ii,t« ..,,..» re olflisr. y«u 
have no optWm. (or mislakf- 
vou ruake tare what your neevh 
are and adjust . ' ' »a Id Trevor 

■The biggest barrier ihat the 
Program. ha.s is raising tlieir 
I '.(otnen ' seK tonddence." st'id 

To reii'i(y i:h< problem there 
are '16 (Jiffe'reiit courses ottered 
b> ihe program dwigned to 
hiiild confidence. 

The ProgrsBi also ottm a 
Car«er Dtvelopmeitt Program 

coriliiig to Ircv'ur, uirM- 
women often lind thai they're 
,,.,,, rp jnteltertiiailv .-inabU- 

^1 an: ■■ S':"i'< ' ' ^ '^i ^"''^ 

This .!^** ■•iH- lundeil prC' 
gram deBft i iw "'K' d'sp's'-' 
.ed homeiTijl^' 

Not I'or »':■• ■ ' ■rr- ^" 

poie l.s tti »:.ainfui 

emplovmerii ">i .i tjfi-.< v»'ho 
.iu«leni>' Imds themselves in a 
poiilHiri" 'Ji'l'ierp it is neces.5ary 
t.i hi- '111- -'■At breadwinner 

t(:'a Michalak helps the 
nupiaced horaemtlier 

through the process lo 
recogniie her skills and go with 
conliidenee on job interviews ■' 

Going mio its third year this 
program has one ol the highest 
percent ages ol placement 

4* Trevor staled, more and 
miirt' vmmen "are planning lor 
liK- future instead o( waiting lor 


This m.ight explain why 
'-more and roiire younger 
women tn ihelr mid-to-late 
t'iK-nlH's" have entered the 

a 52% (uU-time 
(-4U1VJ1I-IH.V in Ihe Program. 
This fall 14(10 women have 
eiiiered the Program. 

The Wi'imeri's Center. Room 
;:: ol Building P. (.■((ers a quiet, 
relmmg a.rea where women 
c»n converse over a cup of cof- 
fee. It is a ••model program" 
aecord'ing to Trevor who says it 
is duplicated in many com- 
munily colleges and four-year 
institu! ions in the country 

The Women's Program" Is 
valuable in ihat il hais eased the 
mature women's return lo 
school." said Trevor 

!>'•«•«. !*• nlrbtiw^. mmmimr it, W 

m Beat 

An evening spent with Genesis 

, .. , .,,„„rt ill vear ..M> "-•'"" '■""■^ V'T",-.. 

Tte mlKM WW W*^ *'* " 
iinpaimn ««•• "*>• *""»' "' '."T 
itMwi h> >>»■ performed hy 
0««« Ge»e»», «>'*'er*,sc 
kmiwn as Ttmy Ban**- ''i*'^ 
MlMTtMH. mA Ptal Cailm* 

MM*<i »•««■• « «iM««*y «"'*<' 

im »»«y »nc*rt «««• "" 
ruK, tffl tlw Hdrliw is man> 
tunei »» mttrtiimn » »t*m 

St tot rriil»> nigW •»!«>> 

»Mt liHHe pr.-«»tfrt irtitt 
tsan •ur *rrl¥al at ' >♦ 

HMfllHl i«rtit» iwrtEtng M 

iineitng z«n«»«a-i «r. to « 
■■rikiitwtii •">" "' """"" 
ST Tlie *»*« ■>«»• '»• 

ZSi Zi !«•• «« »"' «*«"■""" 

JCyoMiifittr rwmhttimortli 
CMM Vtmt word* »■« "" 
I mt 10 (Mir* toero' Ttiis 

ii a .kiBMl M« car " At last 


*X!» •Mvone hive a leH-stofH'" 
SiHiPg ■(•lacW':-' "••"• :"'•■""";' 

lurw to the coi'. '■'■• ;■'■■ 

Within Ihr liri-' ' ■ '■■'■ '' '' ■'' 

,■ ,- ■ ■'!! til- 
•'■' ,.■;... .!«• 

tact, ihJt thf«- P'-"!'"' '••''' '■'■*>■■■ 

mn the head liijiw <»* t'«'«'*- 

,0n music Za'ncwtn «(.,.".-.■%.>.«■ i, m.-v 


:nn»i; -ill y''"' 


iTOfii. u» time* ci" ■■-- ■ '"■*' 
insert dtrectiiinoti 

S».n*>ul pertorinffliu-es iii' 
rtu*Hl "The I'll rr< ''fa*"*", 
'f'lTih "( Kittli, ■ i»nn ' '1' 

I ^(.^ 1)0*11 on Broad- 
hut * tt.M\ made 
ihii coni't-rt ^>'ti- the 

If you really *ant lo enjoy 
Gi'Msi*. however 1 reeoin- 
mend the inhmacy o( the Park 
West »iitiOTil the rfverberated 

IhWg* itrantW*" i.ltem*elv'' 
(Hit and ■*<■ .-tiiff 'H'-^ ■-"'"•"■"; 


'tintri " 

talten (iiTn>er% ■•"« '■■ ■■■'■ 

••rl»ei» l«il« * IM' ««»«">/ 

I iMIp*' the''. "Icn't' tile 


Enterinii ^ ■• 
■nteiinit Wnifjey i-"''" ""■ 
Amly Fr»mi art tlM-nr the v«»- 
dori are there m lull drew 

cheap simKks- and wi is the 
tmi'mir T shirt h»rkers. Teii 
doUan (Of a T-nhirt. that's m 
had. adollif awa*li 

«« nnalty (tnd oirr »«» 

as, a (ortffss ol blue 

',*(,«.»>,■■ l."»*>": ,'"■"■' 

i-iv"rites from ■"t'UK'f' 
- jodenktandinti" and 
,1 On ■■ Thrdug'ttout the 
> ,„„.'i't i'htt al>lMf«r« ttO'idiiiR a 
irufnwl *Heii He mir<"iii>'e^ 
~iijii, Wh»h ■mtrodwinK ^'•' 

aw) SaraJt la>«:' ««>■» »■""* 
„^ ,,„„ •( Sarali i«i«». 
hPM*». »«* to tli««timw«» 
f tllilCf lift ' 
' mmg l>«idr me »rr two 

Coiicrrt starts slou/y 
as Mr. 71i>" Tw ist 
iitls Itraffkijummvd 

Sl,»» lu start This *as the 
.me iind only thing wrnn* wtth 
tlif Muddy W^aterictmeert here 
..1 H«rp<?flasl Fndiv nijiht. 

Tratfie had delayed Mr 


Alter T*i»l played there was 
■J hriH reorRani/aitim ijenod on 
the flase then the Muddy- 
Waters' hand took the slage-at 
.',r.<t hv themsi'lves ■ then join- 
..,1 stmn alter* ard» by Muddy 

Muddy delivered such »ng» 
» 'i'm 'Ready" and " Hard 
Again" with the rough. l>u' f"*' 
blues sound that he is ramous 
im he did this (rom a stwl 
poBtioiitd at the etHS* »' ">*^ 

The crowd, which was r«-»rd 
breaking m swe for Harper, 
was captivated with the roan 
and his music (rom the start 

There in front of them was 
ibe man who had influunced ar- 
tists such as the RolltnE Stones 

Con cert review 

'^^'tlw^'maStTir'Aay ar- 

li'Sls . .,j .. ,, 

few art !■*''■ can hold the ai 
tention o< :> tro«'l '•'^•' ''^"ddy 
Waters, True slai8«' presence ik 
a aid, that Muddy Waters IS uo^ 
doubtedly hlessed with He led 
his band with dignity and trtie 
.rtistic («rm that 'i JJ^ 
seem in these days »( lechno- 
busmess music 

The stool he iett onh i*"* 
durmn the show, ""ce lo 'iing 
with Big Twist, and another 
lime lotxJoKie tor the crowd 

When Muddv bounced, the 
crowd bounced When Muddy 
danced the crowd leaped Irom 
their chairs the whole IirsI 
row came to the edge ot the 

"tfarper finally drew a protU 
from the concert, which will 
help brinii future artists m- 
cluding Buddy Rich, to ihe col 

*••* -MikeO'Brien 

Meet 'meanacing' Bowxer 

'D.B.Cooper' could pass 
for 'Dukes of Hazzard 

'r«M«g «»" '""'""" "Ji 

biwiww suJl, carrying iJW,'ii» 
kit ci»h. lumped out of a com- 
BMnal atrtmer escape d<»r 

■S^»«»"««« «"» ■** *""=■'•"' 

Ten ytars !•>«». *'* •■• 

SwJ by imi«>i« «*•«»"'" 

•eti as a ItpiMi,,, 

This turn ("''■««ii>*«f ,,„»* 

'Cmmr" wtart "a* fe»j«w 

l3i»ii!'k •"«>«•»»■ "**"** 
It p'wees mwresiif t! ''-i !,",'i,i 

«itth»li;iie»l« «>"''"•" ■' 
itiikc mmy t«i,es ni-." _,ii.„i| 

f IP •■■«»«•■» •'"*:">'*'"■ '"'",„■ ■", 

Fi lm review 

iji" the Him dtiplayrt what »c 

WW be'thi hijacked The re 
naindr itl the Mm pre*'n > i .) 
ttie ¥'lewer a '-lyuke,* "I I"''' 
■lard" type chase con,i|)letewith 
acour""'' •m,„v„i-vmi.M!lr:i.-k 

Bwritte*,. 'I 

conlrtbutes a powerful i ■ 
flmmce to lUe film which. 
wlltumt :!«*,. mmM t* cutrem.- 

■ M«t o( this 'film come* ,anrt 
■oes across the screen in a 
ttiwoMie (ashioh which leave* 
ihn »i«w«r (eeUng bored and 


This film '• 


•r, 'hf 

Some peuple "■"'* ■'''•"' 
Bantnan »» « mild mannered 
irtduateol Columbia l!niversi 
U « classically trained pianist 
who studied at the Julliard 
Schoolof Music 

But sihce 19TO. Bauintn has 
been ' wearing black chlno 
pants, a black Tshtrt.greasal- 
back hair, and working under 
Ihe assumed name of Bowier 
lor the 1V»S rock revival 

•iowwr was created Jrero 
my clOMH in l*™.' Bauman 
„id in an inlerview lor 
■•Krlanner's Rock CTasiic* t« 
Come" radio Mfies. sponsored 
'by Jo* Schlilt Brewing torn- 

■■i approached ,my character 
as an entertainer would, and 
I'ttured 1 had to be funny 

because I was tunny hn^km. «;; 
start with .<' ■ 
pounds. So 1 -'■ 

look as 'wehiH''- . 

but I actually I'"'-*-'' ■'■'■■^^•■■'■' 


■The SDs were very (unny 
stKlally 1 mean, you couldn t 
b<.l,eve you were aH^e., "* 
said in his Bowzer voice You 
were a nice kid with a crew cut 
tusltrvmg to get into college aj 
;<,u ciuld become a physimt 
because that's what fveo;»»^ 
needed in order to ('IJWjn* 
Russians There was humor In 
the posturing, boredom and 
supposed simplicity ol the 

'SO* " 

time poking tun at the Ws and 

recreating the music of mat 
decade, the group didn t reauy 
make it until ti f* »t* "*" 


■•There was 'no reason lur 
anvime tii buy one of our 
records b«ause they could iu.« 
a- well huv the tinnlnals. 
Bauman said "We just try io 
rto (aitbfu! reproductions of 
arrtt sons- «'hile enHrrtathing 

'",,,' •■. iv«1 mi! only 

,, -,(l> t.Ut tt'M'' 

.riTK-r'^ itiouH! 

tl. Tlw HmrUnttr, Hmmntw it. IW) 


IWagiviil mass nd 

: Cawiiut KlmlMry u 
1 :lll mMtllly Uturi0' Mi 

%:9 p.*.. on SuiKlay, Nov Zt 
f »llltr Juhn Cu»»clt. dliwtor of 
VMing AduiU in ChicaKo. will 

UttttoMiraiit ot the Liturgy 

4lllflH9'ililMr'wtll Mkiw For 
ntatc Wwrinalton contaet 
SWcr Pcigy BrtMH M Slu- 
«Mt Acthttlts. 

iMliiii 'kiitot 


(}iiMti «ffl iwniinii 'May at 
11:13 9~m. m WWi- AdiBMMt 
M Mic m uii-oMinft t* f nee.. 

fill Fist 

The 0«l'«-«iv*,' Ktlrn F«tiv»t 
« t.a.l# pl.*vi' ■'.n y;«:.:<\ \:n' 

SKI. suntn*. <ii ;■ p rii ..I. \..a 
Hmw .(iiwu'nat wUI be shown 
vHaeli iiidu*' "Din:)' :H:»rr>'.' 
'ilirT'titi CltM. tSant'wtml. ai. 
'fc«(l.,. "liittltt.," !rtafrtii:(. Slew 
IMllHMll., *l I'li: JMd "H:u»' 
(III.. ' ■ stammf. Burt RrvBotfH . < ■ 

Final Exam 







English 101 & 
102 Classes 



TiMtday Wednesday 

Dec. 15 Dec. 16 

All Accounting M-W-F 

Classes 8:00-8:50 

9:25-10: 40 



M\V F 



Dec. 17 








Dec. 18 

Time and 


Classes beginning at 4 : 55 p rn or after will follow the evening class schedule. 
Monday through ThurKlay evening classes will use the week of December 14 for final examina- 
tions., to be held during regular class .periods. 

Friday evening and Saturday classes must hold the final examination on Friday. December 18 
andSaturdav, December IS. respectively . 

NOTE TO FACULTY: If your classtime dws not fit into the above final exam schedule, please con- 
tact the Office of the Deati of Instruction for the appropriate time period. 


tmtrmt iltu|M«l tor iht woman 
mtm wailli ni rtiwovrr 
s.lttll» ciwiiieltiiew- 
tu.i* TtiecMirsif »:: 

Frtdm \tn W. I.» aiwj » tnim 

Etuioi llie «.|l«'i*l« taf airf 
lliwe itanclH's Oul ot-4ist.rtcl 
tiiitton i« n::.' 
TiM'ltrntS .iii«|! 

IMilllits into ilM' cimtcpi ol tlw 
mcTHuUl position, will l.» <>(- 

*«.»■«■! n\ Ihi.' t(..<rrif? l"ollfHf 


SilMiilHiWie .Mi-i 


ftaai prrfiwmjnces dir ihc 
Pulitier Pritr and Tnru 
.'i'iiiii:r(t..«iiiiali:ng pUv Ti . 
.ilMil« ataC »ill tir tHi y- 
4a.y. Ntv aP^w^ ^.iMrLi. 
■ *t.»t»p...iii fflSdt. 


.i|)«'Cl«lI»l.S- Am ■ 

tatwuiand traiiur... . 
vmimy join Drc. i vnr •"m 
pany It ei.'p«c'i(t.g l:» empkn :tl.l 
pM|»le in part-time pout ions 
Slin-iip for the iriinwg session 
III lilt M> PlM-eiitent ol'fcc « 
lUalnwir Ufiwtilf MMM| F. 

Carwr OevelipNi 

TUt WuRM'a FruKram of 
liariw Crtleft la olterlrag 

""CarttT D'fv.yiopineiit." ■ 
littt- i»y e om p re h p n i I V e 

Spin Dancf 

Secretary Seminar 

■ Tta''N:e*:Sef 
»!«¥ «em»ii:r *ri.' . 

, . :o be 

To wmiU. «.» Uie t.:.:i.nt..iiiu.iii,g 
Eaucalion Otltc*. M7-«». «t 

flonoNou curroRD TimotY 

uii. tim 

lap's Palatint eMipM on Dm. S 

•Miaia, Iht faciiily, lit oiflligi's 

IWHIY 4 Mmmt 'MMfi't )aur- 

M|.%ln"fwd:"1lM VotMb'^^IlM can- 

lod "bMMIl" al' canpus 

wn Iw 'anid. .mt the Cal- 

s. TIM aittimi. ■natllgkta tlia 

•Ha," tuMlon. ami llw 

Shadow Box': A moving drama 

The tioitMi9KP.]iuat, vHtam past 
incliuM .t ap*t) M a Sai> Fran- 
•Mcw Muatlat.. Iiaii (Men brwigitt 
in. inalcr arliiii't wtnfi.. aiMi » 
liM' aiitptiii a •tiiiitg t»t.Ue 
(il cmitiiiiH 'tietween Ms tove 
lur|: rnid tli* aucmvrmg of 

■«*erly. the n»ml»yaiit o- 
vllt:, trtat to oipe w tmt <le«p. 
4mm Wf tor BrUM and: the 
Dnwrvtng of liar wnrlil)}' im.' 

4iidenwii la dysaiKic M 
tit la very natural. 
all MM ctaracln iMtrac . 

Imw inrlinlliii: tlmac with the 

Aiwthtr i|iff:taeul.«r p«r- 
toriuaiirt l» <I<me by 
BwtcaiMiiiii., mfm is able tu gel 
the aiidtance it* believe there 
actually eiis.t!t a he«rt uiitkr 
her thic* makr-tip. cheap, im- 


Panattwi malies a valiant at- 
tempt in ha role, but wmethiRg 
jtisl ilMfii'l .wen la clirk He is 
either tim gaf, W' imI gay 

The interviewer ntt seem* 
•t iMMt times uimteetsary. 
t.aitrlc Tiirflii a« the tater- 

' tl iiipiNiied to b<> a voice 

til tjtili 1.0, and one that says 
every tking «H1 be til riiJht. c» ait way ton gen- 
tle. The .Interviewer ciwM have 
easily been stronger and it 
wouldn't have stolen the rest of 
tbe play 

.i\l! and all. and spruceil up by 
(ine technical aspect*. 
Ha.rper't "Th*- Shadow Box'" 
wine* oH as good 
ment Tbe trtiititag climax is a 
resi tear-jerkcr. ami the' p«r- 
toinancc oeerall 4m*la^ inM 
• .lciiaek<out. 



Student Loans 


If you're go 

THEN, Flit it with 
Exclusively at 

Pipe & Cigar 

19 W. Davis 

Arlington Heights 


ing to smoke, 

a Pipe! 

.^mWi tt'i outdoors »m<»ktn| at 

^ a '<• (Mat! Mild y«t robuat 

^ with h«artv aroma lh«t 

m a It • a it appaallng 

try a t»owi of tM* bOa fr«« 
M*nd artd you ' H •§» •♦ 

M,rbir,(3«r. NOYtTiaf '*J2!1mS1m 

UBBANSFRAWL N«.ju«. portion of U,er«,cn««IU-UU««ledU.t^-. Muddy 

THE MAN: Muddy Watw wrtpjwd hte 
wd ptayad Ills patlenlar ttyl* al BinM 
ptaywi Harper Nov 11 

tround hit guitar 
wben tlje le|eiid 


Mar.) tlmei Mu*l> Watws 
Has been heard to say -1 m 
delmltelj adubman 

But he clidn-t RrtU) where he 
Klodavhv playing lust clubs 
"Mudiiv" Waters, whose par. 
ticular brand of blues rnusH-.s 
ihoughl to have kindled the 
llame of what is no* >"">*" «* 
rtwlc and roll, play* not ""'y';' 
clubs, bulb»iihalli,iiin*ll halls 


mitW *hen the legend played 

While the tirsl band. Big 
T«i»l and the Mello* F^"""* 
ptayed and »'"r "" Muddy 

Water* ihow. 1 had a chance to 
speak with W"* "' '"* 
members of M uddy " s band 

Together Ihere were six olher 
musicians accompanying him 
John Primer and Rick Kreher 
on guitars Lovle Lee on piano 
Mojo Bulord on blues harp. 
Earliest Johnson on bass: and 
Ray Allison, who played the 
*"ims ^ .„ 

Backstage, Kreher i«ho 
along with Allison is o«ly m his 
iBld^twenliesi was more thaii 
willing 10 talk wUh me about 
Muddy and the band 

He explained that the band 
had gotten together about two 
year* ago through Bulord 

Muddy Waters, Big Twist 
bring the blues to Harper 

specidcaliy lo play for Muddy 
Waters All the members are 
[rom Chicago, as is Muddy 
himself, who came here from 
the south more than forty years 


Kreher said thai Muddy 
•reallv likes what he does." 
and enjoys playing places like 
Harper He also said that he 
looks upon Muddy as a father 
liguraj.*! does the rest oJ the 

band. , . ■• 

He lakes good care of us. 
Kreher said 

1 also spoke with Allison, who 
said simply "this is where I 
want lobe." _„fc_ 

Allison, like Kreher, •pote 
about Muddy Waters like one 
would talk about a favorite un- 
tie, stressing that Muddy Is 
■•more than just a boia." 

Buford. who is a ctoae friend 
of Muddys. andlaalsoctoser in 
age i he is 54 muddy is 66) . saia 
that Muddy enjoys playing col- 
lege* . ., ij 
■He Uiitiks Its great. «« 
Buford. "raeres action 
everyiaherewego' ^ ^ ... 
When 1 asked Buford what he 
believes keeps Muddy Waters 
on the road be summed it up 
ouickly He takes care of 
himself, takes his rest He's got 
good spirit." said Buford 


■, TWIST ztfA Wrthw r**!**"""*"'*''' *e a.'.* 

Office closed 

tiinf i,« I't'K- Tlianli.^fi:!-. ir,« 

■|: ti<- ; . . ; ■ ! . ■ : 

Ccwse Droppinls 

Jim Martin 

Hoffman Estates sponsors community Thanksgiving 

*» HlWOY BAlLBWWir* 

SitrflliiJH ^:^1Jt^^ wM » l>|P*"' 
,,■■,,. ,, ,t>.-. to jiiufi'! 

c«l»l»r»ie li' ' 

IHUftlMT. m «!ll ■»;- ■ ■ 

• ■miiafwiiig: CO'-- 

*K«piti)««l: Hurt III* »«!<:■ 
KiMM OnfirtrntM rt ■Mmi' 

Wipiliiii: • l*« «•* I** '*''"^" ""'"'' 
!••«•. ■'*■' 

fjf Few *t'i '»' • 

'Inim 14 p m ■•': "'' 

T ultlU ^( J>" rt'l 1 


^K^B^B . ■ ■ • •imali cheese r K 1 1 
V2^ BRO'- 

l'IZZ\^ l*\^l \ 


ij,ml:iiT ixt Kilunttfrs iif 

^ ithdraw 





ir. i.l«, .'■ Ih, '•' ''I''*'* •»" 

WW* fj'. ''.t ': I ■ 'r.'.c ■! ,. 

ii III tit pan iini* '■ 
■i*;-nir iintei miiilrup a 
tv ,o( lilt (utt •iiiTu- wmu' 

Bi"iic« E. ftrlfllth 



,1,1 to scUo too* **'li 


turkeys, and unptTishable 
Item* an alw wrieoroed al lh« 

Anvonf can atWnd: all we 
i«k is'itiai viHj brinf a ill*h to 

iKari ■ --"fl She also 

sairt, .lucannolal 

trod, «-. ■•■"'■' l>eopl« '"X'* 
a(»Bt thii in your community " 

In firiter lo caltuJalf ihe 
iiurotier of people planning to 

atleiid, IJM? Feast , and the <«»»»$ 
llM0 tniend tn tiring, the HoH- 
m»ti Eslal'"- n.-[,.,iilm«!nt of 

Human Ser-, 
pIsnntnK t< 

tint act 

van, the level 

r(im« from 

- ! deter- 

• In- the 

r ICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE tor at' Dtc, 4 WMWrt by Tht Bfflddjf 
Hkfc toml Ttetots ami 13 for Haiper ctucHali aiid tre iviilaiite )« 

UicitiidHit a<!tMtlc*afflce. 

r,i<> reai-ding its 

Collrgrs i'lirolliiit'nts up 

••ltd drop 

• ,,,;;,,: ;,li» early 

. indites. Iters may be In *«« 

■vrijwttaB m.m more ,«inieiH:». 

in amm «*• '* *«" '* ^ 

wmf pertoH Iwi ye«r »c- 

rorduiii Its M» overview pilWtib- 

' s, ciepartment ol 

; ■»' L(iucatto«i Dep«rtm«r» 
; ,-v predilcl* tka» cmltei«' 

„, .f.. 

••ii m sit itm* 


- , ,, !ij,iijre of timf 

.>,eiM„rw. misyc. 
.■ms aiKl. TiM' 

,i,„- ,,,., ;i,(ini contrast 

ihraie ni leveral .yetnt a«o ttmt 
ilaleil that cotlefe enreUmeiit 
•■oiild ptaOK* to tn til time tow 

The diHerence ■hetuwen tiMte 
predicllons awl the current 
■MW IB that the oiigJnaJ pm- 
lectums were patterned umw 
the availability of higher 
wteaUoM natural cltenlele • 
a» IH* ye«r oWs," according 
t©lh« ilepirtmeni 's I^ee Elden, 
While tlie dienlele of this 
miip B on the decline, EWen 
state* thai many collefes are 
MAR Beyund tbtlr wiglnal 

r^..- and are actively 

a older and part time 

(••it M. ^tw HMtVngm. MoMintar 'I*. Ml 

De Seve Vniployee O'f year* 

TWit trwitifiow rtdcri! 

K«I>I«F«« •»' *• *••''• » *• 
CBteflitrf of Oulilanittitw Pro-' 
iMktnwil Ein|>)dy(<«' Mm Immh 
«*ir*Kl to "nioma* de Sen;, a 

{tart tintw Haf|wr .iuttnctwr . 

de Hc'v« M ttnplnf ai^ 'by tte 
r.$ DepaitniMt nt fiwi- 
iiiwr«:e He opmMt* m m*- 
iimrr i>llw» tM tiK DepuruiMmt 
or Gmuiwirw tmtt •< Htrjwr. 
The ofllct tt IwntM) Iwft 
iMeaiMt te U»e "iMt-growtiif " 
Mliiitry kn (Ills srva. tie Ims 
Mwn Ittra •! HAiper M tlus 
capacity Iktr ttowst mmt 

in thai ilwrt me. de Seve 
tiM Inrii'iilailwl ■ |in>|tram tor 
titiaO DmlMMt* ciilM ""Tbe 
Sn«II SwlMM' MarkrM'S tlic 
VnM: Miiw*'S«lJ<>v*ri»a»." 

tt Is ■ U'WfMb MMMltr «t):l€lt 

M inwtctvf anttMal o( 
I to iinall iniBiiMBM* 
•'to trt evtttntplaitnii 

For iW Im. wtMtng iht 
anraftf "it' Hit' 'IKgl tm ill. ol laji 

tte wtmar al (tit nwarii is 
<lel;#r:(ii(fiel (>» the private »ec- 
tof lie .Sx'vf frels "it <i4iis ntore 
staturr ' ' 

'''WliM ukeit tiow lie Ml 
wtien he woo, he rtplted, ' 'I »•«» 
(iMreil " "11** fr»tll|tng a^Ml 

de Set'r h«» IMM enipldywl 
t>j tt)e giwcrmem (or in )»•« 
and III (hill tine he hat ar- 
(?oiiiplutie<l a great de«) 

••Th.i*e' yean ago Hatiief 
Cotleie had iw Mternatldnal 
markHmg program Today, 
I'tivy .itud at the thmhotd <rf a 
t>](*ar AiiMCMle Diwrte .!%»■ 
gram to wteriiatMmal 'boaliNM 
dtanlci Mitely to tte efMirla iif 
Ttm 4it Se'fe," ftatwJ Wlltiam 
H<i«art. I>lKC't*riiJ C'onltmiini 
E:<lK:iltlM It KiriMt ti (b* 
wntMtWi Imi :|tir<ie .Seve 

tn aiMlltM. de Stwt has (or- 
ittMlaied the Kon,I»w#»l liMer 
oatMiMt Trade CM, awt hai 
helped counlteis huilnesws 
I'hroiigti tet-tures, fcatnan, 
<MMH>iHine (-ontmiiiiKailM and 
with hii great knowMge on 
iow 10 iNCoine tw tier able to do 

After 10 years. Voice 
still heard 


"tl'a am toad Uilng about tlie 
eoitrat - you gel into 

•flfffllllii|," tayt ititdcnt 

l»nit»«l»lv n« lM.'(i»r Mpliini- 
Una can te Mid ol Jotiniallttii 
as tlw copy writini and 

•dii.iig .dan 'MM pwliKM Ttm 
Vot';*, * l««B'ly 'page 
laiw.:alory' n w nmw 'Hut «lll 
btftn I « mem4 dMMM «illt a 
ntntwu on Dae. 1. 

Udder tte direction ot in- 
•irwtOf Menry Roepken. 
iMiMlentsnf thtjowr- 
iiH ecli upon Ihetr 
! (rti« otter 
pntlmtoary lournaliiim rIaiiMs 
10 put. logalter a cnmptele 

.ai Crttert s»j« the las 
iIihImIi ready dtt i>v«r> thing 
K»ch sliMjeut O'lusl fwtp omi in 
r«'«ry a»tMM-t tnm i.iitfrvtewm,|ii 
tM report i.n|, (o eilitiog mci 
(irvx'tiid ion. tot e*ef» to the sfli 
ihgol •iliierttalAB upM'c 

"-I do It a.l.l..,'" laughs Cttttwrt 
•Han aikcd 'whai eiactly hui 
NfMMialbilllttH are. Ilia 'HiaH 
«iii|iMaiia tewet'tr dues rmt m. 
being one of the (porta tillliini 
mil a piihlle retailMit aifnt .lof 
tte jwper 

..iWKHigh m<iat ol tte ttuateciti 
will admi that there ts 'plant} 
10 *. iiJl oil tMtill Mtm It fnj»y 

lilt entire proDuctlon pn>c«as. 

'it's exetting,'" tay« Mtekl 
Richmond "Before I terame 
invnlvcd wlUi tte program. ) 
dlin't know anything* 

•it really pulls e*«ryt»:|Bf 
you lenrni'd u*|ether. " 'itayi. 
itudcnt .M.ary Kobtat. 

The aipeci that many 
itudenti enloy l« the 
cobcaivencai of tte class 

•*We all enioj being here"' 
tay* Sandra Prtdman O'OC «( 
tte tiuileitt* wte specialiteK In 
public relations and copy 
editing "III a Joint elfon by 
alt the iliidenis in tte cta«( ' 

B'Wiy thtt week, the mudeals 
tn IS w.err hurriedly mettug 
(heir final deadltte for produc 
tion . 

What do thir itudents in EH 
hope to get «iul of tte' prtifraro'* 

Many are 'hoping to go into 
the prttlMMonal field al some 
[Hxnl Is the futun; 

Colbert,, lor cm" ' ■ 
tdal te will pmtnti 
cansertr ••■ - ■> -. dmv, 

feUi: . 'Ml Htm 'In 

priMiii-' . *>mii ipilMie 

^mlaUon* »urk. •inil wiw.lil .like 
li.«Ml.iniie in thai line 

RHpltei) c:a.lled tki« year'''!, 
iwift crew ■'*»<:*» awragi!."" 
riiUtg thr tiict thAl they were a 
'Little O'lder an * major cori' 
slderalmn m thru tcverall 

fnj'DKNTS QiarJM Cul(i«rd t.ltlti and Key HuplM 
toaMM.daadilH«tUi}«ir'twuiiaiio(UwVnice. iPbiloby 


We couldn't have done it without 

vou! Thanks!! 

I itweminent Ei 

•I Itie Year In tlte 

Signs improved 


Thit year, tte landacapc 
irouiid the marquee at both 
central cntranMn ol ite school 
bat been improved, by itudents 
nt tlM Park Management Pro 
gram *ith lurC Mone 

The Introduction of turl Mont 
waa nec«*ury to ttulld a better 
su|>port tor the trucks that are 
driven or parked on the ground 
while Ite tignk are changed. 
(Jravel bad (irst been tried with 
unsattftactory results Then, 
turf ftote was decided upon 

According to Don Mlslc. 
directw ol ite Physical Plant. 
the turf rtote will preveni the 
graif. trma tetog torn up t>y the 
truc'lt*. S'haped much lilte a 
ibriclt.. the holes, are Mllcd with 
dirt, then grass ttt^As. and 
t:b»m more top .soil The root* 
•re (ten inside the ho'les and 
are prottwled I'roni the truck*. 

■tllhciugti ('►>.(■ pTnJCft jpp<*.a'ni' 

Imimrm i.»vi,iIvt':i w.rir lr\^ m^v 
III pfwrity 10 other prmjerls 
work Will dtim; whemevrf tmir 

afi ■ !ti,- 

r<' Awr 

Wt>.; -. 

VH'iiie tn«- a. 

■ !W0 

central Mgnit - 


appearancr -.'--. 

. -■- on 

Mdg M aign was more on Ite 

During tte summer, tte sign 
for M Building was approved 
by the board and was installed 
TV Jot) was contracted to Ar 
row .sm c» 

A* lie uttrk W'Bi telng done. 
tte Sign Haken Union was gel 
ting ready to strike AI 
Donokowski. director of media 
services, speculates that 
because of tiilt. tte work was 
done haphazarttly The con 
rrete was bowed and tben the 
sign was placed on cnioked 
\fter this, the Sign Makers 
I'nion went on strike 

After the strike ended Harper 
had the company remove the 
base and lake the lop oft Dur- 
ing this work more damage 

was ■- ■ W'hilr trying to 

wrrt' ..igc the (aees 

I'll I,* M-rt' I'ljimagetl 

■ ■•>il iht' i:>ru,|«1 even 

..icroromg to lKmokO'W'.skl 
the project tes taken roughly 
(uur'moiilln lo complete. tr«ii.m 
Uti.' ...I'U'i'n- U'l Oft The lAcfi j.r«- 
0'..i* tiring rrpairril :im) 
Dowiko'wllti ts ctmlti'k-i ■ 
tte pro)e<"'t will he fomt 


Hflp U uiitfd 


F«r Sale 

MlailO Mf W HOOVt* Itrntft < 0« • 

w.i*»r pw***' ar*« vmcuw^ Cl*i*wr liMNf 1 

itn«iG««iDGe' ■»».' 

< USED UNIKOVAl «'4 >r<c.> 
.■•■J :*«:.I.M «•• 

tim Urn 

■> KMTIAC GkMK) Mk MHv •« 

^Mtf power VV«rvfl1.|nQ. t«ftwlwvl. ^C ft 


COavl'tl COlLCCTORt item* 

»m >tmt mm )•«• %m m mv mtw 

■.■*..'•.. ,.-,J-i<i.',c.'. T,.t!.«h,.,» r. ,«»v r«rt. 

^m n«*«l w<.^ « i^ry r«r« ««ad AMirm- 

:. 1 mt |t.<n. will wll lor im. M*»Mf 

<,j <it t««* imai Halt CM) l»-m> aHw 

• .» P T 

itn i»o«icnf ni I n. J «i»m a u «<«« 

r«^ «|^ M*cl IW fw ^v»' *. COM imo 
C*i P»i» Jj» w; 


LOST IN v>t,n.>roiei|»t •*r«ic trutmt 

''IMif "^Ifl*"! *t«p m On* U9M brown %« 
«V H«*r wlWl brown oym «n0 block noM Aa 

wmmttir • •ivlwi mt Four «Mr •!< 

wt mmm hiMy 1 10 naora Mr 
mf^y conlKt^ulMlcSoW/fl^ltlMind. 
■OOM roil RINT F«nil»' 'xiiantt»«« tNifh caninnq ond l««n*f> lK»litltt. 
In ln»«rnt»* ll'J^mflnlh C«l' rj' «*«« 

00 rOU WANT'lD'ttof n"l|«> %'«.Uf~)'vlt«> 

1 cv^ '♦•cl' vm whii yow «••«♦ 10 fcnw* 
T'now, MM iN'rinm wf>«lrvfr'Y rour 
pl»**,H''t JS p»' n<" nou'r M«,#n1 Pr^im^^ 

aOOMMATC «»m Mionmont ««MI«tf tor m 
tO"<l Sfwiiltr .fi l»w Sch#wwb»fl"». PolOflf* 
«ri« ntor tumpwl I'm fwi'tiwolior antf a 
fwi- >o*'nfl p»f^d« Coll LHm. u?9o»t 

mti STub* " ventre Dv sasii: 

llrittltrt tnd SllWl » CXnii'l. 0»0f» 
aiitli m, I? W.onilt oewllin 

tH«aI RlOf M Un'> ol Iowa 
wOMona HI MOV « to Nov I loovt Fridov 
Nov f oiw * p .m . .rotof*-. Ivomo SundO'V 

t^i^tf^ Vy t.a' or rourt. 'iliaf* .pjipoffiMi 
c .1 1 c ."11, •■ mt im 

llWTOHIOaOSSIII, CWniC I'» ••»<■ 

iOffi two novo' t.yp#«*vi1»rs, Ji'^ «na IK 
«» Till on ttw ooolitna 



TISERS: .nil classilu-i'l jriri ptT 

sunai ads sulimilted in ihc H.jr 
liineer (or (uihlnalion must in 
rliidf the narni" jmidrcss and 
'(■Icpburic iiufniicr ol (lie person 
«uhm!ltim!th4' .111 l'.:niiietil tor 
per«>mil id"* rrii;-t '.v Ti;iijf 


in thr \i'>% (2 edi!--' ■ ■' 

.Hartilngri. i.n the iirtitit L-it Rises, at 'Shadow: Box,'" 
two of thr rtt;jr:,ni>T> and ar 

1 naiBi''- 

Pat Cl'l. .■..■-. ,...„>. il.r t...t.( 

o( Maggie. .io*i'» wile, in the 
dram.« and Ooima Boscamponi 

Also, in tte same edition, the 
•«nl tasigbti wilt pfthled' in 
lite cdiorial beadluia. This 
■bouM Have read at indlM . 

Tte tame error took place m 
the cdHor'i not* preceding the 
'let'ier to the adilnr tmm Hsriwr 

idmt aitialaf Jlta Wtrilney. 

re, lagMad ilinuld have read 


Bring UB a imw cuBtoniM' • 

■•t 2 haircut* tot 

the price of 1 

|tliPiHi|iti ■Ipwc. • wlil|: Mlli •■i 

toll It Ulia '-^ • 

'Tfea H»rlti»^Afr. Hvmmr n. mi. Pitt 1:1 

Basketball has small obstacles 



Hiiliir BiMtMaM turn » «t«:r- 
wna time <ttMK:i«i IliM iiiiikI 
in tlie vtf Bf tiM' Hwiiei 
ftMlmtlMll icain: attd SK" 
clHiii|iiiiiiiitlii9 ihH fMr 

"Bit first * ilH. the .iwtaind. is 
#|itt; Jnrf (!»• IWril til «;l- 

Sin plij'rr «! ir*!' 
tiKfir' thu »lMi 
•■•■ilJi,)«rto» till .;*,«■, «i. I, ..:- 

mm 'MifMii :|iraMitm or 

*ll.t! ■• ' 
il«C,:llli«l,..! ■ , 

»».t4nfi .lit lluiinHt r! , 
Hum >■•,<-!- ;>vr #<t»elt rtM»-- 


l«rr .nil (Mull itftliitt* .««! 
MgJtCHt HMtl U W 1 

w* km: a lot or 
ijiiiCilioet*." MM BetlWoW 
"««"» |Mn| to liav* tfl retx 00 
"■ "■"■'"" -"•miii'ii ^gatiiii*.. ■ ■ 

Ml t**t 'In :Roii Gnm. Bill 
flilMy . .wi B4 KtoliiiKlifflidt 

"Gmm I« m. ouwtailiag 
pwtstttr iliwter." t«id 



HttM't » |.-*Wl:-» glHMtl. Mill' 
■'■: '..: i;eiitoBO:r»»tSl Vtlilof 

tiiml:iatBtab of th« fiint. 


•I* Ihr ptaf Oi Km 
wIkii oi(.a,v«l jf Vi'hi"- 

lli:| t:n8:ni«:il*»« p<«rr. 
» iiwi: i»il"l«iifl»e pl»,v 
tinptreiBit O'B h:in:l«lf 
thit ('«::■:> rel.urnw: 
Mji»I»» fifth (il.j" 
Iwt yfiiir .1T» 
Lit anil CregM.-; 

Mttfmr m* mmm aellon ital 
ye»r, Mil t:ltt |..Ji»ot-l 
«ipl»li»:nf IS t »tTBB|, physical 
IlliSftr HiP*««r, iitytt «*) 
Ml: pt*y F:rt«I«¥ whem Mtrptr 
MtH It feaMriii afalMt 
.llOTamc Mlege 'St iMtit't 
'taciiN* ml M dct. M tut left 


■':lf mt »hii*lws hiw a mm 
iiHtti. •B'm ,|ii:UW !ii»('.i! ;iiB Ircsi 


i ,.-'„..v 


' ■"■" " ' ^ ,'1 

■uoo /oq 

1 htipe *i live 
•ell to the 
:^I i|»t'll(* " 

Hawk-fish ready to swim 

Un*n ti:»n«d in riie 
baefceiiiirt at |>#r*nfi(ail 
pi«WtmMC' EvaBSlM tit Ml||) 
'ICIMWI ■»• *-lw»l'tl ,|pi»ri .■!- 
tMMSMi. TniiiiM omtgt la« 
fmt. tMl Mii'l t>ti!y m the 
:Mi|f|l|lll iMBDi,.. m M l> ma- 
'UlihNi a Itailwiaii tluit yur 

LM il Mil} C-lWDt-l, tiiUI I* .,■ 

|i«M haiM't It« CM: (tail ttWF 

ImII •till n> fiM'titam/" mIiI 

BftWBB!' lilt Ittw'ta »,rr ciHll 
•Mt: Itavc sMu* |Mid chMittn. 
iBMhttiM «:iH relj tm a tact- 
liKal. ii«rtiiwi«r-tliwumi| ni. 
tbil: CiHi IM' 'wen oa- 



8*u> p-l««„ 'iMlge shuirpeniinfi. ihrt'waK, 

ittd flat f'He 


1#K:I1 ■ KI19 

Scuba classes monthly ! 
NeKt one starts Dec. 1 


Whjt hurt thr «i»in«B"i »*tiB 
tiillB i ■ ..r .It' I' «»i»ii''l ■ liCH 

<lllI<qiMii:'. >-..: ... ::.Kll «< (IWHtl' 
|,y t"w.i' ':':■.■ ■ ih^* Wy*m.'kn"1 

t«H:t •.t<-'i . .Il 

HIWI. xIk'. : ..ill 

lliBri! weiT iuiii). S1.1 womci'i m 


':■' .;.'i:i: ■ .. . ':..- H.**t» i|u.a.l.l 
!i-'iii.'. •"": !': !'i ' rl..iljr (Mm IIMI 
'*i- Uic >Hi',', IBdlVldUJIi 

(twiiii'ier iHiMrift:'.. "SW* my 
priTTitKr istanrr sutmintr ' 

nM. C»i-.ri.e B,trr*.(!t.. Mn4 (topljt. 

ratitraers Heatbcr Mcl>ii<n.a,)<| "it's«>v«ii i(Nl. perctri . " 

■Mli .Harcy Griam. , who Mn«it Eul of the team'i it«^ ' i 

lui icaiMti 'alUi a ilMiuldcr m- ttUik. w« bave Itic (KMciillal to 

liirji . will .five tbe Mawls wtal win tiic itaite champloaililp.. " 

U»ey ilMti'i kive lait year .. 

■niE ME?" 




Ttoe N'avy's f- 
|>.hi:sltcat.ed !»■.. 
lets you wait u|.t to oiif .iuil vcar tn-Cw-f rep*»rliiH.: 

Talte yiMjf • 
ii;|o»l:il>. be git': 
CO.m.[>«:'r'S ..'ipclri 
!>.-it..i .i-i'!; i't..r the ti.::i .... 
lit triivetiiig 

■rig. Fhliil ■■"■ 

iir ikKiil \ 

travel, or «tven just, nttait.. Ttii-' 

'u.i:r »':itli frairiifig m f< 

li. learn skilh 



liuprr :ii'K.u.inin.g CMieli siw** Kui «» mkM wtwUicr ttw 
team :«'Oiiild Ixr ai. .i(tn«| m a was a jrwar ails.. Ma 'did not " 
law tor an aiwwr. ll»}iiiitutU<if(l. broiutiy 

"Imt nm w<e iwaiBiM: M .(liiitKl) in tit# (ofi ID at 'natiaoali," aiM' 
Fut "Thik i>>-.ii' w«ii'"T# tattdng ai the top live and iMiiliig ta Mill 

' " ii-yeartilitaryofitaipertlun 

.■■:iMigan\ year quite tike UMiintn'a 

i.' Kaw'iu ««K a-0 In dual miwa, 

\ \ Dtvicion III CiltamploMliliM., mm 

irt rtghili at tlw MJCAA m«« 

•' i.-(iimpl.ei:te df last year's Ham - 

.•-turniM-a M:ike Sa}a., Ttidd MiimcU. 

■Ml. loiiBt qualtf ten laM .yaarl., 'Wke 

... i. .... r . .kiitii Man, Jtm Oteii and' Mark 

'.>'!'! (restiiiMn iticluding tanner St Viatw 

►..t:-t." Mid Eul "I Kenney. wtio reaclwd the IHSA 

It' liat 'wtitt il '(.Ike* to be a contender at n«- 

»'v«Mi liawka qualified fw tlw 

..;.K.> IH! can at itMsX matcti ttial 

.. 'i-riiwy. Eul ral« .I'im Day, also a St. 
........ I m the m-tttv or JOO-free. "So (ar. 

':'i'.i. itiim.' Eul. alM likes What he Met in tlie 

<: ot .relurnsrs 

''■ •''' ki higtttfiH individual plactr at ttie NXkK 
"'. ' h I n the lOO-fly .1 . Tlili year. Eul hellevea 

..ifti.! 0.1 Vinx •■He 'luray premier «|i.rmter."E<il 
i'['iiii.-h the icnab «i Mtiotkati." Wan will iwlm 

!■ 'lOh-j'ree, 'aj()-ln>e., «0-.m(dley relay. MO- 

..1 \ " tha ti' anyone on the 'team . 
. .::.0-frer.. lt»■a.:mHa«HW«Stl,PtnI^y(l(»' 
. .:ii J (MMhibly WD- tnt rel ay :i , and Schtitewltz < diver :> . 
.. a powerful. y<n.n.K man," Eul tald. "I (lliilk he ran 
i!i'ii.:iut«'Ry irontole." 

na.i (wt In tli«' f'dirt'lron't much last year, hut Eul suapaC'tt 

.-' iiititc: v'i..s:lt:»lc this )ie.ii.Mm. "I rapeci tilK thtnga," lieaald. 

' Hf'li tw a de.f>n'iie contender " 

r'lt- state"» premier diver's lasii aeaMn and 

• if ttir naiMnals.' Jin (HMi. wHt wai intUglhle 

' .i lie dl'ving 

. ...u. ».'h.rh miide no one shudder a year afo, If. 

■ 'h: ilw Hawks M.'hedule are Grand 
. in I he \JCAA poUi la«t vear. 

■ possible meet with Ulinaia atale 

n<i.i.i- .-I" ilut the H.awli's will damlnaW' H- 

ittenf 'comptHftimi ti'ftly lO'ur «t:her team.s • Kenntdy- 

iru-i"ilfi .tt'ii! Di..r'iige - fam'P*teltiswlininiilgon.Oli» 

' runner-up to Harper at thir itate 

.'in giw the tiav-k:* €vm a remitte 

* % 

P'«t« n. Ti» Harfewgar. II**** ' ' **' 

II. »*•' 

Six Hawks named All-State 







pmt Ht' iMaitTi on Uw AU-N« ami' All-R««Mi IV dm Mm mm mm 

, ,el tm TyrrtM. uMmA ftan Siirlit, ■wt guanl Hegfle SSm wtft wim- 

•4. •mil* flIlHMlvt muii. «Wlf lUirtweliiif* Jtm Miir»iJilU» tniJ Briiii' 'P»f«rd. ami 
'IHlIt 'Hull WuiMwrt mn chHMi h lilmwlvi? st«ri«f ra 

IWWII. vim Mt a Maif*r wwifi tor 'laMal oKeiu* with owr 1.000 yanli paminc and 
niiing In U» carter, mm ni)m.tMited (or Ul-Amertca ranalitoratiMi alaiii with 

W«llian.kMilytlita«taMd'tta«* milMiwiin tl yMin in makvUic first lean. 
-It 'tht WtC mV' nMm. ti/nm mmmA mtmH ta MM'* HaniMJ Brwwm . 

t Ai'-nm* Mai^jw weunlflif eafiw atiil tlngl* mmm rw^im •""> '.« 

an(|,««yaril». reii|»ectlvely. . _..^._j. 

Coadi John EHasik was nanmi mc cmcIi at the year, at bis Hawkti ptawl IhM in 
lh» fi>nt*ren<» with a S J »iale 

My co*chm|i stuff should aim ge* «:«0'* *»■ "»• »**"' fxcauM W>«y dM a hell of a 
jat>llii»y4'ar ' Ktlasiksaid 

The Hawti alM) placed three players on the N4€ seeond team 

Defenflve tack Kevin Murray, defeniive limman Greg riUlierald, and wm 
receiver Steve Marchewka earned second team honors 

Defensive tackle Wayne Jacksm. Um't>acker Dan Foley and guard Dave Denpaey 
received honorable mention for their play. 

"I wai aurnrisfd so many of our kids made II." said Ellaalk. "We came in fourth, 
but we still placed 12 kids on the teams •" 

Theberge runs best 
lime in N JC AA meet 

Ron 'TlMiMiii tmt .lint, run a 
c«r«er-ti«*t m-MM in the 
NJCAA croia country meet at 
Wichita. Kansat, la»t weekend 
His time over the livemile 
course -which .loc Villon 
would call "by far the toughest 
»«•» run would place him in 
Sfth place Me had<l all 
America hmnore by l."* seconds 

Me finished ahead of Kich 
Smith of Spoon Ri*er. the II 
linoui stale champton and Tim 
VanderGrin of DuPaf*. who 
•dfed Theberie tor the N4€ 
championship It was a 
■t»r race on Ron's part. " 
Vltlon said "Any kid that 
fitilshr* m the Top » Is a 
l).elluva ruii.iwf 

Thru- *t?rr a lot moreqtiall- 
ly risiiwrs." said Theherfe, 
who was the fourth tost l.Mb- 
aeler m.*n m the nation on the 
collcKe .level last spring 
■i do better in the big meets. 
They mean more. The)i'"re 
i>a.s.ter to gel ptythed tip lor " 

Theberge would: have (ini*h.' 
ed Ktti but there were II 
foreign runners, running (or 
ciwi.minity eotleiat.. that 
aheiad of htm In lad:. 
:|biir at the top. five ninners 
wer*' foireilgn-born. although 
hmetiem Ktiri Russell ol 
Southwest Michigan won the 
race with 1 3.4' 21 19 time 

"It's nol fur." Theberge iaid 
of the recruiting by Mhools ot 
forelpiers -'They're i.n their 
u|i|i«r »'* and they come over 
here and get trained by the 
bcft It's tike m* to fo and nan 
Is high school now It's 

"They're being pushed out of 

Hie NCAA because of age 
Itmiti," Vttton said "Now 
there's an indua of older run 
ners on the junior rollegf level 
who would be running m the 

But it ta :iioi the NJCAA cnoas 
country meet that It 
Theherge's goal cross coun 
try isn't even his favorite sport. 

track IS breaking the lour 

minute barrier in the mile run 
IS his ftrsi goii . Then he is aim- 
ing to win a gold medal in 
either the IMH or IMNI., or 
perhaps bO'th, Summer Olym- 
pic Caroes 

"We've got to keep the mile 
tow profile." he said "1 don't 
want any added, pressure. I 
don t warn people coming up to 
me asking 'Old you do It .yet**"' 

"I don't want to scare 
a.nyb«M]r." Vitton. who 
al.lo wants Theberge's <iuesl (or 
the tour -minute .mile ma.rk kept 
tn perspecMve But 1 think 
ne'll be be.low four Mimuicf ' ' 

ltfi.ween now and spring, 
when track season opens. 
Theberge will be running «<>-• 
miles a week and workmg W'lth 
weights "I'm. nol taking any 
time oft," lie (aid "I did that 
alter track season last spring., 
■nd 11 hurt a little" 

"He's physically stronger 
titan «l any other lime in his 
We," Vilton Slid. "To take a 
middle 'distance runner 
Thet»ergf's sp«.ia,tty Is the 
l...'>ix>-meiersi and have hin do 
well in cross country is signifl 
cant . ' ' 

Not nearly as significant at a 
lour minute or under mile 
would be 

Hawks get consolation 

Harper got a scare in the 
closing minute, but held on to 

defeat Triton 19 13 in the N*C 
consolation game at home 

A 6-yard puni by Harper's 
Bob Hughes put the ball on the 
Trojan's » yard line with only 
III seconds remaining m the 

In the span of IS seconds, 
though. Triton moved the (» 
yards to Harper's »-yard line 
with the help ol two Hawk pass 
interference penalties 

Instead of passing (or the 
touchdown, however, the Tro- 
jans elected to run the ball 
Tailback John Hart was 
brought down t>ehlnd the line of as time ran out. 

giving the Hawks a third place 
finish m the N4C 

"The defense maile the big 
plays when we needed them." 
.said Harper head coach .John 
Ellaslk, who didn't agree with 
the officials' call on the second 
inlerfereoce penalty that gave 
Triton a chance to win Ihe 

Harper took a T-0 lead early 
m the second quarter on a »- 
yard scoring stnkr from 
quarterback Tim Tyrrell to 
tight end Ron Butzen 

The Hawks increased their 
lead to IM after Tony Recchta 
blocked a Kevin Clifford punt 
and the Hawks recovered on 
the Troj an s Ill-yard line 

Seven plays later Sam 
t*nght bowled over from the I. 

but Tyrrtl't extra point at- 
tempt was wide So the hall 
ended with Harper ahead by 13 

The Hawks defense con- 
tinually stymied the Trojans of- 
fense until the third quarter, 
when Kevin Henderson hauled 
In a « yard bomb from 
quarterback Gregg Thelen that 
put the bal I on the Hawks one 

(in the next play from scrim- 
mage. Hart scored and Erie 
Zoph added the extra point to 
cut Harper's lead to 1.1-7 

A two -yard plunge by Ernest 
King sandwiched between two 
Tyrrell field goals of 31 and M 
yards concluded the scoring 

We had a total team effort 
today." said Eltasik "Our of 
fense and defense made the 
plays when they counted ' 

Volleyball loses in state 

This was the first year tt«- 
volleyhall team wen' 
This was the first 
won two conferencr .............. 

This was l:be first year they 
won eight games They had a 
(irsl year coach. This was a 
year of firsts 

Last weekend. Harper's 
voUeybalt team played tn 'the 
sl.ate finals at Parkland In 
Champaign and were defeated 
tn a four learn pool by 

Ellackhawk .loliet. and Lake 

"We played our lM'.st ball all 
year at slate It was team play 
that got us there" siaid coach 
Kathy Brinkma i 

Karen Davenport and co- 
captains Tern Bauer and Julie 

Bcrna were standouts all year 
' ' Jttiie Berna was our moM con- 
sistent player B.enia is a 
strong hitler and blocker and 
showed excelienl net play all 
season." said Brinkman 

The Lady Hawks finished the 
season with a 1-i conference 
record and 8-lS overall under 
first year coacti Kathy 

'[ was a little disappointed, 
because there was a few games 
we should have won Ijut overall 
I was pleased and surprised we 
made it this far" added 

Brinkman is looking forward 
to the next year, with Ihree 
starters returning and good 
high school talent in ttie area 

Pagf 1 1 : U intrr oiiort* vfUMin im^gilM! 




14* iS'fltfe ■]/ 

,(i(:i» iii* 

ll»l*tn!ii«W Ill I i T'«i i. 


mkm Rum Harpw MIcft Patotine, Illinois 

PA '■•'i' aa §" 1 'W|^ 1^'^ 1* ^ fi "f "1 11 "I* 'Lr #* |"1 'Tl t* '1* CI ' V* i^ 1* ^ %l 

.■«ii|. mmif. II ' 

pfcat'i'i '1- 


iilM luilil 

Ita ■'.'.■ . Be 

iUtSXirti .:> „/;■.' , . . 'illK 

'^fUMMlHIM: mut "'Wc dilllt 

.aiinlllMliii'fMi* "■ '<-"' ' 
Ot;,, ■0mm *■ 

Hlf*r,.i.t:. • , 

"nii>' oe» 
MiiJiIi Ci 
Mj (or IB 
In tkt 
i>:j' the 
;■»!, c 

t ri.*,hii 

f q>i 

.'•niiif am Um e 
,, . : iiaiy, Ihrf* iiM'iUi'iNiit- 
'<■■ faciifti' i»«wlwn ai 
T>or awnnlliiig t« *i 
' tijnimiliwtitly 
'" awnlMn.. f liat 

'>....> ■ M IWillcMlllt fUllll •( 

fan m MMlMt laattj. 

•"Biitafcwini .npiRt 'Oui be 

• ■■■< " Witttaiiii'diM' 

•••il rrrdtt tlourt 

. t . • uil (;nir taralty bold* 
J M>iu prri-co( edfr. vfet-H 
:-.<■..•■-. !)uti fuU-iiBwn am 
'<'i<-iiit^ m prrceid a( all tn jatt,' 
■rurtiiui Wdllainssaut 

Kra»»i>* trtiy Hirprr has 
riired as many pail (Imen m U 
'.» in ihr pjtt two yeart 

Contract approved 

IHc »a*iNl at tnmMm» ill 
'Ihltr tin*, » !ii)«wUiit fWiiKi i» 
■HiniwlliiF itHl-O ciMtr:K 1 litr 
ti*' 'Wi-liteie Ite-ult* '•i.iffi the 

m»tiiiift. tiiit! (rtn,/i,> •■•: >!![t::li 

«|i«it:k:i :'■ 

"ttm- 'ti»*i''il'» »*:« alii't.-it'i 

rrsai (;■»■• , ':i:i:' ,» 
pfWDiesa ■ ■ •■i-;iicli«l 


lung, Of 



■Mil. 'HK mi MV«UtliM ;,': 
etil!"' I«(«;**II: tl*! **« "Uliijl 

a .,.■.■ 


IBilSlliilil ** '■ 

ftr-to..!! 1 

iibn^ii ■■ l.l 


iini«rTi:r:i'V.||i. ,. 



Stucl€*:ii.t senate 


'■■MII1I! '•ribldi'WU l.!!i.!<"i 

RTA aii.iioiiii,ces changes 

I'lbit! .ibLte'dhii 

Z- *erv revuKXt Iffl 

tiiK«t in UnMUMM 

.p) and North Weilan 

' - ilia wbich Uw tiuMcs m«Ct^ 

:::: »!U spin lu run wiiti a 

-w Kt 712 vhk'lt wnres imrtli 

rhrecu Sa .««lI«7hav«i|MUl 

'tjn> nLtriaiMl tb otta nsprnf - 

!j '- iisnri-lioni. li> local tram 

<iii> liarfH-T (uid WiMtlt- 

'.ijrU^ttrsj SutRirtwn Caofc 
. .ty I* one of nu; arem In 
RTA KfMn thai dU mM 
ia\< afl% bui «nnix avaUalMe 
!>irlarr trw famMlkn ol UMl 
.itiUwray " laid RTA cliaulMII 
I rwiii VI tlia -'KcatdenU van 
. ornpietely !le]MsrHle»t on (Mr 
lUUmuibllr* ° 

Hill addrd Uiat trying !• 
<'njia(e Utai deprndeocy "H aa 

'RIARaMp '<■ aHH •! Hmm 
iat fai wtt bilviv Iki' tfrtw 
mm, M «• latf illir 'Mr- 

akes room for WHCM 

i< uio >! the station iMt-aaM Hi 
V jt jiubiiiiy et miy om cm- 
ral mutrr whicli is alio tUliI In 
*<ih itir an tAr ^tir ' bniail- 
Ai% iCK (^uipDirnt 

i arw hmaU muvt wiii bt iia- 

»i iCi uie ttaLMos nn» facility, 

|ju> makioo tt fmsMt lor jii«> 

' i> ■Mie diirtaii rqiulw tnmal 

-H wtxrii ad«qii]u« (UH la 

"••J* 1. Th* Harblngar, OKvmtwr 3. IHI 

Well done on 
fall sports 

If» Uwt to CHtaml w«u dMorvid. If imi late, con- 
gratnlatlMM lo tlw ««Ht«iMUng raanters of Harper's (all 

nil W of' coniTitlllaUoiis and the twck-slapping 
•hOHM iMgln Willi Um muitan'i volleyball team tor tta 

aHioa of first!. 

TIM team won a ipol In 'the alat* final* giina, wMt two 
GOntennce matches, and for lit HciI n«r, 'im ^atgltt 
gMiM*. And they «ccomplishe<IMlll"anlarlli*1aa«leralii:p 

Let's not forgat tlw six members ot the footbaU team 
who WMM iHWMd Ail4lal« I6r their success on ItM fMd. 
Tlw ila iHHiftt lAdlKit: Tin Ty rell. Brad PUganL ItMlie 
Silas, Bon Biirke. Rob WollMrt Mii JImMHraiiltli. 

And finally.. Ron ThoHatg* ol 'fiw eroaiKoiiiitry' team 
alao'<dH«nna raeopUUon .tor lib einer Iwnl in ita 'live- 
mfte'Mi^Miirw at tlw liJCM laoct Md at Widilta. Kan- 
aM'triwi*' l» fUalwili'iiili a ».:» Ji. llnw. 

Ilwta aM of cotvi* a wml .MMlMr of attlMaa. who 
Ml* not 'oanad Imm, hut 'tliqr hlBo iaaervc confratula- 
tlott 'lor iMr pwUelpatlOR In this MawM's competition. 

To all. of those' UmH^ved, congratttlatknt for a Joli weU 


Pregnancy report 
had error 

TlMi,iiii jTMi tor Maturliii Itit 
Can aitd OwniellBi Cfntcf'i 
nemtct* tn -eoam Rrptsn - 
P»«|iiaiKy A Oro^inf pti». 
• by Holli KuUer wWcli 
■ed in the Oct IS. imi 
• nr Uie Kar4itn|[«r 
1 ivituld. iiowvvitr. like hi 
clarMy Ctn and Counseling « 
fMUImmilliy which la liilK>rfi>l m 
w«r ••rflcti to •OBwn lacUiH 
— '- .p«|iiam-i»» Tti»C»ti.t«r 
... m drciim.!ttBiicft tin- 
.1 • vate j'lKlgiiH-iit reiar- 
imiig IMw ulltmalr <]wliii>n tar- 
•I hy t»* prepiaiU wwnau. at 
••» mmimualy impllml in M-i 

KutlM'i attlrlp (i.« "lo api'tc 

of cmtcrriml ttlmtt maiii .al 
the ecnlrr iti (ItMowaa* Hit 
Itrta. Oierr are fill) « bt whit 
m m m MMftNa ar •« be 
fMUiM 'Sf a :IUrHiil' marriaa* 
wkfck aflea rtfultf in 

«• at Cart' aail CMMMltnf 
■lltvt that itMF (ircfnatit 
•onaii nwat mamtain the 

in.;. niMiwHMl.Ky ami ac- 
'IliUiitai ~ ~ 


Tkt Cknitr mm not 
dIaeiHrate any aptiHM Htal. Cka 

- may chnoie for henwll 

hat aiwtstB her in a riIMIi- am) 
prolMilonal manner lo deal 
vtth her ctmtcT and 11* Mlise 
<iw>ni oMb to her 

There are no (ragraiihleal or 
(Inanoal tiouiidarle* or llimla 
tMu regiinllnccllenti ellRihili 
ty 1(1 addition. Uwre l» 4 K 
hour phdne service *hlcli 
allow the •omait the optloo of 
Motact at any time Pr«te» 
itonal jMst-pregaancy and pwi 
•honinn rwiniellnt 11 ahm 
aval I am F at requey On 
Tuesday I. the renter s hourt 
i» »rM daily M-n are e«- 
leoded to » p m . and prefnan 
ey Icfta an tfea.t day are free 
ratter Itwn ine tiaual ami of 


I amreclate the opportunity 

lo ftirtker explain mir lerviee* 
and ikanh jm lot ywjr will 
MfMMa and acconwiodation in 

piintmi our correct*** amt 
aMltioRD lo M» Kiillar't artt- 

Jakannar M'llier. ACSW 


Care and CMinnelmt Center 

Diii»iienOro*#. IL 

Looking £or Mr. Goodbar 

■-ARF 'x''" *\ 'VV'\ri.,.-\81.K 
MAI.,!-; FOR .\ 

t'VTE'i' .'-MW^'' 

The hand^wrltten noLire 
a trim (rotn the vendlnji 
marttaes m A httlldini! Ijeekon 
nl my curiosity 

■ Meet me on WEDNESDAY, 
DEC IND at mion or before I 
am in the A huHdIng luunfte 
Stt at the lahle rifhi tiear tke 
curia Ined windows Only 
lerlous need come! ! " 

What an iifipiirtunlly (or a 
iielcagMred. dltiDaiioned 
.yauag :niMi who haa ttounht the 
want M)nM(.lnet of adolexent 
helerowRual relaticmithlpi. .Ah. 
hilt therewan more 

'■(lMiil.ifi.<'al«mi .iVpprux 3 
laol-a, nlw buUil, nire ap 
ptarance. «ut||omK pcrionaJI 
ty likes lo teach femalei lo ikl 
age l» or older, ihouli) like mk 

In order. I menlatly checked 
oil her iiuatl(lcal.lon.( ' tuo tail. 
won't complain, wmeiimes. 

e»p«>ciatly when we're atone, 
»<Hj.U .tove lo learn, ve», and the Sting. CHivfounly, I 
wouM nat he her cup o( tea 

My cuTiMlly wai not 
Mtmied, horn-ever, bv mv sim- 
ple rtwtve that l' »m nni 
'"•timiUIW" to m.eet an ohviou»- 
ly anximis. cute i by her own ad ■ 
m.l»«.lon I , yimng. woman 

I delved into my imagt nation 
What does thl» gtrl look like " 


Their '» no excuse 

Ttie comma -rrajt'j typewriter lor vour editorial o{ 
Nov m should ht banished 
from the newspaper ollice A 
realtor wilt overtook an ticea 
•MmwI error tiul (he itoien or m 
miftakei m puneiuatioh, gram 
•ar and Mntence conftrurtlon 
u ttie eiUiorial ntwured the 
••rWM message il waa allemp- 
ting to deliver iThe rvvtow of 
"The aiadow 8ox° did not fare 
laMhhettFr I 

Vnforluniilelj, ihe enUre 
edlMrial ap'peani 10 he taken 
Irom a grammar tmok lor jour- 
nalM* The amignmeni WHitd 
he In rtwme itw article to 
make II citKalile fur publlca- 

A food copy editor would he a 
valuahle addliMin to y<Nir maf f 
Saucy McCiulneti. 


What kind of girl (» *he' Would 
»he meet MY nwaliflcatkms'' 

01 cours* not How could 
anyone meet the generally lofty 
expectaliont of Mimmne ete"" 
loth subjectively and «iti)«c 
thily. I have noiiced a decline 
In atNiK. heteroiCKual rela 
liOMll^ In a recent Cliicago 
Trihune article, M wa» reported 
(hat the tlu of the average 
raet.riijK>iii.w Mew York Cdy 
lamily may drufi liekiw ) hy 
early 1M2 Helow 1 ; Can you 
natln* an average tanlly Mm 

Mare immedlaHey. l have 
witae»»ed an Hi.crea»e m 
heleroieiual apathy Perhaps 
11 s jusl the age. but only a lew 
ol the people I know between It 
and 12 niiw have .(erloux 
heleroieKual rwlatlonthips 

That this u now the trend In 
America ic nol to tnlriiuing as 
l» why It IS happ«>nlng The 
Moral Majority iiwl other 
whorish lelevisMm mtnisten 
would like us lo believe 11 i& 
because of Invotily and the 
stacking moral (ther ol our 
lociely and thai all would be 
wen If we could he •bom 


In the Nov n. iuue in the 
story on page 1 tilled "Atte Hits 
Veterans Fund,'* there were 
several Hems that need 

According lo ihe Harper 

Financial Aid Office, the short 
fall of fund* for «eter»n* it 
(rmn the Illinois Veterans 
Scholarship Program, nut from 
the Itllnois Stale Scholarship 
Commiuion as was reported in 

Alio, the cutoff for applica 
lions for the ichitlanihip is set 
for vets who Joined the lervic* 

after M.ay T. tiTS, mn 'belorv 
that date. 

The financial aid office mill 
be glad to (urlher explain this 

procens and wr apologue lor 
any inronveniem-e ihe intorma- 
lioo may have caused cwtr 


There is a generally more 
liberal attitude lowardE sexual 
(reeilom , but a bigger factor for 
the I rend m,iy stem from the 
(act that society is becoming in 
lerdependrnl. rather than 
dependent or more tndepen 
<tenl One need not d^iend an. 
or be independent of another 
The increased oppnrtunitv for 
women, which is ideallv not 
what tt could be but certainly 
belter than, say, 10 year* ago, 
hat lent to that. 

tooking for Mr, «r Ma Good- 
bar it no longer vogue 
Econamlcally and locialty. 
relationships have become hix- 
urles 'They're a struggle," 
wild one triemt. hwnereeeniiv 
for Thankigivtng~ini"haoi to 
have a good relationship 
anymore because It lakm m 
much money - and time " 

Indeed, there isn't the time 
anymore for people, as used to 
exist, lo build a relationship 
That's the tragedy 

And that's whv, as I walked 
away from a sign (hat had pro- 
cured my curiosiiv as nothing 
nxently has. I hoped that the 
cute young woman " would 
find her Mr Goodbar 


wuiiam Hainey Kaiper College 

Algonquin * Roselle Rds. 

Filallne. tLMOST 


MHafinii Bdlliar 



PWur J WkXIiim 

Hevln BWMiIMn 

MUw BamlMcli 

Jim Mtnin and 
(Seryl Hicki 

'•I Hall 

Jim Mura 

turl AcXmtn 

*ll»r». .tw*li' I. ■httitm. 

WoiMly HsUewmxl, l,i» Ji.nkovrsJu. 

ltim<.Lal»i|gn, T»rry Murtowir 

.Jiors S*too. S»i«lri.l«»S«r<lijui»l, 


Cll«lrllMI.||ia.SWr HlU.<Hcmta-| 


.Mnicr tptirais; firovano 

Tlw MAKMl\ u tlw •nmcM 

|iiM:|tMM iiM- tin Man^i r<iil*iw 
cuinaiK cunmninMy. pualwinl »wkl>' 
ctEitil ilurina iwitMa^ snil tmn tt 
■n. 411 opiiMwo cipmurd mn iimw 
ol u» wrtiH' uMi sM amtuMrit)' iiMie 
ol III* oallair. tti adnuMHrsiiod. 
laniHgr m tiiatcM liwly Advniisini 
ma fry aaaailw • t a. m Monday 

Ml tofy t> mmtcet m tmmt aii 

I«li*r>-li> tne-Edllw niuu he iignnl 
NMct aill B* puMMial. for tmtm 
mtointtlM call WT-am M Ml ar 

J "•!, P»»t} 

Table settiiig taught 

TIM Mrmii nMUfi Mmcr 
fimm' <i li«nwr 'i* taitgiat t>- 
.|>tiiiii«ir Rail' Mm>|« 

lliM'|j» iridiiatcd ifoiii 
f'lirMii tntitHlilaiiai I'linwii 
to '«itli « burlMliir «l 
iiigl>i« til r»*UMiraiit aaiti 

Ptr IIM> .|Mfi IS f nn Hauls 
hm taH varifiM* ,|aiti» in itw 
" . 4 »'nfk» I'lf ,M M«ii rwi-ni 
li! taa wfirtrr) 41 >fi. 

MItay icMltlK i'lt' -.(! H.-'.ri ,t:.. 

m» f'iMKII Jillill It' ' I,," ': "r.". 

t&r, IIIKl 1.1 Vm I:.. t«;. .!■...■ 1 ll.n 

M. 'In 'L«h» I'MilI. T«« v.r i'lttb 

■nmf'iil'nit'iiiiiiiiig rwiii' tpt m 

clMUMnoi WW Inkwuim Im>' trii- 

HhIui mw 'iitMiwi (i*« iflf- 
(mM t«iii4 wnlct MiirMt « 

li Kin QimMMi fma S«rwf 
claw. nM 111. Ilai** ""(••irtN'* 

HKtCW tlH IMHiCt. tMl tUm 
" ' " I at tf^ dtillli Willi wr 

J ■!■■ "'" . ; r( "rii.tii.rir 

'UrTi-ri:'\ entxiUrr: i:, rriri-r jjf 

t*i« . ■.«;,"■»■ 

HnM> duw* Stat plant in 

i.l"«; ' ■ »«*IItB,i(,. 

i 1^'* I' r (. A ' ^-r 111 ai 

tMUqwl MT • .' !■.• ■•ft . 

at|lk!ii IWtllh,: ..>"-'::..!!. •.. , 

.. (■(■'n 


Uy r.-'.# ■ 1 . ... ..| ( , I i^-t» ,.7 

fciww* tbr Md •): tiM' 

* n-aljuian' I'lui, \<th 

MMirte. HiMika tonetla tlw 

Pilllah tii.iil , 1 , ... U'. |. 

:»liiil«i«n,i iJifcim* (»r*'|i»ri/ 

i!t<- n ' . .. 

tiMH"" wch •• Strak t"N«H> 

rne t'K.. . 

rtel (If iMBil), ■KiMiMth ■' 


cterrm tiiltiliit', aii<i 

In HiHiii^ I u 

■"Stdilwn* «rr lugM »ii 
gMMl. iefTic* t* not only nlaiMt 
III mpfwl, hill IS mm* illi|)«iit«fil 

ll|MM pRKlvclMn pntliinil'tUM," 
ilttd Hl»l,:i| Hil»ill| m tIB' 

iiMimW* (bntof nMHit. a wfil 
ml WMr, jUTrtni mr fn«t ,ip. 

HliaiUMMIRt ' >(> 

iW:ln» 'ilth ill* mmini:, «hk» 
n|M w •ai«r ilamwi. "inmriiti 
*vm. rtaaglni •ihir.i.v. .-i.- 
tr» all ttry in 
cor tfrnit li> Himki 

iijirp-p ■!i.ium"fi,i III , xju; i''i(w,>K"iii 
B It 11 tttee «! ji iiwi^crrdit 
iwiinii' 11>«* 11 r# fwi ffivri" 

(;HII*ltf"» \ '.:.-■ "'-i; . '...I! ..■ . ,,r,, 

■film pi*- 1. '1,1 .. '• i .ja>' 1.1 ilk 

flUilitteil till tn-i;iiiBr II 

•■Iter-' cjftJitii m • f tM*u*r(il 
"Tlie Mlarj iiaujlty r»ii||M 
f.;irn • <• IS Mian an Imtr." 

College honors employees 

Maf'ifttr C«>H»|ie f«ftrBlt) 
HMtM MUfliiytt'i who have 
■rail IIM CDltegir (M Ihf. im 

Om tktolier IS, a nccpUMi 
«ai' Mit III tlw Cmhip BMrd 
mtmm S7 Mar|)*r «!• 

'iMalilralarti. laeiili!" Jimt vititf 
iii#».li«r* r«Ml¥e<I .. . 
rwoiiutmn llwtr m>i • 

Itmm •to n«»ni'«'I ii»«riJ» 
•ei* lta|iip)i weral! with iht 
piiuWtry r«-civrt! 


■■■■■■■■I _— _ — 

^^H^ get 3 small cheese FREE 

nzz\ ['v>ri 

MHMAH FUa !«t,A8 ftil i)f( iCt 
Ofcnlatji III Iflrr" 
OftKrt Surti-i ■( 
•PlKnititeMtef (ii.i-: ■ 

"1 .fliX Uiere a I'RIit Mt (tut tii 
iTalfic. » ! mis»«l pi'rt o( »n- 
1 iTcmom*, tmt the irtn |. rwriv 
vd was very ftic»," mM <I»ao 
rvtrwn. 0'( iMcrior dMipt. mt 
o( ttie rrcipiwto «1 UW' l*jM,f 

"Thf ciprranilHi)' mm Vtr^ 
wee."' tatd .k> Ann Powell, (if 
utitdtat (lev(i|«ipiin<mi. Nwttier 
III year •■ward rwlniKiit , "'Eaeli 
III lit recrtved wi" own award 
fwin otir i>»it siiperviMir Tte 
IMIe |Kp« are very alee, miiif 
ha»ai<iiiii.|)erl«M'lt " 

Am>lH»r imsret rfcunwil wan 
'-■■i! bemi witli 
■ -I., iaat, muivat.- 

"t ti»«t teM •mployed by 

( I .. r n IT t i n (■ # ! hC V *■ H r 
1 iH»fni!ij.', ■ \.tMi 

[■' . .i:,iui> v,t I- prr.M 

tlent i;>'i ssudfiil alfairi, one oj 
tli« rtciplenl* o( tht IS-yeat 
awartJ,, "tt't Imtn t vtry tn- 
ImaitlBg aed rewarding ex- 
periemc* to .Me Harper grow , as 
it has." 

"I've Iwf'n taere since we 
.itartrd pljinning the [)» 
■fjl rum Ciftr*!! Vfars later 

|N»watlM ki Us Qitaiitltjr Food 

Harper lia» grown and is now 
liiwwn tor tin (luaUiv .-ind is 
su,pt»rted by tl>e communit> . " 
StMiMtiwy adiM. 

Tilt in-war award went to 
llMut eiBpinjffM. who ioliwl tiie 

wltegc at Ketnbers o( ttie 
viglaal ctaft. 

jiiMaM fletnly, atMe.Ule pro- 
IMiwr of aiiniiiK, .[>elores 
Jalinicin, adnlnittraiit'e 
s«.MTtar) m the Business and 
Social Science Dt»t»l<». Bob 
TitiiMa. n!.|iiniiM librarian : 
and Doiw Staailbury. vice 
areaidenit al .•ttdcifl affa.lre. 
vtre thme wlio reeetved U» 1.S- 
year iwanl 

Tliirt.y empluyees have been 
at (be col.le|wt .tor ten .years. 

Mlehitel Brown. MHKiatt 
■of art. Nancy Dully. 
prnfeunr of :nttnt.En|[. 
Mary Vaiicura. assistant pro- 
leiswr of nuning.. William 
Scfturaa. custodial 
Kent) Jackjon. matntenanw 
mechanic; Mary While. 
Charlie .Hfjini, Paul Holdaway. 
mftruelor* 111 tbe l.lle Science 
and Hunait .Servi4«t Otvision. 
Mteliael l^fiiils, aiaociate pro 

CASH management! 


Arc You 
In One 


of These 

• Wm'MiwNi Mw««n> 1 1 .M iltitn' rnu m*r aiM a« it 'lie .** i >oo 

• W*ilra««". = •niarMi penatly 

• ft'etchet* wr . .,.'. .Tium »s«oi 

• »*»«*i»icha'fl» 

• iia»#HBf ,rvii;«'.du,il. p.'*rln«-r^-. ,;. .\ 0.' WiM' ait; .; a 1,1. reWfriti 




».»S Brainard PO Bo« C 
L« Grange. II. *052'i 

IruewE. Grttfrth 



City 5 tilt 

1 I- ' I f J 1 ct ' r 

1 lip Phone 

■man Ow: l*lt iMMa 

iinMiBia. It. <l0i« 

I would like more InlormMlon: 

'> Ike campiia umi torn. 

In Ibt flner poMi ■( lood 

ScTflca claM. FSM 111 (pMo Iqr 

lessor (II criminal [uaQcci Ann 
Dice. aKistanI professor of 
mathematics, Peter Scherer, 
atiMlaiit professor of engllib . 
Dorvdiy Fagan, lead cor- 
wapmnfaoce secretary in the 
word processinf center. 
Elitabelh Plnki. clerk in 
library' lervlcw: Joyce Prell. 
leaching associate in the 
Buntnen ami Social Sciences 
Division; (Jerald Mellenthin. 
Internship (<oordinator for data 
proceKsing. Lawrence Knigtit. 
asaintant professor of Geol<^ : 
J Harley Chapman, instructor 
IB Bpeetu wrvices. »etty 
[iH>l<'s. pari 'time ctioii for food 
service, and Beverly Strauss. 
pemnnnel associate; Roy Stcf- 
(ens, media services specialist ; 
Larry Kent, asstslant professor 
of eiiglish and reading; Betty 
Plynn. custodian. Elaine 
Furlln. helper In food services; 
Joseph Sternberg, assistant 
ppolessor ol engllah; John 
Eliatih. assistant profesaor ol 
physical education; Eliiabetti 
Hull, asststanl profesaor ol 
english, Lil Moran, secretary 
m the bookstore and Nawanna 
ftodgertg. a graphic artist lor 
media services, all received 
the Ki-rear award. 

Twentv-three employees 
have been al Harper for five 


Richard Lapp, a ciMioiian; 
Sotvelg Bender, teacher assls- 
t.ant for special services . Harry 
Compton and Jane Thomas, in 
Itrwctors in child development; 
Jone Ortei. custodian; Paul 
Sipiera, geology Instructor; 
Kathleen Brown, ad- 
mlnirtrative secretary In the 
Communications. Humanltlea. 
and Fine Arts Division, tuz 
Hansen, bilingual secretary lor 
Ihe Special Services Division. 
Larry Olson, maintenance 
mechanics. Charles Sell, Pat 
Sertilnger and Carole Bemett. 
niatheiutlcs instructor is Tom 
Johnson, instructor in the 
Business and Social Sciences 
IMvlslon, Kenneth Dahlberg, 
art instructor; Mllce Grlslui, 
food service-storeroom , Sherry 
Lanflord. secretary planning 
and research; Lynn Ebsen, 
•iiliri care manager John 
Krichardt, power plant 
operator; Muriel Zobolt. head 
cashier-finance; Margaret 
Scott, mathemetics Carolyn 
Robertson, secretary-student 
activities . Carol Lissy, and 
James Seeck, ol the Bualaww 
and Social Sclencea DtvisMn 

#■>§«. Tin M« '* i m t». 


TO GET $15^200 FOR 

Soon ymil! havc' your aaiodate's dewee . 
And if you're thinkin« of amtinuinR yoor education, 
WMi know just kiw expt-nsive that will be. 

But awsider the Armv In the Amy. if you 

participaie in the VeteraiW EtlucatMma! A-wsiance 
Program (VEAP). you can accumulate $1 5.200 tor 
oolfcicinRist two years. ^. i 

That's signitkant few two rea»m. Obviously, 
that's a lot of inoney. But what you may 
not have realiied u% that two years is the 
shotvest military enlistment available- 

VEAP is a great way to make it 
on your own. Since its not a kan. you 
won't need a co-spier or coibterat 
And youl never have tt> worry abt>ut 
making payments after graduation 

It's strictly a savings ptogram, and the money 
is all yours for sch«)l. 

VEAP is surprisinrfy simple If you save be- 
tween $2S and $100 each month while you're in the 
Army, the government will match yiuir savings two- 
ftw-one- And. on top of that, ytui miKht even qualify 
tor the exclusive Army education incennve of $8,000. 
And remember, in just two years, youl) be 
biick inschtnJ 

Serve your a>untry as you 
serve youi^-lf. Gill 800-421-4422. 
In Califtirnia, call 800-252-001 1 
Ala.ska and Hawaii, 800-423-2244. 
Bencr yet. kx* in the Yelkwv Pages 
under "Recruiting." 

"MBWIHWi ■(■■» WW ■■"»■■■ ■"■■■I" w-™™ ■'—■'■'I— ^^ 

"^'mmm 'kim w ii inlhwrTiiiw rin jirn—r » "Mitih «• S.o. W 

Cm'i A<ld> 









T IM l4BffWNN{|HlT I. KPSCMfflplMPr Jli fnlTI • rtlfB 9 


CanuMii IHilhiMfy lit 
m imat 

mtt picft up M •»•' 

feintiii'i^l Thi IM' hi 


Iran » t..m. to t |>.a.. m I:>m la 
to MMiif A. ram' Mia Tul" 
tkM li $)C.l«i 11111 inrluilt* 
~ . TMIlM' .liir :MiiMin, m m 
k VM. Audtaf iMiNdli. 
■lor M. HttiiMir, wilt firts 
«Bi tiK wnUMr To iMirolI, 
ltl«|»a«»« »« Ciiinmutng 
StfieatlMi AtlniMtiiMii wtttct ai 


^Dw. W mat*' "Ant ulV" tur 
eraatl'ic mat«rl«l r»r tlt4> 
iariHsr C«llef» fn»e «,ri» 
MfMlMr, "Mitt lit Vtei* " 
Uliran maierial ntuiuM it* 
irihteDr SmtUitnFJiS, 
Mm: iraifHc mrt ttaitld gn to 
Mr., tat in cm. 



































11 »-J :» 








11 DO- 11 so 








t .»'t.:tt 




J 4S-S:.M> 




I Cl«Hi«8'toKiotiinttiiU:SS|>.iB. 

Mr alter iMI Mnnii llw eiwnlng clati '(dwiluie. 

1 M'OMlJiy tkHMfti Thundity tm 



nf DccecntMtr H tor fttMJ eiainiiia- 1 

LIOM, to tM Md during rtfliitar ciMiprMi.. 

). Frid*)' «vmiii.g. and Salimlay 

ctaiia 'BMil Md' llMt mtal •lamtiuit.tDii on Frtday. Dwemiwr It 

All. fmxL CRAOBs mt mm m latiii thmi .noon. Monday . obcehbsk a 

WffK TO VACULXy .: .If jw daaula* iImbi not m intt me ■aaavt final exftm fclMMMe, pteMe em^ 

tact ttM'timn '«tf Urn tttm of iMtrMttw ilkir tlie a|i|m|ifiatt tinr 



tn (lirlM.)' ■ ■fOMHinii.f • 
A H»« in the Ntgn- 
m. 'HiurMlay. Dm- 10. « • |t..iii 
In. A IIS. The .Mm i* .alMwl tli«' 
'StC'tttd Cn'Mlag. .Alt ttt 

I VnMMli' in. 
f«veatt«|: aiitt 

Mf Say litirfi 

CalMilc CaniMii Il.inlili9' hi 
nninnag. • Liiirv on. Tmii>' 
9, Bw. • .at. 11 .nMn m ASV. 
fMHr .Bon LfwhMliI tnm U 
■■Mllliit l*:afMi. la iMMHi-- 
'iMirt «'lll tm the reteliriui'l:. Alt 
(arnRj . sii((, Mul gliMleiib ar« 

Harpur entice* "" MuiMlay. 
Ikct»|.n iii»uiMta| J. 
.niMi US. Celiw iwJy Stoiw 
■'lit Iw taaltinMl'.. .A<liii.iMMin u 
IrM... Fw (ttnlier .InloraathMi, 
call 'tlw MhIc .MfMtrtinMl ai 

i!!itwi%iiiiiii 'MUn 

lisittss Ethics tmm 

A .new t.h.r<»"-ttour' fredU 
oMirW' M Bttiinei* Eihin ts tie 
M|.'itiktr«l'.«l H.uper Ckitltgtr in 
iii|M<ln|'Mini«aler', .|M). 

TIN emint wttt mtrMliKw 
'|illl)Miii|ll|.lcal rtfelral Itonr^ 
ami. lU 4i|i|ilM:atwti to 'Muiinca 
dWiilaMis ClM» iMinticrt «fit 
.WHtaltr KMrM rM|Ntli»tMIitl«i 
#1 r#r|i«riit.Mi'*., tlWc* or 
■llvalliliiil., itndticl iiiMllly 
'■Ml Hiftty. .liMtiii prietiees,. 
'rlgM* 9l cmiiliiyMs mil 


„. Jan.. It Inn $:t& 

l^m■. tn •:•» pm. la •MMlitg F. 
iMoi Sit. n* lnrllMr 'liiinriMi- 
tian, cill islinilaii 'IM. 


MurMir Cmllaft' Cmii''- 

OMMlra «n iinaMi 

' 'III m» iit.'ic>niMi(MHffi'n{'iiii>'fM'rai 

Mmti' SMm. ttiirnvr 
iiislM'H' C'liuittAsi una 

vill €im< 

Claisif led C iassi f ied Clasgified 

Ttw aiiniMl imlUay enntcrf 
Of 111* Pcatlval/HariMr Ciiile«e 

ciMsIra vlU. tw .i pf M Miit atf. on 
SlMlagr. :IMc. 'IS, .lrt:l':.inf .B. at 
Bit Grave (Itgh Setumi M WM 

Grave B'I'vd. a:Ml Arltn.gtiin 
llftikta M.. TlcliMi are 
.tvalMfc m a* inar liir •» Im 

MhillM anil 'Hin Mar 

high celMwl »t0- HwiMf 

ifliilMlMMJI VD IM!' IWlliliillifWI iIlffB 

iitt'.acil«'iiy tm*.. Wm twrttmr 
MwraiialiltHi. caU'CBt. ttl. 

Apitlirattanf are wr 
aMcpiei) for air iliina 
iBanaittni'eiit pntittima •! 


ImlerMtMl >tiid«nla ifiM 
(lie a resuHie in tlie Student Ac- 
tMtlM finer, A Ml. by s p m 

r>«i» n 

All p<M(IU(m( are on a tlnl 

come, first wrve l>a«t», and wi- 
ly applicantai meeting the ttaalc 
•woitnienl requtrementa wlU 


'Tlw Harper CaUeae Smrni 
'Bagie Ski Cluli •till 1m a law 
nfMiinp Mt tor tMr tf% tU' 
■wyiic aauntalii. MteMgnDt m 
'Doc. Iif-tl. Inttraiti " 
■ttmnta contact .MIfee Hi i 
.AallV'llles (Biiiillng A. : 
Xttt , M' trail ea'tensHin S«l. 

Mcl|i Wa.n:lc«l 

I' • tmf '.Mi >Mm 

"■■' ■ "BTijr^ir^ss* '^.mm.^ " z 

^l****-*.. """yp .?^* *. ?!*...* ' ■ ''•' »t "» «■••' •'••■•, tmm l*"t ••'»' 

•m m mm wp# f m w* 'iiiWipy i m wvm ''i»'i fHi . M wi p iWP' .»'• MM' **' 

fiMjMii «- tkm :»■ ammf m aam-tmrnim^.. „, „ _ 

■JHIXiJEHSHB - ....- _ ^^ 


■M RIH IMV* MM '■■■« 'O*:.. O'l 

cliHiChMl Mil iiMnMial ail» mI»' 
nt.lliMt In die Narlilnger i«k 
;|Kitilk'atlon miml' Inc^We 'ttit 
.Hint. »Mrwiii ami: telaplKiiie 
iiMDiilier lit tut' panwiii wlimlt' 
lliiC"llie ait. PajrntiM Ivt ptr- 
iMMt .aik Hitit Ite' m'llit' pr'ior 
tm piiilttattafi Tlur Harttmii.rr 
-tglli in rrriiiw 

iwritaiiiMitt. 'It itani. of jkn* 
'il'vt., .IIMIMB itr Inippniprlaie 
'•■M: 'pii)rn«(it <rll] lit' retitniMl' 
tn int' .tMI'vertlMR*'. Typewrtllen 
ail' ilmiltf lie draDpnd <ti'l ai lite 
'i'trt'Hi|»r ftlfic'*.. A'M? 
OMifllK' (■ iMwi., Ilmidcy |>rkir 
!'<> |iiiil>tlc'»t»«i.. A<l»'er1..lie;r» 

.u,fi cult iiy liM tlmail'lme to 
.'i.nt Mil ad 'r«|ie«iMl tm .am np- 


Iff you'rt going to smoke, 


9 I I|1VB 



l'9W.. Oavts 

Artlfigtafi: Htttgh'ts 


•t« H»%V MUd r*t robut! 

•ntfoortt t»D' Coi 

!•» • ^wl of \hi% b«t« *r»« 

'»'"'iiiii(llliiiiipi|iii,, ipi(||i 'fPiipiliiiiiPi^^ ipiiilfwii!' liiiipiiii'' 
• -' ■■•••«*ai«'''«iMai|'ai4ii'.liiiiiila> 
.■•V <!■' Ok. «. .■•■' lialaif .IWi. 

'iiailit: • ■*«■>'■•■■•"■<. lelMk. 

'■IS JmotK'" .«. OS it'll 

MnM ' '. 'CiMt^ 

'HWiifflw* .1 %.'ir*««" 

I Mia.'>lMi •■•■■''■••-I. •<•< .aaa ts 'I. • M IM •*» I --i 

«..iiinii''iit'nt«ii«i<|i > tm ••«» (III,. •'. 

Rigllit turn, thrt* m. 


'tij«rii»ir» fti'r I'O'p t..r 

'Ol I.!"'.. 
'«»('!" i". 

imtr : 
■'l(t'i'"- ;; 



..It !'.i;i'. If you *.|U'ill.ft''. . VnU '" 
;. '!.■!'• t;'i.i.ariinli«««l t.ri'i.iri.irn; 
■ .rid \au ctHMtmK mul '»l,Jll.rl 

.1 criKl'tiii'lir. 
\- i '...1 .. tMitidft lenraiug 
lAtllsttol wil b'.«t a. iKHinic. yvu'll 

f '' 

Itm th* cttance to wttrk in tone «f tlw onlle plMeii you v r 
dmrnii abttit.. rur 'liataiiiallHi.ciii«g||«t tsmiM-MlO'.. 

••flt4 Ti» MwMMT. thtmmm X mt 

Off Beat 

Tatoo' is crude artwork 


SUTt'BTuee Dtn. 


Film review 

The MmW' Witt :D«n ma 
Adami tnfttlwr |«» tnm tad to 


lull nMliwiHu^h fl 

TATTOO ti • rfumlt. trml*,, 
Miptaic thrtlkr vtoul «m 

nmii't !»•«■■ I on wit it ■ 
■•IHliMt ommM |it*y'Ml tiy 

Brace Om plajn * tatiM ar • 

r on « 
• T%" 

{*oiticMlMiU|. 'Dtn lint hap- 
ptiw (» iw 'hima by • l«iti'M» 
MMgHiiM' I* dD' tattnn «rt«iirlt 
lOT' a tfli*itii|tra:|ili| 

Hit m IIM niMtolt :ti Mmm, 

H* iiMh n«r to tw uit'prlMt 
i|MdniHi to wvar » Mtoo hr 

lUi hmit Drnn Mo kidnaiifi- 

laCJtdwHk ami bringMig lier to 

<(«li*tc ■!» is lOMUto w cMape 

The hig prohtem •!» tUf 
•niovit IK Bmiti'i taiWiity lo 
eKtctively r«*e*| in diri «rtp( 
(he mrfe'i acaaliii, or put 

Wtth ihtt left r» him. Bra*s 
Mmtoles in IrKiumi, over-. 
IlI'MjitTitwl tifntwiMTS using tm 
cy and uiwwcMsary itchniqurn 
llkeilaw motion. lap-dLnMlvrs. 
(Mi cloKpup ihou <>l the Irrn- 
iM hmk on Ovrn ' « (ac<> 

aelni! never convtyed. o:nif 
vondcn it (he nuirk is a 
phlloMpltical he!i#(. M » memi- 
im of love 

Oern once again is in 
Imitllar territory' us • full- 
ne<l{j*<l psychoik'. a note he 
mastered in ■novles like 'The 
Cowboyi" and ■"Comtng 
Home' Dern te dellntWy a 
virtim of a «ypt-ca«tin| lyn- 

Adams in "T«to«" Is (ar 
•one She delivr* her dialogue 
(n an innoytng sinitMng (one 

If "TMIon"' WM able to tie In 
all the oaf ralrve details, with a 
foeiiii#d eye and pen on the 
storyline '(Jtalofue, pace. 
fharaclerlMiKin t , Brmks and 
Bunyel rould have made a Jjet 
tier nnwie 

ImteiM) there are Irrelevant 
parts inel'udlMK Pern's gather- 
tn| with hl» 'laitHly ader hi* 
lather dies whtch Is leewtnf ly 
out ol place in the film . 

There is a lar«e ainotint o( 
controwrsy over "Taltoo. " one 
ol the reasons is becauie ol the 
BiMle love scene. This doesn'l 
Mlier l.h« producers of this 
iBOVle. Joseph E and Kichard 
P Lev'ine, since they can use 
this as hyp4> to encourage peo- 
ple 10 see what all the hollerinn 
IS atiout 

This (s also a way ot putting 
inO're money In their pockets 
■■Tattoo" isn't worthy of being 
teen (or this, or any reason. 

It (alls to leave a mark 


Starr falls with foul ^Roses' 

_ SlMTT's Waat annMi 
"•Mf .mi SiMi Uw lioMt" 
'■kMM lie nimwn i» mm c«iii- 

nit U> CI MiMt the worct la 
Staff's enlkcttOD .and e«na- 
with a M:i«fei:t ilww 

■ a tttit help rr«m 
Ms maii^ ifaw Wood. Geone 
Harrisoa, Paul McCartney anil 

Album review 

Harry ttlifm to produce this 

Side one contains such 
ridiculous, mundane songs m 

•Whack my Brain." 'Urumm- 
*ii»my MaiHiewi;" and "Stop. 

Buddy Hick here 

on Friday 

Buddy Rich and tlic Buddy 
Kidi Band will perform at 
Hafyer College on Friday. Dec 
iaUpm Inlldg M 

Ricli. legendary lor his talent 
on the drums, has ap|iearv<l 
» ith some of the greats In the 
muiic industry including 
Frank .Stnalra. Tommy i:>or»ey 
and Dliiy Gillespie 

Rich's hand received na 
tKHial. reiiognltlon m t»7. when 
>i pcdiinnetl regularly on the 
lacKle Gleason Show Since 
hen, Rich and the hand have 
performed in several count rtes. 
>nd in concert halls aencs tlie 

Wbtn Rich takes Uc stage at 
Hai|^.. Ml ipwlal iguat win 
be tamr mn Sieve Marcus. 
Tiefcats are U for Harfier 
(liidtiiti with an activity card. 
and IS tor the publli; 

and Smell the Roses." which Is 

not the sane sonK that Mac 
Davis mad* lamMS ■ few 

yean hack 

The only cut that has any 
substance to it all Is "Dead 
Clvtway" done in coliabora- 

tlon with Roiling Stone Ron 

"Giveaway" u»«»s«ime blues 
power chord and even rocks a 
litliii t«apa«'d tt.ith Ringo's 
other unadulleraled crap 

Starr obviously short on 
material even talis back on hts 

old tiaitdards. "Stofi and Smell 
(Me Rotes." 

Starr performs his past hit 
"Back OH Boogaloo" as H he 

If you tike throwing eight 
dollars into the >ilreei then buy 
this altHi til 


Whai happened to 
the magic ot music? 

What ever happeiM to the 
magic ol music"' 

Vouiay magic"' 

What does that mwo"* 

Easy, It's that sptecwl intMW 
feeling you gel when you listen 
to an arliM Ihiil remind* you of 
times passed Hojielully li,mes» 
that were gnod 

Within my past I have en 
Joyed artists and groups that I 
leel are magic 

These artists thai ex. 
emullfled happiness ol youth 
and the euphoria of Just being 

Croups like tSary f»uckpll 
and Uie I own tJap with 
"Young Clir!," Hermans Her- 
mit,^ *iili --Mrs, Brown You've 
liol a Lovely Daugliter." John 
Sebastian with the l,ovjn 
Spoonful With "Summer in the 
City." are all songs you can l 
help but enjoy 

The trouble muIi h m;j)ority 
ol today's .musli' l.s the lacl thai 
bands feel they tiave to lell a 
story and listeners are forced 
to try and interpret what the 
music I* saying 

Music of the sixties wasn't 
Ihalromples People ot the sil- 
lies had the message presented 
so crystal clear tliat ihev 
cotildn' take It as anything tlie 
than what It is Groups m the 
sttlles sang o( love, the Joy of 
meeting a special person, ol 
groning up. and ot life. 

The Motown sound invaded 
every radio station within the 
country, and the soullul music 
ol the Temptations, the 
Drifters. Martha and the 
ViBdellas, Aretha Franklin, 
and the Supremes resounded 
that Joyful noise 

What happened to Motown on 
rock stations'' Have they 
(oriollen that this music exists 
or Is th,ls just for strictly black 
itldiwices lo enjoy now 
Music from the sixties era 


on music 

serves a great purpose for 
myself I used II as a reference 
point lor tracking permnal 
events that occurred when the 
particular song was popular 

For example when ever I 
hear the Supremes' Baby 
Love' 1 am reminded of 
younger days iraveling lo St 
Louis- «iIIi m\ parents and 
llstenint; lo kxux. the St. 
l.ou« power AM station 

The innocence in music Is 
gone and it has made wav (or 
commercialisro at its best. 
Record companies today look 
lor a gimmick, fitting tuood. 
big light shows, endorsing 
marijuana and rebellion to Ihir 
teen year olds These are the 
selling points wUhln the music 

Motives !or I he dollar have 
definitely hidden the need for 
quality music 

Straight ahead rock and roll 
can at times be OK but let's 
not forget carefree music We 
don't nee<l Judas Pne>;t, Van 
Halen. or tiny Osboume who 
once referred io himself as the 
" SonolGod ' 

Can't you see this is all hype 
They don't care if they in- 
fluence some teenager into the 
wrong crowd They are there 
lor the dollar and the dollar 

They're like con men, thevll 
sell you anything if you take 
time to listen lo them 

Where did you go Petula 
Clark. I need you 

WHCM plans changes 

With only a tew major altera- 
tions planned for next 
semester. WHCM, the campus 
radio station, heads into tis 
final week of broadcasting (or 

According to station 
manager Mike McCarthy, the 
major physical change will be 

the addition ol a new recort-to- 
cart facility ofciclally granted 
10 them by the Student Senate 
last Wednesday 

'Indirectly. 'the record con- 
cept ts out." McCarthy said, 
refflwndlng lo whether or not 
WHC.M vi'ill t'onimue lo go on- 
alr without turntables, as has 
been the case throughout the 

But. If there is a great 
enough need for a particular 
song or program, then WHCM 
will he more than happv to con- 
siiler a particular item. " he ad- 

McCarthy said that the sta- 
lion was also planning to pro- 
ceed with Its current broad- 
base appeal programming for- 
mat But, he added, more than 
30tl questionnaires that cir 
culaled tor suggested station 
format changes will be relied 
on heavily upon next 

In another attempt to move 
from records to automation. 
WHC.M will tie sponsoring a 
record give-away from the sta- 
lion s collection next week 

Also on the horizon are possi- 
ble management changes. 

Management changes are a 
[losjlbilitv. .McCarlhv said. 

10 enhance the programming 
nest semester " 

One staff member co-music 
director Dave Sommerfeld has 
said he is mil reluming 

.-Isked whether he planned to 
remain as station manager. 
McCarthy said "l am delinite- 
ly staying on as station 
manager I'm not going to bow 
I Oontinuetf oo pa jv 7 • 

tfm HartMngcr, Dvctmber 1. Itli. Pmm ' 

Cash station opens in 

j\t^ M-Fec* xif 


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the "West in f:li«> tankinf 
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H(Wirti0i9ii* ThiirnIS'T. foBowtBi 
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bemieii 'by I'lfW'!'-.' M^ .m" 
aiiil rqtrtiUMWiviJ!. irum d<r«.t 

Tltc each «t*tti>ii IS 'Iktmi to 
siiBiliir ftiitNiW' hmtcd at ttm 
Rvwlkiint :«lMipp:lag cenler. (lie 

ParMiHiers in tro^uble 

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Senate updatt* 

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"'iiilii' •UOait I* gam 
'Mtih MallDKikt .1- ' 

rif iMlwl Itol WH'. 

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'!«' a«alilaai'"B HHHWal to m> 
!nm ctuMit' cirtilt toi rill 
iMMllt, 1 mm* ttiat vimtlri r«- 
iplit'iiMM iMM} aid ipact! 

At IM flMt 'iMtiMirary adii" 
ttiMi, mMMi" miwinkf W Mc- 
CMtlii '*a» 1KB 'liiiit' laiif t:»* 
rwiw Miit:iMt wMiM m» the 
ipm, or II itwwf w«iM I* my 
MMiniBiiM III sinieinfiji adtf 
'lilt 'Ipact! on tit tliii WIKM 
«;«Mnt tlliMt c'lueti ve 
Jiriellf iW'ti » 8* WBai* al' 

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iite tua liif ru: 
ilici:artli:r laM ttai aw 

"CIMMlKltllt dMtaMDiS 'MMlM< 'to 

peflitftBg furttwr SttiiltBt 

AIM, al. liM' itaaMi Maalilag,. 
tilt.' '•■ul* a* a «Wlt mm tui- 
larMieil »f ai tFa'trfeacr 
'iii<w>t:iiig '■■Ittefe «ai: Mil 'Ml 
Km IT Is iiMWl. a 'ipfeial k- 
i|utH bT' illie CMIwitc CaiBiiiMii 

''•ntitrj 'Oih fcr hi rnieTgrn" 

«'e IM ■ 'IMlMl 'BMwUai Id 
|iM tW 'Mil lit the MiatC''! 

ipaiE'lal iintMi: i'umi 'to CallHik 
<€aiB'|iiii MiiiiMr:)',"" taul ti'u- 
'ilt'iit SWftate |H'e«:i*B'i »«<} 
•wrrtian r><:-E.f,ii W'siit Wiap 
latil tlnf rn 

refrtiil>Bi'«Bi» »i » !>(wci»i 
Wllkt mW ill*' '»•» MM mi« 

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A feiliw IIP tif ' tbc mmatt 'cn i 

eiwUlihiiail I)')' « t'tadest atmui 

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aiitf"" 'park'inij' '*|»t« .n«*r .1 

. ' ' ' . . ■■'"".:: 'hat thM* 

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lilt pri 
:itiiannt taiti . ■ 
•Iff pltnily 'Ci( pcHtecI si|iu ai 
lit iicaiiliH. t'lM! jwaatc nam. 
apn «• Dm- . i at s ii.b . 'but ii 
•ai altar tke Itarliaafiir- wtH 
lapwrn Wtlke*iH!t:ht'(iiiri»«i* 
af tlM natuig it to itiKiiis 
|mI* 'lar ito Kfttt* to work oi 
III 'ipoMtig aiiMtbt . 

Cliapiiian on task force 

Si*Rl\uK!H ! 

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nor its iT 

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onuniui o I" <• ■ 

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CliicaiP' aail Nurtli Wistern 
mill *laltMi.. and itit OtfcbriKifc 

Baliif SliMriiMcr, dlmclar o! 
ertteff Wilatlumi itW lO'- 
divMiiaii tatcratlMi in applying 
tor a bank, eard to wm Um 
nacliint wucl eliitk 'wttM ttmtr 
own iwnki, and i( 'Uittr bank It 
a 'iminbtr' at ttm network, it 
«llt 'he a '(iwr-fivt weak «>lt 
Mare tlit applleatta '!■ ap- 
:piw«]. aiMl: a rard la ImumI.. 

l« uw bull^it attliude oi tlw 

1 m ri'lrr niift to iitsff 

iiri'-iHTi Mti the i;rneral stu 

l!>n( tMKli. dlike Brtnit i-un 

Ujndv rvmindnl u( our vrr\ 

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,{>»nii to offi*r tlui 
poftitto'iH Ut local high nf hiKii 
'lfnK>!'^ rirxr kcmt^lrr ir »iil 
^air rt In M nxiridfttmirnl linrlf 

iNi traiBiiii Kiw Mitnbtn hew' 
Is sfNiiratM VIICM'*! «qtitp- 

,1'ninf mi* 

•' I'llBll'IDt 

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i>f p.ipr' n mjity 

1 havr J Ltovjttating 

t'.K * IM *iw [t\i'> III flw d){ed 

l^■■ X )un4 (tie :>i(k Jind rlw 

Aiirk'ngptfiir M^dtgjnutrt 

TM;> Id^li tnne will takr a 
clOiic look Jt th««e tutx to 
iiur» TiH-ir true imparl and 
mmTUnrnd wltidt mis »r 
shouitl f Ighl 

The talk loixe will llirtt makr 
rmimmendiiiani to 'he 
DrmocTitiir memtirr-th.p ol i-<c 
House on Khtih niitratiwn t ut > 
!h* Hmrtr vhrmM seek lu over 


nifA.** i»«Ama, vi^AuCuuuill h 


Peer counselors aid students 

Hair* a ii|iHiitiiiii:> f'ni aad. 
}mmtf, lts«t«t«l. ni>l 'iii'tr o( 

:j"(«irii«H ' liwiy *luiilttit» ifc al 

iMlie pvliil during llirir cellef r 

1Wlii'«»i. iM'lp tt'iieni: ' The ■peer 
t'lmfiMflan' at Uai'iatr jittt timt 

Pmr cwmwflofs. to pal il 
tliitplf, nr- )'iel|itiit 


"tlltie hri;|)ijj(t §tmtp «f 
■liHltBis are Itiia " tatwaca 
cfttj I'l).* Ii'i- s and til 'her 

ye'inM.O'p.Ji,Ki"i'it I" a't'un;! «f'*a 
■iniiisr ut pmr '«MiiiMikirt 
'tt"i'i*'B itiKteil* deed tefarma- 
hdp In jury •"»> . ar really 
. '>i::Fnii«ii)r itt talk la, :pMr 
eiuRMlin are a'vallablt' to M'p 
tiMii. 'My* irantlti' 

'Tlumt. "'Cartnf midtaia cam 

tie iMiid' al: 'Ilia latoraiaUM 
cMHer M i balUMC m eanpiti 
'fnim 1 1 ID: M } p . IB and rroin ( 
sm WMMiay tiiR»iii||li 

"-'lliiiaf atialcati 'Imaoia a 
IttHip o( •tudcni a|iert* wi. 

The ririt step miiir takes M 

'b*«!«ii(i*H a ' wadeat «pe'rt" i» 

(a fit aat an jii|i|itli(:»tnn jiiid 
mw-n. II, '10 BfWtIt)' 'Witt! a Ict- 
'icr of nwOMiMiiiiatiDfi dartag 
ite 'tint 'three veeiki o( (tie Fall 
■cflieitei-. The aeil tiep I* an 
oral M«rv tea'. 

One* tbii ii'Mcess Is owr as 
aHalleaot nast 'waii luilll all 
iOt.b»r applicanl* lia?e had Itelr 

U atvepleii, the ae'« peer 
piMaialar gaea 'thmaili a day 
ftiid' a Wl( 'Bf traiciing wntcti is 

rtidal Ic thift pMlt'lan. at'- 
''-'irdilin ta Braattey 

The tralBlmi ieiiaiwi invt^MH 
leaming a M at litlmiatliMi' 
aboit llaiiMtr, and abw 'iMm- 
iat lUMwrtHi nsteatng aiwl 
reaniMing '■kllto, "Allar Uitlr 
IniMlmg I* cunipMc. Omy m* 
ready t« Iwcona anliakMidiin 
lar Mr kIimi and 'atwliiu. 
oatrcac'h wo-rkan," aaya 

Carllar thto (alt 'llie MIowlaR 
cliidtslf were 'UMiiad pet-r 
eaaaat'tor*' Laara Beatty. 
jjMra ■«*di, Mike liuase, Vk 
Wa. iaaiet 'Uealiiiin. Joton 
'May. Miargarel Palkantr, ami 

Two returning petr 

cmmttftara 'Wi' yuar" art Mar- 
tha GattlMli and Bemkt KI- 

cm^m tkft mtmny 'Uw 

"It .Ic. a vary saUaiytng ex- 
parlmcie and' I really en]oy it" 

He especially enjoys the op- 
portunity and chance to talk to 
•tMkiitt kis awn igC', .aiid older 
indtvUliMila, aa :ln at .illalf M 
Um cnUtft. (iotiiMll 'li flHii- 
:ing an workMg .as a gnliiiiiM 
caMimolor at the coll^pi 'ttwal 
allcr gmiiiatlmf. 'Hi* peer 
letlng « 

I • M ataM 'Hie 
works and I 

'litft a lol. iiwfc to learn." M'kl 
Klinglicrf '"] enjoyed getting 
ta 'know people, wtiidi Inraca 

KlInglNrg .iidd i 
had "m ■mmf mipmttBitm Itiat 
Die )ust couldn't Mgin to name 
at) •• 

kURK GOTSIUIX and Hamlet lOI 
wbldi iMlpi ktudnt* Hi :idtvl 



r X ttf 

Hawks 2nd in Harper tourney 

IIN0 the Hav'ls ItaWnti 

I to dot' 

mt ■•«« «■*. ''J"** *'*^"' 

Ikalil lUlllillilll 'BMlilMQ OliflliiffiPlPI' v™* w vmm. •■ J ■iiMiMii.inaii'i^ir'ii' 

t^ s,:. 


T1,4I. 'In tut «f*alai 

HMf 'bM- Ml * (kt tact.. iM : 
miA. iHMIIi iroiiliiiiii ini it n ■'■! 'Hhwmm. 

ini ■ III Mii aiill'lll In 'flwit' iTtTf 

^C ibMftii. «*•' )«•* • 

'STiSi*** HP ivf *w '■■ **i 

■■t 'III LMMn can . - 

.iM b«!fe. eaiiitit ^0mf 

iMife HI Wgh P»' •" »»f • "• 

kail 'Tlwf •Btteo"* «• 

inaii' mil 'pw *• >'■*** *' *i 

ume Comljr itaHMl * mM 

'l»pMlil»l't»">'U*l ttw 

All at 'mV 

M'itt Biwuii, •••<» •«*' *" 
mn • KB » i>o«» «"?«•' 
■t iHiwlmi, pumiwrt w 17 w 


Mcfcr •««. W I»«» '* '*'! 
■•■««». Jnii* Mkln"r»«« pmta 

Ut ami Ron **'«" 
•II tutiBWf tnm tftt 
'BlprtB* ittrtto* Une-'.^ te 
■■■tauB raiMM. iMwtvw, at 
mmmU If*. ««> ■it"i«M«J'- 

K:l||g:MlllWtKlt|ail»' . 

iHlU u iii:im*«. before timw, 
and'Cnm ••• w"'"* • *^ 
•lajwi «»l«»«l to '*»^'i** 

llM^'ltaffea mn «»* '*"'*"»* 
'H, •«l|#il «l«»tei WW l«w ttnl 

mm tut Sta:l**<ii«ii ■>» 

Hwts aatclMMt KtnMlir-Klni>r..(»««it til*' Mil at ■» 

The tall «n*il •■ltt» Ifc* 
gtateumtii »H»«*<1 ^f ■■- "w* *** 
Hiots W«* e»niinaml •»!)(' m 

lteiiii«l|«li»i.o»«>'« ™»*" 
firw Jiiw nHiiH* «>• »■ *^:' ■ ' "■ 

BvanMiMt, ami if» a prnbtaii. 
'bit llM9 can't •rr*** I"" 
More m* fiuw •»•**■■ •"«> «■■ 

hit team's play w Hi* i 

UH aiamM tlw UOtr 

■•■urtricini '"<«»«««'*» 
tla«i*»ii-»i*«p.«'P*f »"•'* 

ItallllM cS«l a tlMMMI. III- 

imiMl: Bum an* 'Ut. ma in* 

on • lajw to |W*H «li» iawta «* 
•lUiiii rite al#*- . . ,^ 
Tli,«i •» tlK* doiirit llw 
Bn(i.|i»»rr»n»i"int"f. N*"'"**" 

mitt, lia* Oirw ftrajian 
Zmrntn to waffc a Kmuhwii- 
klTTail J» «2J*J ^ 
Hawla cjittwl a «f«*'i,'** 

SulMiMa ■•■«*rsJ*""' 

li^iMxty. wfco wweil l« "1 "'» 
16 omnU in Ihe secxWMl »>««,•■» 
-tSi l. U> 'lilt All-Tminitiwol 


iMllMl nsaKi*!! lUe HtwH; 
QMiM have «M Ox t*K*^ ti*" 
lit itarteO Brmn aiwl U«, Iw* 
1 lie lUn iliKflnMin l« <"•!• 
P^Mitlielwi** .. 

1 s«l It abWrtifiit)' "»»<»• 
sau. mmm.. -i kww iiw 

ia'vt to ctiwtmil*' Horn 

"I «aa pRMMl ol vat 'dltrt In 
I lie »*««« balf." mW 
BMbliild. "We »«ll«iiillJ 

bMfet Ibtir Mtl'^court 'pt«M. 
ami '«t Mt' fUt boards and raa 

irilli 11 BHWa. «>. — ^..y gf 
•to. a«fiBr l» *mim: „>>» 

'M<M alia aailitd U> i"* AU- 

Chria S'trman l'«f«<' 
KiiiM#-KliiC iiW»,H,|Wtet». 
»iMl ncmafd' OanA ■•ddai M 



Ila«ln' rtcortl to M. -^--^-. 
Ms Ml aquad ha* Mgww* 

nlm Ibc btftailBt at W* 

••Wt'i« '|*i|«d ( 

aSrW'i li«»i •«• •>•< 

HawJci e%e Morton; 

Wo.ffiefi win opener 

a MM* ai: HHt' m '"■■■ 
mwmi. JHtr fwetrt Itl-*; 
Ifef maiiiB ■•wd •»* *» '• » 
T iMi flill' 'M' OK' ftni Ml 'MKI 

M At Mtwts 

»B», ST sa* fl«t I'l«J«' 

immh, mm awtnltd ti*«m 
laaiB N4C' mA KiK"* W 

|: 'II m tM* ii«i«. •••t*'- 

Grapplers to face 
a tough schedule 

_ ._-_ _,ii Ma 


aatrliit'-Ciiiiiit? ^ ., . 

9m limaF 1*1 (be i«*to. 
«lio ttifiwd a etow |a«t «*• • 
PMI Ml 'thf »«I«HII» tli»l(. 'wlli »i 

klDir wV 

tlM! MtKMi 

Mania trat^W *» 



d mt' Ht» '(iBw 

to 'UK 'Pdtitd 

'Mim 'Wcmtr 'lud all mumn 
nib It Dmau far Itw 'L«ann~ 
'Ha 'tiawiM plai ««l Tw«i<*i»l 
■iHiia valky i* llitir 

Stale kM) WinMtiitt. Init fweb 

■ IIM lantr 


ucs, at Ilk* 

Mailiat JachMw umI' Ttm. ^><t*l 
.-..—-I .iiMiiiiiiii imirtblfl' BM- ■MO'i' 
■■« ■JJJ^^ mt «r 

l» tint Alfcmitlir" 

,immi: l»iw-y«r m»Hl«*' lU 

•ma iawta lra'*fl«<i mm 
main tiihi ««#» to cMiiMt in 

AllMMt ll" 11 »•»- . . 

mt «iiw;|»*uii«« art if»*J 


M Mil ai^ Mmt m 

Haner '■■rtiHl«| <'<►"«•> 

ShmAM W» ■('■pi*'" «•» »• 

nE»tf*' !'••«'• «»*i»»» **'* 

eiii'i P« «» »• ''*"tTiJ 

MBwai wactli't* (|«ii lo^ 

M atia. pn »**■ "•■""* * "*' 

'(MM. ..!«««»•«'»«:? Si 

•«*•»• lei' "' 


tm 'par -*»* «' wy.'*': 

r.e#rt l'*«»uf ""'■'*'?"!'* 

Sitiit, 'ttcIiftM llJW»rt 
l«|lfiB. Willi p»ted M' «'«*«> 

««««>"»' «•* .,„,...,. .-.lull 

• ■ w c t> » V e ""I y ' " " 

•rttoriicti;' *•"» ■'"'""' '•*! 
•'•tinw trt' lt«»> i:««'*«)'- ••*; 

.ri -iMii' «p*ff' '-? 

■nSw * »" «""'' i*"* 

aaiMt :i*«K'«»iii«« R"* *'''*"'' 

TerT'i' 0*iiiaii»«»»y. Tt'lffl. 
WthtT', Ctrl SM«i»fM*. •«««> 

»•«■ II «t*rtiii 111^. ««• 
iHiaicM dl: U* Dm*' !>:»»»»■ 
■II flt 'Wiiiiit '«nmllMl at Mmpm 

Tiiflr«*«tii •«■'"«» !»«'»« 
npptiAllltltl' It nwallt ' ftniy 
.i}iiiit HMwia tbii |itf , want^ 
Wrlgln Ctltaii' 'l«f|i*l •«*»' 
(lie SC, mm »•« •» '«««» '"** 
team* «► wrwlle ■*•«* '••' 
(iiriii. • t'«nihr««« '«litdil*- 

So Hit H:a»l» »« emmi- 
uaamm Kiimiaiii*ni ctmiitii-' 
ttta, aiMI Ime • wO' ''«'#' 

■Tbt (»in|»i«r «•* K-lwlwlt, 
ih* m«re eiaerttiw ••><> *•<*• 
«rt "■ MMl WrtaiW'. 'i'w 
,i«v«r bad m iw*e(t»l'ti* 
'•'I'Wtttr. '1*1 ».wj' I**' »»*■ 


ttwntiiwiila llila ftar a« *e 
ItC Mtltnsiiet.. KtfWn W. 
aod 111* Gf •«! B»i»wJ» Ttorwa. 
:iMiii.. urtucw leatupwtte mtsm 
mmt 'Ctitft •fiillllt Khowt 


lii«!latt 'Ittit Ml* ator .p^ 
'I'm ilirtiiiili. a inaiigli: •««•««. •»'■ 

„„ trill. 

UMf 'Wtiilt la lit t -•— ~ 


"l-'ft «•*«' liBd *"!*'' "•■• 

"•Bui thett lt<t fc*** 

uiaracler. w* « ,*•» "^ 
■artmi hmnl, IbeyT *• •■■y 
^ M wrcsdcn — 

tadi'wfWia* la 

miidt' a *'"" 

••••♦•t alway* bad i|P«»iiiy 
IM* i*i> are ■ oit abo»e ««b«J» 
'Kbt *■*• •»'• '»'«»^" ■"■ 
ijBftlaiic "Oupaptr "ff*^ 
etimwllt •« TTtton. bol «» 
tad fc mem Ia»i y**' "w «*« 
llr* tai* la aw* iww *» •"» 

'L»ttl«»aia'Blet.iiijr ., 
comaa 10 |i«'P«'rt».| **» 
•Mtlan .tor «iiift«l»la^_."« 


___ -. «loy 

■^SrrSmiwi- !«•!<• 

cam Ltttlact.. Mt* «'*«i;»^ 
mg te tan.. »«» ■*'? *«• .l*" 

Itrnmi » n* Mtdwtiirtiict .■—»——■■ ___■■-— ^^ - 

Women to rely on Hoday and speed 

iKuf'iii not ai' "iiii" •■' ••» 
'■an UNt yttr, but Uwr "* 
laatar. mrf«'~* «■« ' 
itgMMII Mi.Mi ta .gotMi It m} 

« t. lhaibwtli. •«?« ' 
, It 'vbi 'ibt fiC 

till lit 

ttar "aad "Ull-Coiiltrwct 
Vrtn Silt IM»» too »<*M 


Kltp riaee 'i* • tiiiibonwr*. mm 

K la brr nr»i: ytm wioi iht 

Ttif toitr Itnt'iril. »• 

(I* Kartn K.»nir*itt 

.fflllmr |ii*nl'|Ki»in«i i» up 

(tr «:?•*'» »ce'iir<IHi:i 'to 

'""" ilaij'tf f ll|W*» 

, Jtwfi ptRoat 

■larttti 'lilt 'Bnt 




lti»«#t.. wUt|*a!l liar JmI* 
itfiit. audi Mictel* Brawn. 

TMe llawki itnWiMl lit ibM 
jilw It tht »«• i™* »•"' •'* 
; m mm. •»«*••» 

iMMlM'litiM'Uotalib'y El#t 
"••Wt .biw *»«t f'i:|».r*«<» 
M tHe 'l««!" "•* Hoday.. 
mtber, awl flaet, but m««« -i 
tut leain. '• .Bt'W," »a.w 
THChmr . • "••'rt • 'idMlIi 'tw" 
'w.|ili a iMlaiiMi ottaMt. Wt 

dmt'l bave (Ha.! 'tot .iMliMii 
Hiatter Ihat vvM^rtot paMK 
It Our ipttd and ibocttng 
abiltty •lU I*"* OMr ouponcou 

bat an .. 

t on 'Ibe ieaann... And: m». 
(Ml wsait •ti| ibBiildntb*? 

J^rf^ij^'' ' 


# ,';^ 

»«* » * I ; 1. 1 Ml J Mv MP)' f '.«at Jul « '*«< K Urn Mti m 'lUff ' I mm 

'l,p. ,.,-.„ *.. *d-.l«,,„p, l»«rf«i^fc,»»,, fcilW,.,,**,..!* 

toMVIHAllMtMIt fa>'tll#llf"l«|Mlfiat ''•M«lll|l««*f«>al«f fcv„i|^.j«(i,,,^:„|a, 

ifci*.iii*,i«ii, ■■tall,,.*,. .Il»..i«r ,..!,),, ta. !,.«(,. ill .fciii#i»,. 

M 90tf MW^' §"09 
•■if J .i^W^ •§» fM. 

BUM.' ••) 'iw 

Jl H ;J| , 

fillUffi '. 



1 #'- ""« 

Subdivision fights for incorporation 

Resident* iif tdiir N'fw 
BmilMil VIIIaMf. i« xubi:|:|vlM.wii 
Mltted beUcen Hof(m»ii 
EilJilw and StrMsii* ■■.•■< t- 
lliihttmg 10 bf ^^•ln^^ 
Harper's Dwrict fn.n. 
Klgln romMimJC) ColkjtE'i to 
which they tov« tt«*it a '|»a,rt #( 
ttnce tlie M« VWWs 

Tt* drive for remcMtPiiititt 
■■« speiirhemled ti,v ant nf tlMr 
illl»*»i««|."f r«id«n,t». Aiycr 
JMtckt. w'lM stitmitti><l a Mt|. 
turn wia m simaturm to lh» 
tllliMil» CsuH'Uitity Callttg* 
•narri .in SiirtDifield whM 
mtmm 'ttw ikiiiiiimii »t mm- 

».iin«.v CQlleiie dlstrtcli in tlM» 
Jiinlcki said HiM tlie rrasm 

'"" "■■■ ■ Ei»«,t*nd ViHagf 

- ..wl to bv reinslaiwl 
. • ■ 1 ' .> fliilrtct, is tacauw 
t^tuWrwi in the area attend 
Schaumtiurn elementary 
icmmlt Md BoKman Ettates 
IHgl Scfcwl, Jaaicki wid iMjii 
itatr tmfmtm has nothing to dn 
wtllt either ctiUeges repujtatitm 
"H do«i,n;i haw anything to 
di> with Elgin Commuftlfv Ctil 
h'le;" iaid Janjcll »h« kstied 
hji the Hartlnger if thv sutidivi 
tiw't mjiwt wit the reiuH of 

|»r«(>*>iii tn admini»tra 

imt and witliln the tward «»f 


A iMjur atttuKk lor Jantcki 
and tmr neighborhood was the 

ihrowtaK out of Jamrtr* prtl- 
tton heciutw of m error in 
itest-riWiJt t«K (Kwindaries of 

the m.lMtivi»on 

"Evufc-nlly the maf) wal m 

bv the people m the Sew 
EnutamJ Village was In error," 

Mid tl«lrru»r f"*r«'^i*l««r>l l.:)nie^ 

:vt ■.„.»(; 

*■■ ■ - i-itliei' 

Himi surtlniii'ailiiUu;! " 

■■The *Urj.riii;v tor Jamt-ki . 

did not define the area eorret'l'' 
Ij'," »«id Jim Howard, deputy 

eiecutlve dirertor of the 
I C,C fl 

Howard said that the »ul»tlivi. 
swii wa* ' 'put lofether In plots" 
and that apparently the map 
had ,t)een drawn up so u ap- 
peared at thcMgh thi; would he 
Harper anieutlon nl sur- 

reuitded hy Elgin's District 

■They're going lo have to 
resubmit (the petition i" said 

MeGrath said that the college 
was tiking the petition of being 
purefy an otjserver m the an- 
nexation issue He did, 
however, note that the annexa- 

I rwlWMid on pafr r 

Barch re-elected chairman 

Open registration 
on Jan, 13, 14 and 16 


The fe-electwi' of 'Bri«n 
larch, as>.. aitd lh» 
e:le«'HoB irf veteran tioard 
roeiBber Shirley IMun«m as 
Vice hlghiighied 
Moiiday'i reorganuational 
nueetinu al the Board of 

TlH neetlng alio marked the 

oHJcial installation of n«Wly 

tl«cl.ed members Don Turmlty 

amf Kris Howard.. 

'Howard could not itttnil tlw 

mMtim and mnt a letter to tite 
»«Bnl: niilaliiliig tltat iIm immI: 

ifte had ieamed of the date of 

IM» reorgac^iational mcctinf 

iK..!!-!.! saitl Hare* in • 
uit! Ton-iky tor the first time as 
anofltciai board jiicml>er 

iarch «»» ele«1..rd tiy a 
B.argtn of i4. with the oidy 
dtsmunf vote go.|.n.g to board 
meimber Dave To'incheH. 

MunMn rwttvrt a tallf ol 
five voiw it)r.h« Miin.inat.loii m 
Vtc« (.lia) Ttiere wat alto 

Veteran tncMber J'an Bone 
wBi r»-«liict«l to llM'.|mltiM) •! MCfMar^' bjf (lie ■an* 
count m Muhmhi'i tally 

"I'm glad to be re-elected 
clMUnnan lor a tccond lera.' 
laiil: Barelt. ■■]: tliMi. w« Kavt 'to 

Barch citetl Harper's goinf 
onl to coiiiiaunii.v industry and 
• lor Mippurt as a maior 
... (aitiniiatrfllii 

recent yean, 

'In the lail couple ol vears 
the college has come a" long 
■ ay."' said B.«rct'i 

"Still, I'm afraid to relax." 
addMl 8a.rch "The enrollmenl 
irewlit we see could change at 
any lime. ■ 'The college isn't git- 
iif to gro.w because It's Just 
there, ""he noted 

MuMon said itie would try to 
continue In the foot utepa" of 
past Vice Chairman Joan> 

'M«w.e»iner 'Torlsky M.lfl lliaf 
he would be "doing a lot al 
oDMrviiig In coming WMkt.." 

'ThC' Iwanl alM. tfteuaiwl 'Uic 
pNMIIy ol titoiMtaig tlie 
term* of baianl wltkers at the 
meeting. M tlwldcd to *lay 
with the pi«wii|.tyMMi id elcc- 

Datast and tlinei have boen 
eitabltahed for reglitralton for 
full and part tine ttudenti for 

classei that wUI be held in the 
spring i.wts«m.e*ter. 

The new clanaef wlli begin on 
Monday, Jan III 

According to Kegi.strar 
Steven Callin. part lime 
■Iwleats who are enrolled in 1 1 
iMMifi or less, can register by 
vtmm h«rwe«i Jan. S and 7. 
fnmi » am to 7 pm Catlin 
■IreaMtl that open registration 
(or part tltnera. is only for part 
timers who have applied to 
Harper by Dec IB, tWl 

Open registtration for ail 
Mudents. will be held on Jan 13 
and M. from »am '2pm , and 
Irom « »9pm. and on Jan 
It. (romi»am izp.m 

In adttltiiMi to the ofien and 
telephone reiKirationi, 
HaiVtr vtu alw lit Mding an 

ortentatUm for new studntf* 

who have filed an application 
with the school The orientation 
si-ssions will be held on Jan 8 
and It At these lessloiti new 
students will register for their 

CaUtn streased that tmtMa 
payments for classes will he 
due the day the studento 
register for classes 

Catlin also noted that there 
will be no overrides for dato 
processmg classes, possibly the 
most popular classes the col- 
lege Offers, 

There has been a ttepart 
mental (Business and Social 
Science Division > decision UiM 
there will be no overrides to 
data processing, said CatUn. 
" It is one of tiie hi^iest demand 
•rcM of cnraUmeat." lie add- 

Pmmt.T*mmr*»ntm, Dnewmfctr 10, tfti 

From all of us 

To you Md yours, . . 

Happy Holidaysl 

MmhiiM. Ottlte«l ctMiiltMt. 


sun urtM. '"Tlial"* Ult"" 




KMi'epliontsl. fdltOrW 

GtiMcral HHigiiiiMiit. urn aitil 



C^tMiTal uilgmneiK. mws ana J| 

Kami: LolMtigli- 
.0 General aMStpmenlJcatitra 

Alisa Slmkus- 
Geoeral assif-nment 

Sport* tdtlwr. coluinnist. 



Gtneral iiMtfnmeiit. news and | 



Jtui Marttn- 

Stad irtW. "Go 

md*" craator 



BUI SUniberg- 



HmMttmtmt | 

Tracher Ftalun columnlat. 
special proirrts 


Wemt}' HatlewiKMl- 

Generai assipimMt .IMW ami 


Editor in Thief 


Gmwal ausiigninent, {caturas 

ami news, assignment coor- 

Dorotliy Plrovaim- 

Advist-r, BustneH Manager 

At last! Bambach bids farewell to Harper 

"In JIM yemm, wlH it mattm-T 


PARK RIDCiK-The uger 
and b*(t«fnie»s are gone Ttie 

liaaaioit and drive are gant t'.tp- 
tlmiHi ami eynicnm have t>eei> 
rwplacmi •Ith apathy There it 
stnipiy nathini left to say 

Indernealti all the 
phtioMplitcal niiiinto Jumtto 
ami criilcal locMocr, Miy one| holds trae what it can 
ntvn be changed, and what 
stHiuld t>e never will bt 

II lant alwayi easy to move 
alwad. mclthtr tt the traMlor- 
■natton of an kdealM to a realist 

eaiy. It is simple to »cond- 
guens from the ot>Jective. 
»meiime& subj«-tive perspec- 
tive af a lypewrtler What isn'l 
easy Is the acceptance that 
wWal one it trying to say isji'i 
helng heard, or worse, that 
what one ii trytni to uy isn't 
worth saving 

II a V lih th.i« rcilgiMtiw.. or 
eallotis reata-atioiis wMtcli tat 


afflicted our generation unlike 

any oilier, that 1 step aside 

,A» I step away from Harper, 
after preening relallonships 
wtth such people as ttoiin 
Stanstiury and Harper prai- 
dcnl Jame* Mc<::rath. I look 
hack at a ruttble ol hopes that 
have since been icattored to 

hi Greg Lake wrote, 
"nothing Is what it Mwmi and 
to end Is but to star!" and so on 
and so on now, only two 

words,. imm<»rtah.i«l by Curl 
.\cltmari rmg oul' "Nollllng 
matters " 
Therf* i.i. indeed, nothing left 

hi say 


ror David Stockman, a Tn> 

tan horse to get out of 
Washington In. 

Fur Ron Rogan. 13 percmt 
unemployment, 11 MX 
missiles, 10 percent interest 
rales. S ni.issile bases. II 
Chrysler tanks. 7 more years, « 
B'l bo.nibers. S atomtc'subs. 4 
prtent Inflation, a 3rd World 
war, 2 new advisors, and a gold 
standard (or the C S dollar; 

For Paul "Spud" Caacio, a 

new nickname; 

For Gforfe DailMr, a le- 
count ; 

For Nai) Amittniiic. a nem 

For Jim Pints, a new coach ; 

For Chicago Bean fans, an 

For Al Haig. inonogrammed 

For Kevin Bottennan. one 
poijii and a lob that pays , 

For Jane Byrne, a new lace- 

Far Jeanne Pankanln, 
students with a le-ss negative 
attitude and an autographed 

And. finally, for Tom 
Scbnecke, an Inflatable radio 
staff and a do-ll-yourself radio 

station, complele with a 
marlonelte station manager 
• • « • • 

QUDlat of tiie Year: Mike 
OBrten, Harper male, on why 
he would go out with a marned 
woman ■•Never stopped me 

Suaanne Havllc. Joumallsm 
Program Coordinator, on the 
Harbinger: 'We (ry not to talk 
about them around here," 
I Reported in the Sut>iirl>an 
Trib. 1 

Donn Slansbury, Vice- 
president of Student Affairs, on 
the Hartjinger's mid-October 
walknul: i came back from 
lunch and 1 find out the damn 
paper 'son strike "' 

Orvall Wyatl I.lo.vd, of 
Virginia Beach, on why he had 
mistaken his mother- in-law for 
a racoon and hacked her to 
dealh I snapped or 
somethvniit " < Reported in Roll- 
ing Stone :i 

• « • « • 

Some qucitloii* to ponder! 

Who IS Terry David Mulligan? 
Is PATCO still on strike' How 
long will Luke and Laura's 
marriage lasl' Why isn't 
Momar Khadafi dead instead of 
Anwar Sadat? What's a 
moasecaf How many licks 
does It lake to get to the center 
of a tootsie-pop'> 


Vi'llUam Ramey H»rp*r College 

Algonquin ii Roselle Rds 

Pulaime, ll.8an«7 


Tin- KAKBINIiER w Uie slullenl, 
puliiM-atlM! lor tl» HiTwr Cl>li*fe 
cam|>iw fominunlly. pubitsbi^d »w?klv 
.-xrispe during iMtildtys ami liMl <•• 
»m». All opinnrn* rtpimmA are lixtm 
of tlw writer ind nm nccaiMrdy Uiom 
<:>( Uw nllcir. «* ■tfmlnlntrM.m. 
iacutty nr itu*in ftody .Mvcrtttinf 
and copy iliMillinr as I • n. MnmUry 
ami Ofrs " nlh|«-> to «1:HIH|| Ail 
ij«Hpr*-fo 'tx- i';j|itor musl tm si|tn*d 
SaiHiO will t:w pu):iiia,h«ri For furliwr 
mtamuunn c»J) J»7 Sim nt. MO or 


Tli«H»r*logtr. Oacamtoar to, l*»i. Paga j 

Citizenship: a most wanted gift torSahar 

Satiar MIkilill a MfCTMary 
far the Women » Program in 

MMteg P. «ui Dt sworn tn •■ ■ 
V S dttien or Feb 1, llCt 

M:||ilia:il aiMt hat MiMtNiiHt left 
(Hi B(y'M 111 
Mr, Mtlllitll 

«lt (III 


(ilmred a jnb as 
"Lll* In Efjpt (s n<tt very m 
tmmA tnm tlw IS, but r do 

enjoy ItfK wmtt tn. IIm U.S.," 

"Ttwre la iMwc ImNltM. o| 
ilMidii aiMl erMlMi nf r»Wg)on 
III: UiC tl S. '-m* pm^ In 
Kiypt an Mottans, «« are 
ClkrMlaiMt'WVt tetl morir (rn 
la |>r«!«lM' flW rtllguin In 

Atter niMiiii to Anwrlea, 
MMmII •tarMid worfcinf. m th«> 
^'—'"'-- mlflc* of HiriXT 

and *a» then promoted to tl>e 
Women s Prosram atlrr apoly 

i have been wtlli the 
Womeni Profram (or more 
tnan a year, and I en}oy it m I 
thai* I'll be ilayng witb the 
pnnram fm a white.- tiM 

■in aiMltitin It nwrkiuf n 
Warper." .uid Mikhjll, ••( a|» 
teatft aerobtcK tor wtnliniiinf 
fduciwtoit during the f{iniii| 
•••••tor, and 1 it-sed to teach • 
dm In the -Engliih as a Se- 
cond l.»nf uage Pn>|ram, " 

Mtkhail <PxptalM!d Ihe prt>- 

I thought it would he harH. 
ma W wai really very tan " 
•UdMtimai), ' '■ 

When immlgraiUs come to 
Amerioi ihev mutt learn 
about the i; s CtmMltWton aiti) 

th« conititution tor the ilate tn 
which Ihey are to Ifve They 
then apply tor cllljsemhip ader 
llvtni In the I S tor at lean 
flv'e year*. 

1 had to study the I S Con- 
rtHWIton and the IlUnoli St«le 
Conmtutwn." sjiid Mikhail 
•"Alter ».pplying tor cltuoiihip, 
I then receive a letter witl* • 
dale tor me to lake a teit on the 
constitution " 

Mikhail took her cltiienithip 
lett m Nov a Her witoesaet 
were Audrte Walsh o( the cam 
pus intormahon booth and 
Joanne Karmik Irom Ih* 
WffiiMn s frogram 

•'The witnesset are 
question* about me bv the 

Milihall and her husband 
Michael have two children 
One l» a Junior at Barnngton 

Forensics team improving 


CDIMft apetch 

improvement at 

;*• Wm Valley Speech 

^'lialiJ at Elgin Com 

Tim McGralb 

-_- h* wii tmiireiaed 
Iht DerrornaBce of 


tmm two and 
|«ar tchootf (rom 
lUlnott and In 
mtnol* Stale I'nlverstty 
»»>» toiirtiaineni and Noire 

Dame U'aiMrsiiy ftmthed 

Harper J Juanlia Juartt 
made tinals and rioishei) m 
fourth placw out o( a field of «B 
participants in the novice 
poetry reading competition 

Chrii Hanolan receive*! iwo 
••cfflBd places and a lourtb 
place In prelimmaries in the 
impromptu apeak ing category 

Also, Harper I Malonev 
received an -ejiceUent" and 

■good" ratmg in preliminary 
rounds, and tammv Harrison 
received a goo<f raimg m the 

novice prose cati»»»rv 

The team wlU travel to 
Whitewater. Wisconsin this 
weekend to participate In a 
twniament there 

■Were not going with many 
people because ol ftnaJs, " lald 

There are a total of lo people 
OB this year's speech team 
which McGrath said Is a 
relatively "low" jiumber in 
traditional partkipatton on the 

"Aa ■eoind semeater rolla In 
to be. we get more people from 
the speech elaais. " taid 

High School and the oUier is in 
sjvenlh grade at Bethel BaptiiM 
aurch In Barrfngion 

Sahar and her family have 
lived in America for li years 
and have visited their lamily m 

Egypt twice. 

"I would be glad to help any 
foreigner to America, with the 
Immigration proces-s, teaching 
the English language or in 
whatever way I can help." said 

Christmas around the world 

l«l marks the 40th year tor 
the ChriMmat Aroimd the 
World" festival at the Museum 
ol Science and Industry 

The festival has ' already 
begun, and will ajntinue until 
Jan 10 It offers a daiiling ar 
ray of evergreens decorated lo 
represent different lands of the 
world Theater performances 
depleting various customs 
around the world are also of- 

In addition, there will be in- 
ternational buffet dtnnera 
available for people's enjoy 
meni And of course. Christmas 
is not complete wilhoul 
ChriMmas carolers singing dal 
ty at the museum 

The tickets are 17 95 lor 
adults and $8 95 for children 
Performances will be held at 
different times each day and 
night and on different dayt of 
the week The Inlernalloaai 
buffets will be offered aack 
evening and at noantlUM on 
weekends to Jan 3 Reaerva- 
tlon* can be made by calling 
the Christmas desk at OUifiM- 

The Museum la open from 
»:»lo<pm on weekdays and 
from t 30 to 5 % p m on Satur- 
liay and Sunday It is located on 
STth Street and Lake Shore 
Drive Parking and adrntaion 
are free For further Intorma- 


Al Liisl.., A Hair Saton Exclusively For Rock & Rollers 

/ 4 4 4 / 


^^^H^^Z°^~!^t^^ •* ° fi* *'''^*® «*^ ttwt M» you Wattvle A salon that wwi mckm when wou «k 
tor *4 inch token off in tact, w» won't cut mom than 2 intern v^thout your ^mmuco^m ^ °* 

Whett* yoy re Q Rock * w. ..or, o» Just wont to fe«l «ke one - AIRWAVES is yotit bockstoge. before you .tep out on 




39 S North West Hwy. Palatine, II 

Foreign students get help from ESL program 


The stwkiitJt range in ediKt- ^, % 

IMMUl barkgraind from no .im, iflito* 


The stwkiitJt range in ediKt 
kMUl barkgraind from no 
tdiicatian to butlneti 
mwiaftnlo doctors 

They com* trom about 70 
counlries. inciudinn the Far 
East. South Amenca. India and 
Uw Middle Kast 

There are the isoa Mudents 
enraJlad In Harper's Eagltah as 
a SeoMMl Languagr" Frogran. 
Jean Chapman. cMrtUnalm' 
0* th* program, said tHe pro 
gram has atioul the ■evMtto 
tepM omtilmeiil of all pn- 
■rami on campus. 

"The itudiinl* are tmMy 
•dull tmmtgram*, most of 
whom plan to «ay m the i: S . a 
tew cttlien* from Te»a» who 
iir*iir learned to speak EngHih 
and mmm ol Hariier » interna 
llmiial iliidait. ■* .wld Chaiiroaa,, 
•We figure we have some 
itetaito from evwi Mntinenl 
•acwpt AuMratia " 

»aid Chapman, ihev take a 
placement examination to 
determine which level ol 
Biiitiali iionld be iiest lor them 
utttm la.''' 

"Wi dw our own regM ration 
and teittiii 10 Uw-re li an initial 
involvemeiW that it wtticaJ lor 
»» midail.' Mid Chapman 
*" Wt irjr to keep the ttsUnf pro 
gram tnlofwal and reiawsd 
"We want tittm tn cone hack. " 
Chapman «dd«] 

"There are stlji «re (evrb," 
saM Chapman We place them 
in one ot those »,i.« levels on the 
fta«to o( their s|»4>aktitg »kills ' ' 

'•Thty g«ft every thlni in one 
clita - tisteittni. INaiklng, 
namt and wiiiiiii." said. 
diapmn. ThtMV' rlnsn a-re 

dnejon and hoMewWes: Haiiwr-> Engititi Aa a Swomi Umguage proarain 
BSLtradwr. JeanOiapman tphMo«by BtroBrtoiJ* "•—<•-•• -ip"" 


oriented toward English need 

I'd lor everydiy use, everyday 

The standard clajH sue. »(•• 
cording to Chapman, avemgra 
(letween M and 2S studente with 
an open enntlmeni An open 
enrftllmenl allows students to 
enroll In the courie anv time 
during the semester 

••The riasiws are generally 
informal »tid Inendly." »atd 
ruapman "Th*- program hass 
It's own counselor, Marcha 
I Pronounced Marsha) H 
Zamora. who help* wltft 
ataikmlc cnumelinK and with 
permual pr<it>lems," rhapman 

There are no lyptcjil days for 
ICanora whow work ajM iit- 
cludw flUGli tkiagf at anawcr- 
iiig minigrallM tfuecUoiii. fin- 
ding' hahvsfltrr^. arranging 

trMsportalliiii and llndlng 
places .for people to live 

I Including one for a young man 
who was sleeping in iiis car > 

T;\NT. " said Zamora. because 
»mc students come in postitg 
academic questions when they 
really want to discuss personal 

Ttir 4(udentsarecurlou». too. 
added Chapman 

"They're curious about lite in 
the l-'nlted States, and they ■re 
cwloui about the teacher,' 
saldOuipmaii. "The teacher is 
repKientatlw ot the American 
life. And lh«y are curious about 
each other,"" the said 

"A tm'imitf among younii 
:pw|>le to taan about one 
amittitr deftntlely stlmulat.-^ 

All servlcts 

28% off 

with this ad 
(ttirouflh Jan. 27) 

831 E Alconaum 
(last west of llw 
mm "Siwigefy ") 


ESL students' backgrounds vary 


thrown into a new 
eo'Uinlry wtlh a dtflei-rnt 
laiigiia|e. a different culture 
and' dlnsrvnl foods w tMt m 
r any thing to do 

A tat ol the 'Students enniiled 
m Wt' B)lgl.Mb As A SctoMi 
Ummwilit pntgram at Ifarper 

.numiiaSaMto. a .ll'-yrar'OM 
•tiMttwiit. caiM »#«" t«i» 
Japan .four yean ago 

"WlMBi 1 came here I had a 
pnilkteiii atmit Engltih." ilwi 
said. ••'i»«j n«lgMMrtiM.iM I 
bMler (ike ai Eligiiili. ammt " 
••Now fm taking thti Engttah 
'Claat and' plan tir.iii>m I team 
*d E'tftlsh grammar md 
''•riting al • school in my cmh-' 
iri'.lKilIfelt it was very tart 
t» talk. In have a coitwnatMm, 
m I iMk a convenatiiin claw 

"Al tirst year 1 didn'l have 
enough Iri'Wds -• 1 mvan 

English friend'*, so 1 talked 
alway* .Japanese Bui here I 
have met many wee American 
lieopir ' 

Adriana Mo'lder, a m-yeir- 
old from Call. Colurabia" »•» 
taking an Emgl'lsti d»s» at 
Harper IMI year, »en( hone to 
'Cotwii'bia i«iii|iiinirlly. and 
cam* fcack »o marry an 
.* merle an 

"1 came to 'Harper lo study 
■Kngliiih t 'mel «'> b'usl>.«ml 
•nil I came here last ve ar I 
kad an aunt and she u*rd Im 
'•or* in hit co'mpant wi 
somietimes she asked 'me' - Vou 
W'ant 'to m«t somebody"' Viiu 
waul wmehody lo come and 
ha*f dinner- I tHiid, •sure"" 
That'* whffia I: met. him." said 

' -Theis, I left lor Col«m«a 

he started to wrM lo m'C and 


If you're going to smoke, 

a Pipe! 

THEN, Flint wHhl 

Pipe & Cigar 

19 W.Davis 

Artington Heights 

255 2263 


RfcortJs Tapts Records Care Accessories Blank Tapes Songtiooks 
Shirts Jackets • Hals Budgefs Imports Audiophile Lps 

• wul«**»« »m«4itMg at 
" - "•-' f^f rob«»t 

mili«a It »BP99i\r' I 
m4—t: too! C*m»« tm ami 
Uf • tovl »t tM« M«« Uwm 


III- n 1 11 




^.^$f 00 Qpp 

Sale Items Not Included 
Exp. Dec. 31st. «.^^ 


IHMl iniiilniMtt. 




Give the 

a# music. 





T»i»H«rlM««tf. Otc»m«»r i«, mi. P«fl»i 


intklt • No pHimm work 

Hh Clici|8 Sn-TiMs has WMdiati tiwiiifs 


6ail lonM Patsch - 777-8435 

: a helping program 




get a small cheese 

• ■•" ■»■ ,kJ »ii)»;|(I' tec 2i) 




OlMaiMri'tit 10 on 

tkimO. SuM't) 

fhmt •*««)■ f« (iilir wnK.t 

' CVmrJiniMf n«N» fxif* •< • 

itMMr ilestrr la learn Engllth,' 

Joked IMibt "TliF Mctaltztng 

liel»«ni tliein ■>> mod t» thvy 
CM «vm sfMak just ■ little bit 
orEniilKlitsdFllKlittul * 

Before vt hM i rouiiiiwlor ' 
Mid Ctwpman. the teachers us- 
ed tn haiHlle llie protilenu 

■i tiave gonr to court with 
ttiuieiits and 4*v«n to the 
iMMpttal « Ith them , " uld Chap- 
man ■•Some <>( the teachers 
■nd tenclMtr aides get quile in 
I'cilved," she adrfeil 

Caroline Itohhs. an KSL 
(aetilty lii»truct»r„ teachei »w 
elaans and was the firiit KSL 
full-time te^acNfr 

Becauie the students all have 
Ihe feeling that they are m 
similar situations. Dobt)s said, 
there are no proWem* caused 
tn ihrillHerem-es in culture 

ITS difffhI';nt from 


TEACHING , ' " natal DoW)!. 

"Part of what a good ESI. 
teacher accomplishes is 
bccauM of teaching adults.' 

said r.><*lH Adults don't like to 
make mistakes and heing in 

another culture where you 
can't function as an adull it 
etmutth of a prnhlem for them 

^^C. lOtb 

Harper College 

cflf H nuTion 

Special PnzB Drawing to 
celebrate out Grand Opeo- 
Irvg at 11 am Winner 

must be present,. 

See tor yourseil |ust how 
easy il ts to use the Casti 
Station A,ulo,matic Teller 
A demonstration will be 
held at the new Harper 
College Cash Station 
located in Buitding A 

Moat of the lolloi«lnq Cash StatMM localtom m* open 2* 

hours • day loi your con»tni«nee 


I U.J,,'! P-', ■,:■.•■ ■ ■■ 0"," I • ,.' S,f 

(Mrt.i" (Vi. ., , , M , - ,.,-, :,,,, •.„ :■■.,,,.. 


.1 H:. '■ 


1 hf" ■ 

2 OaK i,i.-' ., • 
Fteti) » 

J H»((>,e' C 

;. 6»We',,' ■ 

Uly . 
S 10' 

5i,i.', ,, 

4 Wa,D*s^i ftk MQn'wi 

* Mic*i(|in 1 Cmcag*! 


12, MSoutMi .■••,.. - ,■.'■ 
13 'l?OE.I?.l . '.rt bl,r.«t 

Mount Prospect State Bank 

■M' i lhjs.M»*rt • Mowi^^^t'OV*" ■ 

■ MlP^'^iDf!" fV*C 

n n jpi 


• i«ti 

"We |ust had a marriage bet 
ween an American teacher and 
a itudenl. ' said Dobtis The 
teacher happened to lie b«rn in 
Italy and she grew up In Argen- 
ima She married one of the 
Korean students The wedding 
was a combtnallon of Korean 
customs. Italian customs and 
Amencan customs 1 don't 
know wtiat happ<'tied to the 
Argentina customs.' she laugh- 

There have been a lot of mar- 
riages coming out of the pro- 
gram,, added Chapman Not on- 
ly between students, hut tirt- 
ween teachers and teachers, 
and teachers a,nd sl,iidents. she 

"The m,ale to ,fe!na,le ratio ts 
pretty even, but Ihe 
»>acli,grouitd» are vastly dif- 
ferent."' said Chapm,ttn 

"Wr have people who have 
wv#r set foot, in a school in 
fhelr life, thone who have never 
had in education and those who 

have been engineers, hustneaa 
men and women and doctor*. 

'We assisted one Indian 
woman who is a physician," 
said Chapman We help<>d her 
pass an English exam She ii 
now In practice ' ' 

In addition tn the six core 
levels there are courses gearvd 
toward helping E&L students 
who want to lake college 

TION program, " said Chap- 
man, "hut we also consider 
that th^re is a higher educa 
IMinttl component t« the pro- 
gram Thais t>evond the six 
levels here when we are begin- 
ning to prepare people to eiitcr 
college classes " 

"Some of them aheslodenls) 
are concurrently enrolled, so 
that's different from most com- 
munity colleges Most com- 
munity colleges separate those 
functions, ■ said Chapman 

ESL students vary 

• Conlfmiaif ,rh>iii pitgn 4 < 
then we got married 

"1 had il lot of protilems at 
first When I was sick and had 
to set a doctor 1 had a hard 
time trying lo tell him what did 
1 feel. And «bpn I wantffd to 
talk with my husband, I had a 
ha,rd llm,e talking with bim. ad- 
ded Mulder 

- Now I'm not afraid to go out 
and talk with people There's a 
tot of difference Iwtween Col 
umhia and the l'nitt>d Slates 
■Everything is different ' 

"But the people i«, fncncilv 
ver\ rriendU,'' ,sai,' ' 

Carla tioldcribt'ii. 
old from Argentina is i'iitp *i\rj 
her husband, also an ^^Ben^l 

Caria did know mmt English 
before she came to thi> United 
Slates, but her ideas about the 
young people were stereolvped 

"I like the I 'mi.-.! stales, 1 
thought il «,. 'iTent. 

Back in m> , ■, . tieard 

about especiali.\ .u,uing people 
with drug problems and other 
things and 1 didn't find that 

• here I , " Goldenlwr g sa id 

"My husband works at 
Motorola We are going to stay 
until March I have been here 
tor three months 

"1 heard about Harper back 
in Argentina because there was 
an engineer who has been 
working al Motorola He's 
Argentinian and he had in- 
formal ion on ttie school I read 
It and 1 thought II would he a 
good idea to come." aatd 

"I like the United States. I 
find very tnendly peole • alie 

"This is not an easy life when 
V"" 'i:irt in a different co«n- 

^h1 M,aclej I'tancarz. a 
, , old student from 

"I go first lo New Yorli I 

don't like it When my auni flew 
to O'Hare Irom Poland !o visit 
her great aunt m Florida. 1 
wanted lo see her," said Gan- 
carz 1 came to Chicago and 
went with her lo Florida for two 
weeks I came tiack lo Chicago 
because I like it more than New 
York," Gancan added 



%i 000 ( then yo.. ■ 

'iH J rts 1 

• MtfiimuCi .nv«»"L' 

• Wittid'tTA > .-. rr»ou' -nTere*' oenaKy 

• f" rtm cNncd wr*(:wifli i, m mt'mum (MM) I 

• ■i^ll••l lor ^nd^vdual paririerfchip * corporate ca'ihh reserves, 

l*C*0«(r iNwf^TiNG C^L. OW ':.END COUPON TO 



S6S0S Braioard. P O Box C 

La Grange IL A052S 

3S4 4716/397 8125 

t^o* »,.,•, •f.r«« 

City Stale 

Bruc* E. Griffith 


Pm*. rfm^Hmmnm. Ommmr 1 

Off Pmt 

Well played ..." O'Donnell 


Tit nmay §mph Jim OTtoii 

mH m • Oail)f t(«riiid iixiri- 

mtnm. IM ttt UMf lullMHui ti>«i 

tHMmi. In MM Ml WlS-fm tm m 
lit btMymil' iMut ar "Mmmr- 

(n)«iwwll work* wm Steve 
IMI MKl: tMtokick Guiry M*lcr 

W ia« BttCrWMM MlltIM it( 

•tat uwi Itai ■iiiMCNii umc 

• |^lltlSl)WMW«WWt|||t 
■fiiit infMiliHr lapiC'ti tit uit' 

"I UMil to calt ti9 Skm Ring 
it WWn. awiy tn tl» moming 

■ilig. ttlierau f«ilMii."*iid 
O'Doniwii -1 aiiM. pHtf .m a 

I luy .MWit itr ■ 'liqimr 
■ wtitliaiMi'Mi.'"0':t)aii.. 


* • party, pmpkr 
to e«ll up S(«vc 
<tMll.i Mid Mt Mm »liat on. 


The best and 
worst of 1981 

OOBitnc up wuti ftve Rood and 
bail aiHinu tor the year IMI i» 

^^m^WSuSS^t^JTcSST' *** °^ 

l»«<I twe«» M utd OtHmiiiii. 
With tm minuli!* tngw in Uw 

•iwm Ui« pradiKer coin« i««r 
tn* iMtmtm and say*. 'Vou'tl 

ntKW |uets wMo-f m uw 
!•«».' I 'laMpliifl]' Mid -Ktip* 

■I VINO aWi Ml i._.,^ .^^ 
Ma MMii Wtm ait lanMiali^ 

■nail- ail ■«' viim an i« an«rf L.»_^ ■■><■ *ttli « 

TliBt' pMMd' and: O'DnmuM 
vaa now eatinif [>«u at hm „,, 

"1 callM kuit vtMiB 'lit «aw mi' 

a intk wM mmk. and dtciM' 
Hi d» witat wt Mad 'don* at par- 
•5»-|*i;)« 'Jtopardy." latd 

Tilt irwn « klMnry Since 

•» iMi It. nt naxt % m Hw 
'li»niMi, TV -Radio ertlte 
C«w 'Dm* wrot* tMmit O'Dnn. 

••Two nl|lit.i M'ttnrt 
Chmnnaa. | ■•nt tn w»I> 

Beaiiy^s ^Reds^-a slow success 

■ ■ it^AM.-' ' t^ .^ . ... 

tut Ml Ad rifminK. KHy ti» 

M Um Mru itudkit, O'tNm. 

nalt to.MHtad at a tmall lablp (n 
Ha*. «lilto tiumi in front at 
tMc mirroptiane* arc Stew 
Garr>- iM giiMi Gary Dcrtt ^ai 

TWa Mnant af IMt iImw la 
MW »ilii enntoton. madwrr, 
mit awiMftr Mllanty o-Don- 
mU m» m v«ry biiarr* 
Joapifdy Inpka mcM ai el«e- 
tnc cloiw, all dMwt Gary i in- 
mMimK and a nrvai v«n»ty «( 
■tiutal trivia 

Tteaigft O'tJoiuwir* nk at 

WU It iMii dial of a aupfrftar 
tl H Ml mttgral part niilnf 
■awtli 'il mntdy and topiei 
'I**: am iparft to a mmAm 


R.rts ta a Min'tliiiM. 
»»'»P'i'ig, aaaMlM* pMding 
•tory « Jwrwiiw Jack Ifcwi 
■ie' mm am inimng fwce 
»*l"«l tit tnriialimi «{ tht 
«fte«n eaauiMniai Lalmr 
Warwu B««lty co-wrate,, pf*. 

Jwd and Am-irt iMi 1 iwr, 
■ mWnitr mic and movtn away 
IWn Ills "fluff rnl«>'' reputniton 
wIlM his portrayal «( Rwd 

R»«d IS UioniugMly ra*o,l, j 
titti«ver of communiim 
mmms rl«|itt . etptclaJly inf.' 
Iragt K, onl m>ot lr<c-k>ve , 

"Iteds" - aa tlie tttfe ni«j|«| 
'- loruse* M tite KlMalia 
Htwlution. aiMl ih<F RavoMi. 

!-*l'. /""■''"•'■'* '« tl>e 
inliediutes aiMtS<i«iel I'nloii 
wuai Reed. flr»t a JiMimailsi 
Ihan a MIMgiri rewlu 
tionary oltataMPd witn iMt 
rtvolytlimary ideal. fimtHj 
rtaltees u that i-oniTOUBiin. m 
anidta. ■■■■on't»orl( "" 

i>«td i» dl«Bi«yi««l at fint 
and finally dbl|luikM«d vltii 
ll>* bureaucracy' I Mat 
< ttw am MutMyih. 

Cyst Prap p i i g s 

Film review 

-. ,, ■■■--- Mt t* nhm dlMlu- 

iiintd' tiy tUt tifw p'lwn- 
mtii'a aiitoiptt to. ^mM *,»- 
ittit anmg non-Bolatimic »«. 
Hwant* ■'■■iCToliitknn m *». 
»««.■" Mt'iayi 

His attcmpti to torn an 
AmwlcMi OmMiibiW. Lalwr 
Party alM tall. 'Hla party tpltit 
*i«Ji anaHM-enntBHiW party, 
and tht ailaaiili. to bridgt- iMe 

Of M«Mn lie two are lym- 
k of tMe wry huruiucratlc 
iwfcliiiii» (Mat haw kepi, mbi- 
nWKMiii IdealMic. ratlw 'iMan 

What l>«p this pK'Uire down 
!• the Invf story that unfnMt 
ttetmten Hred and Uoiitot 
Bryant i Dianr Keatoni 
Somrtime*. thent is more 
detaO given to the love storv 
than the real »ton of two 
pewpie*' •itempis to lorm a 
comwuntet pari>' in .America 
and the ederti of iMok ai- 
tempi* 1 Weed i» accusttf by the 

V S .Aiiumtf (Mnaral at .Mdl-' 
tton. .and Umtae la Ma«M by 
tn m awanl... '|wt Ibaat nMnt* 

Beatty and Keaton. wMo won 
an Osk-ar tor her pertnrmtBee 
in "AimH! Miall.'* M. mxeed. 
m llitir intai at 'RmI ani 
llryant tanahMr,. itough it 
Jttnw ftolmrt ReiMwd would 
have Mten iMittr for RMd'"* 
nilt ami Ktaiiw came acrt»» 
•niiMJmfs ai. overly emotional 

The tllm. whK-h took lour 
Itart and abnut t« miliiM to 
Ilia and lUtlah. Inevilably luc 
«•*, Ttie oimplei story line 
unfMdi ilmily, hut the final 
Iwur w 'literally sweeping, pa'r- 
UCMlary (he inots <>l Bryant 
niwlng acriMf the Runian tun 
dra on tkls while trying to 
brvak into RuMla Reed and 
Bry.tnri Jo»e aiicceeda 
distance, the iree-tove 'idea 
•hicti aim dnesn'l wo'rk i and 
an affair between Bryant and 
playwright Eugene Neil 
played by Jack N'i.rht«i»on 
McM«l»n IS nothtng »h«-t oi 

I aany at solvini world 

biigtr However through 
"Wmnitnlal tflori,. here they 


^..JQye Favorites 
PpLIOE . 'Glioit in tlie 
Macntite, " mcorporities 
Sting," Stewart Coepland 
and Andy Swnmen into a ver> 
rhythymlr voyage intti the near 
(uture Top irark* included 
"Too Much Information." 
"Kehumanlie Yourielt 
■Secret Journey" and "S.piritt 
m the Material World ' This 
diic I* by far tMe mam of the 
crop, the pick of the pack, and 

0<N3ps ■ -Btuity atm 

mm B««t." Thia all-fenale 
nand (ran tlM weii coast has 
iMum iMtir Vftma music to the 
atrwavea, ptting as high aa the 
lop » berth Our Lips Are 
Staled" e*en hat been plaved 
on the power popper, WU Top 
Tracks include •Thin Town • 
"We Ooi The Beat." and ■SkliJ. 
niarkion my Heart " 

Backwani Pilaclple/^ it a 
more mature album by the 
folks that w«re once Involved In 
X rated rock and roll The 
tiKM* incorporate tht high 
finance angle with Talk to Ya 
Later' ' and 'Power Tools ■ 

'*• fang Wichita Ftllt/' 

Metheny rnnjlw'i an all Hme 
Wgh with rati like Oiark • and 
the 'IWe track ImpleraenHng 
lilt UM of p«!rru»»ton,iit Kano 
Vaacuanieulo to add new 
dtKMniHM and depUi. ••*» falls 
W'tchlta '• is a programm- 
ing tivortle 


"Pirates " This Ctiicago 
■smith 'Mder worku the rap mio 
her Ulcs! album l« come up 
with Mjch cull at. "Woody and 
thitch On the Stow train to Pek 
Ing • and "We Belong 

J|||||||||MWM^ m 



on music 

other Metlonables - 

f,fnft\f V»»J»ri|h mevte 

nicks -Bella Donna 

rive Fatalities 
REO - 'Hl-InfldeHty." ii 

you took all the sugary gioas 
away from thu marketer's 
dream yoo would have nothing 
left. But C'mon Curt ihey kick- 
as* in concert too bad you 
weren Ithere 

RINGO STARR . •stoo 
and SmeU the Rode*," hSa 
to be (he closest thing ever pro- 
duced to David Gedde's all 
Ume molten gold hit Run Joey 
Run" Need I say anymore 

VAN HALEN ■Fair Wir- 
■ung- I wish the radio sta- 
tlMM would have given us lair 
warning that this dog would be 
nltlMig the market 1 hear tell 
•at Valeric Bemnelli married 
Eddie Van Halen Maybe well 
soon have instead of Jenny 
Ue Is Crying," Valerie is cry- 
ing ^ 

Onv OSBURNE - 'Bit*. 
mmM of Ozz." EngtnMrlng 
the "Craiy Tram this summer 
was enough to make anyoot't 
mind derail, but now be baa 
countered with "Diary of a 
Madman " It •hMid he 
something to laugh ab<Nii 

tor." Imagine H vou wdl watts 01 high voltage 
poured Into a iiny appliance 
bulb Vou have |usi read the 
rtory of Nell young's latoai 

Also Eligible; Styx Paradlae 
Theater, Iron Maiden. Rick 
Springfield- Working Class Dog 
Bob Seger-Nmr Tonight 

Well, there ihev are, il you 
dont like this column, don't 
worry - It's recyclable 

eerie, which is tn say he i« at his 
best In tntii film. 

The itu.sit.ian simgglt iRaed 
wrote the lamous 'Ten Days 
that Shook the World" which Is 
soppOftdly the deftnltive ac 
count of the Revolution' k eJ 
fectively portrayed and it 
nothing elte this tUm brings the 
Revolution to life and much 
more realisiicaliy than the film 
Nicholas and Aieitandrta' 


Pool Champ 

Jtm Martin 

Bill Baker and Kalhy Rose 
came oul victorious in the In 
tramural billiards champion 
ships sponsored by the iii- 
tramurals department 

Alter a one match elimUia- 
lion and thirteen qualifvmg for 
the Imals m the male competi 
tion. II came down to a cham 

plomhtp In which BUI Baker 

oul shot Walter Hill. 
In the 'Women's dirition nmr 

leniales competed, with Kjihv 

Rose lopping all the can 


Board approves increases 

ifl July I 

MX, TMiS; 
"flthltantlnQlf litem' OlHwtaiMt, •KeMIni, mmf. 

iflC!rt«ii» «■• II jusrcent, *i'i»w 

III, |i|ll!»t»r' 

.'■4 to romr; 

•■cl mi 


Ji* BWrK'" 

XT Mr TJe^eA: 



Friday 12 11 

Noon in A241 

B p.m in Lounge 

Bart'li rr-rlrrt^^d 



■■■BgaMiiii" ill I iiii"iiiiiir aiiiiiiiiaaiMi^^ iiiii i msssi ii 

The Navy's Dela;., ■ 

Tafcp ■,■!■:(!' ■■■;. 

'': tiiiit jHuieMtion 
rtm {iratMMiMi lijr 
* htinm. iint. 

'. t' iwl !wo. 

"■cciinrnj »i 


.liifii Hi at m 




i' CtaOawitf tmtm pugt t > 

tiM oMIccn <Mi m aniMial bmlt, 

rM. meOm m. Hit ia««(tif 
WM (iM ••a«Ml<hnirnt «! 
ni'MliMg tUliM lor tte next two 

" hf rtigukrly Klmluled ttiM 
tov iM!«tini|» wll he flM 
roBrth TimrMMy o( mtrf 
mosili eiccpt diirlBg 
MvTCniicn awl OwcnlMn 
wtiei) tUe datai an ■*llcliMi lo 
crrtais MMMltyi bwaiiw of 

Cllassified Classified 

v. .HTlril 

UM «■ Ot mrm *m* oxo, •)■. .>- 
it'*mi cnOllM. OiK aMar i •-* » 



i&iot. Millar Ctirt. 



HAVY.irSMO, ,^.,. 



It's Time tO' Register foi" 

. ' ".ri..:' 

B U9iu« aS Adini uia 1 1 u i 1 w t.i wO llfM'S 

»»fii«- mmm tif : '- ■ "- •'■' 

ieiiiS'lS' <-. 

41 ^W^0§ Km^iKMiM mm-^mr^ f-Mf A 

-' 1!S2!. — 

■t5 iiiStCi <••• nS"* f vt 

■•-w« mm mmh mir c«i*#» 

!,.«c«<|i>i ■<.a««'wiiin*<«<»it>ti«a<ti» II- 

'■ bid 

I' '«fr««hv«ntift, five. 

>i«| Canw Ciwnai Ctftart 



M< i.««. wiat 

ui>MitiTfar €«•«•'' i> >«v WW » 

e« MoiMi. Mrk iimiMiHliiwn, *» airt 
llu*itMM«. C*il MMin- ^ Ko"*'* 


M> VM «NIMt m IfMtM %#«>• pMr ' 
I CM HMD ft* •MfT'lM' WW l» Mia 
Tiior,, IM«, nifimii ■■ 'oMMtr'i «■* 

r">an '■<« turn m ttvwi, ««■«« 


riB0 AovBkTnms: ah 

ciawltM •Ml (Nmniitl «* snb- 
iratiHid to llMi MarMnger to 
puHlattM 'mini imeMt tUt 

iwi'lMr ol tlit'pt'Wn:! 
tng Iht' ad. Paytuffiiii Iw pat- 
mm ads nuiBi te iiiaik ] 
tu imUkaUoii. Tiie Hk 
jptMrvoi ttaf right to 
MiMrilMiiiaiilii tl diMM tUrnh 
iln. lilMliMif or liiapimprMt 
anit 'pujaMtt. will tre ntMiiwd 
la ttt admOier. TyMmnuaii 
ads shoittat Iw dropprnf oft at the 
Hji.r'l»lB:|er niutt. A-JdT 


Apaches ambush Hawks 

■*• _, K... „..«-,^hi.», :» Mints tn Iht «•««» ilwn«»»Wy »'t«" J 


tke Amieliwi »t»i>ii«l Jlw 
Ha«lr vUuliig' ttmHi :it tm 
gmiiii «tlk. « anf ui« «'lm' 
11»'Ali«!li«H«i*.i: •IIBHJ* 

i«ay tn liw mema MIf wImii 

H.i«k* *«'• '<i**'l>^>*' ''*> 

* At a n«ilt. Mm* Villej 


thty iliitad ni'iisiitf. >'»• 
ApdM tnfiwd I «*•• lame 

"1»« eouWiit stop thetr 
peoietrMloii," said BechteM. 

r«t«irn>| W "•* |)ToW*iii 

.^^»^. ,._k, a»..di|e guart 

tor tlw 
• aiip- 

^S'lilili.Wjr pt^«i«»™t^ 
'St :hiCHM <*Ny iM^ """V 
hit. atriMg. Mrt |*l»w»l 

''^^•wt Tramtlui. wUo Had «' 

reteirwi W ih* p™« 

■MMaf-ViXili' ApaAc K 
^{qpiliiliinl^ poMd Jw 

wl hi* |»M* high :» potots n lit 
Bnrt hall, gave Hllniii* V alley 
the tea«J tor i{«x« '«♦<«" "^ •*" " 
ji.|oi»iw (rwm Hi* *«•«"»« •» 
ttnie txptrwl ill »* 'i"! "»" 

The ApaclMM* balanced atfen^ 
ilvf attac* *■»» evtdent in Ihe 
filctawy »» all «>' *'"■ »'»ft""» 
Mured In double ftijures San 
lord, ftlch Rowfren. and aw» 
PfUfleW all contrtljuted IS 
wilnti lor tumors Valley 

Mike Browji inl the Hawk» 
■with W points, while Bill HuWy 

Til* Hawfc* iw» M WW""- 
face Wright and Wauboniwe m 
Prldav and Tuesday, reipec- 
»vet>" Both games arts a*ay. 
The Hawto don't return home 
will) .Ian S against Rock 

Hiirper broke oae ■•cbool 
record awl cawie cloae to wt- 
tlM anolltet »» "** shipped 
hapless McHenry mu in a 
gaSie at Harper la»t Thursday 

The Hawks nhattered the 
record (or highest margin of 
vlctorv bv W points with their 
«j. point slaughter The 
nrevlow record wai held by the 
IfB-IB team that defeated 

gliice U» 8«»W» •»? ««■• 
Mven plaier*. tlwy •>»''* »" 
play a slow-dowti game to *m 
«bat pliyen ttiey 2« '»»^«2?' 
of loul truuhle The Scotls 
playiiig » four-corner ot 

iiiwneainely utter the tip 

oH. Hid they were relallvelv 


Harper leil »19 »» U» •»»" 
and ewn 11 the Hawks didn i 
(tore a pwnt m the second half 
Ihey sltll »««ld have won the 

B«t 'Uwr H«*kt dW iwire 
some points -•» to be preeiie 
to tall lust short of the all timr 
Harper record ot 1» P»lnt» '" •' 

The only ftatuttc McHerir\ 
led In was rrbou,ndK The Scott-* 
wmwttted « turnover? t.. 
Harper s m. but ihe mosi glar 
mg ilatlstlc was the number ot 
ilell* by CK" te"" Harper 
)»,, McHeory 1 

■0«r team played a very 
good game ■ said Bechtold 

Mike Brown led the Hawks 
once again in the scoring col- 
umn with » points in Just M 
minutes of play Brown hit on 
m percent of hts shota, while 
Harper shot » percent l*om 
the floor 
Kevin Lee added I" pcMnta lor 

Ihe Hawks, as every member of 

the team h*d a hand In the icor 

•We needed a game like this 
In |i*e us confidence," said 
BMhtold •This game helped 
morale, because it gave the 
oilier players a chance to 
play " 

BROWN-S BOMB Mike Brown («) pyta op •J*?.^" ™~j! 
ViUev'i aick RMenarcn Brown Kored a tMm-hlgb » poMa. but 
KilS kit^olSSJUw m-M Tinaday night, (photo by Paul 


Hawks rout IV 


••««■■ •«■«■ MH HhAiv mitM aal to dlih Ott bMI off to a iMunnuto In the Hawks lorn to II 
VffmSS^XmKZtiSmmmi im fliil-««J ^ a pn^ta, iphow by 

Cm' 1(1) 

Coursey takes 3rd in tourney 


Harper's women's baskeihall 
team tied a schmol record lor 
(jolinncored in a game With a 
MW trouncing of Illinois 

"Valley Tuesday night,. 

Speed an<l the fasJbreali nave 
the Hawks an early lead 

•■We were faster than them 
and we had more heighl said 
coach Tom TeK'hner 'We got 
good passing (rom Diana 
Dleber and "Chunlty" Brui- 
lino, but we had a liltle troiible 
on defense ■ 

The high scorer of the game 
was Sue Hoday with 3<i polnlt 
■■ •'Sue CBiild have had more if 
■he wouldn't have gotten into 
foul trouble early. ' said 
Teschner Hoday was pulling 
down cvervthing and anything 
Harper also had three other 

plavers score ten or more 
points Kim Place dropped to 12 
points, and Branlno and Karen 
Kamradt each had 10 Along 
with Dieber s great pascing ihe 
scored 8 points 

Illinois Valley's scoring was. 
ifd bv Julie Jessen with 26 
minis', and Mary Jesse a*led 
M Thev could have played 
better if they had one more all 
player. " said Teschner They 
needed a rebounder and some 
more helghl, hut they «hot 

The Hawks led at the hall by 
a M 3« score Their biggest lead 
was a 2S point spread 
Teschner'i team could haxe 
scored a hundred or morf 
points It he would have kept hiv 
starters in more than he did 
They stayed In lor less Ihan 
thirty minutes. The ilarter«: 
scored 70 of the team's »4 


A wrestling m,alch contUtt #1 
only thireC' two-minute rounds, 
w a irapplcr la only on the mal 
tor a miattmaiB of sin minules 

The average person, 
howtwir, 'imhM bt gaipliiK tor 
breath nMwi: 

a phyalcaiiy 


'If Ihf „ 
■iiiM' wrwiltog t* 

J anal he in nuperb 
I to p *ll out for the 
., _j|lcll. So one can Im-' 
I how etitoiisting it woiiM 
Iw to wreallt' levom m:atclii«, 
Hiiiiil lop comptitltMMi In ont' 

Liit wttkcDd l» tht 
HliMawiteT (Wla ) Oi»n, 

Harpers Rich Cotirsey com,- 
DCted: agilnsl seven oppinienls 
from some i>f the top Division 
III scbwii 10 the nation,, and 
jtill managed to finish third 

f'ou:ney, who wreslles tn the 
l» pound calefory, suffered a 
third ntund setback to a grap 
pier from Marquette l«ntveril 
ly He fought his way through 
the wrestle-backs, though, "nd 
eapl,ured the conaolaliaa ekam- 

For our first real meet. mo«t 
of our guys did a good Job lor 
iNir toiin;* ■wiM Mkrper wrestl- 
ing oMMSh' NMn twetace 

The loumnnent allowed an 
unlimited number ol wresOers 
(rom the U participating 
" I to ••«•» In, ••y — 


Harper .md Augustana were 
Ihe only minots college* in- 
wiled. and the Hawks were the 
Mile Junior college learn tn the 

Since a team coii,ld enter any 
number of wrestlers, there 
were no learn scotw or ,awants 
in the tournament 

Some wrestlers found 
themselves pitted against their 
teammates and that proved 
tor some Interesting matcl»^ 

Karl SleneriBn look t™ 
place at 1*0 pounda tor the 
Hawks, and Terry 
DumanowikI and Tom Weber 
won most ol their matches at 
tit and IC pounds. reipecUve- 

tlwrall. the Hawki won 11 
m,iiche» while losing n against 
tht tough four year school com 

""pauTprelsslg. who wrestled 
at Harper before transferring 
to Whitewater, was the cham 
|ita at the impound weight 
etorelflcation ^ , .„^ 

Saturday, the Hawks travel 
to Wisconsin for the third time 
in as manv weeks to compete in 
the W iscoBsln-Parkside Ooen 

Lovelace leels his leam will 
imw how strong they really 
are when they begin competing 
aglinit other two-year colleges 
in two weeks. 

"We'll do better when we gel 
tack law our' oini iMiWie." »«ld 


Men 7th at 
Soja sets record 

The Harper mens swimming I 
leam finished seventh in the I 
eight team pack at thef 
Rockford Invitational Satur 
day Mike Soja ol Harper ael « 
Bocklord Invitational record ir | 
the 200 yard freestyle with ^ 
1 47 3« time 

We were milling one of our 
star swimmers. Mark Waks 
who has a knee Injury W< 
could have fared better." said | 
coMh Stove Ku! "We aren't at 
fun Mrengtb yet but we will be 
tn a couple ol weeks " 





Niiin Hitwf mtpm Wl«|*„ rmm, Illinois 

Cold spell freezes pipes 



Thif Smlliilt ItoMlit 'Mfii ■" 
li» mttiiM nlliH' '»•' I*! '»""•' t 
tidtt* »«il •«:"«•••• art** 

,_jic« %r **f ■*■!*"■* •'»■ ■•"■■ 

l;|«:|t OWIiUtl'fC »» l»«'t«' 

tlHm'% Will' !■ •■ tKimiwry 
mmtmi »«t :i»Mii«iim»' ■•'»•* *'»" 
' iiiiliiit<»iiaiiM>t>:i' <*»■«**' 

'•■•■I* |m»t<i«<tt I>«'i> a 

'lljlai 'tiHl Umil ■niHeiitiiMii 

lir' Wat*'* vix* *"•*"" ■'■ * 

■itoilMit (Km »n:c 
■■TIteriT ••» • In* linriiili)', 
MiM W.lkwf "IUKI*: ••Wll'l 
,., ttaft'ltaiiplieJUilii."" 

- |i||*a|:«fll) IB ■•iBt'i 

1 r,. • i 

-4 Uli -! 

„,.jlf in-:- Li.--' ■.■i-«:ii»*<! 

rati'' ffl*vlwr«?v*"fif "'f'l **i""' 

lo«Mi l*rc*'irwl 

Eooprr-ti n .-ijtfwnict.' !• ! 
fi5 ih. KiOrjiP and ■MjijiJ 

I imp!"' Jim i>)ir«*ili«!i ■ am 

1 -iddmtikrtifnl) 



-va m^ pi obHrttts 

, u w., . J i! :hji wjmf fusto 

ji.mH aianf Jinl utiiii, v«ipl* •it* 

, ,,^.- „ „,r|, an thr Hond«> 

vPHit^i'-i tlarted 

Pi-fa from inr 

put. tk3\ ab 

i-r f I ' * > . p "%* * T j» am 

Tlif iiliyikal. 'plart hm * 
tracks riiijMfll* IWlf^ W— 1> 

Board announces special sessions 

■nil' •iMf! 

lHHliBCWl 111.' 


00 IB.i«lt*TS' ■>. 

I'lliiMii:-!;'!' -" 
1 .1 

ii:*r-LKMM»«rt ta h«ll 


tlav lim! Uie Ixniirtl' liwl '*)- 

..,■;.. •,l,... ,.., .,...,.. r,,...ii|i;i!dllllll 

J ..111 iU:t.l..!.U; Il.ii [ireptnsii 

m »H!ni)» iiiird •« »••• *"■»«*» 
ttial: we hirw inorr l:» •■:»■* 

■ , -■ r.." .1.i.rii ( B!|ll«l(IOe '•■!»■ 
" 'It tllCMSItlMS 

.' iin .several 
,1^ wr'U iw tm 

Btreli mUeil I hat t«ie 

I. will t» 


Tlie lli««r<l aff""'* * «*• 

miA 'inter I* ¥ t^ti m i m tmn y 

SJttlni *aMelii» ^IjMii '«! 
Hi* tmmmm mAtmM Sctanc* 
mt itioB... wm >•* ti*^ *** *'" 
tM|. imm mHHi: Dr.. taiartai 


•ilncaUfnttl |»n" 
l:.»i:irit." joMTRai' 

: ,,;. letrell 
■«t>oi ■■!!. '"fl' 
.null IH» •» 

> M 'up a 
In IM • 


Sater promoted assistant director 

.i 1 




.!;,' .1' 

t> 1:1 


(ifl > 



1 * .* ii ' 

*.*iTrf'i was 

.:«, r»tMiUitr.tiIfteri 

.■ ..,;,:rii lutrtii'. PiJrlet 


u::..irv. lorBitrtj iMBWiimt- 

■ ullicfr «» Ihr A.:rt- 

.•;^*ts PoUt* i:M!ii«ri" 

.rnciitt., .jwaKlwI JtHii lm» 

Culler fi' CMtirvilt. ainli k 

•w* aimid'iig ntnwrCiiitfB.... 

'!' .. .r. iim tlic Aflini 

Haipte MMC >n>in l:ffT>-I«l, 
..iiKl >as. the Art)ii||l<Hi HcigMs 

; ) mt*r ut tfte V «ir in Il«l.. 

|j> coiBifif wi Harper. 

HMm wrted m ite Richmomt 


■t .■IID'IMNI ■••rtMWl m • «•■- 
■imlfiHiW •niW'Mw- llw Wm 

Worker miirderecl at N.E. Center 



lYEAK tsitl .Slerutwrii 

-■■■ ■ ■•.. me ftii.r i» 

:>ad cMiiw ilf «'illi 

., : vLifite » anil Iwttl. 

fawirlile tlw ill Off-lkwl 


HJirpiil'l' I. i>««-K,r ."." .:»-■">- 

ftitfir, tminlinnl » tl* 
IKwrtlwnie tmrnH baitdini tm 
(tat fittete 

1l.tllw Ural, 11 (It P'ltltllir 
.•Ml: «B entploje* #f Ktemsi- 
Urj Winn*' ilWrtcl tl •»«»' 
t«M lit ti«ll#i|. «•• liwx' 
Ait |(» ileitii tl the MMtitg"!. 
Mtar rimiii tatt Siratta* "'»'*' 

Piilk« !i»m llww - 
■ittUfi! t« the mtiriU'f 
teitor «il *rw» .iriwn. ctwWren 

Cwl •»» ctxictlni. nil •*« 
■.■mif 'iltrtiig tl»» •*«kea<J '" 
tw l( 11*9 wrre lri«i;.lii|; lii th-^ 
wlt'im' it'Mi'praturei 

■f the Hiwujome school M 1 


Pant t., tut mmmtim' immmf m < 

tips to Stay 
warm and safe 

Ilegner lii lie »!»•« •«« 

Technology, where it's at 

k, w wmM like 'to 


Tlito 'may npm i tf« «» m 
ud' l»re the rest, but 1 like 
teUmn Conrws like Eil|Ull> 
ii:r irt ire trk-ky liecaw* Ui«re 
we in> »m kmmtn to m pn 
'Mmt. ill! PM CM alMjt 

miMiiiif will m" 

■mivlw." W "•»>«> •"l>0 «« 
leir ■' <»r win* oihtr ••terjr ei- 
rtine, but »ciei>ce will lell J"*'" 
■jt%." "imjMiMibte." Of ■■tartjf- 

Ami Mik hm t» Mimet !»•» 
I>r»ni#it m' I rMlli* tl»« 
■ teefcnoloC »» i *t»rt •>« 
ptcle^l up a wry bad repMta 
lion, but II * really maiJe »««»« 
great imprKvemtnts m mtr 
tl»e« I'M eiaiuplfe ilo fw 
(Mnk h«iii«i«i«ei ten yean aid 
wmM bate wanted tn tap (Mr 
lamtly'i tmti nm ranTOiifavt 
mm tttm a (e« uutortunale 
liK.MMita«iftcal«. Mttcmwawe 
ntii* !>■« frmm t» bt 
retitlvel'T tale At Imig a* inty 
dM'ilciak. ^ , 

And look at (lie ear* twdajrl 
SnwlJiey'r* Mil •» bif «■ tail 
as tfcey «•« ten yein im- but 
«to CM •Hord wne o« those 
©•(wit pi giBiJert' The 
aitoniOblte todtj ill" »a»Une 
or dttm fuel Itke birtJ*' "-"kay. 
iMjtwf tbej-'re large birds, bui 
wtten «aslk> last ti»e jm saw 
• btrt itickmi *»«n premium 
omJtaileil. anyway" 

Sitre. tWry'r* all JipuwiW: 
twt rlgW (Ml tiMlaM. tn tbc 
be»n ot Wlana, there are 
KWffltiJiit »ori,mg with lowrn'' 
■Mt |r«iU to ptrtei tUt 

F«Mic naUiy of fircr *■»• 


nuclear powered car Bui 
(liafi atJ I can lell you. becaiiite 

1 couM Just go on and on 
•bout tbu but I won t. beeauw 
Im drning toward a point 
• You pr<*ablv wouldn't haw 
known that without my telling 
you, due 10 the way I led your 
altentwn That* tbe marl o( a 

Thf point l»thts: t»oy. leant 
wait lor the ipace age 1 m cer- 
tain thai many of you unders 
taid and sympathiie but tor 
lUMt ot you who dot t. Ill Iry 
to eiiptaifi 

Well, for one thing, It't the 
computer game* Space In 
vaden. Mterold* Galixlan. 
Star ThJel and scads ot other 
dewetidents or imluiionf ot 
the »me themes have all 
ortpared me to delend Cod, 
Motherhood, and Apple Pie 
agaiMt any traveling Kwrgri 
the unlvrrs* miy have to oHer 
And now I'm. <(iyi«ig to niei't » 
ttm iu«t haM nte a plltwr and 
lemme it >m 

And who cm forget the bar 
Inm iht movie Star 

Wtn? Having vwited • 
number ol really strange bars. 
I ve decided "the weirder the 
better * I mean, who wante W 
Kit an 1 stool and »itcli a t»»U 
game when you can be a p«rt «t 
the adtom. meet interesting 
people and come away with a 
lew ttories to lell' So I've wril- 
tei tn George Uca* to get th* 
address ot that bar A»»oan«t 
I've driven off the attacker*, 
that's wtiere I'm going for * 
brew, or whatever tliey oWi*. 

An beck. I m^W ■• w«^ »0- 
mlt It I was actually M*«Bt to 
tie born on another planet 1 
gueas something went wrong, 
but I've come to rMlIxe tkat I 
should have been born on a 
planet with a muck l«w«r 
gravity Around he«. I t*M to 
be what you miglit call a clod. I 
trip w»e« thews'* itotwng to trip 
on I knoclt things over 1 drop 
stuf! Eipenally money, lo If 
you've found any lately. It was 
mine And 1 stumble a lot You 
mav say tbat makes me 
human, but t personally am not 
lurtwbat thai makes me But 1 
know thai out in leroirattty. 
even I could h* graceful And 1 
feel that I »»*« t« 'twl m 

So at soon at the Ktenliita' 
art ready to shool us out there, 
I'm going I'll sell my ear' a '7t 
Swinger Jf anybody's in- 
tere*iedi, liuy m* a ticket. 
P«-k up my stereo- nnd go 
Betides. I tike Tint 

And Irom the way thing* look 
no*. it)i» world may n«t last 
that much l«ger any w Ay 

Litter - ey escore Triple park , get towed 

'PiftteiMi to 

mr mil' lack, tft 
panmm ttm m lit 
eMBpi^irtilcti:<iiflyinMigi«W'il» «i.., . 

1 'iMtdl IB''. PhMMB BMH' im 'HIBri -'' WnKn 

M - to .kMP' 'Hit' mimm mA MUtap 


Against gun control 

Im rtply i»|iNr«lllirlal, r»- 
MM Mtert. aadtlt ConiAltlM 
lor Hand Can i:Mlrol, I wish to 
•MftlMt Rty opuitoo 

Vhflf thf Comintttec litr 
■■nd 6wi C'Mtrol was on caa- 
pwa (w wccki' ago. i had the 
opportwtiy to talk wtih and 
.fallitr tnmmaiion (rom the 
aw|»le la charge I was initially 
linyreMwd with what thty had 
to sav, but at the same lime 
talier skeptical, tor (hew peo- 
n|»««nblM to any Mber solo- 
ilti to 'Hit nslfli crime rite 
■Mm "iam the hand gun ; 

So I did some reieoreh on my 
'Ow» aid discovered that lUit 
i«f»«rf "lict" tht'Cnutiilt- 
ilaiMr'ililMr U ■onfiaor 

'taaai. MMmths stf eielMal oiii 

On* pamphlet ^lliv 
ilWribulod claimed "aeoMly- 
clgtii percent ol the public 
«aata handgun contrdl," when 
!■ fiiltli the latesi Gallup 
report on rentricttng handgun 
owwnlilf. «ho*ed that ttttj- 
towr pertttit ol the p«iplc que*' 
tiMied belieifed thai tiere 
■houM NOT he a tow restrliCtlng 
handguh owncnthiip. comptrd 
to ili* lorty-oiw percent who 
laidthere should be 

The Commjtcc also clalinf 
"11,(100 fatal gtn .*eeiden<s:per 
year while tbC' flfurt releas- 
ed by ih«' Sational f ofety Coun- 
cu I* noli tm. mmt than 
TEM tmm tf-as!. And mat 

On :hehjW ot lh«' Oeparimeni 

•t fublic Safely. I would Itke to 
Mtteone the new student* to 
Harper CoUcie and alw Uiote 
Who art Mtnag back for yet 

Lail, Ml aemMter. ttiMMmtf 
etperiencfd problem* with 
parkmg. hit-amd-run aeeldewti 
and theft 

■There are twelve parktng W» 
to acfommodate all the park 
infi O'eedJ of the college com 
ffluntly These lots are propor 
wwalely divided into facul 
ly'ilall sWdeiM'viiUor, and 
m rtlcal '''handteap parking Iota , 

The l:)rpart»li) of Fuhlte 
.Sifetv has developed a lowtng 
policy lor those c«f» that arc 
parked Illegally Everybody ts 
•ncMrapd to park their 
tettilclM in Ihe appropriate 
pafklRg lot Those people 
nctding a medical parltHi| per^ 
mil snould contact Health Ser 
vice* In Botldlng A. Room m 
nreallext 3« 

Around this time of year due 
tn Ihe tnciement weather, triple 
parking has 'become ».fl' »- 
creasing protilem lor m.any 
iiudenli People risk hatliii 
their cars towed bcauae they 
■re not paying atteitMon to 
wtm* they ire parking, TbU 
can be alleviated i>y using good 
coiIi,inot sense Witch wliere 

you are parking I>o not block 
other cart from getting 'OUt ol 

thai parking ipaciH 
„Aecidi«lt.t occur more in (be 

From the 
desk of... 

John H. Srejma 

Crime Prevention Otticer 
H«. 'ptr (»ob«c. S«t«ty 

'winter months hetause of the 
Ice iind iturt) All accident* 
should be reported lo PuhWc 
Safety at est ill or W On oc- 
casion there will be pwiple who 
Have an accident but do not 
report it Thete hlt-and run 
accidents are crimmal offenset 
and ihould be reported People 
witnessing such incidents are 
encouraged to gel tbe license 
plate numOer ol the nllending 
vehicle and call Public Safety 
ai rit. 211 or W) Peopk who 
(lont report hit-and-run ac- 
cidents are only condoiting tbe 
offense and helping rate 
already hiib inwrance 

Thefli, which h,a,»e docreat- 
ed this ptst year are sllll in 
ever present pmtilem All 
theftt should be reported lo 
Piihlit Safety at ei<,i li I or »» 

Last semester a rash ol thefts 
ol unattended purses occurred 
to 'peoplf w-he left their purses 
"Just tof ,a second" Women 
should carry Ihelr purses with 
them at all tiroes or put them in 
a safe place 

Books that are left unatlend 
•ed, are also easy target* lor a 

ihlel BMiks that are stolen are 
them wiM t<a»-ii lu the book,store 
Te«tbook» tl you haven't Itnind 
out b* wow. are' ,eipeiwHve. 
liontbeavieltm ^ ^^. 

The Department of Public 
Safety it here to help you. but 
at the tame ume. we need your 
help Report crimes that occur 
Officer John H Srejma 
Crime Prevention Ofttcer 


William Eainey Haiiier College 

AiSMKniltt & Roielle Rds. 

>2allne. Itl 


:rmirJ tviEaiuiia 
,M»trtl««i» r»r<Ki«r !<ior» Neno* 

InodiEOnar JMlMart 

BmmmtmmiitsmiM €<macIIBim 
CiqiylCdIlKr ttfttdSmmm 

piiMitaM iw Uir Htrrm iMItm 
mmfmmmmmny , iMtMolwO intM$ 
tuctft OiicMc kalMlart aixl (Mai w 
•Dli. M «plMHK» «■]>■■>>«> *"F Uim* 
at tl» «ri«rr twl ml iMceiurilji tliaw 
<■( uit cvllefe. lu ■amaiiliinWHii; 
liMiU' or sUKtMit iMMty 'MvarOilmi' 
«nil c«io> UMOUnt l» • • m SlmiOaii 
•ml enfif ii aiOltci Ht «inui| Ut 
l,,««i*»ii»'im».B«itiir imisi 't» mimaj 
Nunm will !• iMlilMkMt. I 
tntormallon esii .an-ania tst 



'WM ca<iip«:ii 

TlW H*rl>iflttr im^vrf , It, lfla.M«»J 

Student senate sets goals 
for rest of year 


• Shurt If rim teate 

• P»rclia»'0|i«i»B Pirn 

• tMiBWffalt Ocliviirf 

' '••einttb'r ana 

Doo'f Live in An 

Let U'S Ta:iT:f 
il'i •. 


General Fiirnltyre Leasing 

"Cow* .' 

lOifcRifciill. t 






__I|. ^mi^ m _ ^_|_. ^imii^ ^^^^ 




inmt Aaft ftmi 

Mount Prospect Stats Bank 

' tOC 

wd'l *'llbrr ,4rrpifiJ nr 

■fjwt ihe 

'I mitten. 
' littiutiUplM 
^ Debrt Wllte, 

tfce pwhkiB, 
1 pro{M)s*l on 

' fulurr 
'!■ , n! 

"AiU* tnm Ihi' •taM'^tf 'iM 
siMlMt SMie la iMillib 
llw UHlll Ihty liiwt^Htiiiiiiit- 
Me Inpniremaiila ar dlract 
ekanftM mmiti »t Bupcr. 
WUIile tupcitt Wat # « 
ineiiiliar otlfcc itiiill' ba4y 
Da* uy grievMc* «r iiiipi 
ttm CHiceming Harpflr.. riw 
iir Ii« tluiuld contact the aaatte 
In 4tll. 

"If Mudanlt mniM emnc to 
thi totxte «tlti (Mr coai- 
platnti or conccnic, Iht Harftr 
Stttdenl Scnalc wvilld ttt 'iMc to 

Fiiiids approved for 
water main repairs 


■ ''■«'» h'U 
. .':.lll«i:n« 

iii'iiiitatiM al 

■•■liter iii*iii 

■trhwJMW to 


. •; th* pnifxned 

rcrsjijijitjHiiitt. *;«rtdlnJ to 

Mi-ii.- .V iio iflsUill swerjil dnDt 

-. hicb '•a tie mti to 

- I ■i.eidiam «( « Kiter 

rmIjii 'KtMiii reiMiri or ■MrvMng 

We (twinMiny iMiw Me oMta 

>■ ■! I * <; Ha) stiMii (lows ilie mtmk 

'}<vm:<l Mltte, ll» 'Hid 

"■■!'■ present fyilem. H 

" ■currtd til am Area 

• ■' ' '.>■'■:■ Mil ami lilt wattr 

' tx iunt4 (iH j|««r 

•>••■*, iiif rp»t Hi ■l.lie cttlleit'g 

■'i'aiei wwU KlM' t>a«c to tie 


Wkat Wit m'mut ta tin ii .put in 

l««"Bl»il»l;i|;tl||: «t¥lli." wM 

Tliii weitH alio* worim ts 
*> .iiiKedy ri»|i«H'i. a ati ticl- 
aiftil. »w* »» a 'riflim tn a 
iiM", iKwurnsd, LafliMnarya 

•»:-«: (WHO i>f ill (lUill) ntplMrMtiMW 
'■ ' am. to I (he 


CttiiewitatiM of clMMs m 
retiruary «, a Saturtlay. 
bettUK ol Uck ol wator to tltc 
entlr« caniNis. 

TiM tJil>,«t« ■Incraaaa to an 
atreadi altoratetl fM.lM. 
•tmnii at a rcsuli <i{ nhal Ibt 
aOtm iitetntatraUM ealM 
(ulliat "tonaei-vaUoB 
M.taai«" cMi to' I 

not be .lao«iv«iiiM*4 W Vm 
waiw lyataia Mag iM mtm. 
At omsinictloii, actwrdtac to 
WHIG. «iU take place In May 
tlM - 

ike place 

■liHng an 

"We're intag to have to dig to 
itglil tocathim." aald Waie. 
But he amM 'lliat lie liiyag the 
''IMia" wouM be Miuaia. 

lit nrojeci K being hamltod 
til enniimctioo wttb the State 
cainiiiuiiity Collag* CanMil 
'Dtreiopniaiii Board wkldi 
WMc .'■am ia 'MNaaaary If Uw 
mMHm n to bt .nMMmw« lar 
(he iMMt. .He MhM that Iteit 
b a 'dMNict iiiiit Iba Man win 
Ml give HaiiMr aay i 

Pnttntiy ibe Harper Boaid 
I* aeccpUng twklliig M tfee piw- 


Handgims are O.K. 

'' 'CMJimit'ftaMi jumn 1 r 

uei'MteicIl intm*. tutMiiif 
haE't'tnn' .twaeiit*,. 

■ ■■ ''I'tilled fact'" lUe 

rjive'ii •■bull :it tbe 
..,- rnw.utif rite li itpmiK 
•'.Illicit ■Itey iiti-tbyle In '11m ietat 
ti«ii HI taiiiii|iim Minriliip. 
■wUit itiiilli (litragarilni. ■lUe 
cultural 'liNKUMf 'IM 
Mwicen 'liic tn* 'OMiMaf ,.. In 

Ml'lHlltl. lUC' ItfaHMt' 'IB 

T'likf w niiiMti n«nt 'ihaa tmiet 
.1* naijf Mordcn m Jipamcie- 
A.iii«rtc'»i»l>«re is iftt B S. 

Aetmniliig In Hie Ottntll 
PiiIIH' OtprtiiiMt., 'M)| one 
kiMimiitfe' it MM' 'ptreaol «(' ail 
flnms liMt la crliM bawt 
tintit (igiitHwl hf Hielilgaii 

Tint otij' 'H'ly W't can iiie- 

cetitulii stov and rcdwe 'Ike 

btgk crime rate ta 'to rmmk m* 
iiMcm S|wlc«. Our cmnta 
~ nMk (he 
Ktrnmrn to tki 

.leiwltir of lilt crime. Ai *e 

Have diacevered to ibt pad 
tMMy yaara. rakabiUtatlM 
data nM wtrlt.. JuM laok « ifee 

iMimii 'to cfttM' h Mill aad 

.•tiMi nlMi anT'CMirto da tB 

tsMUtl la ail Uw 
latoM It b ae- 
bjr haafy tBtoica- 
t:i •illaoly tMcUIra, ouia- 
Ing em 'Miare lavac todtoad of 


''Got a car to sell?" 

Use Marynger Classifieds 

S'luilcat cltM'ilird ad:* air FB-EE. Non^atiiilcat 
ad rale-S0 cenii ■ line* 


>««• » T*» 


ito"~*V%vlii." 'ikt' IMMT 
'■puiiii iisiiKtiMi, m wnm. 

FMi. tliM I f.m. m SatuKliy, 

Ptfc. IS« 1 (t.B. AlMW«ll'«V 
tfeMa. MMUUWtog tdlMW 

««« cMiliilaMt cinlliitig. •Ml' 

'In p t i ft ml to nad, italic* a<M] 

*)«■ ■ ■'lltlfftl •W.BtltT, 

pMifiiriM)' fmii' ttm iliii« An 
■cnnipiiiift will Iw •vailiMt. 
A eitt 'Hi II jMilnrKien «■ bt 
MM'lllf tlK ■wli- 
Nft' pH' oimii In MM 

« :|lw « fMttn or '•nrktm m 
I inur »»y aHMn la- 
II, ' Midtr llM 'dlrwttMt 
«I Miin' J* WillMv ■• IM. nr- 
Hmmi *$** a, M< IS ani M 

f Mlf ilii'Mriliii' 

MftlUtlM Will 'IM 

feM IB Mnng A oti If iMiir 

■li' 'tMMlliy, FMi. a awl f,. 

I. • tM. t» « tor Ciwl 

Ownly fiiiiiiim «•« tern mi 

wHi )M 'Hit MaMk. 11 irtBMy 

Tv Wt' aililliia' to n|Miir, a 
rmwi viMbt II ]r«M' tM or 
itiii[ Iw wl' ttMi iltiiiiii (toiw,. a 
' ft 

t a 'ilK]r> pmt tu ti*' < 


■I'lM' <)Mil% tor a 
«' canwealt fiMr Hit 

n kf aMtlwm. 
Maidi 11. enAallM 'iwtnMs 
»■ k* •ktciati la ilie 
■MWrar'f (mm IB MMiig 

'■■■■I'S TfUl 

An. wgaaliatiMHl nietttai 
'Mr'iB IMMa** iTMl aiMl tWM 

ittin mil lit Mil HI Fell, ami 
pm III M-St For furttar tii- 
r«rii»«i<»a, coo.ia«l lltae* 
Mla«r. Bit m... 

Cittii^ 'OrpiM 

The WoiBM'i PragrMi W of- 
(•ring an M-ity 'mttkibo^ 
•':!"¥• Gilt » C«l OT|««l»«t, "" «i 
TilKiiliis. Feb, * IniiB • ■ in lo 

Hcaii Trtww, eaiwilMtiir tit 
Mt WoMM's Pragnni, iwl' 
Aadrey InlMMly, Harper 
CMBMlor, will iM«l 1:11.1.1 
worlnlMli dalgacd u twlD' |iar 
1 Willi mmt; Um«,. *imJ 
I ai,iii«|«iiiem TuiMoo i.». 
IK... SO (I7,».» tm iteiiitor 
dtliMi* I. .Md .laclinta lunca. 

EiKiiM- bf rdttag. Bit . IKI., 

SdilarsMpS' lnNaMi 

Setolainlitai arc miialile 
'Mr Hwiar MI-ltiM itwl: fart- 
(UM itnilaiiii. lilt tnglMcriiii, 
■'*, nceli.«al«al 
_ techiM'kiiii, ttec- 
tMttMatoo. tad' ir- 

Ava:nii.aiwliii|iiilti<iii:.. tew 
aai. niplmt bnnbt (wr <nMrtc5 
MUtNl IBitllt.t| inMleni: 

Tit M cMiiiilBnMi tor • 
•(Manili:))),. « ilMlw. WHI 
■Mir* MM'iticM S'lMMn la tiM 
rilaM dcgKt' |mi|raa] lad to 
nglalf rMi: tor hrQier relaM: 
eo'iirtrs .is M.t eurTca!: 
mutator, «ltt aa overall 
|. iwint aver'ac* <■{ K. Siitt'. 
~ of a ontiMife Mate- 

, ^ In Uirtt lacultj ; 
iMInw ■..ay tm mimtM 

MffU/tmim Bar ^ *ail« at. 
tm 'Olfto aC Flaanela) .Alili. 

n«r asm Sit. Ml ar' M. 
IM. la tli;rtt •etki aftrr 


.EiRiia Camrs 

Si Trip 


A aetting wli li* tettt aa 
Tiiinday . Fel*. * it t : a p .m . la 
iUl'lMnlRMIIi, a.|iiMia.g A (w 
al ptntat latoreaicil m par.' 
tklt>a.l;tD| ta tto ilafptr Celitp 
iMii.iii«r « tour Tito 
UMiiaicr'i tmr will visit E..fB''|>l. 
Cntn, tiratl., Turtey •Ml 

ViigMlafta. fnm iiiat IT luly 

1 mt liil laetiii* t ow.wefi 
MtiiltrTiattacniliii!. Thr tour 
.liaiici: tasrta m wvii 
■a. to Bariicr'atiiiiMti. «a<l (Lsft . 

'Hit «m 1*1 li.** eo»*if» 
.ni«iii"t.rl|» air 'tramiMrtat'liw 
tmm Cliiiaiiiia, nrci clais Mel* 
It 'TtigMlitirlia aatf (•)»§«», t'w« 
' i HI taad atd alt neiil* .ai 
traa.t.f'tM aad mmt 
EitR,'l(w, iiart ttiw 
.aiil ilMrt ei.eiinii(iac art txtn . 

Fur toirtttr la.toriii.aunn ta.II 
^Ksl IB. 

I nn cardiac 
caarciat tocliiMtois a« a carter 
iriB 'lie prtitiitof ta 'Frttoy. 
Jan.. '9 at I p.m. and Fridiy., 
F«t>. '5 at li t..iB. »ttli. iNMlaM 
«'il nicci :la tlit' Haiaat fw- 
tornance Lafctriitr)'., laiWIiit 

Parlilclf aait wU i>e glvtti .in 
iwririta «l' the (Md of cardlat 
rtlMlillKattoii' liK'Iading edacii 
llcnal rwiulreiaeat* *fid Job 
ri;si«»sitiuiti.rii ijf riri<«» post 

'Tit *iirtalKi{> will aim ac- 
iiaaM. iMMtiiUjil. ftttdni'ts. •1th a 
■ii«"» tw«>fM.r arogram in Car- 
dte EMrrtic tcciiialagy (ilaa- 
m* to iHgtii at Harper 'la tlit 
taB. 8liwleai.» catorlag lilw pra- 
tfma '»■ l>f '•orklBf toward 
tin A.ii«ici.irte to AppJtod 

Far' ■««!■ WarBittkin on «» 
•arkaliap., call Will Hoflmaa. 
DiRctH tl 'ilM Hiinaa Per- 
ItriBS'iMW»r«tor!''.. Fit. *■» 

Sli Oil 

Ski Cluli 'iMtltig Peti. I at 
lt:« M inT. Ski trip dtlallf 
■'IB bt dlMMimaeiJ. 

A tki ir^p U Tranwat aty. Twi 'Urn li 

XiicWgaa. is plmaad tor Fcfe. eanetrti if* li 
»1B. ne Mil It MB.'M... pliii a Ttomdair., Jan. 
rtlurna'ble HO. 00 latetj dai.Feb. U 
dpjMtftl Reglfttr before Jam. 

Far .d« call .Mike, Exi. 
Ill tr nam 'it Student Ac- 
IMtlttO'l'ltce. A»f:. 

IM Irivi 

Danag the winlcr oiMtlii 
titert '1.1 » greaMf 'immI 'ttr 
blMll. .il«ia.Uaai(. BIwmI 'auj 'be 
dtntttd Ml Feb, » 'brtweeu. I 
■ IB *wl t p ro . ill ,4S4l 

Opiri Triiiie Ti Appir 

Tb* K(:>rl.!!(wesl. chapter ti 
Li'i'ic Owrii ol Chteago will 
prtitnt tilt .Fort Dttrlwm Par- 
|.»l>le 0|wra 'Treupt on Ttian».- 
daj'., Ja.B. ii at. i p m . In .P3N . 

'Tht» compan). ot yauag 
itiagrrs wi!) prriiorm tnntiable 
aiMl »ri.ii..s Iro.ii'i operatic 
iilertlurf intludlng "L.a 
B'tihtme," "Ln T'ra^iatt.." and 
''''B.l|'tti:r ' Wiiltrr Hirc'h'ntr 
ot ibe Sbenwwd H.'Uti.c: Setoat 
IB Chltt.|ii» wit bt'itrralur and 

For turllitr taftirmiilOH. ct.U 

Mng. «nai«d on 


Jan. «. la a 

M.aadlnga GrM 'omitelan IMS 
GaoiMa. Atrlea. He .ii a .par- 
tmma m ttit hara, a n- 
atnagiid tutt-liarp. aa well as a 
pltarist, iBoutliliarp player, 
(toger aad campowr Ht baa 
rectrded two loio albuini and 
ptrtomiMl oa tlit aaund track 
oC'RoatslI " 

Th« Feb II minlcanctrt will 

fc.ii'ure tlaMic mtrtinblat 
.Leigl) Ii»«a.rd Sttvent. A 

|radiia.|« at tht Eaataan 
Seliaal at ll.u>lc, Sltient .kaa 
'perimed In 'recltali and can- 
can*: .Ilk Eyropc and the Uallad 
State* aad alaa glvaa. aaaler 
c'liMct .and »orkalMfi U 
ualTenHiei and lelMMa' nf 


Balli minl-cancertt miu be 
.Md a( 11: IS p.m. In PHU. For 
turttitr latomalion. caU Evt. 


gnaia it rtqnlMd, aad 




Snowman Building Contest*. First prize $50. 

Judging based on creativity. 

fimm South of BIdg. A 


Sted Race*. First prize $50. 
Judging based on best time. 

Neon South of Bfdg. A 


ffocic Video. Featuring Blondie, Rolling 

StoneSf Jim Morrison Documentary, 

fs.m. and 2 p.m.. T. V. Room 

Learn about: The Latest Equipment/Skiing Tips/ 

Equipment Maintenance witti Jotin Churman 

Noon Room 24 lb BIdg. A 

y u 1 1 p c n A Y F F R R 1 1 A R Y 1 1 

In Concert: Ptiil'n tfie Blanks and Loose Lips 

$ p. m . L ounge, B Idg. A 

'Rtgi'Stra'H'On begins January 21. All 
.•ppl'icattons must be in by Ftbrwary 4. 
R.oles and regiatr atlon forms are 
availabl* in A336. 


Ilw H,«rtHn(|»r, Jttnunry J», ItW, P«g«t 

Luncheons designed for honor students 


tnd illKiiii:- 

tunc lleuii -.,.m:--lui:c'J mji 

FrtniMj 4 

Ttie liiBdiiHJiini will tK' tielil: 
four tiiBM ftf leaiiiiittr ia ihe 
fincuitji' aiBitBg r««i ia h 

'ieeiBii' tins n the (ir- 
y«i- iif lh# (inifriia, jipfiro- 

pc(,'t(i-: •■> •ttet!<! tp- 
cib»i>r;,:i ■.oiii !' 
it«»i>ci;;i;ii' '>'"■•■'■ ■ 

ttlW DT ■ 
fcliBor '-. 

tUM IHMH urvvlMt 

with the id- 

^ ^li« mm 


liiiTiaiitofi, Dtai 
'- Md iciicl*! iteleiice, 

James McGntli. 

ikh (if Campus R«li»- 

: t-m kaw l»«tn 

. :..:..:. prngran it 
stwtenti .uid tn- 
:;)eulti> Mil fttn 
(aculiy nemben 
nfitbiWy to tnylte 
;;:iii Uiey (Ml mmM 
■>in tte pwBrtm,'* 

Woflieii net^d to plae careers, says Palmer 


ei.»«r* IB I'SiiiKIs ttuM Ravr ijjwxs 
••ruitif MteaiUal, tatd l>(>ta 
Jtan nlBiM', miacute 
itmmt at BagllDii.. 

SIH hiiMl IM« Ml WiMM 'iDC 
•tMf lipr 'AMWUtte Mil 
eianwr' plMinliii fm wrnitmt m 
tm&^ol ImmihImHs. 

"Tilt' 'iwiiit »■■," ilie i»,i(l. 
"that VMMI an i»t ptaiuititit 
«r ciMMliig tteir cureen witli 
clw llMMiilii «r {wislbttly In 
iiiM wl' Ming tiw Itead dl tin; 
MiMiMli Mffia, In: tet, tlie 
MfMllaglt' at 'WMiM' 'Wtm am. 
IwgMW'tirtry jrnr" 

M ■ nwiit ■! thla. uid 
Palmer, ««wm tton'i: plan 
alMwl Mil tal'tn (tovctaii skills 

te hW^l' *'H*i*r*i atfrwwf rl^tf* |'wn'**("T i 

btiiti' sctK»l (trailuate* wen; 

mftlai 'HMR iiMMy itan 


'""Iljr tlmmy is tt»t women 

.pilaii' tlwir canwir* as 



ttoUigti Ui0y liight tat ctK mtk 
kmd at lite bMMlkslcf «r ttit 
Miit'iNiirtt' #t iimumi . ' " 

"'Tron mm of tlw MttMlcs, I 
b«lt«t« thai the gr««teit«r of wesMB an still lut- 
eal, title MtnlarW pirn rallwf 
tiMB !■!• aiaiiaiMMnl aad: 

••rlBf atii ir 

SliiiM <iifii;|>Miag 'hat diswr- 
tatlaii aiMj rtceMng b^r 'dor- 
'tiirait. Palmer li»is aot writh«B 
BiiMj- pafUTi She laid istie is 

I'llfl: iMgiMliig til ItM) like 
wrttttg tif aia 

"t am tbiiikliig a( writtiif a 
paper m l'hilli|is l.*r* im» 
•riwiItlwtittwHcttoB all plac^ 
wl kOtkap aM Evanston. 

Falaer mtm likes (a read 
detteliw aiKt Bif»iei7 Itctimn. 
teaches a detetlive llrttoi) 
coB:r«e m addilwri lu lingllih 

"l treatisd flie det««;U¥e (Ic- 
11(111 courte Tbe lint oMine I 
taigbt wm at aa tiiteii.111 here 
tkrec m four |ean agd durtng 
tlie Chrlsisai vacaiiiw 

We bad' a two or tfcreu we«lt 

citt.r:te e«»erlog a whole 
leiutiter. It mmmt t(» mt •• 
went to ndiiiol tntn. « a,m.. l« n 
(■> HI, Tins talerlBi'.! h«« 'tmm 

-''rontliiiiMtd, but I have taeii 
. hing it 'the coiirsf" (WW 
suice, " 

WhCA ibe tt not tc^cMag, 
Paiiuicr llfcn In ate playi and m 

If I¥(>'l 

" I invt'i to the Carlbtea* a 





I nLnlilit r LMtn 
Rf, 14 AT HfCKS RD.^ 







(S^ BOfCTIiaN * 






IMMt 1)11. i haw ■ cDHliMninliiiii 

at St ThMnas. I haw tmm to 
■nglani]:, to .Spam, to Grwre 
ani tn • beautltul |»lace la Sici- 
ly called Taamitiia wDleli kat 
an usuiiual Ptmnilti chuirclt. 

•■ Aiy ciiamee ! get, I will go," 

Palmer hat tii:nse SlanoiC' 

eala, dawn Irmn the tmm ttm 
miM' owned. 

Slie ha* tiDO itwi|Mara aad 

"I am a ster«oty|»e grud- 
liMitlitr," slie said, "witta the 
mmt adorable, bmM beauUfid 
•ad moat adwancad granddiUd. 
Iamen)aylos«veryi ' 

Maaiik««afd ta Oall 'BaUafd^^ 
_|Baf .raoali^ad Cba adMflaiahlpa Cram ttN 
AMOdathMi of Chicago ( photo cawtety of campua 


flNPi'Aii TiMi 

Experienced Bielwa new director of personnel 

iQf ifOHA PKjllTOff 

MM Ms JMi ■• M'iHMMi at. a 
CMNaMMtjr ealltgt Hms m m 
taOmtnat or llaanelal imtia- 
"m in all ikey aiv $imy 

iDHcli the saai«," iw tatd 
"Human rdatjoni arc hiiinan 
rttattons You treat people tlie 
vay you mint to be treated " 
tald tM fees the per 

tIapaftiBcnl functloninit 
aa a imrlce arganlzstion l« the 
eaUene provMlini an envtran 
■MM arere all einpio)'ees 
<lactill]r, claiatfM staff. 
tednieal and prolettioniiii 

tn a tlluatinn mU o( 

RIcticsil Irownllioiiglif he 

■■ ^.. .,1. «.; ■,}., -3tin. 
■tsseijn Ti ,i»j " im i>«.rtik 

'•elKKi. n WjU t«tBt*»,lf*..; 


Put youf mofwy wImiv 


M ■»( f'ICMtWiC K» W-H* I » t 

"II. (or eiaaipk. 
needed lioaptlal care or 
mrdlcal attention," lie uld. 
"our departiRcnl slionld makr 
Dure thai wl>en Ihe bills come in 
to us. we take care nf them as 
quttkly a* possilile." 

"Or It we needed to hire a 
new (acuity member, we would 
work with 1 search committee 
to gel in quaiilied candidates 
The better people we get witlim 
tile tyilem. the eacter II is lor 
all of ui working m that we can 
provide a quality education (or 
everyone in whale»er field o( 
endeavor ■• whether ll be a two 
year deicree continuing educa 
lion or KRfltsh as a' second 
lamtuane " 

DWwa. »lMi look over the 
itirMiorililp M January I. mM 
he li still in the pnetw ot 
rrviewmg all Ihe poliC'ica and 

prorediiret that relate 
■pcrllicatlylo Harper 

'I think the (unction a for us 
un the department) to seme 
the entire college community m 
whatever way possible, 
whether through compenxation 
ot benefits through recruit 
menl, through information pro- 
cessing or whatever «lw i* 

He acknowledges that he baa 
a critical poaitlon 

"U l» a postliofi which 
repn'senis both employees and 
udm mist rat ion and a penoo tn 
(his posllinn has to listen equal 
ly to both groups 

I don't mean lo separate 
groups." he added, "hecauae I 
consider II as a tamtly We 
have te wo'rk in Mir chosen prO" 
feisiont, so iel'a work together 

i ice a lot ol pmitlve p«vle 
here; pcopte wlio are contani- 
ed aiNNit liw eiillc«e and I flnd 
tiMt a very ggod attoatioii." be 

When he la ml working at 
Harper. Bielwa likes lo play ra 
ijuet ball or go cnwa-axmtry 

UnmarTjed. Bielwa does a lot 
at Iraveliog He baa been 
tbraugb Canada. Alaska and all 
along tbe tVeat Coast When he 
travels, he enjoys taking scenk 

■I have a picture of Lafee 
Louise which I took that usually 
hangs in my oirice, but I don't 
have it here yet 

"i have a iol ot pictures that I 
look at and say 'Oh that's terrl 
ble • Like everyone else 1 
make mistakes taking pic 


Harper has access to 
tool and die program 


Tool and Die makers are 
highly skilled and paid 
workers THey set macblncs in 
do a precise cutting or shaping 
ol metal or iron These 
machines are then run by 
machlnisis, less skilled 
workers, who cut. shape, and 
bend the metal or iron by ninn 
ing Ihe machine 

Now. Interested Harper 

studenli can enroll in a tool and 
die casUiif prtjgram which Is 
being ollered at Triton College 
m H,iver tjrovc 
Mr .St«!|»*irn faltin Hid. 
Tool and Oli! isn't offered at 
Harper and never has been 
There is wit a very high de- 
mand for It. and lo start a new 
pnigram would be overwhelm 
ing^and (airly eapenslve." said 

Kalher than start a Tool and 
Die I»TKifram. tl is in our best 
IntarMt lo permit sludents in 
Mr dWrlet. interested in that 

lleld ol study, to go to another 
school," r'atlln added 

"We have been sending 
students lor the moat part to 

Triton because tJiere are more 
opportunitu-s and offerings m 

the Tixil and Die area," Catlin 

Or Dave Williams. Vice- 
President of Academic Atlairs, 
said that, "Many vocalionai 
programs are high cost and low 
Incidence programs, but 
Harper never likes lo delete a 
pragram. htil aoniel tmes has to 
becuae of 'Hie ■cmO, mcb as Uie 
Tool and Die Program " 

By »i:-iHlin.g »tudri>li to 
Triton, they still pay In dlslrict 
rales bec.»u« Harper has a 
Coaperalivv KdiKational Pro^ 
gnm with Triton 

"A Cooperative Education 
Agre«!mcnt is a torm ol trading 
educational opporlunltles," 
said Catlin 

"Antther school permits us 
to MMd students lo them 
wllhwit oitl of district fees lo 

the student and vlia v«ria." 

CdUeees are obligated to 
either oiler a program or if not, 
pay the out ol district cost (or a 
student m the community The 
other option is being on a 
Cooperative Educational 
Agnsemenl such as Haiper is 
with the Tool and Die Pnn^am 
with Triton 

Therefore, Dr Williams said. 
"We advtae Tool and Die 
studema who want to take the 
course to take tt at Triton lor in 
dislrtct feea." 

r'robaWy. a relativel> small 
number of students are bemg 
SMit lo Triton for Tool and Die. 
■aid Williams 

Httwever, many olher pro- 
grams are also on Cooperative 
Educational Agreement such 
as DenUI Hygiene. Medical 
Laboratory TeehnoloiQ' These 
programs, according to 
Williams, proluibly have more 
students enraUing in them 

JAU rODAY MUSA SUSO traoi Ganibia Atrtca wUl nertom i 
day aitt: U In P^W. Sim haa reconM attnima and was iMtn 

track tar Ifet Rooti. O WtvWoa icrtal. Ailiiilaaliw far today 'a i 


I or Ihe Sound- 







v'> I'tWHin-'iimaM iwriiiriss. 

lll,llll-fi(lllC»rt Ml F»:. !,l. at II' IS » PliS, 

emirtnij i»{snnlisi!t Acti^tiiiia; 

Words of 


Sunday. Feb, 14 

gnut 111 tint" 'V 



Creation verdict probably won't affect 
college biology courses: experts 

iTTUt ROCK. AJt -Tht 
eilerti <flm,rict, ..-auit nitinii 
attnmnuat an AHuhihs Uw 
re«tlnn( pntnary «m1 aecon 
ilirr KlMMb to tearti (Iw ma 
UuBiM view of lifr <unf{iiM pro 
MMy »<ia t bjkvr much of *n i-l 
l«ct on coUcccs whrrc irea 
UontMH «tlt) ham t mi^- mari> 

HJbwrvwi ^^n 

tra taaiing (mm. iwirt c*U«ft 
oratoMr* wlw vani to 4n *. •* 

»ai BUim was unaMt iw tmme 
any <ip6f iIk- < ompuMs that 
havf aitudlly jdciiplc-d cre« 
iHHiimi vB Ute tast year At thai 
'inr rallege* like i«w« State. 
Wc«t Valley CollettF near San 
Jmm. Sao KraiiriKo State ami 
Michigan Stjtc hjrl instructors 
tcacfilng tbi- iheixv af divuw 
■-rrjiLwti alociti w till ( V alulhm 

Vow n"1.|ji<pri .iFf.lidlFd iHii 
■-,(i>!>ha iiiiihi rrca 

J V'» 


'IlMl iiiouto kaaa't aJwayi 
I. In a napomip 
at oUmt (acuity 
memtMrrs cwiiacted (or tltln ar- 
iiclr. Indiariit I niverilty 
lanKuiF tjiology protetaor Or. 
Thaoiab Kautmaii t«dw (kat 
creatiuitntm "hImm^ be taagM, 
but in the c<mtexl o( rdl^wi. 
mit irf-Knce 

'Cnauaniam It a nllfiaus 
virw. aad da**' aat liava a :|rtaee 
in the acicaM dtilfiMMB." 
dignm Wayne .ItofWi.. Iwad of 
th<- NalMHiai AiiWiiatiaii of 
F*i'>ii>t!i TeaclMn. 

!• VI II M San Franctao Stalt. 

.> I'lirii t-re«tl)ioiats oftan cHa ai 

> "•»» mfldel" tM»m BMdlgjr 

'■'!>> Chairman Dr. Pami 

'<•-!! Myt dlvlna 

.s iwietly 

.^.;.i. (>UiertlwNlas«iili:ii|M«h 

pie have (.iiiialilaKit over ttie 


CaUeiii! teitliMk puMUlMra 
ato nforl nflatively little 
frwMU're ti> laclude crea- 

(iraod piano purchased for J-143 

'i*f l;h» <»fiiMttliM playtd 

titrcr.-fi! iitjciii* ittthm tlir 




-..:,.;;: Alberfii. 
■-■ n»u»ie*i|iart- 
nember af tliis 
■' a aaiiwi «ai 
■>til oil tmttiMi 



--r vttm 

..:i|i a 'new 


"HiHi «ay, a pad iriaiM will 
•Inaity be m staia ready la 


AltMrin al*> ita'lad k .har 
imimi la the 'BaaiH Mat. 
"Steinway ts itili Hit tif nMBe 
111 concert Grand .PiaaM 
Bwatait' o( the mkiim SMmay 
erailtanaaifelD and lapdatiaa • 
iMm* ttf tmat - SMnway piaiia 
»t« nolad tm (Mr owiMaBt 
((uaiiiy, TtMMHi graada ai*'.itfaa 
M'M iw iMr aicaUant: 'Mm 
quiiiity,. keyboan) aoUmi. and 

: 'leaf vole lnf," 

At iii-eiietil, the piann la 
iMaM M Bid« p due to can- 
■IrwItM work that Is taUag 
place In JW TIm plaao wilt ra- 
natu In Bldg F (or the t«- 
ntainder of theMineater. 

St,at€* s€*ts law tO' catch 
ediicatioii loan defaulters 



Q{teniiifts lor CdJil C^re 

CMiiw I'-S in... I ikMierpirlM 
■as) l« iitiie'i iraiiiftii. 

." .'.rv paying 
. ...«l to ftHMt 

!•■.,. ,. 

;li'm)'i.i Is 

til* 1': 


' K... , 

.UKt lilil 


<*•■»:•. TIM Mar'MKf*'. immmw it itm 

:Off Beat: 

The best and worst of '81 

Cut-out collections, 
a varitable gold mine 

It 1:10 Mr I«. mmm 
mmtm ttm » muhm m m 

Mlainct Ml>il«ncf u> thctr 
gMtnttiC' ews^iii. tittft«»- 

"Alttrfi llilti" <n«*««» 
ttchnlcsilir •letting ««•««• 
villi I uwft proKHjnu «'*»■ 

Rlakir Eil«*rt» "S B 
liMcalh * tHiMg Mtirc on ciw 
pl|rlMa4M. mmw imlimr*. 

ifirtiiliM Mis 'Of Klafittlch l» 
^m» the iiu<!i«Kt tngirft 

Ttir iunner nt Ml UrMgtt 
m i»ttrwM«ing, matfH^ 
miMi'iB tyrt •:> "*llikl«ri »t il»t 
Intt Arl" •nd' "Suiwrpui 11. ' 


MttMilt uw* «•* ■•' *"**?" 
IMb toUw: 'Hi*. Ate A'Us * 
"TIM' fmrliiMti" |>ro««4 to 
ctpi' • UMit 'idiit naiiiml. 
tiMiu, <M pM amUtiKM' a 

The CtifW»ii MWin 
:Mtiig|it 'lu ■ atsi^ *>•• (■*' ■*■ 

fi|«** •id. i»t 

TIM ' »(fneltltt IMKi 
-RoUnvw." -MaiHiMn." tiiil 

lilt's Mt aai «w«t" Tlw Ictt 
m ttfdtr ol 

M motet W Wfi «TT - 
Dwcw Sidnty Uiuel Iim 

■If. OMk Uie reminilw t'tal 
Liiiii«l iiiJ t do«<i iw »•»• emmi 
ei(!tll«i mmim ilk* "■!*••''- 
»«.rk " -Laiif Diy't Irnnny 
Into SiglH " ••«il I>o« Dij 
sriernwo'ii." "i*' *««n<l«" i' 
htll (fver slop Hopefully lli»i 
will tmtn i"ffl«<! l«e Alttr lee- 
mt mwj «Iir«<"t«»r» **'*' '" *'•• 
man »m»errl«l»y iKr»cll»» 
•nd ariWKlilj weil pri)l«ct». 
« » g«MJ i« »•• i«m««ne •'>° 
can iltll rwnim armtically 
*ln>n« Actor Tre«l Wlllimi 
lifft t Bwoerful pertormtnct 
ta kami li««n .iccil MM Oil* 
1 1 ATl..A?<TtC CITY ■ ■ very 
uttl <toM drama «'<(.» On* 
btacklf eminic twh** that wll 
tlH mry o* '*» FoP'* •'""^' 
LaiKaalw. Siaaia Sarraiuton i .. 
.nd tWr «i«m««i »ttl» «■'»• 
Uti* an - One itrtttt l»r •i»at it 
Cffiiitd IX We. and lit* «H»«r 
Ktaflng vl>a( It «as like l»" 
eaattr »(iine» as tl»e old imaU 
tlmetMKKl LoiiisXitl*dlr*cl» 
•tth mutii depth and 

f 'Kmrs of the lost 

AM Dirertor Sl;e»eii 

Spicllifri has ma4e the hm 

vtiuall} and teciinicatly es 
aiag Wm al the year Ce«rr 
Lucas pwl'iiced Ihii tlim-liatg 

7NhE rOUR SBA»0«$ - 
Mmm Alda *ri»tt aad (Hrectad 
!MU ti.iHtrt<iiee« ttiiaedV'drama 
atMMi ihe rel»l»i»til.|>» *et' 

•••II a gruyp rt ■ln«*s iw 

f Mi-Aid*. C»»l B'urnell. J«k 
Weston. Kit* Moreno, ten 
Carton. S«ndy D«nm.». »i»<i 
Be» HiriMlniftl *« outstan.- 

i ,' TAPS K deeply tell &io.ry 
ttaut »> academy lio*- 
lU. down, and the young men 
«ho take mtt Ihe academy lo 
keep It from cIo»Iii.k Harold 
Becker's direction and itie 
cinematofraphy by oi»m Ron- 


TATTOO A toughaWy bad 
»M»peiue-Hirlll«r "ith Bruce 
Dern and Maud Adam* A 
erode rip ofl of »»• idea behind 

theniii)."Th»Collectaf ■■ 
SEICHBtmS Aa apaltngly 
had lilwe thai leaves you *)th 
• witr laite of dumh (lapspttik 
John Beluahl * Dan Akyroyd 
»tar m ttiis pile ml manure 
TIME BASDITS A movie thai 
rohhed many people ol their 
time and moaey *tt«i » "> 
tetlnenct or ••lertatitmeni 
HEAVY METAL Two heavily 
prelealioui and contrived 
pictw o( animated garbage. 
"Pop' hrlngji out all the tioring 
cliches about Hfe'» struMlei in 
muitc. .and "Metal » 
iKplHitlcaUon goes no larifter 
thM •••'«»» man *»»nl >nat 
ewettenl. " »*ellit»JM! t 

Hution engmssimg ia **Taps 


^'ttf Ml will WaililUT' 

T«kPS i» a mmw: ihat ■mO'Ve* 

• lib a grace dial entolMMU)' 

and ptM. pr4i|m»»n"«tiH car' 



rWid r Better mm m taut 

.|kait ID. lilt ('B«e«l fn 
Kall«ial)| and *wuatly 
'iMitag lite tlanre that the 
I CaM Major 'Ttt»ot»j 
nt tak*s.. Becker ne»« 
_™_._.. dowa eipJatnliiig 
UVUMigteal «•«"*,«',•• 
Miiiig man «I an eait eaitl 
mmm ma«mf iniat*** »■ 
IMr' atniiilt it p»t»«iil l»t 

HiitiaM piayi a ^fmm 
mmm mam •!>« '^ »»»- 

■,0Mi IV ^IIW' *»«>•«» Cenerat 
.OMtftC. Still' tntmehijh 
rank it Cadat Malar, m 
a Ml 

.™*i. Be'imnillndaanliwim»(if» 
piM It «lo« iheir 'BonkKr 'Hill 
.Aeademj" The owtien plan t* 
ijuSld eond€iiii»lui»» ^^tt »»t 

It critict m m mmit lacto 
commentary m «««•'> 
.i:c,«de«w», It iliwW •»• 
KiliiMtatd 'lor tt retortitf la p 
imit Whariilc *qiiai*lw oi» l!i« 
preaartatnin of the miliian »■ 

iBitaad. "Tapa" » a« 
eagnMing.. »■•» drama that 
up III a treweido ol 

.^.„*r cotiWI (Mtt be w 'heller 
hainii «ih anftiit •!» »« 

tlMiii.aMfT'aV»« O"**, ■"**" 
Man THctr cttilalwratin m 
"Ttie Onton Field" afai a da.rk. 
•llectiM draifia thai captured 

m mm mt 'W#ii. «< *»• 


In '"'Tapa" Roiltii..Bn iliwa 
tut majeitlc letltng of ita 
ywtng *#« ' M'littaiii' when Ihw 

take vm ttic ac.adM.jr •Kit 

torce Late*' » » the tllin. 
Rufinaa dot* a 'liim in fhowtng. 
the once prmid. ilrang 'force 
thmklnf There are woitier- 
ful. descriptive ihoi» showing 
ihf 'smmg, m.tB in deipair that 
tn ttieir quite way «iap m your 

One iceae *l»ere iwal u* 
afarcainm aHicial* «a« la 
.irrtM Biftti" lor claaring ottl 
at »ar»«a™«* of ••apaiii.. 
lotinaa »h>«* » liowiiigte 
•hot a! nmm m the Iteregwnd. 
and the ot.l>er ittdentt m the 
barkfiPOtimd an lite second floor 
arned and ready lo «oot 
Htwei-tr. Baliman hai the n- 
(•llcni laaWtnce oi Mutton 
ttultom dJiplayi. the maj«i.K 
yniilh •«« wiraMl'ltng em.o- 
itonaBy. and conwyiag a 
diaillwioo with compaaakiiri 
HoltM II. ti deflnilely the 
y#un| actor to waleh to *• 

-Tana." i* a niitiury ^rana 
•lileliliari|)ii.aim«* type and 


Hidden deep «.lthln ••■ 
recesses ol J'O'Ur favori'le 
record emporium Ites a vail 

Far a»sv trom (be pressure 
popsiuiids'otSlvn HEO Speed- 
• agon, and Journey top sellers, 
malts the cut -out 

In lavman » terms, the cut 
out IS ihe recording that has 
been diKOunled because ol 
tales jacket defects, or over- 
production , ^ 

Although not all record shops 
have cut-oat collections, many 
carrv at least one or two racks 
nt marked down mwtc To the 
audlopblle or to the discerning 
Uitener. Hit-outf can pack an 
earihoi ^ . 

While meandtrtng through 
my lavorlte mustc mart. I fell 
upon Ihese ottscure. classic cut 

VINYL The last ol recording* 
which eaUsis the talents ol 
Jack Casady and lormer 
member ol the Jetlerson 
Airplane Jorma Kaukonen 
Top tracks include the acoustic 
interlude ot -Water Song' along 
with Mesltation Blues and 

VOLUME TWO im-ima 

meshes ihc heavies ol the m- 
dustrv into one cmtstandrng 

compUation of |»n Volume 
Two looks at the music o.r John 

Coltrane. TheJonlous M:onk. 
Mtl« Diivis. Jimmy Smith. Art 
Blakelv and Sonny Roltms 
Saucv ' and scinilllattnt. 
•Volume T«o' is made especial- 
ly lor ttie | an enthuslait. 
TRB TWO An earlier alhtimt 
with the Tom RoWiiwn Band 
which teatiires some lively. 


. .on music 

almost ominous compoiltlons 
Tom Robinson as you may 
remember did some work on 
the Secret Pollcemans Ball 
disc, along with a very driving 
album last year 

DIEBCT Recorded m \m 
with the aid ol the international 
Rhythm Band. Live and Direct 
Is the eleventh alhum lor Taj 
Mahal Since mi Taj Mahal 
has been singing his happy 
songs and Live and Direct is 
no exception 

WIRES IS an earlier album 
from the people who gained 
recognition in Wl lor their 
•Black Sea' disc which lealured 
Generals and Majors 
Rougher than their latest 
album. Drums and Wires Is 
lilted lor the new wave en- 


LOOKING BACK This three 
record collection tracks Slevie 
Wonder i musir History from 
mz to 1*71 .^ truly enjoyable 
piece of work, the \toti:.un leel- 
Ing surrounds thf listener 
One thing to remember *hile 
buyng lOur tavorllc cul-out col 
let-ti«n* Is lo save enough oJ 
your budget. lor that all-time 
ravoritc Paper Lace with The 
Night Chicago Died' 



to be sbowii 

tttaBaffcr'Callai* Prafnni: 
•Ml hf " ■ "' 

COOTC Pfttjl^ 

iiaetei rrt 

I hf HMxrlng I'M «f 
Bnttrt'a tMl 
_ P*rtday, Jan It At I 
p.*. -■Ca.saManea'" ttarrtag. 
Botart: and Ingnd Bergman 
wli ht shown Kl W p.'m. the 
tttit of the detective Ht«k»''The 
Mallei* Falcon' ' will bf iHawn. 
Starrinc Boga.n, Umf Aalnr. 
'Peter Larr«.,. and the .IMmMiIi 
Sydney CtMnstreet iMa M a 
WMt. In fin. M'li and. pa#:l« 
mal. iwmiii. lar an tnlartaining 

« wfa »notjf W"»% •^^**^;y \ygf ;;•.;",.: ,5i/ Vi-j?' '*■■*'' 

Tty Jim Martin 

i»ij»oixr»< ''"'= *'«»'■■' v«eitl 


No empty space with the Blanks 

"I'm 90' #w»r (»t Mil' 'Site "J tmt 

iiM ^'I'h^ Mn:^' H ^"''^ H^'!''l '^*' ^*H' '''"''^ 

till fnat eit}' «l CMc^afn )• 

'^wM: l>y Pill BlBitilii tltai 

ii*pr ami wwniiiite' Inr Hit 

•t ! a nk 's PWt Riwtttlll UM , 

.'. " ' • ■ i;;-'- ''kr 'Vi- 

.■ -'■!■', iinii 'Ou 

;ii:::i w iinlrn to mew 

-rt tie t«!t ■»• 

.('•at to the errttlc 

■ Blank* have lUaa 

-.limit o(tliC:lr 

; clutM. iMn, 
!■!? feh'Tl'iion. 


tl tl t fM. tu Um Miiiat 
C«iMr LMidit tf A BaiMteg. 

MmMm for mt evwt to 
mill' tiro doti«« fM* HwTw 
itiiitniti and time (Mms inr 
Uw puAlk Along with Mlil N' 
Tlie Bikitks will be the "Hiiafl 
Up On 'pop" MHuidf of r 

Up On p 


ivai arAflfvii'iAvatel* 
-vurdslroin •OuEsi'" 


I vomic Nightmare * 'Neighbors," 

a liad dream 

ranj . n n a«nn!Bi viiiwr :i./«iigr 

Wrlttitiit bj Lam Grfbait 

For ttw Weiltiar or WMavw: 



Ivfliil 9 ialll'B:8l! 


jdMjhl itflMlk jiHk oHlk jJHU JMML gmiliii, ,jm|||U|^ ^giy. ,MHbL 


a4r|iMit iwmntMt twanuM ii*e> 

imw Mt-lo-ifctii im ■lltefcif.imi «»«:: - 



Out' MaWMl tikMsiMillti* mh §t«* 

niw ■•• f «ii tmmt i» tr»i»i» aiKiiiii 
all' Hiar* i* to' ifet tmit ild m 
HMilgiiK.. Call fe«liii««M' I ■.«!■. 

•Bid S' P «■ *" *i "'' ■»«<»m|:i»¥ 

Ihrowffh ''' 

U ICH li, AN i ii Al'' L L li L; K t AU 


iter li 

Jsbn G 

.'.eraUy In • 
mart- lironjiind type 'Of CMlk 

I'liiiuiMUiig. Imtmi Hit iialnf a 
moK lubUe. 'iili'iwinat'ktMl ap- 
pmaxh wMch Is r«(utr«(J tM 
sitfrf, thev Jim for ihe taaoe 

■ ■ ■ • .- ■'■■• iaia that ir» 
>hU iH>U'i>,i><it> Ui adapt taiUifttl" 
Ij tWiia, the iw'vel nl wtiich tli:ii» 
n«¥te It ttatiMl on. That dalm 
•ioma't Jtiiiily 'tiM film'* 
>!'uptdtt)' Tbe tMMik kai> ar- 
iiculatcly dtacrlM tlw 
panmla in ttxltf'a '.aittarliia. 
Titc prtnitit lat alrMrtw bMn 
•(4l«l, and Mw It it l«(l to 
Gciliart and Alf 'tiiMn to verbal- 
ly Hd tKuaUy irantlaie tht 
tMoi'i mMiUig. .HMnttr. tlit 
nocie wip«. out any hlM «( 

tatiric torn aad pet M- big 

AMMiiIi tile writer and 
dfnelor can not tte wieiy lila»- 
ed lor tbis turkey. Beiaihl and 
Akyroyd play out "NeigUMn" 
Ukt a iMii and borlag SniHrday 

flMre to M MprMM to 
mate tkli W ■inaitm ot 


m'nEng toHf ta-MtJ 
aad AJtyioyif act 
ciovaa. HtfalHOy KtlgMwrs' 
win oMive tar away. 

Thto li Uw worat lalirteai 
BiMt af fUa la a hmg. laag 



/■X 'ffilil'VA' 



Homemade Italian Beef 
OtJier Great Sandwiches 


*1 lffl:,M-9. Sat, WMJ: im. It'! 


•roup ON < 

FreKh Fries or Oiiai 

■ill tattaa il S«l«icl Ml IrUt 

jnm U'Bii!! rmn Hn) 

Vj Man: (I rtt%t ra* 

Pitt tt Tiw MrMnfir. 

Hotel manageineiit 

■■■■Mratian «lflclali m cm- 
dWCDM.* IMrttillty mrvey. 

••tl» taltt iiiaii«|e«i>«i»« jiro- 
nrn «til ItJKh students to 
mafet purefcti**, l>»»n <»»» 
qiitlft sfft r»t»». "••"J* 
matinepjiiic*. »•*»"••''»'> 


'but tt would be 

t to eipert griMliuilet 

HairCcliia «i|NCta m*iA 
nwNi to be W«b*ven w«*»r 
th*i> tX»i «" f««« «"'« 
inanar«n«'". ^** "**' * '"'*'' ** 
owdwtoii or "WW"'"*!! . . 

SUicf *€• earl)- »lit<es. bolel 
fxpauiitw IB the »rei has been 
twomM« WMI h<>««l» «"' '^ 
rently BlMler (>«■"" »r cumntc 

BefatC' ■•• 'anMram i* 

ptaneiitMi. lawral proce*ire» 
l«ne«i(siry If the teastbllitj 
mrvev »!«>«» thai Ibe proijram 
MiMilii h* beneficial, an atJ 
»liiim committee will be (orm 
ad aiid the eurnculum will be 
.lesigned and coordinated with 
Hie academic departments 
The urOKTim must then be sub 
ntitted U> the State o( Illinois 
Cwmmimity Colleije Bcmrd lor 

The eariieit dale lor the pro- 
gram to bef in win prDbably be 

Harper beats Lake County 


U»e Cwinly contiraied to 
iMsi the ball u«lil » seeonds 
i^mained That s when 
RofBlski. the Uncers e (oat-8 
center misinterpreted •■oacb 
Bruce Smith » fraoUe screama 
of time out" for "•hoof" and 
put up a brick from 1 5 feet 

h jump ball ensued, and It 
was Harper s turn to get the 
ball out of bounds with » 
iMMids to p, The Hawks ap 
M-ared perpleaed by the 

Ltncera 1-3 toat. and a.ft«r a 
futile allempl to move the ball. 
Harper called timeout as the 
clock showed 03 

The inhounds pass went to 
Hubly. who got caught too near 
the baseline, and saw his shot 
bounce off Ihe side of the 
backboard as time ran out 

Kd Kleinschmidt led the 
Hawks with » points. whBe 
Kenny Dames chipped in 19 
WilUams was high lor the 
I inM-ers with 30 points 


Narrow Dorm contract forces couple to tie the knot 

iiiwsvnLiJt, tw -^*» 

On«bb§ through hed heard 
about every tiAUit' Imaclitaw* 
far students to imtM «W 

iifiivtnitv tioDilaiconlfMift' 

As director of Iht wilileiiet' 
halls at the liitversity ol Ten 
nattee Knoxviile. CniW»» 

dHtiaa incMe MCtng 
MiMliats KiMill t»e»r 


niEim inmiM'J't ■•^.-..p, w-™— - 

SSi contract!, iialwt Ikty 
;■■ ffttiif " ■"■"■■" ~" '"' 

III prtwihted 


htm w'lh 

probably the wost dramatK e«- 

ctiie htll come up againsl • 
marriage contract 

Gina Boardwiue a ium»r * 
nursmg »»»d Kirby Henry, a 
jMlor to engtneermi. lied the 
liMl In order lo untie their 
uffl»er*tty housing agreement* 
noth Boinlwin* and Henry 
weitdonn residents, and wish^ 
■d to bt reteated from ttieir 
eoiuricti »o thty could move 
Efldenily Iteum njl»«r 
reawns, the two decided lo 
tnavt ahead tbcir wedding dale 
so that they could escape the 

drtJMlgeriesof dorm tile 

Thete certainly are other 
way* and means to terminate 
the cwiract." say* Orubbs. 
•All we realty require Is that a 
stmdent prove li would be a 
hardship or i major Inconve 
nituce to stay at the dorms A 
marriafe eontraci is certainly 
an acciptJiMe reason, but H 
migW be the more expensive 
route to go" 

As lor the two newlyweds. 
they lire currently incom 
muntcado Jollowlng the burst «l 
puhltcity Ibey received In their 

Tliere's ^ 

"No free lunch" says Fahner 

sratNcriELO. It- OUng 
the Illinois Jails »nd Jailers 
Art. Illinoii attorney general 
Ty ralmer Mated that as of Ju 
ly I. coovlrted prisoners can be 
rvouM to pick up the lab (or 
food and maintenance ei 
let while they are in county 



ralimr Mid that House Bill 
Stl permits a county board to 

reoulre convicted persons con 

Ilnc«l to county Jails to reim 

bunw a county lor expenses in 

curred during their Incarcera 

lion . . 

The law will allow states at 

lorneys to recover those e» 

pensea through eircull, cwurt 

Ibwcvtr, raniwr staled 'thai 

on the convicts abtuty to pay 
for the Incarceration expenses 

efthrts to r«li»calf II appears 
they would ralher have kept the 
whole Ihtng under wrap* until 
they found the opportttmly to 
Morn their parents Instead 
the headllhen In their school 
paper did Uie Job lor Ihtm 


have applied lor the position 

The rider »» needed lo Indilde 
the period beyond Kin*'* »•«•' 

The bewird has appfovt^ a 
Cooperative ARreemenI bel 
ween the collegie and Suburban 
MMllcal Cmm at Hnltman 

The agreement is necessary 
between the agencies in order 
to alio* students in health 
career programs to do extern- 
ship work at the hospital 

Similar agnremenls already 
•sM hutawe* the college with 
Northwest Community and 
tuttieran l iencral Hoapttato 

it rMilly earned them a lot 
ol trouble and embarrass- 
ment." says Alice McCorkle, 
tilnas former reommale "I 
think Ihev d lust Hke lo (orget 
Ihe whole thing and be left 
alone " 

Women Cagers 
Lose four in a row 



Third place isn't bad. but 
first would be better 

Harper's women's basketball 
team is In third place In the 
N4C with a M conference 
record and M overall They I 
seem lo have hit a skid by lo«- 
Uig their last four games. In- 
cluding three stratghl against 
N4C opponents 

But at the midpoint of the 
season. Ihe team shapes up 
lairly well 

"Our atrengUis lie in our ol 
fenae. not defense." said coach 
Tom Teachner "The whole 
team can shoot We've been 
relying <m »P«*«' •"*" '"* 

Sue Hoday. Diana Deiber, 
andterese Chunky ' Brumno 
have been the standouts thus 

Sue Hoday has a good chance 

Itor All Conletwice this year 

iHoday is averaging 21 8 points 

loCT game, ranking her in the 

hop five scorers In Illinois 

Junior Coneges. H»»day atoo 

haa a lleW t»^ P«™«^««.^ 

(1 7 percent "Hoday la a team 

leader and has cut down on her 

louls this season. • said 


Diana Deiber 1» aecood In m- 
dlvidual scoring with H points 
iier game 'Deiber sits back 

Sm Ho«lay »lack> <»«. <*«„*« 
1^ over Site la a gBOd often 

irte player." airid T««*oer 

Bruaxino Is a good defensive 

niaid and she can also Sioot 

veil ■ Bruizmo is improved^ 

■sually put her up against the 

lougbest offensive player. 


"The bench isn't aa «owi aa tt 
•as last year, bill we ■•« 
0aag." said Teachner. "1 B« 
good perlormancea from 
Dorecn DeRosa and Lisa 
Krehs Krebs is getting doner 
10 being a starter 'Oje big aur 
nrlse Is Karen Kamradt^ 
"Kamradt does a great Job but 
doesn't Hand out." added 

The Hawks biggeW prowem 
leems to be their rebounding 
and defense "Were not br- 
inging down as many boards as 
we should be. " said Teschner 

This is an imporunt point in 
the season, and the Hawks need 
to turn thing* around lor the 


■:*. IMI. Pat»1) 

"Hr'sf ieam ei'«»r" 

^oja qualifies for nationals 


■'.. i"i!iir«"' 

»ri a ami. 

! I' and 
■ In l.(i» 

*r« vwrktnc 
) alMiiil iNt lady 

:■ 'iig mors, rtf 

'"Of .», aiufte 

■ffi'ilylf' Mtiiy 
■( 'tMBUMalM 
■'Will I*;iJii«j', 
i'.son lo|irt.ln»r. 


*li*rrllj| ,„..,,„, 

3'! ii ,(«iii,t,» in tt>« l,li,if«ie-iraiiiKi-r 
Thirv "'siiy .(tiled 'in, -ijiaj 

H ■H'W'lt HI 

McbNtatil. '(tenuiMiL aaniM 
51M Cmfyn mmSmmmi 

CtinM aitt' WW lilt IMt-yard 

twcluitraliic in an mtmmi^m 
' mc ot t 14. 1 jJMig 'wiMMSS 
''•Lie Abo WLWf in tiN IW'riltl 

■' ;...i^ '• .:• the ifvent wttji a 
,,■■;•■ -" •• '* Meanwhiit 

Aukemana M«ct«| tint m be 


wants exfn .^ 
cmh? ^ 

H'-" *DV».B,-l': 

;-»;iT ,|.->r 

..i-i*:» f..fc.(i 


•KW'S Will TBAM CAFTAm MIka sZtoDSZirZ^ 

lnlMMilll(««i» ■fcli.||i'in-f|iaiiiiiS!<iiiM.i i'lZSuSfiSJ""*'* 

Activity Schedule 

Mob ll-ip.m 


5 - 6 p. m 

ft- f p.nj 

■ "' !.'.:»p.m, 
., ,,,, 




«»p m 

1 4pm 

"'Clot liimp«ir)i StFitew 

-••' ■IlillllMill' tllS! 

Moci. 1.2- 

!■ m., 

*•' ' U'i.,p„m.. 

Ttmn. S»me.a«.Tu«K|.«y 
frl ii.a.m.. -ip.iB. 
Sat .l--lpni,„ 


fibvea Valentine Message?? 

I'A'i.". I J 


i'>..;inl''f ('¥ 




Ontjp tin ' 

I'.*. • It ,('(.. /i.;., t 


:, Wii-., ,:>, 

Ba jis 
A .1. ^ .M Jl y # 

Ui0i.h#!ii«4trt«"' per- 

■ "'tieMt, t,l»t 

'«>* tSirt 


■ t On- 


-. the 

;:..'. .i .,1,. fftf 

■■ ''-•■ ■ ■.' 'I'l !i.-iiiii m 
■ ■'■'> 1 *e 'littll 
'f.iriwr ' 

M*».. t:30-4;30|>.in. 

Tun. l-i'p.m. 

7:30-9 :30p_m. 
W«l:., 2:3(| 

7; 30 -9: 30 p.m. 

Frl 12 a p.m. 



■ftiw IZ-lp.m. 

7 30 B:30p.m 

W««l l2-lp.m 
Thurs IZ-lp.m. 

fn u - 1 p m. 

«»t. l-a:30p.m. 

tttrWuate. but thi- iMraainent 
t*«i MltgWed by •opbomm 


■"»« WW only ranked 
.»W'«ltt." Mid Eu.l. "We mtn 
iwlmimiig ■gaittt dtviiioi, III 
•citnoii. ID nany of otir swim 
mrt mn •tatnsi 

mpr««ive ihowinfl for 

Harper," MM gyi -Everyiim 

gavelMperceaf • 

f>««t1», ThtMarbtnfltf, 

Men riding high on win streak 


Harpers 77 74 overtime vie 
lorv over l-ak* County Satur 
day was like an aucUon. since 
both teams incd to give 
somelhmg away namely, the 

**"LlIy. alter 4S mlnuW oj 
shippily played basketball, '»• 
Hawks wound up three points 

belter than the l-anccrs, 

■The game wasn't very ar 
tistlc. but were )usl happy to 
come away with a wm. said 
Harper coach BoRer Bechtold 

But try as they may. the 
Hawks have lost only once in 
their last nine outings, and now 
boast an impressive U-6 
record, including a 62 con 
(erence slate 

Aflde from an «l-85 letback 
at the hands ol cmiferenci 
leader Illinois Valley laM 
Thursday, the club broke and 
Ited two school records whik 
inoit Harper students were ofl 
on winter break 

Harper doubled ils previw- 
record (or consecutive con 
terence virtoncs with six ovei 
the same number of weeks 
Ironically, the last team lo beat 
the Hawks Wore Ibey wcnl on 
their tear throuRh the N4C was 
Ulmms Valley 

With their most recent 
triumph, the .\paches also 
snapped Harpers overall 
sevengame winniBB .areak. 
which lied a s<:hool mark sii 
am year ago by Bechtold ~ 
lWi-81 Kjuad 

Without having l« worry 
atwut IV until the piayoUs. the 
H Bwks hop** to improve on their 
umblemishi'd eo record 
MilMl the »iK remaining con- 
mtmx foes If Harper con 
Huoef to play giveaway like 
they did against Lake County, 
however, the Hawks chances 
(or a cnnlereitce title appears 

Against l-ake t;ounly. the 
first 40 minules ended with the 
teams deadlm-ked at fi»-«9. 
Harper scored six unanswered 
points 10 tiegm the overtime^ 
and held a convmcmg 73 W lead 
With three minutes remaining 
But Harper turnovers allow 
ed the quicker Lancers lo get 
rwhl back into the game After 
Bill Rogalski made a free 
throw, the Lancers turned two 
Hiwk errors into easy baskets. 
MiUtnR them to within a pomt at 

7V74wiibi Ml*" 

When a Kevin Ijfe pass in 
tended tor teammate Bill 
Hubly went out of bounds, Lake 
County had a chance to take the 
lead for the first time since ear- 
ly inlhe.'iifcoridhall 
' Harper (milert .Jesse Nicker- 
son who promptly missed the 
Innit end of the one and one 
Lake County got the ball back 
*ith 4<! seconds remaining, but 
\ifkerson double-dribbled, and 
ihe Hawks Rol a reprieve 

Harper gave the Lancers still 
another chance via yet another 
luroovcr tml Kd Williams' »- 
irait jumper with six sefondi 
remaming twunced olf the nm 
10 HuWv who was fouled. 
Hubly sank l»lh free throws to 
secure the win 

The last minute of the second 
..;ill was just as wild as thi' 
vertime period Hubly knotted 
me score at M with a free throw 
at the I » mark The Lancers 
{hen went mlo a four corner of 
tenie. ho|Hn| to rt ™» l*"' 

C<i«CfniMi>iin|M«r id' 


DDNK VOU. VERV MUCH: SeveralMtl* m»-.bMbrtb-ll<^^^»ra oaM and oreient. participate m a "Jam M«»lon ounng 
S^ E^XSf/.mes Hu'nter sh'ows everyorje h. c«, dunk w^U^ 
L eyes ctosed <Top^_l^ni Sophomore guard Kevin 1^^^ 

:iLTrxc:S?lnHeTd;rhe« w^Glhrs Severn slan, Hop RH»t) 
rSS Ed Klemsch^^^^^ former Hawk rtar Mike Bro-n .to 
,S their stuff iBottom left and rtgW. w*«aively.» (Harttafer 
byPaulCaicIo ) 

Library thefts very expensive 

*]»I»IAWI! *1„»ER,'! 

TI««(1*IHM. ■.■■!,., ■ ,,i I-,, .n 

rill. prwOJenii u H»rpi: » 
•rjf, A mtmmn, 'tmmimr 

In J'«RiM,r>. a new lai* i^^m^ 
tm$tltKi in lllttieis to hplp p.r»... 
»WH tltorary ihrft Thr i.,» 
ipWWtwd t>v Slate .S«Ti Sara 

(ffljirt* |,i-,, • . :;. ,,i 

pif' •ho haw uhTitf, iiijittntt 
tow l»»l ItiMt ;» d»vi ovenlw 
4 pmm wlN*. <«itJii«aHy ift- 

•Kirn lifVftaur I'Kdik ' ■ . 

\Mitm. »| .BHirt ifc»ii, i,,,,,*, ,.„„,„ 
l» lliM!<): •iMi mm ttirmm Me 
»H tor mi t§ fttt >t«F». 'Til* 
taw, tontwr. ,b iMt niMiitt i. 

mmm 'pmiiit wh*. ucaiiliiitiay 
tmm to ref am • to«' bwks. 

Ml u very IraitratliiB wImh 
tiftrjcy maierial ■ iMn ami. 
(»H» of ti«*,i (ir MsitMiiiw 
■» fcund form «»(.•• mid km^ 
htmm W«iterlj, dlinfctor m 
llbriry »micM "Mdrt oj the 
mwliliM: «■ i.tiiiiiiri: ntiiil«rt*i 



»•* lo hflp pn\t!iv. 
wUEasciiTl}' "Tlielo. 
«(ltB .ier*« at a ffniiii.i.-r .<, 
thi»« jioi»|iie WHO tiart imivwg 
tut ,!ll»rtr> »IH| h.iu- ff.ri!oMrn 
in h*xt I h ' 
deiB*|:nifi«l " 

Last ieiii««i*r xmm ckiIm 
utiiw wer« wnit'iwl at tiM 
imtMty In ):lt« pHt, 
ilfiiit Mvit tMn OTdfred 

'M«wi»H)' 1 ti> »,«i litem* taw 

ft«n «r.)rrMl r>«cii]<M' ttlf 


: .tic .tlOTk M'lh 

v«t.» ii.ppro!<fmiil«J.y m to 

"Hiwk* ma iii«|.iui:n€i an 
m<tTt oClifii itolen md 
m,ttll«ed itiM micro-Win, una 
auiJio tape*,- Etrterlv said 
'Ttm » im:um mwe'wjMwl 
li placed. M, tim Bill* •«! 
(•[Ml, wfctcH .are ink ti. open to 
mm m tue prm etHmim . (.ii 
onfcr 10 check «it any oj t:t>i> 
tapnf B.r Mm», a permn k re 

juireO to leave an ID card 
Thf l„D ca,riJ is »t given back 
to (tit owner unill (he Ittirary 
itiateria,! liai l»«en returned - 

"Tbe librarians biftm irM 
i» Iwding malerial that hat 
b€€ii damaigrt." said Sarah 
Welltank, pertodlcatj mm- 
lani "Itls verydifcouriglngto 
liiid articles missing from tbe 
ma|[«i,ncs People dm om 
Mhie (,.)» cnmplictted and 
Mpensivt It ,1, lo r«plic«' 
material ttial has b«fn ttlUHiiir 
ni'Udlatea," she said. 



*"'»"' B*«T«s'W'f€ii(i(^ ?mm. rilintm 

Trustee Munson resigns 


MtiHWkllWIIWlitf HtliillkiM'' 

V«-tFrnn ,B(Mri! of Trust.-. 

' • ' I:,:t:.-;, M;.,. , i 

111 Muiwm 
of itpptfi 

MunseiB iier\-ed two j»»r» a* 
tbairman at the tnjard and 
three lerms. as vice eh«irma.n 
tlM> olTiee ahe hetd at ttic t ime oi 

.t J'UtuHi Ml riarpcr I'oiit'Ef ami ''''*'■ ''"'''.''I! ■■■ . Kv 

:►■ 8wi.rd .01 Tni»|:i«s, over Ihc !!**'*' ■ "»<■••"*>"■!< .;.. 

tlion of (ormrr ,.,, 

'. jfi a im,ni.ea.Mir»ti.l*' 
■" - ^'.Ti' .I.i;n Mi,'i,r.,..ilti 

'■ HtsftjUc 

Ml iJIlM.rt-|:SStlJ.l 

•mi iTSUtwl m 
■■'i tu.|t.M.)i:1 In.-. 

tiesidiiits apply for Board job 

- •' ■"•.rh.iuiTi 

Eiirolliiienl figures 
last, fall rose 8.4% 



" •■^■"; !•' 

i:h*I «r.^^ll**«i^! .ffir ■ ., 


.' 1 . 1 1 ' ., 

11 brr,i*<fi- 


■i.;in hftti 


» tm 

.'•lit, mill .1 1, .■ 

Tf»!:lt .■: 

'■-" . 1. „«[■ ,.M' ''[■■•i 

1'' ' ' ' i l^'l"''- I\,;:1U,| f j,f,i,. 

■ '•" inaii) 

'I'll tfcat 

1 ii',iUi."*^«|' 

■ ■ilmcatj flut 

■ i !'. ■••■(«. can. , he »n 


Fir. (iepartnient pact cuts time 


llU.-|Mi.f.... r,.»:r.,.,. 

I (Jwpole thmri e\i»ct«l itonn't 
Inwan thai •» had m«re 
I fWenli* UHiiiflt. •" mm Ciillln 
"T»pe(»p,ki;ton'i p.n !h»>ir 

Vi. I'lur iirn v»ar'» (irojri;' 

-m Citlin iatiil it wm » .li'tlle 

:i. hut "1,1 prfMiint 

;■■ •JHtoai. prwail. ,! 

.tairm men- *iU tie M (■» per 

cttitlncreane " 

lof t.,ftepal.atI^^(• 
^J.L.i^..lf I't.'ip.iifT 

tht r <ii,i.iiiii.-'(,i..!ir;am'ri[\ '*ii! 
aiawtr p.arjniie(l.c c.a.l.t» in a 
lM*» EMuslrial .a,«a tit (imi-. 
Wif MraiJwws between Micks 
U. MidHeutea. 

Oepartmenls and 
1 ..tilO'ws will .rrsjKifMl 

' w.|ittld 

..I .rescue 

.•■re wa» a 

ULiuinj,: Meadows 

: another and 

'iii-eciion «'i!,l n:m 
...>ii under whichever 
jurntii.ii..i,i,m tbe emergen.' .. 
takes place in 

'*<■'"«' tli.»i:us»fij this lui 

■■'€■ now , ' sanJ 

■■Tbis pact w!ll give 

.' ri.i({li<'i \f\vi u( serviff lo'ihe 

areailti,,tt ^n:Mri-ieit 

The reason l<,)r l,be paci ■■• 

from coMlructwn at !■,. 
itjtinns in txiih Palaiu. 

Rolling Mf ad«)w,s last year Tht- 
FalMine slattoti on Hlinow 
Avenye and the Rolling 
Meai(ow» station on Plum 
■ ■ "U- Road a.iT approiimalelv 
... iniu- apart, and trarother* 
iaiil that ihe pro»imltv of the 
I.WU., and the fact that IJolh sta 
lions are manned *ith ;M men 
each «;ii.^ tbe principal factor 
for Hit agreement Th.i- 
i'alaline .Rur.ii disw.-f ..|^- 
qu.arters ainj ■■.■. .n;,,., .,.,, , ., iih, 
thf \'iilage of i'alatme depart- 

>*•■ re hoping that tht,* will 
1 1 h on the need to um call 
ti.-ii-«. personnel." said 
Carotheri wh*i noted ihal this 
would save taxpayer's money 
Similar pacts presently exist 
l>et»een [fi.e vmagci of Arl- 
ngton Hrigbts and BuHaln 
!-ove, and between Arltngtnn 
md Rolling Meadtiwi 

pg^l Tk* Miii'«ini|ii« 


Munson - Champion 
of common sense 


..JMl 1i 


arc haul to ttkt 

Board nembcr SUrtey 

laM «Mll IMWIMW iMir 'llMlMlM 

«( tilt iiMWt open and. fair 

Sht broughi 

•C iMWMiP'M local fDvcranmi 
ol collegit 

< m tut village ol fatetliM, slw 
jf vraiipMl up in 
I't lum a place on 

'•IfMlil'tlBMI'ta ... 

ral al ■• iHlilGllW' 


UNI MKiity cmatraet 

pull the llcdiur th»- nilf hji%»lt 

•GOMiny and 

gtmy, whether (t 
«■ Willi itie 

Morning larks -shooo! 

— . = nrtiei. niehl'* bliatil Mlling 


Degner's last chance 

T»l» M my tetami »iinai»fr 
at toqwf , and y«>Mr ' ih« Mirt- 
niicr'i) MMiui clMM*'^ tact 
■ I (MHl imiM wtltil 

MniMmi in ytmt mtm ma 
Moctudtd 'Uif Hartinie*' *•» 

•mmh mMm. *• ««c«if iifflit 

1 Mlate ytm lor lto«n| 

.„..i,jM In rtfflaci! tlH! tm- 
iwmd M:iii« Banbach aiMI hii 
UnpcMtraltlie leowl M.l:kC' ««• 
aliwa;.« muckraKinf MBe tn- 
aiMt topic or tUDt tmtm W^^. 
to (till ttai well' H't» article <». 
Ml Mair >M?mg bhinilt. read like 
a cruiive writing aHignin:tn.t 
■ Mil) htiiM»ked. fflal>i.taM«8 
•tiiHl.iir<i« I tupi|»iM 

Tl* H.irl)i!W«>i' IS liwtel 
•fcif»k>n at K.f »«;«»1 cli*iici- 
CkMliUll I »i» •.muiK'il ft"* ytH* 
!«md i pmwn '"to* ol 
t»U lu microwave mtm 
Oeimmm 0<xi> MMtai-tKNMli, 

1: ni i|>Mk.m| M. a pvrwm wWb 

e<nif»r* •* "iritfc) 
PMiilMMiiiiKal views at ""•■tery 
etn«iet" Truly be .1* • enu- 
erete tMnker, iniirt like tho*; 
ol ito pnr-ptitwiKMSffl .year*. Ht 
ItkM«. drrtw a Dodgt S«- 
mger 1.1 re.tlett.l«»'n of «» 
mwwr ' I , mi tsmn ol » «f«t 
p»l«rt m 'in* teart at Imluiia 
oaclear ears, we Jiist vm't put 

E<lil«r)»( c<ilunini»ts tan 
vrlle wltatewr they want («. 
bit l( b the eaiitorial cotuimtM 
who writ* at man timely «l>- 
l*eti.., «)ti»eys their ¥te»». at. 
current nappenwiimrf a tell »r 
natumtl M'Jipe. Thote are Ihe 
e(»!ii,u»ii.ii« «Wo "fe ap- 
prtclated Tta itplnloft at m 
rtitoruiw IB respiM'ted, but on 
ii, It ii i» re«|>Dn»tW« and 
feifOffitw to the «*(>ft:» 

CartJ'lM'iirr •i.hi.iuki l>* clh.Mi'.i 
to (h< 


■anallv 1 ■.'■ ''""'' you ever known anyO'ne 

■ho mm always "early-lo-N'tl 

•arl|*»-TW' AiMl twalthy 

■id wealthy and the whole hif 

It mt'tt not among that group 

■iKli p«i|*i' pwftaMy itmm 

Ml.. 1 liinaallj :|irtde mytdt m 

htlng (airly lateraiti at other 

|Mii|ile'5 mmor taper lertlon*. 

Iwt thoae "fnoniini larki* 

especially hather me m much 

am *ame way that many o( you 

•erf. Wiiailiwl hy •■pnepple*," 

t'« a allK 'liewm... and 1 TeseM 

«tf tog St itU-rtightetwt tniiie* 

tt! dty-dwelters lif*i tw»g in 

m» mon>.mii F.i.p*'ciaUy «ii« 

\m lootiwg •' "»*« !«■• 

tuiMfta a M»fr«i( tangMW. 

'Thwelort. naming that night 

Wk> are Utile mor* than an 

underwhelming mtnorlty.. I'n 

itowg to do my l*»i to eoovtw* 

v«w ll«« nlUhi i» every tut a» 

jlMNt a»diyti.m.e H not better 

lliahiki. to minj vrf Ihr |><-opl»' 
••h.(i wtiTt and live ih'""" 

! ■» pr64«ltUtC'».. 

pKwu Mi* <i rather bad n-pwa. 
tMi.. •« ■taik.inig at i»l«Hi 
■naiytleally.. we can lec thai 
a»e'prtm.*ry elemetrt mvolv.- 
tore B darknrsit In itm-l I ,. w ■ 

Cie ..wufciite darkmes.* » in- 
Igaiiramce., or dmce Spr- 
iiflieen. Wfcitfc mm «* «>• 

that bad ignorance (» Wtsi. 

and irw'e ii The fkm- .Iw» «be 
lamm, dye .ttmph tti tear and 
Igparaaw.. most ptstple dWl 
like il»rkiie»» And you i;h».ghi 
UiH wri ot reaiwnini wenl o«J» 
with the Dark A«e» 

Bancally it ttunrn to w-ork 
Itke lh»»' up*'" t*W(t tmttxi out 
into the blicknuM 'dye to cit" 
Biniiftamce* beyond tiit.'her 
eeittroli. the tndrtiduil ftndi 
(hat h« cmmt see to good H« 

II tgnar.aiito( hit Mrroundinft. 

I II ihoiild he h« noted here that 
■iKh 'Myfolihitteal »ltuat.M>n.t as 
till* hate l>r«ii.ght ui 
atscnminatory eipressloM 

like -Boy. .i» Carl ever la lite 
.dark'" So pkai* don't try this 
.» home I iut hack to ua 

twn at (land:^ Slace he catmot 

MtttiiarytHliigmul there., the in 

tfvMMal'a linaitatlve littk 

mmd tnvBOti •batever details 

m.i#t t* m.tMlng 'Vnd all 

worked up over lions, tiger«. 

aiM!'hia,rs. the individual walki 

tola a tree Screaming, he 

fflarhi to familiar .rarroum- 

dl.ngt (««" Ittai) ever t>e..tore 

pre^uitM-d poii»»ie. .and he p»- 

m"d.» l« relate a grWy tale 

Hlioui III* close eiicoi>..nter with 

OD* ol the geopha|«i,» rhom^ 

tooidi Irom the planet Bvdl Aod 

tif.i igot a scratch on hii now to 

pr'wf >l ,A..ndp«-upleare slrald 

■ ■uld go on and one about 

,.tid ignortmee and to* 

...ij^.MiillfflupJdtbey are,p«r 

tiCTilarty in a,ny as:soc:i!itio:ti 

Ktth 'might However, these 

utiWet'ti l«d to b* diipreiimi. 

:M ni mow al«f A* «w •«'■ 

•mplUM in the i>re«iot« II 

iBitMtMm. mgw i» i time for 

Huaglaation. S<» • late *«k 

thWHigh the nearest wood,* can 

fl:r«tcfc the mind and the leg* ai 

thr same time You don't want 

vmir brain getimg all dabby 

Mw do vou'' Believe me, 

there-f Bothlng like the quiet 

and Uie darknew ol the nighi 

(or werrtMug mm lltiJe gray 

'ftnd I haven't even meniion- 
tA me social .aiwcts o( night 
yei Them agate, 1 may not have 
w. at this are* already com- 

pftM ni.|ht'» higgtil 

M)M .test the »ame, try to 

nseall the greatest party ywi 

ever went to It was at night. 
wasn't It" Now imagine what 
mat same party would have 
btm like at 10 46 am Waa the 
iHNite rorkmg and the fOWn 
swaying" Or would you have 
been belter oil staying at tioBie 

And when trying to picture a 
mniantic eatery, do you ihlnk 
ol the iparklmg stalnleOT to- 
tertor of a White Ciilte? Or 
lomeplace dark and secluded, 
late at mghf Why. even 
without Itte leftlauraiil 'heck. 
i5»en without the dat*^. nij(ht 
rematei tar more romantic 
than the tunliuhl hours' at mfih' mere I* 
solitude The maj.'"'> "' ">* 
population IS it home, aateep, 
and those that aren't can't lee 
you anTwa.<i .\nd even i* "»• 
m<sone "should happen to sec 
you likei'. .!-■ i-...>t he'll take you. 
lor.! l!i.»n 

», . . .j.m . and I'm 

tired i.<i:r><i inshl It I m.»sed 
anything, pleaie let me know 
.*'nd please he *dv iscil ihal "The 
HaiWiifer isri.' 
tion to grant ' 
tbote 'rtth opp<»m« vw^'poiniv 


WiH.»«m.Ba.mry Harper College 


ralitmt II (s««»7 

MiliaaHllMller ,.'•■■ 
«•««■•• IHr" ■ "■ " ' '•"' . 

•ffuntf.^x*" Jill. «uti| 

Ent*ri*i«M™»mJ EJti«>i' C«n.acimM>| 
Cm Mitw Nicy lieOaH 

itlNiie like Carl Degnen with 
electntil tape and tend then 
to "the .Heart o,t Indiana " 

P:oai.ibty e«'perlment.t could l>e 
mm (etsdtng them nothing but 
Taiif .and Kraft macarom and 
ehitie,, or any other loixl cot' 
oreil orange Allow Ihem only 
lyraHMfdc clothes and etpO'Se 
tiiem only to^ Huurescent 
iwhting What do you say Carl" 
,\tu.r iiit. II wwiiidt* torsctew"'' 
-If, i'; -»I;a! tftii d'td (''H 


A Mory that appeared tm Jaat 
vaik-s Harbinger waa incor- 
ract In the apellMig ol Perwwiel 
Directof l.»ny Bielawa'i 

we apotogto end regret any 
townvenleiice caused by thtt 

Til* MMatWJEK 1. <M 
jHlbiWtHo (or »>« Harper OMtagt 

.(.•B|»'e«w«*"""'' P"Ww*«» •"**■>> 
tiMioi ««'»«. lmliti»>'» «"1 ""«i e* 
tn* All nmima in,vtt*m4 *n t 

III itm •rrnir iinl. wM n»««n«ni» »- - 

at m •'SiM'ir. ■'» •«»mimliil«»fc«,| 
(■«lly « WHO*" <»o«l,» *<l»'^-' ~ 
■nit enw •lH'.Iitl*"' » • • » ' 
,«MI mpt B •uh|«-l «> »e«loi. 
l.»it»r»-»'Ui»««t»* mm» •» *r 
XifliM wdl o* iwliMtusil. Fm m 
i';,n:i rill "MT'IIKHI «•«« " 

Norvell's goal: "To break even 
while maintaining low prices 

Th»H«r()inger Febcu 



"We wmt Co Im on tl» map in 
IlltMif as the fmesi food ser^ 
»ice nUtege,- sm William T 

Nwrvell. iJirecJw o* food ser^^ 
Viet. wha. m hn finl. vetr m 
HiriMfr CotlifRe, has been 

H^'IE'* .-'*"■ '"f "'"»«««*■ 

mm <M the front PnrrS Mack 
lnri»At.ull<Jmg •"■:« 

"My goal ii to break even m 
ttm operalMiiMil IcKfl. mhI 
Norveli We try lo keep our 
prices down N<in»ll » t«« 

primary re»p«msttiUIHe» iirc lo 
Mep ttte H»n»er fm4 service 
owtrttini e(fkM»Btl> ami. with 
the help of ■ cwirdmator. tia» 
aciiilemlc dWies to fuKili 

Norveli said thai there tOMuld 
be addittonal food tervice 
teilltiei "lo pick up more 
«m»in«r» during the peak 
Mt»l o( the stydenis 

Mine to the ealWerla in the 
lower level of A building to e«i 
maklns il Inconvenient lor the 
students who attend dasMrs m 

(lie huUtlitii, across eampuji 
Norveli IhinKs smaller 

rarrh ihwld tie itntaiird in 
Oder buildings to sC" 
cutnmodate iludeni* in eotder 
•eaiher and w:hen »tudent» 
»•» ■ itMM-i iiBie between 

IWii place tat a idi at 

«!««•. ■• ntu Norveli. -'antJ we 
»lsl» to have breakfast readv 
on lime, no mailer wh« Ibe 
weather l». like the tnailman - 
On Thursday. Jan M Norveil 
Miended the hreaklaiil bwrf 
from : in 9 :» to 7:J« - ki;|K| 
tor ihc siudrnts whMe clatiei 
end' at »:« am He alM 
developed a separate taWeria 

that opened on Monday, Feb i 

(or the employees 

"I ujie »ludenl,i m the opera- 
Iton Mid Norveli The Harper 
f«Kl service us iUaffed bv chetn 
*h« received their ferti'ricate* 
from Harper, '•StuOenli. do . 
very good job m the itigM 
«*nageitient and cleantai 
preparation But between the 
-^n of S1.5 am and Vis 
pm Norveli is m th# food 
lerviee area at all limes" ei- 
cepl When be « m fiaisi 

Deiign or ■Purchasing and 


M director o( fo«MJ iwrvtce 
Norveli reporli lo Ad 
mtnistriiive Vice Fr«»ideni 
t ete Baku and li considered an 
•dininiitrator on tlie ttep s pay 

building [ window seems lo .--h-. '^.'"'^^ ^ •fuito artwork on a 

l"ra|i up. . 

Board approves 
accord with hospital 


Opmings for Chid Cm Now AvaltaMt 

Hows? 15 i,m 4 45pm 

•tost bt tailtt iraimi 

•ppro'vrt . conperaiwe agnie- 

((•Ml Mepherd Hinntital Barr 
jtgwi *;> Pr... •,.,.. foV'tte 
niiiiiai e<iM\,i i,,r • ^tiideDtd in 
»ieHa.rp*.f O:.' r, , .,,„, 

The lioe,rd ns^. „,.^^.. ,. ;., ,,j (j^,, 
ptirchiBSe ol > new wordmiro- 
ceimir lor th# Htivmest m.t 
Social Scle,nrr ' 

grant of »j,h,m, 

Oil Corporation , „,„,.,. 


l.n other aclwn, the Uminlaii. 
gritved' tine early rrttrenneitl of 
•rWieiliwr Vtmum. NeUoii., Mu- 
mat eiMpioymeni ficuHy 
"nwiher ttnci)' January tf» 
■no: leave of atiDence duriitg the 
yriMg lemeMer (or Koben 
Ptiwn. aiMctate pr»(wtor o( 

A contract rider »aa apprwv- 
•» tar ProfeiJtw Judith Dincher 
t» continue to tunc tion as aclini! 
tflreclor «l Nursing. Lite 
Stclenec and Human Services 
Division durmg ihe spring IW 
nemetter Dincherhas htm ae 
ttng director since the reslgna- 

!!2 "'if*"^?"* '»"*"•« «»' 

•Jj^Tli* Mtttfe set up a 

"••""•■w* »nr [,ytte, btit 
twcauie pcwple work, on a 

SS!*! '"' !!?!*'*■■ *••«•■ *• 
€•»§« n«a imm imalila to m 

the posJiion 

Prestdew James Mrtlratt, 
introduce,! Randy liii. 

Miociale imstriictor m the Hor^ 

fteuituraJ abd Park anil 

Ijnuinds *l»n«neraent pro.. 

|r«m. w,hoi!ave a ,slide Bre»(...n.. 

tatioii. lUiatraimg f(„.' „,„■, 

st'adentshav.....|„i.r ....„, •.,-„ , , 

pi.l» w,n,r»" rhi. ■,,..., -f.,, .,.„',., 


^. •**• presented a m.a»l.ei 

■ - w •«* to he done in the 

Senate letter 

The Student Stnal« has ap. 
proved a letter wbmittrt hv 
JMh Malkowtkl. student 
2**!«» on lt» behalf, to Ihe Col 
3" J fnvlnwmental Healtb 
ana safety tommillee akklnc 
the commilteee I0 connide* 
placing a barrier between 
parking loi»7 and the lake 

Two rmpiy car* have rolled 
into the lake and have bad to be 
pWleaout at a considerable ei 
P««« Id tatiNiyen, Malko«;iiti 

.i,!Ll!.""f: "• •■*«»■ *•' '•» 



^ ^T*"*^ 


CA/H xmnon 




You could win a $50 Mil 
•I th« Harper Collom 
Caati SlaUoii If you 
■ra • Cash SIMfon 

Forewsics faces obstacles 


*9**^ti ttaib It 

•i'lWl IJIIWB M 'i«F|irin'vit. I ■ LVMIIII Iflli 


"'•e flnlih verv poorly 
•««.«« «our..year ' jtbools '' 
««id Loach To.ui McGrath, "bui 

the team heitdtt tnm the 
eimpetltton " 

B»r(ier'.i JiM,iilta JMrei: la 
««»m. li pme ami poetry 
JmrM' (itiiliMi m tonrfh olace 
oulirf I deli ofliiii Ihe novice 
IMietfy reading at ike fm. 

Vallt) loumameni earlier In 


Other notable* on Harper i 
speech team are Lee Milonev 
M the persuajwa and m'. 

formative category, and Jamie 
tallla.s in iwerprelatlon and 

McGfiih u iMtimg. tor Wp 
to itreBftlwi the lean "We 
i<»dhelf in alt area*, but most- 
ly in speech ■ 

Harper w.ill itt compelini at 
HuMandCailetefeb iaod* 

Put VOW 

fWMt WWW1 It. 



I°a!!l!?fS.'** **'*^ Optmno Of Ibe new CASH SrATlON 
**«i«c mm mach.i>e .t Harpm Coiieae CASH STaS 

m«h«^ "«»»cl,ng business al the Harp,r C^ 

Sr«! rT"'".*:!! •* ««tr.b«l«l «i ramtom through the 

transaction qualities -.deposits iransfers or catb 

•.lh*a«al,. irom January ?0-^fm„u»r"v'i9&l 

The ATM IS located .n Bwldmq a oeaf It^e Bool.siorB .nri 

•* be ««, ,0 CASH STATION cardhoi^sX^t^ 

«ratT;'.??: "•""««"«' CASHSTAI* wZ: 
operating " ^"*''*' *"*' s^Oorban locations at the prua- 

m Mount P»»pectS«.Banl< 

Mount (teic>«:tii aoOSe • Jftt-moo • MMttMrfOtC 


tm StssJii For 
Pritpictivi SlMltits 

'Wm*t ("olkfc wtti tiiiM 
pntnl miormatimiMHWiM ■! 
iiirlMH MMl coMting teurs 
4mi1ii| ifrliig MNWtaf T)i« 
nattMt m* 'dMtgMHl to givt 

MiiilM.1* •ii.«t«rv'li!W uf lUrpet 

'It* MitniiUKMi. Mtntai* arc 

tomatiM. tiM»!iMry fw- m.a.k 
wg ■ C(»H«|I! elmtt or I'or 
wtanmii Itariwr 0>ll«f»' l> 
Frrt Vtiwil. «»*««• 0* '■: 
*tiH: ChitrM** »iliJ •■ Harpi™ 
CiMtef <c CeunaHcir «tl! IW' at llw 
MM.|«i:t 10' piroviita lafornMiKM 
m i|n»estk' :|i«Kr»mi ■«n) *'» 

Tta, Mrtimm mmmm wttl »* 
'NaMMi VMHtsda}'. Haffclt 1 «t 
I ||,.iii. in All'!, ItvieniM »i»- 
iMili «i:tl! im heiO' '.w Ttu.rut 
Ftto, H MiiJ W'«t<!iw«t.;i ^ , M.i! 
M M «..» P'-m >n iw »"»"''> 
iRiHiB. MMlsi A Eadi: mip 

OM Wtll liMIt alMUt i 

Transtir Biy 

aitentt anit unpwtltt 

iiiuiitrti from the Notttwcit 
luMrtii are iRvltMl III ■H«m1. 
(lie aamial Hanwf €«llU$t 
Triuiittr Dty Wednesday, FVb, 
I* HI Building A Stuftonl t'enttr 
(niiD.Wa.m to:iP'm aml'traiii 
l-.|| im.xip.m 

'Tnnilcr itaf prnvMiti tDe 
apiMirtiiiKty fur .niuilciiis wlio 

ll*ft' tvmi 'MMRf CAlltKf 
crwlte to «x:|»lm llwtCrriiU 
tit tour- year cttUete* *a« 
laUMnUlM* H cwapkie work 
tnaraHl ■ tuetetor** d«!t,rHf 
H)||i ScilMWl Mudtnti tijivif wen 
tii'Vtteil lit I'Nc e<»«iitlti'MMliM to 
tore ffi«t I'lwMt'laiiiHpiititcr 
m«y mith 1(1 aitmil. Tnfiirm*- 
tloit alM Witt ht availiitile on 
f rtdume sctioob iml iittrr (>»■<»■■ 
itTami ilMigncd lur iiJul'l 

kri>i' -.• 'Z if At iriiiiii, mat'* 
:.i.,.-, '"' i.'.ii.>-i.-i.i-inil nflwmh 
pru'i': •"■ ■: - '■ 



,a«:-»(I»tmnc p" 
■ill nptinrlu'' 
«t»tMlllW:tii ■ ,:i'.'!fv«- 

WiMttutton* iilliwis 

ft«I» iiniwr ■> ' twciwl 

to (ijve it:pr. jil (He 

Nurses CluH Sctioiarstiip 

<*|lM u> « >ppi 

TWi. '.'•!"': .-■' M 

resiilriv- ' : 1' I ':,. 
appltc-rtiii:!','. .1. 

hmtt^ Scliolarsliip 

Thr •' ..- ■ ■" ' ■ . 


TniW'-! ■■ '■■'''■<' ■■''< ' 

„si,ar'h-'.t • -'':'»'t:i- i.i;(i:B.:li:d 
!rj!Ti, Iff y;:>. t.i. ftltteff 
■mIIuIhIIIhw '**•(■<*> ii\t wiijitn 
Ptirtrtct *'Sl;' iinrt •ho art (i''' 
recml i|tTi*utl«r» nl .»r ft I'ti 
KiK* SctlolWSh!; 

(Hie semittr'i (iuik" pr«'» "»■ 
tiw 9d:'iiiliMl nailitaiM*:! leu* ■> 
"C" attfl'ie "THe tcMiirnhii 
■1,11, t>« reritM,< .; • -- ' -•' ■■ ■ ■ 

mim'h- ■ • 

Ih* i:i,i.<„' 

Iwitr*, lire .1 ■■■'''■ •"* 

r»t|iiireini"i, • , ■ • .'"■,' 

gnm m vhKh llw r«M,p,iriil i* 
enrtltod. If ■■ cliiiiKe i* mn* to 
tlwlr canfer pt*(r«m, * mitt- 
tnium, <)( *i,xt> <:ri»il:« himn *ii' 
Ik i*ariJ«l 
lliesc' aww* '■"■•■ '■•i-><'''i •'<■ 

*(l>iii:ir«iip (iiiiindat m'n- 

i(Tr,t ' ,. ;1>"''[1T'„ ^■ll^'l!ME^^tU■, ^' 

IWc (tttlM' in 


Women's Scliolirsllp Start Votir Owi 

Business Workstioii 


In Historic LMdfitls 

*,itt •h,ii f'lif Miimt 'i ifi Item H«i(j 
tre« I ,»•»!:, 'fwsm CwiM' 0«» 
!,:„a,iinli li*r'faBt 'iinl iH'nni»«» »»"l* 
'•»■ ,1*1 4m '» » 'I* CiMilH" 
!ti,p, Mnl« » u» toi IW'iictatt Md 
iMi, 2,!ai CI»#»pH« St„ Wwigtn 
Mk,,,, II 68M4 



ISA Scltoiarship 

• -uCtJI 


rrftlletll 111 
I M,f I'" !>**** 


In* or ttr 


[,\fH-i\ ,:i,(:,(fiih,'«iM>ii,ii iiiiri,r 
ii'ultwl 10 tta SlirnK nl 
I, lilt \ in Mjrt-h i IlifE! 

,< ,n:l i.):ie 2it 4p{>l,icatLU Id ,t)e 
,tanl<>d 'KMsrtltt|>» Ttaiit' 
«*iir<ls •« l» •iiiwiiiiceil by 
Maji t, 

,%ppltc:*Wiu ari' naila,|.ili: m, 

,««,. the nftkt •■<,( iNr Omnt) 

StartH or tli« EMcttiwe Dirt«f'" 

''■: •;( I^,• itUnois Sterifft" 

,H. ,,',, , , wrjj Sloinrne 

■■, ri:-: -(I. :'ik;' •■;■:■ UlillOl6' 

Intraiural Basketball 

rticR arc 'itUinfHlilBp in tne 
iweHUiy niim niw'i twiiliei- 
!M,I,I If , ague ti*g),mning an: Ftb 9 
m games tiegia ii • p in Fiw 
l«tis> are sitnt i*«<l»d 

Sign dp M* In Buililinc M 
PKAi bh'isn.n olfivf Vm 
imm sn' ■'"■■ 
teynoif! ■> 

.liw: (•:, ►. ,.[' II. >[»nns tu. ,m 

t.,,n ,<: :, iLiiini,!)" calMtfar In 

tv.,,' \-t.\>: ;>ivHHHllinice, 


Cliiss Cliib 

^ ' „r, r ■ , r; ^ V', 'I r U 'A Tl 

", It,,, .,;;.•'.,, .,,1 ,il,l ,.;,,•. iA'M!l:,h,r|. 

|,,.T ttiii- "''• !f-.l<,i! ;l:i l.,|,Un 

,'tii:i|j ■>!. ir in" II i..iimi'^s«-,s, wtl) 
','. h." ott,en,-ilr>v ':,., ■■A.,r,i,T! s I'ru 

graai Saluf'! "■'■"■ '' 

,jl ,i,'in 10, J p IK ," ■ :i I'- 

Vir.i t,..: 

,(IWt I >! ', , , 

l-iWil'i'.',- ',., 

,'ytlll,i:i ,">!• 


Finiu' ,■ 


The New Secrttirf 

Ilk" i, .;.'■■ 

ill,},! fir ',"( ,1 

*ny »lu<lent utanttng to tn 
ot tur tlie Hitptr l>*i»l>a!l 
■••ffi, »Mulil conlart Coacli 
lejwil* ininialislel) 


THe .H,arii«r f:ti«i» Ouh t» 
i,i(i« tormmg It will tNt ttpm m 
,*ll tttitlenls 

ftit: »iwf ■ ' ' ■ "ii, call 


:i, y\* J til lt» m 

Overcoming MatI Anxiety 

ti..-1-ir'iminsi: Miiih ,\ii\n,' 

• ■!• 1 ,i Hiirk-tuip 
■''■,{■ :!'■, :,n,',;llr nili' 

...,r .,( 
, till' I lUf 


art ■,iiiM,g l*f tuples to tm 


Toewnll.oiUEit 11,(1, <ll or 

Makine Your ioity 
Work Fir Yoi 

MarsHo P«»l;. atrnunt <•» 
'eciitlve I'll' B'lunl ¥Ahs and 
LiJUWI, Inc. St'!i.ii,jn'i!'iiJi'i!, will 
leidan all-dJi'i Malt' 

ing Your ,Mi': lar 

You,"' sp<insi,>f!;*i,i tij (hf 
Wnmen'* 'Pwgrain m Ttima- 
d«j'. Feb II f»iJ,in S a,ra to J 
(1 m in Riwili ,AI*1 T'uihoii is 
ft* :« and iiicliKl*;* lunth 

.lean F 'I tier, RoH:ing 
M«aaow»,a,Uorii*>,, »iiH d,s,sci|,si 
tint iniMr'ianM' nl m,al(lng a 
Hilt ,a:iil, tlie Halt tniientatict 
li*'», SI'S P'ssk »'!fl 'dist'UM 
i!»rM-M- ', "!"•• ;,' - •■ ■ fmnii 
,i,fi.i, T. •,, ,,. : btm 

Tp enroll call F\i, iw.lllor 

londoii Trip 

,Barper jiudrni* niid »uti an 
m-ultM tn spend the wwk uf 
\pnl'9 :: *i>i;ri!'it; I ,i«iiJ<Ki Ttie 
;,irlce o! in>' inp i» tl":*. Which 
liicHides ro'una tfip travel 
illt«M,t'il, Brillsd Airways, hotel 
,aewniii«l,alMw ,an<i) walking 
won Studenti may earn «ie 
credit tn tn«i*nii,tes Space is 

Far mmt i,nln'tin,»tl«in. con- 
tad Martha Si'nwms«t, FSIl or 

Nmt lipir Workshop 

The Ha n d y u o tn a n 

'A'lrkMmp" *lll bf •':•<■ :>■■.• ':\ 

Women,'* Pruj:.„.i:. '■■•'. 

^cl^'u^llay„ Peto i'S frijin n a iii 

•:,iJp,lD in 4111 
8,»v«tv l"')»' uiiilm kiu,>*ii IS 
M::i } ., ■ ■■,!( on 

.>,i:i.l i,K,'i:'i' I'-' ■■* tO'j 

olrcdni'"' ■ -fiting 

wit uisi ■ , ;• , <,(iglli,g 
M'llpajitI .i,i...l 1 ;,'..,.(. •..""«r 

piiiiiihwg and ■ 

TlllUw'! "- - 
'lei'iKiI' ',■ 1 1 ■ 

Classic miri'frih'ii;* 'i.pigii 
Howard Stevens, , 'u 

'fhursdai . Feb ; ' 
10 P»5 

A gradtiale o't the Eailroan 
School ol M'lisif, Sfeveni t■l;l^ 

Male* iii'i'«J .11,11*,^ ^n,r» maNter 

claces ,ind wor)i,il)op« at 
imlversittes and Khwb ol 

I'll us It 

Snimr Travtl 

A meeting will t* held 
limlDll ««:'»p„m, lor all per 
mm ini«*tted in parttcipatlhg 
» the liarpirr College' wmttier 

educaiwmal tout This ium- 
mer's tour will visjt Egypt. 
Greet*, Israel. Turkey a,nd 
Yugo»lavi.i froo'i .June 17 ■ July 
I titd will mciudc a oiie-week 
Medlleiraoean rruise The lour 
unpen lo area ri"iidcnt,s a;. well 
atlof ■' .n(,)ttatr 

'Til, ' l-u'lrf i,n 

tl» tUimu ..>»."■! ■.. l,.iu,.iaine ,,\ 
Fw rurtJwT liiformaiton. call 

Heart Attack Victims 
SouEht In Medical Study 

Vo,lunieers iie urgenU> 
needed tn help com'bai 
America's, luimtier one killer. 
alliero»clero»is. This diiteaM is 
primariy reiponsible far heart 
ttlaeks. 'ftrokea. and r4!,laM 
fatal dt«!a»e,i that account an- 
nwlly tor al:m",s.i ""<• nuiuon 
de*lh» or si pm'mt ol all 
de«'lh,s in the I' n >ted States 

The Nallonal Heart. Ung 
and Blood Iristiiute is con- 
ddcting a program al lour par- 
ticipating medical msiituUoni, 
iii':ji)-:i« ilie tnivemty of 
Miiir.tsDia. to determine 
whetner lowering blood 
cholesterol levels will reduce 
the risk o( 'heart atiacks-. The 
I'niverslty is seeking perxms 
» ihriiugb H years ol age. who 
have had only am hM,n attack 
in tde past five years wlOi no 
ihistory "' '''■■■-n surgery. 
d,«belesi'- , -,'uch,per- 

mm *Tr '•'.lit the 

Harper briglit >zi JUflf^ UFE 

With lights ^'.,,, 

Th» HirO.nfleP 'F»bry«ry *. Ht». ^•f* J 

njj tut* 1 rf'i'j - .i7!'j ..' .«!• . 
fhirt* wicn iish"- ""'■ 

Tiitorini? center- free help when you need it 

rf npnn? hi rii«nui«t:ii f rain mint 

Itai f«S 

B'ffitmo, jii'ttm.! 
««iiriHii*(«ir far B^i ,-• 
'lap'* nilnriii cenm-r 

Ciieffl 111 Imrn thai fcrrn 
fei t«iinft> .li :■ ' ^ ' ■ 
taut Northern !;■■■■ ■ 
tf't M,»«MfrB •(, k mum;, 
fta*.. i%iKl''b€"t ilDliii welt 
BarptT'i (ulorlni . 
dMab naiit 
iiinrlei'.. Whu'. 

"Mi* •( tht ceW:i*r' I mum *n 
nemn. iHiiWBUi,"* laii Swa 

JUMUlMii, Mttllg (IH»r"f .-..^.r 

iteitof Umn hin- 

tlH' mmit tmnt t. > ..' 
•ttiicl»r »* lb« ituden! 
8<mIM>* VIC* tiM titlor at t'tar 
|Kwr MMiiiMii* vltii 'ttm c»R' 
plicMil tht (HiiriMf iBntewiM" 

' li'i out e»*y »*» ■'' ■■"""■ ' 

|»«*r Kii'prr tutors '\ ■., - . 
fioc»i»«l »ii "A"" in lt« .....uii. 
HWf ptaB lo tutu* •i*"'t tt* 
f»«llU!»eiK|jll:»iii ill tht courw" 
■liuiUiietor Alio n^qoirttl I* »r> 
H|lii'"hour form*! irtinms it*, 
list (MJtiJ to teiitUt t»M> 

Trillticif FniP'hasiii'ji the irn 
porttnf- ■ 

;|dmi|»iM;tive t)i •.IK-'- 
•llpnMllliiilt rtwti-: 

e (! « r Ji ■ 

» toreigB »i.»>J< ■ ' • ■■ 

iHimiacK lM|u.ik' I,'' '-' ". 
Thli iniiif' Arti ijitiir<»i.ii' 
mtm Am ttey «jBini«iiici-. 

icgt- 15 miRH'iJ I '■■'■■■■ 
»i:«, Tutoriiif !".'■ I • :. 
notet • p<«f -■' 
•MSl, he!]. 

W to tUTMIl up mi'f-" 

EveMiin CMtMlli «tu<''' 
te wjiti unttl ihi« firv: 
fOBir 'I'l! :: !i .;' .» ■ 

CWilJ'l i>'ip ''1 i ■ ■' 'li'.'": 

!»Uf pe: 'Keek iB eath subject 

timf ito*t • ciMirie in all 


I JI roil (I tt 

Utile ),m • valk'iii 

,l)> l:» olTfCftJ Itlt* 

' ■ tmt. In 

Mg, rrfuced »um 

M-venlM'rc proved 

> m f r- > 1 1 1 1 >i nt »u m nn<r ' * 

■rtwteiitt fin alsii Iw,*, tu fh*- 

I iiinrme ceoter lo Iw-iii '.1i<..;iitfr 



iiMBWn to ttii tttlltlMii ciemBna 

lilt... Bltt JoHiMlMS dMsn.! Utnk 

■ H» tH'ttlinc IK nnulhlf 31 ttl-lt 
' i V m 


*f ».alij: .get tmsi. e*i»ecMiHy 
■Biiiail «««»,. *«' tafct fc 
Mint iwl nuwbf r ol e»ll#ri w* 
c'jin'l iji't to imminliwely and 
reWro i-alls as Siixm »s *e'n 
■bit. to," 

ill,' ■- largest tutor ■ 

me; : ■ . ■ ■ .IP-, 1-ommun.ity 

•'»',(? in t)"»-si.i' ' ' " ' '"' 

opcriiliMi I ,'■■''. 

, , r .:;, • '. ■ 'Miih Ihf 

I- ■;., ,rrt. "■ fl- 

• , .-' , ,■ ... ■ ■'. ,;■ ; U^anof 
.. , !'•,■.!! !>erv.(.ce!> "The 
oirnt-h iunOiei through. 
i.m iKgiUUiK't to (Ik Illtii0is 
Conmwij' CollAie Board, 
which (h«n,.. on a tonniik bmit 
I iwsed on enrollmtienl , dtiflM 
up the montf* itmy get. ' ' 

Wtat tijingi nwsre especttlly 
iielptul* Stu«l€iit.s«v«iiiiite<l the 
cefi'ler in « recent (urvey . Go- 
ing through «Kh probkm. Il> 
luilrat'tons of ,|imbleins. gotng 
over materials again and again 
m detail or other way* ieemtid 
to (wmsflt siiiclentii moiit . 

B¥«iiiwii"s freateW reward 
limni MOrtng l» ■explalnJnf 
■ometMag and seelitg facet 
light ufi tn understanding, it't 
not M bad alter all. tliey ni'lgM. 
ewn h»*'e enloyed It." Sue- 
cenfuJ students make luc- 
cesKful tutors, Syceettfui 
tutors make nuereitful 
studentii TheprocMigoMM. 




"..•iters I'rom tins 

i,B their perwKai 

'" '■"■'" «'■»»«■ 

■fwwwier* ! 

BionlJy iTK>s' -1 ■ •n 

Midi." J," 

•0«.-<' !i" , • 

MMlull.) .. ttM>> )i.a.ui. cdiiLtdeuci: 
.lad tht stutiBBt beconiet tiwirif 

CtMlldfM " 

Alltallgli the 'C«i 
'putW'IIWiisiW ■•i" 
fin*lrnv ■ ■ 

llii fttr 

Thin* »i.t,h pT».(viiiii jitiji..iiriii> 

are referfid te ■• wwiiiiling 

Words of 


Valentine's Day 
Sunday. Feb. .14 


tH W f'<ll*l.,n«, Sd 

Do* (110*0 P..»i«tin« 


ll«altli A: FItnms Ctntar 

Celebratts its Ath Anniversary 

with a 


Men & Womep through Feb, 28 
Per-' irams 



Round up some friends, get in the nK»od. and 
skate to the beat of the niusir. We have rental 

skates, refreshments, lots of fresh iee. and a 

|tot>d lime ready and waiting. 

So try us. .fust for the fun of it! 

StmntI f'ity Spmnrra Ptny 

Alt flu I uh --I Hit* -—y ^S^ t M 

Kxrr% Friihi X Simtrthix Httt:.M pm. WiMMUM^iU 
tsli'mt IITI for r.Hiiplrir *th,,h,l. mg-'yp AWpW 

r««i4 "^fm M,«n.t«««f', »»iifi»«rv 4 tm 

Off Beat 

"On Golden Pond" reflects the stars 



ik7-'M«rt> RyMt 
"OiiGoMn pMit" piwmnu 
m MlltaiKUai MltlfVtiftMl in 

Mfiiiri ri)»<la snit lii» 
<l(iig|iltr Jiiw hive (MM) cut 
W'Mifltal. wtw tn »u* mm Tn* 
•Mir fundi. MMray* »-)f«r 
t 'Tkum *-. *"* 
riMli. flay* u» 
MM. KMMrwc 

..__ 'to • IwaiiMilf 

fliiiilitcil pwlwriMnet •m 
Mr ntt' •» Mtiify rwMte'* 

Tilt ii>»*l« Mpn* «rlh 
ijMliiflM MiplMini. anil ticwni 
Pnnii MHuiiliii t» (Itcir «'»■ 
nmi Iwni im »•» H««|»li»w 
iw B«!r ntli •minwjtafiilitf 
IMm. ^my »«' ]«liml Dy ttwir 
4iwiiMcr. iMrr 'iMT'tlhnNl, :»»»■ 

Mm rmta tuM^ t^m Maftar- 
Mg 'HMMHtiiiMit and mm 
mum mf' Win* ttecaiw ** 

M'wr »*w) her »s • Iritnil 
Htwy FmUji t» » COM 'tttianl. 
oUl 'iiJM «l«> <Hl«i»'1 f»ri' l» 
mucli !•*■ mfmm liui nwwll 
lit Mim h» a iwowtmt (tar td 
ay inn 111 »«■*(! He Irt* t-werytiw 
kM« mat Hi* •■■Hays •« 
niMilwriHl' " Ht» m.ift>MJ.iiv i» 
■s iw«ll«iil »tt»««n«-g»f<»»« 
()tv'lc« KulMtrtm- Hepburit 
imciottm tn* iTlclttM MWfM 
Her dtuciuer and Iwr ItwbaMl 

Of IMKfeUg ttltIR IMIWI !»• I» 

m aloot •«'» «•«-•" **!»** S"* 
alio M|» tier hwltaiitf *al 
wilM two wtvHaWr sS(pit mf «»W 

It 'pnitw tiiterefttiit ifcat 
Katlicrne tli«titwni anil' Maory 
F'Mita n«d Mvcr rwI. 'Miirt 
mry *alk»4i m the wt Ut^'tMl*' 
mmi« totli arlw aiMl Mitwm 
(Mil tntrtlwr a liimtmui par 

Oin! mam vrmmn m ide 
nin. » mat tliere ts wn »ii«ii)i 
•ctllil «•••' lij Jane Fonda. 
•Mom Ml !•' «lad in<M:l'y in 

btflMI Mli' toa-CWl UWIM. 

I1in(«*«r. J'aiW' f'imtfa '(tow 
wrii. III. a iupisrwr jitrtnimaiitt 

wlwn iiie il«-i» |i«r(nf m III tl»t 
(HHi, Ttere »IHKiKl 0« m*rt c«- 

rrwiiaUon* NfH«T" "— 

P'tnib. aiid 'daufh'' 
wMiH taw until'" 
mmi* M>o a ' iai)i#f>i>v 

Tiie ommatmgrBpH)' m tt* 
niro ilDseirvi* alum*! at m«li. 
))?•»€ at llif niiiw ■»id a*;- 
tKMta Tte clMtuf *liM» arc 
nctrulfd w'ltli *im'Ii |wr#cU(M 
(hat wn* can cteariy we tlie 
eminiiini.* iientrated The 
mtWfiT .1* .i»aiWllcfiill> flJni- 
cd m Vm teawtim twthiiis m 
V'lrgaia TWfiewef it leH wild 
M artiial 'leiue o( Having l««n 
idere., Tftf tcrecnplay, 
•HlMfh •rlH«ii tn * liilrly 
'imillctaMr'(ash.>M, is nat-islby 

Hrnry FttwH. Jane Fondii, 

and KalHtrine HepDurn 

mahaiip a call wtilcN stuipLy 

can't tw :iM«L 'TlMit itart 

pmmm (IW' prnteMtM')' by 

»HH-tt t'hK> t'lirn ij pic ally 

iitrwtj-pcd ntn intii a powrr- 

tulfllm „ ^ . 


luminous performances 

''Night Crossing" 
the wroiig path 


Hmt jiHn Mift, 

wan nuiiirr llmtM tnr Hit 
a«il Ikflt ywrt '»«» N*i» |d»| 

!mrwi)i. -' ""•d" ***««i« *!■ 
tiinitaii mm kH^mtwrnea 
»nfrreiimiii*tii„ the ilutflo 
nmmi i« tarn niitir* pnifll MWl. 
■MM *1 ai. m^mx Mil*' 
MM mtf. 'M '•«*ll*>' '*"'"■' 

DA, -nit C» rram «.)iltr 

iptaii fliititt 
I .at a i»aim 


m ilMml • •*■>■' «' 

I Willi UN Wl«m-IM'IM 

mUi "Niglil ' 
RmaiiM tim Ml 
tintrialnmtnt itfta t'n- 
(oriunaltli. tIM Itlmaafear 

I IH'tH 

" ll^t:||||y, 

PMar Sntocli 

I mm Bftdpai «li» plM. «llli if*. <■' 
tlMir (••*•», It taeapt tMvm ■tfmm i 

Gnosf Propplngs 

llMif Iwint* W *:a»t Ctrmany. 
'TUtrr art BW ituits <■! bariMxl 
•ift «:«»• mnmmttm. «>"* 
etanlri Tli.e d'arnrr 
jiliiMiWlly itia til mactifct 
:|w eirt « mwtitd, m tbt tiliit 
fmm% •m « ■ iti* i»p«itai(i 
MMiiltt. "Ttir wnuwit 'in«lt a 
iMilMi • tnhit' till 'tmm ttit 
irtilir Bill wiparattii tiit» 
itmm a» «ni*tft*» o* tlit OW'- 

tmi mmv% tmm aw, ■ 
lam ptil. «!» t§ 'lb* cMirttnl 
Mtifi by Jilni MdSf t*»t» and 
•lEit •dim-iion by Pttberi 
Mann Bit' tcript and I'loiT'llnt 
•iMMMll' 'iffil tiil nm taopj «• 
dimi. ■» lit null' wainii m let- 
MH ••■Mghi Crtttmi"" *• «'»•<• 

M IH^r •MUfMl. Mli' If lUtl" 

«Mcli dniinjtt tm 

, , mmi «f 

™_, 'IWfti' #'<»)•■ "ll ••««•■ 
lUd. fm'rt indiim, totiMl tlit 
till m tndliii. •Wthtter 
until nr*t 

mrtctur Sl«ii iiiW' tb* tati' 
M a dtrict to bmtfiilly «'«tkt 
•Hty Iwb Uit' aiiiliiitt rm It 
* t* '■■•■' At emttd 
KhMfs. Of titmilttte Tbt 

•ft nianv i 

. . *. I'yp'ical Poller or I'iir 
rcati) ex'isi'" 
',,. *'.til if i'tw liM*i::il »roiiH'"l 
IM H'triMn. Mcitltfay mffit 
'The threng* 'includwi th-M- 

'HIltiMl'Ml -BUldt!.'!'' ' 

nitit wllb KiKbo 

taadbawl*. an* (p»b: -'-■- 

ui>'. in tbt prr'jnH»i*»ni .babes 
tranritetd by the tastncss <»l 
the Iterlion 

B.ut tbty wert all the,'' 
jttt and wiui'her .to sec 'l'*'- ■ 
Ihr ni<»l prominent tdun ruck 
.iiO'd n.41 

' :i««ii|hi* dimmed 
ih, .f'liMiic 0.rl» trom 

•irit" ' ." I .u - princed und daW' 
ri their ««'* onto the stage 
Alter ».'i.ri'H rr".'n«d ri^ponse 

ihev !' "^Iwh 

Mdre' !' • ''iWtii'. 


'With dfu.ii» p<;mfMHn|t and an 
explMlon i»l ll|bt th«'y rtiilted 

inw the 'Xmt Jrrh " Lead 
uicili'Sl B.»l'ind.a Carlitle 
'Hmvf'il her arms while rh')'thm 
guii'arin Jane W'ledltn mwed 

f., ...,..,., ... .K,. '..l."rt)Ol|lilH'«lai 
■ ifC 

.' nrelnnus 

Wtn'l t^'fk. IlKli: vut *'!»*«" ."*i ***«K 

.Fffiwi ''t'-rfr it Aa.!i Wi f« I'hclc 
big hil 
tlonit ' 

W..-i.'i' ' ■ . 



on music 

-. a'il«iJ down on Stewart 

;.,l,*'iiil Andy Summers, and 

.,> ^rreprcsible 'SUhr' aslhey 

broke mil) 'Me»sa«e In \ B'Crt 


Wlihoul chaaging (jears Ihey 
ihilted inlo their hil *lngl« 
■E'verj' Liltle Thing 'She Doc* Is 
M«g>c Irom (Vhosl In The 
Machiw making the au 
illtMc dance m lop ol thetr 

AbnipMy (he tempo changed 
and the listener *si left 
floatini wimewhere m the 
chasms of deep ihoughl and 
' I a ». 1 3 n I karma " ' A 
phoiphorwu* glow transceitdecl 
Irem almve the stage and came 
10 enijull \ndy Summers to 
lonil a stirrealiMic being ' 

In Ihe «»t 'iel... iclecttonifc 
tro'm '"'Zenyatii Mimdatta." 
were plS'ied. ind-lldlng -When 
I'hf W»rW » Flunnii'id iwiwir 
and ' 'Pe H'OT !>«' I>tW' '•■'« I'a 
D:i !">.!' Tt<e crovn) Had Uimam- 
' . . . . .■*. (rum cardtac 

mm Bwnl. wlU pmMot two oi 
'Im tmt aakali tvcr mailt. 
•tilt Wlwrt «< Of ma 
•mmm tn 'The Um," ^mmf 

WMlIf ...«.' il^-l'll 

mm tl' 'tbt' ebaiiMttt* Mm U g» 
wm a e»y'in|, 'III. '•*» «nljf 
ItiVM (bt ftcMf aumytil 
MaMi c«iM bat* nbttlMd tkt 
.Mme ntiilla wi'lb «nj eait. and 
Mt abuitt tbt biiii i|ualRr 
laltfibi of John Hurt, Jane Alt«- 
■iMltr as Strcliyck'* •lit. and 
Beau Hrtd^gM 

II ywi It mtt tooklng tar a 
gwiHi. Slc.k. ht flirt not 'U> crM* 
niilii.iillb*-Nl|btrr«Btn|» " 
Bill Steniberg 

jlre».in>! ■.'■"■" '> i'«t !'""'!'i ">'• 

'»ll'n.g,i.ii(: .."'!..'■' ' ■i.iwbirf Till* 


t'tc f'uMcment .. a 
I,,. , .-r 'Hie .iiritent lait* 

«IM were 1.10* bM4lng la the 
'Miaircil taNcf (.land a* Ike 
howtUlhb writ- tirtitgbl yp. 

No'ii.' ibe time had come 'lor 
the lop t)«ni)«'r band iMlowil a» 
the Police 

At the IikIiu inmm..ed 
darknet* lO'Ok H* place 
••Vmihstt liMtdt My M'liid" ewiM 
ht btardi wWlt the tudience 
■tnliitd (btlr »ye» tw let' some 
ftiBblanct »I Wt mwinf tin the 

luiMtriy, a llimd i>t Hibl 

roredbiiii "■' '"«•■»«■* 

IIJ (uriii '.'■•: ••"■'t 

muwci"'. ' ' ' '■ ' "■*■''* 

■-'Sh.»'*>»" '•■' ■' ■ ■ '.''aiw 


'Fwm one pj>rt ol the wlar 
Mrtem to another., these Ihrce 
Englisfi lad'S rctused to suc- 
rumb 10 candled yam gkwy 
•Walking m The Uom" only 
itrengthened Hit* pomi and 
"'InvisiWe Sun'"' made It con. 

TUe re*! was just a Wurr, 
(hew SOCIO poll' ical rnesMges 
•were Just loo heavy lor a 
Midwestern middles-law mind 
to lake 

Use Harbinger Classifieds 

Sludenl clitiilkd «!• ■« FREE. ?ion-iliident 
adnte-SOcentB aline* 

.M0M Bii»«,tw*«r *k ujcmiwfr Kiai* 

A OOmC *«l«» 'C»«*l»*CTI«:(t. WI'IM SOMB-TWMIfrJ 
S*«C»t..-fc*l«.OMi Vl'I'^TH AWSCiGt, 

SeiMeo»i.c to Fit,'L A MOID m Mf itaci*, 


MH *NV TR*iT6 OF XaiMJb. X CAM, e»'Pl.on .^ 

'By Jim Martin 

FII14T Of *L*-, DO wo 

" " ^ l : |y ■^^N " ■ ^ 

( ^Hj& O'YOO DQiMKy 

ar"" ' ' ZT f^- 

or. 'M&U do bftOb'S ? 


ts-MT THCRt AfA-THlNfr El»n*ORt.iNARX) 

Tmh tum procrarrix -lart in f;ill 

TH»M»rl3ii»»«T. f-ttsmmy 4. 19M. PagrJ 

Human services will answer area's needs 


Tilt BMril lit TruitM* km 
tpprm-f«] (tlaw ii> bailn a putt- 
pnilwsmitil wneer pregram in 
Uie Hwiiwn S<»TO«i» a«j iind 
has iifnl tl tn the HImow OiiB' 
iBumilv CoUfjit »«»»«! tor ihetr 


Hrlp 1 anird 

ME fOu C«SS»fUl, tHltOfTlfl 
H#-* ■■.^nv'''t<'i'ra«^''' i.i*,p ^.^m «wi ^»««»* 

* .r*' L.:.^ ^ ■ 

'Wn "... ,- 

MAlf «IO0E 

^m^ro ■ :f>'tl III' MJr k'MtymMl. 

»» elixir !ii*Nr U tw nftcw'-nt'iBir* 
nA»A».. Owpf i ««• ]IU» Pwt AnoM'twt 

For Salr 

mmf f-^m %M 0*%' (*hwit tuwrn* Wt JM^kw •« 



••■■Ifll. iMKum. r«« irlci « i;<l*w. 
WdaMMwauMI. IVilyaM !••«% IMS 

MP mm w m CIt* Mix IH'tlHi 

l»tCrf XtiOf,-.' 

da**lli«<l «n(i prr»anal tds sub- 
mttM to (lie HirliinKvr tar 
put>»cMioi> must iKiud«> me 
lunuE. aMreH and Mrphune 
immlMtf of ttm petma wbinit 
m§ m ad PaynenI lor per 
sonal ads rnuti Iw madr pfiur 
to pulalleatMn The Harbm««>r 
nurvtt ihf right to retusw 
adv»nis«ti!«fits n <lr««mi off«n- 
«v«. l««»tou» or inappropriat* 
mi ptftama «tll tw rctuniM] 
U' nit ■dwtit.lwr TyMwrltttn 
•A Umiid tm droppcdori at iht 
Hafi!>it))tcr of lice A ;>«? 

.ntctHtar; a{tprui <il 

Cirinji ihf ..iimrnyfilt.v iwed 
tor para^pmies.'sioaai liulp iii 
areas such a* care tor ilie 

Hdfrly, cure (•>< •>"• h:>n<ltcap' 
pe<l. awl you' ■.vork. 

Or Mfflrleiii" i • i-i»r- 

iltnator i»l Iht? Oiild Dtveliip- 
luent Pragram. has (liscus»*«l 
way* <>( expaiHlIng th* Chiltl 
tN!v«lo|>ment Prugram in- 
clude the hitmnn M-rv ite* iirra 

•There are a Imi t>( pwpit 
that lllci" lo work »ith pmpk: 
Md UitK program will provide 
then (ippon untiles witli only » 
year of enlleije," Mid Pat 
■Bnurle,, Chairman ol Th«' LUe 
Scfenct a-nd Human Services. 
Divrtiun "Then? are » lot o! 
J'()t>s available iii tin* area in 
the Human -«fvi«* fwld ' ' 

Ttm pnfCiiWd buman wr- 
i-icn currirulum wnuid tie huili 
on the base of courMs already 
offered tn Child lL>e»*k»pm-ent 
Program, Bourke i-aid Four 
IM'»' da»se» *>ll tw initialed 
with the start «l the Human 
Services prti-gram B»urke Mid 
that iw lull lime tanilly will be 
hired t<i teach these class*, and 
said that the poitltkms will be 
IlUed by eitstitig faculty and 
part timtrs from the human 
Krvlee titU 

Thfiiew ,.-.„..„.., -^lU include 
iin mlroductory iurvev tla** in 
Ihr human icrvices.. lind haste 

pni-i -i.'it :-;,.vs and Iwo m 

drti'i' ' .■.^-■■'- 'in lurtliminii and 
inilijin4.ri .- -■ ■- ■ ■ :"'-!n» 

Eto«. ■ <»f 

.iibiencf .-:■.. . isBie 

Inr cuiiunent. »»irk«l wilh 
Btwrki" and an adv-tory council 
(i( hiin.aii lervice* proies- 

iionals in desifnltig the prii- 
gra,m and *titi the (ea»it»ility ni 
workinit (be program l>et<»Ten 
llirp«'r and human services in 
ftitutibm *lthw llic college 

As with any new curriculu.m. 
the ICCB must approve the pro- 
gram before it cam begin here 
"hopelully" next (all 

■"I've talked lo i the ICCB i on 

the phone and I'm sssumtng 
there will t>w 'no priM-em."" said 

Boiirke <>d(lfl iliat students 
wbo may tn? mit-resled 'in the 
priigram, should talk to Dr. 
Joanne Powell .n the D 
Counseling center lo discuss 
what cauree« a student should 
lake In prepare lor the pro- 

Pharmacy tech, an open field 



4 WW Pharmacy Technician 
(.'erliUcaie Pro-gram will tw in- 
troduced to the Harper cur- 
riculum ofl'erinp this fall, ac- 
cording to Mrs Piliicia G 
Bourke. associate dean of Life 
Science and Human Services 

The one-year certificate pro- 
gram will provide the technical 
and practical pharmaceutical 
kiMi»ledge rcquiped lor an 
asaittant lo a registernd phar 
macist either at the retail 
pharmacy or a» a member o( a 
hospital hcalih-care team 

'Area hoapital pharmacists 



/./ .-,/#«HiIIt\\\\V \ 


Homemade Italian Bfef 
Other Great Sand wic s 

Pluty If li-Store SeatMg 

(Studying is allowetJ) 

•II 16»» .:i«i !!' .»; 


FREE ^^^1^'' ^'''"^ 1^ ''"'O" i^'iss 

■itk Pvtlust «( Sntwick i« Orm 
tm Ihrwnk Nl IB. INI 


Ha ve a Valentine Message?? 

This Imlmtiar'ti Dai Takf AdtaatagrtH 


Ihuft tHt \f»UT it) in \.y>T. 

rrujii|irl Itmr Wi"»»a*:r />!;>• Jour \ jlrniim- * Kur 
Fimr Unr* f-i»r Onh .nl. 

Ita h Hrfort- } uu Hrrmk N««lir<'i#rr '• Uratt'' 

want this type of assistance 
Irom a trained technician." 
said Mrs Bourke 

"A lin ptwple want to enter 
the health lieid but are con- 
cerned about the 'hands on' 
aspecl ol Ihe field For those 
pe»»pl-e. " she added, '■working 
as a pharmacy lechnician 
would satisfy their desire lo im; 
part of a hcalih-care team ' * 

Mrs Bourke said phar- 
macies provide a particularly 
pleasant work environment 
and it would be a particularly 
good program for women retur- 
ning to Ihe work force 

The Harper program will of 
(er basic academic training in 
prescrtplion order processing 
inventory acllvules over-the- 
counter drug sales, bulk com 
pounding and manufacturing, 
record keeping, computer 
operations, and related inslure 

A basic underitanding of 
medical terminology, eommon 
d-iseases. pharmacology, phar 
macy math and aseptic techni 
que will also he provided along 

with a summer externship tor 
on the job pharmacy ex- 

Members ol the Illinois Conn- 
ed of Hospital Pharmacists 
from Lutheran General 
Hospital initially contacted 
area community colleges 
several months ago regarding 
the need lor the technician pro- 

After a Harper telephone 
survey of local hospitals, com- 
munity pharmacies and major 
chains confirmed the high In- 
terest in trained apprentices, a 
steering committee was form- 
ed to develop the curriculum 
for submission to the Illinois 
Community College Board 

Parkland Community Col- 
lege. Champaign IL was the 
first in the state to receive ap- 
proval for a pharmacy techni- 
cian program which' started 

Parkland was extremely 
cooperative and interested that 
Harper is implementing a 
simdar program, according to 
Mrs Bourke 

Harper's many lights 

uinunlllMmpagu i 

[i.'!,-'-'> marked "A" along the 
\ ' L'."nqum Road entrance 

^|» similar light'^ tturked 

':■■ line Ihf CfitraiH't,- Irom 
Kose-lle Hoad lo the visitors' 
parking area - 

Twenty-lmir lights ,mark,ed 
■B" lun east ami west m tJ»e 

,Kach parking lol conlalns 
douhlf armed pole* which are 
niarked in t■^---- -' ;■- ,il order 

The ii0!\ power. 

,8omebein|i ; ■■ t some 

being KM watt,.-. 

Aivm E Templin. supervisor 
ol the utillly department, sa, 
the K lights III I he parking 
areas are controlled Irom A, D 
or J buildings bein connected 
to the nearest power source 

The night patrol Is required 
to fill out a light report every 
tiighi iioiing such things as non- 
working lights, damaged lights 
or uncovered plates on baw 

Ah outside contractor does 
maintenance ol alt parking lot 
and Site lol lights lot a cost of 

Lady Hawks score a 
record in win over R V 


Harp<>r'f women's basketball 
leam smashed a school record 

lor points scored In a game 
with a 9»-«ii trauncing of Rock 

Valley Friday night 

Our starters played the first 
hall and ihe .ast three minutes 
ol the game, w hen Rock Valley 
started getting close,'* aid 
t'oach Tom Teichoer. 'They 
looked like Ihey wanted to get 
that l«i " 

,\11 the starters for Harper 
scored m double Itgures Sue 
Hoday led the Hawks with 21 
followed hy '"Chunky" Brui- 
lino l€. Krehs and Delber H. 
and Karen Kamradt dro(>ped in 

The leam shot well Irom the 

(laor andn on frMthroirs." itid 

star center Sue Hoday. has 
been havmg ankle problems 
which held her to only 20 
minutes play in the Hock 
Valley game "It is a game to 

Same situation with the ankle 
oifay ran only go about 70 per- 
cent '■ Teschner added 

The third place lady Hawks 
have a tough three games com- 
ing up They play tborntim 
tomorrow, and next week two 
of tlie moat important games of 
the year. Jollet and Triton. 
Joltel and Triton arc tied (or 
rtril with ill records BoUi 
teams have beaten Harper 
earlier in the season 

" ' " ' in playing for the Softball team 

■ 3.s<>ri mwting Monday at i p m In 
-V:.. i u.ui.i i|ur>uonsaiidmessagBsc«nbcdlrectetlto 

ilir PK AK office In M l.uliilifis 

*•«••. t*« »!•#•«••'■• "'■•i*'H»»* "•» 

Hawks tip DuPage 59-58 


IM'i wliflt 'MWfcr lw«kfl' 
Ml t»n* ««<1 cotchtt. tr*^ ptni 
Id i»«»e Wt.. tl titty kfW Ptay- 
Ini laiiM* tuit My « tuw- 


km 'tai* *» »™* iwiMM*; 

iiSiy Monrf witn a tawlinc 

nM Ult tlw !)•« h* M • » 

Tht will pta«» H.nrjwr m the 

•(■ I'te %■■«€, tttui '"ilh 

tM«t more name* l<» PfW** 

m iMgUliMi M iM vitiotii: « > 

ai ihw HIM! »«"»etitt««l«».'" 

ata. tmmm »« t»« m. 

■iHiMiil il liiek Mfcd (Iw 
'|l«wk« t«t •*«rc(*n« il>« 

"W« were «ie Itieky «•«. 
Mill BerttoW ■■! ihrnk boih 

i,Mm«ilM)ul<H««l proud ' 

■•DuP««t pl»y«l •«*tl A''"^"- 
lively and we pliye*! mtep' 

tttniiUy wfll."'»»«»W' , ,. 

Hinwt *»• "fci* •« *'«•■'' *"" 
tWP»ie tlirTOiilMiui the gimt-, 

anil ■» luMnts frein the Hii«li » 
Ed KliriTOChmwtt li*ti>«J the 
Maokl » »»«" W «"«P'» *'* 
leait wwral timet tlMUghMt 
(Nt'itlllti. , ,- 

tUriMtr »»• •>»«• ««N{I> 
wm«» «lM!a«l 'iif U»e» imc Wtad 
iii,aleli««.'»itli Trttw i«<l *»!'«' 

tut H»wfc» play TlW'tnlon 
m^rriday «id Bectitold notifd 

lltal • itdwwt" III* Tlwrirton 

dcftiMt »oulil»e t kry |K>wi t't 
emiceiitrtW tw»»w Hawkt 

Cm really haW* »»* ■">' 

Hawki' playniK." *<»>*' 

■MMnm. Tlwyre lOmmm 


Men cagers shoot 
for N4C title 


Never iM tht l«-y«tr ttWory 
»i HMptt't itimk pnxram 
iiiw live men"* Iwiilntliall uam 
'tatn m a p«i»ni«ii to »*» * «»»- 
mmK Wl« mil W« » tJw 


TMe Hawks, alter Tucdliy 
niahf* »•» *ln o«r O'uPige 
»rt «»» »'l «» ^*C. »itll ■' 
gmo ten i™ I»l»y • TJitl te»d tl- 
liMis Valley < Ml by ' 1 1»«* '" 
the race tor ml place 

Tilt ttawks art' ilMli'Mni n 
Ml tlie nchiMil nrwrd tm inwt 
•iiii in » »•»•! Nonneisnuilr 
liuns »*•:» lite record is Ihowgn 

'" a lire in th* old Held houac in 
ilTHteslniyBl some rw«inli. 

All at tliu li«* tieen a surprise 
to eoacti Rwfer BeehloW ''We 
weren't «p«ted ti> tki m well 
m cwileremee ■■»*« have," sbM 
Betlitold. who admllB this is ml 
■Me m«« (aletitrtl ttam m tiat 
')ached ill Harprt "Thej play 
t«||cllter and use iheir talenls 
■■ »eH as iir even twHer than 
any leaw I've coached.." 

tmdetit, .BccUUilil lia« tiMt 
imre talenleit lean* In the 
las.!, two years, Bechtold Has 
had pl.a.vers like Craig Kawliris 
Tim t.;iil»«. and FernadaCioss 
But m title In Iwlh ol the 
seasons. Ihe MawHs have (.inish 
nlwlth iilentlcat ic i:i records 

Last year, with Ci'ss and 
'Denetriut liarnes. the Hawks 
fH (i(f 10 a to- 1 start and sp- 
p«*r»'d he.a<lea lor thetr first 
}tu: chain,pnin»hip Then 
Gaines w n s <l e r I a r e d 
acMltiBietfl^ ineltdthk tor the 

MCnwl letiKSter ami gnartl. 
Il.evta *lurni.y «a« tost tor 
■Imntl halt lltt wastin wiih an 

This. year, tlte Itowk* lost 
laadlnt scorer M'lke Brown • SI 
pnlMs per game' to .icadtmic 
cawatly But the km has'heen 
neulralte«4 hy ih* Jtlay oi 
newcnmcr Kenny Dime*, u >■ 
ltM4 inch crnler '-H' 
streiiglh un the msidi 
didit'l enpect ti> have mis 
year '"BetthloldsaKl. 

The addition of flames mos"- 
ed Ed Klemschmidt from the 
inside to forward, wtere the (r 
(«»t-4-inch h» given 
the Hawks a ixxist * iih rehoufr 

BUI Hubly i» now the tean- - 
leailtng scorer i an urio.fficiai ■■ - 
«>mt? " jwr (samet jind Kevin 
Lcc, a fi.|(HiM-i.nch sophomurr. 
nm. given the Hawks niiH-kn.ei.s 
"Oyr delense has mi proved 
tremendiHiilv trorn the t*.gmn 
■ng. ffl( the '. I' 1 r Hci -Mold . 

■..M.SO *t:>i..n> tm «M.y» Who 
can each *core in doiiWe- 

So It has tjeen *twse - par- 
tkularly retwtjndmi. - an*, a 
balanced' ntfense thai has 
precipltaieil '■■^•- "''''■ '"•■■ 
prising season '■iic 

well, the Hawki. •.■.-..:■.- ■ ■.'ir« 
N4C games lelt includiag .lollet 
a.nd Triton ■ 'To lie realist ic. we 
hare a lough schedule remain' 
ing," admitted BcthiO'ld 

B«t a Vitir which ts ironic ally 
renlistie. would be ijuile an ac- 
fumplishment As Bechiold They're hard to come 

by '■ 

Women's swim team 
season finishes up 

MRraRS GREV MEYER i Mi let. « By mmP»»i^ ^^m pl»y«« Ux* on Harper won lH. 

Hockey: Violence on ice 

While the' il»t!i"s swim leam 
seems to l>» wiccawtuB)' »t«k- 
tng Its way through tour- 
namenti and mvUallonals, the 
women's team is also holding 
III. own with n strong reco.rd 

With the »wim.mers stale 
niecl i» Fet) IJI and ». the 
wniii.en.'s §«im te»m will Jjro.- 
cecd lo Augustana College this 
••tfcend looKing to slate some 

•1 have hifli turn*' to "i" 
itaia and. tarn lawiy dl tuy 
tmmmmn vmi •<* "■" 

itonals." said coach sieve Kii.l 

Miay iwi.iii«*r* are already 
slated tor national placements 

'1 »!i,|i«'l many leam* to 
qaalUy. ihe ■«» y»«l medlev 
Md free relay icims along wtlh 
many individuals in l.h« .W ami 
tiM 'yard (reesiyte Dis-ing 
should also place » ihe I and i 
meter events." saidEul 

But this weekend a I 
Aupslana. Eal especti no less 
tliaiia third place JlBish 

"tlie •omen are so mueli m 
pmm<t over Imii year," He saM. 



Hockey violence Is a subject 
much glorified, condemned, 
,»nd m If understood Spor! 
-.r-Hfrs use It lor Juicy rol 
ir -.s EdltoriaUsts turn to It 
lor .< 'juick shot at moral disap- 
pnival Hix-ke} relormcra^ in- 
sist iha' It wit' t* "«• death ol 
hockev Th- ■ ■ ">" 'hat 
Il is (rverr.T' ' f* «» 

rttivefiy ovi'^ ...■ .-..:.L:nce has 
ijaiitc miore w> conJm* tH«i 

An understanding ol violence 
in hiK-kes requires and «■ 
■mination of the relereemg 
system.,, its haste .logic in 
Iterating and sometimes en. 
CTHtraglng .flghtlhg. l.ike the 
irontw slwrKl. the referee is 
f.eioecte<l hy the players and 
lolerated hv the tans as long as 
(1.- d«:!-irt iierform his duly Iw 
<.uch as IS Ihe case of 
\ tripping player B. 
f tain B reialialeshy dropping 
hts ,gto»w and squaring oH 
Player .*. ncknow .ledges and a 
lighl tweafcs out The relereei 
do nothing tor a long w'bil* 
helore they break It up 

M«i of the players accept 
the vtolehce. and *ome of the 
fans relish it, hin ''"■ '■"'•' ■'' ""■ 
luries to the pi-";' "• ■-"■■' ''" 
game mav exceed iiM!li 

^mcrtciins have grown up 
playing tjasketball , baseball or 
icaiihaa bui most people who 
go I a hockey .game in this coun- 
irv have aever been on the ice 
In Canada, where hockey is a 
««v o( life from Ihe small 
towns to the big cities, ihe love 
<>( the game springs from a 
deep understanding ol it I" 
America on the other hand, the 
(us have yet to fully grasp the 
rules »n«i concepts ot the 
game Uterelore the appeal is 
brouipit on hy it* uncanny 
■race and violent colUsions It 
it »lm cauwl la port by Un ny 

ing iMidies tmderlakmg the 
deceivingly simple twk ot 
$u iding a rubber msk into a net 

(• ighimg has been a part ol 

iMKkev since It* beginmngs. 
and there Is no gcMid way to 
make it iliiappear A commit- 
menl to upgrading the game by 
rewarding players for hard- 
hitting *■■■ "■■■ ■"'•■■'■■'" ""' 



'pta.1. wiHiiiJ tiiul slut i! diiesn I 

Have to mark et brawls' to sell 

Briefly. . 

The wreslliiiil leam jtrepped 
tor Frtdav's match »tth Triton 
b'i 4fri-alirii! OIlve'Harvev 
' ':• alon's .IV. 
.''jkton last 
■A'l-.'ki'ii.i !i". ■%..*k.s also lied 
fluPagr m their weekend 

The Hawkx nii« 10-21. 
'AClcomed i'Xk Hh.'1"i C'oursey 

a national iiualilitr lasl year 

and Terry Duminowski from 
mjur-ies C<>ursey. who injured 
s shoulder in the Sorth Central 
scmttinals two weeks ago, won 
.'!i !'iitm.alchesal If* 

.1.,11'ilmtwskl. just rcci.n*Tfd 
Irom I '"■"''■" '-iw won all his 

m*u: '1 ii» "•■■<*"■' 

(K,! .,11 , iii'ilay because 

.neither Whcaton. Oakton. nor 
Morion could 'COiiie up with .an 
oppor-'- ■■■• "" 

j,i. lormer IHS.'V 

iffi;,.. . i' from Butlao 

drove. a.lM'' *m all his matches 
while Roger Baron was i-O-l at 
i;M-i« comb inai ton 

Thai twool his twst wrestler* 
ret'urned to action was perhaps 
more encouraging to coach 
Norm Lovelace than thi- wins 

Records can he deceiving' 
Slid Lovelace "Whal's impor- 
tant IS that wtrettantngiogei 


Pro lootball has proved that a 
violent sport can not only at- 
tract (ans without fighling, but 
also sell Itself as a game of 
master siralcgy Hockey could 
do the same B\ encouraging 
the players i.. plav by the rules. 
the league would not be pro- 
moling a li-js popular brand of 
hockev Jiisl belter quality 
inyoiie 'Abo has watched a 
good hO'Ckev game knows that 
.isl'he best sell 0'( all. 

tialJ-wavbediod ■■ 

.Nexli'or 't;' tt.i-*k> is Tnloti. 
which IS,Ki'd"v • 111 llie na- 

^ omen's Cagers 
Beat DuPage 

Harper's women's baskeltjall 
team won their third straight 
game last Tuesday night 
against DuPage, »■«. 

The l.adv Hawks came up 
*'ilh a strong .second half after 
tailing behind »-:» at intcnnt*' 
sion It wan the laslbreak thai 
enabled Harper to prevail by 21 
point* Swinre tbe nighl was 


.Sue Hoday led th.- lla-Aks in 
scoring. 2t- points, and reboun- 
ding 1" retiounds Diana 
Deil>cr tipped m 21 pomls and 
Karen Kararadl came on 
si rung in the second haH by 
M-oringUol her It) points 

The Hawks (ell U-hmd to as 
manv as six points • 24-18 part 
wav through Ihe lirst half but 
then came on strong to up their 
conlerence record to •-3 
Harper is U-6overiU 



Fibroary'li, lft2 


*,ill«:mRi.w*nj.y«C.>i1ege. P»tal-nf tllmws 

Dasher and Ciscoe try again 

-..yyii *• k; ■ V 

tat Giayi. 

. h 

ii H^rpt' ifK-iP ' ' 

•lUr'l iti-'iJln"! 

-IclTt l! .<- ■' 

vfltrll' ll •" 

-1 r ' ' ^Piif t 

ill's a|i:':i H 

>i< but 

Bdwart) Hftffmi" 

,. r J "(an- 

(,,ioya - ,,-Miil ■antf p»<»- 

s„m*i muresi 

i.hv.ii tiir..u,uh his J<* with 

'<"' ".aieKes tlMt 

■ Miician pro- 

> ', ,r<.it,,rnis istoillMly t™ 

amftiBM TmtMMS ftteresi. 
l,,i.(.,,,.., ,■.!,■■, hii ikiVta as ■ 
■tii: )a(„1 
, ■ ', ... ji. the 

i.sasd toe fw* thai 

. 'A'h.« come out ol 

',, , .' ,, ' :;.,! t,r->pi'r!ytr«ta- 

.',,■,.,,, : ...m-ss world and 

.,.,,.1, ,. .'itpecwa <ii 


I t'u-ri 


rar »ii«;ri'Si' 

ol lite 

Cafeteria opens 
for employees 

(i| W):llAKORT**N 


,j_„ Ill ttMt caltttrii ri'CiTi! 

}». « m tttemmt' iht empl 

■illtiwf n»in Da* tm-T: 

Mitt tte stM't Oil: m Br** 

.. ,™ (.■*■• 1 ! I>:U»Ult«i te» 


Wp hjt%« ctamsei the ityte 

.,i,i;e « n «i|*B«<l."" *•" 

. .•n>ell 

•Tto tiMHl B 'mswetl caleterta 
i:i*te 16* Miae »« *«' ■*'■" 
m" Me calrtcna dawiiv 
Tti» iiwliv ttimg #lii«t!lilf«» a iJk 
gfttl jwnit*. tiecaiu"! •• aim t 
ha«« llie tlciWies 

■■■WK*l ■« l«w) 't«l«««." I* 
gjHU "».»• a watittMMit «tlh 
Btnu, li'fl* ser^H-e »o<l 
«•««»«», iiKJ «'» ttat n™ 
•1)1 s*"'** •* h»<* *" cli«r|{«f 

The tlintng rinini wamiwo "■• 
ly tHrtt dayi. but >t »•» fimugli 
tiin* «• coimw* tt* director 
ital tlic fcrwrt ««• «" •'*"' 

i.lri- t til LI." 
ff r%alu<^^ 

-1 1 If 

•rpwippi* »»>«»•■■*«"*'«» •'•' 

••*li«ii pe lir* os»«»"<l ■■"' 
tad atMWt 15 tiontwBtw*. »m 
i»« »e «« «»er»(!»n8 *"<»* • 
■oBtaiiwrs wd, iiiiB* «*ay». i«_ 
"'BW'ii «if #'iii|ll«ij'«» »»™ 
«| in t:i>€ iil»iirtili«iit enjijy us- 
ing tt* dlKHif <■«•»« »«•"■« »« 
, *av Irom *•• «>'»* "*' ""*' 

M lite nwiwBt lime ••*»«>,* 
liiiw unite tiUMiUi. i««l» *»*'» 
■ml t»|'», twt HI* ta** i*r*w«* 

*i tone tJMirt mitt*!! bu* 
l»»<*»We twraimeott-" ■'* "•*'*• 

i .»m:. |>i«iiie«l «*'* ** 
ty«l«iii»«' ttJilMiiioie.." W« «• 
taiMg the I'ariltty » «*' »«"■ 
iinuBi «>• •Ml '«« c***"'"'* 
■on thr *ii«ls «"*1 «*•* "*' ™ 
ewplnyee*. »» well *» tlwue nl 

.. :*»■ l»»« 
I CHcnil 

.>n un tiw 

vliit !:».inl •• 
piiiBt wwih'" 
tary Sclii" 

D«*isr' ^ 

.■caiKt' she t> 
hai alwav" 
i; ite Kiporiwi 
I", said that she 
liijsic <tali««i 
..'i,;.ii..;* of her 
,■ ,1 ii)> Klcmcn 


ijltHiJief iw 

CIS- ' 

«;gld»»ll ''"• ■■ 

(■(•iwral Hoiiprtal sne i* mat 

<,M Jhf Boaril oJ Otrucliirii lot 
FmwJis ol H*Tptt an.O a 
■»■*« of Itw «>"♦"« '*•" '*' 
ippcult trom tte vtllane of Mol 
fnin Estmes She has ItvfiJ m 
immm KiUlt* tor (uut 

eteailrt mhI «*» » ' '■ ; ;' ' , 
.aeni ol One A»r.HA.-i.iiWi'f 
Him nam:' anrt «» Clairol Di*i- 

DMhtr €!■■ 
rarouud "i 
(iroWenis it; 

M'l-vfllism a» ■> 
ixliWioii la <*♦• 
M,)L..-t,n.i prtcrss 
-1 lite lur- 
the lal»' ■'■*» «» *•> 
of puUing l»« 

Wlist changp« w«hW fou 
like to lee al HMper. or 
what duingP* wo«l«l y*** 

iJMsre »er« no serKms prtblMj* 

haiminR over t»* coUefs. Slje 

'r"iZ m«m-d as J«m« «"r acquainted wtt 

BeaiBwror Applying: 

r*in«l rtJ! mn-ii'M ID Harper 
jsujaniw riwot". appM^g 
..r lh<> 
x,*iO ^!^1f ■-■- - . 

Economy hurts skiers 

n«i%im«t •"•«•"■" 
laalewt o* » ''»'" 

(tent 'Vi 

■,,-hi.,i . 

hfU'iirrt far .i' 

„ ..;;'; 

, 1,.- ■ have 

.IX. I', Mil,!-.:.. fio|K'lU.lli " iw." 
; . rem* 
, ..u..twiiiiiii-.ii. Lhrrr 

TIM!, itudt'i 
!imi' j.'*s 

Cayw partake la a mow MOm durliii aw 

■fruTPfi s-Hfii (("KING Candace Rai awl Ctody t _ 


•.ft^tmrft^. "W 

Careful scrutiny 
required for choice 

III a »«ry hard decision to make- lUMitag « mw board 
■iMBlMr 10 replace Shirley M unsoR 

tlH BartolBger was able lo lalk to most of the people 
tliat Haw mad appUcalions to seek this spot And there 
ai« poliiU about each ot the applicants that are very »p- 

Ow message to the board is simple- that, in choosing a 
■or t» Mrs Munson. thought and insight be ex- 

tkatett iBlawtt of all the people that make up Harper 

B»M»s board should choose an applicant who Is 
■mi who the board will be able to work cohesively 

It la •■•wirtiHil that m many pwfte t«* tetoraft ta 

MitMHWt ii llMlSatt Mi ttl •Itairs We hope 
■i «|B tMttnw Is do Itw sane in the littiHW. 
. ri« laf%iiipr vtahaa luck to aU the appilaHiti, MM! •• 
look forward to meeting our no* b«»rd mammr. 

America welcomes 
a real Indian 

Degn€'r««-l» serious 

Is Poland an omen of ihings to come ? 

n, an UtartMl wHen l received 

tht Ing Md eS'gerty awaited 
aduiSSm leit«» '«» ^ 

Even ricw w'lhai i^m m^m 

«!«» ttw»«r » eMje 

ti cafTtid *§ inaBai lofinsJ 
iiiiMmiiiB nacaMiisry to ant the 
bSt daoMMMS tO' tht tinned 

From Tli« Desk 

Pr. B.SMrefthwara 

Si" Hnwte and. ■ita Caibollc 
- " my dream ««> V 
4 tmm lru« l had 

_„ I Uie iB*len«lii*lM>ii 

ol this df««m ever tinw th<e 
day J loWiMl liMl'«» SalinimJ 
Atfomauttctl LalM>r«i«n«s 
EiBtcially. »•>« " *»"''^ •"" 
«y iorttgn returew) coUeafuo 
all atwut the IJlopian lif«" 
Ui«i hid etBerleraced «lin>ad 
Tn te MJucaied India, abroad 
meant only Burop* <»r 

My avwilalilc wurce* In India 

■kwit AiMriea had mnvmwd 

'■• «!' Ilw t«Mtowin«: That ibc. 

IWIyiiDod lift t* •bundaiiily 

prBaeot in every larp tf mum 

bjly, Uw M Capons. iWo*' 

tfi mm inaiw d»let_: the poor 

JUlitrlcaiis could aWort oni> 

one Iwwy ««r. "««■ H"*' 

••'Color" «•''■ '■" A»«rifa. 

Mpct-ialiy in the S^tuib «as cDn- 

tmuim. and Harlem was i» 

ItinMr i*«n«<lt'red ai a part (»( 

Kfw YurH J bid iaiwtied: 

'ntiwll ftal I •wuld only «, 

ntmnce ttie iwrt and grMi 

UwtpF"*'"*'" "> ^«tn?r«ca In 

mf c*»e. I »'oiil<i •">* fc**' 

mymmg, todottith ttir o«>t«> 

6rigW»iil» «»< (Hw I'oitrt St.itf «. 

Tie pi»ar»«<» <« if"^''' '" 

iiltfi:art,»iliHiiiiiedJai«liy i i^U 

Ml tbe 'hwal V S Ciii'iiutaJr O! 

Ifcf *» a»ir variiMi tan*lr(t 

liaalmc wiili i'«r>i.l«n, tri»» 

M* to liMto h»nd.» t" I'll* 

wrimimirr*'! rm"''"''''''""'' 

liirmat af nu-'n:!.!! -, ,,■■.•■■■ 

Tlie leeil I'lwuulalr iHHtr Ui. 

*c#i»»l Oi»i ttttn ••Bill I* ■*• 
f(r:»Bi.uMiin omrw •Welt «i«l'l 

vice no ewry anpect ol ill* m 
America The mformatlon pn>^ 

vtded at the seminar conveyed 
(he iinprt»»l«n thai my trip, lo 

UK lolled Slatia •ould lie llltc 
atniMl ftnlna to a ne* planet 
wlme inhabiianls *o«iW be 
anythiRK l>u> tiumau 0< couri* 
I later Idund moat o( the in 
lormaiwn provided ai (he 
orieniaiMim was totally iJtwr- 
reel and that Amertcans are a» 
human a» any set ol other p«« 
pie in Ux world 11. only «m- 
tirmed the tart thai *e all have 
tm individual »trenglhi a» well 
a* w«>a.lcnesset 

My prfparatton inrloded i 
qwk'k md Driet revtew ol the 
Holy Bible. hiUnrj ol the 
Calholto. ■ upon called F«ii' 
tall iMlahactotottiitrittmt 1 
was r«Bdy • The 'day to leave tor 
Amertca tinally apprwicbwl. 
Natwrally. It waieniouanal and 
I shared a It* tear* with my 
Iriendt and relatives Bui the 
eicitemeni ol commK event* 
letierally over» the 
•eparation from home 
A1Mmhi# the conlmoous riiRhl 
Irom mwtiav to New \mk 
la»i<rd aiwut M 'hours, n %mtim<i 
like I ipeni a wiw* m air I had 
pleniv ol llBi.e lo ihiok »t»ut 
my loliire llle I even'perlertly 
plwiied mv .»chiewmpii"- "• 
,4Witrlea and lh« nwr tip. ■ 

The wrtl day t *«» >'> -^"uU' 
Hewl Thr India rom.mii.iuiy at 
thai drti.' .• " ■■■ ' ■■"■" 

fellti* i'."i 

U»t weeli. we printed a 
rather abusive letter from n 
Mr Oavid t-llle. who chow lo 
ikvole hi* time and cnerRy to 
thlnlcw« o< rrallv nasty thln|s 
tn do to me His primary com- 
plainl was that as an •edllorlal 
wtomnist ■ my choice ol siib- 
lecl matter »eemed tmperti 
nenl in relation to lhe*e chang 
mi limes , 

Surprise' I'lti »«" •n*^""™' 
tohuiwW Mwy P**!""* ™'K*'' 
have iuetsed thw lad I'rom my 
Ulty wit. or l'ni.m the way I 
comb my hair ^ , ,, 

Thltdoes not imply thai I will 
iwt choose, from lime to time, 
1.0 lake Ml more srnoui. suhjevt 
mailer Today'* column ^ first 
written several week* ago> i» 
ail example I thtnk 1 got 
Ihroujh il w ilhoul resorting to 
hmmr even once .\nd it's a 
real ijowner David sliouJd en 
loy (t .almmit a». m.u€h as bin-. 
dilm ■■thone l*e i:'a.rt Degner 
wttn elertrleal tape." So I 
deilM'aie it lo him And it yoii 
know htm. watch out llif ag- 
ireisive, iadiwic tendcncle* 
ik,vioo»ly point to an anal Ima 
lion. acconWng. lo ^rtuA 


The other monmig. a» I sti 1 

lay m bed, 1 simply W my»#ll 
flftil ver.v lattly i.)etw««n sleep 
and wakelulness The Dlanfcet* 
were warm and »fi and t had 

nothing pressing, lo do that day. 
so what lietler way to wane 

Hmc than dream ing' 

Uidortunaiely. there w.cre no 
dineing sugarplums, m ihts 
one Xo land of '». no pol. o( 
gold, ta tact, the only good 
thtai.ib*tui this dream was thai 
It was .(»■«••■ "1 l-«^t 

Ym h' . .• .■ • .'-«>«.* IX'tm 
'.nf tht: cM-tt) sn t«nw«. i*e 
■■(.■ tttmd pmtmting m tmm 
r*.r», Ttit mitxl M :>H ..irnund. 

.Bill .(■•».< *l>0« "''"■■' '"'■"■ '""■'" 

.,ir>" ".inwflf *f"'-'' .''...'." ''""■' 

Cirst (inje vou see your .turroun. 
4mgs. You nollce the ali\-eilrat> 
cMH on ymr rften. ami .vou see 
am faces of your WJowi Und 
van rmlme Umt Mt twmty. you 
ireoneoff/ieoWesI -soldiers" 
Uiert Many af the faces Iwk 
like kiiit you knew m sixth or 
sevenlft grade curly blond or 
tirown hair, msybe J few 
trecUes and Md young eyes 
with a farswMy look of defer 
mUmlion .Ai;id suddenly you 
rcatee «»«« iw A»"na(ion is 
Polmd. ind ymi cune tfic 
savlels Imid *nil shmlmg Vou 
curse fftem mt for the landit 
Utey have »Ji*en t>ul lor the 
Hw ymtr live* fluif tficv mi/I 

.And my dream moved on, (fic 
ivay drrnim da. and I w<is hack 
in wv bed, hurkd under the 
covers a| Pre.ienll.v I hcand 
wmeonc eii(crm« Ific room, 
aiM* / »'Mtett to peek ml to .«•«■ 
wfto II «M But 00 maMer fto»' 
mv iiram ifnitmed, my Iwdy 
mould ttot respond I could not 
iftrow tfowii tfie Wanltct* I 
cooM not emi open an eye S'"' 
dreammi;. I woodenrtf if I 
»|gM I* dMd. one Ol the first 
caniiaflw of tl'orld War Three 
ind I tned to cry tar tin- world. 

ed War ihil will call you or 
your Irlends to join Ihc kids on 

So bow do vou (eel about all 
Ihlf " To gel a rough idea. 1 poll- 
ed nearly sixty students last 
week lor iheir views on I' S in- 
volvemenl in Poland's political 
upheaval And as 1 expected, 
the greatest part ol the votes 
were spin (airly evenly among 
more conservative courses of 

Elgbteen percent tielieved 
that 'economic sanctions 
should tie enough without 
milllary tortc Seventeen per- 
cent tell that the IS should 
not intervene at all Sixteen 
percent admitted that under 
certain conditions, sending 
American troops inlo Poland 
mlghl become necessary 

Six percent o( the studenu 1 
polled were all set lo charge on 
in there, while five percent flat 
ly relused to go under any con 
dltlons And (ivc percent 'the 
optimists • decided not lo worry 
■tiout It. since the world's pro^ 
Wcms always seem to lake 
care ol Ihemsevles 

What surprised me was the 
numlier ut studenis m the re- 
maining two categories Five 
percenl Irankly admitted Ihal 
they reallv dulnl care And 
twemy-eight percent decided to 
remain undecided Consider- 
Continued rm pa«e 7! 


William Rairn'v Hiirp.>,-r lolli-ne 

Mgonuuin* Hiisoll*"'*'* 

"Palallne 11. sw: 

1»»(»|J Wk-Uuml 

,„ »i.(ir« Sl«rt*iii 
{..1^ !iAitri 

\AM frj]\.' ' 


,,.",...t:-,f 1*- ChW* 

... k ni'i 

Isfgln. •ho p"->.. ■ 
IliluraialiUm mhI 

»J '••••J 

Meier is a 'passionate player' 

!' eat **'*'■ 

...«,«■ ■=■'"■• 

Words of 

iauii".,.,,: . Feb. 14 

.1!, i-i>;i! -'" 


.4mM.m*f>k. ^t) ' ' ' 

(■(.Hi no 
u WlK-n tw lir«l 

,.>){ jt Hanwf '" 
jjhfiit *«xi> »<** 


hli tum- 

C W 1-0223 

iianp-i-"" -'• 

Judcr-l"* Till!!; 

H* a)iw enjoy* muMc. wta » 

Jim interested in 111* «l 

i.../-i.)i<* tti> cousin. 


.inging m (he <ni«rt. 


'.- -R Wagner's Trtsle niw 
she g<>«» *!' •"'*' 

4 Harf»<r Hr-t 

Bill Nt'l^t>" 'ius goodbye 

;«■<). ten* H»ri>i>r '«' 

'Ac im 

,,ll take ii 

sue ■..aid. 

,.i, ;o.rj perwn, 

. .- ,., !*,g as a 

- ,., <,.,' m ih« 

,., ..1 HiiriRT In 

. ..,!::.■ „. iult-lime 

I .^.f,, ..iiisij Dtatioi 

. -.Utproenl at »oe 

.. :(i|} with UM! 

, work wft*> 

,;t-itc people. 

. ,.,.,M,Jmg 1.0 work 

,.ve<J every minule 

■,-meiil itive dayi».. 

.,:,tt»re<J. rue !*»«<* 

. 1 relimJ aixl *«"« 

, go lio Vale. C«l- 
: *e«l(. 



;,^'3r..~, ™«.,«»i.*— ~'i"> 

Caiiforiiia pair must pay back 


Vniii*ei.t!Raliotn»« M'* '<■"'»'; 

■,.[ after t.lie comi>ai»y f*'' 

flfi*. TI»H«rWiii«tr. F«*ni#f» lUtil 


Pifpii liiitiiis 

•arfumicn may audttum tor 
nlc< m T*i»pkn. ">« «»!?«'■ 
■iriag pnxliKtion, m rndty. 
rift n It 7 p m or Saturday. 
ftb 13 »l 1 p m Audit ions will 

TlMie audilioninft ttmiia 
««ar c«»mf«ctal)le clothinK ami 
Be prepared to read, damr and 
»mg a musical number, 
pftliraitif Irwin Uie show An 
MnMIMliM mm be avallatile 
A call, of at intJomieni will tK 
icicd iMowtoK III* iiudi 
It, wfctcJi are open to aduH 
jiltill*' »l Uw area as well »» 
to Haiper Hwleiiti and 'Hall 
iiieiii:l«er». . , 

Perwni trtertsted in ptaying 
to UMf oiTtestra i»r wwking on 
Hie aiac* CKW maj otxaia *M- 
MniMthiii l»y c*Uiim Ell as . 

■•PtpBln." iiiwler the direction 
of Mary Jo WllBi. will be Wi- 
loniiait April B. M. .B and: M 

nl so will* lor each adtHUmial 
piMtB Stud lo Intrrnallomal 

I»iiliUc*iiins, I'.O Box U'l. 

limited to III 

For iiiow tnlormalMin. con 
lid Martha Simonien, nn m 


State Crew 


totrmaimnal Putdifaliwi i» 
tpnnsorini a natianal poetiTi 
omtest (.pitn »o all i-oltege 
itudenls C*a* pnjw oJ H* 
ISO t» IIS and IW *ill t* 
awamed AH accepted 
maiMiacriptt will be prlntrd in 
tlMlranlMoi'v. American Col 

EnlrKe* must Iw tirlginal »nd 
npuDliaticd Thsy must te 
liwtd, dmiWe upaced. « one 

di •! fc iwn(» ^'y '■•*';" 

owm. miliil be «R a wparate 
HMCt and uiual have in the up 
Bar led band comer the mme 
and adtfrfss of the student a» 
well at the coilefti- atu-nded 

. are no r«tr»clion« on 
or theme Eacb poem 

ftivi- a separate title 

herns should not he Um«er 
than 14 limes No man than ten 
IMcm* Will he acc«ple«l trom 
«Kli enlranl Entries cannot lie 

All entries roust l>e 
wMdroarlied not later than 
Starch n and munt he ac 
companwl (n ■> »» r«f Utralion 
t«T (or the tirst entry and a tee 

Students and pntpettive 
students Irom the Northwest 
suburbs are invited to attend 
the annual Harper College 
Traniler Day Wwlnesday Feb 
M In Building A Student Center 
from lOam loJpm and from 
5::»p.m.. lo' :»pm 

TranstiT- t>av providits the 
op(>ortuiiit\ liif students who 
have earned winie cnllege 
credits to ctftkm tr«ii»(»mii| 
iffl tour^yciit college* and 
universilie* to remplftp *orii 
toward a bachtior'* degrci- 
High School student* have been 
invited to the rvi-ning s«!l* 
learn more about colli-t"** 'hev 
niav wish to attend 
tioii also will he a\a ... 
f ra*ate school* .and other prtp 
gram* d«t|.iied lor adult 

Representative Irom .more 
than t» proiesswnal sehooli. 
private and public colleges and 
umt««rsities will bit present to 
provide inform atlnn on tuition, 
academic pragram.s, linancial 
aid and campus 
environments at the respective 
institutions All of the lllinoin 
stale universities are i-ipecled 
10 have representatives at the 

SUgr crow lor Ihe xpnnii 
musical ■Tippin" *"" ""- ' 
7 ;.» p m on Tuesdav . 
ThunilavinfliVI All ih<»c m 
teretted in twilding the s«-ts an- 



The Harper Chesa Club I* 
now torming It will be open to 
all students 

for more information, call 
M5-'JK1 and ask (or Adam 


Harper students and staff are 
mvilrf to spend the week ol 
April » n touring Undon The 
price ol the trip is t7». which 
includes round trip travel 
aboard Britisli Airways, hotel 
a«-c«nmiMlatlons and walking 
tours Students may earn one 
credit in humanities. Space i* 

Any ntudent wanting lo try 

Mit tor the HartM-r hasrHall 
team s,hould ron" 
CotoMmorcalit.*'. ^.".• 

Prospective Students 

Harper College will »i.>i.i 
general i»to.rm.ation sesM-'n- ..' 
daytime and evening hours 
'luring spring lemerter The 
»es»i«ms are 'desigiied lo give 
proipective and undecided 
slud«tnt.s an overview of Harper 

The information sessions are 
de«igne<l to give general in 
formation necessary for mak 
ing a college choice or for 
raiermg Hari>er College Ur 
Fred Vaisvil. director ol Stu^ 
dent Outreaeh, and a Harper 
College Counselor will be at the 
sessMms to provide inlormalion 
on specific programs and lo 
answer individual questions 

The daytime session will be 
held on Wednesday March 3 at 
1 pre in AMI Evening ses 
iions will be held on Thursday 
Feb 1« ami Wednesday March 
14 at « » P m m the Board 
Room. Building A Each ses 
iiionwill laM ah«)ul 1 'i hours 

Trustees Scholarship 

The Board of Truslees of 

Harper College has four 

Trustee S.cholarshlps to Ix- 

<jr.T DIFTRICH alias Steve Landesberg of Ihe ABC^-TV show 
•Barney MlHer." will appear with Thorn Blabop In the Build ng A 
UunSe Saturday. March & at » p m Admission tor studenU with ac- 
tivuy caA» is $4 general admiislon is 16 Tickets go on sale Men 
day in the AcUvltle* office 

awarded lo students seliHttd 
trom the general colk-ge 
population who live within 
District »sn and who are not 
recent graduates of one of the 
district high schools 

Each Scholarship will be lor 
one semester's tuition provided 
Ihe student maintains at least a 
■C average The scholarship 
will be renewed tor each sue 
feeding semester a.s well as 
summer semesters, until four 
academic years have lapst-d or 
the maximum amount of credit 
hours arc awarded lo fullill the 
requirements ol the degree pro 

gram in which the recipient is 
enrolled If a change is made m 
their career program, a max- 
imum ol suty credit hours will 
be awarded 

These awards are based on 
scholarship, financial ne«d. 
and potential contribulions to 
the CO curncular program ol 
the college The scholarships 
will be awarded by the College 
Scholarship Committee after it 
reviews applications submlUed 
bv the students 

"Applications are available in 
the Office of Financial Aid, 





Offering Many Opportunities in: 

• Reporting 
Assignments in 

News, Sports General Features 
Reviews (Music, Film, Drama) 

• PhotOBraphy 

Modern Darkroom Facilities 
Assignments in All Areas and 
General Artwork 


Mail Department 

tome Titlt. to US' 
Hvhnget Ottice kiil 

m cm M? ..5000 
f iisnsiO'H' *&! WO 

Rounil up sonit* frit ml*, «• l i" t»n mood, and 

skate lo the btat of the niiisir. Vi f Iium- nnlal 

skates. r«freshmeiits. lots of fresh ice. and a 

gotid time ready and waiting. 

So try us. .lust for the fun of ill 

Snund t:il\ S|jimi< r* I'h} 

ill Th. I^Hsl Hil> IVM^hMnagMlfl 

ti,limtllTl f»rr„mpl>U- svbvduir ||^ '|/ ||/|« V | 

l.ttttvr Ia-\vI 
W omllitlti Mall 

1 he Mttb'n^t' f'fOf u«rT 1 1 , IMl. P««t 4 

Waters encounters bugs, bears and Indians 


lta:rp»f "» tmrnief Slwlmt At- 
mittm Advimr (|i»t to J* iMt 
}««' 1« tini gi* « » ante 
niNi' tn|i' wiii itim to ifi'Sli* ■ 

FrfKl Wttew. i»to li*<l t>eeii. 
tin S«iKl«t Actreiliw iMi'*l»r 
taf lllftt *»*r«, (IrcHlrt l«» i|Mlt 
hi» )!*• titrx at H»iper. ami. 
•itli a cidwt IMmd , IW' wiiil om a 
41 da; camw trtti. itarMgn Mit 

Tit €•»•■ I rip, wtuc'li 
MvaiMl Ml inittii*. turtiMl *t * 
Mint' tbiNH: W mllwi Mirtn o( 

W'lMllMg anil: alllWit ■ IIWBltl 
••Ml • Ml Mtr. eiMM ttt tb<> 
httu rtiUmnllfct' llwlKHi B») 
■ 'Wt tin* <illl# €«M», Wirt 

•tin. ■IKIIII «) fKHlMt n| CCjatP' 

■•ml. ■A'd »«ui I Urn mi h 
firtmis l»l«i ««l fi»«rr*, " mm 

THr !:«■(• !t»rtl •»• pr«tt) 
amfrru'j-' !■.»! .., '•"* :r»»lillt. 

ni«lftl) I "J It. Kot dMfffiMii 


'T»f tHiit.H *<-i" ifrrtWt.." 

iwtli ol iiiwi|iillMi ami. MmI. 

Sliwi tlw»c» <mn! m mmj/ 
btigi, him! 11*1 »»» biAlwf- 
MHM,, Vatwt atMt kit rnoml 
«lllill'MI' t* wKl*- In the «0lrr 
toi hMmf (roin twMg "'')*'«lirn 

-Wften ».r *•» «iii land, we 
MmIi Id it.»' IS («f l.M.(.."' saM 
».. "CMalli) •« ital to i*t 
ott»'ivM iititr.kiv ani)' elite It 
to )>:' '''ai* Cnmi 

«IW. • ' ' '■ 

aiMt ctoMSi II 1 ran™ iij) Ktiiiing 
"It't t«lil oil*, ol ttiitM:- thlait 


•*re ft'lttn 

that ymu-«.n'l b 
m>i!fl.Mic» it. lor 

Tll« riinf» 

""flit' rifwi ii|i Hi€w art 
iiMm «tol«ii."'* latiil w»trf«. 

"MWMtlniM tlie Will'" 

tlirWII M Milgll IIS four 


.HMl Wi'ltfS. *"*■«• . 1 

to Dt' ahrl iiiiii. *.:' ..r 

touldcn. "" 

-.11.1 M* iMMOt ditntiK t.h.r trip, 
.ataul tolf of imr Mitiipment Mi 
Ml i>( Hie 'Miintf ., tat we weft! 
tonmiale».pa"i»'t*rit " 

"SIIKt w€ only ha<l <»• 
caww. 1 havr to adinif . it *»■' ..: 

•'l,IMtM|.|li|t> '' ■'•' 


•Hh on* llBi!:«.n iJiiTtii.) ilunng 
th«.T lrt|t 

Thi.i rjumi'v !«*» ■iMKIt Wl 
.:<itt.l IhB anRii 
' : ' '■ !n ■ CMill 


'■ |.<>' and 

Ume. I .mril tu tm. twm 
turn vmiU pi III «iMi t 

iflfM Fred Watrn picturtil In 
IM vMle lit ■«» training (Or 

miMtnit r.i|iiiitt wmcn titpy tiao 
to wailt ttiirwigll or try tw run 

t.ii .. 


t.>ici.i; cull US'- 

•TtMflt »..: ■ «KHr- 

lerenl Mid ii>i irm..M".i (row 
•ur «j irf ttfc,. If* tefr«ltltl#.. ■■" 
itMd. Waltr*.. '"Ttiey wtiuld 
twwr itmlernWniil city l.i(r us 
tttkmmi It " 

Tow aril* (hr taji ttf the irijt. 
mtnp »erf iBiUiit vwy iB' 
trntr. TM* 'wallier «m l>a<l 
(hm were Wgh wiral» winch 
emutui mart p'n(*.tem.*. and tjwf 

"'SO' ■» dceidwl In ilmri -n iwr 

trip," naidWiittTs 

'(..inginally. wt liad arrang.-" 
«t IB lijw i«ni* |W;iple :|i.|c.l lis. 
.BpallW •» f»irn> nut fit Hiidsun 
Bin Wf .Irfla •■ • 
liiduiri, •tM p; 

II. lu havt our pim up mrri u> 
at a ililiwriit f^lacv and »a.rlier 
Ihan (iri>vi«»ly (tlaiWICd."" 

■iwit Hie Curiiilwu Ri¥et 
. H.ay, Imt Ihry arrived 
'•■■'■ ■ » .l..r...... carl}' 

t'..-i' .-....« in abaiidoiwsd 

ilunng thiir stay « tl>f 

I Mil rlw'v ,il>..> MH-ramuPTKl 

I •.111 a r 

Jim; pi:....- -lujTi, iif^j fuvrrn 

niifi.' ••■.J' tHt i|»l.»r .hf!.)ir» 
'wcft-ii i (iniWeorupBiere." 

On Tiwrtdav.. ttey tigMffJ » 
iMSl ami tnmt to «gM.i ttam,. 
ttul a|>|>arm('ly thr itail was-lM 
tar away and didn't *#<? them 

B'v Friday, tbey nianagwl iii 
(tgtiai a pl..iM> u(.ln.g -mtrrorit 
and *»r«r (toalJy pick**! tip ¥/■ » 

"It can i» vrry te.auti'rul out 
ttiere, but 1 wouldn't wan! to 
live mere It's out in tlie middle 
(il MwhCTC'. and awiy from all 
civiittation. " ' said Water*. 

An lor liB iiians lor the 
future, mm iv. ■ ■ 
job. Waters )i.i - 
he t» pretty Iru.'iiriUfa w?cau'!»r 
.h» can'l I'tad 'wwrtt 

' 'When we pl-aunisd tin- trip, 

we M-d nut anUclpairt t'lir pru- 
tilems thai «e now tiiive wltli 
the •>€»«).»%• ■' <.aid Waters 
"But. I am iKittin-g lo find a }itb 

HMit t*d like lo MTn.elio«' slay 
involved with the a.rts and pro- 
iBOttnn .irt and entertarn- 

As '(or taking anoilH'r trip, 
»-.-,. ."-v -.:'"■• '■•" --i '■'■-< like to 

m si« years, 
to fltm'b Ml 
■-. H."ir hiibesl 

Shakespeare's legacy stands like a reef 

ll'yon Uavt-rwar uieii phraiirs 
■ike '-'ifi finul to ■im" or 

tMicthmg It .lOClM: in tha 
->tatt ol temwirk." 'IhM you 
Maw pnualily iiiiKMifngl)' 
iMm i|iiolliig.8liilieif«n 

rit' • .iMMi Hal 'ilM .Ml' j»m% 
tm, :Bliiiifciei|iMtR"i- iNllMiic* m 
itll' ttrmt to our taigwigff and 

"i itoE't 'i*'«nt y'ou to tliiHik of